A True Clan Princess (Rated X just to be safe)
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A True Clan Princess: a BattleTech MechWarrior fan fiction.
Rated X: For violence, tobacco/alcohol use, language, and sexual situations.
By. PrincessKira

WARNING: This fan fiction is going to break BattleTech cannon so hard.

Chapter One: This Hell that is My Life.

I wasn't exactly sure how I had ended up in this position, on my hands and knees scrubbing marble floors, being treated more lowly then any servant. For heaven's sake I had been a rising star on Solaris VII, and oh so suddenly that all was over. The events leading up to it still have my head spinning.

My name is Morgan Davion, and up until almost a year ago my life had been going perfectly fine. My parents were diplomats, helping keep the balance of peace on the world of Solaris VII. Solaris being the only place in the entire Inner Sphere where all of the nations had citizens living. That planet is also home to the most popular sport in the Inner Sphere, called Simply Solaris in honor of it's home world. Solaris, the sport I mean, is the only full fledged sport strictly involving BattleMechs.

BattleMechs being giant engines of destruction, giant robots used first and foremost as weapons of war. Each piloted by a specially trained solider called a MechWarrior. Since BattleMechs are one of the most important items in the Inner Sphere most companies used Solaris to advertise their Mechs, both old and new. Though the majority of MechWarriors competing had their own Mechs and fought for money, fame, glory, and the pride of their nation.

As for myself, I had been marked as a top pilot, one of the ones to beat. I had also broken in to the Heavy Mech circuit early in the season, a virtually unheard of display of skill, talent, and dedication. Being a Davion I always dedicated my wins to the Federated Commonwealth, which earned me many enemies. Mostly it was the Lyran Pilots looking to take me down a peg or two, but despite that I usually placed well.

It wasn't until that fateful day when my near perfect life turned in to this hellish nightmare. My parents died in a particularly awful car crash in the middle of Solaris City, because of riots after my upset against Shrin Oddessa during a heavy fight in the Factory. It was my qualifier to get in to the assault class, which is the door way into the championships. The crash it self had been a freak occurrence, a cascade of circumstances that caused a sickening 49 car pile up.

The aftermath was even more terrible, the higher ups decided that I needed more grooming, because as a Davion by blood I was expected to have a political career. So my extended family was brought together in local court to take guardianship of me, so that I could be groomed to be a proper diplomat. This cut my season in Solaris circles drastically short. Both of my uncles on my fathers side put up a good fight on behalf of me, trying to keep me on Solaris VII.

But that wasn't meant to be, as my Aunt by marriage to a uncle on my mother's side used her governorship, and immense riches to take custody of me. The whole idea was outrageous enough to start, I was 21 an adult out right, however this did little for me, and I was shipped here to Fallon II. This planet was a scum bucket in the Draconis march, a contested area of space near the border between the Fed Com, and the Draconis Combine.

My Aunt is the Governess of this whole planet, and considered a Duchess by the Fed Com government. Her name is Alexis Steiner-Davion, and ruler of this planet only because her husband, my uncle died, under questionable circumstances. It was almost certain dear Aunty Alexis killed him some how, but she was now the law on the planet and canceled the investigation.

Though she took me in to her home with herself and her two daughters Kathrine Sheila Davion, and Megan Victoria Davion. Both girls were much taller then me, and of much heavier builds due to their Steiner heritage. Kathrine was tall, slender, with a very well developed chest, long chocolate brown hair, and caring brown eyes. She towered over me at five foot nine. Her older sister Megan was built much more shapely, and even taller then her sister. Standing an impressive six foot two, the shapely woman had luxurious long blonde hair, cold blue eyes, and an even larger rack then her sister.

My aunt was the shortest of the trio of tormentors. She was only five foot eight, a full four inches taller then me, she still used her size to intimidate me. She was the definition of a heartless bitch, and a fat cow at that. The marble floors trembled under her heavy foot falls, and she inspected the entire house every day, punishing each servant who did a less then satisfactory job to her insanely high standards. She had long raven black hair, and light green eyes.

Living in her house I was forced to earn my keep, as a maid no less, in the most degrading frilly pink dress she could get her hands on. Each day my duties include scrubbing the floors in the main hall which is a huge floor area to scrub on one's hands, and knees. After that I dusted my Aunt's study, which was fairly easy, and then vacuuming the entire east wing. That was in addition to any other chores assigned to me by my Aunt. Though that was the same for all the maids. I worked a hard eight hour day, and it was doubly hard being constantly taunted by the rest of the maid staff, all women who wore a less frilly black and white maid's uniform.

