PG Other Worlds
Megan stepped into the machine and finds herself transported to a new world.
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Other Worlds


Megan stood there for a few seconds, indecisive. She took a deep breath an d stepped into the machine.

Chapter 1


Megan stepped out of the alley she was in. The first thing she noticed was the flag was different than her home. At least the clothes were the same.

A guy wearing a slightly different version of a police uniform stepped up to Megan. He asked, Maam, did you just witness a weird light from that alley?

Megan replied, No sir. even though she knew the weird light was her appearance in this world.

The cop said, Well, you better get home then. Curfew is in five minutes.

Megan asked, Curfew?

Did you hit your head or something? The United Federation of Americana has had a curfew for all residents under the age of twenty five since its foundation. Next I suppose you are going to tell me you didnt know about the diaper laws.

What diaper laws?

I was afraid you say that. Here in the UFA, all citizens under the age of twenty are diapered because we dont potty train them until they reach twenty-one years old.

Megans jaw drop three inches. She said, Youre telling me I have to wear a diaper. What if I am already potty trained?

Well, if you are I guess you can get away without one. But you have to prove you are potty trained, before I can let you go without a ticket for doing so. Plus I would have to talk to your parents. Nobody potty trains children before they turn twenty-one. And yes I am aware that twenty-one makes them adults.

Megan said, Im not really from around here.

The cop replied, If you were a tourist or here on student visa you would have been told our laws before you came. In which case you should be wearing some form of pull-up. Where are you from?

Megan answered, A long ways away from here. I dont think I can get back. You see I found this machine in my boyfriends apartment. It was on when I found it. I stepped into and ended up here. I dont know what the machine was supposed to, but I have an idea what it did do.

The cop stopped her. He said, We need to get you off the street before some one sees you. I will take you to my house for now. We can figure out where you came from and how to get you back once we are there. He led her to his car. He opened the passenger door for her. Megan climbed into the car. The cop closed the door and walked around the car. He climbed in behind the wheel. He pressed his hand to the steering wheel, and said, Start. The engine started.

A computerized voice said, State destination.

The cop answered, Home.

The car drove itself to the officers home.

Ten minutes later, the car arrived at the officers home. The computerized voice said, We have arrived at our destination. Thank you.

The cop got out of the car. He walked around and opened the door for Megan. The cop led Megan into the house. The cops wife met them at the front door. Megan stopped dead in her tracks when she realized that the woman was wearing a large diaper, an apron, and nothing else.

The cops wife said, Lance, youre home. She turned and saw Megan standing there. She continued, I see you picked up a stray.

Lance said, Yeah, I found her wandering over near the wharf. She claims to not be from these parts. I told her I would bring her here so that she could explain her story without fear of arrest by another officer.

Megan said, Your wife is wearing a diaper. I thought you said that only minors wore diapers.

Lance replied, Actually, what I said was that we dont potty train a person until they are twenty-one. My wife Ashley is nineteen. She will turn twenty in a few months. I will turn twenty-seven in January. So as you can see there isnt that big of an age difference between us.

Megan asked, How long have you two been married?

Lance replied, Two weeks. We literary just got back from our honeymoon last night. He stopped and turned to Ashley. He said, Hey, hon, why dont you take ¦ He looks at Megan. I never got your name.

Its Megan.

Hon, why dont you take Megan upstairs and help her into a diaper?

Hey, I told you that I dont need a diaper. I was potty trained at the age of two.

And I told you that you have to prove you are potty trained before I will let you walk around without a diaper on.

How am I supposed to prove I am potty trained if you put me in a diaper?

You keep the diaper dry.

Ashley took Megan by the hand. She lead the younger girl upstairs.

Megan said, I really dont want to wear a diaper.

Ashley replied, Well, I dont want to wear one either. But it is the law. She led the girl into the master bedroom.

Megan said, You dont have a changing table in here. How exactly do you plan on diapering me?

I will diaper you the same way my husband does me. I will lay you down on the bed and go from there. Ashley pushed the younger girl onto the bed. She walked over to the closet and opened it. She took out a diaper, a mat, a bottle of baby powder, and a container of baby wipes. She walked back over to the bed and sat the supplies down. She unfolded the mat.

Megan said, This is really going to happen, isnt it?

Ashley did not say anything in response. She just helped Megan lie down on the mat. She unfastened the younger girls pants and removed them. Ashley said, Those are some weird panties you got on. I have never seen any with cartoons on them. Of course, all the underwear here is made for adults, they wouldnt make panties with cartoons on them. By the way, Im not familiar with that cartoon. Who or what is it?

Megan said, Its Tinkerbell from Peter Pan. If I knew I was going on a trip this morning, I would have put on a plain colored pair.

Ashley removed the other girls underwear. She unfolded the diaper and slid it under Megans behind. She used a baby wipe to clean the diaper area, then apply a large amount of baby powder.

Megan asked, You dont find it weird to still be in diapers even though you have finished high school.?

Ashley folded the diaper over Megans front. She replied, I never though about it. She fastened one of the tabs. Like I said, ˜Its the law. I dont have to like it. She fastened the second tab. I only have another year in them any way. She fastened the third tab. Its not like I have ever not worn them. She fastened the final tab. She continued, There all done. Now lets go downstairs and you can explain to my husband and me where you come from. And how you ended up here.

Could you put on a shirt first? I am kind of disturbed by the fact that you dont got any clothes on.

Ashley looked down and realized that the only thing she was wearing as far as clothing went was the apron. And that barely coved her chest. She said, Oh sorry about that. I didnt expect my husband to bring home guest. She walked over to the closet and pulled out a large tee shirt. She turned her back to Megan, took the apron off, and put the shirt on. The bottom hem feel past Ashleys knees. She put the apron back on and turned back to Megan. She asked, Better?

Megan replied, Yes it is. Now I believe I owe you and your husband an explanation. She walked down the stairs.

Lance and Ashley were sitting on their love seat. Ashley in a fresh diaper. Megan stood in front of them. She kept looking at her diapered crotch.

Lance said, Your diaper is not going anywhere. Now why dont you tell us your story.

Megan replied, You have to accept the fact that this fells weird to me. With the exception of the time I broke a leg, I havent been in a diaper since I was two and a half. The only reason I wore them when I broke my leg was because my mom thought it would be easier for me to use them than to try to get to the bathroom. It turns out she was right about that fact. Well anyway, how I came to this world is that I found a machine in my boyfriends apartment. I stepped into it and ended up here.

Ashley asked, How old are you?

Lance said, That doesnt explain anything?

Megan replied, I am eighteen. I just graduated high school last spring. As for explaining how I got here. There was a physicist, whose name I cant remember off the top of my head, back in the eighteen hundreds that developed the Theory of Parallel Worlds. It states that for any outcome to a choice or event there is at least one universe in which it has happened. So in theory there are an infinite number of parallel worlds out there. It has been used in science-fiction ever since. I know that one T.V. show on my side was base solely on this principle. I think my boyfriend made a machine capable of bridging these parallel worlds. That is the only reasonable explanation that I can think of.

Lance said, You say that there are multiple worlds out there. Are they all the same?

Megan replied, No each one would be different. Like I said, there is at least one universe in which every possible outcome to every event has occurred. So theoretically there is one universe out there where Germany won World War II.

Ashley said, There was only one World War. Germany was destroy during it.

Megan replied, Well, there you go. Some of the differences between your world and mine is that on my side it is the United States of America, kids are potty trained at two or three depending on the parents, and Germany invaded Poland in 1937 starting World War II. There maybe other differences, but I havent figured them out yet.

Lance said, Just for the record, The United States of America was renamed United Federation of Americana after the World War. We also added Canada, Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, Jamaica, Cuba, the Bahamas, Greenland, and Iceland to our boarders. The United European Republic was formed from England, Spain, Portugal, France, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Belgium, Netherlands, Switzerland, Italy, Austria, Hungry, Croatia, and Slovakia. The Capitalist Army of Ukraine annexed everything else. So pretty much everything east of Berlin is Ukraine now. Just to let you know, the law that no one is potty trained until they are twenty-one came about because the politicians decided that it would be easier for kids to complete there primary schooling if they didnt have to worry about making it to the bathroom in time. I cant speak to how effective this strategy has been, the law was passed before I was born. My brothers were both in the transitional stage between the government letting parents decide for themselves when the best time to potty train is and the government making a law mandating that potty training dont occur to the person becomes an adult. My brother claims that he was fully trained for two whole weeks before the law passed. The law states that if any one under the age of twenty-one is found to be not wearing a diaper, the childs family is given a large fine. The UFA government collected a large sum of money the first few years the law was in affect. I am fairly certain it has dropped off considerably since then.

Megan replied, That explains why neither of you seem to think its strange for a nineteen year old girl to wear diapers.

Lance said, You told us how you got here. How do you get home?

Megan answered, I dont know. I havent figured that part out yet. Can I stay with you guys until I do?

Ashley replied, Of course you can. I would never think of putting a girl out on the streets. And I wont my husband do it either.

Lance said, Hey, if I put her out at this point, I would have to arrest her for being out after curfew. If she repeats a word of this story down at the station she will be given a mandatory psychological evaluation. And I for one dont want to have to fill out all the paper work on either part. So yes, you can stay here.

Megan said, Thank you.

Ashley said, We have a spare bed room you can sleep in. I will change your diaper in the morning, if you need to be changed.

Megan asked, Cant you take this one off me long enough for me to use the big girl toilet?

Ashley replied, Do you need to use the big girl toilet? Because if you can actually tell that you need to use it, I help you go like an adult woman. But if you pee on our bathroom floor, you will be the one that cleans it up.

Megan answered, I already told you that I was potty trained when I was two. I know how to go to the bathroom by myself. All I need from you is to be told where the bathroom is.

Ashley stood up. She led the younger girl to the bathroom. Do you need help removing your diaper?

I can do that part myself. If you insist on putting me in another one when I finish, then I would need your help with that part. Megan stepped into the bathroom, and closed the door. She looked down at her diapered crotch. She thought to herself, I wonder it would feel to go in this diaper. She stopped herself. She shook her head. What am I thinking. Im a big girl now. I told them I was potty trained. Either I prove it now, or I spend the entire time I am here in a diaper.

While Megan was debating whether she could use the diaper, Ashley knocked on the door. She asked Is everything alright in there sweetheart?

The sudden interruption of her thought process caused Megan to loose her control. She began to flood the diaper with a days worth of urine. She sat on the toilet seat lid. So much for being a big girl. She began to cry softly.

Ashley knocked on the door again. Whats wrong sweetheart?

Megan stood up and walked over to the door. She opened it and said, I went in my diaper. I didnt mean to. I was trying to decide if I could do so when you knocked on the door. I was going to prove that I was a big girl, then you knocked on the door and startled me. I lost control at that point.

Ashley replied, Its okay. Its okay. Im not mad. Diapers are made so that people can go to the bathroom in them. I didnt really expect you to go in the toilet anyway. I am still having trouble believing your story about alternate worlds. But you dont show any of the signs of drug use, so I dont mind let you stay with us for a few days. Now, have you finished using you diaper? Or do you need a few more minutes before you get your diaper changed?

Megan answered, I finished already. This is so embarrassing. If my friends back home knew that I not only wore a diaper but used it as well, I would never hear the end of it.

Ashley said, Dry your eyes sweetheart. I dont mind that you used your diaper. Thats what it is there for. Besides my husband has already told you that everybody under the age of twenty-one wears a diaper so its no big deal that you are in one. And as to you friends back home, the only way they will know that you are wearing a diaper and used it is if you tell you did so. Now lets get you cleaned up.

Megan nodded in reply.

Ashley stepped into the bathroom. She laid the diaper, wipes, and baby powder she was holding on the counter. She said, Okay lie down and I will take care of it.

Megan laid down on the floor of the bathroom.

Ashley unfastened the front of the now soiled diaper. She pulled a wipe out of the container, and cleaned the younger girls diaper area. She pulled the used diaper out from underneath the other girl. Ashley pulled a second wipe out from the container and use it to clean Megans butt. Ashley slid the clean diaper under Megan, folded the front over, and fastened the tabs.

Megan realized that the diaper she was wearing was not the same brand as the one Ashley just took off her. She asked, Did you run out of one brand or something?

