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women take over the world by turnig boys into submissive sissy fembots
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Wonen's World:

First off let me introduce myself I'm Zach and I live in a city called Moon Cry. This city is one four mega cities on what is now nown as NeoEarth. The year is 2012. Anyway for some mystreious reson a huge amount of boys have gone missing. Also a brand new copany called Sissy Robot Tech. just opened this moring.

My Black Ops division found some info. on the company and believes that they are behind the misssing boys. The reason for this is because after a boy goes missing the parents get a note form the company saying that they will receive a brand new fembot within a week. So my mission today was to into Sissy Robot Tech. headquarters to meet the President of the company for a job interveiw and spy on the company while I'm there. When I got there I immedatly got out of my car but was stoped by a girl who had a on very cute pink satin short skirt maid's dress and pink maryjane's for shoe's.

Girl: "Welcome to Sissy Robot Tech." she said and bowed at the same time.
Zach: "Yeah thank you I guess." he repiled in a arrogant and grumpy tone.
Girl: "You must be the looking for a job aren't you." she said in a real cutsie voice.
Zach: "Yes that would be me."
Girl: "Good that means we have to hunt you down."

The girl then took Zach by the arm and led him strait to the President's office. Zach noticed that nothihg looked strange except that evey thing was made to look like huge girls bedroom. The President of the company looked really beatiful. She had on a pink womens business suit, blond hair,
pink nailpolish, pink lipstick, and pink maryjane shoes. I saw she wore a name that said President Ashly. The maid girl pulled out a pink heart shaped chair with soft pink cushions. Ashly spoke first.

Ashly:"Please come and sit." she said in a very sexy voice.
Zach:"Yes um... thank you." he said and sat at the same time.
Ashly:"Now it's my understanding that you wish to apply for a job here correct." she said in a more serious tone.
Zach:"Yes I really need a job." he said in a nonserious tone.
Ashly:"Good beacuse I have one thats just ment for you."

Ashly then pressed a botten on her desk and sundenly cables came out form behid his chair and bond to it.

Zach:"Whats going on I demand answer now! he yelled very angerly.
Ashly:"Don't act like that. We now that you were sent here to spy on us. So I decided that I would have to act soon. she said in a girly voice.
Zach:"What do you mean have to act soon?"
Ashly:"Well that dosen't matter right now. Anyway about the job offer."
Zach:"Why do you still think I want a job? he asked as if it were a stupid question.
Ashly:"Oh youre going to this. I'm going make you become my little babby girl and raise you to be the most beautiful and most powerful women mony waise!"

Zatch suddenly remembered the missing boys.

Zatch: What about the missing kids? What happened to them?" he wondered.
Ashly:"Oh you mean the nasty boys. Not to wory darling why all we did to them was turn them into sissy fembots." she said sweetly.
Zach:"You won't get away with this!"
Ashly:"Oh but I all ready have sweety."

Ashly pushed another botton on her desk and Zach suddenly fell asleep. The last he remembered was Ashly kissing him on the lips.


When Zach awoke he felt strange. He looked around and seemed to in what looked like little girls room with barbie dolls and pink teddy bears all around. Then he noticed that he was in a crib.

Zach:"Why am I here?" he thought to himself.

Then suddenly the maid girl form earily came in the room. She went over and picked Zach up out of his crib.

Girl:"Looks like the little one is finally awake."she said.
Gril:"Well I guess you should see what you look like."

The miad girl put Zach in fornt of mirror. Zach couldn't believe his eyes. He was now a little babby girl wearing a pink diaper with pink rumba panties with frills and pink hear in center. For the top he was wearing a pink shirt wicth also had a heart in the center and said Mommy's little princess.

The maid girl told while I made into a babby girl the company had taken over the world form men by killing allthe old men and boys into fembots that are reall just living barbie dolls. And that President Ashly was made into Queen Ashly ruler of Earth. Then she said that I was the new Queen's daughter and I was to called Princess Mai. Then she feed breastmilk from her own breast and song me a lulaby back to sleep agian. While Mai slpet she of how great it that she was a little princess.

The End!

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my kind of world
interesting concept but surly in a world with out men there would be nmo more children and no reproductio nso i nthe end the whoel human race would die out.
they say beuty is in the eye of the beholder but there is no reason why it cant be wrong
awesome story it was really great
Ella Kenet
The idea for the concept was good, but not thought out. Here are some problems I have with the story:

1) Grammer and Punctuation. Occaisionally, an important word is left out, or a period is misplaced. This makes it a little difficult to read the complete thoughts

2) Godmoding. It goes unexplained how the Presodent discovers that he intends to be a spy. Nothing is pointed out to suggest he or any of his colleagues slipped up. Unless She has infinite resources, then this scenario can immediately be prolonged by several weeks, when you look at the success rate of actual, modern-dat spies.

3) Reality. As pointed out, if you kill all the men, then you kill all the women.

For this society to succeed, some men must be left in society. I'd say 45% of the population should be left alone, to continue life as we know it, while the other 55% becomes 'fembots'. That way, you still have plenty of men for... procreation uses.
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