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A young man who has a experince he's not so sure he escaped
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I saw this hapepn its still hard to believe as to what I saw and how I got away well sort of got away maybe i did not get away it according how you look at it.

It was about a week before Halloween and like most people I was getting in the mood for some treats and tricks not so much on the tricks normaly a movie or one of those haunted house's some chearity puts on .

this year how ever I was single no girlfriend and I was a bit down with that but I caught her cheating on me in my bed at my place and to top it off we were not even living together.

well that sort of shot my self esteam down the tubes I could not keep a girl happy with out her doing some one else in my place and my bed.

but thats a whole set of other issue's that will never get addressed because now im ok with it.

I was going to skip going to a haunted house this year had no girl to hold when she screamed but the raido annocer told of a very scary haunted house so I thought why not go .

I had nothing better to do except sit home and watch horror movies and I was not realy in the mood for something like that so I put the beer back in the fridge grabbed my keys and off I went and this is where my story starts to happen.

I guess I should tell who i was or am oh what ever for the start my name is Carl Morgan.

Well I get to the place and it looks like something someo ne cut out of a few box's and there was no line but I decided I had no better way to spend my time so I paid the five bucks and was guieded in.

the lady at the make shift both took my money and told me to be careful for there were a lot of strange things even she could not under stand.

I thanked her and a lady dressed up as a vampire took me into a card board tunnel nothing scary there except the whispering sound which seemed to come from every where in the box tunnel .

it was dimly lit to give that scary effect but it did not scare me at all.

I crawled for what seemed like twenty minutes my knees tired i come to the end and at the end of the tunnel there was the spooky old house like you see in the real old scary movies .

it even had a few bats flying around one of the towers on each cornor of the house .

I did not know this house was even in my town .

I got to the big **** doors and in a creepy lame matter the doors seemed to open by them selfs.

when I walked in the door slamed behind me .

Claisc I thought to myself.

at the top of a long winding stair case stood a very hot sexy woman having barly anything on.

Hello Was my first thought as she came down the stairs slowly she seemd to float insted of walk and when she got to me she said not a word she only grabbed me by my nuts and told me to come with her like I had a choice she tugged real hard forceing a slight whimper from me.

we got to a room it looked like a huge room out of one of those old vampire movies with vinvent price movies.

"Now big boy whats your name?"

this was a new twist on a haunted house.

"its Carl Morgan."

"Nice to meet you ."

she then kissed me on the neck starting to get my soldier to stand at attention, her very breath got me so horny I could not stand it.

"Ah I see im getting you exceited thats good for what I want with you but your not ripe yet we must work on it."

I promise im not lieing here this really happened and I could not believe it was happening to me but oh boy lets get this party started.

"now lets get rid of those cloths there in the way for what i want to do."

she then snapped her fingers and my cloths just vanished.

"Ah thats better well I had been expecting more but that will do."

she then dropped to her knees and sniffed my cock . "oooooo" you almost ripe"

before I knew it she was kissing my neck again it almost felt like she was bitting a little but thats nuts its only my imagination.

she then grabbed my rock hard cock and led me over to the bed and asked me the strangest question.

"do you believe in vampires Carl?"

"you know you would not be the first that has said no but my queen will show you the truth."

I was naked and horny and a sitting duck I could barly move with the boner I had rageing at the moment.

In walks this woman she stood at least six foot and had long shiny black hair that seemed to flow with no wind.

"My queen he is now ripe for the taking.

this woman had nothing on. her eyes were black as coal she was very well endowed and the oder of femmenity seem to come from her.

"Now you shall be part of my queens fold and there is nothing you can do about it.

the queen bent down to suck my cock as her lips touched my cock I blacked out.

when I woke up I felt like I had been driken all night but I knew I did not have any thing to drink.

I looked up and there stood the queen and that hot girl that started all this.

I saw she had something that looked like a dildo in her hands then she rubbed it across my face and laughed.

it felt real and then I saw the mole on it it was my cock and balls but how the heck did she do that.

she then picked up a small meatel tube and put them in it.

"Now that you are part of the fold in order to leave the fold and gain back your man hood you must have sex with a hundred men but you also must bring our queen a man every other time and leave him here for her as I have done you."

I stood up and I had golden curls in my hair and my breast were very big i got a better look at my self in the full mirror and i looked hot even though there was a vigina where mr happy and his boys once were.

you have untill midnight on halloween to accomplish this you must bring one hundred men into the fold and have sex with one hundred men.

