The Yard Sale (PG)
A Story by Sparkles!
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I have a LOT of stories, but I think this is probably the best that is specifically "Sissy" in nature.

The Yard Sale

Every year when I was young, my family would make a trip during the summer to visit family in Pennsylvania. I was never quite sure just WHY we did this, since much of the time my Dad spent complaining that they never came to see us, so why should we go to see them? On top of that, they would sit there and talk about their vacations to or wherever, while he was wasting his to visit them. But we still went every year nevertheless.

I liked to go because I would get to see my cousins. The funny thing about that was, I had no boy cousins while I was growing up. There were three boys that were born to my mother's sister, and two boys to my Dad's sister, but they were all already adults and were more like uncles (those that I saw at all) - not someone I could play with. I had nine girl cousins that were still kids. My sister, Trixie, who was four years older than me was also always there. I had an older brother as well, but he stopped making the trip with us a few years before when he started working.

This particular summer, I was thirteen. We were visiting my mother's brother's family. He was not there, since he was in jail, but they were still my aunt and cousins and held no ill will towards his family. As far as I knew at the time, my aunt had divorced him (although later after he got out, she remarried him and became the worst co-dependent case I have ever had the displeasure of knowing. She always was a little flaky.)

Aunt Patti had three daughters - Trina, who was 14; Misty, who was 11; and Shayla, who was 7. Clothing had been passed down through the three girls, but now that Shayla had outgrown some clothes Aunt Patti decided to sell the good clothes in a yard sale. People were always buying baby and toddler clothes up at such sales.

I remember that we were helping her set it up, laying out clothes on tables. Some of the clothes were dresses and such that came out of Shayla's closet, now giving her much more room in it, and some clothes came out of boxes my aunt had stored in her attic. As I opened one box, I saw several rows of cloth diapers neatly folded and stacked, and along the side there was a whole stack of plastic panties. There were several "aww's" from the girls as I drew these items out, first two stacks of white cloth diapers, then a stack of nursery print, and finally, one by one I pulled out the plastic panties. There were pairs every color of the rainbow, and a few with lace and ruffles, and many with nursery prints. For some reason, these items really excited me, and I hoped the girls couldn't tell.

I had an interest in diapers as long as I can remember. Even when I was four and my mother was taking care of my baby cousin I was jealous and wanted to wear her diapers and drink from her bottle. When I was 10 I had found a cloth diaper in one of my dresser drawers and began pinning it on myself in bed at night. I would put it back in the morning. But after only a little bit, my mother one day decided to clean out my dresser and my diaper was gone. I had also got hold of one of my sister's baby doll bottles once and played with it, but eventually she put many of her baby dolls away, opting instead for collectors dolls, and with them went the bottle.

As we unpacked the rest of the boxes, my eyes kept wandering back to those stacks of diapers and plastic panties. Finally I opened the last box, and in it was a big surprise! As I pulled it open, there were more diapers and plastic pants, and even a row of disposable diapers, but these were much bigger than the baby diapers.

"Oh!" my aunt laughed. "Those were Misty's. She wet the bed until she was nine, and she had to wear diapers every night. When she stopped, I just took everything we had left and put it in that box. There must be all kinds of stuff in there." Misty was SO embarrassed and begged her mother not to put these items out, as her friends might come by the sale and know the diapers had been hers. Trina and Shayla were none too convinced that their friends wouldn't think they were theirs either, and my aunt finally relented, telling me to close the box back up and put it back in the attic.

I did as she said, but once in the attic, the temptation became too great. I looked around to make sure no one was coming, then pulled the box back open!

Chapter 2

My heart was racing, though I didn't really know why. I just knew I had to get another look at those diapers. I pulled the box flaps back open, and stared, enticed by the stacks of babyish articles. I stepped to the attic window and peeked out - everyone was still busy in the yard.

Looking back in the box, I decided I just HAD to wear one of the diapers. I pulled out a thick disposable diaper, pulled my pants and underwear down, and sat on the diaper. After looking in the box again I noticed some baby powder, so I went ahead and used some of it. Then I pulled the diaper tight and taped it in place with the tapes on it.

Not being accustomed to diapering at all, I of course didn't do the best job. Stray edges of plastic stuck out of the diaper, and it was a little loose. I wanted one more thing from the box though, and reached in for a pair of plastic panties. Every pair in there was very girlish, but I didn't care. I pulled on a pink pair that had lace ruffles at the waist and leg openings. All the diapering supplies were a perfect fit for me.

I flexed my legs after getting the plastic panties pulled up over my diaper, and feelings of ecstasy washed over me. Then I heard someone come in the house downstairs, so I quickly pulled my underwear and pants up over the diaper. It was a little bulky looking, but I figured I could get away with it, and rushed down the stairs.

My fourteen year old cousin, Trina was in the kitchen when I got downstairs. "You were up there a long time," Trina said. "What took so long?"

"Umm - I had to go to the bathroom," I lied, thinking fast. It wasn't a TOTAL mistruth. I did feel a bit of a need to go to the bathroom right now. I knew it was believable that I was doing that, since you had to go through the bathroom to get to the attic.

"Ahh - the site of all those diapers made you think about it," Trina stated.

Misunderstanding her at first, my mouth dropped open. "Huh??" I said.

"Seeing the diapers made you have to go to the bathroom," Trina restated.

"Ohh!" I had thought she meant seeing the diapers made me think about wearing one. "Yeah. Yeah, that's what it was." That was so lame, I thought! I hope she didn't see through it.

As I turned to go outside, I noticed Trina was staring at the bulge in my pants, though she didn't say anything. Dang, it was too late now to go take the diapers off; I couldn't even use the bathroom excuse since I claimed I had just gone. I would just have to hope no one would think I would really put on a diaper.

"Here, have some tea," Trina said before I could get out. She had already poured a glass of iced tea for me, so I drank it down quickly, then headed back outside.

Chapter 3

Once outside, my sister, cousins, and I went back and forth between playing Frisbee and helping people who came to the yard sale. The baby items did sell very quickly.

