The Tricky Superstore ( R )
Renamed from - Permanent Consequences (R - But a bit dark)
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The Tricky Superstore ( R )

Alex, a 16 year old boy, was trying to impress a few 20 year old girls by acting tough, but it turns bad when he realizes that the girls have set him up.

Chapter 1: Damsel in Distress
“Oh my god, Grace, look at that guy, I think he’s trying to flirt with us!” said Lily suddenly, pointing at me. I was leaning casually, eying up the small group of teenagers.
“Eugh!” said Grace in revulsion, “He’s ugly!” The three girls laughed.
“Just ignore him” laughed Ellie, turning them away from me.

I liked the three girls, and I followed them round the shop, my stubborn cockiness giving me false hope with the three girls. I noticed that one of them couldn’t afford a dress, so I had an idea.
“Hey girls!” I shouted boldly.
“Go away!” shouted Grace, after turning to face me. I ignored her, and continued;
“I can get you that dress if you want!” I said to them, smiling. “I’ll steal it for any of you girls!” I did my cocky smile.

Grace was about to speak before Ellie shutted her up, and she whispered in the two girls ears;
“I have an idea!” she grinned to the other two girls before turning back to me;
“That would be awesome!” said Ellie, stepping forward. “But we’re not done shopping yet, meet us here in an hour, then you can prove to us that you’re a man!”
“I can prove to you that I am a man right now, you can be my slut!” Ellie looked up and down my body, sizing me up. I thought that she was interested.
“Did you just call me your slut?” she asked,
“Yeah, and I’d love to see your *****”
“I don’t know if you’re a man yet, for all I know your dick could be tiny, or you could be a sissy wearing dirty nappies, prove yourself later!” She said, turning her back on me.
I walked away, smiling.

Chapter 2: The plan
Oddly, whenever I saw the three girls they were giggling over baby clothes and items, properly for they’re baby sisters or something. I waited for 2pm, causally browsing the shelves until it was time for me to get back to them. When it was 5 to 2 I walked up to the girls, who were waiting behind the shelf of woman’s lingerie.

“Hey” said Ellie, in a sexy voice, “you gunna show us if you’re a man then?” she asked.
“You know I can prove that easily!” I said, looking down at my trousers.
“I mean a real man!” she said, sighing. “Now are you going to get these clothes for us or what?”
“Sure, give them here.” I said, holding out my hand. Ellie walked over to me, and dropped three large bags on my hand, they were surprisingly heavy, and I had to grab them with my other hand to hold them.
“Haha, your not very strong!” said Ellie, who had held all three large bags with her left hand. I blushed, and tried to look cool.
“So I’ll see you down the mall, next to the toilets ok?” I asked.
“Sure, see you out there.” she smiled.
It was easy getting out of the shop unnoticed, I just ‘accidentally’ knocked over the entire basket of cheap footballs and they all fell through the front exit, setting off the alarm.
“Sorry!” I called, as all three of the shop attendants ran over to collect the loose balls.
I quickly walked over to the other exit while the alarms were still going off, and I left the shop. I smiled, walking over to the toilets and waiting.

I saw the three girls a moment later, running towards me in panic.
“Some-” Ellie had to catch her breath, “Someone saw you steal the clothes, the only way to prove that you didn’t steal them is to hide them!” she said, grabbing me and pulling me through a door titled ‘maintenance‘. “Oi, get off me!” I shouted,
“Shut up! Do you want to get us found out?” she asked. I stood in silence, waiting for someone to speak.
“I have an idea.” said Ellie suddenly, grabbing me to make sure I‘d listen.
“The woman overheard you saying that you were going to steal the clothes to us, so the only way to prove to them that you didn’t steal them is if your wearing them!” she said, “They will check everywhere, including in here, but they‘re not allowed to strip you or check your clothes, new government law. They cant prove that you were not wearing the clothes before you left the shop.” I gasped, realizing that she was right. I remember stealing a shirt once, and I had worn it to get away with stealing it, I just had to do the same with these clothes.
“Please don’t get us into trouble!” she said. I thought for a moment, as Lily checked outside. She came in quickly, “They are talking to the police outside the front of the shop!” she said, “One of them was pointing here! Please, just wear the clothes for a minute, then you can change back and we can go!”