Today was an odd day, because I had my duties reversed on me which meant I was scrubbing the main hall last. I was almost finished when my two cousins came prancing down the long curved marble stair case. They were wearing identical formal evening gowns, with matching high heeled pumps. Megan's was Blue, wail Kathrine was wearing a stunning silver one.

Megan simply ignored me and wandered in to the the lounge, but Kathrine smirked walking directly toward me. She kindly avoided the still wet areas, and knelt next to me, still towering over me. “How are you doing, our sweet little sissy maid?” Her question was coated in false compassion, and in a sugary sweet voice.

I sighed heavily and wiped my sweat drenched forehead with the sleeve of my dress. “Just fine miss,” I said maintaining a heavily enforced sweet feminine voice, and politeness. “I'll be finished soon miss, a little early today I hope. I worked extra hard to get it all done more quickly miss.”

Her face fell due to my sticking to the rules, I continued to smile politely at her. “Well your work looks good, so lets hope my mother approves.” I nodded at the statement. “Because if you even made one tiny mistake you'll be punished severely, as we have guests tonight. Family and friends you know.” I nodded not speaking more from exhaustion then fear. Kathrine then smirked again, “you're to show up promptly for dinner, and present your self as a perfect lady. Then mingle in the lounge with out guests.”

I took a deep breath, “yes miss, I understand I'll be there on time.”

She smiled vindictively at me then stood up with no further word to me, walking away and treating me the same as all the other servants. I quickly, but carefully finished cleaning, then polishing the final section of marble floor. I was extra diligent to make sure the polish pattern matched the rest of the floor out of fear of punishment.

I quickly gathered up my cleaning supplies and then placed them all in their proper places in side the dank supply room. I made extra sure to pour the dirty cast off water down the drain. Which when my Aunt inspected the main hall would indicate that I had finished my duties. I then escaped out the front door to the one of the designated smoking areas for house staff. I sat down, in the most feminine manner, on the bench nearest to to the ash tray. The warm spring air did nothing to help my already nearly heat exhausted body.

I removed my pack of cigarettes from the pocket on my apron, along with my feminine purple butterfly decorated lighter. I lit my cigarette and took a long overdue and desperately needed nicotine fix. Almost as soon as I began to smoke my aunt came out onto the porch, a rather neutral expression on her face, one that could mean any number of things, any of which could turn out badly for me.

She was wearing a very frilly, extra flared green evening gown, which despite anything she said made her the image of a humongous green toad. I smiled politely at her as she approached me, with her eyes fixed on me. She delicately pulled a large padded green chair over in front of me, and sat down directly opposite me, yet uncomfortably close.

I inhaled my third puff on my cigarette, and carefully blew the smoke away from her, and down wind of us. “Is there something you require ma'am?” I asked in a delicate feminine voice, directly obeying the rules of the house for any staff member on duty.

She smiled at my acknowledgment of the house rules, “sweetie you're off duty now for your weekend, you may refer to me as your Aunt now.”

I took another deep dose of nicotine, and demurely released it to the wind, careful not to blow smoke on my Aunt. “Thank you, Aunty Alexis,” I said politely maintaining my feminine stature.

The hulking raven haired woman smiled momentarily appeased, “as soon as you finish your little cigarette break I want you to head up to your room, to bathe and get ready for dinner. I expect you to be down promptly at seven o'clock sharp. I expect you to be on your very best behavior for this dinner party, and to mingle like a proper lady. None of that sulking in the corner.”

I nodded in acknowledgment, “yes Aunty Alexis, I'll be there on time, and on my best behavior.”

“Good, I expect nothing less than perfection from you.” Her smile faded and I instantly knew something had gone wrong. “You seemed to slack off on some of your duties. My desk was still stacked with paperwork and books. None of the plants in the east wing had been watered. You neglected to have the west wing supply room straightened out. Also your cousin's beds were not made by noon. Though I saw to the completion of those neglected tasks, never the less, you will have to be punished.”

“But Aunt Alexis.” I complained, with good cause. “I'm always under strict orders not disturb your work in the study, I'm not even allowed to touch it. Besides that none of those other tasks were my duties today.”

