Two Hour Test (R)
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Two Hour Test

My girlfriend blew me a kiss and said Ok babe, I'll be back in two hours, you enjoy your self now and giggled as she walked out the door. I sighed and tried to absorb the reality of this new predicament I was in.
After she started adding diapers to our sissy play, my girlfriend would lock me in a sissy dress, diaper and locking panties for hours sometimes, just to humiliate me. She didn't, however, subject me to further public humiliation. Still, I dreaded the day she decided to do so again
My current situation stemmed from a few times she would make me sleep in the diaper. I grew so used to wearing it at night, that I would frequently wet myself and not even wake up and notice. One morning, I even woke up to find that I had messed myself.
You must REALLY love wearing diapers, don't you sissy? she asked. I tried to deny it, but she would cut me off, No no, if you didn't like it so much, you would be able to wake up in the middle of the night and take care of your business on the toilet like a big girl.
Still, I fought hard to try to prove that I didn't like wearing them all of the time. Sure, sometimes, when she would dress me up, I would enjoy the snugness and comfort of the plastic garment, as it hugged my hips and butt. But it was mostly because I enjoyed the sex afterwards, when we were both so turned on, we would just collapse on the bed in blind passion. I enjoyed being her doll, and she said she loved having someone to dress up every once in a while.
Today, however, we woke up, and she said she had a test for me. I rolled my eyes and only wondered what she had in store. I won't start preparing you until you agree to do it, and I won't give you all of the rules until you're all dolled up, ok? I thought for a few minutes. I didn't want to get myself into something that would end up worse than before. Finally, knowing that the sex we could have after would be great, I relented. Goodie she exclaimed, Let's get to work
She started by making me take a bath and shaving what body hair had begun to grow in. As I was drying off, she told me to stay in the bathroom while she finished picking out everything she needed. Finally, she had me come into the bedroom.
She started with the dress. Showing it to me, I knew she wouldn't at least be making me go outside in it. I mean... it was so short... I'd have been arrested in it. The skirt fell to just below my panty line, and had so many layers of skirt, I'd probably knock stuff in the house over if I paced back and forth too much. The skirt began just under the bust line, making it look like a little baby girls dress. The sash in the back pulled it tight and then trailed down to the bottom of the skirt, even AFTER being tied in a little bow. Of course, she HAD to have chosen in it a babydoll pink, like most of my other sissy outfits.
Well, what are you waiting for? she asked, as she picked it up an brought it closer. Stepping into the dress and bringing it up over my body, feeling it slide up my freshly shaven legs and chest, I started to develop a bit of a hardon. She must have noticed this as she zipped it up in the back and fluffed the skirt a bit, as she made it a point to rub against my growing member a few times.
After it was straightened out, and the dress was zipped, I heard the familiar click the I grew accustomed to hearing whenever I had been locked into one of my outfits. Ok sissy, I want you to put your hands on the dresser, and bend over slightly, I have a surprise for you. I felt a little nervous, but was a bit relaxed when she merely walked behind me and started softlys troking my clitty, as she had begun calling it when I was dressed up like this.
Careful not too apply too much pressure, my girlfriend managed to keep me wanting more, without letting me release. I knew this was going to be one of the hardships I'd have to endure before the day was over. Now, I need you to relax, she whispered in my ear This may sting a little With that, she began using her finger to relax my anus. I wasn't taken back too much, as she had done this before. Before I knew it however, she had replaced her finger with something else, something a little bit bigger. I felt her slide whatever it was deep up inside of me. Now, I need you to hold that inside of you. Can you be a good girl?
I simply nodded, and she had me stand up straight. Ok sissy, I need you to lay down on the bed. I knew what that meant. I sighed and lay down, with my knees in the air, legs spread slightly.
She had me lift my butt, so she could slide the diaper underneath me before taping it on. After it was taped up and snug, I noticed her pick up a roll of clear packing tape. I looked at her somewhat confused. Don't worry dear, I'll explain everything in time She took a length of tape, and taped from the back of the diaper, looping around the front, and touching itself in the back. When she was done, you couldn't even tell she had done anything different.
I was a little surprised when she didn't put the locking plastic panties on me. Perhaps she would just wait till she had to leave, maybe giving me the chance to use the bathroom before she left.
Finally, she slid on a pair of pink, 6 inch heeled Mary Janes, and, click-click... those too were locked on my feet. I went to stand up but she pushed me back down No no, we aren't done JUST yet. We have one more item to add to this. She picked up a pair of leather cuffs and cuffed each one around an ankle, and locked them on me. Then, taking a small length of chain, only about 12 inches or so in length, she attached the chain and locked them to the D-rings on the cuffs. When I stood up, I could walk, but could only take small, mincing steps without falling over.
She walked me to the living room, and sat me at my computer, while she grabbed her things. Ok, so here is the deal. We're going to see how much you love your diapers. I'm taking off for two hours, and am leaving you here. While I'm gone, I want you to search the internet and find me some new sissy pictures. Maybe even a few new dresses for yourself. I'm sure you noticed I didn't lock the diaper on you Usually when she deviated from typical play, it usually meant something stranger than usual.
In the two hours I am gone, you can wet yourself. I know I didn't let you go to the bathroom before I dressed you, and that was mainly because I needed to get it done with fast. So yeah, wetting is fine. However, if I come home and find out you messed yourself, you'll be in trouble.