As was usual with me, the iced tea I drank went right through me and straight to my bladder. Normally it wouldn't be that bad, but compounded with the fact I already had to go, it became almost unbearable. I tried to hold it for awhile to make it look natural, but I ended up waiting too long. At one point, I jumped to catch the Frisbee, and ended up tripping when I came back down and landing on my butt. The hard fall was too much for my bladder, and I immediately felt my diapers flood with warm pee.

If I had thought the feeling of wearing diapers was good, this was 100 times better! I felt a warm tingling feeling spread across the front of the diaper, across the middle, and finally into the seat. I stood up and looked down at myself - no visible leaks in front so I thought I was okay, although I was going to have to figure out a way to get out of this wet diaper soon.

We went back to playing, and I eventually forgot about it, though I could still feel the wet feeling. Then, after being in the wet diaper about 20 minutes, I turned around to pick up the Frisbee and heard a peel of giggles from Misty behind me. As I said, I really wasn't thinking about the diaper anymore, so I wondered what she was giggling about. She ran over to my aunt and whispered something in her ear.

My aunt looked at me. "Sweetheart (I hated it when she called me that), could you turn around for a minute?" Thinking this was something to do with Misty that they didn't want a boy to see, I nonchalantly turned around with my back to them. "Yep," Aunt Patty said. "There is no way to get that pattern naturally. The only way you can get wet spots like that on your bottom is from a leaky diaper!"

My eyes went wide, and I turned to look over my shoulder at my pants. I couldn't see it all, but I could see the tops of two wet spots - the diaper had leaked out of the legs in the back. Now my heart was racing again, but for a completely different reason than before. This time it was from fear. I was so embarrassed, and I couldn't even come up with an excuse for why I would be wearing a diaper at all, let alone a WET one.

My mother walked toward me and I could see she was very upset with me. She reached out and undid my pants, pulling them and my underwear down right in front of my cousins, aunt, and sister. I blushed bright red standing there with the diaper and plastic pants exposed to them. My cousins and sister were giggling at the spectacle, and seven year old Shayla began chanting, "John is a baby, John is a baby!"

"I can't believe this!" my mother yelled at me. "Did you actually steal these diapers??"

I tried to come up with something. It wasn't like I could claim I wasn't wearing them, or that these diapers had come from somewhere else. "I didn't steal them," I tried, "I just borrowed them to see what they feel like!"

"Borrowed them??" my mother answered. "Borrowed?? I'm pretty sure your aunt isn't going to want that wet diaper back! Besides, you didn't ask if you could borrow them, and borrowing without asking is the same as stealing."

The logic parents have when they are angry is appalling. Did my mother really think I would ASK if I could wear a diaper? Just like when they ask you "Do you want me to spank you?" How are you supposed to answer that?..."Oh yeah, Mom, I was just thinking about that. Would you please?" Or, "Don't you know if you hit your brother with that it will hurt him?" Gosh, really? "I'm not Jimmy's mother, I'm your mother." Wow...I'd have never figured that out on my own. Is that why I call you "Mom"?

I heard Trina say something about my "pretty plastic panties", and Shayla had changed her chant to "John is a baby GIRL", but I didn't really pay much attention to that, as my mom grabbed me by the wrist and dragged me toward the house. I had to step out of my pants as I was tripping over them, and was now just walking in the diaper and plastic panties. Just before my mother dragged me through the door I heard one more teasing comment from Shayla. " the naughty little baby girl gonna get a spanking then?" All the girls laughed at that one.

Chapter 4

Once inside, the lecture really began. I didn't even hear most of what my mother said because my mind was in overdrive as I tried to decide if what my cousin had asked was really going to happen. My fears were confirmed as finally my mother sat down on the couch, and pulled me down over her knees. Now I really DID feel like a naughty baby, with my bottom up in the air and my feet and head dangling from my mothers lap in this position. Worse yet, I felt her tug the diaper and plastic pants down in the back so my bottom was bare.

"WHAP!" The sting of the spanking was multiplied since my bottom was a bit tender after being in the diaper. "WHAP WHAP WHAP!" My mother intensified the spanking. Before long I felt the tears start running down my face, and then I started to cry out loud. I knew everyone outside could hear the spanking and me crying as well.

"I'M SORRY!" I yelled. "I'M SORRY! I'll never wear diapers again!" I began to kick my feet as the pain from the spanking put me past the breaking point.

"Oh yes you will wear diapers again," my mother told me as she gave me a last couple of smacks on the thighs. "Since you wet that diaper, it just proves you really do need them. You're going to wear diapers for quite awhile!"

I couldn't believe it. I had wanted to wear diapers, but not like this. My mother stood me up, and walked me to the corner. "You put your nose in that corner and don't you move!" she said. "And no rubbing!" She smacked my bare bottom again, which I had been rubbing to try and take the sting away.

I heard my mother go back outside, and a minute later, Trina came running in. She took one look at me in the corner with the diapers pulled down and my bare red bottom sticking out, and burst out laughing. Then she continued up the stairs as my mother came back in.

I was stealing quick glances behind me to see what was going on. My mother had brought in a baby blanket that had been out on the table for sale. She also had a basket of things but I couldn't tell what was in the basket. She spread the blanket out on the floor, and presently my cousin came back down carrying the box of diapers from the attic.

"Here they are, Aunt Ida," she said, setting the box down. "I also found some baby powder, and I brought you a couple baby wipes from the bathroom," she went on.

"Thank you," my mother said, and then spoke to me. "You can come out of the corner now, get over here." I went to the blanket. "Lay on your back," she instructed. Trina backed away to a nearby chair, and sat down, obviously hoping to get to watch. My mother didn't say she couldn't, and I started to cry in humiliation.

My mother pulled down the plastic panties. "Such pretty panties," she said to me. "I guess you must be a baby girl. We'll just have to find some more appropriate clothes for you. Until then I guess you can just wear your diapers - it's summer anyway."

Trina looked like she was about to say something, then changed her mind. She didn't want to alert my Mom that she was still in the room watching, just in case she shouldn't be there. I tried to say something, but my mother reached into the basket and grabbed something, then stuffed it in my mouth. I realized it was a pacifier.