My Aunt frowned with obvious irritation in her eyes, “dear you know you now serve as head maid, and therefore you are responsible for all the others completing their tasks. You're especially responsible on a day like to day when I'm going to have a dinner party.” Her face started filling with lines of frustration, “also you must realize that I cannot have work out on my desk in the study when we have company, so you must put it away, I shouldn't have to tell you that.”

I sighed utterly defeated by her logic, and her immense ability to be the most unfair creature in the entire universe. “Yes Aunty Alexis, I'm sorry Aunty Alexis.”

She then smiled more pleasantly, “You can make up some for these mistakes at dinner, assuming you act perfectly.” She then patted me lightly on the shoulder, giving me an uncharacteristic generous smile. “I'll even go lightly on you for your first offense on the cleaning of my study before we have guests. I do take some fault for not telling you, though you still should have known, ignorance is no excuse”

'Wonderful,' I thought bitterly, but hid it as best as I could still smiling. I nodded with honest appreciation in spite of my coming brutal punishment. I took another puff trying to look accepting of my faults, and exhaled the cloud of smoke in the same direction as before. “Thank you Aunt Alexis for your mercy.”

She nodded satisfied with my submission to her strict rule set. “Well then,” she said on a much more energetic note. “We'll worry about that after dinner, tonight is a formal party, so you should enjoy yourself. Just be sure to maintain yourself in as the lady you now are.”

I perked my self with the thought of having a slew of new people, and some of my dear family members to spend time with. “Oh yes Aunty Alexis I shall enjoy myself in the perfect lady like fashion,” I assured her.

“Good,” she said simply still smiling, “I picked you out an outfit for this evening for you to wear.” I unintentionally shuddered in pure revulsion at the image that jumped in to my head. My Aunt looked at me as if this was exactly the response she expected. “Don't worry,” she assured me, “I made sure to pick this outfit according to your personal sense of style.” Her face took a slight look of disappointment, “But you don't have to wear it if you don't like it, just remember I bought it special for you.”

I blinked taken completely off guard, “I... Um... Wow...” I suddenly grew suspicious, “Aunty Alexis, why are you being so nice to me?”

She was obviously taken aback by my question, but she swung her head causing her long hair to almost knock my cigarette from my hand. She laughed off my masked accusation, and put both hands on my shoulders giving me a soft kiss on the forehead. “Honestly, aside from today you've come along quite nicely,” she explained, “I see you developing so wonderfully. You are family, for better or worse and I do love you my sweetheart niece. I'm also looking to get you a suitor, you will make someone a most wonderful wife.”

I was so shocked by the praise and the confirmation of a suspicion I had, I was rendered totally speechless. My Aunt stood up and patted me on the head, “I must check on my kitchen staff, I'll see you later.” She walked away leaving me to finish my smoke in peace, my head swirling with the implications of what she just told me.

I knew I was more valuable to her, and to the nation as a whole if she could get me married off to some diplomat, or military leader. It also made me more valuable to be some sort of “shemale” because I could then be married to a man much more easily, which further increased my value. My deepest hope was that she wasn't intent on marrying me to some horrible creep, however it seems like I'd have my choice of suitors.

I snuffed the butt of my cigarette out in the ash tray, and stood up. I moved the chair my Aunt had sat on back to it's proper place. I walked around the side of the house in to the servant's entrance, since still being in uniform it was the rules. I walked around some of the back hall ways and into the kitchen.

The kitchen was in absolute chaos, and the head chef was at his wits end directing all his sous chefs. I went to the refrigerator to get an energy drink supplement, and a bottle of water. As I came back I saw one of the sous chefs about ruin her roux, I quickly bumped her out of the way, and began stirring the roux the proper way. I added a bit more wine, browned the fat from the beef drippings, and added some of my water to make the sauce complete. Saving the roux for the apparent gumbo that was going to be dinner's soup course.

I glared at the girl, “read your instructions! Cooking is an art, not a science! You want science become a pastry chef!” The girl looked as if she was about to burst in to tears. I sighed and handed her the sauce pan by the handle, “listen don't cry. Just finish it according to the book, and don't let it happen again. Use this as a lesson.” She blushed, and nodded thankfully finishing the sauce.

My Aunt saw the whole scene unfold, and she smiled approvingly at me. I wiped my forehead in relief that I was able to save a course for dinner. The executive chef thanked me profusely, I patted his back softly and just told him I was thankful to save the course. I then popped the energy drink open and chugged it, causing my stomach to knot. But hopefully the 5 hour burst of energy would get me through the evening.

