XXX The Witch's Dolls (interactable story)
Based on the popular “Interactive story” concept, this story is about a sexy witch with massive power.
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As you walk towards the strange, old-fashioned toy store at the end of the street, a chill runs down your back. You stare intently at the sign above the door. In blue and pink letters you read ANGELA'S TOYS. You feel extremely compelled to go inside. When you walk inside, the sweet smell of sugar and cinnamon invade your nostrils.Wait, why did you walk in here? When you look around, you see around 7 aisles or so of toys. Except that 6 of the 7 aisles are baby toys. Baby GIRL toys.The shelves are lined with barbie dolls, baby dolls, and extra dress packs. You see some small Tutus, fit for a little girl. You are suddenly confused, as the sign out front didn't specify what kind of toys they sold. The very last aisle, in the back of the room, has a dark blue bib that says "Boy" and a blue baby bottle. That's it. You see a counter on your left and approach it, curious. A woman, looking in her twenties, runs out of a door behind the counter. You get hard when you see her. She is wearing a red mini-dress with a black petticoat. She is wearing sexy black 6" heels. She has matching earrings and a necklace on. It says something, but you can't make it out. Her make-up is adjusted perfectly to match her dress and outfit. You try to say something, something clever and witty, but nothing comes out. The woman comes around to the front of the counter where you are standing. You try to move, but your legs won't respond. You are stuck, frozen in place. You can't even move your body at all. The woman reaches out and grabs your hand. “You will come with me to wherever I take you.” she says, softly. “I will come with you to wherever you take me.” You repeat. You are horrified as you cannot control your mouth. The woman holds on to your hand and rushes you to the back room. You feel strangly eager and curious. She leads you to the room like an excited teen rushes her friend to get to the best store at the mall. You cannot resist or object. The door opens, and the sugar-cinnamon smell fades away and is masked by the smell of both cheap and expensive perfume. The room itself is huge. Each wall is painted a bright pink. There are multiple small archways that lead to rooms you can't see. Along the brightly colored walls are racks, like you would see in a Kohl's dressing room. Each and every rack is occupied by dozens and dozens of outfits. Some are girly, some are skimpy, some are childish. and some are just sexy. There are a couple racks that have multicolored bras and panties. One large rack even has Adult-sized diapers on it. There are skirts, petticoats, dresses, garters, pantyhose, hair styling tools, and other assorted lingerie. One thing was for sure-they were all very girlish and very feminine. The woman leads you to a bright yellow archway. Inside is a large conveyor belt. A control panel with buttons and knobs is to your left. Large robotical arms with glowing blue knobs on the ends stretch from the right wall. The woman leads you to the front of the conveyor belt.

“You will stand right here until I say so.” The woman says, pointing to a platform at the edge of the belt. “I will stand right there until you say so.” you say, mechanically. You walk right over to the platform and stand where she instructs you to. She walks over to the Control Panel and presses a couple buttons. You hear the buzz and hum of the machine start to whir. You want to scream, to be let out. Or at least to regain control of your body. BEEEEEP! The robotical "arms" started to move. They moved all around your body, not even touching it. The woman snapped her fingers, and everything started to blur. Just as you start to fall asleep, you feel the arms tap your nipples, ass, crotch, waist, hips, and head. The world fades as you drift into slumber.

You wake up ith a start. You realize that you are on a large, fluffy pink bed in the shape of a heart. The pillows are shaped like hearts too. You get up, feeling heavier than before. You feel cold, and notice that you're naked. “What!? Where!?” you ramble as you try to make sense of things. You look down to confirm your nudity and realize that you have a woman's breast. They are large, and heavy. They bounce around when you walk. You start to panic, and reach down and rub your crotch. It is a smooth end. You start to freak out, when you hear the door click. It swings open, and the woman you saw before enters the room. “Why, hello dearest. I see you have woken up.” she stated. “I don't know what the hell you did to me, but-”You are interuppted when the woman snaps her fingers and you cannot speak. You can still think things, but your mouth will not open. “You will turn to your left, still frozen.” the woman commanded. You turn left as you have no control over your body. You notice another heart-shaped bed, this time with a woman in it. She rolls over, rubs her head, amd gets up. When she turns around to face us, her face turns to fear. “The both of you will be frozen until I say so.” She returned a couple
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This is shapingg up to be a very good story  P
   yes please a sequel   
i liked it, different way of doing things Zoey. Personally would love that type of full control in person
krystala's sissy baby

 i liked it, different way of doing things Zoey. Personally would love that type of full control in person  

Right? I tried to give Angela the power to do anything. That way, I wouldn't have to restrict the story at all. She can make them wear, think, behave like, or do anything. They can be anywhere, anytime. I wanted people to say, Wow, I really really wish I could do that.
Thanks for Noticing, Tammy. I love you!
To Be a Sissy or not to be a Sissy-
That is the question.

"Really? Because I'd say To Be a Sissy! Diaper me, Please!"
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