Ashley answered, No. I still have plenty. Lance did not know which brand to buy me, so he just brought a whole bunch of sample products to see which one I want to wear. I should have enough so that he doesnt have to buy any more. If he does, he wont buy many. Maybe one additional package.

Megan stood up. She said, Again, I say thanks for letting me stay here. She looked down at her diapered crotch and said, And thanks for the other thing as well.

Ashley said. Dont mention it, sweetheart. Now off to bed with you.

Megan lay on the bed in the guest room. She didnt want to open her eyes. As long as she kept them closed she could hope that the previous day was just a strange dream. The second the she opened her eyes she would have to accept reality. She was in a strange place, and wearing a diaper. She rolled onto her side. Her eyes opened and her mouth began to tremble. She was upset because she not only was wearing a diaper, but had gone to the bathroom in it sometime during the night.

The door opened. Ashley stuck her head into the room. She saw Megan lying on the bed and asked, How did you sleep?

Megan did not want to ask Ashley to help her. She did not want to voice her problem.

Ashley stepped into the room and sat down on the bed. She said, I can tell by the smell in here that you need to be changed. Megans eyes went wide as they could go. Ashley continued, What? You think you are the first girl to ever poop in her diaper while she was asleep. Trust me, youre not. Youre not even the first girl to do it in this house. So just lie still and I will take care of it.

Megan was speechless. She just laid there as the older girl she had just met changed her diaper for the third time in two days.

Ashley had to use three wipes to clean Megans behind. Ashley left Megan exposed to the air while she went to get a clean diaper for her to wear.

Megan hid her face behind a pillow.

Ashley came back into the room. She said, Okay. I need to know which one you want to wear. She held up three very different diapers. One of them was one that Megan easily recognized. It was a larger version of a brand that was used on her world. Just because it was clearly designed to be used on teenagers and young adults did not make it any less infantile. No matter how big the diaper is, it would still a Luvs diaper. The second one had bears on the front with pink tabs. The third one had a black exterior with white skulls on it.

Megan said, That third one looks like something a Goth would wear.

Ashley asked, Whats Goth?

Megan replied, Oh, right. You probably dont have them here. They were all black clothing. And usually have on black lipstick, eye shadow, and fingernail polish. But to answer your question I guess I can wear the one with the bears.

Ashley replied, Good choice. I like that one too. Its my favorite. This is my very last one though. If you have to be changed again before you leave, I will have to use another brand. She slid the diaper under Megan.

Megan said, If its your last one, I cant in good conscience take it. You keep it. I will take the Luvs instead.

Ashley said, Its okay. I am willing to let you use it. If you want. Its not like I will talk my husband into buying more of them for me any time soon. She sprinkled a generous amount of baby powder onto Megan. She asked, Do you want me to proceed?

Megan replied, Yes.

Ashley folded the diaper over and fastened the tabs to the front. She helped the girl stand up. She then held up a dress for the younger girl to put on.

Megan asked, Whats that for?

Ashley said, For you to wear. We dont know how long you are going to be here. And it is inappropriate for a young lady of your age to walk around with her diaper on display. I didnt say anything about it last night because it was just me and my husband here. But now I must insist that you wear appropriate clothing.

Megan pulled the dress over her head. The two females walked down the stairs together.

Ashley and Megan sat down at the table. Lance put a plate of food on the table.

There was a flash of blue light. Ashley said, What was that?

Lance said, I saw something similar to that just before I found her.

There was a second flash of blue light. Megan said, I think its time for me to go.

A blue portal like object appeared. Megan stood up and walked towards it. She turned and said, Bye. She stepped into the portal.

Chapter 2

Americano States

Ashley stood in the field disorientated for a minute. Once she took stock of her surroundings, she was confused. She appeared to be in mid-evil England. She didnt think that the machine would transport her through time or to another spot on the planet.

A police officer stepped up to her. Are you okay maam?

Megan looked up. She smiled and asked, Lance, did you follow me through the portal?

Lance replied, Have we met before? Because if we did I dont remember. Plus what is this portal you speak of?

Megan replied, Oh. Sorry. You just look like this guy I know. So where am I? and what is going on here?

You little lady are in the Americano States of the Roman Empire. Today is the Dragon festival. It occurs every year on this day.

Roman Empire! Theyre still around?

Rome controls the entire planet. It has since it discovered the New World. It even has an island way down in the Pacific Ocean that it uses as a prison.

So what is the Dragon Festival?

Lance looks at the girl. He said, Where are you from? You talk like you dont know anything about this place.

Megan replied, I know a lot about my home. This isnt my home. I am from a parallel world. The other you understood. I hope for my sake you do as well.

Lance said, Okay. Well just to give you a brief history lesson, the Dragon Festival dates back to the fourth century. When Rome conquered China it brought its mythologies to the Chinese people. In most cases the Roman myths were replacing the Chinese ones. But a few of the Chinese myths were unique enough to remain intact. The one that we are celebrating today is the myth of ˜The Hero and the Dragon. It states that a dragon kidnapped the daughter of the hero. The hero spent an entire day searching for her. It found her and slay the dragon. Then to protect his daughter from further harm he made a pedestal high in the heavens so that she may sit upon. The hero then proceeded to higher twelve protectors to guard his daughter. The only part that the Romans changed was the name of the characters. The hero became Jupiter. His daughter became Luna. And the twelve protectors became Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpios, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces.

Oh. So the Zodiac signs in other words. Its weird that we use the same one on my world. So why the festival?

I was getting to that. On this day the moon is closet to the Earth as it gets all year. The Chinese people believed that the daughter of the hero was reaching out to her father on this day. So they honor her with a feast. Of course the Romans adapted it to their needs and wants. The costumes were added later. Everybody dresses up as one of the characters from the myth. Either Jupiter, Luna, or one of the twelve guardians. The ones that dress up as Luna usually dress like a baby or young girl. The myth never really made it clear how old Luna was during it. I think that certain females liked the idea of being able to dress like a baby again. So it generally acceptable to dress as a baby for the part of Luna.

Do you plan on going? Or do you have to work all day?

I plan on going tonight. Some friends of mine are talking about going as a group.

Let me guess. Part of that group will be Ashley.

How did you know that my fiance is named Ashley?

Your wife in the last world I was on was Ashley. I just assumed you would be with the same girl.

A girl walked up. Lance said, Hey Ashley. We still on for tonight?

Ashley replied, Well, Jacob Peirce has to work, so now we are one person short.

Megan responded, Ill go with you guys. Just dont ask me to play Luna.

Ashley asked, Hey, Lance, whos this?

Megan replied, The name is Megan. It would take to long for me to explain where I am from. Lets just say that I owe you one.

Ashley said, Well then you can either be Virgo or you can take Jacobs place as Sagittarius. But just for the record I was planning on going as Luna. How else can I go out in public in a diaper?

Megan replied, I dont think you should admit that out loud. Though to answer the other question. I will play Virgo. But if you had two empty spots, how do you only need one person?

Ashley answered, Deriks girlfriend wants to play Sagittarius, because she was born November 22nd. Her twin sister is playing Scorpios because she was born November 21st. Ironically they were only six minutes apart.

Megan asked, Whos Derik?

Ashley answered, Hes my brother.

Lance said, How did you not know she had a brother? I thought you said that you meet her on the other world.

Megan replied, It never came up actually. I wasnt there long. So whos Derik going as tonight?

Ashley said, My brothers Derik and Devin are going as Gemini. They are the only two that look close enough alike to play the twins.

Megan said, Okay. So can we go to your place? I want to change clothes.

Ashley replied, Yes we can. She lead the other girl to her car.

Ashley pulled up to her apartment. Megan and Ashley got out of the car. Megan said, Wow. This is your place? Impressive!

Ashley replied, Wait until you see the inside. So start talking.

About what?

Your story. Who are you and where you come from? I want to know.

Well in order to fully explain, I have to explain the theory of the multi-verse. The theory states that there are an infinite number of parallel worlds out there. History has taken different paths on each world. The theory actually states that for every outcome to one event, there is a world where it has occurred. Apparently in this world the Roman Empire never collapsed. I come form one of these parallel worlds. I dont know how to get back home.

Okay. Next question. Why are you wearing a diaper?

How did you know?

I heard you rustle when you got into the car. So spill.

The last world I was on had a law that says all persons under the age of twenty-one have to wear a diaper. The you of that world put me in a diaper. I didnt have time to change out of this before the portal opened. Which reminds me, do you have some underwear I can have?

Sure thing. Lets get inside. Then you can look at my collection to find one that you want.

The two girls walk into the apartment. As soon as Megan entered the apartment she was rendered speechless. Saying the apartment was luxurious would have been an understatement. Megan looked around the room and said, Wow!

Ashley replied, Yeah I know. Its quite nice. Well the bedroom is right through there. She pointed at a door on her right. Fell free to help yourself to any pair of underwear you want. If you need a pair of pants or a dress, theyre in the closet.

Megan walked into the bedroom. She opened a drawer on the dresser. It was full of diapers. She tried the next drawer only to find it full of diapers as well. Megan tried the next drawer and found it full of training pants. She tried the last drawer and found a few pairs of panties. She selected a solid pink one. She stepped into the pink panties she had selected, and pulled them up to her knees. She unfastened the diaper she was wearing, removed it, and pulled the underwear up in its place. Megan let the bottom hem of the dress fall back down. She left the diaper on the bed because it wasnt used yet.

Ashley was on the phone when Megan walked back into the front room. Megan sat down on the couch. She stood up, and felt the cushion. Ashley saw what Megan was doing. She said, Okay. See you tonight. She hung up the phone and turned to Megan. The couch is scotched guarded. Lance and I have this game. If I pee my pants while he is here, he gets to spank me and put me in a diaper. Of course sometimes he cheats and makes me watch a horror movie without telling me it is a horror movie. And he wont let me change my underwear after the movie starts. Which is why I have started wearing training pants when he comes over. That way he does not know if I peed my pants or not. Though I think he has gotten wise to my idea. He has started pulling down my pants at the end of the movie to check to see if I am wet. And apparently a wet training pants is as bad as peeing my pants, because I get the same punishment. A half smile came to her face as she said this.

Megan replied, Its only a punishment if you dont enjoy it.

Ashley said, Yeah, well dont tell anyone that. I dont want anyone other than Lance knowing I like wearing diapers.

Wont the group figure it out tonight? You are planning on going as Luna.

Actually the group thinks I drew the short straw. Dont tell them I cheated.

Your secret is safe with me.

Ashley sat down on the couch. She patted the cushion next to her.

Megan sat down on the couch. She saw what was on the television. She said, The Gladiator Games. They still have those on this world? How barbaric.

Ashley replied, First off, these are not the Gladiator Games. Those are held every two years in the summer. These are probably the prelims for next years games. Second, Caesar Lucien Arileous Commodus outlawed the killing of gladiators when he took the throne from his uncle in 205 A.D. Accidents do happen, but beheading, impaling and the use of tigers are banned completely. That affectively turned the games into wrestling matches. The games grew to include other sports like archery, foot races, horse races, long jumps and the like. They added boat races and swimming around 1908 A.D.

Megan said, I thought Caesar Commodus was assassinated in 192 A.D.

Ashley replied, Maybe in your world. Here General Maximus died in combat against Caesar Commodus. When Caesar kills the greatest gladiator to ever fight in The Coliseum in hand to hand combat, no one else tries to kill Caesar.

Megan said, And thats where our history differs.

The two girls sat on the couch for a moment. Ashley asked, You want me to see what else is on?

Megan replied, If you dont mind.

Ashley flipped through the channels until she found some cartoons. The two girls watched cartoons the rest of the day.

At half past six, Lance drove up to Ashleys apartment. He knocked on the door. Megan opened it. Lance said, Okay, clearly not the person I was expecting.

Megan said, Ashley is taking a shower. She should be out here soon. She told me to invite you in if you got here before she got out. So please come in. She moved out of the way.

Lance walked into the apartment and closed the door behind him. He asked, Is that what you are wearing tonight?

Megan replied, Ashley has a solid white dress I am going to borrow. I was waiting for her to finish in the shower before I went to change. One of us needed to be able to open the door for you when you got here.

Lance said, I have a key. I could have let myself in.

Megan said, Ashley didnt tell me that. The sound of running water stopped. Megan knocked on the bathroom door. She said, Hey, Ashley, your fianc Lance is here.

