R A strange sight, to new life- chapter 7
A young man hitting rock bottom with no goal and all about given up, get a strange surprise through a window.
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Chapter 1


So here I was spending my time like I do most days, sat in an old battered up chair an ugly grey color with a rip in the backrest and if not seated carefully a metal spring stuck in your butt. It felt fitting to the rest of the battered up apartment, the walls with ugly looking wallpaper that was losing its grip on the white wall it hides an old tattered matt which seems to go well with the old chair sitting on the floor hiding one of the damaged pieces of wood underneath. The TV next to the matt in the corner, old and unclean the screen covered in white dust, I have tried to get the TV working but I have since given up. I sat in my chair a glass of water in hand looking out of the small window at the violent storm happening just a few feet away from me. I watch as the water droplets slowly fall down the window and end at the base.


I gave a soft sigh as I turned my glance towards the window and towards the glass of water in my hand. It was sad that this entire place had to drink was the fowl water that came from the sink it tasted bitter almost like water that was has been left for a fare few days but it was the only drink here.


I always feel alone in this place there was a time when I had a wife, she was beautiful a nice frame with bright green eyes and fire red hair. Anna she was called I still think about her wonder how she is doing, a lot better that I have I imagine. She is probably with a new man now, a better one. Most likely has kids thats all she would take about when we were a couple how she wanted to start a family together; a girl to dress in pretty clothes and a boy to teach responsibility and leadership. She was always old fashioned in that respect but never the less I loved her.


Too Anna, hope you have all you desire and more, I raised to her, with a little laugh. If I knew Anna she wouldnt need my blessing. 


I think back on the relationship I once shared with her not with anger or regret but with love and sadness. I should never have used her like that, I felt bad about it at the time, still do what I wouldnt do more than anything to be a husband to her some one to protect her, love her, shower her with roses and chocolates, trips to places like Rome, Paris all the places women dream of visiting. Be the dream man to her but I knew in my mind Im certain in hers, as well I was no man; I was a small little boy, a wimp.


She wasnt a wife In my eyes, I loved her, but those vows we took on the happiest day of our lives were tainted with lies and promises that were broke. To me my beautiful wife was my mom, a woman that I have never had in my life, yet one that I have been desperate to have.


I gave up staring at the TV it wasnt like some magic was going to happen and it would suddenly flash on with bright lights and colors and sound. the window with the rain still hitting against the cheap glass seemed like it would give more entertainment tonight I got up from the chair still a little tired I made my way over to the object of my entertainment. The rain looked horrific and I felt relieved that I had managed to make it home in time. The usual hooker corner was empty; guess even those girls wont work in these conditions. The only light that was on was the pharmacy light shinning blurry through the window. Guess people want condoms or something cant understand why any one else would go to that dump there for anything else. I felt relieved that there werent police sirens outside like usual the only noise was the rain. I could close my eyes and pretend I was far away from Satans arsehole.


I remember my first night fast asleep if you could call it that when suddenly the biggest bang went of waking me straight up from my sleep. My heart thumping as I a terrified wimp got out of bed to see what happened. My neighbour said to forget about it and stated be thankful it wasnt you, scared at the time I had no choice but to do as she said. I felt like a child scared and vulnerable, I wanted to ask if I could sleep with her but wisely changed my mind. Since then a gunshot goes off at least 5 days a week.


This place was like a prison; with no high school degree I didnt have much. The best I could do was giving flyers to people it sucked I never understood how we as a human race can be so mean and cruel to people who are just trying to make a small buck. I had thought about begging Ive walked past a few from time to time; they seem to make a lot of money (well what I think is a lot) a few dollars to anybody else, money that no doubt will end in some coke dealer dirty pocket. Hell will freeze over before I sink to begging. I was always a Good Samaritan so turning to crime was not an option; it has been through my head though times I have passed a store and though Ill only take a 20 that amount would be enough to feed myself well for a week maybe more, Im sure they dont need the money anyway. I never have gone through with it though maybe its because im scared of upsetting my deceased parents.