My Aunt grabbed my shoulders as I walked toward the exit of the kitchen. “Oh that was very good, above and beyond the call of your duty. You just earned a bit of extra forgiveness on your punishment.”

I smiled, “it's nothing less then needed to be done Aunt Alexis. I kind of wish I hadn't done that actually, the gumbo is going to hold me hostage for an unpleasant hour tomorrow.”

My Aunt giggled at my joke, though was slightly offended. “I wouldn't worry about that sweetie.” I flinched at the implications. “At any rate my little niece, keep that kind of humor away from our guests.”

I blinked and acted deeply hurt. “But of course. Do you honestly think I'd share that sort of thing with anyone outside the family?” I gave her an innocently hurt look, causing her to giggle. I glanced at my watch seeing it was almost five and my window of opportunity was rapidly closing rapidly. “I'm sorry Aunty Alexis I need to go get ready. Sorry to cut this short, but I really must go.” Then without waiting my Aunt's acknowledgment I headed out of the of the kitchen, and bolted as fast as my high heels would let me on my way to my room.

As soon as the door was closed I began removing the dress that was the symbol of my weekly near slave status. I folded it up neatly as I walked in to the bathroom and dropped it in to the appropriate hamper. I then took off my bra and let it fall in to my delicate wash hamper. It was at this point I looked at my self in my massive bathroom mirrors, and saw the most permanent effect of my dear Aunt's “grooming” of my person.

I was now approaching having B-cup size breasts, and in the comparative cool of my personal bathroom my now large sensitive nipples had gone hard. My own slender body was already very shapely and feminine by nature, a trait inherited from my mother. My long red hair was down passed my butt now, it had been cropped in to a feminine style that I at least got to choose. I looked in the massive mirror over my sink, my mostly delicate features were set off by my stunning large eyes. My eyes were something that startled most people, because they are naturally the deepest violet color.

I sighed sitting on the lid of the most marvelous toilet I'd ever had consistent use of, so that I could remove my strapy decorative salmon pink high heeled pumps. I'd probably have loved these shoes if they weren't, in my personal opinion the most god awfully sickening color. They were the exact same color as the puke I had after eating strawberry yogurt, then riding the single scariest roller coaster on Solaris VII. I had to smile as I removed my garter belt from my pink stockings, and removed the stockings in question.

Indeed I had made the mistake of riding a high, long, fast, and frightening roller coaster right after eating. But no vomit session had ever been more worth it in my entire life. I dropped my stockings in to the delicate's hamper, now having to stand back up to remove my pale pink panties and garter belt which were part of the matching set with the bra I had been wearing.

I carelessly tossed them in to my delicate's hamper, then bent down to pick up my pumps, and exited the bathroom back in to my room. I was thankful for the attached bathroom, which meant I didn't have to bring all my required objects resources in to the bathroom with me, or prance through the halls in a bath robe. I walked over to my massive walk in closet, opened it, then placed the sickening pumps in the spot near the front they usually sat in. It was a convenient spot for them, as I had to wear them every single weekday.

I walked back, stark naked, in to my room finally feeling a bit of relaxation on my poor overtaxed psyche. I finally took note of my room it self, it being a massive north wing room saved for family, special guests or people of similar status. It had been redecorated for me in the most feminine, and almost child like way. The walls and ceiling were light pastel lavender, the carpet very plush dark purple, topped off by a gigantic ceiling fan with pink blades, and more LED light arrays then I could count.

Most of the furniture was natural **** including my huge desk, on which my personal computer sat. Pushed in close to my desk was my huge rolling office chair, distinct by being black and masculine. The desk it self sat under a large window, next to my door on to my own personal balcony which was flanked on the other side by another huge window, and all thankfully with their pink curtains drawn closed. Between my desk in it's corner and my closet door was my rarely used vanity. I did all my preparing, and grooming in my bathroom hence the neglect of my vanity.

Against the wall opposite in the middle of the huge room was my massive four poster bed. It had a wonderful mattress which relived my pains from long days of work, and my beloved purple bedding covered it. I noticed sitting on my bed was the outfit my Aunt picked for me, and an auto injector indicating I had to take my hormones. I let that pass for the moment counting the gifts in my room a bit more.

