XXX Trans~fer
a boy who never studies gets the transfer of a lifetime (takes place in same universe as Remaid)
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"How many times do I have to tell you if you dont get good grades youll regret it?!"

Chris' mother stood in the doorway looking very

"If I have to tell you one
more time, you'll regret it."

"OK," said Chris.

The usual response. He sat at his computer,
talking to his girlfriend, Kayla. He spent nearly all of
his time there, talking to her. Chris never studied for his math final.

His mother stormed back into his room "I MEAN IT!"

He tried his best to calm her.


"OK I'll study."

She stormed out of the house, off to work. He
sat there talking to Kayla, enjoying her. He never
bothered to study.

Chris went to bed that night with no worries,
forgetting what his mother had said. Morning arrives.
The sun shines bright. Michael went to school and took the test. Two weeks later¦¦

"You didnt pass the test! mom said standing there with the report card at the foot of his bed.

He stumbles out of bed.


"Get dressed right now!!" His mother is furious.

He dresses and walks into the living room. She is
standing there waiting for him. She walks out the garage
door and steps into the car.

"Get in."

Chris gets into the car, wondering what is going on.
They drive and drive and drive for what seems like
hours. Neither of them say a word. He grows nervous
as he watches the scenery change. Finally they arrive at a
big white dome-shaped building connected to a large building which was a school. She gets out and he
follows her into the building. They enter into what looks
like a waiting area. Behind a large counter is a girl
in a bright white blouse. She smiles and greets them,

"Welcome Mrs. Jones."

The receptionist hands her a clipboard. "Just sign here."

Chris mother takes the clipboard and signs, handing
it back to the girl.

"Thank you, we'll start right away. You can return for
pickup when we call. It may be about 6 months for winter break."

"OK thanks."

As she walks out, Chris asks what exactly is going on.
He starts to leave with his mother but is stopped by the

"Oh no, dear, you're staying here."

Two women in white robes come out of a set of large double
doors. They take Chris and lead him through the
doors. He is given a shot in the neck, and everything
starts to go black.

Chris awakes he is strapped to a large vertical
lab table. He sees blurry images of people around him.
When everything comes into focus, he can see a woman
standing before him. In her hands is a clipboard. She
smiles as he stirs to consciousness.


"Jones, Christopher," answers a man in a lab coat.

"Ah. Well, hello Chris."


"I know, you are wondering what's going on. Well let
me explain. You are at the Female Amazons Medical
Institute and Finishing school for young girls. The Female Amazons are a small but growing
organization of women with a common belief. We
believe that the male race is inferior, and should serve

Chris starts to feel very nervous about the situation.

"Your mother found out about us and joined our cause.
She told us about your laziness, and we told her we
know just how to handle that. I understand you
disobeyed her and didn't do well in school. Well you're
going to from now on."

She moves closer to Chris, looking at the clipboard.

"We make males into what we believe they should be,
servants. Your mother has filled out the list of all she
wants done to you."

"You people are sick, you can't do anything to me!"

"Oh, I'm afraid that isn't so. Let me show you
something. Lindsay! Lindsay, come!"

The secretary in the white blouse walks in, smiling.

"Yes ma'am?"

"Now Chris, take a look at Lindsay, our secretary and intern. Lindsay
used to be a man, a lot like yourself, named Larry. Larry was a boy who dropped out of school with nothing to do, but we took him in as one of the first to receive treatment. So now he is Lindsay, this bright, hard working model of servitude.
He went from being a lazy male to a very happy young
woman, all because of us." Lindsay smiles.
"I would like to show you a few things concerning the
treatment. Isn't Lindsay's outfit just adorable?"

Lindsay wears a bright white blouse and black pleated skirt, white tights, and painfully high white heels.

"I believe it truly shows her femininity."

Indeed it does, her body is very curved and perfectly
shape in all the right ways. Her large 40D breasts give
way to a 30" waist and then 34" hips. Her legs are very
shapely in her tights and heels as well.