"that means I got to find two hundred men to convert."

"oh look you can add how sweet."

"how will I know how to get a mans attention you will know and you must first bring a man to the queen first then you start."

"now you will have the same abillitys clasic vampires have ."

"any questions?"

"yeah what happens if i cant get a hundred men for our queen and the hundred for me?"

"then you will have a eterinty to do so you will be a gender vampire forever!!!" HaHaHa!!"

Wow was the only thing I could think of at the moment.

then it dawned on me there was only a week before I had to get this done so I needed to get started.

I was given a little red sports car and a very sexy body hugging dress .

I was then off i went to one of the hottest night spots in town called fun town.

Normaly only hot girls and rich ass holes were allowed in and this had not changed I was a hot chick and as the guy behind me told the doorman I was with him and he paid my way in.

"thank you Im Bab's ."

"A lady as hot as you should not have to pay her way in here when some one as handsome as me can do it for you."

he seemed nice enough but I had a feeling this guy thought he was going to get laid or he better he paid twenty bucks to get me in.

this guy had it coming he needed to be on the other side of the fence permently .

so I started flirting with him it came real easy for me some how and i had his attention and decided to snap the trap.

"hey hot rod lets go to my place I got someo ne your gonna love to met we can have a lot of fun."

I could smell he was getting ripe but not there just yet.

he jumped at the chance.

"Im with you babe!"

I then took him to my car and was thinking where did the name babs come from.

we reach the house but before we get out of the car i start kissing his neck just like I had been done.

I bent down and sniffed his crotch and muttered hes almost ripe.

we then got out of the car and igrabbed his balls and led him upstairs to the same room I had been in only hours before.

I kneeled before the guy and rubbed his caged cock in its denim prison it was getting fun I knew he could do nothing at this point he was like I was but this was different some how.

kissing his neck made my every being shake with pleasure and he was simply stuck there.

"i have a question for you."

"do you believe in vampires."

no was his anwser like mine had been.

"my queen will show you the truth."

no sooner had I said that she came floating in .

"he is ripe my queen ready for you ."

the queen turned toward me and smiled her evil smile she then hissed for me to leave.

I walked outside only to be greeted by the blond that had got me up here.

"you have done good your first time out but she may not like him." and if she dont she will give him to you for your pleasure."

"then what?"

"then he becomes your slave and he cant ever be male again but of coourse he cant any way for when she is done with him all he will be to her is a minon un like me and you which are genderpires or gender vampires."

"whats your name?"

"I dont have one and nither do you untill its asked for except im am the queens second."

"its time to go back in and see what she has done to him.

the queen looked at us and smiled. moving from the bed laid a baby girl wraped in a leather jacket.

"you did good new one you did real good now go continue your work."

As i was leaving the baby was handed to the queens second and told to drop it off at the police station.

I then left knowing I would get to have my first man this time and as i was flying over head just trying flight out i saw a man pushing a girl around.

"Leave her alone!" I yelled as I landed on the ground.

he then turned his attention toward me and the other girl ran off.

he then charged me only to be stopped by me kissing him.

he stopped in his tracks and got a stupid look on his face he was putty in my hands.

I had not figured on such a self defense action now what was I going to do to him.

then I had an idea .

I kissed his neck and then down his pants came on my knees and I started sucking his cock off i pictured him as a dumblond bimbo .

once done he then passed out and i watched as his body morphed in to a dumb blond with 48 double f's and a killer body with her mind geared for nothing but sex.

i was pleased with my self.

well every body another story by me i know its been a while so hope you like this part of it

HUggs and kiss's


I felt the power aftr changeing this jerk into a dumb blond bimbo I felt like some sort of hero or god some one who could tip the scales in the girls favor but I needed to get back to the task at hand.

I went back to funtown the same club I took my queens offering to and looked around once inside the room was smoky and the smell of male essance was abound my body was ready to pounce on the next guy I see.

I then saw him he was alone at the cornor table a well musculer man who was wearing dark glass's and a nice shirt un buttioned to his chest exposeing his chest hair.

As I started toward him I bumped into my mistress and she stopped me from going any futher.

"you dont want to miss with him Sara he is a hunter guys like him have been killing our kind for centures and he is on the hunt ."

"the male essance in here is very high in here so high that you almost went into over load."

I had to admit that was true.

"He has set a trap for you knowing a young genderpire would not know of them and return to a place where pickings were good and prime."