The pacifier really did have a calming effect and I began to suck on it. My mother removed the wet diaper, much to Trina's delight, then grabbed the baby wipes and cleaned me up. She pushed my legs way up in the air and powdered my bottom, the slipped a new diaper under me. She then let my legs down, powdered my front, and pulled the diaper up tightly between my legs. She taped it in front, then pulled a new pair of plastic panties from the box. These were pink and had little hearts all over them.

"There," my mother said, talking as though I were really a baby. "Baby has a nice clean diaper now." She turned to Trina and asked her to take me back outside while she cleaned up a few things inside. Trina took me by the hand and lead me back outside. I noticed the way my mother diapered me felt much better since it was snug instead of loose, but it felt funny with all that padding between my legs and I had to walk differently. I realized I must really look like a big baby now, as I toddled outside in the diaper, T-shirt, and the pacifier in my mouth.

Chapter 5

Of course, Shayla immediately went back to her teasing of me as soon as I got outside. "Aww...does the baby girl feel better now that she has a dry diaper?" she asked. When I didn't answer, she went on, "Probably not, since she has a red bottom under it!" All the girls giggled at this.

It also didn't take long for word to spread around the neighborhood about the "big baby". People were coming to the yard sale, and as they left they would tell others about me. Especially other kids. They would come by and tease me, and finally Misty, feeling sorry for me, began to shoo them off. Misty was the only one who felt sorry for me though, as Shayla kept up her steady stream of teasing, and my sister and Trina took to playing with me as though I were a real baby.

One lady who came to the sale was particularly impressed. "Well," she said, upon seeing me. "That is exactly what I need. My daughter wets her bed every night, and I can't fit her into baby diapers anymore." My aunt went and got several of the cloth diapers and a couple pair of plastic panties from the box to sell to the lady. She left an ample supply for me, however.

By the end of the day, much of what had been put out had sold. They set about to close up the sale, but not before Trina pointed out that they had not sold the play pen yet, and perhaps it could be put to good use now. "We wouldn't want the baby going out in the street while we are getting this cleaned up," she pointed out. So I was then made to climb into the little pink playpen and watch as they cleaned up. All the leftover baby items (there weren't many left) were placed aside for me.

"Let's have supper outside," Trixie (my sister) suggested. All the other girls thought this was a wonderful idea as well. Normally I would also be all for this, but I wasn't sure what the girls had in store for me this time! I hoped my mother would want me to stay inside, but this was not to be. In fact, my humiliation was increased as they put a high chair up for me.

I got to eat regular food (we had hot dogs and french fries), but my sister and cousins cut it all up for me, and I had to eat with my fingers. When they decided I wasn't eating fast enough, they began to feed me themselves. I had to wear a pink trimmed bib with "Mommy's Darling" printed on it as I ate, and I had to drink a bottle of milk as well.

When supper was finished, Trina took me into her lap and got another bottle of milk which she fed me as she held me. Presently, the other girls wanted to try this as well, and Trina passed me to Misty and Trixie, then held me once again in her lap as Shayla fed me the bottle. Shayla had finally stopped teasing me, and was beginning to just accept me as being an actual baby. Misty, meanwhile, was still casting apologetic glances my way.

Chapter 6

Not long after my second bottle, I again felt the need to pee. This time I didn't even think twice about wetting the diaper. I knew there was no way I would be allowed out of it, so I relaxed and wet the diaper as I felt the need. A few things happened because of this.

First, I began to enjoy wearing the diapers. It didn't feel half bad to be in a dry diaper, especially since it was padding my sore bottom. It was what I had wanted to try in the first place anyway. When I wet the diaper, since I wasn't panicking this time I could assess how it felt. A warm tingling rushed from the front to the back of the diaper, and I liked that as well.

The second thing that happened was that it became apparent my diaper was wet. The color changing strip that ran down the middle of the diaper changed, plus the diaper seemed to become thicker and heavier. It only took a couple minutes before Shayla giggled and called out, "Aunt Ida, the 'baby' needs a diaper change!"

"It's time for HER bath anyway," my Mom said as she came in, emphasizing the word "her".

Shayla giggled and asked, "Can I watch?"

As my mother made me get up and follow her to the bathroom I was not worried. I knew there was no way she would let my little cousin, who was half my age and had probably never even seen a boy naked watch her bathe me. "No," my Mom said. I smiled, but then my smile froze as she went on, "You can HELP."

"But MOM, she's only SEVEN!" I whined.

"And you are only a baby," my mother said to me. "Babies don't complain about who bathes them." By now my other cousins and my sister were clamoring to get to help as well. "And seven is quite old enough to learn how to bathe a baby," she went on, leading me into the bathroom. The girls followed along behind, with lots of giggling.

"Now, girls, Shayla asked first," my mother told them. She turned the water on in the tub, then went on, "You can watch, but she gets to help this time. There will be lots more baths for the baby." Inwardly I groaned; "lots more baths"? How long was she planning on treating me this way?

I didn't have long to contemplate it as she reached out and pulled the plastic panties down, instructing me then to step out of them. She then undid the tapes on one side of my wet diaper. Then she reached over and undid the tapes on the other side, and the diaper fell to the floor with a wet thud. All the girls now giggled as I was naked from the waist down in front of them. Shayla and Misty also watched with great interest, and somewhere in my embarrassment I wondered if I was the first boy they had ever seen naked.

"She doesn't look like any baby girl I'VE ever seen," Shayla commented.

"Why is that?" my mother asked her.

Shayla considered what to say for a minute, then finally settled on, "Too much hair."

"Oh, we can fix that," my mother said. "We really need to, so she will be easier to clean when she has her diaper changed, and so she doesn't get diaper rash quite so easily. Trina, do you have any extra razors?"

Without missing a beat, Trina hopped up from her vantage point on the floor and got a pink razor from the medicine cabinet. "Can I do that part please?" she asked my Mom.

If it was at all possible for me to be more embarrassed, I became it as she asked, all the time looking at my privates, and my mother, after considering it for a moment answered, "Well, okay, but be careful! It would be hard to explain at a hospital why she needs stitches there."