At the head of my bed was a bookshelf with a built in reading light, the small shelf had all my own personal books, as well as my assigned reading from my Aunt's library. On top of the shelf sat my jewelry box which was large, and almost completely filled. Flanking the bed on either side were night stands with thin feminine lamps with pink shades over them. Finally I glanced to the far corner of my room where there was a sitting area, that had a few chairs identical to the one at my vanity and a coffee table. This area did double duty as my dining area whenever I was confined to my room, usually due to the aftermath of a nasty punishment.

I sighed with my mix of emotions that were intentionally forced upon me to keep me both confused, and obedient. I unhooked the clasp on my dainty feminine watch, as I walked over to the head of my bed. I carefully placed my watch in to the jewelry box on the shelf, fluidly I walked to the other end of my bed grabbing the auto injector, and navigating over to my desk. I placed the auto injector on the desk, pulled chair our and plopped down in it. I almost shrieked because of how cold my chair was in comparison to hot skin.

Calming my self as my chair warmed, and I cooled I booted up my powerful little portable computer. It instantly sprang to life, allowing me to log on, as soon as I had the network up I started downloading my news feeds and holovids. Most of the holovids were battle roms from current combative hot spots around the the Fed Com. Those were always fun to watch, and I could load them in to the simulator and recreate battles in video game form.

Watching my large downloads crawl because of the amount of bandwidth I was eating in sheer volume, I decided that they'd wait until later. I grabbed the auto injector in my right hand and took a deep breath holding it to my left arm flush like always. I pressed the button, wincing as the mechanism shot foreword, and the needle dove in to my flesh. The familiar hiss began as the device's compressed air capsule pushed the plunger down pumping the fast acting, highly effective hormone mix in to my arm. It hurt like crazy, like any shot, as the sharp pain from the needle was replaced by the hot pain of the substance spread around the injection site under my skin. After what seemed like an hour the auto injector clicked and retracted the needle and I sighed in relief, as my arm started to go numb. The usual response to a shot in the arm for me.

There was a knock on my door as I pulled the auto injector away from my left arm. “Just a minute!” I announced as I stood up and walked to the bath room, and retrieved my plush purple bath robe from the inside of the bathroom door dropping the spent auto injector in the right pocket as I did this. I slipped my robe on, and tied it closed effectively hiding my nakedness from who ever was at the door.

I sauntered up to the door, and uncomfortably opened it in with my numb and stiff left arm. To my surprise Megan stood in at my door with a slightly annoyed look on her face, but definitely a girl on a mission. “Mom sent me,” she stated simply, “she told me to make sure you took your injection.

I nodded, pulling the spent auto injector from my pocket and showing it to the inquisitive eyes of my blonde cousin. “I took it just took it.” She took it from my hand so she could look in to the window under the button seeing it was indeed empty.

She gave me an unconvinced look, “show me your injection site, you could have drained it into it in to something.” I sighed rolling my eyes, but pulled my left sleeve up and showed her where on my bicep where I took the injection. She gave me a scathing look, but then smiled politely. “Good girl, taking your shot like you're supposed to,” a sly smirk spread across her face and she handed me the auto injector back. “Be sure to dispose of that properly.”

I nodded and smiled seeing the gears turning in her oh so slow head. “I'll be sure to get rid of it safely,” I assured her, taking the spent injector back, “now if you'll excuse me I need to get cleaned up for our dinner guests.”

Megan nodded her long blond locks swaying with the movement, “see you at dinner my sissy cousin, don't you dare be late.” I nodded in acknowledgment and she turned and pranced happily down the hallway hatching her deceptive plan no doubt. I closed my door, then locked it so I could shower in peace and lazily walked in to my bathroom.

I dropped the spent auto injector in to a medical grade hazardous materials container similar to those most hospitals used. I closed my bathroom door, took off my robe, and hung it on the hanger on the inside of the door. I turned on the shower, setting the temperature, as soon as the digital control beeped I stepped in to the hot shower. The warm water cascaded over me, from the many shower spouts and I found my self needing to let off some steam before dinner began.

I turned on the waterproof video screen in my shower, a device usually intended for stock investors and diplomats to finish last minute work. Though usually used for catching up on favorite shows, or watching porn. My aim was the last objective in among those, and flipped through my personal play list deciding on a steamy lesbian video.