I hesitantly agreed, and the three girls faces lit up, “Thank you!” shouted Lily, kissing me on the cheek. Ellie and the girls turned away from me, quickly running out of the door, pushing the three bags of clothes towards me expectantly.
“Remember to put on everything, we‘ll take care of the packaging! Then meet us in the girls loo‘s next door” Ellie said, smiling. I blushed as the door closed, realizing what I was about to do. I hoped that they hadn’t made me steal all the things that they were looking at. I cringed as I realized what was in the first bag.
I pulled out a 5 pack of girls nighttimes extra absorbent nappies, and then loud crinkly see through plastic pants, with a pink lace pattern on the seams. I then took out some extremely girly pink tights, and a pair of hello kitty slippers with matching mittens. I blushed bright crimson.

Also in the first bag was a pack of panty liners, and a similar pack of tampons. Then, I noticed a baby bib, and pacifier! Wow, I thought. I quickly removed everything from the second bag. Inside that was a very short and very pink baby doll nightie style dress, and a long-line bra that was size E (they chose this so I would have a large chest, it obviously didn’t fit any of them). Next, to my surprise, was a waist cincher corset! I had no idea that teenage girls bought these kind of things. There was also a small but firm petticoat, which, when I took out of the bag, pushed outwards, touching both sides of the small closet, and the metal cabinet that contained tools. The petticoat was hiding a baby harness, which I looked at in disbelief. I looked in the third, smaller bag, and luckily there was only a few small items in there. Not so luckily for me, they was two pleasure toys (a short but thick dildo and a huge butt plug). A large orange squash drink and Tesco‘s Finest Mushy Soup. I couldn’t believe I was doing all this, but I knew I had too. The girls would owe me big time for this, which I could use to my advantage. Obviously, at this point I didn’t realize that it was a set up.

Chapter 3: Changing Experiences
I removed my trousers quickly, then my boxers, and discarded them on the cold floor next to the room door. I ripped open the packet of nappies, and, humiliated, undid them all, placing them on the floor behind me. I then got the panty liners, and ripped them all from there packaging.
I placed all the panty liners in a small but thick pile in the middle of the nappies, scrunching the rest of the packaging into a ball. Then, with even more shame, I did the same with the tampons, only I put them on the back of the diaper, trying to spread the load. I didn’t know what to do with the two pleasure toys, so I put them next to the small pile of rubbish.

I sat down on the large mound, and tapped them all up around me, forcing my legs open as each one added to the thickness between my legs. Then I grabbed the plastic pants, and quickly lifted them over my thickly padded rear, the sound like an explosion as they rustled. I then grabbed the tights, and quickly fumbled them up my legs, feeling an odd sensation like silk was hugging my legs tightly. The plastic pants made more noise as I pulled the tights over them, which made me blush more. I grabbed the pink fluffy slippers, and put them on my feet, waiting till the end to put on the mittens as they would make it hard to use my hands.

I grabbed the waist cincher, and, remembering how my ex girlfriend did it, I managed to put it on by myself. What I did was tighten all the lace except two middle holes, which had a large bit of lace left over. Then, when the corset was round my waist, I pulled the two cords tight, and tided them together in a clumsy bow. It felt weird, especially when I bent over to pick up the petticoat.

I struggled with it for a minute, before finally pulling it up my legs. It sat nicely round my waist, and oddly comfortable. I shook my head, refocusing. The bra went easily on me, which surprised me, the two bits of wire that went round the chest stuck out firmly. I grabbed the short dress, and pulled it over my head, doing up the zip by linking the zip bit over a wall hook then dragging my body down, forcing the zip to tighten the dress over me. The peter pan style collar folded neatly over it, hiding the zip. I struggled with the small button that was on the back of the peter pan collar, but finally managed. I realized that the long-line bra was firm on the chest and it forced the front of the dress outwards, making it look like I had a chest. I hated it, but carried on getting ‘dressed’.