"I can assure you, Larry looked nothing like this! A man
could only dream of a body like this. Now he...she has it.
And as for that delightfully feminine outfit, well, she
hasn't taken it off for awhile. She likes it so much that she never takes it off, it never gets dirty or rips. Poor girl can't even take off those
heels, but she loves them dont you Lin?"

"Yes Ma'am."

"Lin, turn around." Lin turns around, obeying.

"Pull your skirt up Lindsay." Lindsay reaches back and pulls up
her skirt, showing her ass.

Through her fine white tights, permanently on her,
Chris can see letters branded into her ass. It reads:
Property of FAMI Model: 02568STINT.

"Do you see that Chris? Well your ass is going to say
the same thing, only you aren't going to be a secretary.
Since you couldn't handle the responsibility of
studying, we are going to make sure you can. Youre
going to be a pretty little school girl."

"Oh god! No! Please don't do this to me," pleads

"Oh yes, we are going to. Don't worry, you'll learn to
love your new self."

Chris begins to cry, sobbing, and begging them not to.
He doesn't want to become like Lindsay.


"Your mother has chosen your measurements and your
uniform. It's so pretty and silky. It's going to look great
on your 36C-24"-32" body. She's also ordered that you
wear black tights and 4 inch black high heels. She said since you always back talked to her
you are to have etiquette reprogramming so youll obey everything we tell you."

She brings her fingers up to Chris wet cheek and
says, "Seeya in a few days, and don't worry, you'll love
what we do. You'll love studying here."

As she finishes talking, he is given another shot, and he
drifts off into a sedated darkness, never to awake the
same again.

The darkness fades slowly. Chris feels himself being
brought out of his sedation. He feels strange. His mind
is fuzzy and his body feels alien to him. Suddenly he
remembers where he is. He tries to scream out for help,
but all that comes out is a sigh. He realizes he can't make a single
noise in angst at all. His head is locked in place, so he cannot
look at himself.

He feels weight on his chest like he never had before.
He can feel cool air on his legs. Also he feels something
around his legs that he has never felt before, softly
caressing him. He can feel it all the way up to
his waist, and he knows what it is. He is wearing
tights!! They feel....surprisingly good, he thinks. He
feels odd, liking the feeling of hosiery. He feels the soft silky touch of a skirt on his mid theighs, and he feels good. He likes it. His feet feel so much
different in the heels, but as he regains consciousness, he
realizes he does like it.

He sees the woman standing there. She smiles and says,

"Ah yes, excellent. Good Morning." She laughs softly
and then continues. "It's so very nice to see you, Christina."

She turns to a man in a lab coat.

"Is she ready?"

"Yes ma'am."

"Very good, release her."

Several men gather around Chris and release the
restraints. He stumbles down off the step of the vertical
table, unable to move like he used to. The heels are so
high they force him to stand practically on his tip toes.
He has to move in small, precise steps. As he looks at
his body, he wishes he could scream. He is wearing 4
1/2" black high heels, black, black tights, a very
short green plaid pleated skirt with a white blouse similar to Lindsays but with a grey sweater over it. Underneath he sees he is wearing a black lace bra. However he isnt wearing any panties under the tights but he doesnt seem to care.
The skirt is so soft, light, and silky a slight breeze may blow it up revealing his ass and sexlessly smooth crotch.

They bring a full length mirror, and he sees for the first time his full
body. His body is extremely feminine, with not a trace
of male anywhere. His arms are small and female, his
body curved and shaped in all the right ways. His legs
look breathtaking in their nylon embrace. He looks
just like a very naughty schoolgirl. He sees his face and if he
could he would gasp. Hes wearing a lot of make up . He
feels his face and it feels just as smooth and soft as the
rest of his feminine body, even his now sexless crotch
beneath it's hosiery.

The woman smiles and begins to speak.

