XXX Terry Learns the Hard Way
Terry wants to become more and more a sissy girl, but goes slightly astray
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These hot flushes - they had overwhelmed Terry every few days for as long as anyone could remember. You see, it had begun when he was quite young- in an innocent sort of way he would like to grab sister's dress at night and sleep in it. Quietly next morning he'd replace it and no-one ever knew. Or so he thought.
Growing older, Terry found ways to improve on that dressing up bit, a towel would be wrapped snugly round the lower parts and Terry'd pretend to be a little girlie. Next- Why not wet the towel? That had proved highly enjoyable as well. Then the biggest thrill, the arrival of the internet had facilitated purchases of clothing that Terry'd been too shy to buy in a shop. First choice was a satin black dress with frilly hem, neck and sleeves and matching satin petticoat and panties that felt so sissy. Then a chiffon olive green dress and matching underwear, and thirdly a shiny pvc outfit, the three being worn in rotation.
Now over 20, Terry continued to improve this happy sissification, the latest wild idea being to dress up, then leave the privacy of bedroom and dare to wander down the street in that satin dress. but even at night it was scarey, suppose anyone saw? Yet with noone about Terry took courage and stepped cautiously outside.
Wandering past silent houses, Terry became a little bolder and shuffled like a little girl and was thumb sucking along the pavement, before taking a deep deep breath. Walking in the opposite direction round the corner came an old family friend. Thumb dropped, Terry breathed in, heart beating loudly, turning away slightly as the person approached. Terry determined to remain silent even if anything was said. But it worked, for the person was silent also and passed on into the dark, Terry's heart leaped and there was squeezed out a little joyful pee into the terry nappy. Warmed by that, some more flowed out, and suddenly Terry wanted home and forgot about the shuffle to skip quickly past the friend, slamming the front door in elation. But his old mum had watched what happened.

A few days passed and next Terry had thoroughly planned a more ambitious scheme. A weekend away in a seaside hotel where noone could know Terry from Adam. Then Terry could wallow in those sissy costumes 24-7, eating in the hotel dining room, maybe even strolling the promenade before a night wetting those sexy panties. Departing excitedly in ordinary clothes, Terry was anticipating an absolutely wonderful time..
On the train down, a few minutes in the toilet. Breathlessly the door was locked and the weekend case opened. In no time, Terry was standing naked, praying there was no eye to peep thru any crack, No need to use the lavatory, little baby will hold it in for later, then on with those cosy plastic panties and the lovely brand new velvet dress that felt oh so smooth. That was all there was time for, a quick dab of lipstick and Terry emerged, just as the train was pulling into the station. Passengers were too busy to notice anything as they streamed out, Terry slowly and slightly proudly shuffling along in their wake.
It wasn't far to the hotel, Terry had planned to quietly take a taxi but confidence breeds confidence and a pleasant sunny walk seemed much nicer, showing off that delicate velvet dress with the satin arms and, of course, frilly wristbands, neck and hem, these in white. Perhaps that was where Terry overestimated it a little. For in walking down the road, a young man started to follow with a smile on his face. Turning into the next road Terry became aware of being shadowed and though the stranger looked harmless, pace quickened almost involuntarily, but so did the stranger's.
Hotel was still a street away and this was a quiet road, Terry started to panic. How could this stranger be dodged? There was a slight wetness down in the panties, also involuntary, as the stranger came within a few yards. Passing a suburban church that fronted the pavement, a flash of inspiration, Terry whipped inside. Had the stranger seen? He was waiting outside. Let him wait. Terry moved forward and saw the confessional. Safer in there, Terry entered and sat with a slight squelching sound. That seemed to awake the priest and before Terry
knew it, an appeal had been made for protection. There was no question from the father, but Terry knew an explanation might be due. Suddenly the whole story burst out in reverse as it were, from the stranger back to the train, to the dressing, to the wetting. A pause. "Jesus said we must all become like little children," the father interjected,"you have been like that." Terry smiled. "Jesus told us we must be born again," father added. "You need that." I do, agreed Terry, as the words gave birth to the wild idea came into the mind. The priest was begged and begged to help and in the end he conceded. "my child, I will help you in whatever way I can that is right in God's eyes."
Father's first use was to escort his child out the church, safely past the waiting stranger, on to the hotel. Once there, Terry, emboldened, booked in, as the father made to leave, but Terry's eyes implored him not to go. But he had to, promising to return when needed. Make it this evening at nine, begged Terry.
Room 3 was Terry's, the special suite, and it was here that Terry wanted to be born the father had explained.
After a teeny pee to soak the panties again, a bath and the naked Terry was soon prepared.

A large blow up doll was slit slightly open at the base, and luckily Terry wasn't that tall and neatly slotted feet into the arms, body tightly inside the doll's, a close fit but almost perfect. Wriggling arms into the legs, then a seal above the shoulders as Terry collapsed on to the waterproof bed. There was plenty of pee left inside. That was held in and in, as Terry started sucking on a large feeding bottle of warm milk. The held-in pee was just bound to yield, but it was held yet longer. Then that flow of pee proved to be finally irresistible. It splashed on Terry's chest then falling into the doll's arms and Terry's legs, ere long swelling round Terry's lower parts.
Sitting up soaked in pee, Terry's body felt the flowing pee wet every last part, and all round the doll, head and all. Terry was feverishly sucking more and yet more milk until the doll was filled up, and pee reached Terry's neck, where the seal did its job. Perhaps it was a little like being inside the womb all over again. Soon Terry'd be born again. At last Terry stopped drinking as the doll was full. But soon it was over full, as the pee would not stop. In another half hour the space between Terry's body and the doll skin was filled with so much pee that it was about to burst. Wasn't it something like being born? For then it happened. Splash! The seal had to yield and out it all burst. Terry felt this was being born again.
But no, let's be honest, it didn't feel quite like that. Minutes later nine o'clock sounded and the father called, as appointed, staring dispassionately at the soaking mess while musing out loud the words, "can a man enter his mother's womb a second time?" He explained to the sodden Terry that Jesus only meant it in spiritual terms. "He does give you a second birth, if you ask," concluded the priest
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