Ashley opened the door to the bathroom and stuck her head out. She said, Give me a minute. Im not dressed. Ashley pulled her head back and close the door.

Megan asked, If you have changed her diapers who knows how many times, than what exactly is she wanting to cover up?

Lance answered, While it is true that I have changed her diaper numerous times, she has not yet let me she her breast. She has always kept them covered in some way. She says that I should not see her fully naked until we are married. I accept her feelings on this issue and respect her decision.

Ashley came out of the bathroom wearing a white bra and had a towel wrapped around her lower body. She asked, Care to help me into my costume?

Lance replied, Well yeah. Lead the way.

Ashley walked towards her bedroom. Lance was right behind her the whole way. As Ashley stepped into the bedroom she let go of the towel. Lance closed the door of the room as soon as he stepped into it. However he was not fast enough to prevent Megan from seeing Ashleys behind.

Megan sat down on the couch while she waited for Lance and Ashley to get into costume.

A few minutes later, Ashley came out wearing a white tee-shirt, a pair of white knee high socks, and a diaper that had a picture of the moon and twelve constellations on the front.

Megan said, Nice diaper. Do the stars glow in the dark?

Ashley answered, Actually they do. Too bad I can only go out one night a year in this thing. It comes three to a pack. So Lance is the only person who gets to see me wearing the other two.

Lance came out of the bedroom. He was wearing a Jupiter costume.

Megan said, I guess that is my cue to go change into my costume. She walked into the bedroom and closed the door behind her. She opened the bottom drawer of the dresser. When she could not find a pair of solid white panties in the drawer, she opened the next drawer up. She pulled out a pair of training pants that was mostly white. It had pink flowers on it, but she hoped it would not be noticeable under the dress she was about to put on. She pulled the pair of panties she was wearing off, and stepped into the training pants. She pulled them up to her waist. She was glad that she had on a white bra. She pulled the dress she was wearing off and pulled the solid white one over her head. She sat down on the bed and put on a pair of white tennis shoes. She stood up and walked out of the bedroom.

Lance asked, Everybody ready?

Megan noticed that there were three people she didnt though in the apartment. She could tell by the costumes that they were playing the parts of Taurus, Cancer, and Leo. She said, Are the rest meeting us there?

Ashley replied, Yes they are. Everybody meet Megan. She will be playing the part of Virgo in our group assemble tonight. Megan, meet Adam. Hes playing Taurus. Playing the part of Cancer is Matt. And Leo is being played by Stephanie.

Megan asked, Youre a girl? I thought Leo was a boy character.

Stephanie replied, Theres nothing that says it is a boy lion. Besides I looked, You cant really tell if he has a mane or not. Besides with five girls, and only two female characters, some of the girls have to play boy characters. I chose Leo because I have always wanted to be a lion.

Lance again asked, Everybody ready?

Everybody nodded. They all walked out to Lances SUV. Megan, Ashley, and Stephanie climbed into the back seat. Adam and Matt took the middle row of seats. And Lance drove.

Just as Lance was pulling away from the curb, Ashley flipped the front of Megans dress up reveling the training pants underneath. Megan quickly pushed the front of the dress back down.

Ashley whispered in Megans ear, If you wanted a pair of training pants, all you had to do was ask.

Megan whispered in Ashleys ear, I couldnt find any solid white panties in your dresser. I didnt want to wear something that could be seen through the dress. The pair of pink panties that I borrowed from you when we first got to your apartment probability would have been visible through this dress.

Ashley replied, You dont have to make excuses you know.

Everybody in the car but Lance turned to look at Ashley. Lance looked into his rear view mirror. He asked, Whats going on back there?

Stephanie replied, Megan is wearing what I can only assume is a pair of girls training pants. Ashley noticed when we got into the car. As you were pulling away from Ashleys apartment, Ashley flipped the front of Megans dress up to confirm this theory. Then there was a whispered conversation between the two of them. Now everybody in the car know whats going on.

Adam asked, Why is Megan wearing a pair of girl training pants?

Megan replied, Why dont you mind you own business.

Ashley answered at the same time. She said, Theyre mine. I have no underwear that she could use under that white dress, so she borrowed one of my training pants.

Adam said, Okay next question. Why do you have enough pairs of training pants that some one can borrow one?

Stephanie replied, Are you completely stupid? Obliviously Ashley likes wearing diapers. That explains why she cheated when the four of us drew straws. She turned to look at Ashley. And dont for a moment pretend that you didnt break yours after ever one else drew three of equal lengths. Clearly she has the training pants for when it would be inappropriate for her to leave her house in a diaper, which would be every day but this one. This is the one night a year Ashley can leave her house in a diaper. The other three hundred and sixty-four days a year, she wears a pair of training pants if she has to leave the house. It would be very embarrassing for her if she were to have an accident while she is out in public. She paused for a second. From the look one Lances face, I assume he already knew about your secret wardrobe.

Ashley, Lance, and Megan replied in unison. Yeah. He did.

The group rode the rest of the way in silence.

Lance parked at the fair grounds. The group got out of the car. Four people got out of another car. Megan could not tell if they had arrived at the same time or if the other group had been waiting for them. The second group made its way over to Megan, and Ashley and their group. One of the two boys in the second group said, Hey Ash.

Ashley replied, Derik, how many times do I have to ask you to not call me Ash. My name is Ashley. You being my brother, you should know that.

Derik asked, Whos your friend?

Ashley answered, Oh right. Megan, meet my brothers, Derik and Devin. I already told you they would be playing Gemini tonight. Deriks girlfriend Elaina is playing Sagittarius. Her twin sister Francine is playing Scorpios. We are just missing the others. Another group of people walked up to the now larger group. Ashley said, Well, that was perfect timing. Guys, meet Megan. She will be playing Virgo for us tonight. Megan, meet Ben who is playing the part of Aries. Playing the part of Libra is Shawn. Kevin is playing Capricorn. Jacob Long is playing Aquarius. And the part of Pisces is being played by Daniel. Well, giving as how we are all here now, lets go in.

The group of fifteen people moved into festival. Derik asked, So Ashley, how exactly did you meet Megan?

Ashley replied, Well, its kind of complicated. I dont really wan t to take the time to explain right now. I just want to have fun.

Devin said, You mean you just want to run around in a diaper all night. You havent changed at all since we were kids.

Ashley asked, What does that mean?

Devin replied, Did you forget. You use to steal Adrianas diapers. Mom and dad eventually caught you sneaking into the nursery. If my memory is correct, you were potty trained at two. Adriana was born when you were six. For three and a half months after Adriana was born you were taking diapers that were too small for you and trying to wear them to bed. When mom and dad caught you, they went out and brought you some diapers that would fit you properly. To my knowledge you wore a diaper to bed every night until you were ten.

Derik said, I was under the impression that she was eleven when she stopped wearing diapers.

Ashley replied, Actually I was fifteen when mom and dad stopped buying diapers for me. For the next four years I brought my own diapers.

Derik asked, And now that you and Lance are engaged, does he buy your diapers?

Ashley answered, Id rather not answer that.

Lance said, I too prefer not to answer.

Derik replied, Its okay. I know my sister is a freak. Ive known since my second sister Adriana was born.

Ashley responded, And now everybody in the group knows. Thanks a lot, Devin.

Adam said, If your brother hadnt told the people that didnt ride with us, I would have. Given the conversation that occurred during the ride over here, and the this one, I think it would be appropriate for us to buy you some diapers as a wedding gift. Or better yet, we can all go in on a nursery set. Im sure we can find a crib, high chair, and changing table big enough for you.

Ashley replied, Id rather not have everybody know that I want to wear diapers, so bringing an adult sized crib, high chair, or changing table to the wedding is out of the question.

Derik said, If I did go in on a crib or changing table for you, I wouldnt bring it to the weeding. I would jut arrange for it to be delivered to Lances house the day before the wedding. And second, Adam, you are not supposed to discuss what the groomsmen and bridesmaids are getting the bride and groom for the wedding, when the bride and groom are present.

Adam replied, Good point. But my reasoning is still valid. If Devin had not told Ben, Jacob, and Shawn about Ashley wearing diapers, I would have.

There was a flash of blue light. Megan said, I didnt get to enjoy the festival.

Ashley asked, Its time for you to leave isnt it?

There was a second flash of blue light. Megan replied, Yes it is.

A portal opened in front of Megan. She stepped into it.

Chapter 3

The Lake House

Ashley was laying on the dock. She was wearing a swim diaper and a bikini top. A portal opened in the air. Megan came out of the portal and landed in the lake. Ashley stood up. Megans head came above the water. Ashley said, Hey. Over here. This way.

Megan turned towards Ashley. She swam to where the other girl was. Ashley helped Megan climb up onto the dock. The white dress that Megan was wearing was soaked and Ashley could easily see Megans bra and now soaked pair of training pants.

Ashley said, Most people put on a swim diaper before jumping into a lake.

Megan replied, I was not expecting to find a lake here. There wasnt one on the other two worlds. Nice to see you again, Ashley.

Ashley said, Im afraid you have me at a slight disadvantage.

Oh right. I keep forgetting that I have to introduce myself on each world. Hi. Im Megan. Given as how you saw me come into this world, do I need to explain the theory of the multi-verse to you?

I understand the theory. I just never expected to meet some on who could prove it.

Good. So why is there a lake here?

During the second world war, Germany dropped a nuclear bomb on England around the same time we dropped one on Hiroshima. The US then proceed to drop a nuclear bomb on Berlin. Austria bombed France. France bombed Austria. And Russia was bomb by, well no one is sure who bombed Russia. But the point is after six nuclear explosions in a matter of weeks, the Earths climate shifted. The ice caps melted some, and sea level rose by forty-five feet. Thus more lakes, bigger lakes and oceans, and wider rivers. This lake is actually a runoff for the Mississippi River.

Well that sucks. So you brought a lake side cabin.

Ashley replied, Actually it belongs to my fianc, Lance. Sorry, I mean my husband. I still havent got gotten used to saying it. Mainly because our families dont know that we are married yet. We were supposed to get married next year. But we eloped. This is technically our honeymoon.

Well, I hate to intrude. If you will give me a change of clothes and point me towards a hotel, I will be on my way.

Ashley said, I have some clothes that might fit you up at the house. As for that clearly soaked pair of training pants you are wearing, I have an extra swim diaper in my bag. She knelt down, opened her bag and pulled out a lilac purple diaper. She handed it to Megan.

Megan took the offered swim diaper. She looked at the front of it. She said, Theres a rose on the front of it.

Ashley replied, Theyre called Little Sunshine Swim Diapers. The girl version is supposed to have a rose on the front.

Yours doesnt.

Ashley looked down at her diaper. She said, I need to be changed again. I just put this one on before coming out to sun bath. She looked up. Well, seeing as how I need to change, we can either head up to the lake house so that we can both changed out of our wet undergarments. Or you can take a shower in the house while I find you some clothes.

Megan handed the swim diaper back to Ashley. Ashley took the diaper and put it in bag. Ashley picked the bag up. The two girls walked up to the lake house.

When they walked into the lake house, Lance cried out, If youre soaked, theres a pile of towels there by the door. If you need to be changed, I have food on the stove and cant leave it unattended.

Ashley replied, Hey Lance, we have a guest.

Lance asked, How the heck did you find a guest out on the lake? What did he or she appear out of thin air?

Ashley answered, As a mater of fact, she did appear out of thin air. Hey, you know that theory of the multi-verse that you were explaining to me the other night. I get it now.

Lance stuck his head out of the kitchen. He asked, Why is that?

Megan answered, I came from a parallel earth. Ashley saw me arrive on this world. Its just my luck that I landed in the lake. Though, how is it that you two are the first I meet on every world?

Lance said, I have no answer to that. But theoretically we would live in the same general area on every world.

Megan replied, On the last world I was on, this are was the fair grounds. The one before that is was your house. Now its a lake. I went from your house to a field at the fair grounds, and from the same fair grounds to the lake.

Ashley picked a towel up off the pile and handed it to Megan. She said, Megan the bathroom is the first door on the left. She points down the hall. Lance is what ever you are making enough for three people?

Lance answered, Its lasagna. So it should be. Now why dont you go change out of that wet diaper before you get a rash?

