Supermodel Remix (R)
A scientist attains a supermodel's body and an adult baby's desires!
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Special Notes: This story is now complete.

I don't know if this story is very unique. But I hope you like it. It is very much based on things I've adored in the stories of the Luvable ChristieLuv and Queen Miki Yamuri.

Also, some of the parts might be a little scary or sad. And there is a tiny bit of sexual content. That is why I put an R rating on this story.

Chapter 1

"Here she comes, it's Lorena, walking down the runway in the masterpiece of the designer's new collection. Lorena is stunning, as always. The South American beauty, her slim, gorgeous body accentuated by M. Shellie's elegant, inviting dress."

Timothy clicked the circle at the bottom of the screen. He dragged it back to the beginning of the red line.

Lorena came walking out again onto the runway. The announcer began speaking again.

Timothy waited for the moment that the view of Lorena showed her whole body. Then Timothy clicked on the pause icon.

There stood Lorena. Timothy imagined himself in the frame. If everything went as well as Timothy planned, the image wouldn't be so far-fetched.

Timothy put his tablet on sleep and stood up from the park bench. He put his tablet and his coffee mug into his bag and walked the rest of the way through the park into his building.

About fifteen minutes later, on this mid-July morning in the year 2019, Timothy V- was in a small room with his two colleagues.

The two colleagues, Lydia Y- and Philip R-, were about fifteen years older than Timothy, who was 25 years old. But they all three looked young for their age.

Dr. Y was a noted scientist in biochemistry. Dr. R was the technical genius behind the scenes of a number of the decade's most important experiments.

Mr. V was not very well known at all. He preferred it that way. He was actually an expert in topological mathematics, which made him indispensable for this project.

Lydia said, "Timmy, you dressed very nicely today."

Timothy said, "I guess maybe I didn't need to. But I figured, it's my last chance to dress like this. Maybe my last chance to dress at all..."

Timothy choked a little bit and thought seriously about that. In the park he had seen a bluejay fly between two junipers. He wondered if he'd ever see that again.

Lydia, "Well, you'll be dressing a lot better if everything works out, right?"

Philip said, "You'll look just like you've always wanted to."

Timothy smiled.

Philip said, "Look, Tim, we've all worked hard on this project. You've done splended work on the gene sequencing problems and programs."

Timothy said, "Well -- and you guys have done--"

Lydia patted Timothy's hand and gave him a motherly look. "Now, Timmy, you don't need to compliment us. Right now, you're the one putting everything on the line. And we want you to know, you can trust us to do everything right for you."

Philip said, "That's right. Just wake up on time. That's all we ask. We need your smart brain to help us pull the sequencing programs out of prototype phase."

Timothy felt nervous. He used the bathroom (why? he thought) before heading into the prep room with Lydia.

Lydia helped Timothy undress. Lydia had been such a strong figure in Timothy's life over the past four years. Philip, too. In many ways, the two of them had been like a mother and father to Timothy.

He thought of never seeing them again, and he felt very sad. But Lydia caught the look in his eyes. She grabbed Timothy's chin softly and gave Timothy a quick kiss on the cheek.

Timothy giggled a little and smiled. He suddenly felt a lot better.

Lydia administered a shot to Timothy and lay him down on the hospital bed. As Timothy fell asleep, Lydia did as Timothy had requested, and read "Ode on a Grecian Urn."

Timothy could barely hear the words as he drifted off to sleep. His mind was a maze of memories.

Timothy, Lydia, and Phil had begun "Project Remake" four years ago. The goal of the project was to perfect the stabilization and usage of the stem cells found in adult human blood.

The altruistic goal of the project was to create a quick-acting mechanism which could utilize a person's own blood samples to create new vital organs in a very short period of time (the near-term goal being less than a month, with the medium-term goal being less than a week, and the ultimate goal being a matter of hours, if not a shorter time period).

The money-making goal of the project, the goal which Timothy was offering himself up for as a human guinea pig, fell under what the three scientists liked to call "the new plastic surgery."

In this project, blood wasn't taken from the subject's own body, but from another body. Stem cells from this blood sample could then, hypothetically, be used to re-form the body, with about a 98% accuracy of replication, of the person from whom the blood sample was taken.

In the case of "the new plastic surgery," the blood would be taken from a person whom the subject would most want to resemble. The stem cells to be used on Timothy came from blood drawn from the supermodel Lorena.

This wasn't because Timothy necessarily wanted to look like Lorena, although he certainly wouldn't mind it, if he did end up looking like her. It was actually because Lorena had donated her blood to the project.

The project itself was completely unknown to the public. The project was a private project, with little to no government influence, heavily funded under a number of different code names by a number of extremely wealthy, powerful individuals from all around the world.

The ultimate goal of "the new plastic surgery" was, as the greatest funder of the project, Leigh W-, said, to make "models into models."

If people wanted to look like the most beautiful women and men in the world, they could -- if they had enough money. Models would become genetic templates, so to speak, for the re-made bodies of those who could afford the change.

The money-making part of the project would, ideally, go to support the altruistic part of the project, which would conceivably save innumerable lives in a wide variety of situations.

The project had originally been slated for completion by 2025. But as Timothy, Lydia, and Philip generated successes with their various project milestones, they found their funders becoming increasingly, rather than decreasingly impatient.

Finally took matters into his own hands. He worked like he'd never worked before in his life, to the point of almost complete ruin on a number of occassions, speeding the milestones of the project through to the very end.

As Timothy reached the end of the genetic sequencing problems and programming issues, he began to let Lydia and Philip in on his progress.

As covertly as possible, the three scientists had put together a full-body "plastic surgery" experiment.

By communicating via a number of covert channels, Lydia was able to get in touch with Lorena, who had been more than willing to donate blood samples to this project.

There was no legal way Timothy, Lydia, and Philip could have gotten approval for the use of a human subject for such a high-risk project this early in the process. So, without even consulting the project's funders, the three scientists decided that one of them would be a guinea pig.

Timothy had never made any attempt to hide the fact that he was a transvestite. He normally dressed like a man, and he always dressed like a man when he came into work. But he would go out, quite often, dressed as a woman.

He would even occasionally go out with Lydia and Philip while dressed as a woman. But when he did, he often felt more like a girl, like Lydia's and Philip's daughter, than he did like one of their friends. He liked that feeling, though he had never told Lydia and Philip that.

Timothy's eyes wavered shut.

Lydia softly kissed Timothy's eyelids. She then began to prepare Timothy's body for the "plastic surgery machine."

Lydia thought for a moment about Timothy's beautiful body, sad, in many ways, to know that it would be changed forever, in either a successful or failing scenario.

Lydia, Philip, and Timothy had all volunteered themselves for the experiment. But Timothy was most enthusiastic.

Lydia and Philip really didn't want Timothy to be the one to take on the project. Timothy, although the youngest of the group, was really the most essential. The sequencing phase of the project required skills in topological mathematics that nobody else in the world except for Timothy had.

But Lydia and Philip also felt that, if they succeeded, perhaps they could put Timothy into a body which would make him wildly happy. And, for some reason, they felt a strong desire to give Timothy whatever they could to make him hapy.

Lydia and Philip had grown closer and closer over the past four years, and they had done so taking care of Timothy. Timothy had been on the verge of becoming a recluse, completely detached from the world. But some people who had been watching him recruited him for this project.

Lydia and Philip learned about Timothy's life -- the sad loss of his parents, his lonely adolescence, and his isolated college years. They felt sorry for him and began to care for him. As they did, they watched him blossom into a cheerful, brilliant adult.

Lydia didn't want Timothy to change. But, then again, do all the parents of the men and women undergoing sex-reassignment surgery want their sons and daughters to change? Probably not.

Timothy had never really expressed a desire to undergo sex-reassignment surgery. But he jumped at this opportunity. And Lydia told herself that, if this experiment worked correctly, it would be only a different form of sex-reassignment surgery.

Some people might disagree. Some people might look at using a person's blood, even with their consent, to create a 98% replica of the person, was completely unethical.

Lydia had a hard time telling. The ethics were hazy at best. But the ethics of most aspects of human life in the ultra-modern world were hazy at best, when you looked at it all.

Lydia was actually crying.

A capsule closed around Timothy's body. The capsule was sleek and white, with a lateral window from which Timothy's entire body could be viewed.

The capsule filled with a slightly murky fluid. A monitoring panel -- what had previously looked like a sleek strip of black plastic above the lateral window -- now began glowing with bars of green, yellow and red light, with images occasionally appearing over the bars.

Lydia knew the process was already beginning. She felt horribly sorrowful. She didn't want to see it -- at least not the first seconds of it.

She didn't want to see Timothy's body dissolve!