I pulled the harness shoulders straps over myself, and attached them to the waist straps that went round my sides. They clicked shut behind me, with a leash type thing dangling down behind me. There was one, large crotch strap which I did up. It was tight and very snug on my thickly padded crotch. There was also wrist restraints, but I didn’t put my arms through them. I felt ridicules, and was wondering why they had bought all of this. I ignored the voice in the back of my mind telling me that something was up, and picked up the mittens. Just as I slid the second mitten onto my hand I saw Ellie walk in, followed by Lily and Grace. They burst out laughing, and I blushed deeply. Suddenly they jumped onto me, forcing my hands through the wrist restraint holes, pinning my hands to my sides. Grace tightened one hand and Lily tightened the other, which also pinned the mittens on my wrists.
“Why didn’t you hide these?” asked Ellie, pointing down at the small pile of items that I hadn’t gotten too yet.
“Because I don’t know what to do with them!” I said, sheepishly, getting quite scared of Ellie, who I noticed was suddenly taller than me. I looked down and found out why she was huge. She was wearing black ballet style stilettos, with at least 6 inch heels.
“Well,” she said, holding the pleasure toys in her hands expectantly.
“What, no!” I shouted, but I was cut short by a firm hand covering my mouth. I watched as Ellie broke off the front of the dummy, leaving only the backing to it, she then opened a metal drawer in the cabinet, and after looking for a moment pulled out a small tube of glue. She then glued the back of the dildo to the pacifier and after waiting for a moment released her left hand. The glue was fast setting, so it was already done.
“Open wide!” she said, smiling. I could feel the lube covered toy before I had a chance to react.
“Sorry, but I couldn’t think of another way to hide it! Don’t take it out, unless you can think of somewhere else to hide it.“ said Ellie, kissing me on the cheek as a fake apology. It took me a few seconds before the panic of having a male thick sex toy in my mouth faded, and I was breathing steadily again through my nose. I was left tasting strawberry, conflicting thoughts on weather or not to remove it.
“Sorry, but there is only one other place I can think of to hide this.” said Ellie, holding up the other, larger toy. Before I had time to react Lily and Grace pushed my chest forward, until I was lying face down on the cabinet with my legs on the floor, almost in a spanking position, only I was on the cabinets lap, not any of the girls. The bra pushed against its straps, which dug into my armpits as my chest was squeezed onto the metal surface, and I felt long nailed fingers grab the plastic pants and nappies.

I knew what was coming, and I dreaded it. My underwear was round my thighs now, the baby harness crotch strap undone, and I heard the girls say: “Ooh, isn’t it cute, not even developed!” I blushed, and tried to get up, thinking enough is enough. However, the girls were so strong it was like having a brick wall holding me down. I felt as Ellie touched the end of the toy against my rear, and she waited a few seconds before slowly pushing it in. I tried to shout, but no words came out. The mental feeling was horrible, but that was no comparison to the physical feeling.
“You’ll get used to it!” laughed Ellie, “At least now we know what you like! (I couldn’t help myself, I was exited) and thank you for doing this for us, we would be in so much trouble if the police thought you’d nicked some clothes for us! Now, they cant prove anything!”

I couldn’t hear what she was saying, as I felt the 5in long and 3in thick ‘thing’ violate me.
“Wow, its gone fully in, that’s better than me, you must have done this before!” laughed Lily, and I blushed even more, crying from the pain and feeling of the horrible thing.
“Yeah, I’ve never done something of that size before, and its painful with the small one, how do you cope?” Grace asked me. I didn’t realize that she was mocking, my mind was too focused on what was violating me.
“Let me just fix it a bit.” said Lily, twisting the back of the plug repeatedly to get me aroused. As she withdrew her hand, she “accidentally” pressed a switch on the plug. I felt soft vibrations inside me. I squealed, and wiggled helplessly.
“Oh I’m sorry, I’ll just turn it off.” She pressed it again, and the vibrations became more intense.
“Is it off now?” I shook my head violently. She pressed it 6 more times, until it was pulsing heavily. It was quite loud as well.
“I guess I just don’t know how to turn it off, its just getting worse!” she said, fake sighing. She obviously knew that one more press would turn it off, but she didn’t tell me that.

“What do we do with the drinks, soup, bib and the end of the pacifier?” Lily asked, as they lifted my thick underwear until it was snugly back over me. Grace took the end of the pacifier and pushed it down the front of the diapers, so it was digging into my crotch. A few of the tampons were in awkward places as well.
“We can do that with the soup and drink as well.” laughed Ellie, opening the orange squash.
“Good idea.” I saw Grace open the plastic soup container and I felt the mushy wet soup flood the back of my diaper. It was solid enough to make it feel like my own waste, and it was horrible. Then, almost as bad, Ellie poured the entire two litre bottle of orange squash down the front of the diaper, which was freezing! One of the girls did up the crotch strap on the harness, further pushing the diapers into me, and the inevitable feeling of wet, mush food was pushed further into my crotch.
They tied the bib around my neck as I cringed.

I felt my neck being tugged as I was pulled by the leash. I saw the bright mall in front of me and I sobbed. Ellie dragged me down the mall, people laughing and pointing at my horrendous state. Although the 5 diapers were thick, the top one blocked the rest so there was only the absorption of one diaper. Therefore, it had reached its max and leaked, making a large, orange coloured stain down my thighs, being absorbed by the pink tights. “Oh by the way, baby, the cops didn’t see you steal the clothes, we were joking.” I cried more as we entered a bike shop, which was odd. Ellie picked up two bike locks, and paid for them at the counter. She walked back over to me, grinning.