"you should never go back to the same spot that way he cant predict where you would go."


sorry for the txt size change but for some strange reason it changed on me and i could not fix it back

No sooner did she appear she vanished and the next thing I saw was him coming toward me .

I had to do something or I would be the one trapped, I had to think quick.

In all the movies and one personal expearnice the girl in a public place would cause some sort of distraction so she could make her escape thats what I needed to do.

I waited until he grabbed my arm then I screamed as loud as I could for help.


It did not take long for the bouncer's to show up.

"Mame is this man bothering you?"

"Yes he is trying to force me to go with him and I dont even know him he grabbed my ass and then grabbed me."

"no no she's lying she always lies she a vampire she needs to die!"

"Sir you are going to stay here until the lady leaves and if you come back I personaly will kick your ass."

I thanked the over size black guy for helping me he was very nice I was going to make sure no one bothered him he needed and deserved to be a man.

I went out side got into a dark area and jumepped into the sky.

I spotted a country western redneck bar I just knew it was full of ass holes you must understand I'm still learning stuff.

before I walked in I needed a new look so I thoought about it .

A white mid drift buttion down shirt and a very tight almost camel toe tight skirt and heels just to give the wrong idea to all the men inside.

As I walked in country music was playing and guys and gals were slow danceing.

two guys wearing ball caps saw me and could do nothing but watch my every move .

as I find a table the waitress speeds over to me and warns me the guys stareing at me are trouble and I should not find myself alone in a dark place because they had been known to force themselves on women like me.

"Now what will you have to drink sweety?"

"A beer would be nice."

After the waitress left the two rednecks came over and sat down uninvited.

"Hi Im vern and this is my friend bill can we sit down?"

"well your already there, would it matter if I said no?"

"No not really."

Vern then smiled his teeth covered in tobaco juice it was a very disgusting site.

"Look guys I was on my way to the ladies now please let me out so I can go."

"uh no can do we know that trick we aint letting you out if yous got to pee squat right here."

vern then smiled again.

the thought came to my head skills i needed at the moment would come to me .

I sent out a telapatic message to my mistress for help.

it only took a few minutes for her to get there.

"Hi Kat I been looking all over for you so this is whwere you are."

Bill got up and gave my mistress a seat on the inside then he got on the outside now they seemed to be both trapped.

my mistress looked at me and I shook my head.

we looked them in the eyes and got them under control until we could go ooutside and get them ripe for our queen.

out side we began to kiss there necks and get them started on being ripe for our queen to take.

there body smell was real rank and I was wondering if the queen would take these two.

the two rednecks could not even speak at this point and my mistress spoke up. "

"these two are perfect for our queen they are so full of male essance she will have her fill of them

our two victims we simply jumpped them to the house and into the hall where we continued to kiss the foul smelling men until they were ripe enough for our queen.

we then brought them into the room where we got on our kneews and smelled to make sure they are ripe enough for her and they where indeed so ripe our queen rushed into the room and rused us out.

it was about thirty minutes later the door oppened and she called us in.

there in the room stood two sissy's you could not mistake them they were baby sissy's diaper and all.

the queen licked her lips and smiled at me and told me I had done a great job.

she then floated over to me and spoke.

"you should consider staying this way you are getting as good as my second then you would not have to worry about makeing the limit we sat for you."

"thank you my queen I do enjoy the power."

"good good."

she then smiled and the two baby sissy's follwed her into her lair where she would give them instructions or send them off to where ever she did.


well here is the second part hope you enjoy leave comments as always I enjoy your comments and idea's any way

HUggs and kiss's


Well I was left with a lot to think about and to every one else seemd to already know my anwser me not so much.

on the one hand I had real power and was not some slave or infant girl I was a genderpire not a victim but a powerful being I could do as i wish with in the relm of common sense but what was common sense here.

on the other hand there were genderpire hunters who wished to see our kind end but through trickery we normaly escaped there plans but we had to be careful none the less.

I decided since the night was still young i would go and get my fill of man essence it was my turn for essence of man.

the black bouncer came to mind some how I knew I could take his essence and use it as food or take it as pleasure and give what male essece I had to him and he would be none the wiser.

So I wiated untill I saw him leave the club that's when i approched him .

"HI handsome." I smiled a please do me smile oh god please.

"Is there something I can do for oyu mame?"

"no but there is something I can do for you to thank you for saveing me from that nut job."

"what did you have in mind?"

"Oh I sure it's somthing you will enjoy."