Lydia walked out of the room. Tears welled in her eyes. She walked into the control room, where Philip sat. More than anything, Lydia wanted to clutch onto Philip, hold onto him and cry intensely.

But both she and Philip had extremely focused monitoring work ahead of them.

The next few weeks of work would be some of the most demanding they had ever faced. But the next few hours of work were of the most critical importance to the life of the friend -- something even more than friend -- who lay in the next room.

Chapter 2

Philip and Lydia hardly slept during those four weeks.

The emotional strain on both Philip and Lydia didn't let up for the first week.

Timothy's body had been immersed in what one could think of as an enzyme bath. His body was dissolved by these enzymes, broken into minute elements more basic than DNA.

The "plastic surgery machine" preserved Timothy's brain and a certain amount of his nervous system. These were encased in a stasis system.

Once the plastic surgery machine had completely dissolved the rest of Timothy's body, the enzymes were catalytically separated from the basic elements which had been Timothy's body.

A frame of crystal-clear, gel-like matter was injected into the basic elements. This gel-like frame was programmed, via something akin to radio-controlled molecules, to form itself into a skeleton. The skeleton was made to resemble the skeleton of the supermodel Lorena.

The skeleton formed itself around the casing protecting Timothy's brain and nervous system.

Once the skeleton had formed and hardened -- it was a plasticky, crystal-clear material, not unlike the shell of the stasis system -- another jet of gel-like matter was injected into the capsule.

By this time, three days had passed. Only three days, Lydia and Philip thought. To them it had seemed like three months.

The chemicals in the second jet of gel-like matter were the stem cells from Lorena's blood samples and a chemical compound of self-active molecules which would act as forming agents for the stem cells.

The stem cells bascially "fed on" the basic elements which had once gone into the makeup of Timothy's body. These basic elements were, in a way, food, which helped the stem cells grow and reproduce.

The forming agent chemicals acted to guide the growing stem cells around the plasticky shell of the stasis system which surrounded Timothy's brain and nervous system.

The stem cells actually used the shell of the stasis system as food, thus dissolving the stasis system and leaving certain elements of the nerve endings exposed.

As the stem cells attached to the nerve cells, they began to receive messages, which guided the stem cells into diversification and further growth.

The stem cells now grew around the plasticky lattice which resembled the bone structure of Lorena. The stem cells diversified into nervous tissue, muscle, skin, and ligament. The stem cells began eating into the plasticky lattice to form actual bone.

Cells now formed into the various vital organs of the body. The connective tissue grew. Veins and arteries began flowing around and through all the newly forming elements of Timothy's new body.

The whole process up to this point took about two weeks to complete.

During this time, Philip and Lydia were both constantly monitoring thousands of details pertaining to the chemistry of the capsule and the condition of Timothy's living brain and nervous system.

In the middle of the third week, not long after Timothy's new head had been formed completely around her brain, and the stasis system had been completely dissolved, Timothy's heart began beating. Her respiratory system began to function normally.

Timothy's body had a thin, shapeless look to it at first. Now the body began growing more fully, taking on the appearance of an adult female's body. By the end of the third week, Timothy's female body was completely formed, and had grown out to have the appearance of a young woman's body.

Lydia and Philip actually had a hard time believing that the objective had been achieved thus far. They had watched as Timothy's body had been completely obliterated -- cruelly obliterated, both Lydia and Philip had secretly thought at certain points during the ordeal.

And then they had watched the complex, in many ways indescribable process (certainly, only the staggering amount of detail contained in the quantum computers running the actual processes could give a fair, let alone complete, description of the process) of Timothy's body being reformed.

The process had gone from one which had seemed so cruel into one which now seemed so miraculous! It felt as if, between them, Lydia and Philip had created a life!

But Timothy's brain was still growing into its new body, becoming acclimated to interaction with its new immediate environment. The next few days would be spent monitoring the brain impulses and the reactivity of the body.

As these days went on, all signs pointed to healthy results. Finally, the fluid in the capsule, which had been sustaining Timothy through this entire process, was drained out.

Timothy was attached to a respirator. She was still in a sleep-like state.

Lydia cleaned Timothy's new body.

Timothy had asked to be called Tina if he could manage to make it through the "new plastic surgery." As Lydia cleaned Timothy's extremely beautiful, extremely feminine body, it became easier for her to think of Timothy as Tina.

Lydia put an adult diaper and a thin robe on Tina's new body. Lydia kissed Tina's smooth forehead and petted back her soft hair.

"Welcome home, Tina." Lydia said.

Chapter 3

Tina opened her eyes.

She seemed to have been having a nice dream about playing in a maze made out of blankets draped archingly over her like blankets.

She remembered that as she was crawling along through the maze, happy as a little girl could be, she was chasing a little boy.

The boy had disappeared around a corner. Tina crawled around the corner to find the boy. But there was just a big mirror in front of her.

The reflection of the little baby Tina waved. Tina giggled and said, "Don't wave unless I wave!"

Tina felt so happy and peaceful after her dream. It took her a moment to realize that she was much bigger than she had been in her dream.

But she was still wearing a diaper. And the diaper was wet.

She put a hand to her diaper and felt the thin hospital gown over it. She moved her hand up her stomach and then up to her breasts.

She hadn't realized she was such a big girl! It made her feel so sexy inside, to be such a big girl!

She felt so aroused by herself that she pottied a little bit in her diapers.

But her mind was trying very hard to remember something. A little bit of a cloud cleared away.

She had been telling herself, almost as if someone else had said it to her, "Wewcom home, Tina."

She wondered who could have been telling her welcome home? The voice was familiar. It was... who?

Lorena? No. I'm Lorena. No, I'm not. I'm Tina.

Lydia? Yes. It must have been Lydia. Then if that was Lydia, I'm not Tina. I'm Timothy!

Tina sat straight up in her bed. It was a strange situation. She looked around. The room wasn't the sterile-looking room she'd fallen asleep in when Lydia had given her the sleeping medicine.

This room was the recovery room Timothy, Lydia, and Philip had set up for once Tina had awakened.

"I waken," Tina tried to say. But she was surprised by her voice. It sounded high and babyish! She giggled at her voice, as if it was cute as a little birdy.

But, shocked by her babyish giggle, she stopped herself. Why did her voice sound so weird?

Maybe her throat was still scratchy. If Tina was thinking right, she could only have been off the respirator for a couple of days.

But Tina recognized something else. She liked -- really liked! -- the way her voice sounded! It made her feel happy, like the little baby she had been in her dream.

She wanted to talk again, just so she could hear her voice and feel even more babyish.

But that kind of desire didn't make sense. "I not a baby girl! I an adult!"

Her voice sounded so cute and pretty that she giggled and cooed again, delighted at what a little baby she sounded like.

Tina thought, this can't be good.

Lydia and Philip entered the room. Lydia was cheerful and excited, although she looked terribly exhausted.

"Welcome home, Tina!" Lydia said. She was crying. She hugged Tina.

Philip walked to the other side of the bed and hugged Tina as well. The three stayed in that embrace for a couple of minutes.

Tina wanted to tell Lydia and Philip that there was a problem. Something was wrong with her -- something had to be wrong with her.

But Mommy and Daddy -- or Lydia and Philip -- seemed so happy to hug their little girl -- but she wasn't their little girl! -- that Tina just stayed quiet and hugged them back as snuggly -- snuggly? -- as she could.

She needed to potty again. She could feel it. So she just went. She knew that if she went, her Mommy and Daddy would change her. But why couldn't she stop calling Lydia and Philip Mommy and Daddy?

Tina pottied her diaper. Her diaper was now quite full!

Tina said, "Uh-oh. I made wetsies."

Tina's voice was so cute that Lydia cooed with glee.

But Philip backed up from Tina. Lydia realized that something was wrong. She stood back from Tina.

Lydia asked, "What did you say, Tina?"

Tina said, "Make wetsies, Mommy. I'm sowwy. I not twying talk wike this."

Lydia had Philip leave the room.

Lydia changed Tina's adult diaper. All the time that Lydia was changing Tina, Tina was giggling and cooing like a happy baby.

Lydia thought, Timothy's brain must have sustained some kind of injury.

Lydia felt horrible. She thought, I've hurt him. I promised to care for him correctly. But I've injured him irreparably.

Lydia was about to cry. But she knew she had to find out exactly what was wrong with Tina. Perhaps she wasn't so bad. Perhaps she could be helped.

Lydia asked Tina, "Tina, do you remember who you used to be?"

"Still am, Mommy!" Tina looked so happy saying "Mommy," but the look she gave Lydia was apologetic. "I don't twy to call you Mommy. I just do it."

Lydia said, "Tina, were you always Tina?"