Ashley replied, I was going to do that. She walked towards the bedroom.

Megan walked into the bathroom. She pulled her wet clothes off and dropped them in a clothes bin. She laid the towel she was holding on the towel rack. She stepped into the shower and turned it on. Megan stood under the shower for a few seconds. She wondered why she could not feel the water on her butt. She looked down and realized she had not taken the soaked pair of training pants off. She slid the now useless garment down her legs and stepped out of it. She deposited the soaked undergarment on the floor outside the shower. Megan then proceeded to enjoy her first shower in four days.

Sometime later, there was a knock at the door. Ashley asked through the door, Hey, you going to stay in there all day?

Megan turned off the shower. She grabbed the towel off the rack, and proceed to dry off.

Ashley said, I have some clothes that might fit you. I will just leave them outside the door.

Megan wrapped the towel around her, and walked over to the door. She opened it. Sitting outside the door was a pile of clothes. Sitting on top of the pile was an adult diaper with fairies on the front of it. Megan picked the pile of clothes up off the floor and sat them down on the bathroom counter. She unfolded the diaper and laid it on the floor.

Ashley asked, You need any help in there?

Megan replied, I think I can figure it out myself. Thanks.

Well if you need anything else, just let me know.

Megan sat down on the diaper. She was surprised by how thick it was. She folded front over and fastened the tabs. She stood up and instantly fell on her behind. She crawled over to the door. She opened it a little and said, Hey Ashley.

Ashley appeared at the door as if she was just waiting to be summoned. She asked, What?

Megan answered, Do you have a diaper that isnt as thick as this one? I cant even stand up in this one.

Ashley replied, The only other ones I have are the swim diapers I showed you earlier. But if you have already fastened the tabs on that one, than you should go ahead and wear it. We dont really have enough money for any one to waste a diaper. Besides, I am wearing the same brand. And I know that the bulk makes walking difficult. Lance thinks its funny that I have to crawl around the house. I dont really think it is, but I am the one that told him that I wanted to wear diapers the entire honeymoon. If I knew he was going to order a box of Bulky Lass Full-Sized Adult Diapers, I would have brought my own. Do you want to put on the rest of the clothes I gave you? Or do you mind if your diaper is on display?

Megan asked, Do you have any panties I could borrow?

Ashley answered, If I had one spare pair, I would give it to you. I have one pair, but Lance locked those in the safe. He said that he will give them back to me when we go home.

Megan said, Well I need to put on a bra. She looked through the pile of clothes, found the bra, and stopped. She looked at the shirt that Ashley had given her and noticed that it had snaps along the bottom. She asked, Is this an adult onesie?

Ashley answered, Lance took all of my big girl clothes from me went we got here. Only thing I have that is appropriate for adult women are the bras. The rest of my new wardrobe is adult sized infant clothes and of course the diapers.

Megan replied, Then just let me put on this bra. She slid her arms into and fasten the latch.

Lance yelled, Dinners ready.

Ashley said, Race you to the kitchen.

Megan crawled out of the bathroom. She said, Youre on.

Ashley got down on her hands and knees. The two had a crawling race to the kitchen.

Megan sat on the floor of the living room. Ashley and Lance sat on the couch. Lance said, Well, thats quite a story.

Megan replied, But its true. Every word.

Lance said, I dont doubt you.

Ashley picked up the TV remote. She turned the TV on.

The announcer on TV said, Welcome Back. For those of you just joining us, this is the twenty-fifth Monsters Ball. Next up on the Pink Carpet is Ellen Page, star of the hit movies X-men 3 The Last Stand, Inception, and The Big Kahuna, and now stars in the TV show X-Factor based on the comic of the same title.

The camera switched to an up close shot of Ellen Page. She was wearing a white diaper with pink stripes on it, and a pink and white bib. The reporter asked, Hey, Ellen, who are you wearing tonight?

Ellen Page relied, These are Seni Quadro diapers. And the bib is by Parda. Its a limited one of a kind. I had it specially made for this evening.

Who are you raising money for tonight?

Im raising money for the World Wildlife Fund.

Megan said, Hey, I think they have that same brand of diapers on my world.

Ashley asked, Why do you say that?

Megan replied, I am not sure, but I think I saw a girl wearing one of those last Halloween.

Ashley said, Well, obviously there is a lot in common between our worlds. In fact the only difference I can think of is that we used more nuclear bombs in our second World War, whereas your world used only two.

Lance replied, The theory states that some worlds would only have a few differences and some would have a major difference in the past that drastically alters their history.

Megan said, On the last world I was on, Rome was still and empire, and it controlled everything.

Lance replied, Theres one example of a drastic difference.

Ashley said, I cant hear the TV.

Megan asked, Is this a costume ball or is it a fundraiser?

Lance answered, Its both. The stars come in costume. The audience votes on who has the best, second best, and third best costumes. Each vote that the stars get is worth one thousand dollars. The screen actors guild pays to every charity. The winners of the costume contest get an additional thirty, twenty, and ten grand apiece.

The TV announcer said, Next up is Sean Connery star of a dozen James Bond films, and winner of the Best Supporting Actor in a Movie Oscar for his role in Highlander.

The camera switched to a close up of Sean Connery in a tux. The reporter asked, Mr. Connery, what charity are you raising money for tonight?

Sean Connery replied, Im raising money to end adult illiteracy.

The reporter said, Thank you, and good luck.

Megan asked, Is it okay if I went swimming?

Ashley replied, Its dark out. Why dont we wait till morning.

Megan said, I might not be here in the morning. I dont know when the portal is going to open again.

Ashley asked, What will you do if it opens while youre asleep?

Megan replied, I dont know. All I know is the portal opens, I go through, and end up on another world. I wish I had some way of controlling it, but I dont.

Lance asked, What happens if you find a world you want to stay on? Will you still go through the portal?

Megan answered, I dont know. I havent thought about it. Im not sure if I could give up on seeing my family again.

Ashley replied, Well be your family.

Thanks. But it wouldnt be the same.

Ashley said, Well, I hope you find your way home.

Tonights winner is Ellen Page. The camera cuts to Ellen Page standing up. The voice of the announcer continues, Miss Page has raised over six hundred million dollars for her charity tonight.

Ellen Page walks up onto the stage. Thank you so much. Im so happy, I could pee my pants.

The camera switches to a close up of the back of her diaper. It showed a rapidly expanding area of discoloration that could only be a spreading sea of urine.

Several people in the crowd gasped in shocked. Some of the people in the audience laughed.

Lance picked up the remote and turned the TV off. He said, Its time for all the good little girls to go to bed.

Ashley replied, Okay. Megan, let me show you to, well I guess for tonight it is the guest room.

The two girls crawled down the hallway. Ashley stopped, stood up, and opened a door.

When Megan caught sight of the room, she said, Oh my god! You have a nursery.

Ashley replied, Yeah. Lance brought all of it. When we have martial relations I get to sleep in the big girl bed in the other bedroom. On the nights when we dont I sleep in here.

You dont have a problem with your husband treating you like a baby?

Actually, I kind of enjoy it. Just dont tell my family. I dont think they would understand

I barely understand, and I met a version of you on three different worlds now. All three of you were diapered. On the last world, your brothers told me that you used to steal diapers form the nursery when your younger sister was born.

Yeah, I did that here too. My parents used to joke that they had the third girl just so that they could justify buying a second crib. When my youngest sister was born, I had been sleeping in the crib my parents had used for Alana for two years. When they started potty training Adriana, they tried to break my diaper wearing habits. Clearly it didnt take. Once I used up the extra training pants that were left after they potty trained Adriana, I had to buy my own diapers. Of course as I got older, the diapers had to get bigger.

Lance came out of the bathroom. He said, I told you two to go to bed. He picked Ashley up and carried her to the crib. He laid Ashley down in the crib. He picked Megan up and laid her in the crib also.

Ashley asked, Lance, is this thing going to hold us both?

Lance answered, Its guaranteed to hold up to five hundred pounds. There is no way you two add up to that much. Now go to sleep. He slid the rail up into place, turned on a night light, turned off the lights and left the room.

Megan said, I wouldnt last long in a marriage where my husband treated me like a baby.

Ashley replied, Well, youre not me. Plus I really enjoy it. You just havent learned to enjoy it yet.

I honestly hope I am not here that long.

Oh come on. Its not that bad. Everything I need is taken care of. I want for nothing.

I dont doubt you on that regard. I just dont think I can get used to the idea of going to the bathroom in a diaper, or having someone change it for me.

You stay in one long enough, you wont even realize you are going to the bathroom half the time.

Thats what worries me.

Ashley did not respond to that statement. Both girls were asleep a few minutes later.

Megan stood in front of the toilet. A tentacle came out of the toilet and wrapped around her. The tentacle picked her up, spun her around, and sat her on the toilet seat. She struggled to get free. Another tentacle came out of the toilet and grabbed her legs. The tentacles held her in place. A baby bottle lowered out of the ceiling. The nipple slipped into Megans mouth. Megan tried again to escape from the toilets grasp. The nipple of the baby bottle inserted itself into Megans mouth a second time. Megan tried to pull her head away from the bottle. A third tentacle came out of the toilet and wrapped around Meagans head. Megan gave up trying to escape. She drank the amber colored liquid that was in the bottle.

A panel on the far wall opened revealing a mirror. Megan felt a warm stream gush into the diaper she was wearing. A sudden realization came to her. Not only was she about to pee her diaper, but the blasted toilet monster was going to make her watch as she did so. Megan again tried to escape.

The tentacles tightened making movement impossible.

Megan started to whimper. A steady stream of urine escaped her. She watched as the diaper absorbed every drop of it.

The baby bottle ascended into the ceiling. The tentacles unleashed Megan, and she was free. She stood up, and turned so that she could see the back of the diaper. Every inch of the padding was yellow. She tried to walk out of the bathroom, only to find a weight pushing on her chest every time she tried to move forward. Megan closed her eyes.

When Megan opened her eyes, she found herself lying in a crib. At first she was confused, but then everything came back to her. She looked down at her chest and found Ashleys arm draped over her chest. She looked over to her right and saw two baby bottles lying between her and Ashley. Megan reached down and felt her diaper. She was shocked to find it soaked. She nudge Ashley.

Ashley mumbled something.

Megan genteelly shook Ashley.


My diaper needs to be changed. Its soaked.

Told you that you would use it without knowing.

I knew I used the second I woke up. The dream I was having was weird enough to provoke it. Even without me peeing my diaper in the dream.

Ashley said, Hold on a second. She screamed, Hey Lance, can you come in here a minute?

The door opened. The light came on. Lance stepped into the room wearing a blue diaper with a rose on the front. He said, I was hoping to get a swim in before you two woke up.

Ashley said, First off, you are wearing a girls swim diaper. Second, I need you to let us out of the crib. I need to help Megan change her diaper. And I cant do that inside the crib.

Lance walked over to the crib and lowered the rail. He said, There that takes care of that problem. As to me wearing a girls swim diaper, well, we dont exactly have any boy diapers. And I wanted to see what was so appealing about wearing a diaper. I was hoping to take a little swim and be back up to the house before you noticed that I was wearing one. Though so far I dont really see why you are so happy to wear diapers.

Ashley replied, If you wanted to wear a diaper all you had to do was ask. I would have happily put one on you.

Like I said, I was hoping to swim a little and get back up to the before you woke up. I did not intend for you to see me in this diaper.

Megan asked, Can you two finish this discussion later? I really want to change out of this diaper. And I sure as heck wont be able to do it with Lance in here.

Ashley answered, Of course sweetheart. Lance, go ahead and go swimming. We will be down shortly.

Lance walked out of the room.

Ashley climbed out of the crib and crawled over to the changing table. She stood up, and motioned for Megan to come over.

Megan climbed out of the crib and crawled over to the older girl. She stood up and climbed onto the changing table.

Ashley undid the tabs on Megans diaper. She pulled the use diaper out from under Megan and threw it into a diaper pail. Ashley wiped Megans diaper area clean. She said, Wait here. The swim diapers are in the other room. Ashley walked out of the room.

Megan lay there exposed to the cold air. I really hope the portal doesnt open right now. she thought to herself.

Ashley came back in holding two swim diapers. She asked, Okay which one do you want to wear?

