TRAN by diaprbayb (PG)
Ok, I try anything for kisses. Here is a short story. I am taking it from one of my favorite movies.
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TRAN by diaprbayb
Ok, I try anything for kisses. Here is a short story. I am taking it from one of my favorite movies.
Characters: - Genres: (Babification), (Feminization), (Wearing Diapers), (Body Swap), (SciFi) - Rating: PG - Warnings: none - Chapters: 1
Published: 18.10.05 - Updated: 18.10.05 - Completed: No

John had just finished his last project before a long and needed vacation. Just 2 more strokes on the keyboard, saved and sent. He looked at his watch and thought if I leave now I¢‚¬„¢ll just be sitting in traffic. He decided to do some cyber surfing on the web. He already knew that he was really just heading to one place, He heard about this site in one of his other forums that he frequently visited. Yes, our little Johnnie was a closet sissy. Not just a sissy but a little girl sissy baby. The things he saw at captured his mind. He found himself going there everyday. First thing in the morning and last thing before bed. It was wonderful there. So pink, ruffled and fun. He loved all the pretty pictures and games. Sadly he knew that because of his average middle-aged male body he could never really be like the little girl he wanted to be.

Many of his new friends posted pictures of themselves. They are so cute and pretty. He also had taken some pictures of himself in a Halloween costume it was supposed to be a big baby outfit but he didn¢‚¬„¢t like the way he looked. After some friendly coaxing from christieluv, one of his friends, he decided to post them to for all to see. John realized that maybe he shouldn¢‚¬„¢t be risking being caught here in his cubical uploading his picture. So he decided to take his disk down to the basement lab and copy it from there.

Using his access key he entered the computer lab. He had not been down here for a few months. They have been working with a new generation scanning system, but everyone had left for the day. He sat down at the console surrounded by all kinds of equipment. Logging in was no problem but the icons seemed a little different. No problem, he¢‚¬„¢ll figure it out he thought to himself. Now to log into He loaded his disk into the system. Starting his post, he opened up the folder with his picture. Just then a window popped up.¢‚¬Enter command¢‚¬ it said. Wow this must be really user friendly, he thought. ¢‚¬“UPLOAD¢‚¬, was what he entered. ¢‚¬“What?¢‚¬ was the next question? So he looked through his files to find the picture he had taken, it had a simple name of ¢‚¬“Me¢‚¬. No need to be fancy. John entered in the answer ¢‚¬“ME¢‚¬. All of a sudden lights started flashing, drives started spinning. John turned as he heard a scanner behind him move into a position pointing straight at him. Before he could react a beam came out locking him into a frozen position. He couldn¢‚¬„¢t move, but saw everything happening to him. The beam scanned him head to toe. Then saw his body slowly being dissolved into some kind digital grid. He was getting scared but felt no pain. When it finally finishes his head it was like he fell asleep.
Johnnie awoke slowly. He felt different. His eyes seem to take awhile to adjust. Then he saw it. A pink sky, with pink clouds. Everything was some shade of pink. Wow, I must be dreaming, this is just like Sissk¢‚¬¦¢‚¬¦¢‚¬¦ No way, what happened he thought to himself. Then he looked down at himself. He was wearing a very fluffy and pink dress. Then he placed his hands on his butt. Oh my god, diapers with rumba panties. Then he moved his hands around front, ¢‚¬“this isn¢‚¬„¢t my body either.¢‚¬ He ran over to a little pond filled reflective pink water to look as his reflection. ¢‚¬“Diaprbayb!¢‚¬ I have become diaprbayb my virtual self and I am some how in Johnnie found himself, or should we say herself so excited that she wet herself. She wasn¢‚¬„¢t worried though the diapers did their job. How do I get back she thought for millisecond? Why would I want to? This is paradise. So she skipped of across the field calling out, ¢‚¬“Christie, dafne, midori anybody here?¢‚¬

The end?
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