Tina shook her head. She said, "I was Timmy, Mommy. You member. I was Timofy. I was in the speriment and now I'm a big girl!"

Tina giggled and softly clapped her hands a little bit out of happiness. Then she calmed down.

Lydia was about to ask another question. But Tina stopped her. Tina held her hand up to Lydia's mouth.

Tina slowly shook her head. Lydia remained silent, looking at Tina.

Tina looked at Lydia very seriously. She took in a few deep breaths. She then spoke very slowly, visibly trying not to take any pleasure in how cute she sounded.

"I think... I'm okay... Mommy. Lydia. I... can... think... clearly. I... know... who I was. But maybe... development... not fully... calculated. A glitch... we can fix."

Tina put her hand down to let Lydia speak.

Lydia asked, "Do you think we can fix it for you?"

Tina realized that part of what made the babyishness inside her intensify was hearing her Mommy's -- Lydia's -- voice! It felt like the voice of a protecting angle to Tina. Tina just wanted to cuddle up in Lydia's arms when Lydia spoke!

But Tina was able to focus herself a little bit. She said, "Don't think... can fix... But I can... get better. Pwobly always like this, now, though, Mommy."

Tina put a hand to her mouth and shook her head. She knew she would have trouble talking like her old self anymore for today -- she was just too tired.

Lydia tried to ask Tina something. But Tina stopped Lydia again.

Tina said, "I happy, Mommy. Be my Mommy a wittle bit, 'kay?"

Lydia nodded. Tiny gleams of tears dotted the corners of her eyes.

Lydia kissed Tina's cheeks passionately, like a mother would. Tina felt a rush of happiness run through her body.

Tina felt so content the way she was right now! She was very tired, though. She just wanted to sleep for a little while.

Tina yawned. She said, "Put me in tests, Mommy. While I sweep. Then we know if I 'kay."

Tina flopped against Lydia and wrapped her arms softly around her. Lydia felt so comfortable with this girl hugging her like a little daughter would.

Tina was asleep almost immediately. Lydia lay Tina back down on the bed.

Lydia thought, a little guiltily, Well, I always thought of Timothy as my baby boy. Tina is still an adult. But it looks like, at least for a little while, she's also my baby girl. She'll just be my adult baby girl.

Lydia was actually quite happy with that thought, though she may not have admitted it, even to Philip.

Lydia was already making plans for how to change little Tina's recovery room, make it a little more adult-baby-friendly.

Chapter 4

Philip had taken a little time in getting used to this new situation.

The tests had gone alright. Tina's brain patterns appeared completely normal. Nervous impulse tests, reflex, tests, and other motor system tests had all gone perfectly fine.

Tina had taken a few days to get to a point where she could be awake longer than forty-five minutes or so. But when she could, she wanted to be "tested wike a big girl."

Philip had avoided Tina for the first couple of days, after first hearing her babyish talk.

But, somehow, Tina's baby talk had grown on Philip. He thought about how much of a child Timothy had been. Tim had been such a child, but he had also lived such a hard life that he had grown an overly adult shell of coldness and hardness around himself.

Sometimes Philip had wished that somehow Tim would become a baby again, so Philip could treat him nicely, kindly, and show him that the world wasn't actually all about hardness and cruelty.

Now, Philip realized, he had his chance to treat Tim -- or Tina -- like a baby, to treat Tina with all the loving care he'd -- she'd -- have gotten if she'd really been his baby.

Granted, Philip thought, a little guiltily, to himself, I'd rather Tim had been a baby boy. But I can have a daughter just as happily as I have a son.

After that, Philip interacted a lot more happily and freely with Tina.

Tina was enigmatic. She was an adult, undoubtedly. Her body was adult, and her thought processes often belied the adult experience she'd had as Timothy. But she also acted so innocent, so carefree, just like a little baby.

Lydia had been quite excited to treat Tina like a little adult baby. She went out and bought all kinds of nice toys and bedding for Tina. She went online and found nice, babyish clothes that would fit Tina. She even bought Tina adult-sized diapers that had the cutest, little babyish designs on them!

It was soon understood that Tina would only either eat out of a bottle or eat while being spoon-fed. Plus, Tina loved pacifiers. Lydia was more than happy to oblige!

My goodness, Lydia thought, I've certainly spoiled that pretty adult baby girl of mine!

Lydia and Philip tested Tina. They started her with some baby puzzles, some of which Tina was solving as quickly as Lydia could pull pieces out of the box.

Tina was tested using toy games for all kinds of ages. In less than half a day, she proved that she, not could, but had, mastered these games. She was simply proving what both Lydia and Philip had hoped -- that the adult mind that was Tim's legacy to Tina was still functioning well enough inside of Tina's adult baby body.

Tina was tested into levels of difficulty where neither Lydia nor Philip could actually judge Tina's ability. After that, they just had to be satisfied with the health of all the adult elements of Tina's mind.

When Lydia told Tina that her adult mind was functioning perfectly well, Tina clapped the hands of a little teddy bear she was holding. She said, "Hooway, Teddy! I okay!"

Tina then wet herself and needed to be changed by Lydia. Lydia never ever minded changing Tina. She really found Tina's body to be quite lovely, and she loved the chance to treat it with such care.

Lydia and Philip both knew that Tina would likely not lose her desire to be babyish as well as an adult. Maybe this was just some glitch in some part of the bodily development process. But it was permanent.

Lydia knew that these results had to be shared with the major funders of this project.

It was likely that Tina could eventually resume work on sequencing calculations. In fact, she actually even wanted to resume work, even thought she herself knew she was too tired to get to work on it right away. (For that matter, so were Lydia and Philip, after their ordeal.)

But Tina was no longer Timothy. When funders visited the lab -- and they could do so whenever they pleased -- the key mind behind the project would be missing. In his place would be Tina, a 98% replica of one of the most famous supermodels of the decade. This replica would incidentally like acting like a little baby. She would be performing all of Timothy's calculations, at Timothy's speed, with Timothy's precision, while sucking on a pacifier.

And that would need some explaining.

Besides, Lydia, Philip, and Timothy had planned on contacting the major funder of the project, Leigh W-, once the project had either succeeded or failed.

They had managed to keep Leigh just as in the dark as they had kept the rest of the funders. But they knew that, with success, Leigh would be able to find -- or, rather, force -- loopholes into the law to prevent any trouble arising from having used Timothy as a guinea pig.

And they knew that, with failure, Leigh would likely not defend them from the law too strenuously, but that she would also do what she could to prevent any harm from coming to them out of the other funders' desire to destroy them after the scientists had wasted money, time, and life as they had by running the failed project behind their backs.

The question was now, how Leigh would react to what appeared to be a half-success.

Lydia and Philip really didn't want to make the call to Leigh. They didn't want to admit that they had gone on with this project behind Leigh's back. But they knew the call had to be made.

Chapter 5

"Here she comes, it's Lorena, walking down the runway in the masterpiece of the designer's new collection. Lorena is stunning, as always. The South American beauty, her slim, gorgeous body accentuated by M. Shellie's elegant, inviting dress."

Leigh W. pressed her finger on the pause icon. She put her finger to the circle icon and pulled the circle back to the beginning of the green line.

Leigh pressed the play icon. Lorena walked back out onto the runway.

Leigh said, "Pause. Side-by-side with photofile Tina 001-2019."

A photo of tina, doing her best to sit in one of the lab's chairs, appeared beside the image of the supermodel Lorena.

Leigh nodded her head. She said, "Very impressive."

Sally saw the two-dimensional image of the two girls floating before Leigh. "Wow! I didn't know Pretty Lorena wore diapers!"

Leigh patted her hand on the bench she was sitting on. Sally traipsed over to Leigh and sat down beside her.

The bench was located in the large garden behind Leigh's fabulously large mansion.

Leigh said, "That isn't Lorena."

"The one in the regular outfit?"

"No... the one in diapers."

"Oh, darn! I thought Lorena could be out new diaper friend. I wish she could, Mommy!"

Leigh kissed her adult little girl on the cheek and said, "I wish that, too, Sally. But don't you think it would be just as nice to have this girl as a diaper friend?"

Sally's eyes just lit up! "Oh, my, yes, I would, Mommy! But -- why does she look so much like Lorena?"

Leigh looked out into the garden, at her adult baby girl, Sandy, who was trying her darndest to build a castle in the sandbox. Leigh told Sally about Tina and the science experiment.

Sally looked at her pretty mommy and listened very carefully.

If you'd have seen the two ladies on the bench, you would have sworn they were mother and daughter. In fact, Leigh, at age 45, was old enough to be Sally's mother. Sally was 25 years old, and had been Leigh's adult little girl for two years.