I began stroking my member watching the video, soon I found my self becoming frustrated and unable to become aroused by the two women playing with each other. I groaned stopping the video and began scrolling through the list searching for something that would work better. I selected a video of a sissy being taken by a strong man, and I sighed almost in utter defeat. I became instantly aroused, a result of my Aunts reconditioning of my desires. I knew the truth stroking my self that my Aunt only eliminated my desire for women, and enhancing my desire for men. She knew all my secrets, used them to dominate my psyche and I cursed my mother for her inability to keep my deepest secrets.

I focused on the video, becoming more aroused each single second. I was wishing desperately to be that sissy, to suck a cock with my virgin mouth and to have my virgin ass penetrated by a man with a real dick. Not like my small tool, only six inches, no I wanted to be dominated by a man ten inches or more. I climaxed at the same time the sissy in the video did, spurting a smaller load then I had a mere year ago. Although even back then I never really came much, I cursed my self for it, for submitting to it as my climax spread all through my body. I turned off the video screen and surrendered to my want to be a man's little sissy shemale lover. Even I knew it was best for me, I could please many women but only a man could truly please me.

I took my puffy body wash loofah as I came down from the high of getting off and I added my moisturizer rich body wash to it. I began to lather up washing away my work day worth of dirt and my thoughts wandered to my Solaris career. I wondered what happened to my BattleMechs. My 35 ton Osiris that I used break out of the light circuit. What about my 50 ton Uziel that I rode through the Medium circuit? I sighed sadly for what ever fate awaited my beloved Catapult, the 65 ton jump capable missile Mech.

I had less love for the Mauler I had bought for the assault class, it was a nice 90 ton BattleMech but I would have preferred the 90 ton Sunder OmniMech. The 100 ton Dai-Shi or Dire Wolf as it was called by the Clans who created it. That was the OmniMech of my dreams. But I never managed to afford an OmniMech, let alone a Clan OmniMech.

I sighed hoping my Aunt had sold my little collection to the highest bidders, and not kept them for her self. She had abused me far too much to stand for my hand modified beauties to pad her own local forces. Although it was most likely that she kept them, I relented to my self as I rinsed the soap from my body and shampooed my silky soft hair. I washed my face with my abrasive facial cleanser soap. I numbly rinsed my hair and race, then began to condition my hair with the lovely scented conditioner I favored. I rinsed the conditioner out of my hair, then dropped the temperature on the shower to a cold brisk one on the digital thermostat. The brisk cold stream broke my daze and clarified my mind.

I killed the stream of water, and opened the shower door, grabbing the nearest towel. It was a plush pink one that was extremely soft which I truly enjoyed on my sensitive hairless skin. The laser hair removal I had was it's own trial in patience, though worth every moment of agonizing boredom and best of all I'd done it before my Aunt came in to the picture. A small and unintentional victory against the household dictator. Once dry I applied my lightly scented body lotion, then treated my face with a similar project and finished with my special hand cream.

I had wrapped my still wet hair in a towel turban then put on my wonderfully soft bath robe, as I exited in to my room to give my chosen outfit a real examination. I was stunned at what I saw. The dress was a stunning moderately dark purple Victorian style Gothic Lolita dress made out of stunning bridal satin, with beautiful matching lace and white trimmings. With the dress was a very full lavender petticoat, a dark purple bustier, with matching panties and garter skirt. Along with that on the floor next to my bed was a pair of heart decorated mid-calf three inch heeled boots, that had adorable hearts on the ends of the laces. Rounding out the outfit were floral design stockings with dark purple lacy tops.

I was in love with the outfit almost instantly, my Aunt had picked an outfit perfect for my own fashion sense. Excitedly I rushed in to the bathroom, drying my hair vigorously. I finished drying my hair as best I could with the towel, then grabbed my hair brush. I carefully brushed my hair to avoid tangling my hair. I brushed my teeth, and rinsed my mouth with a strong minty mouth wash. I painted my finger nails with in a quick drying dark purple nail paint, once that was dry I added a fast drying mostly clear top coat that made my nails look metallic. I was excited like a teenage girl to try on my new outfit.