Megan looked at the two diapers and said, Im not ready to wear a pink diaper yet. So I will take the purple one.

Ashley unfolded the purple diaper and slid it under Megan. She folded the front over and fastened the tabs.

Megan stood up off the changing table. She asked, where do you keep your swimsuits? I need to borrow one of those as well.

Ashley replied, Theyre in the closet by the bathroom that you took a shower in last night.

Megan left the room. She walked through the house. She found the closet that she was looking for. She pulled out a few one piece bating suits that were infantile in appearance. She quickly ruled those out. She pulled out a pink bikini top with white hearts on it. She decided that was probably as close to an adult looking swimsuit she was going to find. She walked out to the lake.

A few minutes later, Ashley walked out of the house wearing one of the infantile swimsuits that Megan had pulled out of the closet. The three of them swam in the lake for an hour.

Lance said, I dont know about you two, but I am getting hungry. Why dont we go up to the house? And I will cook breakfast.

The two girls agreed. The three of them got out of the lake and walked up to the house. Neither girl noticed the front of Lances diaper was missing its rose.

Lance cooked breakfast. All three ate it. Lance stood up from the table to put the dishes in the sink.

Megan saw that Lance was still wearing the swim diaper. She asked, Hey, Lance, why are you still wearing that swim diaper?

He turned to look at her, and replied, I havent had time to take it off yet.

Ashley screamed, Oh my god! You peed in the diaper.

Lance looked down. He said, I guess I did. I am staring to see why you like wearing diapers so much.

Ashley replied, I love you.

The portal opened. Megan said, And with that I say goodbye. She stepped into the portal.

Chapter 4

The Peoples Republic of America

The portal opened, and Megan flew out of it. She landed square on her backside. She stood up, and looked around. She was standing in a fenced in yard. A Labrador ran up to her. A male voice said, Sasha, down girl.

Megan turned and saw an all too familiar guy walking up to her. She said, Hello, Lance.

Have we met? And more importantly, how did you get into my yard?

Actually I kind of landed in your yard. How much do you know about the theory of the multi-verse?

You want me to believe you came from a parallel world. That is mighty far fetched.

Well its the truth. So where am I anyway?

Okay. I will humor you on this. You are in The Peoples Republic of America.

Megan stood there for a few seconds. She said, Okay. I give up where does the history differ.

I dont know about your world, but here the US had a civil war. After the war, the US government reorganized the constitution, mostly due to the fact that Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, Mississippi, and Tennessee refused to rejoin the United States. They formed The Peoples Republic of America. Several years later, we annexed everything west of Texas. Then California joined The Peoples Republic of America.

Okay. I now I know where your history and mine differs.

A young blonde woman walks out of the house. She was wearing an orange diaper. She walked over to Lance and Megan.

Megan said, Hey, Ashley.

Ashley asked, Have we met?

Megan replied, My name is Megan. As to whether we have met. That is sort of complicated. I have met three other versions of you. But you have not met me before today.

Ashley asked, What does she mean by three other versions of me?

Megan replied, I come from a parallel world. Same planet, slightly different history. Just for the record. Why are you in a diaper on every world I go to?

Ashley answered, Even if the history is the different, Im still the same.

Megan asked, So whats with that diaper? I have never in all of my life seen an orange diaper.

Ashley smiled. She said, This is part of the autumn line from EverGirl Diapers. There are winter, spring and summer designs as well. They might not be the best as far as absorbency, but they are by far the most comfortable ones available to me.

Megan replied, Okay. It makes sense now. Every world I go to would have different brands of diapers. Can we go into your house? I would like to change clothes. I am freezing.

Ashley said, Yeah. You are dressed to go swimming, but this isnt swimming weather.

This was a lake house on the last world I was on. Which makes your house the edge of the lake.

Okay. That explains a lot. Ashley took the younger girls hand and led her into the house.

Megan stopped as soon as she got inside the back door. Sitting in the dining room was a high chair. Megan turned to Ashley to ask her about it.

Ashley walked over to the high chair and sat in the seat.

Lance walked over and slid the tray into place. He said, We were just about to eat breakfast. Care to join us?

I just ate before I came through the portal. Thanks though. She turned and looked around the house. She asked, Can I use your bathroom? And do you have any clothes I can borrow?

Ashley replied, My clothes are in the pink dresser in the first bedroom on the right. I have no big girl panties though. The bathroom is the second door on the left.


Megan stood in the bed room. She looked through the various clothes that Ashley had in the bedroom. She selected a pink dress with white lace around the hems. She pulled a pink bra out of the dresser. She looked at the various diapers and training pants that Ashley had. She selected a pink pair of training pants that had white clouds on it. She walked into the bathroom.

Megan closed the door to the bathroom. She started to undress, but stopped when she saw the training potty in the room. She opened the door and stuck her head out. She asked Hey, Ashley, if you wear diapers, why is there a training potty in here?

Ashley replied, Sometimes, when Im taking a bath, I have to go, and I dont want to dry off, so I use the training potty. I stand in the tub and hold it under me. Plus when my younger sister comes to visit me, she will use it so that she doesn˜t miss any of whatever show she is watching. She just pulls her panties down and sits on it right there in the living room. It is kind of awkward.

Megan said, Okay. She closed the door, and locked it. She undid the bikini top she was wearing and let it fall to the floor. She turned to pick up a towel and noticed that the rose had disappeared from the front of the swim diaper. When the heck did I use this diaper? I know the rose was still there when I sat down to eat breakfast. She unfastened the used swim diaper and let it fall to the floor. She stepped into the shower and turned the water on.

When Megan finished showering, she turned the water off. She dried off with the towel. She stepped into the training pants and pulled them up to her waist. She put the bra on, and then studied herself in the mirror. If I ever get home, I wont tell anybody about this. She stuck her arms into the dress and pulled it over her head. She stepped out of the bathroom.

Megan walked into the living room. Ashley was lying in the middle of the floor having her diaper changed. Megan said, Im sorry. I didnt realize you were indecent.

Ashley replied Relax. Im just having my diaper changed. You act like you havent seen Lance change me before.

Megan responded, Actually I havent. On the one world where he did change your diaper while I was present, he did it in the bedroom while I waited in the living room. So no, I havent seen him change your diaper. She turned her back to the room. I think I will wait in the other room until you finish. She walked out of the room.

Lance said, Theres no need to leave. Im almost done. He folded the front of the sky blue diaper over and fastened the tabs. There all done.

Megan turned to look at Ashley and noticed the diaper. She asked, What gives? That diaper is completely different from the one you were wearing before breakfast.

Ashley replied, Thats because the other one was from the autumn line from EverGirl Diapers. This one is from the summer line. Clearly it was left over from the last package I had.

Megan walked into the room and sat down on the couch. She said, So why do you wear diapers anyway? I never did get an answer on that question on two worlds. The first one of you I encountered told me it was the law there, but that does not explain why the other two were wearing diapers. So why are you in diapers?

Ashley replied, Well, you see the thing is I have been fantasizing about wearing diapers ever since I was a little kid. On one occasion I snuck into my little sisters nursery and stole one of her diapers. I wore it to bed and it leaked all over the place. My mom spanked me the next day, and then made me wash the sheets. I never tried to wear diapers at my parents house again. On one of our dates, Lance admitted that he wouldnt mind putting a girl of our age into a diaper. He explained it this way, if she really wanted to wear one, he would show his love for her by taking care of her. I stood up from the table, walked out of the restaurant, and left him sitting there. He thought we broke up. He left the restaurant. I went and brought something, and went back to the restaurant. I was a little disappointed when I discovered that he was gone. I called him. I explained the situation to him. The next night we were right back at the same restaurant. After we finished dinner, he asked if I wanted to catch a movie. I told him that I wanted to go back to his apartment so we could talk. As soon as we walked into his apartment, I handed him a diaper out of the cheapest pack that the store I brought it from had. He asked a few really stupid questions. Once he figured out that I wanted him to put me in the diaper, he pulled my pants down. He then proceeded to spank me for wearing big girl panties. He laid me down on the floor and diapered me.

Lance said, If I knew she wanted to wear diapers so badly that she would stand up in the middle of our date to go by some, thus making us postpone the date, I would have brought some for her.

Well, anyway, he diapered me, and then we watched a movie in his apartment. I peed my diaper right during the climax of the movie. When the credits finished, Lance turned on the lights. We discovered that the diaper leaked. We arent sure if it was because Lance did not fasten it tight enough, or if it was just an inferior product. Needless to say on our next date, we used a different brand. On our sixth date, Lance proposed. He gave me a box of diapers to wear to our wedding. You should have seen the look on my mothers face when I put one on under my wedding dress. She asked if I expected her to change me. I told her that by the time that diaper needs to be changed, I would be married, and my husband could take care of it before the reception. And sure enough after the service, Lance checked to make sure I was wearing a diaper. He decided that it was wet enough to warrant a change. We went into the bridal room, and he changed me. I have been in diapers every day since.

Megan asked, How long have you two been married?

Ashley and Lance replied, Two months.

Lance said, Two glorious months.

Ashley said, The best two months of my life.

Megan sat there for a few seconds. She asked, Okay. You dont have to answer this if you dont want to. But is she diapered all the time? Or does she still retain her potty training?

Ashley answered, Actually, we have almost completely broken my potty training. Other than the fact that I can stand up, pick the training potty up, hold it up against me, and go in it, I would argue that I am completely diaper dependent at this point.

Lance replied, And I maintain that if you can use the training potty on command, then you are not truly diaper dependent. If you were truly diaper dependent, you wouldnt know you need to go, thus you would not stand up in the tub, and pick up the training potty. Though it does defeat the purpose of taking a bath to get clean if you pee in the bath water.

Megan said, Okay one more question. Does she wear a diaper when you two have martial relations?

Lance answered, Not that it is any of your business but no she does not. Neither one of us have anything on at that point. We not pedophiles. The idea of having sex in diapers is repulsive to both of us.

Megan said, Okay. I just wanted to make sure.

Lance turned the TV on the two girls watched cartoons, while Lance played a game on the computer.

Just as the Saturday morning cartoons were finishing, the door bell rung. Lance got up off the couch, and went to answer the door. A few seconds later, he led Ashleys younger sister into the living room.

Alana walked into the room. She said, Oh. I didnt know you had a guest. I can come back later, if you want.

Ashley replied, For the last time, Alana, you are family. You are welcomed here any time you want.

Alana asked, So whos your friend?

Megan replied, My name is Megan. I take it your Ashleys younger sister.

Yes I am. The name is Alana. Why are you wearing Ashleys clothes?

Well, I didnt have any with me so she let me borrow some. I tried to find one that at least looked like it was intended for an adult, but I quickly gave up on that.

Alana asked, Are you wearing a pair of training pants or one of Ashleys diapers?

Training pants. I have worn enough diapers this week.

Ashley said, So what brings you here, Alana? Or did you come just to hang out with your nig sister?

Well, other than the fact that I wanted to see you, our parents sent me to invite you and your husband to dinner tonight. Let me call and make sure your friend can come. She pulled out her phone and made the call. She hung the phone up, and said, Its okay with mom and dad on the grounds that if you wear a diaper, you cover it with something long enough so that my younger sister doesnt notice. The same thing goes for you, Ashley. Adriana does not know about your diapers. And I think our parents want to keep it that way for the time being.

Ashley replied, I have no intention of letting my ten year old sister know that I wear diapers again. Mom and dad just got her out of nighttime training pants just before I got married.

Alana sat down on the floor in front of the couch.

Lance flipped through the channels on the TV until he came to an animated movie. He said, You girls enjoy. I will be out on the patio working. He picked his lab top up and walked outside.

During the first commercial break, Alana stood up and walked into the bathroom. She came back carrying the training potty.

Ashley said, Alana, if you use that potty, I will put you in a diaper. The choice is your. You can go in the toilet like a big girl and keep your clothes. Or you can go in the training potty and I will dress you like a baby.

Alana sat the training potty down. She replied, You have never stopped me from using it before. Why are you saying something about it now?

Ashley answered, First, I have let you get away with it long enough. It ends now. Second, we have a guest. And Im sure she doesnt want to watch you relive yourself. Third, it is a training potty. It can be used either to train a person to use the big girl potty, or it can be used to re diaper train a person. Which do you think I used it for?