But Leigh looked only 30 years old, at the most, though she certainly looked like a force to be reckoned with, which she was. She was blonde, tall, slim, but very strongly built, with thick, rich, hair, icy blue eyes, and fair-tan skin. Leigh wore a designer denim miniskirt and white, button-up shirt.

Sally looked similar, except shorter, skinnier, and much more youthful and innocent. Sally wore a long, cotton, turquoise-colored sundress with white shoulderstraps. Her eyes were almost as vividly blue as her dress, and her skin was tanned golden. Her dark blonde hair was pulled back in a ponytail, with wisps of hair blowing over her forehead as soft as corn silk.

In Leigh's lap was a device about the size of a disc of foundation with a small mirror. This was her tab, which was currently projecting the images of Lorena and Tina. She was kind of partial to old models like this, although her gold bracelet had the newest model as its pendant -- a "cap" the size of a nickel, and remotely linked to her contact lenses.

Not that she needed contact lenses, you know, the kind that help you have 20/20 vision. She had plenty of 20/20 vision.

She had plenty of everything.

But she didn't have Lorena. And now, more than ever, that made everything else (even her precious adult babies Sandy and Sally, she guiltily thought) seem like not very much at all.

Leigh first saw Lorena in person about four years ago at a lavish party. Lorena had only recently divorced a wealthy technocrat who had been smitten upon seeing Lorena as an 18-year-old.

Leigh got the chance to speak with Lorena as had been just as enchanted by her mind as she had been by her body. Leigh tried to begin a relationship right then and there. But Lorena refused quite solidly, and after that disappeared from the party as quickly as Cinderella might.

Leigh never again saw Lorena in person. Leigh wasn't the type of woman to harrass someone who didn't want to be approached. Leigh could easily have done it. She could easily have dropped right in on Lorena's couch, if she'd wanted to. But if Lorena didn't love her, didn't want her -- well -- it just didn't turn Leigh on.

However, Leigh did send Lorena flowers, cards, chocolate, jewelry and -- yes -- a Brabus Maybach to drive and fly around. Leigh expressly let Lorena know she didn't have to keep a thing. But if she didn't want the gifts, she was to donate them to a cause, and not send them back to Lorena.

Of course, Lorena kept everything. She wasn't crazy!

Lorena wrote (by hand, on paper, with pen and good penmanship) that she did find Leigh extemely attractive, but that after her dealings with the technocrat, she was absolutely finished with what she'd called "the emotional torture games of the super-elite."

Leigh insisted that Lorena didn't have to worry about that with Leigh. But Lorena said that she didn't want to be in a relationship or with anyone at all, anyway.

Lorena had lived with her family, had become a model at the age of 14, and was basically under her mother's iron rule until she was 18.

When she was 18, she had been dealt, as far as she could see it, to the technocrat. Her mother received a handsome dowry for that.

The technocrat let go of Lorena pretty easily. Lorena was in the public eye, and the technocrat's behavior wasn't as -- well, photogenic as you'd think it could have been made to be by a person of such genius as he was.

Another technocrat had loaned Lorena his stable of lawyers to finish up the job and leave Lorena sitting quite prettily. The other technocrat hadn't done this to get close to Lorena. He'd done it out of a pure competitive spirit -- to leave one of his arch rivals as thoroughly in the lurch as he could.

Lorena was now doing quite well, and she had a number of very interesting connections. But, she wrote Leigh, she now felt about a hundred years older.

She had always wished she could start over again, go back to being innocent.

Leigh smiled and thought, If only Lorena knew how I could help her do that.

But Leigh instead wrote (by hand, on paper, with pen but a kind of blunt penmanship) that she would leave Lorena alone, except to let her know every now and then that her heart was still open for her. Any time Lorena wanted to test a relationship with Leigh, she could.

In the meantime, Leigh met Sandy and then Sally. Sandy and Sally had made Leigh very happy. She was so grateful to them for how deeply they satisfied her maternal and erotic desires. But she was also grateful to them for being -- good friends.

Nevertheless, when Leigh had received the vid-call from Lydia this afternoon, her mind had almost completely discarded Sandy and Sally.

Lydia and Phil had called in something of a solemn state. They looked as if they had seen their own ghosts.

They'd explained everything. Phil had a little bravado and rebellion in his responses to all of Leigh's questions -- though it was bravado in a wobbly, shaky voice. Leigh found it cute.

Lydia had spoken most of the time: ticking all the facts off one by one, working through the intricacies of the experiment as well as she could. Lydia would even, in spite of herself, get excited at certain points, upon realizing just what the three scientists had done!

Then Lydia would come to her senses and say, "But what we did was really unprofess-- I'm sorry, Leigh. We were very irresponsible."

Leigh then asked to see Tina. She was shocked by the similarity between Tina and Lorena. There were differences, but they were very slight.

And Lydia had dressed Tina like such a pretty little adult baby girl! Tina sat, happily sucking her pacifier, trying her best to sit in an adult chair.

Leigh said, "Oh, baby, I bet you wish you could sit in a high-chair, don't you?"

Lydia was shocked to see a question like that from Leigh. But Tina cheerfully answered, "I surely do! But Mommy won't wet me sit in mine now! She says I have ta be a big baby an sit for you like this!"

Leigh suddenly got a grim look on her face. It was a look of jealousy, though Lydia had taken it for anger.

Leigh scowled at Lydia, "Does she call you Mommy? Did you buy a high-chair for her?"

Lydia said, "Maybe I -- got too much into the situation. I'm sorr--"

Leigh said, "I'm flying over. Be ready for me at 5 PM."

Lydia said, "Yes, Leigh."

Leigh said goodbye. She clicked the vid-screen off.

A sudden weight of jealousy had sunk within Leigh at that moment. She knew that there could be nobody other than Leigh who could be Lorena's Mommy.

Tina, not Lorena, Leigh kept trying to tell herself. But Leigh just kept seeing the adult baby girl as Lorena. Just as Lorena.

And Leigh had waited too long. She had to be Lorena's Mommy! Nobody else could be! Lydia wasn't going to take this away from her!

After Leigh hung up with Lydia, she'd contacted a fr--

"Mommy?" Sally nudged Leigh with her tiny elbow.

Leigh looked into Sally's graceful face, which looked a tiny bit worried. "Yes, honey? Is something wrong?"

Sally's brow furrowed a little, almost as if the adult Sally were forcing itself back into a much more serious situation. "Yes, Mommy. You stopped your story and then just got quiet. You were looking ahead for a while, not saying anything. I asked if the pretty girl was coming to our house tonight."

Leigh breathed out a little and patted Sally's firm thigh. She said, "I'm going to fly over and have a talk with her Mo-- Nanny. We'll see if we can't bring her over tonight."

Sally asked, "You're going to fly over there, Mommy? Is that a good idea? You seem a little..."

Leigh said, "Mommy's okay, darling."

Sally took on more of a childish face again. She slinked her arm around Leigh's arm and said, "Why don't you just stay here, Mommy? We can play together. You know... play?"

Sally gave Leigh an innocent smile and pulled up her sundress a tiny bit. She slowly, smoothly straddled her slim legs across Leigh's lap and held herself tightly against Leigh's body.

Sally licked her Mommy's lips quickly and tenderly. Sally could feel herself becoming warm and wet in her tiny, flower-patterned panties. Her eyes fluttered shut as she wrapped her skinny arms around her Mommy's neck.

How terrific it is to be an adult little girl for my sexy Mommy, Sally thought. She licked her Mommy's lips again, until her Mommy opened her mouth and exhaled a warm, sweet breath.

Leigh was about to surrender to Sally's wonderful seduction. But when Sally scooted a bit forward, she clicked off Leigh's tab. Leigh saw the photos of Lorena -- or, the photos of --

Leigh backed her head away. She was about to get very strict with her adult little girl. But she was saved from being mean.

Sandy, a compact-bodied, 26-year-old girl with pinkish-pale skin and chesnut-brown hair, was pulling on her adult big sister's dress.

"Sissy! Sissy! I wan kiss, too!"

Sally smiled mischievously at her Mommy. Mommy said, "Be a good girl and french kiss your sister."

Sally happily, lithely unstraddled Leigh. She got down on all fours, her dress still up high enough to show off the bottoms of her flower-print panties. She softly french kissed her adult baby sister.

As Sally was busy pleasuring her adult baby sister, Leigh stood up and smoothed her denim skirt. She would need to change, and quickly.

Sally said, "Now you two girls have fun with each other, okay? Mommy has to go on a trip. But she'll be back in just a little while. If you need anything, let the maids know. And if you need to head back to your own houses--"

"Oh, Mommy," Sandy said in between hot breaths as Sally quickly rubbed the crotch of her diaper, "Don't talk about my adult house right now!"

