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Things were going great in  life. I had married a lovely girl called Anne. She was a photographer for a large fashion magazine and travelled a lot both in Australia and overseas. 
I was a furniture maker and  restorer . We had met when Anne's sister Emily came and hung some of her paintings at my shop which was just down the road from my newly brought federation house . The house needed a lot of restoring but was in a nice country town and it also had a big barn next to it which had become my workshop.
Anyway things had worked out fine between working in the barn I had managed to restore most of the house, I had got marries and Emily was working in the shop living in the flat above selling my stuff, some of Anne's photos and here own paintings.
The shop had taken off and I had heaps of orders. Anne who was a way a lot had so many contacts  in the arty photography people that we could have survived just selling her stuff. 
Anne and her sister Emily were both laid back free and easy people they got on with everyone. They would have been considered hippies back in the old days. 
Emily was great at the business and had heaps of good ideas. She was just over a year older than my wife, she was attractive gave that sort of shy felling about her. She was also a lesbian but was very much the girl part of the relationship I think.
Both the sisters were very close but opposites as my wife was definitely not shy  . She  had come through the family wearing the pants and had got where she wanted by sheer hard work. She was very sensual , knew what she wanted and the truth be know she wore the pants in our relationship which I did not mind at all as I needed to be pushed and guided as I was like her sister way laid back.

Our sex life was great, I was obviously the most in experienced . She liked to play the dominating role but not all the time and not over the top so to speak. 
She could not have children which was fine with me . I would have liked my own but I was so deeply in love with her it really did not matter.

So I had been married about two very exciting busy years when I was told that I probably had  prostrate cancer which had showed up in a blood test.
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Baby Butch
Good start but a rather sad part at the end. More story is needed. : )
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