"Oh yes I think I would indeed."

We made our way back to his place, it was not much to see but it was his he owned the small one bedroom house oout right it was decorated nicely not to girly not to manly he was into the ying yang way of life a order where every thing is equal.

we got undressed and OH MY GOD!!!! his cock was HUGE!!!!

"I got down on my knees I did not put a spell on him like I had my victimes he was not a victim he was my hero and I was going to treat him as such.

I got down on my knees and started to give him the blow job of his life he moaned and his cock got even bigger, it was hard just to get the head in my mouth but I did manage to go a little futher down his meaty rod.

He was really ripe and it was hard not to take him but this was for pleasure.

He picked me up and put me on the bed where he rammed his king kong cock deep into me I was in so much pleasure I could not stand my self as i orgazismed for the third time I felt the last of my remaining male essence slip away and I knew I now had no choice but to reamin the way I was now a genderpire.

It was about an hour to dawn and I needed to get back to the house.

Yes yes I know but just like vampires those gross blood sucking feinds we can not stay in sunlight for very long we can be in it but not long.

He was sound asleep I was glad because I never told him my name and when he woke up he would have a extra pep in his step for the rest of his life and since I did give him the rest of my male essence there was no way back for me and to be honest I was glad.

I arrived at the house which was my home when I got inside the queen and my mistress stood there with smiles on there face's.

"My queen what is wrong?"

" nothing my young one I have something to show you."

she produced the can she had put my cock and balls in she then turned it upside down and nothing came out.

"You see you gave all your male essance to a man who saved you from a hunter and as you gave him your male essence you cock and balls went with it ."

"Im proud yoyu made the right choice and since you did that he wil never be bothered by any other genderpire or vampire for he is now protected."

"you are now one of us now and forever and one day you will be a queen as my second will be in the near future but for now you will seerve me and her."

"remember this you now serve me and your mistress only no other pire of any sort can tell you what to do only me and my second."

"come we must got to bed the sun will be up soon."

"my queen why do we have to be in out of the sunlight by day break?"

"Ah yes it really will not harm us so to speak but we operate at night we got to get rest like every one else."

It was the next night when things started to get fun I was going after my queen a offering but I wanted to make sure he deserved to be delt with by the queen.

I was perched on top of a drugstore watching this drunk guy trying to get someo ne to go home with him.

"Hi maggi."

"Mistress what are you doing here?"

"you can stop with the mistress crap your almost my equal and soon you will take my place as the queens second."

"What are you talking about you cant die can you?"

"No its nothing like that I soon will have a hive of my own in another part of the country and I will have my own second you belong to our queen."

"I will hate to see you go ."

"Im not gone yet and I see your hunting."

"what are you studying to get?"

"I have been watching him but I can smell a strange order from him like rotton eggs."

"then stay away from him he is bad he may have a diesese or sexual transmitted base thats the order you smell thats how you know if they are safe."

"you have learned a lot in a very short time and thats why the queen loves you for she knows you will serve her well."

""HOw do you get.....?

"to become a queen maggi, well I have been my queens second for nearly three hundred years so since I have never betrayed her and have loved her as a daughter loves her mother she has given me the gift of queen and soon it will be time and on halloween you will be the queens second."

"Hey look there see that guy running from the alley he looks to be in a hurry."

"lets check out the alley first."

We got to the alley and laying on the ground was a young woman who had been raped and he smelled very ripe.

"GET HIM!!!"

I took to the air and picked him up right off the street as a eagle would take a small animal from a field.

I did not stop because he was ripe with the smell of forced sex upon him.

when I got to the house the queen took him from my arms and took him right there and put him in the air.

" you Man you have violated a woman and you will pay in such a way that you cant even imagine ."

"Im going to turn you into a whore who sells herself on the street and you will always remember you can do nothing else to earn money and though you will remember every thing you will not be able to speak of it and each time you have sex with a man your memiores of why your this and what it was like to be a man."

I will take your male essance from you and....."

"My queen I have a idea if I may."

"Yes my child what is it?"

"he dose not desrve to be a women at all so here is what we should do."

All the man could here was whispering.

"I think thats a wonderful idea."

"you will not be turned into a female you do not deserve the mantle of woman hood nordo you deserve to have the mantle of man hood either so it is my judgement that you will become obseesed in becomeing more fem and you will whore your self out to do so and each time you get closer you want more you want more men and you will do this as I have mentioned."