Trina laughed. "I'll be careful," she promised, as my Mom tested the temperature of water in the tub and added a bit more warm. Shayla had already dug into the cupboard under the sink and added bubble-bath. As my mother tended to the bath water, Shayla took hold of the bottom of my shirt and pulled it up over my head and off. Then my mother picked me up (I hadn't realized she still could, so I was caught off guard by this.) and put me in the bath water.

Chapter 7

My mother picked up a washcloth and showed Shayla how to wash me, then sat back and watched as Shayla went to work. She started with my neck, since my Mom did my face, showing her how, and washed down my shoulders, arms, hands, then did my chest and my back.

If I could close my eyes and forget it was a little girl half my age giving me this bath, it would not have been bad at all. It felt nice to be bathed, especially as she washed my back.

Then she did my tummy, and then reached down and got one of my feet, lifting it up to wash my foot. It tickled, and I giggled. "Oh - you like that don't you?" Shayla said, using a voice like you would really use with a little girl. She tickled my feet more, and I giggled more. Finally, taking a lesson from a real baby, I splashed her.

Shayla didn't think this was quite as funny as everyone else did. My mother had to bite her lip to keep from laughing as Shayla dried her face off, and scolded me, telling me if I splashed Shayla again I would get another spanking. The first spanking I had that afternoon was still fresh in my mind, and I settled down quickly to avoid another one.

But, the worst was yet to come. "Okay, let Trina shave her now," my mother instructed.

"Awww..." Shayla was disappointed her turn was over, but she backed up and took Trina's seat on the floor as Trina knelt down beside the tub and got a good lather on her hands. She then lathered my legs, and began to scrape away with the razor.

I hadn't had hair in these places all that long, and I watched embarrassed as it all easily fell away, making me look once more like a baby. When she finished my legs she looked up at my mother. " you want me to do...umm..."

"That's the most important part," my mother told her. Trina now looked rather embarrassed for a minute, but then shrugged her shoulders and lathered my genitals. Of course, it barely took a touch from her before I was pointing like a submarine periscope.

Trina and my sister were fighting laughter at this, while Misty turned very red, obviously embarrassed to be witnessing the event. Shayla asked what any seven year old would, "Why is it doing that?" which promptly caused Trina to lose it and burst out with uncontrolled giggles.

My mother answered very easily, "Oh, that just happens to baby boys sometimes when you change their diapers or bathe them."

"Oh." Shayla seemed satisfied for a minute, then pointed out, "But I thought she was a baby GIRL!"

"She is. She just doesn't realize it yet," my mother said. During this exchange Trina got her self under control and began to shave me. I wiggled, unable to control my twitching as she ran her fingers and the razor over my most sensitive area.

"Be still!" Trina admonished me. "You don't want to make me cut off anything important, do you?" My eyes widened and I tried to sit stiller as she finished. When she was done I had to get on my hands and knees as Shayla came back and washed my bottom.

The smell of baby powder filled the air after Shayla dried me off, and I realized she was putting lots of baby powder on me, "Just like Mama used to do for me," she explained. Trina got the baby oil and rubbed me into a frustration again (I was starting to think she liked doing that), and then my mother showed the girls how to diaper me in one of the large size diapers.

Caught between ecstasy (even though Trina had stopped before I came), the comfort of being cared for, and the humiliation of being babied, I wasn't sure what to think. I was afraid, though, that I was beginning to like this, as the diaper was taped tightly.

Chapter 8

As I was led from the bathroom freshly bathed and diapered, I noticed Trina had disappeared. In a minute, she returned, carrying a short pink nightie with her. "This is Misty's, but it will fit her," she said, slipping it over my frame when my Mom said it was okay. It was short, pink, and frilly, and only hung low enough to cover about half my diaper. Trina also had a pink diaper cover with lace across the bottom that would match the nightie perfectly. This cover was different from the others I had worn, and snapped on over my diaper.

They took me to a mirror then so I could see how much like a baby girl I now looked. What I saw almost made me cry, but I stopped myself, knowing it would only make me look more like a baby.

"There are lots of dresses and other clothes of Misty's that will fit," Trina said. "You were saying you needed to find more appropriate girl's clothes for her," she explained to my mother. "And there are also some dresses that don't fit me anymore but don't fit Misty yet - those should fit her too."

"Wonderful!" my mother said. "We'll find out tomorrow how they fit, right now we have to get this baby to bed!" I looked out the window and saw it was still light out. Now I have an early bedtime too, I thought with a sigh. There was no clock anywhere for me to see just how early.

With a sigh I began to trudge toward the Living Room, since I had been told before that I would be sleeping on the couch. "Not that way," my mother said, stopping me. "Patti, is that surprise for the baby done yet?" she called.

"Yep! All done," my aunt said, emerging from the girls' bedroom.

Trina giggled. "I just saw it. It's adorable!"

I looked from face to face, wondering what in the world they were talking about. I was taken into the girls' room, and saw. A large pink barred crib was waiting for me, complete with nursery print sheets, and a bumper pad. I looked at the print as I climbed in, and saw it was diapered bunnies, pink of course.

"Thank your Aunt for putting this crib up for you," my mother said as I climbed in.

"Thank you," I grumbled.

Quickly I got a loud smack on the diapered bottom. It didn't hurt, but it made me jump. "Tell her like you mean it," my mother ordered.

"And with baby talk," Shayla added with a giggle. I looked at my mother and she nodded.

Inwardly I sighed; outwardly I said, "Tank yew fo my pwetty cwib, Aunty Patti!"

"Aww - how sweet," my aunt said. She leaned into the crib patting the front of my diaper and gave me a kiss on the forehead. "You're very welcome sweetie. You should be in here with the girls anyway. Now you have a good night and sweet dreams - your first night as a little girl."

Each of my cousins, then my sister, and finally my mother then kissed me goodnight, and my mother wound up a musical mobile that was hanging above the crib. It had stars and dolphins on it, and played "Beautiful Dreamer". As they left the room, Shayla switched on a nightlight that wasn't needed yet (but would be when they came back to go to bed themselves).

Though the sun was just now setting, the days events had obviously taken their toll on me, and soon I was fast asleep, sucking on the pacifier Misty had a few minutes later snuck in to me.

