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I am little girls full time doll let me know what you think
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I started my job in Saudi Arabia after long extensiveinterview process. It was my first time ever traveling to this area so I haveto admit I was nervous. They had a car pick me up as promised at the airportand took me to the hotel room. I met up with one the key people that I talk tooin the states. He took me to dinner as we briefly discussed the job. Had fewdrinks of wine and soon after dinner I was getting very tired. I do notremember much but I had the feeling I passed out at the dinner table.

I woke up in this weird pink room. I was dressed in a brightpink little girls dress. Huge petticoats, diapers, pink plastic pants, whitetights, white shoes white shoes with bows, huge pink bow in my hair and Ismelled like a baby. Speaker came on in the room as I was trying to wake up.The voiced was very stern and matter of fact. Basically I was now going to be adoll to a very rich multi billionaire daughter. I was always do as told by heror be shocked with alarming pain. After that comment I go a example of whatthat felt like. It was one like I never experienced. I was basically told I washer really live baby girl doll. I was told soon the door would be open I wouldsoon be in my new room called the Doll house.

I was still not sure what this was all about but basicallydid was I was told due to my fear of the pain I had felt. I left the small pinkroom that basically had just a cot in it but painted in all pink. The door openand I walked into the room. It was the largest room I have ever seen. It was asgirly of room I have ever seen pink bears, ballet bears, stuff animals, hugebaby crib, huge changing table, dinner table with tea party set on it, balletarea, big TV, all sorts of girls games, nice little girls kitchen set, Barbie dollsets, sorted baby things in the baby dresser and all sorts of dolls.

I walked in although was very hard with thick diaper eventhough it was disposable. There were couple machine I have never seen beforeand a huge wardrobe of dresses all very frilly like the one I was wearing. Theroom was a big as any house I ever lived in. The one thing I did not see was abathroom. There was little play potty and play tub for a baby. I knew one thingI had to go to the bathroom really bad and there was no were to go but the sink.I went over to sink and pulled my ruffled panties, plastic pants and tried topull down my diaper but I could not get it off no matter how hard I tried. Ipulled back everything up and had no choice but to pee in my diaper. My diaperchange color and so did my plastic pants and the front of my ruffled pantieshad the word saying baby is wet.

In just a few minutes this little girl comes in the roomwith huge smile saying hi baby dolly. I tried to say something but it was justmumbled. Something had been done to my voice but I could not talk inunderstandable words. Although she was a lot shorter than me she gave me hugehug. She looked up at me and said I going to call you sissy dolly ok? I shookmy head no when all the sudden I had brief shock of the pain I felt earlier andchange and nodded yes quickly. Good she said with huge smile. She was cutelittle girl but you could tell quickly she always got what she wanted. You looksoooo cute today Sissy why don’t you curtsey for me baby. I knew quickly I hadto curtsey which I did. Oh sissy baby looks like you wet your diapers alreadylet me check you. She saw the diaper said wet and she said well we need to getyou changed.

She held my hand and guided me to the machine I saw earlier.She pushed me down on the table. Not sure how she did it but soon I was on atable being slid into this machine. I could feel my diaper coming off wipedclean all over and next thing I know I could feel and smell baby powder. I amcoming out of the machine with new pink disposable diaper and my plastic plantsand ruffled panties are slid up by the girl. She grabs my hand and says doesbaby sissy feel better. I nod my head yes. She has a bottle in her hand andplaces it in my mouth. Baby needs to be fed. All sudden I am on the floorsitting down sucking on baby bottle. Taste like milk just little different I amsure it is baby formula as I saw some baby formula boxes sitting near the sink.

That’s a good baby sissy. You willhave so much fun here in your baby doll house. I will take good care of you. Ilooked up as I continue to drink from the bottle. She said I will teach you somany things. We are going to do ballet together. Play games together. Playdress up and you will be my special baby doll. She took my bottle away and tookme to the crib. She told me she had to go for few and to get into my baby crib.I crawled in she gave me a stuff doll and placed a pacifier in my mouth andleft. I looked around the room to see if there were any windows or anythingthat could escape. Nothing but cameras everywhere that must be how they monitorwhat is going on. I knew that I was not going to be able to get of this rightnow I would have picked my moment. I just lied down and feel a sleep.

