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New sissy baby looking for advice on how to be more babyish. Only advice actually work sissy baby wanna be atm. Would love to or find that one wome. Or maybe even a man . That will make me her or his baby girl.  Want advice on hypnosis videos should use to help wet and mess like baby. And ideas for diapers since waist to small for adult small.  Maybe even more babyish ideas may help. Also on Facebook ABsissy. Live in arc Fort Worth area.
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Pampers from the baby isle 
My kik is lilPrincessJackie add me 
ABsissy Sirena
@ Sissybabygirljessica
  if u have Facebook we can do that absissy is mine.. can tell find any pets fit me.. already tried.. can't order since hiding it from my folks. Since my mom was balostic first time try to open up about needing diapers. Even got papers says I need them.
 Those diapers are so cute on you
Hi, YouTube is a good source for Sissy Baby Hypnosis, just type in the search that you want then it's just a case of listening to the audio files and see which one you like that works best for you. If I can find it, there will be a Baby Talk Hypnosis CD for grabs, I will post a section of it then offer it to the highest bidder maybe. It sure worked for me and I no longer need it. I'm fluent in adult talk too, I use that most, simply as so not to put others here off me, with me using Baby Talk all of the time.
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