Leigh kissed Sally's and Sandy's blushing cheeks quickly. She walked away as Sally was deftly pulling off Sandy's tiny, pink dress.

Chapter 6

Tina yawned and stretched. She looked up at the ceiling. Or, rather, she looked at the pretty mobile which Mommy had bought her!

Tina again thought how nice it was to have a Mommy and Daddy like Lydia and Phil.

Tina brushed her soft, colorful blanket off of her and floundered up into a crawling position. She looked cheerfully through the pink bars of her wooden cradle. She grabbed her pacifier and put it in her mouth.

This, Tina knew, had been the recovery room Timothy had designed with Phil and Lydia. But Lydia had converted it into a work-time nursery. It was so pretty.

How could a Mommy like Lydia care so much for an adult baby? Tina thought. It made Tina feel all warm in her tummy and heart.

But Tina knew that Lydia and Phil had cared for Timothy. She knew that they cared unconditionally, like parents. And maybe this was just part of unconditional love.

But Lydia, Tina knew, had found over the past days that she really loved taking care of an adult baby.

Tina did her best, always, to try and be a big girl. But she just couldn't. And she really didn't want to. She cooed happily to herself, crawling around in her cradle and waiting for her Mommy to come take her out of it.

One thing was for sure, and Tina knew it -- the three scientists could start their work again very soon.

Tina was eager to get through the work. She was starting to get an idea of how to generalize the process without de-individualizing it.

Right now, the problem with the process was that a whole program had to be made around each individual person. But there was a way -- Tina was only faintly coming to understand it -- by which the process could be generalized, standardized, and automated to a much larger degree, without the individuality of each process being compromised.

And individuality, in Tina's opinion, was the most important part of the process -- as weird, even paradoxical, as that sounded.

Tina suddenly realized her diaper was very soggy and heavy! She said out loud, "Oh, did I potties myself while I slept?" She giggled happily.

Suddenly Tina heard footsteps. Tina's door opened. Lydia walked in, pretty as a Mommy could be.

Lydia said, "Did my sweet, little adult baby girl wet herself? Oh! She did! A lot!"

Tina reached her arms up to her Mommy. "Was I a good girl?"

Lydia embraced Tina and lifted Tina out of the crib. "You were, and you are, and you always will be my --" Lydia spun Tina around -- "Precious baby girl."

Lydia lay Tina down on her diaper changing table. Lydia took off Tina's heavy, soggy diaper and threw it away. She cleaned off Tina with some cool, fresh-feeling baby wipes. She sprinkled Tina's cute, tight bottom with baby powder, and then patted it in with a firm, gentle hand.

Lydia lifted up Tina's legs and bottom a tiny bit. She placed a cute, thick diaper under Tina's bottom. Tina snuggled her bottom into the delightful diaper. Lydia taped the diaper lovingly onto Tina.

Tina spent a while brushing Lydia's hair and dressing Lydia up nicely for the meeting the three scientists would have with Leigh.

Phil had fixed a beautiful, light meal for Leigh and the family. Phil smiled to himself as he thought of his family.

You know, it's a nice idea. I can marry Lydia. And we can take care of Tina.

Phil lay the meal out on the center table of the work room.

Lydia came into the room, with Tina crawling merrily along behind her.

Phil said, "There's my two beautiful girls!" Phil kissed Lydia's lips softly. He then knelt and said to Lydia, "My! My little angel looks so pretty! You must have gotten some good beauty sleep!"

Tina giggled at her silly daddy. She kissed her daddy's cheek. Her daddy was clean-shaven, but his cheek always felt a little rough. Tina liked that. She hoped someday she could find a special daddy of her own, a tough daddy that she could snuggle her soft body up against.

Phil lifted his adult baby girl into her special high chair. Lydia said, "Didn't Leigh seem angry about that on the call?"

Phil said, in his bravado voice (masking his fright as best as he could), "Let her get angry. We're taking care of Tina. She's our adult baby daughter, for all it's worth."

Both Lydia and Tina felt so stunned and happy to hear Phil say something like that so outright.

Leigh entered rather abruptly about ten minutes later. Tina was trying her best to explain what she had been thinking about in the cradle, with her ideas for sequence programming.

Tina said, "It's hard to say. The math you use is like a lattice that twists in weird ways."

Lydia laughed and said, "What?" She heard Leigh's heels click into the room. She stood up quickly from the chair beside Tina's high chair.

"Oh, good afternoon, Lei--"

Leigh said, "Did the baby just say all that stuff?"

Tina said, "I sure did! And I'm an adult baby!"

Leigh, as if hypnotized, said, "You sure are, Lorena."

Tina said, "I'm not Lowena. I'm Tina."

Leigh snapped out of her reverie. She stretched her hand out to Tina. She said, "Of course you are. Nice to meet you, Tina. I'm Mommy -- I mean, I'm Leigh."

Tina giggled and grabbed Leigh's hand with both hands. She said, "I like you already, Leigh! Will you come over a lot?"

Tina was petting Leigh's hand as if it were a little stuffed-animal toy.

Leigh said, "Well, heh, I was actually thinking... Oh, Phil! Lydia! Did you make a little food? That was kind of you."

Phil said, with the bravado of magnanimity (shaky voice), "It was the least we could do."

Leigh sat down in the chair which Lydia had been occupying. She scooted the chair closer to Tina.

Tina thought Leigh was just fabulous! As good as a boy to snuggle up with, Tina thought! Maybe better! She kept playing with Leigh's hand.

Leigh let Tina play with both her hands. Tina put Leigh's hands up to her face. Leigh cradled Lorena's -- Tina's! -- beautiful face in her hands.

Leigh pulled back and turned to Lydia and Phil. "Well, then, why don't we eat some of this terrific food?"

Phil said, with the bravado of ironic anger (shaky voice), "Sounds good. Why don't I just pull out a seat for my wife! -- I mean, er, my colleague!"

Leigh giggled gently to herself. She thought Lydia and Phil would be a good couple.

Phil pulled out a seat for Lydia. Lydia sat by Leigh, and Phil sat on the other side of Lydia.

Lydia said, "You don't seem so ang--"

Leigh said, "Would you mind if I feed the baby?"

Lydia said, "Adult baby? Sure. Is that okay with you, Tina?"

Tina nodded hungrily.

As the four people ate, Leigh did her best to lighten the mood.

But as the meal came to a close, Leigh knew she had to put her plan into action.

"I need Lorena to come with mean. Sorry. I mean Tina."

Tina said, "Freud is slipping all over our floor today!"

Leigh chuckled twice, surprised again at Tina. Tina was surprised at Leigh's laugh!

Lydia said, "Tina needs to stay here with us. She's essential to our experiments!"

Leigh said, "Her part of the experiment is over. Look at her. She's beautiful! And you did that on my dime!"

Tina said, "Cost more than a dime."

Leigh said, "It certainly did, Baby. And that's why you're coming with me. You owe me a lot for this body. And you're going to work for me to pay it off."

Tina looked suddenly afraid. "Nanny Leigh... I thought you nice..."

Leigh suddenly looked confused and guilty. She said, "Oh, Baby. I am nice. But, please, don't call me Nanny anymore. It breaks my heart. It's... not enough."

Tina giggled, "You want me call you Mommy?"

Leigh blushed. But she quickly recovered herself. She turned to Lydia and Phil, as the adults, and said, "I'm not asking Tina to work for me forever. But I need to run some experiments on her. I want to see exactly what this is all about -- for myself."

Lydia said, "Don't you think we've run experiments on her already? You can see all the data you want."

Leigh shook her head. "You all owe me. I'm your biggest funder. You did all this behind my back -- and behind the law's back. Now, Tina can come with me for a while. I promise I'll treat you very kindly, Tina. I love you."

Tina's eyes began watering. She looked at Lydia. "But... my... Mommy..."

Leigh's eyes clouded with a dark fierceness. Leigh turned back to Phil and Lydia.

"Look!" Lydia said, "I'm your major funder. I can put you out of a job. You'll never work again. Watch! And then what will happen to this -- mutant! -- of yours?"

Tina said, "Leigh... I thought you..."

Leigh felt bad about everything she was saying -- even worse, she thought, than Tina could possibly feel. But the waiting for Lorena, and her jealously of Lydia's dumb luck, were just driving her too hard.

Leigh said, "You can either lose my--"

Phil, with a suddenly smooth voice, said, "We've contacted two other key funders. They're ready to step in if you step out."

Leigh said, "You did." She nodded a little bit and relaxed into her chair. She pensively tapped the pendant on her gold bracelet.

Leigh didn't know Phil was (rather on the spur of the moment!) bluffing.

Leigh said, "I thought you might contact some of the others. Which ones?"

Phil said, "Do you think I'd tell you that?"