I looked down at my glass and saw the small amount left in the bottom. It was rancid but so was everything in this place. I took my final swig as I looked out the window through the glass I saw a bright yellow light come charging at my window their was no time to move as I watched this yellow light smash through the window.

Chapter 2


I felt like a bullet had hit me the shards of the window seemed to be in slow motion as they flew into the room before landing near on the ground of the apartment, this glowing yellow object hit me a such forced into my stomach I had little time to think about the pain as the forced lifted me of the ground sent me hurdling towards the wall opposite the window with a huge thud I crashed down on the battered wooden floor just inches away from the old chair.


I winced my eyes open looking across the room with a view from the eyes of a small cat. I looked up a little bit to see where I had taken impact from the wall. The wallpaper had come clean off; leaving a huge dent where my body hit a whole could be seen leading out into the hallway. With a groan I orientated my hands and lifted myself up. I was happy to see there was no blood on my stomach at least I wasnt shot I could count myself lucky in that regard.


Looking over I saw the window the entire bottom smashed open allowing the full Gail force of the wind outside pushing huge amounts of rain water in and allowing the cheap curtains to enter in my home. I looked down on the floor and saw blood as deep as can be all over the glass and along the floor leaving a trail of horror along the floor and stopping at the shape of young women that seemed to have an unseal yellow glow emitting from her body.


I could scarcely believe my eyes, how did a women get in here why was their a blood trail leading towards a women. I went over to inspect this bloody intruder the yellow glow acting like a light bulb slowly flickering her body until her light went out. From what I could see she was hardly dressed for weather conditions that this city has been experiencing these past few months. She lay before my eyes wearing nothing but a little yellow sparkly dress with matching sandals. Her body remained still there was no speech not a sound coming from her, she lay still on her side dead.


I moved over and knelt down close enough that I could smell her unusual sent;  she smelt like a girl I have never been with before which isnt many. It was almost heavenly and made me feel very dizzy in her presence.  I grabbed a hold of her shoulder and pushed her towards me, as she laid before me in full view, I raised my hands to my mouth shocked.


The young women could be no more that 16 years old, her youthful face covered in blood from the giant shards of glass launched deep into her flesh. Her eyes shut tight no breath coming from her mouth. Looking further down her body I could see more glass launched deeply in her body one in her shoulder another under her small breast and a big one cutting deeply into her hip tearing the dress and staining it with blood. I had no idea what to do, there was no first aid school at our orphanage. The only thing I could do was go down to the phone on the street a 10-minute walk longer in this weather. There isnt even a certainly police and ambulance would come, even if they did they probably assume I had stabbed her with shards of glass and arrest me.


I moved closer to her mouth; there was defiantly lifeless lying there not a single breath I moved down to her heart and tried my best to remember something I has seen on TV at one point. I did a few thrusts on her chest and moved back to her mouth, still nothing. Again this time harder with more fear in my eyes, still nothing she remained their lifeless. There was one last thing I hadnt tried and one that I felt almost disgusting as I opened her mouth and looked inside. It was covered in blood she must have been couching the stuff up; her teeth were covered in it, made the whole task even worse.


I moved closely as I touched her lips and began to blow softly into her mouth. I looked at her eyes, which remained shut. I tried again, harder this time until I could hear coughing coming through and left quickly before more of her blood was in my mouth. She was awake; her eyes wide open leaving a bright sky blue shining back at me.


I got up kneeling over her body, she started coughing again and I quickly left her up so she could spit it out, dribbling was more accurate down her mouth and onto the yellow dress. I was no doctor but I gathered she must have chocked on her own blood kind of how someone might drown in water.  I felt relieved to see she was awake, sort of. It wasnt long until I looked down at her body reminding me that the worse of this was not over. The cuts looked bad and the closest thing I could think of to help them wad to use toilet paper.


Eh¦ Are you alright? I asked, a stupid question I figured all I wanted was a response to make me feel a little better. All that came out was a soft whimper like a sick puppy dog would give you.