Chapter 9

I woke around , when Shayla was sent to bed. She came in the room, and looked toward me. I kept my eyes closed and pretended to be asleep until I heard her start moving around again. I opened my eyes then to see what she was doing, and saw she was undressing for bed.

Seeing a chance for a little revenge, I waited until she was down to just her panties before saying quietly, "I see London, I see France..."

"Hey!" Shayla jumped into her bed and hid herself under the covers. "I'll tell!" she threatened.

"What are they gonna do?" I asked. "I'm just a baby girl who happened to wake up. "YOU'LL probably get spanked for waking me up!"

Shayla's mouth dropped open, and she was about to retort, but then she seemed to realize I was right, and accepted it. "Can't I even have some privacy?" she asked.

"You sure weren't worried about MY privacy earlier!" I said, still a bit annoyed.

"What privacy? You're a baby." Shayla looked at me a minute. "It wasn't me who gave you that punishment. And besides, who was it that put on a diaper and wet it in the first place?" I blushed, and was happy she wouldn't notice in the dark. "Why did you do that anyway?" she went on.

I shrugged. "I dunno. I just wanted to try it and see what it felt like I guess."

Shayla's eyes widened, and she grabbed her pillow to muffle her giggles. After she got herself under control, she looked at me with her head cocked to one side, with an almost coy look, and asked, "Well? How DOES it feel? Do you like it?"

I blushed even more, and unable to answer, simply nodded my head. This brought more high-pitched giggling from Shayla into her pillow. I shut my eyes quickly as my Aunt appeared in the doorway.

"Shayla! Settle down in here!" she said. She was quiet for a minute and I felt her looking at me. "You better not wake up the baby," she warned Shayla. "If you do, you'll get a spanking."

Shayla quickly stopped her giggling and lay down. My Aunt left, and Shayla stayed quiet. Presently, I heard her breathing slow and deepen.

I was still awake a few minutes later when Misty was sent to bed. Misty looked at her sister, and quickly ascertained that she was asleep. Then she tiptoed over to my crib. I opened my eyes.

"You're still awake?" she whispered.

"I slept a little, then Shayla woke me up," I admitted.

Misty rolled her eyes. "She was SUPPOSED to be quiet so she wouldn't wake you up," she whispered apologetically. "You should have cried or something. That would have got her a spanking. After all the teasing she has done to you, she deserves a good hard spanking."

"And have her tell the whole neighborhood how she got to give me my bath?" I pointed out. "No thank you."

Misty shook her head. "I wouldn't let her do that," she promised. She stepped back from the crib and started to pull her shirt up. I closed my eyes, then even turned around in the crib. I wanted her to know I appreciated the way she was treating me.

After a minute she said, "You can turn back around now." When I did, she was wearing a short dorm shirt. It almost covered the tops of her thighs. "That was sweet of you to turn around," she said. "Thank you."

"It's cause you are nice to me," I told her. "How come you don't tease me like the other girls do?"

"You forget who those diapers belonged to," she replied. "I know how embarrassing it can be to be put into a diaper. It's only been two summers since I've been out of them myself." She climbed into bed with Shayla. "And that crib was mine then too," she confessed.

The idea of Misty wearing diapers and sleeping in the crib flashed into my mind, and my hormones picked up. Then I realized she was my cousin, and I really shouldn't be thinking about her like that, so I let the idea pass out of my mind. Soon, I fell back asleep.

Chapter 10

Wearing diapers was doing weird things to my sleeping pattern. I had not heard my sister and eldest cousin (Trina) come into the room during the night after I fell back asleep, but since I had gone to sleep so early, I woke up before anyone else.

Since there was no clock, I wasn't sure of the time. I could tell it was early by the lighting outside - the sun was still somewhat low. I could hear the birds singing, but there was a quietness all about the house.

Before long, I realized there was going to be a problem. Every morning when I got up, I would have a bowel movement. This morning was no different, except this time I could not simply get up and go to the toilet. Not only would I get in trouble for getting out of the crib, but I also knew that I was supposed to do this in my diaper.

I turned red just thinking about it. I even considered holding it, but what good would that do? It would just make me uncomfortable, and eventually I would have to go anyway. And it would probably be a lot worse when I finally did go.

Try as I might, I could not go while lying down. I finally had to get up in the crib and sit on my heels to go. I pushed a little, and it came out in my diaper, smooshing against the inside of the diaper and spreading through the seat. A hot stream of pee soaking my diaper in the front and middle immediately followed it.

Gingerly I lay back down in the crib. I did not like this sticky, mushy feeling in the back of the diaper and wished for a diaper change, even with the embarrassment that came with it. I lay this way for a few minutes, then fell back asleep in my messy diaper.

When I woke up again, the girls were awake and getting up. My sister sniffed the air. "Phew," she said, wrinkling her nose. "What IS that smell?"

Trina (who did not wake up well) pulled the covers up over her head as she answered, "I think a certain baby needs a clean diaper!"

"Yuck!" My sister looked at me. "You actually pooped in it?" I didn't answer, but my face (and the smell) gave me away. "That's gross!" she exclaimed.

Just then my mother came in the room. "Mom," my sister said, "He actually pooped in his diaper!"

"Well, that is why SHE is wearing diapers," my mother said, smiling. "Girls, while this diaper punishment is going on, I want you to refer to the baby as "she" and "her". She must want to be a baby girl, since she wore pretty ruffled plastic panties. All her other clothes will be girls' clothes too, and we are going to do her hair in a girlish style."

She then turned to leave, after setting down a diaper, baby wipes, and baby powder. "Girls, will one of you please change her diaper?"

"Eww!" My sister took a step back from my crib.

"Don't look at me..." Shayla said, although no one was.

"Oh, for heaven's sake." Trina had pulled the covers down and got out of bed. "Give me that. I'LL change his...umm...her...diaper."

Chapter 11

Trina changed my dirty diaper, and it was not quite as embarrassing as earlier changes since the other girls left the room. She still was having fun with me though, as first she got me excited while cleaning me with the baby wipe, and afterward she found some baby oil and rubbed it into my skin.

She sent me out to breakfast in just my diaper then with a swat on my diapered bottom as I left the room. I jumped from the loud sound as she swatted me. She giggled; "Just like a real baby!"