With the wave of her hand a magic cloud covered him and made him femanin looking almost so but still appeared to be a man then in a poof of smoke he was gone.

"you once again have done well I do not however take men into the fold whose essence is bad like that I punish them."

"Dear i loved your idea I shall use it in case's like this.

Well all for now I hope yall are enjoying the story.

HUggs and kiss's


I was getting tired and the sun was coming up ,I decided to go to bed and start again tommorow night.

My mistress took me to my room the room I would sleep in as long as my queen stayed here .

I no longer needed to worry about money or being alone or even wondering what I was sopose to do with my life I was a powerful gederpire.

we did not suck blood I found that gross .

sex was so much more fun insted of haveing to suck some ones blood.

I think I would walk into the sun and kill myself than have to suck blood.

I would reamin young forever and have as much fun as I wanted to as much as my queen would allow.

The day slipped away and I got up and grabbed a cup of coffee before I set out on the hunt first for my queen then second for me.


"yes mistress ."

"be carful there are hunters out so if you smell to much male essance leave at once."

"Yes mistress."

I went to the attic window and jumpped out with the wind and flew to a club called the wind sock it looked to be a club for pilots.

this time I had blond hair and was wearing one of those black leggins and a long shirt with a butterfly on it my breast this time was a c cup I did not wish to apeir slutty I was going to let my actions do that.

I jumped down in the darkness and walked around front before I could go in I saw the same hunter I was going to need help.

I used my telthapy and contacted my mistress and queen .

they soon arrived .

"My child what is wrong?"

"it's the hunter the same one that I saw the other night ,he is tracking me some how I think."

"well my child we must take care of this misguided hunter and teach him a lession that blood suckers are what he is after."

"you go in and apporch him take both of my sissies and they will be able to disarm him then tell him I wish to speak to him."

"my queen what if dose not come ?"

"he will have no choice since I called him out."

"now go get him."

"yes my queen."

"sissies go with Sally and protect her."

"As you command Mistress."

the two sissies followed me in I saw him sitting in the cornor.

one sissy got in front of me and she spoke.

our sub mistress wish's to speak to you so here her out then you will know what she wish's."

the sissy then moved.

"Well what is it vampire?"

"one Im no vampire and two my queen wish's to speak to you."

"Very well then" ,he said in a gruff voice as if he really hated what he was doing.

the two sissy's got on each side and both produced a small cross bow and held it at his sides as they followed me to the back of the building.

"My queen here is the hunter I spoke to you about."

"Sissy's move aside ."

the two went behind the queen and my mistress stood in front of me.

"Now hunter you thing my girls here are blood sucking vampires dont you?"

"well uh duh !"


"you will listen this is your first and final warning."

"last year you killed two of my girls and yet we did nothing now you are tracking another ."

"Her" pointing to me.

"Yes I am."

"We are not vampires we are genderpires."

"We dont suck blood and we dont do any thing to any one that dont have it coming to them."

"Genderpire? "

"I have never heard of such."

"We take a mans essence and transform them into sissy's like these two or a genderpire like my new child here."

you have to want it or deserve the punishment I give them we do not kill at all.

"My new child chose this life and Im proud she has."

"she was once a man with no purpose and when wwe turned him he would h ave been a man on halloween night but chose to stay with us."

"Now you have two choice's here one we can punish you or two you can leave us alone."

"your queenship our what ever my father hunted your kind till he died he is the one he made the bait that attracts you."

"oh yes your father he made a mistake in his formula and he too was warned long ago he choice punishment and is now a whore on a cornor in some city, he hated his life and how it had turned out."

"so after he killed my sister he had to be punished so that is what i did to him ."

"Now this is the proper bait."

"here are the notes on how to make it."

"What if I asked of you to change me into a girl."

"Im sorry your to much of a man the only way would be punishment and you would end up like your father."

"I think I will stay this way then and I shall leave you and your girls alone."

"I will inform my hunting clan as to what there hunting is wrong and give them the right bait."

"Thank you."

the hunter then took the bait with him and left.

the large amount of male essance left as well.

"Now sally you can get on with your hunting."

"thank you my queen."

"your very welcome young one."

After all that i went into the bar and found loads of assholes and one of them was a vampire.

I looked at him and he knew not to mess with me .

the look he gave me made me wonder if my kind was stronger than his but I was in no mood to find out.

I sat at a table in the far cornor when the vampire came and sat down beside me.

"I see your queen has trained you well young genderpire."

"What do you want?"