I could leave her here she was weak and I doubt the hard floor would be much comfort on her injured body. With all my strength I lifted her up, Her puppy dog whimper could be heard but I ignored it as I took her to the 1 of 2 rooms in my apartment, it had a single bed and an old closet that only had a few of my t-shirts and pants in it. The room was more the size of a small closet but it worked. I laid her down watching as the blood went down onto the sheets.


I left her hopefully she will be okay for a little while, I circled my apartment in panic, what do I do, I need to do something. I stepped in the blood and the glass but didnt care, I needed something a miracle, and she will be dead in the next hour or so unless I do something!

Chapter 3


My solace came when I looked out of my recently broken window, the lights of the medical store still showing through the early hours of the morning. The big Red Cross on the building just showing through the distance like a sign, a sign I so needed.


I donned my jacket that still hadnt quite dried when I first came in. The thought of going out in this sort of weather sickened me however the thought of having a dead teen-age girl in my apartment was even worse. I quickly checked on her; there wasnt any sound coming from her but I could tell from her rapid breathing that she was still alive, I couldnt tell how long. I slowly shut the door. I thought about locking the door, what if she got out? She might go to the police; I would be in jail by the end of tomorrow night. Looking over at her, she barley looked like she could get out of the bed never mind making it out of the apartment, at least I could feel safe on that issue.


The stairs were dark; the lights had turned off to save this hellhole on their electricity. The floor, extra wet because of the rain, mad, no source  getting down these stairs a complete nightmare. It felt extra cold, it might have been because of the lack of lights but I made the whole task a lot worse.


Eventually, I came to the lobby if you could call it that. The place had a reception with a manager that seemed to stay for an hour before going to that sleazy bar or the strip club, which was about a 5-minute walk from here. The ground floor had no chairs or tables no source of reading material and the only source of entertainment was the plant which I think the manager doesnt know is dead and has been since came here. Paintings on the wall, which are so bad that they were probably bought at some charity, shop for the blind. I looked out the small window in the door and watched for a second, as the rain at such force seemed to act like a blanket on the ground. It seemed every time I stopped for a second an image of the girl in my head strapped to a hospital bed with a heart monitor and every time I stopped so would her heart.


The rain felt much worse when I stepped out, it seemed like after a few seconds my hair was already drenched in rain. I had to fight the wind as sheets of water hit me at such force it felt like bullets hitting me everywhere on my body. I looked up after a while of keeping my eyes shut tight, the store clearly in sight straight head, there was no cars or vehicle of any kind on the road so I quickly ran across the road and entered the outside shelter the store was offering. Looking out I saw the journey that I had suffered through and looked upon my journey on the way back, at least the wind will be on my side.


The shop was empty apart from someone at the counter who should be on suicide watch, even when I entered his mood didnt seem to change, he was almost like a zombie standing their behind the till, mind you if I was stood hear at 2 in the morning I would be like him. The store had a bandage section glowing in my eyes as a ran towards as I picked at least 5 bandages a load of tablets and some other stuff that said medicine on it.

I panicked approaching the till with my armful of medical supplies as I knew I had nowhere near the amount of money to pay for it. I thought about running their was no way this guy would be able to catch me with the state he was in however the thought of my parents came in my head once again. I watched as the till showed the price of each item. $2.00, $5.00, $8,00, $12.00, $13.50, $15.25, $17.09. I had a best a crumpled up $5.00 in my pocket somewhere. I started to panic, felt about running. Bit with nervous hand I dug in my pocket and grabbed everything and displayed it out the counter.


I could clearly see my money crunched up but that was it, there was a bottle cap, some string and some dust that must have built up in my pocket. He looked at me and I back at him, there was no change in his face since I had first stepped foot in this place. He moved the crumbled up note and in front of my eyes. The face of Abraham Lincoln shoved right in my face, honest Abe right there; the irony was not lost on me. I was just about to come clean and offer to return the stuff back.


