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A sissy and a detective are dopplegangers with identical luggage who end up with the wrong bag at the wrong place.
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If there was one thing Jack stevens hated, it was being late. He was late now as he pulled on his long black coat, grabbed his suitcase from beside the front door and hurried out to his shiny red convertable. Today was a very important day indeed. This business meeting marked the merger of his private practice with a larger, more eficient one, and he was ancious to recieve the increase in pay the newly printed contract said was due him. Part of him would miss the Fourth street office with its over-stuffed chairs and its window overlooking nothing in particular. He would miss the Paradise Bakery across the street as well, though in the new building, there was a coffee shop in the bottom-most lobby. The old office was fine when he was just a kid with a dream of greatness, but Jack was a well-known detective now. Change and growth were inevitable.

He sighed,opening the rear door and putting his luggage on the back seat. He slid behind the wheel with a feeling of accomplishment. This car with its meticulessly waxed shell and luxurious leather interior was all paid off as of last year. Jack stevens was, in his own mind, the personification of american ambition. Tall and in his mid thirties, Jack exuded superiority, carisma, and expensive cologne. His dark hair, cut close to his head was slightly graying at the temples. His gray eyes always wore a look of deep internal absorption that was both arresting and disconcerting. The crescent scar on his left cheak, his one blemish, only enhansed his ruggedly handsome, chizeled features, which were not out of keeping with the rest of him. Women, heavy-eyed and limp from good sex, often told him he had the body of a Greek god. Jack had never spent much time admiring old statues, but he did frequent his local gym four times a week.

He slid the key in the ignition, and the car purred to life. Moving easily out the garage door and up the round driveway, jack gave a jaunty little wave to the house behind him. Tonight he would stay in a hotel, and tomorrow, he would work for a detective agency and earn a fatter pay check. Maybe he'd order room service, he thought lazily. Maybe his dinner tray would come with a willing pair of long legs for a nights deversion. A man could dream. His mobile phone began to vibrate, Braum's Lullaby tinkling softly. It was his mother's ringer, he knew. Why he had let her pick her own was beyond him, but now, every time that annoying old woman called, that infantile song rang through the air. He would get around to changing it one of these days, but for now, Jack only sighed and pushed the button that allowed him to talk on the phone without the use of his hands.

"Hi Mom," he droned.

"Jackie!" came her shrill, dithering voice. "Where were you? I've been trying to call you for two weeks."

"Sorry Mom," Jack said, bored. "I've been busy."

"Busy?" she repeated stupidly. "Busy with what?"

"That merger I told you about," he said shortly."

"Oh! Jackie!" He heard her gasp in to the phone "You know how I feel about that."

It was true. He knew all too well. His mother had been against the merger of his company with clueFinders Inc since he told her of its possibility three months ago. He swallowed down the hard little knot of indignation that rose up at his mother's tone. The way she carried on, one would think she was scolding a naughty child rather than a full grown man. There was no point in bringing this to her attention. For Jack, talking to his mother was like banging his head into a short, squat, lavendar-smelling brick wall. She was out of touch, labouring under the delusion that Jack needed her good opinion of his endevers to find any real peace with them.

"I gotta go," he said finally. "I'll call you when I get back from the meeting.

"all right," she said resignedly. "Bye, baby."

He hung up. It would be good to get out of town. In addition to Jack's love of travel, it would get him away from his mother for a while. No nagging phone calls. No coming by at odd hours with food or new clothes she "just had to buy" for him. He could have waited untilnext week to finalize the merger. Later, Jack would remember this as he reflected on how much life, like Jack stevens, had changed. Oh yes, he could have waited to finalize the merger. The head of ClueFinders Inc was several states away seeing his ailing brother. He invited Jack to come up so they could discuss their mutual business opportunity in his mother's old victorian manour house, but emphasized his willingness to wait until he was home if that was Jack's preference. Jack seldom waited for anything. He thought a quik reflex and an unfailing enthusiasm were paramount to showing one's enitiative and competence in handling large responsibilities.

At the same time, in a one bedroom apartment, sunlight streemed through the open blinds of a small, square window. The sill of the window was lined with little birds carved in chrystal. The morning light touched them each in turn, causing them to throw bits of refracted light about the walls. This, mingled with the fairy-patterned wall-paper, gave the room a charming, whimsical afect. A wooden toy chest stood in one corner, its lid propped open to reveal a variety of dolls and soft plush animals. Just opposite the toy chest sat the crib. Made of the same soft cherry wwood, the crib was etched all over with hearts and stars. In the crib, a mound of pink and white blankets yawned and stirred. A white hand appeared, followed by another, and finally a face framed in touseled black hair. Gray eyes opened, staring bleerily first at the Pooh clock on the dresser and next at the Hello Kitty callendar that hung from the bulliton bord by the door.