Leigh smirked. "No. I guess you wouldn't. Well, alright, then. If you want to play dirty, I can play dirty."

Leigh stood up from her chair. She walked to the door, saying, "I've got enough information on this place to get another group of scientists and start things up for myself. I'll still run you two -- three! -- into the grou--"

Suddenly four large men in full-bodied black outfits, black helmets, and gas masks, charged into the room!

The men were each carrying what looked like very deadly guns!

The four men said, "Freeze! Everybody! We've been tracking your actions! You're all under arrest!"

Leigh said, "Not a chance!" She lunged at one of the men. For some reason, this inspired Lydia and Phil to lunge at the men as well!

But as soon as Lydia and Phil stood from their chairs, the three free men fired their guns!

Clouds of thick gas filled the air. Lydia felt two hands pin her down. Phil felt two hands pin him down. Lydia and Phil both fell quickly to sleep from the gas.

Tina was wobbling off to sleep, too, as she felt two hands grab her tightly while two more hands unbuckled her from her high-chair.

Chapter 7

Two days later, early in the afternoon, Leigh was being flown back toward her enormous mansion by one of her chauffers.

Leigh leaned her elbow in the angle between the door and the window. It was a rainy day, and Leigh watched the ceiling of thick, white clouds melt down slowly into the clear drops which would then fall to the shadowy land below.

Beside Leigh flew another car, not quite as glamorous as Leigh's.

Leigh wondered when the sky would start to be filled with plain old cars, like the ones that still drove along the highways, instead of along the skyways.

The idea didn't upset Leigh so much. Sometimes she thought she'd even stop flying, stop driving, stop travelling altogether. Just find a small place in the woods, send her help out for food, and never see people again.

Oh, it was so terrible to have to tell Phil and Lydia. Lydia had tried so hard to remain strong. But she finally crumbled, her face buried in Phil's chest as she wept for Tina.

Lydia wept for Tina as much as she would for a flesh and blood daughter. Leigh really hadn't expected that -- even though she knew she'd weep for Sally and Sandy if she knew she would never see them again.

And maybe she wouldn't ever see Sally or Sandy ever again, someday. Sally and Sandy were always free to go wherever they wanted. They had their own place, their own jobs. And they were free to love or leave Leigh.

But, still, Leigh would weep for them if they left. So why would it be such a surprise to Leigh that Lydia would weep?

Lydia and Phil had remained stoically hopeful as Leigh told them the story. She had managed to scare the men off. She let them know who she was and how quickly she could ruin them. She had taken a look at their uniforms, estimated who they were, and rattled off a few names she knew would strike fear into their hearts.

It worked.

But in her daze, she thought she had seen all four men. But there must only have been three.

She had run to her car and, in a dangerous stupor, flew home.

She was sure. She had been so sure, she'd told Lydia and Phil, that Lydia, Phil, and Tina were all hidden in that gas cloud.

It had taken an extreme effort, Leigh had said, to get home. Leigh passed out in her car once she'd landed. She was thrown into her bed. She didn't wake until the next day.

"But as soon as I woke," she'd told Lydia and Phil, "I got on the vid. I called the men whose names I'd rattled off to the men. And I got us cleared. We're all cleared, and we can all keep on doing the work."

But Lydia had said, "But without Tina -- what about Tina? When are they giving Tina back?"

Leigh said, "They aren't giving her back, Lydia. They won't give her back. It was our one bargaining chip."

Lydia said, "But you're so powerful, Leigh! You can do so much! If you could scare the suits, why couldn't you scare their bosses?"

Leigh smiled bitterly and said, "I can't even tell you if their bosses are real people. That's a mess I don't even want to get into."

Lydia said, "But... Leigh... my... Tina..."

Leigh had felt so horrible seeing Lydia like that. She did like Lydia and Phil. And she liked Tina very much.

Leigh said, "They promise they'll take care of her, Lydia. They gave me their word. They said she's extremely valuable. She'll be somewhere very nice, and she'll be given everything she could possibly want. She'll be loved and treasured. But she'll also be... monitored... by them."

Lydia said, "Get them here! Get them here, Leigh! Get them in front of me!"

Leigh said, "I can't do it, Lydia." God, how Leigh had hated this.

Lydia said, "But... she's my... daughter..." And Lydia had crumbled into Phil's arms, sobbing heavily.

Leigh looked forward, at the back of the driver's seat and the outline of her chauffer's head. Leigh exhaled a rush of breath and closed her eyes.

What made her feel worst about the whole story was...

It was all a lie... The men were impostors, hired to make a show on Lydia's behalf...

And Tina was at Leigh's house right now, playing in the nursery with Sally and Sandy.

Chapter 8

Outside the nursery, the grey-black air actually looked so cozy!

Tina thought, Maybe that's just cause when you're in a cozy, cozy place, everything else looks like it could be cozy, too.

The thought struck Tina as odd -- calling this place cozy.

The nursery was enormous. The ceilings were huge. Could some place this huge be thought of as cozy?

And yet it was. There was everything an adult baby could want! There were TVs, computers, toys, rocking horses, baby-swings, beds, changing tables, high-chairs, little tables and chairs, and comfy, big couches!

Maids would bring the three adult babies whatever they wanted, whenever they wanted it.

And, on top of that, there was a little doll-castle that had three rooms in it -- big enough for adult baby girls to climb through!

"You could feel just like a Barbie doll in it!" Tina had said upon first seeing it.

Sandy, crawling beside her new friend Tina, said, "You look just like a Barbie doll, anyway, Tina."

Tina blushed and thought, I think Sandy has a crush on me! Tina kissed Sandy on the cheek and said, "You're such a sweet adult baby girl."

Sandy felt so good at that that she pottied her diapers a little bit.

Tina was still looking out the window when Sally sat down in front of her cross-legged, revealing pink, cotton panties with kitty prints under her short, fluttery, white skirt.

Tina thought that Sally and her kitties were so cutey-utey!

Sally said, "Don't tell me you're getting sad again, Baby."

Tina shook her head. She caught a look at Sandy sleeping in an adult-sized crib.

Sally said, "Good. Then listen to your adult big sister, okay? I told you that when I go back to... ugh... work... tomorrow, I'll do what I can to let your Mommy and Daddy know what's going on. Okay?"

Tina nodded. Sally was so kind and dependable. Just like a big sister!

Sally said, "Trust me, I have a way to get your Mommy and Daddy over here. Leigh might not like it. But she'll just have to deal. Or I will. She could really hurt me, you know."

"You super rich, too, big sis?"

Sally rolled her eyes a little and gave her new adult little sister a bit of a noogie. Tina looked a little annoyed about that. So Sally got close to Tina and cuddled with her a tiny bit.

Tina sat up so she could snug with her adult big sister. Tina loved the pink dress Leigh had given her. It was just short enough so that if Tina sat like this, she could look down and see her big, white, fluffy diapers so easily.

Tina loved to see her diapers. Sometimes she would just sit on the floor against a couch and suck a bottle and look down at her diapers. Then she would potty and feel just so warm and happy.

Sally said, "No, little sis, I'm not super rich. I'm not even rich. But I do alright for myself. I really do. I'm a graphic designer. A bit of a wiz with palm programming."

Tina said, "Oh! I wiz on puters, too!"

Sally said, "You whiz on...? Oh, oh, I see. Good. It's nice to see a little baby that likes big things like computers."

Tina nodded and said, "Mm-hmm! How did you meet Leigh, big sis?"

Sally said, "On LoveBlast, oddly enough. I mean everybody does social blasting, right? Like good old TweetTweet. But who'd have thought someone as big as Leigh would join a dating blast?"

Tina said, "Did she say was her?"

Sally shook her head. "And from what I hear, both Sandy and I went through a huge screening process."

Tina said, "What Sandy do, sissypie?"

Sally looked a little aroused to be called "sissypie." She grinned a curvy grin. But her face got serious again. Sally said, "Sandy's a metalibrarian."

Tina nodded, "All scwolls of Alexandwia on a fingertip."

Sally cocked an eyebrow. "More like between the ridges of a fingerprint by now, sweetie! Moore's Law be darned!"

Tina nodded, "Oh, yeah, sissypie. I still snoozy on some things, I guess."

Sally opened her mouth as if she wanted to gobble a soft, little pastry. She just loved the way Tina calld her "sissypie!"

Sally said, "Call me that again, Baby."

Tina said, "Sissypie?"

Sally nodded, too overwhelmed with Tina's cuteness to speak. She craned her head over to Tina's and kissed Tina softly, with a full, luscious tongue.

Tina felt so good! But she really didn't want to kiss Sally. At least, not right now. Love and tenderness like that just opened up a space in her heart. It made her remember her Mommy and Daddy. And she began missing them all over again.

