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I had seen the shop the next morning after spending the night in a motel. I had driven to LA to visit a dom on a Friday night. 21 and I wanted to feel the humiliation of what my aunt put me thru when I was younger. I didn't know why but for some reason I wanted to be dressed up and spanked as a little girl. So I dished out 100 bucks for a session. She was good maybe too good, I had found the ad in a paper called Fetish Times and I had to call .I told Mistress what my aunt did to me and how my aunt said I was too pretty to be a boy. My aunt broke me even to a point where I told my mom I wanted her to dress me as a girl at 14. Looking back on it mom was not shocked and told me she knew. My aunt had told her I had a fetish for panties and had been wearing my little couisin's when ever I would go over there. It was my aunt who began dressing me not me who asked to be dressed up. That session I was dressed and spanked and it was my Mistress who told me, ''your aunt was right you are to pretty to be a boy, but you don't need a mommy or aunt, what you need is a daddy''. I told her I wasn't gay and she smiled  and told me I craved humiliation and only a man could give me that humiliation. So there I stood outside the shop looking in at all those little girl party dresses  wanting to buy one. I walked in and asked how much. The owner smiled at my 5'5'' frame and 120lbs. ''Well honey these dresses are for big girls who want to be little girls again not for little girls to dress up in''. I walked to the door my head down and felt an arm pull me back. ''Hello David nice to see you here ,I froze it was Grace a woman I worked for part time while I was getting my degree.    Fear and shame came over me and for some reason I wet my pants. Grace told me the owner and her were good friends and since she was In LA  came to see her. ''now lets get those wet pants off of you '' she turned to the owner and asked her ''you still have diapers and rubber panties for sale'' A big smile came over the owners face. ''yes Grace do you want the panties in pink'' ''well yes he did come in here looking for a dress''. I wanted to run but Grace held my arm and led me to a changing room and pulled my pants and panties off. The same panties I had on the night before a pair of flower print cotton briefs. When she seen my butt was still red from a spanking she began to ask questions and I told her everything. She gave me a hug and told me ''I always wanted a daughter, will you be her''. I was shocked as the door opened and this other girl stood there with the diapers and rubber panties as I said to Grace, ''the Mistress I seen said what I needed was a daddy to give me the humiliation I needed.'' Grace pulled up this girls skirt and I could see a bulge. ''so humiliation you want from a daddy, no mommy is going to humiliate you''  and she pulled the girls panties down and out it came as Grace pushed me on my knees and told me '' now little girl I want you to take it in your mouth swallow like a good girl'' It didn't take her long and soon it was dripping down my chin. I had tears in my eyes as Grace had me lay down and put the diaper on me. ''you got excited sucking her off I can see that, well mommy got some friends you can also suck off''. As the pink rubber panties were pulled up she led me out and her friend the owner was holding a white party dress. ''Grace I had a mother who ordered this dress over a year ago for her son but never picked it up it should fit him''. ''you must mean her only girls give BJ's unless he is a faggot sissy''.  ''what is it David are you a girl '' and she felt the front of my diaper. ''oh no girls don't have one of these'' and she smiled. Grace told her friend she need Mary janes, ankle socks and ''the sissy will wear it home''.I drove home from that store to Grace's house with her following me.
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HI,,,, I am shamrock & I am a male ,,,,  I wear diapers and i love to be bandaged up from head to toe by student female nurses and student female nurses can diaper up like a baby girl too,,,,,,,,, THANK YOU ALL    
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