You used it to train yourself to go in diapers. How does that one work?

Well, if you cant figure out how to break your potty training, you put on the diaper. Then while you have the diaper on, you sit on the potty. You go as if you are using the potty, when in fact you are using your diaper. You do it enough times and your body will accept that it is okay to do it in a diaper. From there it is easy. Just stay diapered all the time. In a few months, you will be totally diapered dependent.

You wouldnt dare.

Oh but I would. She locked eyes with her sister. And not only will I put you in a diaper, I will make sure I tell mom and dad exactly why I did so.

Alana said, Okay. I wont use the training potty.

The three girls continued to watch the movie.

An hour later, Alana stood up and walked out of the room. She came back into the living room almost immediately. She said, Lance is in the bathroom, and I really have to go.

Ashley asked, Can you hold it until Lance gets done in the bathroom?

Alana replied, If I hold it any longer, I am going to go in my pants. She stepped over to the training potty, pulled her panties down to her knees, and sat down on the training potty. Aahahh!!!

Ashley screamed, Alana, what are you doing? I told you not to do that in front of your guest!

Alana replied, Im sorry. I couldnt hold it any longer.

The girls heard the toilet in the bathroom flush, followed by the sound of running water. Lance walked into the living room. He stopped and turned so that he was not looking at Alana. He said, Hon, I though you were going to talk to her about that.

Ashley replied, I did. I told here that if she used the training potty I would put her in a diaper. When she finishes, I will make good on that promise.

Alana hung her head in shame.

Ashley waited until she thought Alana was finished reliving herself. She asked, Are you done?

Alana answered, Ive been done for three minutes. I just didnt want to say so, because I dont want you to put me in a diaper.

Ashley said, I made it very clear to you. If you use the training potty, I would put you in a diaper. So lets get this over with. She stood up, walked over to Alana, and grabbed a hold of the younger girl. Lance, advert your eyes.

Lance replied, I already have.

Ashley stood her younger sister up. Alana reached down to pull her panties up. Ashley said, Dont bother with that. I will just take them off you in a minute. Go ahead and let you panties fall to the floor, and then step out of them.

Alana lowered he panties to her ankles and stepped out of them.

Ashley led the younger girl out of the room.

Megan said, Theyre gone. You can open your eyes now.

Lance turned and walked into the living room. He said, Never a dull moment in this house.

Megan replied, You act like a girl peeing in a training potty, then having her sister put her in a diaper is a regular occurrence around here.

This is the first time that has happened. But a few weeks ago, I came home from work, and found Ashley and her best friend in the living room. They were wearing nothing but diapers. And I honestly think Ashley was trying to suck her friends breast. I kid you not; the other girls nipple was in Ashleys mouth when I came into the house. If I had been a few minutes later, I think I would have walked in on Sara breast feeding Ashley. In which case, they wouldnt have been able to deny it, nor would they have been able to stop the second they heard me come in.

What did you do when you saw them?

I pretend that I had left something in the car so that Sara could cover her breast back up. When I came into the room, they were fully dressed.

Ashley walked back into the room. She turned and realized that Alana was not behind her. She walked out of the room. A few seconds later she returned, literally pushing Alana into the room.

Alana was wearing a ginger colored diaper, a small dress that barely came down to her waist, and a pair of ankle socks. She had a pacifier in her mouth.

Megan asked, Whats with the pacifier? You said that you were going to dress her like a baby. You did not say anything about a pacifier.

Ashley replied, First off, I count a pacifier as part of a babys outfit. Second, she would not stop complaining, so I figured if she had something in her mouth, I wouldnt have to listen to her any more. Third, if you want one, I have plenty more.

Megan said, Thats okay. I dont really have a desire to use a pacifier at the moment.

Lance asked, Any body ready for lunch?

All three girls replied with a yes.

Lance walked into the kitchen to prepare lunch. He came back into the living room a few minutes later with three baby bottles full with milk. He said, Okay. Lunch is served.

Megan asked, Youre joking, right? That cant be lunch. Its a baby bottle.

Lance replied, Actually, I feed Ashley this way all the time. Second, there isnt enough food in the cabinet for me to cook anything for all three of you.

Alana said, There is no way I am drinking from a baby bottle. Thats where I draw the line.

Ashley replied, Alana, if you drink that bottle of milk like a good girl, I will let you change back into your big girl clothes before we go to dinner. Refuse, like a spoiled brat and you will wear that dress and diaper until mom decides to let you change out of it.

Give me the stupid bottle.

Lance shoved one of the bottles into Alanas mouth. He handed the second one to Ashley. He offered the third to Megan.

Megan took the bottle and sat down next to the couch. She stuck the nipple into her mouth and began to suckle. She fell asleep before she finished it.

Some time later, Megan woke up to find Ashley standing over her. Megan said, Im awake. Im awake.

Ashley said, Good. Because its almost time to go to my parents house for dinner. And I think your training pants have reached the limit of urine they can absorb. You may want to take a quick shower. Or at least wipe off down there.

Megan stood up. She looked down at her crotch. Her training pants were so saturated, that she could barely bring her legs together enough to stand. She walked towards the bedroom where Ashley kept her changing supplies. She took one of the diapers and walked into the bathroom. After a quick shower, Megan proceeded to put on the diaper she had selected along with the bra she had on earlier. She walked into the spare bedroom. She looked through the various dresses that Ashley had.

Ashley came into the room. She said, Hurry up. We dont have much time.

Megan realized that Ashley was wearing a dress with bunnies on it. She said, Youre wearing that to you parents? I thought they said to make sure that it your diaper wasnt noticeable.

Ashley looked at the dress she was wearing. She replied, Unless some one actually lies on the floor and look up the dress, they are not going to notice the diaper. But seriously, just pick something and put it on. No one is going to notice what you have on.

Megan pulled a solid blue dress out of the dresser. She slid it over her head. The bottom hem was just barely far enough down to cover the entire diaper. She asked, Is this okay?

Only if you dont bend over. But like I said, no one will notice.

Why is that?

Alana walked into the room. She was wearing, the same outfit that Ashley had put her in earlier.

Megan said, I thought you said that you would let her put on the clothes she came in if she drank the bottle of milk. And I know she drunk the bottle of milk. I watched her do it.

Ashley replied, Yeah, I did say that. Alana, hurry up and change.

Alana said, I dont want to. This diaper is extremely comfortable. Never in my whole life have I ever felt this much comfort from a piece of clothing. The only way you are getting this diaper off me is if you hold me down and rip it off. But then I will just put on another one. Or better yet I will put one in my purse and put it on when I get home. Then there will be nothing you could do to prevent mom from seeing me in it. Also, Im keeping the pacifier. Thanks.

Ashley replied, Well, at least put on something that covers the diaper up.

Alana said, Fine then. I want the dress she is wearing.

Megan took of the dress she had on, and handed it to Alana.

Alana pulled the dress over her head. The hem came to her mid thigh. She swirled around. How do I look?

Ashley answered, You look like a girl that will put her diaper on display to the entire family the very first time you bend over.

Good. Alana turned and walked out of the room.

Megan pulled another dress over her head. The design was more juvenile than the first dress, but at least it was longer. She said, Okay. Im ready. Lets go to your parents for dinner. A portal opened. She continued, Or maybe not. I got go. She stepped into the portal.

Chapter 5

Fair Haven

Megan came out of the portal. She looked around. She appeared to be in the middle of either a college or a prep school. She was not sure which yet.

A girl wearing a white blouse, blue skirt, knee high white socks, and a pair of black shoes came up to her. She said, Miss you need to get to your dorm and change. If the headmistress catches you dressed like that, you will get forty spanks.

Megan turned to the other girl. Oh, Ashley. I am glad to see you. I dont actually go to school here. Lets just say I am just visiting.

Ashley said, This is Fair Haven School for Girls, the most prestigious prep school in the world. There is literally a waiting list twenty pages long for the kindergarten. You dont just visit. So which dorm are you in?

Im telling you I dont actually go to school here. Besides, I graduate from high school last spring.

How old are you?

I am eighteen.

You cant have graduated already. You dont graduate until after you turn twenty one. So you want to try that one again?

Look, heres the thing. I come from a parallel universe. Some things are the same there. Some things are different, yet some how I keep encountering you.

Did you hit your head or something? That is ludicrous. There is no such thing as parallel universes. Next you are going to tell me that man can build flying machines.

Megan turned to look at Ashley. You mean no one has invented the air plane here? Wow! That is weird. I didnt think our histories would differ that much.

Youre serious. You actually believe that you came from a parallel world in which people can fly? No I know there is something wrong with you. I will escort you to the nurses office.

Im telling you the truth. Look at my clothes for Pete sake.

That doesnt prove that you come from a parallel world. You could just really want a spanking.

How do you explain the fact that I know you?

I am not convinced that you do know me.

I know that you have two older brothers and two younger sisters.

That doesnt prove anything. You could have just read my file.

Okay. Explain this one. Even though you are nineteen, you still want to wear diapers.

Ashley stopped dead in her tracks. She said, Okay. That is impressive. She turned towards the dorm. Lets go to my room to talk. Ashley led the younger girl to her dorm.

Ashley handed Megan a spare uniform. She said, Hurry up and change before the Headmistress sees you.

Megan removed the clothes she was wearing. She asked, You got a pair of panties I can borrow?

Ashley replied, No. But I have a pair of panties you can keep. She handed the other girl a pair of solid white panties.

Megan removed the diaper she was wearing, stepped into the panties and pulled them up.

There was a knock on the door. A voice said, The Headmistress is doing an inspection.

Ashley said, Quick. Get in my roommates bed and pull the cover over you.

Megan climbed into the bed that Ashley pointed at. She pulled the covers over her.

As soon as Megan got the cover up to her head, the door opened. A woman wearing a business suit step into the room. She said, Inspection girls. She looked around the room. She saw Megan lying in the bed. Then she saw the pile of clothes on the floor. She pointed at the diaper and asked, What pray tell is that?

Ashley answered, Its a diaper.

The headmistress asked, Whose is it?

Ashley took a deep breath and replied, Mine.

The headmistress asked, That item is not appropriate for highborn women. You know do what the punishment is for contraband?

Yes maam. Its ten spanks on the rear.

Well then assume the position.

Ashley turned around so that she was facing her bed. She bent over and put her hands on the bed.

The headmistress pulled a paddle out of her coat pocket. She held the paddle up against Ashleys behind. Count off each hit.

Yes maam.

The headmistress pulled the paddle back and swung it through the air. Whack!

One, headmistress.


Two, headmistress.


Three, headmistress.


Four, headmistress.


Five, headmistress.


Six, headmistress.


Seven, headmistress.


Eight, headmistress.


Nine, headmistress.


Ten, headmistress.

The headmistress said, Now take that thing and throw it in the garbage chute. And if I ever catch you with one again, it will be more then just ten spanks. I will spank you in the quad, and then make you wear that blasted garment the rest of the day.

Ashley picked the diaper up and walked out of the room.

The headmistress looked around the room again, but saw nothing else that was considered contraband. She left the room.

Ashley walked back into the room.

Megan said, You just took a spanking for me. Thank you. If there is anyway I can repay you, just name it.

Ashley replied, Hey, were friends arent we? Besides, I couldnt tell her it was yours. You arent even supposed to be here. Youre just visiting remember.

So does that mean you believe me?

Lets just say that I am keeping an open mind. Now tell me about this boy, that I am in a relationship with on the other worlds you have been to.

Well, I dont understand all of the physics involved, but theoretically time should flow the same in all universes. I need to know where your history diverged before I can tell you where Lance is. Though I am guessing that if you dont graduate from this school until you are twenty-one you just havent met him yet. I know in one world he was friends with your brothers. Maybe you meet through one of them.

Well, that might explain why I dont know him yet. But I want to know more about him. How will I know him when I meet him?

If you meet a guy named Lance, who is friends with one or both of your bothers, chances are that is him.

That doesnt really help me any.

A voice came over the P.A. System, Lights out. Lights out. The light in the dorms hallway went out.

Ashley said, We can talk more tomorrow. She turned the light off.

A voice came over the P.A. System, Rise and shine. Time to start a new day.

Megan opened her eyes. She said, Its six thirty in the morning. Why the heck do they wake you up so early?

Ashley replied, Its tradition. It dates back to the foundation of the school.

