XXX A story where all your birthday wishes come true
Some of this is based of a true story. I've embellished a couple things to give it some oomph. I was really horny last night so I went through the effort of writing it. Hope you like it.
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The day had finally arrived.  It was my birthday and mommy had promised me that I was going to thoroughly enjoy what she had in store.  We both woke up late that morning.  As she began to stir from a contentfully satisfying slumber I slowly regained consciousness to the most comforting and perfect sensation of being tenderly snuggled into mommy's ample bosem.  "Is baby ready for your big day?" she cooed into my ear.  I had been anticipating this for some time now.  "You stay right here my little sissy.  Your birthday breakfast is coming right up," she said while heading towards the kitchen.  We had a large dinner the night before but there was no way I was going to pass up a special breakfast.  After she finished cooking it was a wonderfully hearty way to start the day with eggs, potatoes, sausages, biscuits and gravy.  It was extremely filling and she made sure that I finished every last bite.  There was little time to gather myself before her demeanor changed and I was suddenly being given orders to head to the bathroom.  "But I don't have to use the potty," I said.  "Oh that will soon change," was her reply.  I obediently waited for her to follow me in as she arrived with a handful of objects.  "These are for you," she said.  "Now pull down your undies."  I was slightly hesitant as I stared at everything she brought with her.  She set everything on the edge of the bathtub as I mentally noted it all.  3 hardboiled eggs, 3 bananas, 4 super plus tampons and 1 super pad.  She then proceeded to pull a M4 plus diaper out of the towel cupboard and I had a flash of what was soon about to lie in store for me.  "Babies need to have full diapers.  I'm just going to get the ball rolling," she meschieveously told me.  "Now, on your knees and bend over."  I acquiesed as she began to coat the eggs and bananas with lotion.  She started to tease my asshole with her finger as my body shuddered in response to her skillful touch.  *Blooooop* Before I could realize it she had pressed one of the bananas into my eager tushy.  She then proceeded to break the last two bananas into halves as she alternated between them and the eggs.  I could feel the mounting pressure but there was no way I would disappoint mommy.  I wanted to prove myself and made sure I held everything in for her.  She then began wetting the tampons and they swelled slightly.  I always marveled at the way they absorbed liquids. She wrapped the  pad in one of them and pressed it in my noticably packed behind.  Soon to follow would be the last 3 tampons.  As she squeezed them inside of me it seemed as if they occupied the very last miniscuile centimeters of available room.  See, mommy had done her homework and read online about someone who had experience with such a technique.  Eventually the urge to make poopies starts to come in waves but the tampons and pad make for a highly effective improvised booty-plug.  "Alright babykins, hop on your back so we can get this diaper nice and snug."  Upon having said diaper nicely fitted I was then instructed to get on my knees in the shower and spread my legs.  She brought the removable showerhead down to the back of my diaper and slowly started to release warm water into my dipey.  She  let it get to the perfect amount and shut it off while the diaper stretched to an even tighter fit than before.  She swatted my little diapered butt and told me to wait for her in the bedroom.  I did as I was told and waddled my little self out of the bathroom.  I could feel the sensations beginning to build as my bloated little tummy started to seek relief.  "No! I'm not going to let this happen," I told myself in the most determined manner I could muster.  I secretly wondered if I would be able to follow through.  The growing feeling lasted nearly 4 minutes as I hopped around the bedroom and wiggled my little bottom in protest.  As it subsided mommy finished up in the bathroom and saw the end of my little episode.  "Is baby feeling pretty full?" she said with a grin.  I nodded with an embarrassed look on my face.  "Well, now it's time for you to fulfill your duties as my little pleasure-slave.  Lay down on the towels I placed on the bed."  She had this all planned out.  Unbeknownst to me, she had covered her beautiful rosebud in a vanilla-flavored bodyspray.  Her ample body enticed the eyes and I couldn't stop noticing the crease at the upper part of her legs where her generous derrier shifted with every step she took.  "Your job is to make sure you clean every square inch of your mommies tushy-hole.  This means both inside and out.  Don't think I won't notice if you aren't giving it your all.  