"Congratulations! Now before your owner comes to pick
you up, we want to explain a few things. Your new
body is permanent, it cannot be altered or changed in
any way. The woman you see in the mirror is what you
will always see. Your clothes cannot rip, tear, or run. You no longer have a will to talk back, or any way to produce vulger vocal sounds. Implanted
into your mind are all the things you will need. All the
ways you should act when sitting, standing,, and
walking. They will all be feminine now. Also because
you have no way to speak, you are trained to curtsy when

Lindsay walks in and says, "The headmistress is here for

"OK, we will just be a moment." She turns back to
Christina. "Now that your new place is understood, you
will have to receive a new name, because let's face it, no
man would look like that. So your new name is
Christina, and that is the name you will respond to. Bend
over and look at your ass, Christina."

Christina does as she is told. On her ass, through her
tights, can be seen a branding that reads: Property
of C. Jones, Proud member of FAMI Model:
027382SG. Christina realizes that this is her new life. She
is a female, and she is sexy.

Headmistress walks in and laughs. She thanks the
women and then says,

"Come, Christina."

Christina obediently comes, moving very effeminately. Her
heels click on the floor and her skirt swishes as she
walks. She is led out to the dormatory, and they start for her room.
Headmistress tells Christina all about her
responsibilities and what is expected of her. She is told
that if she is not satisfactory then she will be spanked.
Since she is inferior, she deserves the punishment of a
little girl. All during the walk she listens on her new life and her

When they get to her room, Headmistress tells her to be up promptly at 630 am for breakfast. They go inside Chris new room.
The room is pink and white and filled with delicious
feminine things. She is told if the quarters are
not kept clean at all times she will be punished. Christina
turns to her teacher and in a single action that shows her
acceptance, she curtsies.

Headmistress laughs and says, "Ah yes very good.
Now Christina, we here have a reward system that is programmed into your brain when you received the treatment here, lift up your skirt Christina.

Chris obeys lifting her skirt and revealing the smooth patch of skin where his penis once was. Its neither male or female just a patch of smooth skin.
Headmistress places her fingers on the area and all of the sudden Chris reacts with euphoria.

Do you like that, Christina? You see if you do well that will be the reward we give. It simulates an orgasm but since your are neither a boy or girl you wont wet yourself. This has therapeutic effects too, it makes you want to succeed here. Goodnight Christina and welcome to the FAMI School for potential sissy slaves.

Christina has been a very good student and she understands
her place and accepts it. She was once inferior, but now
she is a spectacle of beautiful sexiness, and she will
spend her entire life in service to her owner, once her
mother. She has been wonderfully transferred to a new school and she loves it.

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  It,s a wonderful story. I only wish there really was such a school. Take me oooh! please take me. I,ll be a very good wittle school girl really I will. Please keep up the great work of story telling dear.  
May the Fun never END . giggles , Summer,s Hot How About You ,
They wouldn't need to trick me into that place ... Very sexily written indeed, and I'm so glad that it closes on his acceptance of his new state. I'm curious as to what exactly he is, now: the marking and permanent clothes suggest some sort of human / robot / doll combination to me.
"When you adopt the standards and the values of someone else or a community or a pressure group, you surrender your own integrity. You become, to the extent of your surrender, less of a human being." (Eleanor Roosevelt)
Sarah Candy Lee
that was a great story. mabey i should have been more lazy at school, i would have voulenteered to transfer to that place
i should probably write something really profound =)
nice story i guess it could be fun to be there
I would love to go to that school where do I sign up
"In Dreams All Truths Can Be Found...."-Tobu Bunny
Very nice story. I would love to see more like it!
thanks.....I'm kinda in writer's block right now.....hopefully I get new material.
great story u should expand on that universe maybe add some abs to it
its tough cuz my inspiration site is down.......
is that you in that pic? your icon thing
Where's the sign up for this school?
Baby Flo
I like the story, but it also scare me a bit.
Love everybody
everybody will Love you
great story
thank you i like it a lot it was very good
WOW. Really want this to happen to me!
thank you all for the positive comments
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