Would you like a bag for these sir? the guy said looking back at me looking disinterested as he did before.


What? I asked shocked.


A bag, would you like a bag, you know for your purchases? he said opening out a brown paper bag.


Shocked all I could do was nod as he grabbed each item and placed then in the bag. I had no idea what happened? Surely he would have seen the bright purple / pink 5 on the note but I watched as he placed my dirty $5 in the till and proceeded to take out $2.91 and handed it to me in my hand. Did he mistake my money for a $20 whatever happened I didnt care as I grabbed my bag and tightened it to my chest scared of losing them?    


Sir, will you please take your trash, he said, as I was about to leave.


I placed the bag back down and brushed up my bottle cap and string, I noticed that the small pile of grey dust had disappeared, I didnt care he could have it for all I care.

Chapter 4


I slammed my door open, im sure it would have woken up the entire floor. I was panting from the rain; the lighting that struck scared the hell out of me and made me run like some scared little girl back to the safety of my apartment. My clothes, drenched with rain clung to my body and made me feel like I was carrying a lot more weight than I actually was. The bag nearly ripped and also soaked from the rain and didnt last much longer after I left the door; as a result I was clenching all of my purchases tightly to my body like a schoolgirl would do with her books. I quickly dropped them on a counter and took my jacket off. I couldnt hear anything coming from her bedroom and made a decision in my head that shell be fine for a few minutes while I read what this stuff this does.


A few minutes later I was pretty sure I will be able to help her and grabbed a towel, bandages and some of this anti disinfectant stuff. I approached the door and knocked, I dont know why I knocked I guess it felt wrong to not alert her with my presence instead of rushing in and potentially scaring the life out of her. I slowly opened the door a little and stepped back what if she was laid down in front the door and I hit her. I was scared, I didnt want to hurt her, I just wanted to help her injuries until she was okay, find her parents or someone to look after her and then get on with my sad miserable life.


Em, excuse me its only me¦ Im coming in. Okay, is that okay? I was stuttering over my words and sweating, talking to this door. There was no answer and I stood there wondering what to do, maybe I should let her sleep? Im coming in I decided.


I slowly pushed the door all the way and saw her body left exactly where I had placed her. I blew a sigh of relief.


I went over to the bed slowly and knelt down until I was just leaning over her body, I checked her cheek she was cold, the heating had broken a while back and I slapped myself in not giving her a blanket or something to help her.  I saw that she must have moved her arm while I was away as it was now resting on her stomach and by the looks of things looked pretty bad and maybe even broken by the way it was placed. I slowly as I could pull the sharp glass out of her shoulder, I could hear the most awkward sound I have ever heard and made me feel sick that I was the one creating it. She didnt seem to wake and I brushed the sweat appearing of my forehead.


I read the bottle one more time just to make sure it was correct.  I poured most of it on a towel that was clean and slowly dabbed the cut. The bottle said it would sting and irritate the cut and frightened me if she were to wake up scream and bring people running. Fortunately she did cry a little but with the puppy dog whine like before.


It must have taken me 2 hours of solid hard work and concentration the hardest work I have ever done. I was scared at times when she would make noise I would wince and try and hide like some scared child who was in trouble but hadnt got the concept of hiding and thought that if he put his hands over his eyes he would be invisible, yeah I was like that. One thing that was peculiar about her was that everything I would do, bandage a cut check her pulse anything, there was always some dust on her, I knew it wasnt my bed so it must have been from her, or at least her dress all though it didnt look old. The dust also seemed familiar for when I was back at the medical store in fact it also seemed identical. She nad a cold, her forehead was  hot to the touch, I thought about waking her up so she could take some of the medicine I had bought but in the end decided against it it will have to wait until morning I thought as y placed the tablets on the bedside table next to her,


I made a sort of sling for her arm with some of the bandage and ties it around the back of her neck as tight as I could possibly do and stepped back to review my masterpiece. In truth she looked like a mummy gone wrong but at least she was a lot cleaner and safer. I looked at the bandage package and it said I should change and check them often. I looked over her one more time and made a note to check her in the morning. I yawned for the first time that night, I looked over the clock and saw that the clock was just about to strike 4 I couldnt believe I was only now starting to feel the effects of the tiredness, I guess looking after people keeps you awake.


