R Warm in My Cot
Mummy comforts a wee baby
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Warm in my Cot ( R ) This was posted in 2010 about my night out. Sadly it's only a fantasy

[INDENT]Naked, I was gently laid down into my cot. It felt so lovely in Mummy Rachel's arms as she sweetly touched my willy, powdered it, put some soothing cream all over my body and kissed me on the cheeks.

I wanted to call out- but I did not know the words to speak to Mummy, for she was caressing a nappy all around me, and I hadn't had time to wet yet. I wanted to cry, and that's all I could do as Mummy folded the nappy and pinned it firmly round me, tucking me up quietly for the night. I want to wee I cried, but the words did not come out, only a noise which Mummy answered only with a little kiss as she covered me in. Then I was alone.

Lying in the warmth of my cot, I knew I could never wait all night. The layers of cotton nappy wrapped me as I sucked my thumb to stop the quiet crying. I lay and rocked and maybe the noise brought Mummy to see if I was alright. She smiled and kissed me goodnight again. I wanted her to potty me, but no, she didn't understand, I had to lay there, and lay there on my back and at last I was sure I could hold out no more. I did want to be dry but I couldn't help it. Do you know, before much longer a warm feeling glowed on my skin and how happy I felt despite my fears, as the warm trickled down between my legs, a sensation of joy, and on to my bottom. More warmth and more joy as I cried in happiness, my nappy was wet and I moved to lie on my side in a drier part.

Mummy Rachel had heard me and came to my cot, now watching me with pleasure in her eyes. She kissed me and praised me and stroked my forehead. She was pleased with me and to please her more I let out some more warmth which was soon clearly visible on the outside of the nappy. It soaked down my side till that was wet through.

Now my Mummy turned me to my other side. She wants me to wet some more I thought, and I tried my hardest to squeeze out the last drop. Once more the nappy showed its wetness in wider and wider circles till that side was soaked also. I could do no more and my Mummy knew it and kindly turned me on my back to watch me lying there in the damp but still glowing nappy.

As the warmness started to go off, Mummy lifted down the cot side and kissed me, first on my lips then my nipples. Then her nipples came to my mouth and I sucked and sucked and I felt another glow as her milk filled my mouth. As I fed happily, her hand gently softened on my willy, still wet in its nappy, and I felt her slowly rub me, and rub me, and rub me, I felt she wanted me to be happy and I was. As I sucked I felt her tingling hands move ever faster, and I tingled as a third glow grew inside me and into my nappy, as I let out some more nice warmth
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