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 Ok so I live on my own. I live behind my parents in my grandmothers old trailer after passing it was given to me. I was enjoying some diaper time.On a Wednesday after work in a thick yun yun cloth diaper powdered and just clean shaved. Along with some red plaid plastic pants. I needed to put some stuff in the car for work the next day. So i got frisky through on a shirt no pants and threw on some sandals and did my business. I closed my door. CRAP! My door was locked because I didn't anyone intruding on my time. So my door locked no way in. Looked at my windows tried working the door. Nada. BUT WAIT!!! Mom and family were at church!! I knew there was a spare key at home! So I snuck up diapered bottom and shirt not very long. Peered around the corner to make sure no one was home and to my luck no one was. Snuck in grabbed my spare unlocked and bam i am here telling the story. That was fun lmao!  

LOL, I am so glad that you were able to get back in without any of your Christian family finding out. I use a deadbolt on my RV so luckally the only way this could happen is if I lock the rv keys say in my car with my purse in the rv and the locked which did almost happen once.
A young girl's greatest fear isn't monsters, or magical threats from beyond time and space.
No, a young girl's greatest fear overshadows all of those things.

Her greatest fear is to be alone.

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It was an extreme embarrassment and I am hauling my very thick diapered up the backyard to their home and I am like O hell what am i going to do. I did think about just going bottom less not sure which one would have been harder to explain. Plus my neighbors are nosy. I opted for the diaper. Not as much hmm nudity lol
Whoo! Close call! : - )
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