I made my way into the living room and slumped down in the broken chair, trying my best to close my eyes and get some much-needed sleep and stay away from the nightmares of tomorrow.

Chapter 5


Ive never had a worse night than I had last night. My head hurt, I felt sick to my stomach. I had come to the ill conclusion I must have gathered a cold from being outside, even for those short few minutes I was exposed. My back was a wreck at having to sleep in that awful armchair. I got up and with a hand on my head looked around my wrecked apartment; I saw the broken window following down to the glass and the blood spread out all over the floor going to a trail that stopped when approached my bedroom door. My whole apartment looked like a scene from some horror film where the murderer had dragged the girl through the door and her blood had left a trail.


I moved bare foot carefully around the shards of glass and over to the door, with a little less care than before and opened the door. She still laid their silent wrapped up in bandages. I didnt know to be relieved or annoyed; I was hopping she would be awake so I could explain her situation and help her find her parents; instead she was as asleep not a sound. The more she was here the more nervous I got that someone might wonder in and see her; I doubt that would happen Ive been hear for a year or so now and I got one visitor and that was my ex-wife handing me the divorce papers. I have had when I didnt lock the door; drunken people from other rooms wandering in.


I left the room and went over to the kitchen; I noticed the clock read 9:00 and I thought maybe getting her something to eat my make taking to her easier, plus she must have been starved not having food and I generally just wanted to be nice.


As I was working these eggs as nice as possible I heard some shuffling around in the bedroom, but ignored it. Again I heard it louder this time, I stopped holding the fry pan and focused more attention.


What? Oh my god what the, help, help me! I heard the sound of someone in panic and it made me feel sick at what had been thrown on me, she was crying and screaming out help. The sound of a distressed teenage girl, the longer I waited standing their the more louder she cried I was hopping she would calm down and then I could enter but she wasnt stopping and I didnt want people on my floor to hear and start asking questions.


I finished making the eggs and toast and placed them on one of the cleanest plates I had in my cupboards. It was a little burnt, I had never been a good cook the best I could do was make a sandwich, been placed in hear and having to use the gas scared me at first, a nice old lady helped me and I couldnt have been more grateful, its sad that she doesnt live hear anymore.


I entered the bedroom slowly the plate of food held out in front of me like someone who is offering meat to a lion. She was up in her bed but had the sheets pulled up to her face only giving me a glimpse of her eyes. I winced I hoped she was careful with her broken arm. She had stopped crying and looked at me suspiciously but said nothing as I entered slowly into the room. I knelt down as she moved her sheets further up. Scared, she looked like a little girl afraid of the bogeyman or some other night-time horror, I guess thats what she thought of me.


I dont want to hurt you, I said, trembling as I dropped the plate on the bed.


Who are you? she said, you could still hear the fear in her voice.


Owen¦ Owen Drenchurt. I answered her. She was still terrified and I didnt even think she thought I was saying my right name. You had been in a accident that has left you pretty cut up pretty bad, Ive done my best to heal you but you really need medical care, I said quite mature for how I usually speak.


She looked down at herself moving the sheets so I could see my handiwork. It looked sloppy now; some of the bandages seemed loose. She didnt seem to mind as she inspected her body and her bandaged up arm. She looked back up to my gaze


Do you have a telephone number so we can call your mom, she must be worried. I asked, she still seemed a little cautious of me, I could understand.


She looked like she was deep in thought; sat their in the bed her good arm on her head her bandaged one laid limp in the sling resting below her chest. The sparkly yellow dress must have ripped more during her sleep as the tears once there had expanded showing more of her skin.


I cant remember my head really hurts, she cried, rubbing her head.


I went over to her bedside, go there and check; she jumped and moved further away from me to the other side of the bed.