I was awakened up by the littlegirl who told me time to get out of my crib. I did as she instructed. She toldme to curtsey and whenever she enters a room I must curtsey to her in which I noddedyes. She told her name was miss ginny. I of course could not say those wordsbut she made me try. I could muster gin gin which she smiled said good baby. Shelook at my diaper and saw that it was dry. She took my hand and guided me tolarge tall box.

I got a surprise for you. I lookedat the box when she opened it, it was a large boy doll actually taller than Iwas. This will be your new play mate. His name is bobby does he just look soreal? I shook my head again knowing if I did not I would feel that pain. I wasglad in a way that he was not real. He will keep you company when I am notaround and be nice playmate for you. Does he not look so cute and of course Ishook my head yes. I was told to go over to the doll and curtsey which I did.Go hug him baby Sissy of course which I did. You two look so cute together. Hewill be such a nice boy friend for you sissy. I almost feel to the floor whenshe said that. Hold his hands and just as I did he started walking and lookover and Ginny had a some sort of remote control by her. Soon I could feel hishands close on mine as he started to walk I followed right with him as she hadthe largest grin on her face.

Ohhh my she said he really likesyou as he walks with me clutching my hand firmly but gently. You two are goingto be sooo close. Will baby Sissy it is time to feed you. In few seconds Bobbythe doll lifts me up into the high chair and just puts me in like I am afeather. Ginny playing with the remote as I was thinking wow she is really goodat that. She tells Bobby thank you as he sits down at the table next to me. Shetakes out of the fridge some baby food jars and places them on my tray at thehigh chair. I am not liking this as I can tell this is going to be my mainforce of food. She places bib over me and then starts to feed me what lookslike mushy baby ceral. I do my best to follow her hand as majority goes in mymouth. It taste horrible but it is something. She than places it the spoon inBobby the dolls hand and touched few buttons on the remote as he continues tofeed me. I have to do my best follow and insure it gets in my mouth. Ginny saysBobby will finish feeding me and she will be back in a few. I kept busy bytrying to get as much in my mouth as Bobby the Doll keeps digging into the bowlof ceral. I had to pee again and without any problem I just peed in my diaper. Inotice now some of the food is getting on the floor as I am trying to get asmuch as I can in my mouth. I can tell there is not much there when Ginny comesback in. She looks at me and points at me says bad girl look at this mess. Shecleans up my face with cloth and then soon Bobby the doll is picking me up andtakes me out of the high chair. She could tell my diaper was wet and ask me ifI wet my diaper which I shook my head yes.

I am very upset with you sissy youhave to be punish for you being bad eating your breakfast. She has Bobby holdme down over his lap as he slides down my rumba panties and plastic pants andstarts to spank me. The diaper being wet did not help cushion the blows. It didhurt as I started to actually tear up after few blows. You could tell Ginny washaving fun using the remote control. After about 10 smacks he pulled up myplastic pants and rumba panties and stood me up. Say you’re sorry to Bobby andme for being a bad girl. I mumble something and curtsied in hopes that shewould be ok with that. She was as shegave me bottle to finish up on.


Chapter 2

The doll soon picks me up andplaces on the couch in his arms held me very tight. Ginny placed the remotedown on the counter and leaves the room. Here I am stuck in the arms of thisdoll with him holding the bottle in my mouth. I finish up the bottle but it isstill in my mouth as the doll had been left in that position. I waited about20min in that position before I started to squirm. I knew she was not coming toosoon so I try to work my way out of his arms. After several minutes I got outand was walking around. I started to look around some just to see if there wasany way out. I could feel the camera all the sudden pointing right at me. TheTV all the sudden turn on.

