XXX the wrong meds, part 2
Nick pick up the wrong meds and start to change into nikki
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at the dr,

Well Nick you seem to have a bad cold and that its, But Doc i been sick for a week now is there anything you can give me to help speed up the not beeing sick. ok shure i here you go just go down to the corner store and have them fill this ujp for you its just some coddeen it will help you sleep and get better make shere you only take two a night befor bed. Thanks doc. i need a goodnight sleep. come back after you taken all the pilles and i will make shere your ok now get out of here and get some sleep.
at the the corner store i wallk to the back and ask how much longer. the girl ask what is the last name on it i tell here Marshall. ok mr marshall i got it here for you would u like me to go over them with you i say no i just take two befor bed. she smiled and i walk out, as soon i as i got home i took two pills and layed down and befor i knew it it was morrning i felt good,
i look arond my apt. and seen it needed some cleaning so i tuned on some music and whent on my way. after about a hour the apt. was clean and i was dirty and swetty, i jump in the shower and as i am washing i look at my legs and arm and think that is way to hairy, so i shave my legs and arms face and pits and look at down and i just thout that needs some work so i started to trim and then befor long it was a nice thin landing strip. after my shower i go in to the bed room and pick out my outfit for the day as i look at all my boxers i pick a lite blue pair as i put them on i felt like this is not what i wont then go over to my closet and see all i have are t-shirts and slaks its time for a shoping tirp i say to myself.
that it for now
big hugs



as i walk down to the shoping center i fist stop at a small dress shop Girl Griends it was so cute in there i look around and seen the dress i had to have ask the girs if she could help me so said shere with a smile on her face. i said i love this one how much is it and can you help me try it on well this one is known as a Kimberly its has all a girl needs for spring and summer it light and vary clasic, and the red and white checker just screams going on a picknick, the cost of this one is $47.99 varry nice can you help me try it on? shure thing let find your sise what are you like a 14 no i am a 12 thank you varry much, sorry did not mean to upset you lets get you your sise and try it on. follow me plaese you can change in here let me know if you need help nick then took off his close and step in to the dress but culd not reach to zip up the back as he step out to ask for help she was aw struck you look so cute in this let zip the back and give me a look at you ok well i i can see some things are your panties a little big for you well yes i need some as well do you have any here well yes let get you what need every girl need to look and fill pretty.
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facinating take on the idea of wrong meds. meds chaning her mind not her body :) will the body change too though?
Very nice beginning you got here, can't wait to read the rest :D
hope you like it part 2 is done
pleasae dont be upset with what im going to say it will help if youy follow my advice .

I write here as well and you have a great story going here, how ever I cant tell when they are talking because lack of punctuation its got the makings of a great story and you need to use a spell checker if you have a word processor that can help .

remember this .. if you write your a writer if someone reads what you write your a great writer.

Im not trying to bring you down like I said its got a great idea just fix your problems with spelling spaceing and punctuation.

Im not perfect myself I misspell and my english is lacking in some areas but yoyu can do better i know you can so go ahead work on it

you have the talent you simply need to work it a bit.
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