Tina pushed Sally away. Sandy had somehow scrambled up behind Sally while she and Tina had been kissing.

Sandy always seemed to be around when the kissing started.

Tina said, "I'm sowwy, Sally. But -- I can't. I'm too sad. I weally want my Mommy. Why does Leigh do this to me?"

Tina was about to cry. Her eyes were all watery, and her lips were quivering.

Sandy and Sally quickly began softly cuddling Tina -- partly to soothe their new little friend, but also partly because she looked so irresistibly cute while her eyes were all watery!

Sally said, "Oh, Baby! I don't get it, either. Leigh's always been an incredibly kind, generous person. She's never acted jealous or suspicious or possessive. The way she's acting right now doesn't make any sense to us."

Sandy said, "But she no gets 'way wif it!"

Sally nodded. "Leave that to me. I'll let your Mommy and Daddy know where you are. And I'll make sure they get to see you again."

Sandy said, "And when wes go back to 'dult life tomowwow, will you be 'kay?"

Tina nodded cheerfully, "Mm-hmm! Long as I know I have two nice, sexy adult baby friends like you!"

The girls all giggled and hugged and kissed each other playfully.

Chapter 9

"Here she comes, it's Lorena. Although, you see, she isn't walking this time! No, fellow gossip-rats, she's actually being pushed in a stroller. And just in case you're wondering, that is a diaper she's wearing.

"You know, rat-bros and gals, it seems like about once a year we get rumor of some hot chick or cool dude wearing diapers. It's a big fuss for about two weeks. And then people forget. Cause we just can't prove it's true!

"But with this one -- eh...I have to say... That's a diaper. That's a stroller. That's Lorena. Gossip-rats, we have juicy. We have located the juic--"

The gossip show on the screen paused. The view immediately changed back to Lorena's live face.

Lorena shouted at Lydia and Phil, "What is the meaning of this?"

Lydia and Phil, in their lab, looked confusedly at each other. Phil, trying to bluff, said innocently (shaky voice), "Well, what makes you think it was us?"

Lorena said, "It looks exactly like me! It's my double, right there on the screen! Now, I only know of one group of people making a double of me right now. And that's you."

Lydia patted Phil's arm before he started trying to bluff (shaky voice) again. Lydia said, "You're right, Lorena. She's your double. She's our friend, Timothy, whom I think you know of."

Lorena said, "I do know of him. That's him. Wow, he looks fabulous. I mean, not that I'm trying to say I look fabulous. I just mean. Wow. That's him?"

Lydia laughed and nodded. It was the first time in four days that she'd laughed.

She'd smiled again when the young woman named Sally had contacted her -- at home, of all places -- on the vid.

Sally had told Lydia that Tina was alright, and that she was happy. She was over at Leigh's for the time being.

"But," Sally said, "When I last saw Tina, it was pretty obvious that Leigh had no intention of giving her up."

Sally said she was going to try and work out a way for Lydia and Phil to get into Leigh's mansion, if she had to. But, in the meantime, she was also working on another plan, to get Lorena's story a little more out in the open.

"Tina's story, not Lorena's," Lydia had said, "And that's the last thing we want. We can't have people finding out about Tina on that public a scale yet."

Sally said, "I understand that. And that's why I said Lorena's story, not Tina's. Lorena's a public figure. And Leigh would rather not have something like this story go public. Just like you wouldn't. If she's gonna make some loopholes in the law to let you guys all through, she's gotta do so on a pretty small scale. So maybe she'll give in to you guys just to get Tina away from her and into some place quiet."

It didn't sound like it would work, in Lydia's mind. Leigh would be able to find her way around the press, wouldn't she?

But neither Lydia nor Sally knew that Leigh wouldn't be able to find her way around Lorena.

Lorena asked Phil and Lydia, "But why am I -- or, why is Timothy -- is Timothy his name still?"

Lydia said, "No. Her name is Tina now."

Lorena said, "She's a she?"

Lydia giggled and nodded. Finally someone got that phrase right: "She's a she."

Lorena said, "Wow. I guess you guys did great, then. But why is she in a diaper? Why does she look like a baby?"

Lydia said, "Something, we think, didn't work out quite right in the process. She's got an adult body, an adult brain, but she just has the desires and habits of a cute, adorable, little girl."

Lorena nodded. "I see. I envy her."

Lydia said, "You do?"

Lorena blushed, as if caught with a guilty secret. "All I mean is that I wish I could go back to being innocent again. Free of all this scandal, all these glaring cameras."

Lydia nodded.

Lorena said, "Where is she? Nobody seems to know. Nobody knows how the file got out."

Lydia said, "I spoke yesterday with the woman who put out the file. She took the video. Do you know Leigh W-?"

Lorena choked a little. She nodded, trying to find her voice.

Lydia said, "The woman who took the video is W's... lover."

Lorena said, "Lover? Why?"

Lydia shrugged. "What do you mean."

Lorena caught herself again and said, "I mean, why... would Leigh want to keep an adult baby version of me at her house?"

Lydia said, "Well, apparently -- you have to keep this a secret --"

Lorena nodded hungrily, "Oh, I will, I will --"

Lydia said, "But apparently Leigh likes adult baby girls. She likes being their Mommy. And she likes them sexually."

Lorena blushed deeply, her cinnamon skin turning rose red. She put her hand to her chest and said, "Really? She does?"

Lydia said, "Mm-hmm. And the girl who made this video is one of Leigh's adult baby girl lovers. She has two. This girl and another girl."

Lorena asked, "Are they pretty? Oh, I bet they are. So innocent and free, with Leigh to take care of them."

Lydia and Phil looked at each other confusedly. Lorena caught the look and said, "You see. I'm not being honest with you. Leigh once -- pursued me. Romantically. I only saw her in person once in my life. I'd told her I didn't want love. And I kept away from her.

"I was attracted to Leigh so much. I think I know one more reason why, now. But at that time, I'd been through some tough times in my life. I didn't want to deal with love. I didn't trust anybody. And an incident like this shows exactly why I was right not to trust Leigh."

Lydia, for some reason, defended Leigh. "But Lorena, the woman who made the video file said that Leigh had never been like this before. She'd never been jealous or suspicious. She was always loving and caring..."

Lorena's eyes lit up, twinkled a bit. "That's what the girl said? And she's an adult baby for Leigh?"

Lydia nodded.

Lorena was silent for a moment. She had a sentimental look on her face. Then, suddenly, she was all business. She said, "Don't go anywhere. Stay at your lab. I might be picking you up in a couple of hours. I'll let you know."

Phil asked, with the bravado of suspicion (etc., etc.), "Where would we be going?"

Lorena said, "Leigh's place."

Lydia said, "So soon? So easily?"

Lorena grinned with a relaxed mix of pride and pampered pleasure, "Look, darlings, I can see Mommy Leigh whenever I want. And I want to right now. I've never been to her place before. But why don't we all three pay her nursery a visit. I rrreally want to experience it for myself."

Lydia said, "Okay. Well, if you can make it happen, we'll go along."

Phil said, "I--"

Lorena interrupted, "Oh, that is one thing. Phil? Honey? Don't talk while we're there, alright? Let me do the talking. I want my plan to actually work."

Phil nodded. Lorena said she'd check back in soon. She hung up.

Phil, stunned, said, "Can you believe she said that?"

Lydia said, "Oh, Phil, she only asked you not to talk because--"

Phil said, "No. Not that, not that. She called me honey. Lorena! Lorena the supermodel called me honey!"

Lydia slapped Phil's arm quite stingingly.

Chapter 10

It was a clear night, the moon hanging like a pearl in a sky full of pure diamonds.

Phil, Lydia, and Lorena were ushered into Leigh's splendid mansion by a statuesque, beautiful maid.

The three were walked up a pristine, marble staircase and led into a grand room with heavy, wood walls.

A butler in the room mixed drinks for the three guests.

All three were dressed nicely. Phil and Lydia were in their best. Lorena looked like a fantasy come to life.

Lorena thought to herself, Perhaps my fantasy has come to life.

In another room, Leigh was informed that her guests had arrived and had been made comfortable.

Leigh walked down the corridor and then across the mezzanine to meet her guests. Leigh also looked splendid. She absolutely wanted to, for Lorena's sake.

She knew, she guessed, that she stood no chance with Lorena now.

She was ready to give Tina back to Lydia and Phil. It was no use. Tina wasn't Lorena, and Leigh wasn't stupid enough to try and convince herself otherwise.

Over the past few days, too, Tina's genius was really showing through, in a lot of exciting ways.

Leigh would go into the nursery with Tina and play. Then Tina and Leigh would start talking. Before Leigh knew it, she and Tina were talking business and science at a staggeringly high level.