There was the high chair set up at the table, and a bib tied around my neck as I was fed baby cereal (wonder when they got that?). No big surprise there. I began to wonder if a baby's life was really this boring? The diapers and attention was the only good part. And the diapers weren't that great when they were dirty.

Shayla seemed to recognize my boredom with it all. "Maybe we should take the baby somewhere," she suggested. My eyes widened - I'd much rather be bored...

"Yeah!" Trina and Trixie both immediately chimed in their agreement. Even Misty couldn't hide her interest in this idea. "Mom, can we take her to the playground?" Trina asked.

Aunt Patti looked at my Mom, who agreed. "Just put some clothes on her first," she told them.

"Misty, go get one of your outfits," Trina instructed, as they herded me into the bathroom and began to wash my face and brush my teeth. Misty went to her room, and to her credit, she brought in a pair of overalls. There was no way they could be mistaken for anything but girls', with the flowers on the pant legs and butterfly on the back pocket, but they were actually something I would not die of embarrassment wearing.

Unfortunately, Trina was not about to have that. "My word, do you know how hard it will be if we have to change her diaper if she's wearing those?" she asked. "Here, you take over washing her neck and behind her ears, I'LL go get a good play dress for her!" At least Misty didn't scrub as hard as Trina had been.

Trina came back with a short sundress for me. It didn't even come to my knees, and I was sure if I bent over without thinking it would show my diapers to anyone who happened to be watching. Then again, with the way the girls were going, it may not be a surprise to anyone who saw that I was diapered. Trina also held up a diaper bag with Winnie the Pooh on it. "Look what I found!" she said. I had an inkling she had already planned this earlier, as it was already packed with diapers, baby wipes, baby powder, and God only knew what else.

"And it gave me an idea," she said. "We can't call her John, and we can't keep calling her 'the baby'. Let's call her 'Winnie'! A picture of the little girl from The Wonder Years flashed into my mind. At least she was cute. A picture of her in diapers flashed into my mind, and I smiled without noticing.

Misty mistook the meaning of my smile. She put her hand to her mouth as she giggled. "Oh my gosh! I think she LIKES it!" she giggled.

I started to shake my head in protest, but Trina said, "Of course she likes it. It's her new name! Winnie!" She tickled me, making me giggle, and pretty much sealing my fate to have this new nickname.

Chapter 12

The girls got me dressed in a pair of girls sandals (Trina's) besides the sundress and diaper, and were able with a little work to get my hair into pigtails. Trina went about putting some make-up on me, just a tiny bit, which softened my features considerably. A look in the mirror confirmed that I could pass for a young girl of Shayla's age easily.

Outside I saw a new humiliation awaited me. The girls decided that I needed to be pushed in a stroller to the playground. I felt silly sitting in the stroller, since I just fit. My legs bent somewhat upward, giving the entire world a good view up my dress to my thick diapers. I tried to tug the dress down to cover this, but there was just not enough fabric. I tried to put my knees together, but the diaper was too thick. I tried to complain about the situation, but Trixie popped a pacifier in my mouth. Not pleased about this, I sulked and sucked on the pacifier.

The playground was a couple blocks away. Lots of people in town got a good look at the teenage baby as the girls pushed me in my stroller to it. There were other kids on the playground once we got there as well, ranging in ages from babies to 14 or so.

The reactions of the kids on the playground were as varied as their ages. Most of the older boys just snorted in disgust and ignored us altogether. Younger boys and girls made fun of me, calling me "diaper baby" and such. I think most of them were not even aware that I was really a boy, except for a few who had seen me yesterday. They added "sissy" to the chants. Most of the toddlers just accepted me as one of them, if a bit larger, and didn't give much thought to my babyish attire. One girl who was about 5 asked if I were a bed wetter, like she was. "I have to wear diapers for it too," she confided to me in a whisper, pulling the top of her shorts down to show me.

The reaction of the girls aged 11 and up was worse, since they decided this was "too cute", and they all wanted a chance to play with the big baby. For over an hour I ended up sitting on a blanket, subjected to games such as "pat-a-cake", "peek-a-boo", and tickling. Finally, Misty had had enough and she took me by the hand and led me over to the swings.

The swings were fun for awhile, but there was a problem in that while swinging my dress would blow up and reveal my diapers. This got some of the teenage boys watching, since many of them thought I was a real girl. I tried the slide, and ended up with either everyone trying to steal looks at my diapers when I climbed the steps, or having my dress slide up and reveal it when I slid down. The way I had to spread my legs on the teeter totter was definitely not hiding anything. However, I did have loads of fun on the merry-go-round and had no end of people (mostly girls) willing to push it for me. I even lost track of my cousins and sister for awhile, as there were so many others willing to take care of me. Misty, however, was never too far away.

While I played in the sandbox, I was confronted by twin girls of about 7 or 8 who decided to team up on me in a tickle war. Mostly I didn't REALLY mind being tickled, but this time I had been noticing that the couple of baby bottles I had been fed already had caught up with me. As I giggled and struggled under their tickles, I suddenly noticed a warm stream tingle as it ran through my diaper. The girls must have been able to tell from the expression on my face, and one of them went to get Trina.

I was very worried when Trina came over, carrying the diaper bag. But, thankfully, I was not to be given the horrible humiliation of being changed publicly. Trina took me to the girls' restroom, and changed me on a counter in there while Misty, Shayla, and Trixie stood outside the door to make sure no one tried to enter.

While Trixie and Trina stayed at the playground to watch me, Misty and Shayla went back to the house and got some lunch for us. We sat at a picnic table when they came back, and I was allowed to eat real food, but Trixie fed it to me in small bites. I also wore a bib, and had two bottles filled with Kool-aid. Once I had eaten, several of the neighborhood girls were allowed the privilege of feeding me my bottles.

One observant girl who was about 12 watched me as she fed me the bottle, and finally declared, "I knew it! You're a boy, aren't you? I can tell because I can see your Adam's apple when you swallow." I blushed, and she laughed and said, "Don't worry cutie. I won't tell. I'm Candace, by the way."

"I'm ...Winnie," I said shyly.