I rolled my eyes, and wondered what trouble meant. That's not all. If you attempt to remove your diaper, for any reason, be it to use the toilet, change yourself, or play with yourself, the packing tape will tear at the diaper and you won't be able to get it back on. It will be ruined. If I come home and the diaper is torn, or removed... you'll be in even BIGGER trouble.
She started smiling, which usually meant she wasn't done You're going to LOVE this sissy. I admit, I kind of stacked the deck on this one. That thing I pushed inside you? I ordered it from a site one of my friends online recommended, for training sissies like you. It's a time release suppository, a HEAVY laxative. Each one if made specifically to dissolve inside of you, and none of them can be predicted as to when they'll take effect. Needless to say, at some point today, you will REALLY need to go poop. It could be in an hour, it could be later tonight. But that's the fun part. I sincerely suggest you work on holding it if it starts to take effect before I'm home.
This was going to suck. Not only would I be forced to look online for things that were most definatly going to turn me on, and having a little bit of temptation to remove the diaper to relieve myself, but there was a good possibility I would have no control over myself in the coming few hours
I'll let you know your punishment now, if you break any of the rules. If you mess yourself in the two hours I'm gone, that shows me how much you love your diapers. You'll be confined to them for a whole month. That's right a WHOLE month. Everywhere we go, in public, to see family... everywhere. You'll have to wear the diaper underneath your normal clothes. I was shocked. There was NO way she would go through with that. As well, I'll be even more upset if the diaper is removed or ripped. For that, you'll spend the month in a diaper... but also a sissy dress. Everday, everywhere we go. And believe me... I can find PLENTY of places to bring you all dressed up.
And that was how I got here. Sissied up, diaper and all. The horrible thing was, I was REALLY turned on. I could feel my penis rock hard through the diaper. Part of me wanted to see if I could somehow get off without removing it, but I knew that the possibility of a rip was too great, so I decided to go against it.
I decided to start looking around for the things she wanted online, in the hopes it would get my mind off of the predicament. While searching, I found a lot of new sissy dresses I would show here when she came home. I bookmarked the site that had them, and saved some of the pictures to my folder. I also looked on a few of the TG story sites I like, and read some acounts of other fantasies and stories that other sissies had been in. Before I knew it an hour had passed.
I minced over to my chair in the living room, taking notice that the heels and way I had to walk caused my butt to wiggle. I sat in the chair as best as I could, but found I could only sit demurely, like a girl. I was humiliated, and even more so when I realized that I had wet myself without even knowing it
What was happening to me? I found that the more and more I thought about it, I was getting more and more turned on. I was almost disgusted with myself at the things I found I liked. But I stopped those thoughts when I realized that my girlfriend genuinley loved me. I smiled as I waited for her, and watched a little TV.
Glancing at the clock now and then, I saw I only had about 45 minutes left. I figured I was home free, but also realized, my stomach was cramping. The suppository must have been kicking in. I didn't have much time. Hopefully I would make it till she came home and prove that though I enjoyed this some time, I wasn't prepared to spend a whole month in diapers.
I could hear my stomach churning, and the cramping just got worse and worse. By now, I had physically begun to sweat from the effort it was taking to keep myself clean. The TV didn't do much to keep my attention off of my situation. I decided that I would get up and try to move around, knowing that when I had to go sometimes, moving would help me hold it back
When I stood up and took a step forward, I realized just how well she had thought this how. The tiny little steps I took did nothing to help me. My pacing was nothing more than painfully slow mincing between my bedroom and living room, trying to keep my self occupied with a half hour left to go.
My stomach hurt, and my gut (no pun intended) told me that the pain, and discomfort would stop if I just relieved myself, but I knew that wasn't a good idea. I decided to try to lay down.
Making my way into the bedroom, I tripped, and fell almost flat on my face. I wasn't hurt, but I was on the floor, and it was not comfortable. I rolled on my back and tried sitting up, but my legs were too tired to help pull me up, and I found in order to get off the floor, I would need to push myself from my stomach. Rolling back over, I bent my knees and started to push myself up, and let out a little fart. Instinctively, I clutched my belly to try to sooth the pain, as I fought against my own body to keep everything bottled up.
Finally sitting up, and sitting on the bed, I hunched over from the discomfort in my chest, and finally, losing, voided myself, filling the diaper with a smelly mess.
It was going to be a long month...
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Mina Silverwind
I love where this story is headed, I hope you continue this in the future, and thanks for posting another classic story here.
success is not how many times you win but is instead our ability to learn that we win by never giving up when times are tough.
this story is awsome i wish it was me =)
great start can't wait to see what happens next
Great start! Hope you write more! Makes me sooooooooo excited!
Great story! I'd love to read about the month's adventures!
Great story!

Please continue!
A great start - I want to know what happens when his Girlfriend gets home 
A ruffled pink dress fanatic
Sissy Wanda C
It's a good story and all,but I don't like it when the sissy had nothing to gain. I may be a sissy but I'm not stupid. Maybe his girl friend will relent and offer a different option.Wheather or not she does please continue the tale. Write to please you, not me.It's well written.
Bestest Wishes
Sissy Wanda C
Great start to the story, i hope you continue it :D
I like how this story is going cant wait till the next part.
Tell me more, tell me more. I never Hide my diapers and always show my face in every picture. I hope he finds the same peace that I have found about being a diaper wearing sissy. All of my friends and family know.
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