It was fascinating to Leigh! It was exciting! And more than anything -- it made Leigh want Tina to continue her work with Lydia and Phil more than ever!

Of course, Leigh had been attracted, sexually, to the adult baby Tina. And she'd tried to make her moves on the adult baby girl. But Tina was always frigid.

When Tina finally expressed that any show of affection just made her want to see Lydia (or, "Mommy," because Tina never called Lydia anything other than "Mommy"), Leigh gave up on trying to make a romantic situation.

Leigh had now been trying to find the easiest way to say to Lydia and Phil, "I'm scum. I did a scummy thing to you. You don't need to forgive me. But I like you, all three of you, and I hope we can still have a positive working relationship."

But, even for someone as smart as Leigh W-, it's still hard to admit that you did something that was just plain scummy. So Leigh kept putting it off.

Now, this afternoon, Lorena had called in sheer anger. Leigh had never, ever wanted to see Lorena, the woman of her dreams, so furious like that!

Leigh promised Lorena she would do whatever she wanted. And so Lorena, Lydia, and Phil were welcomed into Leigh's mansion.

Lydia and Lorena were speaking softly when the butler opened the door for Leigh.

All three stood up. But Lorena walked, glidingly, over to Leigh. Leigh offered her hand as if to shake it. But Lorena grabbed Leigh's hand with both her hands and held it, firmly but softly.

Lorena's eyes were sparkling with tears and the golden light of the room.

Lorena said, "Leigh, you are --"

Leigh said, "Scum?" Leigh laughed quietly. "I know I am. I'm extremely sorry--"

Lorena said, "Leigh, you are beautiful."

Leigh, Lydia, and Phil all looked shocked. Leigh couldn't tear her gaze away from Lorena's passionate, beautiful eyes.

Leigh said (shaky voice), "Uh... Lorena, maybe I should welcome Lydia and Phil--"

Lorena said, "You and I need to talk first. Negotiate. In private."

Leigh couldn't resist. Lorena had Leigh captivated, body and soul. Leigh couldn't even speak. She just nodded.

Lorena said, "Outside, right now."

As the butler again opened the door, Lorena softly guided Leigh outside. The butler then softly shut the door.

The butler turned to Lydia and Phil and said, "Mix you another drink?"

As soon as Lorena got Leigh out into the hallway, she pressed Leigh forcefully against the wall. She then passionately kissed Leigh, as hard as she could.

Leigh was so shocked! She had been ready to bear a barrage of insults, criticism, hatred! But here was her dream come true! The woman of her deepest desires, kissing her, not only willingly, but deeply, passionately!

Leigh couldn't escape, and she didn't want to!

After two or three minutes, Lorena finally backed off.

Lorena said, "Take me to the nursery, Mommy."

Leigh said, "What?"

"I want you to take me to my nursery, Mommy." Even saying this, Lorena felt a strain against her bladder.

Leigh led Lorena to the nursery.

Lorena was trying her best to hold in the pressure on her bladder. For so long, Lorena reflected, I've wanted to be free, innocent. I've wanted to start all over again. I've wanted to be a baby and be taken care of.

But I ran away from Leigh, I kept away from her because I thought she would hurt me, not take care of me. The one person who would give me exactly what I've wanted for so long. And what did I run to, these past years?

The same old story, really. The glaring cameras, the greedy people. The only thing I managed to stay away from successfully was the love-torture games. But while I did that, I also stayed away from Leigh, the woman who would really love me!

But now I'm here. I'm home. I'm in my Mommy's house, and she's taking me to the nursery. My nursery.

Leigh looked at Lorena bashfully. "Lorena, what do you want in the nursery? Do you want to see Tina, because she isn't there. She's getting packed up to go--"

Lorena said, "No, Mommy. That's not what I want in the nursery. What I want in the nursery is for you to lay me down and put me in a diaper."

Leigh swallowed softly. She said, "What?"

Lorena said, "I want you to lay me down, Mommy. I want you to lift up my dress. I want you to take off my high-heels, take off my stockings and garter belt, pull my panties all the way off, all the way down my long legs. I want you to roll up my panties and throw them to the side. Then I want you to cradle me in a big, fluffy diaper."

Leigh said, "Baby, are you kidding me? Are you playing a trick on me?"

Lorena stopped Leigh and held both her hands. She said, "No. Mommy. I just heard what you like. I've heard how you really are. I've been attracted to you all along. Now I know why. I've run from you for so long. But now I know that we need to be together. You are my Mommy. And I am your Baby."

Leigh said, "But I have two--"

Lorena said, "Mommy, I'm excited to meet my two new adult baby sisters."

Leigh said, "But--"

Lorena kissed her Mommy hard again, then backed away and said, "Mommy, just get me out of these panties and into a diaper, already!"

So Leigh did. As soon as Lorena was in the diaper, she wet it so much that Leigh had to change her all over again.

But Leigh was too aroused and too joyful to change her brand new adult baby girl right away! Leigh had to kiss her brand new adult baby girl in a lot of really special places, until little baby was hot and moaning, and, at last, very happy and relaxed.

Then Mommy could cradle her pretty adult baby girl's bottom in a brand new, dry diaper.

When Mommy finished diapering her baby, Baby crawled up to her kneeling Mommy and said, "Now, Mommy, kiss your adult baby. Hard."

And Mommy kissed her adult baby super-hard. It was the best thing Lorena had ever felt in her life. She knew now that she was Mommy's adult baby.

In the drawing room, Lydia and Phil stood again when the door opened. They had been expecting to see Lorena and Leigh. But instead, they saw--

"Tina!" Lydia cried. She ran to her adult baby as she crawled the rest of the way into the room. Lydia knelt and hugged her adult baby's neck. She showered her adult daughter's cheek in kisses.

Tina happily cried, "Mommy! Daddy! Wuvv you much! Wuvv you so much!"

Phil, his eyes a little teary, knelt down and hugged his wife (to be) and his adult baby daughter.

A little while later, as Phil, Lydia, and Tina were sitting on the floor, playing with some stuffed animals Leigh had given Tina as a parting gift, the butler opened the door again.

Leigh and Lorena walked in. Phil and Lydia were about to stand up. Leigh waved them back down.

"Oh, no no, no no. Stay where you are. You look so comfortable and pleasant. Lorena and I have some more... talking to do, so we'll be going. I just wanted to say goodbye to Tina. And sorry."

Leigh and Lorena both had slightly tussled hair.

Lydia also noticed that Lorena wasn't wearing shoes or stockings, apparently. And that Lorena's hips, through her tight dress looked a little puffier, as if she were wearing a...

No. It couldn't be.

Tina had crawled over to Leigh. Leigh knelt down and hugged Tina. She said, "I am so, so sorry, Tina. I hope you can forgive me."

Tina said, "I been forgiving you all day, Leigh! You come visit me an Mommy an Daddy sometime?"

Leigh looked over to Lydia and Phil. "Yes. I will. And I'll make sure nobody ever bothers them about you. And, I hope... you will... continue to utilize my support to continue your project."

Lydia smiled and nodded.

Phil said, with non-shaky bravado, "With pleasure, Ms. W-."

Leigh and Lorena walked back out. Tina heard a familiar, cheerful crinkling sound as Lorena walked away. Plus, Lorena's bottom had a peculiar puffiness to it.

Tina thought, Lorena wears 'em, too! Just like me!

The butler closed the door.

Not very much later, the three scientists were ushered into a car and flown back to the lab. Laying across Lydia and Phil, Tina fell asleep. Lydia and Phil scooted closer together and embraced each other.


A few months later, Lydia and Phil got married.

After a little bit of help from Leigh, Lydia and Phil had made it a lot easier and less conspicuous for Timothy to have disappeared and for Tina to live with Lydia and Phil.

Tina never stopped being a full-time adult baby. She never wanted to stop. To her it seemed like the perfect life.

Lorena actually came out on the web as an adult baby. It didn't have the positive or negative effect she'd expected.

In fact, the fact that Lorena had affirmed the tantalizingly real (because it was real) photo of her in a diaper, people kind of stopped caring. They'd only been so excited about it because they couldn't say for sure whether it was actually true. That was a real turn-on somehow.

Lorena and Leigh got married as well. It was a small wedding. Lorena's gown had a long train, but the skirt was short enough to show her diaper as she crawled up the aisle.

Sally and Sandy often visited Tina. They loved their little adult baby friend just as much as they loved their new adult baby sister. And they positively adored their adult baby sister.

With Leigh's help, and the help of the other funders, the three scientists' projects eventually achieved its full goals. The three scientists became wealthy themselves (though still not super-wealthy).

And Mommy and Daddy were able to take care of their little adult baby girl and make her happy as could be.

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