Please I dont want to hurt you, I said, she was having none of it as she cried again.


I sighed I wanted to help this girl but she was terrified of me, I was surprised that she even talked to me but it seemed that was the only courtesy I was going to get from her. I looked around the room for the food, when she moved she knocked the plate onto the floor. Luckily, it hadnt dropped the food as I picked it up and looked at the food and then back to her. She was still cowering behind the sheets, as I placed the food once again on the bed.


Would you please try and eat something, you must be hungry? I stated to her, she looked at the food like it was poison. I could do nothing as I left the room, maybe after she has had something to eat she might be able to tell me something about her parents.

Chapter 6


She wasnt leaving this apartment, I reasoned. It had been 2 hours since I gave her the food, sitting down in my chair reading a newspaper dating back from 2 months this was my 5th time reading it. I looked at the clock, as I tend to do hope that the day will pass quickly and I can go back to sleep. There was no noise coming from the bedroom and for a while I could close my eyes and imagine none of this has happened, it was only when opening my eyes and see the blood all over the place that I knew that all I have seen is true.


It was at this time I would be leaving to go to the store to get some food supplies for the days ahead. I was low on supplies and the last bit of eggs and bread for toast was given too my unexpected houseguest. I donned my jacket, looking outside the harsh storm last night has turned into a light drizzle. Before leaving I thought about locking the door to my bedroom, I didnt want her running outside and possibly hurting herself. I didnt lock in the end; maybe if I let her escape she might thing im not trying to keep her prisoner, wishful thinking.


The streets seemed empty for this time as I walked along the sidewalk for my 30 minute walk to this little store on the end of the street. I chose this store for how cheap the food is, the only down side was it was all from ingredients and I really was a bad cook. Most of my meals were cucumber sandwiches or something similar. I passed the medical store where I had been last night it was shut which i felt relieved, maybe the guy might spot me and come running out. All through the night I couldnt help but relieve those moments in my head, I still feel quite bad about it. I knew the store had poor business and I knew the old man relied on his store to make money. Looking over to the building, the place looked like it had been closed for a long time using wood to board up the windows and the big sign that says close it certainly didnt look like a welcoming place.


Finally, I made it to the little store it didnt have a name, just a little banner at the top saying food store the outside had boxes of apples along one wall and flowers on the other side which all looked damaged from the storm. As I entered the store I nodded to the man behind the counter who currently wasnt serving anyway. The place wasnt empty but it wasnt on the other hand what you would call full. The place normally used by old people that tend to be from other nationalities. They are really nice often helping me with shopping, one lady even gave me her recipe for a stew, had it a few times quite a nice stew.


I spent the next 20 minutes going around the small isles picking up what I normally stock up. I thought what my guest would like I judged from her frame she might be a vegetarian so I bought a bit more fruit and veg that I usually buy. I had a strange unsettling though that she might be my guest for a while.


I said hello to the man behind the counter and he smiled and said hello back. A friendly Hispanic family who moved here about 20 years ago ran the shop. It kind of reminded me of the shopkeeper in the Simpsons. He was kind and friendly always thanking for visiting and to please come again.


Everything seemed normal as I made my way back to my apartment. The rain had all but stopped and I started to think that things might start to look up.  Made my way to the corner that would lead on to my apartment, I froze in horror. A few short yards outside my apartment was a swarm of about 5 squad cars covering the door to the building. All color from my face drained out as my skin turned bright white making me start to feel ill. As I made my way over I looked up to see my smashed window, there was no sign of any cops in my room from what I could see.


There were no cops in the cars I imagined there were all in the building. The desk was empty no police, no manager it was deserted. As I climbed the wet stairs still no sign of cops or residents.  I made my way to the floor my apartment was on where I was shocked to see 2 coppers a man and women knocking on doors.


Sir, do you live on this floor? the women cop said, making her way other.


Yes¦Yes this is my floor, is their a problem maam, I stated back nervously.


