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 Hello all,
I'm not one that is typically active on this site. I set up the account a while ago simply to print off some of the stories here for my husband to read. But, now I'm wondering if any of you would be interested in helping to encourage my husband with some things.

First off, a little background. We have been together for five years and married for four. I'm the one that introduced him to the "big baby" world. It started off as some simple, honest fun... and, it is still simple, honest fun. But, now I know there is a whole "big baby" world and literally thousands of people who have a desire to dress like babies and toddlers.

The only thing that may make us different from others is we... or, more like I want us to push the envelope. I don't want the fact that we want to dress like little kids to have to be hidden from the rest of the world. My husband wants to be completely free with it, too. But, I have to work on him and encourage and guide him along... Because, let's face it. It's much more of a statement for my husband to be shopping at walmart in some frilly, pink outfit than it is for me. And, it's an even bigger statement for both of us to be out in public wearing frilly, pink outfits together.

Regardless, it is still our ultimate goal to slowly become comfortable with a 100% transition to a wardrobe with nothing but baby and toddler like attire, and to be dressed that way 24/7/365.

It's a lot, I know. But, it's not something we're just jumping into. We have a long list of little baby steps that we have agreed to take that lead all the way to our ultimate goal.

We have acquired many different things. Most of them are home attire and easy to do. We've got regular pajamas, footed pajamas, onesies, kiddie like underwear, pull-ups, diapers... We've even got some things to put together outfits such as fun, cartoon printed shirts, winnie the pooh and mickey mouse shortalls, we've got some shortalls that have snap crotches, we've even got several styles of the new Disney-Vans shoes that have been coming out. And, we have tons of fun, cute socks.

Like I said, we're comfortable being inside. Where things get tricky are with my husband and getting him out of the house. Of course, I don't expect him to be in a full outfit right away. Like I said, we have an entire plan of small steps. For example: Our first step was socks. Just for him to wear the cute, baby like socks so that they can be seen. I understand that even that small thing is a big adjustment. It takes a lot of getting used to to go from wearing simple white or black socks to a bold look like socks with bright pink, stripes, polka-dots, hearts, or teddy bears on them. But, he's done it! He's spent the past two summers showing his new, fun socks everywhere... and, even over the cold months where he can't wear shorts, there are still situations where he has to take his shoes off and there are his socks for everyone to see. He's gotten used to it now. He owns the socks! So much so that there is no longer any embarrassment.

So, here's my thing. Since he's now comfortable with the socks as they are, it's time to move onto the next step. And, the next easiest step to take is to add lace to all of the socks. I've mentioned it to him, and he's super, SUPER nervous about it. But, I know that if he brought himself to do it and start getting comfortable with it, he'll be glad he did!

So, here's my question. I wonder if any of you would be willing to encourage him to go for it? He's kind of a little panicked at the moment. He's been out in public in lacy socks before, but this would eventually mean that all of his socks would be lacy and he'd be seen wearing them everywhere.

There's really nothing for him to be nervous about. Even my husband, as shy as he can be, would want to be looking cute and not let what anyone else thinks matter. Adding lace to all of our socks is the easiest next step we have, so if we want to continue to eventually have a 100% babies/toddlers wardrobe and be comfortable enough to be out in public, this is the next direction for both of us.

We have to keep moving forward. If we don't, we have a tendency to start stepping back and giving up.  Believe me, it would mean a lot to him! He just needs a little support.
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Sounds great for the both of you, and yeah, baby steps forwards is still forwards :) Keep going, and being strong!
Your husband is lucky to have someone like you in his life. I hope you guys continue making baby steps forward and then maybe someday we can all live our lives the way we want and dress the way we all feel on the inside. 
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As of now, this post has gotten almost 8000 reads, which is unbelievable to me. I don't want to make it sound like I'm asking for too much... But, I wonder how many of you might be willing to send my husband some support? I don't know whether or not I can leave his personal email here in the comment without breaking any sort of rules... But, some friendly encouragement from just a few of you would help him out a lot. He's just sort of stuck in a nervous place right now with making the adjustment to adding lace to his socks. I tell him all the time, but anyone else who would be willing to tell him that if he'd just face the fear and detach himself from caring what anybody thought, he'd be one step closer to being free... If some of you would be willing to show him some love, I can get him on here and show him that there are real people rooting for him!
 i think it is hard for most of us to be encouraging. I personally could not do clothing. Ido have some cute underwear and socks that i wear but only in private. I do however wear diapers 24/7 except some days at work. My gf is kind of accepting of what i do. She has seen me mess and has even changed me from time to time. All i can say is if your wife is accepting of what you do then it doesnt matter how anyone else feels or says. Good luck to you my friends!
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My experience is total sissy all the time. I have been in diapers and dresses as long as I can remember. I love it. Of course in the beginning you will be humiliated but for me I look forward to it. I wear cloth diapers and pretty plastic panties daily. Everyone knows. I am the town fairy. I love wearing frilly dresses, sissy socks and heels. My legs are shaved, my toenails are painted and my wife keeps me this way all the time. Her friends come over and she shares me with them. I am paraded through the stores carrying a little girls pocketbook totally made up sissy. I love being dressed and diapered. I love being changed at home with a crowd of women around me. I find this site is important to put me in touch with others who share my desires and love for the sissy baby lifestyle. My advice would be to go all the way with it. I have and I enjoy the stares and comments about my being the sissy fairy diaper baby that I truly am. All my life I have been exposed to humiliation. The more you do it, the more you need to do it. I always travel with my wife. I even went on a cruise with her dressed the whole time. You only live once. Live it in a totally full diaper and dresses!
As a sissy who has wanted to live full time 24/7 as a little girl I can certainly resonate with you. The trepidation your husband feels is understandable, once the first steps are taken to showing the world how you wish to live, they cannot be taken back, however if that path is what you both want and from what you have written that seems clear, then it just a question of him taking that  leap.
I think it is a truly wonderful thing to want to be free in your expression, to say to the world this is how you want to live. It takes courage.
What I would say to your husband is simply close your eyes and step into the light, know that once you are free from the trap of four walls and able to show that you are happy expressing a side of you so seldom seen or understood, not only will you feel happier, you will helping so many others.
If only I could be so brave. Still I don't have the support he does.
Good luck and all the best to you both
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I want to believe it is true; it would be a dream come true for many like myself. But how do you afford that lifestyle? What profession is tolerant of employees dressing up as babies? 
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