Message on screen was please sitin chair. There was cute baby chair right in front of big TV. It was large sizechair. I stalled for just what seem like seconds when I felt sharp pain. Icould tell that if I did not sit in that chair soon I would that long shock. Iquickly ran over and sat down quickly. The TV just started up and it was Barbiemovie. Than soon after that was Princess Movie. If I tried to get up I wouldfeel that quick sharp pain and quickly sat down. At this point I had wet mydiapers several times.

I was getting tired and soon wassleeping in the chair. I was starting to wake up and look up and there was thedoll staring me down right in front of me. I can hear in the distance a hugegiggle. Ginny comes over and say are you not going to take Bobby’s hand which Idid. I can feel the sagginess on the diaper. Well she says I quickly know whatI have to do so I curtsey to both Bobby and Ginny. I cannot understand why thishappen so quickly one minute I am out in restaurant excited about starting mynew job and then next minute I am baby girl dolly. Ginny giggles again as shelooks down at my ruffled panties sagging down. Oh my you need a change. Bobbysounds grabs my hand firmly takes me to diaper changing machine.

Soon I had brand new diaper onshinny new plastic pants with Barbie print on them. Then new rumba panties withsweet smell of baby powder. Once I was done in the machine was picked up andplaces in my high chair. Time to eat dinner baby doll said Ginny. I notice wewent right through lunch and honest I was hungry. She started laying baby jarson the table. Crap this is my food source. Soon she had her dolly open up jars.I could see it was mushy chicken, baby jar of green pees and peaches. Than thedoll bobby starting feeding nothing could have taste worse. Of course some dropon my bib and mess around mouth. Once I was done a bottle was quickly pushed inmy mouth. I am sucking down formula again not tasting good at all.

Was clean up than picked up placedin a play pen with bunch of baby toys. Than Bobby Doll climbs in there with mesits down right next me and holds my hand. Ginny is just giggling as she maneuversthe remote control. Ginny looks down at me and tells me you and Bobby play withyour toys I am going to watch TV like a big girl as she grins at me. I knowwhat that smile means play with those baby toys or get shocked. I really canonly play with the Toys with one hand as the other was firmly in Bobby thedolls hands. I tried to get free but I could not as I played with the Toysevery time I slowed down I can feel slight shock and started to play withanother toy.

After awhile Ginny was done withwatch she was watching walk towards and soon I was picked up by Bobby and wascarried to the crib and slid in gently. Soon Bobby was in there with mespooning me and holding me tight where I could hardly move. She looks at me andsays you two are prefect together as I feel a gently kiss on my cheek from thedoll. Oh no he has active lips and mouth. As he slips his free hand on my rumbapanties. She turns the light off and drops the remote on the end table and saysniters you two sweeties be good she giggles and shuts the door. I wet myselfone more time before I drift off firmly held by the doll.

Chapter 3

I woke up in the middle of thenight still stuck in the arms of Bobby the doll. Mt stomach was turning and Iknew I could hold on any more and I poop in my diapers. I soon feel back asleep with a very bad smell hanging over me. I woke up with no doll near me Ido not know how he left without me knowing it but he was gone. I did all the sudden start to gag from the smell of poop in my diapers.

Soon I could see Ginny from a distance holding her nose oh my sissy you did a good one in your diapers even Bobby had to leave as she giggled. Soon he was there was surgeon mask over his faced as he pick me up and took me over to the diaper changing machine. Soon I come out in there was Bobby with a bright yellow dress he was holding onto. I have new diaper on pink disposable as machine that slides yellow plastic pants with the print of teddybears all over them. I get stood up and Bobby slide yellow rumba panties on me. Bobby slides a cute yellow petticoat skirt over my head and then the frilly yellow dress. Not sure how but my legs have been smooth to the touch since Ihave been there as my entire body.

He crabs my hand and walks me right in front of Ginny. She smiles and says you look so cute today. I curtsey to both her and Bobby and say thank you but again it sounds like baby mumbling.She grabs the remote and says today baby girl we are going to get you ready for baby doll beauty contest. She sits me in front of TV as we watch a show from U.S. that I have seen before its toddler and tiara the show about little girl’sbeauty pageant. She points and says this is what you will have to practice for.We have contest tomorrow my friends bring over their baby dollies tomorrow. Ic annot believe what I was hearing a baby doll beauty pageant.