Yes sir there is, we would like it if we could come inside and ask you a few of the questions,


Inside! Cant we just do it out here? I stuttered.


We can, we can do it out here and then we can arrest you and take you down to the police station, she smiled, she seemed to enjoy the power trip over me.


Okay come on in, I cried, nearly fainting down all together


I prayed for a miracle as I struggled to open the door. Hoping that some act of kindness from the guy above would help me, I was desperate.


Chapter 7


I closed me eyes as the women walked into the apartment scared, I closed my eyes once again praying for some sort of miracle to come down from the sky. There was silence all of a sudden and I thought that for once expression I just wanted to be swallowed by the ground.


Sir, would you like to take a seat so I can ask you a few questions, she asked it like it was a suggestion but her tone said that it was an order.


I opened my eyes expecting to see the blood and the glass, I thought about running but I doubt I would make it out of the apartment even if I did I had no idea where I would go or what I would do to survive. Looking around my place I stood at the door shocked. The once blood and glass littered floor was clean; spotless it has probably the cleanest this place has ever been. I looked over to the wall were the window to see that it was fixed and also looked just as clean as the floor. There would be no way to tell that it had recently been smashed open. I walked around the small living space, shocked what had happened where was the blood trail leading to the door. I had no idea what happened there was only one person who was here did she clean the apartment? She cant of she was in the bed bandaged up, why would she even do that?


Sir I wont ask you again sit down or you will be arrested and youll be asking questions at the station, she said sternly.


I slumped down into my chair, like a child punished by her mother. She came over and leaned against the wall next to my TV.  Felt so submissive to her sat their having to look up at her. She smiled again, she seemed to like the power she had over me as a sat their demurely. She took out a notebook and once again looked into me. I couldnt look at her right and instead looked down at the recently cleaned floor.


You seem nervous, are you okay? she asked, it seemed compassionate but it reeked off her mocking me.


I am you know im a little tired and I just wanted to take a little nap when I came in, I replied.


Tired, why are you so tired? she said once again mocking me.


The storm last night, it was heard to get some sleep, I replied back to her, confidently.


I see, she seemed disappointed by my answer. Can I have your name? she asked.


Owen Drenchurt officer, 


She smiled at my answer; I couldnt tell if it was because I called her an officer or a much scarier thought that was the name she was looking for that name. Thoughts of regret of not locking the bedroom door; I knew there was a phone downstairs and jumping to conclusion she easily could have called the cops.


Do you know who lives in room 104 sir?  she asked, she seemed a lot more professional now.


The question through me of guard to what she was going to ask any thing else except this question. I had to think of a response I didnt know many of the people on my floor often preferring to keep to myself than engage with others however I did know the guy from room 104 he was one of those people that you will always remember from a crowd of people. He was a creep, like me he kept to himself not talking to many people except the owner of the apartment.


Its Nigel something, im sorry I cant remember what his last name was. Why whats happening? I said a little relieved the conversation was off me.


She noted down what I was saying before looking at me. We have had a complaint from a women that this man from 104 had sexually harassed her, we are here to investigate, she stated strongly. Do you know where the owner of this place is or where we can reach him, she asked.


I dont what to say, he doesnt really come here and when he does he is only here for about an hour before leaving for the bar or the strip club down the street, I dumbly said.


Thank you sir, we will be in touch, in the mean time if you see Nigel out and about would you please contact us so we can remove people like him from our streets, she stated.


I still felt a little dizzy as I let the women out of the room and shut the door  sliding down I sighed in relief.


Author note: this chapter is short and I had very little time to write it. Tomorrow I will give the next chapter as well as update to this one.

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wonderful start to a perfect story let me know when you add more
lots of love
a really really good chapter the best one yet thank you for writing it
lots of love
Wens nwexts pwarts obs dis tory gowna bees hweres?   Pweases sooons
    (giggles...)  Hi...
Wens moors gownna bees mwad?  Mees wanna sees wha hwappens?  Pweases moors soons?

    (giggles...)  Hi...
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