So what am I supposed to do?

Get out of bed and get dressed. It will be easier to hide you if you follow the normal routine. If the headmistress inspects the dorm while every one is in class, she will know that you are not my roommate. She will then figure out that you are not supposed to be here. You will then be removed from the grounds. I cant help you at that point.

Where is your roommate?

She sneaks into town every now and then. A month ago she stayed gone for three whole days. Once the headmistress became aware of the fact that Sara was not here, she got the police involved. They returned Sara to the school shortly there after.

Does Sara know about your desire to wear diapers?

No. Why do you ask?

Its something Lance said on the last world. He said that on one occasion he caught the you of that world trying to suck your friend Saras breast. I was just wondering if it was the same Sara.

Oh my god! That is ¦

You were going to say cool werent you? You are a little bit excited by the idea of being breast feed arent you?

Yes. But it wont ever happen. Sara doesnt have a child. Plus I cant wear diapers until I get out of this place. And at the rate Sara is going, she may get expelled long before then.

Megan got out of the bed she was in. She asked, What do we do if she comes back while I am still here?

Ashley got out of her bed and replied, We will figure something out if we come to that. She pulled a uniform out of the dresser. She stepped into the skirt and pulled it up. Hurry up and get dressed. We dont want to be late for morning roll call She pulled her blouse on and fastened the buttons.

Megan quickly put on one of Ashleys spare uniforms.

The two girls walked out of the dorm. They became a part of a large group of girls walking towards the quad. One of the girls in the group asked, Hey Ashley, whos your friend? And is Sara still AWOL?

Ashley replied, Girls meet Megan. And to the second question, if Sara doesnt turn up at roll call, let Megan answer. Megan, if the headmistress calls Saras name and she does not answer on the first time, I will nudge you to let you know that you need to answer the second time.

Megan asked, Whats Saras last name?

Its Smith.

Okay. Now I know what name to listen for. Wont the headmistress know I am not Sara?

She wont look up if you are the only one that answers. As long as Sara doesnt actually show up, were good.

The girls walked to the quad. They lined up in rows.

Some body tapped Ashley on the shoulder. She said, Saras here. Tell your friend not to say anything.

Ashley leaned over and whispered in Megans ear. Saras here. Dont say anything during roll call.

The headmistress took roll. After she determined that all of the girls were present, she let them go to breakfast. She failed to notice one extra girl in the group.

The girls walked into the dining room. Ashley and Megan sat down at a table. Alana and another girl sat down at the same table. Megan turned to the youngest girl and asked, Are you Adriana?

The girl looked up at Megan and said, How did you know?

Megan replied, Its nice to finally meet you. If I explained how I meet your sisters and both brothers you might think I was crazy.

Ashley said, I know how you did so, and I still think you might be a little crazy.

Adriana asked, Whats she talking about?

Ashley said, She claims that she comes from a parallel world. Given as how she knows some things about me that I havent told anyone, I am inclined to believe her.

Alana asked, What kind of things?

Ashley answered, Thats none of your business.

Sara Smith sat down at the table. She said, Hey, thanks for covering for me last night.

Ashley replied, No problem. Im just glad you made it back before roll call. Megan, meet Sara, my roommate.

Megan said, Pleased to meet you.

Sara asked, Have we met before?

Megan replied, Not that I am aware of.

Sara said, I have a felling I have seen you some where before.

Megan answered, I have never met you or any version of you. You have never met me, but you might have met a version of me.

The other four girls all said, Huh?

Megan replied, Like I told Ashley, I come from a parallel Earth. Same planet, different histories. One would assume that there is a version of me some where on this Earth.

Sara said, That explains it. She thought about it for a few seconds. I got it. Youre the girl that works at the ice cream place in town. Well, the you from this Earth is the girl that works at the ice cream place. I knew you looked familiar.

Megan said, Well, I was bound to meet somebody that knew me eventually.

The girls questioned Megan on the theory of parallel worlds while eating breakfast.

When the girls finished breakfast, they went to their various glasses.

Ashley, Megan, and Sara left the cafeteria together. Sara asked, Hey, Ashley, you want to skip class? Because your friend isnt exactly enrolled here.

Ashley replied, Sure. I was just trying to figure out how to get her trough the day without drawing attention to her. We cant let her go to class. The teachers would realize they had an extra student.

Sara said, Yeah. Thats my point. Come on, I will show you how to get off campus. Sara led both girls to the woods behind the track.

Just before the girls reached the town limits, Sara led the other two girls into a clothes store. She said, We need to change clothes. We cant walk through town in our school uniforms. The townsfolk would call the cops and we would be back at the school in no time. She went to the ladies side and picked out some clothes in her size.

While Ashley was looking through the clothes, Megan went to another part of the store. She picked up an item and carried it to where Sara was standing. Megan handed the package to Sara.

Sara raised an eyebrow.

Before Sara could ask a question, Megan pointed at Ashley and mouth the words, There for her.

Sara nodded.

Megan walked over to the clothes and tried a few outfits on. She found a pair of jeans and a tee-shirt she liked. She walked over to where the other two girls were waiting.

The three girls walked to the checkout counter. Sara paid for all three outfits and the other item using cash.

Ashley asked, Now where are we supposed to change at?

Sara replied, Theres a house near here that I use for that purpose. Just make sure to stuff your school uniform in the bag from this store.

Sara led the other two girls to an abandoned house on the edge of town. The three girls went inside.

Ashley started to strip, but stopped when she noticed something on Saras back. She said, You got a tattoo. When did that happen?

Sara replied, Yesterday. Hey Im over eighteen, so I can legally get one without parental consent. Just because the school wont release us into the world until we are twenty-one, doesnt mean the rest of the world wont treat us like adults.

Megan removed her borrowed school uniform. She pulled on the outfit that she had selected at the store. She then took the other thing she had selected from the package.

Ashley was not watching Megan, so she did not see what Megan had brought. She was shocked when she felt the other girl reach up and slid her panties down. She turned her head to ask Megan what she was doing. When she saw the fluffy white thing the other girl was holding, she didnt bother voicing the question.

Megan held the back of the diaper up to Ashleys behind, and slid the front of the diaper between the other girls legs. She pulled the front of the diaper up to Ashleys navel. She said, Hey, Sara, can you do the tabs? I have my hands full holding the diaper in place.

Sara reached over, grabbed one of the tabs, and pulled it forward. She said, If I knew you wanted to wear diapers Ashley, I would have brought you some years ago. She fastened the tab to the front of the diaper. She repeated the process with the other tab. I could easily have gotten back to the dorm with them. She stepped back to look at Ashley. Aw! You look adorable.

Ashley tried to put on the pants she had brought from the store, but found that she could not get them fastened over the diaper she was now wearing. She said, This wont work. I cant fasten these pants.

Sara handed Ashley a dress that she had brought. Good thing I brought you a dress. I didnt know Megan was going to buy you some diapers though.

Ashley said, Well, now you know that I want to wear diapers, dont tell any one.

Relax. I wont. Though how did Megan know you wanted to wear diapers? We have been roommates for twelve years, and she knows you better than I do.

Megan replied, I have met Ashley on five different worlds now, and one fact is constant. Each and every one of them wants to wear diapers. I had to make sure this one ended up in a diaper before I left.

Sara said, Just because the Ashley on another world wore diapers doesnt mean this one would. So how did you know she wanted to wear diapers?

I asked her.

Sara replied, Oh. She stood there for a few seconds. Okay. Lets go. She stuffed her school outfit into the bag from the store. The other two girls stuffed theirs in as well. Sara led them out of the house. The girls walked into town.

Megan said, This place looks like a war zone.

Sara replied, Its not a war zone, but youre close. A few years ago, there was a gas main explosion.

A gas line explosion caused all of this?

No the ammo that was in the armory on the military base that the gas line ran under did all of this. The gas main was the primary explosion. All of the weapons in the armory were technically secondary explosions. The government has been rebuilding the town ever since.

Megan said, Yet, the school was unaffected.

Ashley replied, Actually, the school had a fire on the edge of the property. The fire was put out and the school put in a swimming pool.

Megan said, Okay then. So whats there to do in this town anyway?

Sara answered, Well, there is an arcade and a movie theater. Thats about it.

Megan asked, So whats the name of this town anyway?

Sara answered, Olive Garden.

Megan asked, Are you serious?

Ashley replied, Shes serious. Thats the name of the town.

Chapter 6

Olive Garden

Megan, Ashley, and Sara walked through the town. Ashley stopped and looked in a store window.

Megan walked a few feet before she realized that Ashley had stopped. Megan turned and walked back to where Ashley was standing. Megan looked into the store window that Ashley was looking at. She said, Ashley, you already have some diapers. Or are you looking at the crib?

Ashley answered, I was looking at the crib. Too bad they dont make cribs big enough for me.

Megan replied, They might. Do you have, well, I dont know what you call it, but on my world it is called the internet. It allows for instant communication with people around the world. One of the things people do with it is shop.

Ashley said, Okay that would be impressive. But to my knowledge we dont have anything like that on this world.

Sara replied, Actually, we do. We just dont have access to it at the school. What does she want to buy?

Megan answered, She wants to see if any one makes cribs in her size.

Sara asked, You want to sleep in a crib too? What else do you want?

Ashley replied, I want to be treated like a baby. And I mean full baby treatment. I want to wear diapers and go to the bathroom in them. I want to sleep in a crib with a teddy bear. I want to be seated in a high chair when I am bottle fed. Heck, I wouldnt mind having a pacifier. If only I could have one at the school and not be punished for it.

Sara said, Wait here. She walked into the store. A few minutes later she came out with a bag. She handed the bag to Ashley. Here you go.

Ashley looked in the bag. She said, You brought me a pacifier. Thanks. But how do I hide it from the headmistress?

Sara answered, Dont use it in front of her. And when youre not using it put it in your underwear drawer. Problem solved. Now why dont we go to the movie theater? While we are watching the movie, you can suck on that to your hearts content.

Ashley asked, What if some body sees me? I dont want any one to know that I have a desire to be treated like a baby.

Sara replied, No one you know is going to see you. Everybody from school is in class. And didnt you say that your brothers both worked during this time of day?

Ashley answered, Yes I did. You got a point there.

Megan said, So its settled. We are going to the movies so that Ashley can sit in the dark theater and suck her pacifier. The three girls walked towards the movie theater. There was a group of people waiting to buy tickets because the theater had not opened yet.

A red haired guy turned and saw Ashley. He said, What the heck are you doing here? Shouldnt you be in class, Ashley?

Ashley replied, Shouldnt you be at work, Derik?

Derik asked, Agree to not tell our parents?

Ashley answered, Agreed.

Derik turned to a part of the line. He said, Hey guys, meet one of my younger sisters. Ashley, meet the guys.

A few of the guys turned to look at Ashley.

Megan recognized one the second he turned. She said, Hello, Lance. Im Megan.

Lance asked, Have we met?

Megan turned to Ashley. Remember that guy I was telling you about. Well, this is him. Told you he was friends with your brother.

Ashley looked at Lance then back to Megan. She asked, This is the guy that the other me on the other Earth was married to?

Megan replied, Yes.

Lance asked, Other Earth? As in the theory of parallel universes?

Megan replied, Youre familiar with the theory? Well, that makes explaining where I come from easier.

Lance said, Well, I am a physicist. So whats this about her being married to me on another world?

Megan replied, I have encountered the two of you on five different worlds now, counting this one. Now that I think about it, my presence here is what caused you to two to meet. But that is a whole other conversation. One three of the five worlds I have been to, you and Ashley were married. On one you two were engaged to be married. And now I get to witness the first meeting of the two of you on this Earth. Your welcome, by the way.

Lance asked, Just because we were married on another world, what makes you think we will get married on this on?

Megan replied, Well, do you find her attractive?

Yes, but that doesnt necessary mean we will get married.

Megan thought about it for a minute. She said, Okay. Let me ask you one question. Your answer to my question will go a long way in determining if the two of you are meant to be together.

Go ahead.

If you were in a relationship with a girl, and you knew that she wanted to wear diapers, how would you treat her?

Lance smiled. He replied, Thats an easy one. I would take care of her. I would change her as the need arose. And I would never make her fell bad about her choice of undergarments. Why?