Placing my towel on the towel rack, then my plush robe back on the hanger on my bathroom door. I hurried back to my new outfit. I put on the panties, then the bustier, fallowed by carefully rolling up the stockings and putting them on as I was taught by my mother. I pulled on garter skirt carefully, attaching the clasps to the tops of my stockings and I marveled at the perfect fit they maintained. I carefully stepped in to the petticoat then adjusted it to perfection so it could flare my skirt perfectly. I lifted the dress over my head pulling it down. I adjusted the dress over my petticoat, the dress it self was still was slightly loose. All the clothes were laundered and I could smell the clean fresh washed clothing.

I noticed that under the dress were hidden decorative arm warmer cuffs that matched my dress, I grabbed them. I walked in to my bathroom carrying my accessories, adjusting my dress to make sure my petticoat was fully covered and to make sure my skirt flared correctly. I looked at my self in the mirror and pulled the pink laces on the front of my corset style dress tight in all the right places to hug my feminine frame. I tied the lacing on the front of my dress in a large decorative bow that hung just above my skirt.

I then focused on putting my face on. I stained my lips with some light pink lip stain and wail that dried I applied my mascara which doubled the volume of my already thick long lashes. With my lip stain dry I applied the gloss top coat that made my lips look permanently wet and kissable. I then applied my eyeliner, blush, and smoky eye shadow which was dark silvery gray and purple. I applied a very sparse layer of pink blush to my cheeks. I was now very thankful for my clear and consistent skin tone.

Once I perfected my face make up I sparsely applied some very strong perfume oil in a light lavender scent to my key locations. I pulled on my decorative arm warmers, cleverly puling their pink laces tight and tying them one handed. I then examined my self in my full length mirror. My dress fitted perfectly, hiding the petticoat, and falling just above my knees. I marveled at the pink lacy frill around my neck line, skirt, and sleeves. I quickly set out to put on the mid-calf height boots that I'd neglected next to my bed. Sitting daintily on my bed I slipped my feet in to the all to perfect fitting boots, pulled the laces tight, and tied the pink laces on the purple boots in to large decorative bows.

I walked back in to my bathroom to check my self in my full length mirror once more. My boots came just high enough to leave room between the bottom of my skirt to show a section of lovely stockings. My dress clinging to my feminine frame, showing the white accent under the pink laces. I couldn't believe how I looked. I like a sweet sixteen year old princess I twirled in front of my full length mirror, showing off just like a young lady. My silly display caused me to giggle softly just like the teenage girl I looked like.

For my finishing touches I brushed my now almost entirely dry hair once more and retrieved a purple hair clip to reign in my flowing hair slightly. I pranced back in to my bed room and over to my jewelry box. From the box I pulled two gold bracelets embedded with sapphires, amethysts, and pink gems I couldn't remember the name of. I placed one on each wrist, and closed the clasps making the bracelets fit tightly over my decorative arm warmers. The bracelet on my left wrist had a discrete digital watch hidden on the underside.

I picked out two gold and platinum earrings to adorn my ears, the semi-small hoops each read “Princess” in stylized font formed from the metals partially across the hoops. I latched the earrings in to the small piercings in my ears. I then took out my favorite gold ring, which is embedded sapphire and amethyst gems in princess cuts on the top. I placed the ring on my my left ring finger. Finally I picked a pretty necklace with a delicate gold chain that had a solid gold fairy holding a sapphire in a star shape in her hands.

I put the adorable necklace around my neck and locked it into place. I floated in to the bathroom once more to perform a final check on my lovely outfit. Confirming that everything was as it should be, and performing another twirl for my own enjoyment. I giggled like a little school girl as I silently approached the door my bedroom. I unlocked the dead bolt on my bedroom door, wail checking the time. It was twenty minutes until the hour, which at my heeled speed would allow me to arrive in the grand dining hall fifteen minutes early. I took a deep breath, grasped my bedroom's door knob firmly and twisted it...

To Be Continued...

Please don't feel shy about commenting! I'd like to see what you all think.
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Barbie Girl
Love it! Can't wait for more!
good story, i was lured in by the title as its an old starcraft clan i used to game with hehe

Brought back some good memories :)

hi there Self
Fucking fascinating.
"The surest way to corrupt a youth is to instruct him to hold in higher esteem those who think alike than those who think differently." - Nietzsche
little baby kristie
I can so not wait for the next part and I'm so happy mommy let me read this story it was great keep up the good work. :3

Danii&Kristie forever
little baby kristie
Just wanted to bump this story so people can read it and see how good it is. ^-^

Danii&Kristie forever
I have read this story several times, each time hoping it will have an addition or update. I wish the author would continue it...
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