"Oh nooo!" The figure slapped its forehead before bounding out of the crib in a single leap. What appeared to be a grown man stood before the closet door with its inlaid full-length mirror, dressed in a short babydoll nighty and a thick wet diaper. Due to the suddenness of the figure's movements, the sheer garment flew up revealing butterflies on the plastic diaper cover. Another cursery glance at the callendar confirmed the figure's cause for alarm. There, printed in block letters beneath the date were the words "Baby Jackie's Big Day!

It certainly would be a big day. Baby Jacki had been waiting for this day for the last three years. That's how long it had taken to painstakingly gather all the right clothes, diapers, bibs, and other sissy accessaries. also, saving for the admission in to Nanny Nancy's Nursery had been no easy matter. Still, as nothing was impossible with the right amount of enitiative, Jacky had managed to make her dream a reality.

She tottled, out the door and down the hall to the potty. Ringing her diaper out over the potty, she placed it in a pail. The maid would come by and take the full pail to a diaper cleaning service. The plastic pants too found their way into the pail before she stepped in to the shower, pulling closed the curtain. Little pictures of ariel danced all over the vinal shower curtain, matching perfectly her ariel bubblebath and washcloth set.She washed her hair with baby shampoo, sighing as the scent of lilac filled the bathroom.

Stepping from the shower, she dried off with a fluffy pink towel and brushing her teeth. Back in her room, Baby Jackie re-diapered herself with a brand new cloth diaper and a new pair of plastic pants. She loved the soft material against her skin and the crinkle of the plastic pants as she picked out her outfit for the day. After quick deliberation, she settled on a pink and white party dress with little flowers on it. Over this, she pulled an ankle-length, black trench coat. It was a little suspicious-looking, she supposed, but she was still a little unsure about going out in public wearing her baby cloths. The trench coat covered her cute outfit completely and would be easy to take off when she got to Nanny Nancy’s Nursery. There would be no changing out of grown-up clothes for her. She had waited too long to waste even a second.

She looked at the cute little Mary Janes hung on her shoe tree, passing them by in favor of her grown-up shoes. She had several pairs of cute shoes packed along with her butterfly binky, outfits, and a large quantity of the cloth diapers she so loved. They were black tenness shoes with laces. Baby Jackie rolled her eyes. Why did boy clothes have to be so boring anyway? She knew the shoes would match horribly with her outfit, but at least she had on a pair of little white stockings. Everything was going to be perfect.

Her large, wheeled suitcase sat beside the door, a small round tag hanging from its handle. STEVEN, her grown-up name, the symbol of a lifetime’s oppression glared up at her, sitting beside the small S shaped logo of the suitcase manufacturer. She Xed it out and wrote Jackie. She hated Steven with a passion. The name didn’t fit her. Steven was the little boy who always wore his sister’s panties and was never good enough for his parents. Steven was the teenager who bought bottles and binkies secretly with his allowance and was convinced he would go to Hell because he wasn’t the same as his friends. Steven was not coming on this trip. This was Baby Jackie’s time to shine, and shine she would.

Pulling her suitcase behind her, Baby Jackie, diaper lover, adult baby, sissy girl, set off down the steps to her banged up red truck. She sighed, opening the rear door and putting her luggage on the back seat. She slid behind the wheel with a feeling of accomplishment. She slid the key in the ignition, and the truck sputtered to life. Lumbering out of the apartment parking lot, Baby Jackie gave a jaunty little wave behind her

It’s funny how one small choice can change the course of a person’s life forever. What if she hadn’t crossed out the name STEVEN from her suitcase? Would things be different? Yet, even as she would later ask herself, the answer would be a clear yes. Nothing was ever simple, but sometimes life forces people on to a more difficult path than they would have chosen otherwise: a path filled with twists and turns and rich with vibrant colors.
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Very good start up. Do please let me know when you update the story please. Look too me you have a very good solid character here.
Sweet Dream

 Very good start up. Do please let me know when you update the story please. Look too me you have a very good solid character here.
Sweet Dream  

i agree, do let us know
Baby Johanna
Hi babies! Sorry for the super long wait between chapters and for all the spelling mistakes. I’ll fix chapter two up as soon as I edit and add chapter three. I’ve already started chapter three and am fighting with writer’s block, but I’ll try to hurry. Special kisses and huggies go to lilakiko and bigbabysissy31. Thank you so much for posting!
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