Ashley said, Just so that we are clear on this. You dont mind if a nineteen year old girl wears diapers. What about other baby things, like sleeping in a crib, or being bottle feed?

Lance replied Oh if I can find a girl that wants to be treated like a baby, I would marry her. In fact that is why my last girl friend broke up with me. She was okay with wearing diapers. She just objected to me making her sleep in a crib.

Ashley started to say something but stopped. She asked, They make cribs big enough for adult girls?

Lance answered, Well, there probably is a company out in California that does it. But the one in my apartment was made by my uncle. Or his he my cousin. I am unclear as how he was related to my mom, but he is family. Thats all I know. I got him to make a crib so that I could let my girlfriend sleep in it, and she broke up with me over it. So now it just sits in my apartment unused.

Megan said, See you two are made for each other.

Lance asked, What does that mean?

Ashley replied, Megan, I told you that I dont want a lot of people to know about that. So be quite.

Sara rendered all other conversation pointless by lifting the front of the dress Ashley was wearing. Thus putting the diaper she was wearing on full display to the guys.

Lance walked up to the ticket window. He said, I would like twenty-seven tickets to see Indiana Jones and the search for the Yellow submarine.

The woman at the ticket counter replied, Im sorry sir. The maximum number of tickets anyone can buy for one movie is twenty-five.

Lance asked, Well, then can I buy my friends tickets to one movie an buy two tickets to see another movie for the two that are left?

The woman replied, As long as the tickets for the other movie are actually used as admission to the second movie. You cant buy twenty-five tickets for one movie and two for another, and then try to sneak all twenty-seven into the first movie.

Okay. Wait a minute. He walked away from the window. He walked up to the group of young adults. He said, We got a problem. The woman at the ticket window says that the maximum number of tickets one person can buy is twenty-five.

Derik asked, Now what are we going to do? You are the only one that can buy a ticket without setting off a detection alert.

Lance replied, ˜Well, I have a solution. A few of you may not like it. He turns to Ashley. He asked, Would you mind watching a kids movie?

Ashley asked, Why do you ask?

Lance answered, Well, if I buy tickets to see the twentieth anniversary showing of Fern Gully for the two of us, then I can buy the tickets for Indiana Jones for the rest of the group. But the down side is that we actually have to watch the movie I buy tickets for.

Megan said, Just so you know, I am going to whatever movie Ashley is going to see.

Ashley replied, I have never seen Fern Gully. Is it good?

Lance answered, Well, it was okay when I watched it, but that was twenty years ago. Its a little sad that I am the only one in this group that is old enough to have seen it in theaters. Again, just so there is no confusion on this matter. It is an animated kids movie.

Ashley smiled. She said, Well, why didnt you say so to begin with. Yes, Lance, I will go with you to a kids movie on a our date.

Lance replied, So its settled then. Ashley, Megan, and myself go see Fern Gully. Everybody else goes to see Indian Jones. And before any one asks, I already checked, the start times are only two minutes apart.

When no one objected, Lance stepped up to the ticket window. The woman behind the counter asked, You figure out who is going to see what?

Lance answered, Yes we did. I need twenty-four tickets to see Indiana Jones, and three tickets to see Fern Gully.

The woman rung up the tickets. She said, For this many, you have to use a chip. You know that right?

Lance replied, I am well aware of the law. He held his ID up to the window.

The woman behind the counter picked up the scanner and scanned Lances ID card. A few seconds later the light on the top of the scanner turned green. The woman behind the counter printed the tickets and handed them to Lance. She said, Here you go. Enjoy the movies.

Lance took the tickets and walked over to the group of young adults. Easy money.

The group divided up the tickets accordingly, and went into the theater.

Megan walked out of the bathroom. She walked over to where Lance and Ashley were standing. Lance ordered a large bucket of popcorn and three large cokes. The three went into the room of the theater where the movie they were watching was playing. Lance whispered into Ashleys ear, If you need to go potty during the movie, dont leave your seat. Just go.

Ashley asked, You want me to pee my pants?

Lance replied, You silly goose. You arent wearing pants. You are wearing a piece of clothing that is designed to absorb liquids. So I say why not use it.

Ashley asked, You want pee to use the diaper?

Lance replied, Isnt that why you are wearing one? So that you can act like a baby. If you dont want to use it, why are you wearing one?

Ashley answered, Okay. But it has been a very long time since I wore a diaper. I am not sure if I remember how to use it.

Lance said, If you attempt to use the big girl potty, I will paddle you.

Ashley turned and looked at him. Lance said, Joking.

Ashley said, Okay then. She sat in one of the chairs. Lance sat down on one side of her. Megan sat on the other.

Ashley leaned over and whispered in Megans ear. You know him. Was he serious about spanking me?

Megan whispered, I knew him on another world. I have no idea if this one is serious about it. But the other ones never spanked you. Of course the you on the you on all the other worlds never needed encouragement to use your diaper.

How do I do that?

Well, when you have to go, just imagine that you are sitting on a toilet and go like you would if you were on a toilet.

Some one a few rows behind them said, Stop talking! The movie is about to start.

The theater went dark and the movie started.

After the movie ended, Ashley, Lance, and Megan waited until the theater emptied before leaving their seats. Lance said, Any particular reason we are waiting for the theater to empty out before leaving your seats?

Ashley replied, Well, two reasons actually. First, she looks around. When she saw that no one was watching, she grabbed Lances hand. She slid her hand and Lances hand under the front of her dress. She felt Lances hand make contact with her diaper. She said, I did not want any one around when you checked my diaper and discovered it was wet. Second, I dont know if the diaper contained all of the urine I just put into it. If I have wet spots on the back of my dress, people will know that I am wearing a diaper. She stood up.

Megan looked at the back of Ashleys dress. She ran a hand down it, and said, Its still dry. That means that your diaper worked. Megan stood up. She asked, Do you want to go change now? Or do you want to stay in that diaper a little longer?

Ashley replied, Where did you put the box? Because if you didnt bring a spare one into the theater than I can wait a few more minutes before I change.

Megan said, The box is in Lances car. But, I do have one spare. She lifted her shirt and showed that she had a diaper tucked into her pants. I figured you might need this.

Ashley replied, Well thank you. Maybe we should go into the bathroom so I can change.

The three of them walked out of the theater screen. Lance and Ashley walked down the hall arm in arm.

Lance stopped at the bathroom and said, I will wait for you here.

The two girls walked into the bathroom. Ashley stepped into one stall. Megan handed her the diaper as she was closing the door to the stall. Megan went into the next stall over.

Megan used the bathroom, washed her hands and walked out of the bathroom. She walked over to where Lance was standing. She said, So tell me a little about your world.

What do you want to know?

Well, lets start with how now one has made flying machines in this world. Your technology looks to be on par with that of my world.

Lance thought about it for a few seconds. He said, I think there are multiple reasons. First, no one has successfully done it yet. That doesnt mean people arent working on it. Most people would use it just to cut the time it takes to travel. Though it might be a moot point in a few years, if the guys at work figure out how to successfully teleport something. Well, technically, they can teleport objects. There is a mater of reintegration that they havent worked out yet. Things dont arrive whole. But they are still working on the problem. Once they get reintegration figured out, they will move to animal testing. If enough test rats come through alive, the move to cats, then to pigs, then to monkeys. Everybody at the lab hopes that we are only a few short years from human testing. Even if we can never figure out how to teleport humans, if we get it so that inanimate objects come through in one piece, the technology will drastically change our society.

Megan said, Wow! I dont think people on my world are even working on that. If you could make it work on both animals and humans, you wouldnt need planes.

Ashley walked over to where Lance and Megan where waiting. She said, Okay, now what? Do we wait for my brothers and their friends to get out, or do we leave?

Lance replied, Their movie should be ending here soon. The run time for it was only thirty-three minutes longer than ours. And you just spent twenty-four of those in the bathroom. So we have maybe nine minutes before they get out. We can sit in the lobby and talk for a few minutes. It will give us a chance to get to know each other better. Lance led the two girls to a bench in the theater lobby. He sat down on it.

Ashley sat down in Lances lap. She asked, You dont mind do you?

Lance replied, Of course not. What guy would object to a beautiful girl sitting on his lap?

Ashley smiled. Aw! Thanks.

Lance asked, Just so we are clear, do you want to be treated like a baby all the time? Or just on special occasions?

Ashley replied, Well, I want to wear a diaper all the time. And while I wouldnt mind sleeping in a crib most nights, if we go on vacation or to my parents house, I would not be able to at that time. As to whether you can treat me like a baby all the time, really depends on two factors. One, how much time are you planning on spending with me? Two, if we were married, then at some point I would need to be a big girl so that we can do what married people are suppose to do.

Lance said, I just wanted to get some facts established first. At the end of this conversation I will ask you to marry me. Next question. Do you want me to get my uncle or cousin or whoever he is to make a high chair for you to use? Or do you just want to have a milk only diet?

Have him make a high chair. And if you want see if he will make a playpen and a changing table as well.

What makes you think I dont already have a changing table? I got one of those before I got the crib. It is more of a necessity for a girl wearing diapers than a crib is. Third question, if I can figure out a way to have a car seat made, would you want one?

Ashley thought about it for a few seconds. I dont want to go that far. I am not enthused about others knowing about my secret desire. I am fine with you knowing. My friend here had to tell you in order for us to become a couple. I dont really like the fact that she had to tell my brothers in the process. But I can live with that. So its okay to treat me like a baby inside the house, except on the condition already stated. But outside our house, I need to act like an adult and be treated like one.

Lance replied, Okay. I can live with that. He patted Ashleys backside. Hop up for a minute


Because you need to stand up, so that I can stand up.

Ashley stood up. Lance stood up. Ashley started to sit down again. Lance said, Remain standing. Ashley smiled. She straightened up. Lance got down on one knee. He asked, Ashley, will you marry me?


A lot of people started clapping. Megan said, Hey your brothers are coming this way. Maybe you should go tell them the good news.

Ashley ran over to where her brothers where.

Lance and Megan calmly walked over.

Ashley said, Lance asked me to marry him. I said yes.

Derik replied, Congratulations.

Sara said, Well, you certainly dont waste any time. Do you need to get you know what out of Lances car?

Ashley answered, I already changed. Thank you. As for the other thing, I will get it from his car when we part company.

Lance replied, Why dont we all go to my place. That way we can discuss the wedding plans that we need to start making. Also I want to spend more time with wife to be.

Ashley replied, Okay. I dont have a problem with that idea.

Megan said, That actually works better than us going back to the school. They dont have to hide me if I am not there.

Sara said, Im in. I dont really like attending school all that much. I know enough to survive.

Derik said, Actually, I have to get to work. Nice meeting you Megan. Ashley, wait until after classes would get out before you tell mom and dad.

Ashley said, I figure that out for myself thanks.

The entire group left the theater. Most of them said their goodbyes and parted company.

Lance, Ashley, Megan, and Sara got into Lances car. He drove to his apartment.

Lance parked out side his apartment. The girls got out of the car. Lance opened the trunk and pulled out the two bags the girls had put into the car. He peeked in both. One had three school uniforms. The other had a package of diapers and one other item. Lance removed the other item from the bag. He opened the package and slid the item into his pocket. Lance walked to his apartment door, unlocked it, and opened the door. He handed the bags to Sara. He said, Go ahead and go in. I need to go check the mail.

The three girls walked into the apartment. They instantly gave themselves a tour. They discovered that it was a three room apartment. One room was the master bedroom with a full bathroom attached. The second room was painted in pastel pink. Against one wall was a changing table with shelves full of changing supplies under it and on both sides of it. In the middle of the room was a white crib with pink sheets. The third room had a computer desk and several shelves full of books. The girls figured it was an office. The walked back into the front room.

Ashley saw Lance standing at the counter in the front room. She said, Nice place.

Lance said, Thanks. So I take it, you saw the nursery. What do you think of it?

Ashley replied, Well, it is absolutely fabulous. I have dreamed of having a nursery like that for as long as I can reme¦ The rest of her response was muffled by the pacifier that Lance shoved into her mouth.

Lance said, Now you really look like a baby.

There was a flash of blue light. Ashley asked, What was that? but the pacifier made it sound like, Wha waf that?

Megan said, Its time to go. Nice meeting you again. Goodbye. She steeped into the portal.
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