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My intro to all the lovely sissies in Hi Sweet Wittle Noobies
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This Is Me

I fell in love very early with women’s clothes, when I was about 5 or 6, and wanted to wear blouses, skirts and dresses that I saw my mother and grandmother wearing.

I had an early experience of being PUT into a girl’s red rubber-backed raincoat after I had tried it on in the school cloakroom – I was humiliated in front of the class. That led to endless dreams and desires.

I dreamt of my female teachers dressing me in their blouses: two or three at a time, with large collars which they would turn up and button up my face. Then they would partly unbutton them to reveal my blushing face and laugh at me as I cried with shame.

I’ve spent my life wishing I could dress, but didn’t really get the chance to follow some of the adorable sissies I see in Sissy Kiss, wearing lovely clothes and looking so feminine as a result. Instead, I have put women’s clothes on secretly from time to time.

I am a bit of an artist, so I draw the situations I dream of, sometimes telling the story too. I exchanged my pictures with friends who did the same, until the chance came for me to add my pictures to Prissys-Sissies. Now I have opening a website of my own under my pen-name, Prim, so that sissies can share my dreams and sissy desires to be dressed and dominated by women.

Amongst my favourites: blouses, dresses, skirts, mainly from the 1950s, but later years too. I love forced feminisation, and my stories usually include strong females, especially women teachers, wives and mothers in law. More favourites: blouses with billowy sleeves, button down skirts and dresses, back buttoning, corsets, baby clothes and bonnets, diapers and all forms of babification, ladies nylon overalls, mackintoshes, little girls dresses and lots lots more.

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Baby Butch
Nice introduction, welcome to Sissy Kiss! You did a good job with the drawing. I prefer women's clothes from the 60's and 70's since I grew up during that time. I have always been a diaper lover!

Thank you for your friendly comment, BB. Oh, I like ladies' fashions of the 60s and 70s too, especially those lovely 70s blouses.
Hugs, Abbysweet
 Hi Abby! To say you're a bit of an artist is an understatement, I adore your artwork - especially the sissy baby drawings - thank you for the many hours of enjoyment. It's wonderful news to hear you have your own site set up. Great intro , I really like your list of favourites - lovely clothing indeed!
   Big hugs
    MU-WAH!!! luv and hugs from Kay Kandyfloss   xxx
Oh Kay, you're making me blush with your kind comment. Glad you like. Please keep posting your gorgeous babification pics for us. They're MMMM. @ kay3070
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