"Im simply giving you this hunting ground I do not wish a fight between us for we would both end up loseing and the purity of our clans would be lost."

"So I ask this agreement be made a simple one between me and you."

"Im sorry I can not make a agreement with out my queens knowledge."

"then for politness sake then I give you this hunting groound tonite and you give me the next one if we cross path's again."


"AH your majesty I was simply talking to your young one here."

"Yes Vampire I know I heard every word."

"You did well young one go hunt else where."

"Yes my queen."

I walked out and wondered what my queen and the vampire would talk about.

"Now Horace you know better than to hunt here on my hunting grounds are you trying to start a war?"

"No your majesty I could not find your place so I decided to lour you out."

"I knew she would call for help being uncertin as what to do."

"she knew what to do she called me."

"of course my master wants to know if there are any hunters in the area."

"You tell your master if there are hunters here he has no reason for these are my hunting grounds."

"If your master come here he is in for a big surprise he will be punished."

"For that young one has compleatly embraced our ways and with it she is just as powerful as I am and could be more so."

"She dose not know this and I would prefer it stay that way for both our sakes."

"She will give birth to the first natural genderpire in twothousand years and that natural genderpire was me."

"Yes I understand I shall give him the message."

Well my loyal readers should the new genderpire give birth or should she continue hunting this choice is yours I will be back monday so untill then.

HUggs and Kiss's

The queen left the vampire standing there wondering just how strong the genderpire was and his curiousness may get him in more trouble than even his master could not get him out of.

The Vampire transformed into a bat and did not give it a second thought he left with the message for his master.

Carl for all intent and purpose's had been wondering why her queen took such a intrest in her hunting and why is she doing her best to keep her safe, was it because she was young or was it something else.

so Carl now Harmony she was wearing cowboy boots and a very shirt leather skirt with a top tied up to her breast line and this time her cleaveage was ready to pour out of the shirt at the first jiggle.

she decided to go back to funtown the hunter issue was over the vampire issue was over andn ow she had just enough time to have sex.

so honey decided to go back to the bar and find the bouncer.

when she found him he was just in there messing around he was off tonight.

"Hi there hero ."

"Hi ." "what is your name?"

"Its Honey I thought me and you could hook up tonight."

"Uh whats your name?"

"sorry it bennie."

the two left for bennies place and they had sex no blow job pure sex it was so pleasurable nither of them could hardly move from the multiple orgasims they had .

The mistress had to come and get here because she was so weak from sex.

the moon was shining in the window when i woke up.

"Did you have fun last night dear cause that man sure did but you can no longer see him and he wont remember you any way ."

"Why I like him."

"its simple really genderpires are sexual creatures and can be nothing else a realtionship will not work."

so i cast a memory spell of one of his long lost girlfriends and her in his bed they have the memories you have but do not know it was you."

"I see."

With a saddend face a single tear fell on her check."

"Now now dont cry its gonna be all right you will have to find a play thing insted of a boyfriend."

"Look tommorow is halloween and you become the queens second and I become a queen you will chose your minions and Im sure the fold will grow greatly."

"I went through the same thing you are going through right now."

"It will pass."

My mistress did not go out on halloween and nither did I for that was a vampires night and a withchs night as well a genderpire stayed in not because there were weaker no it was because that was there night to rest and of course it was my mistress night to become a queen and start her hive.

As they all watched the clock strike twelve my mistress was now a queen and she was gone I too had changed I was now the queens second and was more powerful than I was before and I thought to myself I was never a victim I was a genderpire and would be for as long as I was around.

My queen looked a bit weak when she had placed the mantle of queen on my former mistress.

"My queen are you ok?"

"Yes child Im simply older than you know I have been around before recorded history two thosand years dose not even cover it I turned your mistress when ceaser was a boy so you see I have a full life but your job as second will be more demanding than my former for im getting weaker and you will have to find me offerings tommorow I need 3 men I know you can find them.

you soon will be queen as well and you will take over here when the time is right."

then the queen went into her room and shut the door I wondered through the house wondering what was really going on.

well We all are wondering what is really going on and this is the end of my tail.

HUggs and kiss's

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im still waiting on some good repies i love comments good or bad
 HUggs and Kiss's
Good story please continue
i love your story and can't wait for the next update.
Baby Flo
Great story!
I love it very much.
Please continue when you feel like it.

Hugs and kisses
Love everybody
everybody will Love you
lovely story cant wait for more. please let me know when or if you are going to add more
lots of love
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