She had the stage already set up.She took me by the hand and showed me all the pretty outfits I was going towear, ballet outfit and frilly swim suit. She said your talent will be balletwe have very cute outfit to wear as she pointed to a little girl’s ballet out sparkly as could be. For next couple hours I was dressed in dresses as I worked on my steps and smiles trying to copy what the girls do on show as it was shownto me over and over again. It was not as easy at looks as I had to try over andover again as Ginny coached me. She was having a blast as I was getting tiredand of course my diaper was starting to sag again as from being so wet. I was starting to pee in my diapers without being able to control not something Iwanted to do.

She looked at me said time to feed baby girly as she grabbed remote. I could hear clapping come from the seats infront of the stage it was Bobby the doll clapping. She said he loves you’re pageant walks he is so proud of you. He stands up come over to me and craps me and lays long kiss on me. Oh my Ginny says you two stop right now. As he release meand then holds me very tight next to him. Bobby come on I know you want yourbaby but right now she has to eat. He picks me up and slides me into the highchair, and places a bib over my pageant dress. She is getting better and better with the remote control for Bobby almost as he if he was real.

He basically starts feeding me same as yesterday baby cereal and my formula. For some reason did not taste as bad as yesterday hope I was not getting use to it. He crab me clean my mouth and folded up the bib placed in the sink as he carried me to the couch. He held me in his arms as he fed me the bottle. I soon finish the bottle and was taking over to the diaper changing machine. In few minutes I had new diaper andplastic pants and the fresh smell of baby powder. Every time I was changed Icould feel the machine smear something on my butt I can only assume it was something for diaper rash. I was stood up by Bobby and I curtsey and thank him as this was starting to be the normal way of doing things now until I could figure something out.

I was instructed by Ginny to get my bathing suit on it was a two piece you would see a baby wear at the beach. I had to squeeze in which was hard with the diaper and plastic pants on but I finally did it. Back on stage now with bathing suit practice my walk on the stage. With mirrors all over I could see my diaper stick out of the bottoms of the bathing suit not unlike any other baby you see wearing a bathing suit. We did this forseveral hours as Bobby kept clapping after every walk through. She came overand instructed me to get into the ballet outfit. This was also very hard to get into with my diapers and the tights.

I started to watch the basic ofbaby ballet shows and trying to copy all the moves. You can see the bulge ofthe diaper through the bottom of tights whenever I did any move. Ginny than put on a film to watch and instructed me this would be my act for tomorrow so watch it closely and try to copy I want you to win grand supreme. I saw that from the show I cannot believe this is my goal now. After hour so I was getting very tired. She had Bobby pick me up and place me in high chair once again. I wasreally not that hungry and she could tell. From lunch Baby you just have yourba ba. I am sure that’s what my mumbling sounds like. Ginny has Bobby lifted me from the chair and as he holds me in his arms on the couch feeds me the whole bottle of formula. In few minutes I was out sleeping in his arms.

When I wake up I am sucking on a pacifierwith Bobby still holding. He takes the pacifier out of my mouth and leans overholds me very tight and starts to kiss me again. I have no choice but to accepthis kiss and grap his back side or I would fall. As he was kissing me he rubs his hands up and down my leg and rub my rumba panties. Was not sure what shows she was watching to mimic what we were doing but you could tell she watch enough of them to knew what she was doing. She had Bobby keep it up for awhile andthat with his tongue in my mouth I could hear her leave the room. Here I amagain now stuck with his tongue in my mouth. Like she does not care what position I am in when she leaves.

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Good story, I enjoyed reading it. This is a good one to add more chapters to. A lot of people like doll stories.
i love the story a lot thank you

 Good story, I enjoyed reading it. This is a good one to add more chapters to. A lot of people like doll stories.  

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