Greetings from Chicago from MommyGoddess Madeline
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Hi gurls,

I'm Madeline, Chicago's premier dominatrix when it comes to playing with boys who want to be gurls. I am vastly-experienced, with over a decade of professional experience under my belt...or garter belt, as the case may be.

Allow me to introduce Mommy Madeline. She runs the Naughty Nursery. Her Web site is She fully understands the needs of sissy babies. Whether you wish to be tenderly nurtured or sternly punished or a little of both, Mommy Madeline is an expert in your needs. The Naughty Nursery is an entire room dedicated to the cute and cuddly. In it, you'll find a TV with built-in VCR to play your favorite movies, like Cinderella, Alice in Wonderland, and Beauty and the Beast. There's a comfy crib with soft blankets and bumper pads. There are plenty of toys, like rattles and story books. The highchair is the perfect place for Mommy to feed her wittle one baby food. The best feature is a closet stuffed with disposable diapers (Bambino's, Classy Comfort, etc.), cloth nappies, frilly dresses, rumba panties, blanket sleepers, onesies, padded undergarments, rompers, pinafores, petticoats, plastic pants, training pants, rubber wear, mitts, booties, bonnets, little girl wigs, Mary Jane shoes, lacy bobby socks, and diaper pads. There are plenty of pacifiers for you to suck on and bottles to drink your juice or formula. There's even a baby harness for those into bondage. Mommy can even take her little one out in public for an outing if her wittle one wants. What more could a wittle sissy baby want?


Allow me to introduce Goddess Madeline. She runs Sissyville Salon. Her Web site is She fully understands the needs of sissy crossdressers. Whether you wish to be sweetly coached in your transformation or forced into feminization, Goddess Madeline is an expert in your needs. Sissyville Salon is an entire room devoted to changing boys into gurls. In it, you'll find racks full of shoes and boots from size 9 to 15, drawers stocked with vintage and modern lingerie from size XS to 5X, wigs in every style and color, makeup fit for a queen, false eyelashes, French maid uniforms, nurse costumes, falsies, padded bras and panties to give that illusion, shapers, corsets, garter belts, petticoats, hats, jewelry, stockings, thigh highs, pantyhose, socks, slips, teddies, bustiers, casual wear, formal attire, and outerwear to fit all shapes and sizes. Goddess provides sensual to severe sessions. The choice is yours. Outings can be arranged. What more could a sissy want?


My facilities are located in a suburb of Chicago, IL, about 15 minutes north of O'Hare airport.

When I am not at home, tinkering with sissies, I can be found touring the East Coast, dishing out my services. For example, I will be in Newark, NJ and Washington, DC later this month.

Feel free to contact me at the e-mail address that appears on my Web sites.

If you can't do a live session with me, I also provide telephone sessions. Details are on my Web sites.

Thank you for the opportunity to be here, so I can find sissies to play with.

Lovingly in domination,
Goddess Madeline
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Can I have a panky pank on my satin bloomered behinny please, Madame? And welcome to SK! 
~ Items ~


Welcome to Sissy Kiss, your sites are amazing, I have visited your mommy site many times and so wished I lived in Chicago!! Have fun here x x x


I wish I was in chicago ):

Pleeeease come to Cleveland!!!
~*~Your sweet sissy, a girl on her knees, dolled up in pink, and ready to please~*~

Goddess Madeline
You are all so sweet. Thank you for the welcome messages. I may come to Cleveland, especially for a sissy like you. Send me an e-mail and I'll add you to my OH mailing list.
Lovingly in domination,
Goddess Madeline
hello Mam, nice to see You here
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