"Like the girl on The Wonder Years," she said. "Too bad your hair isn't as long as hers. I bet you'd look really cute with braids. As it is..." she reached in her purse and dug around for a minute... "I think these will be cute." She clipped two little barrettes in my hair, each one had a little baby bottle on it. Though embarrassed, I thanked her. Then I contentedly drank the rest of my bottle quickly so that she would not have to relinquish me to someone else.

I would have been content to stay longer now that I met Candace, but Trina decided it was time for us to go home, so she packed up my diaper bag and got me in the stroller, and we headed home. Later that evening, Misty told me she had a present for me. She put a piece of paper in my hand. I looked down and saw some numbers scribbled on the paper, and looked back at her questioningly. "That," she said with a smile and a wink, "Is Candace's phone number. Not sure why, but I thought you might like to have it...Unk!" The last sound she emitted as I hugged her tightly.

Chapter 13

The next morning when I awoke I realized I would have to mess in my diaper again. This was for me the worst part of my diaper punishment. As I pushed into the diaper, I realized that I was alone in the room and that someone was getting lectured.

"I can't believe you have started wetting the bed again!" my Aunt Patti yelled. "And with your sister in it with you! Am I going to have to put you back in diapers again, like your cousin?"

A small voice answered quietly and I couldn't hear what she said. It was Misty, I realized. "I don't care," my Aunt said to whatever Misty had answered. "Only babies wet the bed, and babies wear diapers. I don't know if you are just jealous of the 'new baby', or if you are having an actual relapse, or what, but you had better believe that we will not make any exceptions on the use of diapers for it! And furthermore, since you had an accident in bed and Shayla had to suffer for it as well, she is going to be the one to spank you!"

There was a short silence, then I heard the unmistakable sound of a bare bottom being spanked, and Misty crying. "Now you go stand in the corner in your room, while I decide whether or not to just put you back in diapers right now!" my Aunt told her. Misty came quickly into the bedroom, her face red and wet with tears. She was naked from the waist down, and as she stood in the corner I saw that her bottom was as red as her face.

As she got herself under control, I ventured a whisper. "Did you have an accident?"

Misty stole a quick glance toward the door. Everyone could be heard out in the kitchen, and if anyone came back to the bedrooms they would easily be heard before they got there, so I was not worried. Nevertheless, Misty turned her face back to the corner before shaking her head no. "I did it on purpose," she whispered back.

"What? Why in the world would you do that?" I asked.

"Same as you," she said. "Curiosity. Also, I remembered what it was like. Sure, it's embarrassing, but it is kinda nice too. Diapers feel good, don't they? And aside from the teasing and some embarrassment, you had fun yesterday. I was watching; I could tell. And I guess in a way, I also did it to keep you company. I didn't want you to have to do this alone. I sure never knew she'd let Shayla SPANK me though!" She sniffled again and rubbed her bottom.

We heard footsteps in the hall, and I closed me eyes and pretended to be asleep as someone came in the room. The person went over to Misty, and I opened one eye to see it was Trina. She looked at Misty's bottom and sighed. "She really let you have it, didn't she? Jeez, who would have thought a seven year old could spank that hard?"

"She was pretty mad," Misty said. "She thought she did it at first. She was scared she was going to be diapered and begged me not to tell on her. Then when she found out it was me she wasted no time in tattling on me!"

"Little tattle-tale should be taught a lesson," Trina said, shaking her head. "And she teases way too much too." She took Misty by the arm and led her to the bed, telling her to lay on her stomach. "Mom said to get you out of the corner. And to..." she sighed. "I'm really sorry Misty! She said to diaper you as well. You'll have to wash the bed sheets and hang them on the line outside to dry, and you're not allowed to wear anything over the diapers until the sheets are clean and back on this bed."

Misty sighed and nodded, then sighed again, this time contentedly as Trina had started to massage baby lotion into her sore bottom. "At least you'll have some padding when you sit down..." Trina giggled. She sniffed the air then. "And after I get you diapered I think there is someone else in this room who needs a diaper change, isn't there?" she asked, turning her head quickly toward me and catching me watching. I blushed and nodded emphatically.

Trina had Misty stand up, then lay down again on her back over an open diaper. I was watching Misty's face, and apparently so was Trina. "Jeez, Misty!" she exclaimed. She looked from Misty to me, then back at Misty again. "You both actually LIKE this stuff, don't you?" Misty and I looked at each other, which was a mistake, then both burst out in giggles. "Yuck!" Trina said. "WHY? I can't believe you two!" She shook her head and finished diapering Misty.

Misty got up from the bed (looking extremely cute in the diaper), and set to work stripping the bed, why Trina put the crib side down and changed my dirty diaper. "You have the same blissful look on your face when I change you as she gets when she is diapered," Trina said, shaking her head in disbelief again. "So much for this being punishment for either of you two! You better not let anyone else find out."

"Oh! Right!" Misty said. She put an ultra morose look on her face as she left the bedroom with the bed sheets.

Chapter 14

"She's good at that," Trina said, indicating Misty's forlorn expression. "You better get good at it too if you don't want to be found out!" she said, giving me a playful smack on the back of my clean diaper. This sent me scampering off the bed and into the hall as well, behind Misty. I couldn't help looking at her cute diapered bottom as she waddled in front of me.

"Look at the two big diaper babies!" Shayla giggled from the kitchen. To my surprise, my Aunt reprimanded her.

"Shayla, that's enough," she said. "You've done nothing but tease your cousin. You're not going to do the same to your sister, and you're going to stop doing it to your cousin, or you won't like the consequences."

Shayla quieted down, but shot a look in our direction, like it was our fault she got in trouble. Misty put the bedclothes in the washing machine while I was fed breakfast in the high chair. As soon as I was done eating, I was put on the couch to finish my bottle, and Misty was put in the high chair for her baby feeding.

Trina searched and found two lilac blouses, each adorned with a ribbon bow on the neckline. She put one on me and one on Misty. Next she showed us two denim jumpers. She put one on me, and told Misty she could have hers once the sheets were clean and the bed remade. My hair was brushed, and Misty's was brushed and put into two long pigtails, making her look like a five-year-old.