She made sure all the harness straps were done up tightly, and finally locked them together with one of the locks. I saw her put the key to the lock in her bra. I noticed that Grace was carrying my clothes, and she took out my wallet. All my money was taken out, and then the rest of my wallet was thrown into a nearby bin. Ellie was messing around with my phone, as we entered another shop. A pink stroller was bought using my money. They also bought baby food, and I few other things that I couldn’t see. I was pushed into the stroller, and I was locked down using the other lock. We left the mall again, and Ellie took out a necklace. She got both keys, and attached them to the necklace, putting it around her neck like a medal.

A large park was next to the mall, so I was pushed to it. Claire took out a bottle of something, which turned out to be laxatives. She removed the lid, and tipped all of the tablets into a jar of baby food. She then force fed me the entire contents. I was too weak to talk, or resist her. I had to eat 5 hole bottles of baby food before the girls were satisfied. I felt my stomach rumbling and cramping a lot while I was being fed. The girls brought out one more jar of baby food, and smiled at me.
“This is a treat.” smiled one of the girls. “You enjoy flirting with girls, so I will make you closer to girls.” She opened the lid of the baby food, and removed three bottles from the pharmacy section. They contained a powerful oestrogen powder. I couldn’t believe what they were doing, but they emptied all three powders into the baby food, which turned white. It looked like sugar. They spoon fed me this, and I was still crying.

“I will give you a choice, baby. Either be our baby for life, or we leave you here. If you choose to be a baby for life, we will breast feed you, and look after your sissy pussy, and change your messy diapies. We know a lowlife like you has no family to go back to! If you choose for us to leave you, then we will make sure you wear those diapers for at least a month, until your dying to be changed.” Ellie held up a tube of super glue as proof. “You may talk.”
“Leave me alone you bitches!” I shouted.
“Naughty naughty, laughed Ellie. She opened the tube of glue, and smeared a bit into the hem of the diaper.
“Ok ok! I’ll be your baby!” I said, sobbing.
“Good girl.” The three girls wheeled me to their house. “We all live here, alone. We have enough money for life, so we can spend plenty on your diapies and baby toys! We can even get you a huge wardrobe of clothes, every one to show off how much of a helpless sissy you are!

And, to give you a chance, we will have a test. In one month we will take off those diapers of yours, and let you have a go at being a real man. We will breast feed you, and if you get an erection then its obvious you love breasts, and you want a chest as big as ours. So we will give that to you. If you wet yourself, or mess yourself during those five minutes, then you are obviously more of a baby than we thought. So, we will make you wait 18 years until you are sexually pleasured again. If you don’t get hard, then you are obviously gay, which we don’t want, so we will let you go, and all you’ll have to remember us by is a huge diaper rash and a few wet accidents every now and again, because of the hypnosis we will give to you. Lets hope you don’t like to look at us three in only our underwear, or your lips against our chests, or you will be wearing diapers, and the colour pink, for life!"

My life was over, well my life as an adult self respecting male anyway... Lily leaned over me and stroked my hair, her shirt dropping to expose her bra. She didn't mind how loose it was, because I was a baby to her. Maybe it wouldn't be so bad...
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Baby Flo
I like it. It could be longer, especially up from chapter 4, I like it.
Thanks for posting it!
Love everybody
everybody will Love you
i just love this story!!!
Wow, this was pretty intense...poor guy. I loved the story. Everything escalated quickly, making it...well, pretty fun to read. *snicker* Not a bad spot to quit the story, could have been worse...would have been nice to see a little aftermath, though. Still, I can easily use my imagination for that. Thanks for posting this, doubt I'll be forgetting it any time soon.
I agree, very fun to read, and very risque.
Please don't make me wet my panties
that was Great!!!!!!!!!!!
ill be your baby. lol
I like the tale and if you ever get the time it would be great to read a follow up on this story :)

 I like the tale and if you ever get the time it would be great to read a follow up on this story :)  

Its not exactly the follow up but I've edited it quite a bit. I am focussing my writing time at the moment x
awesome Story!!
great story wish it would happen to me
Pretty nice story I think, My first read on the site ^^
It didn't seem to rushed, or to short, seemed just right.
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Mina Silverwind
I love everything about this story, I am glad you came back, and you are one of my all time fave writers.
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  Thankyou all SOOO MUCH!  

You are very kind! *blush*
Great story. I'm looking forward to reading more of your woderful writing.
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