Even I had a hard time not giggling when I saw Misty outside putting the sheets on the clothes-line. It was a little high for her so she had to stand on her tiptoes to reach the line. This made her blouse come up far enough to reveal her entire diaper. From her eleven-year-old look yesterday to what she was now was such a glaring difference! Of course, I supposed the difference in me was even more marked.

Shayla of course wasted no time in getting outside to tease Misty some more. Now she was sneaking up behind Misty and smacking her diapered bottom loudly. Misty looked like she wanted to kill her, but she knew she was in enough trouble already.

My aunt was also watching her youngest daughter’s antiques, and she was not happy. She finally called Trina over and whispered something in her ear. Trina giggled and nodded her head, then asked if it was okay to take Trixie along. My aunt and mom both said okay, and they both left – I had no idea where they were going.

About an hour later they returned, and it looked like they had been to the grocery store, since they had some paper bags with them from IGA. I expected my aunt to put the bags in the kitchen and unpack the food, but instead she immediately carried the bags back to her bedroom. I wondered about it a minute, then shrugged it off, there was no way I was going to find out what was in the bags from the playpen I had to sit in.

I DID hate being in that playpen, but I guess that was Mom’s way of also grounding me. At least I could see out the window. Not that there was all that much to see – just the yard and the sheets as they dried in the sun and the breeze. Misty had already come back inside and had been banished to the crib in the bedroom. I wasn’t sure if this was to keep us apart since we were being punished, or because the playpen was big, but not THAT big.

At dinner I got to sit in a regular chair to eat (although I still got a bib and a baby bottle). This was because Misty was treated to the high chair. Shayla took Misty’s spoon and put some applesauce on it. “Open wide, baby Sis,” she giggled. Misty complied, only to end up with half of the applesauce dribbled down her chin. “Uh-oh, good thing baby has a bib!” Shayla remarked with more giggling.

“Shayla!” my aunt said sternly. “This is your LAST warning.”

“What?” Shayla defended herself. “I’m just feeding the ba…” The look on my aunt’s face made her realize she better stop. “Sorry,” she mumbled, going back to her own food. She brooded and pouted the rest of the way through dinner, digging her hole even deeper, and I could see she was also thinking about revenge, which would surely put her in more trouble than she ever wanted to be.

After we finished, Misty went and got the sheets and took them back to the bedroom. While she was going back, my aunt stopped her and gave her a big waterproof mattress protector. “Put this on the bed first, just in case,” she told her.

That was it for Shayla. “What? No way, Mom, how come I have to sleep on a plastic sheet when Misty wets the bed?! It isn’t fair!” she shouted.

“Shayla! You know better than to use that tone of voice with me!” my aunt told her. “I was hoping not to have to resort to this, but you leave me no choice. You’ve been asking for it all day.” She took Shayla by the arm and dragged her into her own bedroom.

Misty quickly retreated to the girls bedroom to put the sheets on the bed, and Trina went to help her, and to put her jumper on over her diaper once she finished. I could see they both had small, almost unnoticeable but still satisfied smiles.

Chapter 15

“Ouch! Ow! I’m sorry! Stop, please Mommy I’ll be good!” Shayla’s pleas, mixed with her crying and the sound of sharp smacks which could only be produced by a hairbrush on a bare bottom could be heard from the bedroom, even through the closed door. Then I heard, “Nooooooooo!” and the sound of her crying even more. I wondered what she was crying about now, since the spanking seemed to be over.

Misty and Trina came out of the bedroom, Misty now dressed in the jumper and looking like my twin. When she sat beside me I noticed I could see her diaper as she sat down, and made a mental note to be careful when sitting from now on. Trina looked like she already knew what was happening to Shayla, and I also could see that Trixie had the same look. Trina must have told Misty in the bedroom, because Misty leaned over and whispered in my ear, “Wait ‘til you see this!”

Just about then the door opened and my aunt led Shayla out. Shayla’s jeans were gone and I thought for a second she was in her panties, but then I realized that she had been dressed in Pampers Baby Diapers. Later I learned that was what Trina and Trixie had been sent to the store after – baby diapers for Shayla. “Now you can see what it is like for your sister and cousin,” my aunt told her sternly. Shayla sniffled as my aunt picked her up and put her in the playpen, in front of us all. Now the only one with her diapers visible was Shayla.

Before bed, Misty and I were both allowed the privilege of private diaper changes (even if mine was done by Trina and Misty’s by Trixie). Shayla, however, had her diaper changed on the living room floor in front of everybody. As embarrassed as she was when I saw her in her panties, this must have been ten times worse.

* * * *

The car stopped suddenly, shaking me from my memories. “Come on, let’s get your diaper changed,” my sister said to me, undoing my seatbelt, and lifting my skirt to see just how wet I was. “Wow, you really need changed, too.” She was right – my diaper was on the verge of leaking. I looked around and realized we were at a rest area on the highway.

“Are we there yet?” I asked my mother, sounding every bit the part of a toddler girl.

“Another hour or so,” I was told. I tried to go back to the memories of two summers ago, but the vividness of the memory was gone now. The last summer I wore underwear, I thought wryly. I couldn’t even remember what it felt like to wear underpants now, and I didn’t think I really wanted to remember that anyway.

“Do you think Misty and Shayla still wear diapers?” I asked for what must have been the twentieth time. We hadn’t seen them since that summer.

“I told you, I don’t know,” my mother answered. “Your aunt didn’t say, and I never really thought to ask about it. She does still have a crib for you to sleep in though. You’ll just have to wait until we get there to find out.”

So I waited. Through the next 60 miles of highway, which of course are always the longest, sucking on my pacifier and finally nodding off. And when I awoke…was I really awake, or was I dreaming? For we had pulled into the driveway and I saw my three cousins playing in the yard. But I did not see two diapered girls in the yard…I saw three.

The End
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i read this a wil back but did not now who made and could not remeber where i found it at. but it go to see it here and i love read it agound.

shi long
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Hello Shilong,

Yes, I wrote this awhile ago. I had it on my old website which shall remain nameless (please everyone respect my wishes on that, I have my reasons and they are good ones), and I had it on an old version of the ABDL Story Forum.

Thank you for the comments. :-)


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Sequel , starting where this one left off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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