Do you understand?" she said in a commanding tone that was both stern yet tender and sensual.  I nodded vigorously as I lay there on the bed.  "Yes mommy.  I understand."  "Good," she replied.  "Now open up wide."  My little pee-pee was rock solid at this point and I have never been so excited to obey mommy's orders.  She climbed up on top of me facing my feet as though she was getting ready to reverse cow-girl position my face.  She proceeded to spread her volumptuous tushy as she mounted herself squarely atop my eagerly waiting, lust-obsessed mouth.  Some people unfortunately don't know what they're supposed to do in life.  They seem to lack purpose and don't really know where they belong.  At that precise second I had never been so certain that if there was ever a reason for me to be on this earth, it was to be exactly where I was, doing what I was doing to mommy's perfectly smooth, vanilla-flavored asshole.  She began to grind slowly on my face as she released moans of pleasure and satisfaction.  Periodically leaning forward to let her baby breath, she continued to encourage me to explore every crevice, every line, nook and cranny.  It had been nearly 10 minutes before I became conscious yet again of my expertly stuffed bottom.  I had been so lost in extasy that the sudden resurgence of my situation thrust itself to the forefront of my attention.  "Mommy, mommy," I began to whine.  I think I might have a problem."  "Oh? Does baby feel like he's not able to hold his little load?  Well, you had better figure something out because I haven't given you permission to make a messy yet."  I was rapidly running out of options.  I could tell by the feeling of the tampons that they were doing their job, yet they didn't offer any relief in terms of the waves of frantic panic I now had after my new orders from mommy.  She continued to grind herself on my face.  I felt like a little bee who's only mission in life was to suckle the nectar from a beautiful flower.... and keep from making messies in my swollen babypants.  She started carressing and rhymically massaging the front of my bulging diaper as the outline of my swollen member could visibly be seen practically screaming for release.  My sex-crazed mental state was directly translated into an insatiable alternating rabid frenzy of licking and pleasuring both mommy's sex and rimhole.  I was able to contain myself (somehow) for the next 10 minutes until I was brought out of my euphoric trance into another wave of abdominal pressure.  This confused my mental state as pangs of tushy-pressure coupled with the borderline orgasmic taste of mommy.  I started to visibly squirm in a manner different than before as I attempted to find some solace from the enveloping necessity to release (in more ways than one).  She could tell I was reaching my point of no-return as she asked, "Are baby's urges getting too hard to resist?"  I could only muster a manic "Mmmm hmmm!" whilest my body jolted side to side.  As I searched for an outlet, any outlet, I grabbed mommies hips and pulled her tighter onto my face as I practically screamed for mercy.  This made her giggle in cruel satisfaction.  "Okay baby, I'm going to give you to the count of 10 until you're allowed complete freedom to let your body find release."  As she counted down I could feel her speed up her pace as she rubbed my crotch while rocking back and forth and up and down on my very fatigued tongue.  After what seemed like the longest 10 seconds of my life I could faintly make out the words I so desperately needed to hear.  "Do it baby!  Make your biggest messie-poos for mommy!"  I could finally release my tortoursly strained rectum but found that nothing merely slid out.  The pads and tampons really were fulfilling their intended purpose and kept everything tightly packed.  *Aaargghhh* I grunted into her still planted buttocks on my smothered face.  I could feel a mounting pressure continue to build as the contents of my colon suddenly realized they, too, had been given permission to escape!  I can luckily recall what transpired next despite my nearly blacked-out experience.  With an unparalleled pressure on my prostate, coupled with mommy's enthusiastic rubbing and grinding, I felt the bottom of my swollen diaper struggle as it stretched to its limits.  The contents of last night's dinner, this morning's wonderful breakfast and the sum total of 3 hard boiled eggs, 3 bananas and those blasted tampons exit my desperate anus.  Mommy knew what she was doing because all of this was not lost to her expert touch as I'd never felt such an overwhelming orgasmic rush and simultaneously witnessed the contents of my happy juices flood the front of my diaper.  "Did sissy baby enjoy herself?" mommy asked as she looked over her shoulder into my pleasure-filled,  tearful eyes, barely visible behind the lucious curvature of her left tushy-cheek.  Positively overwhelmed and having experienced quite possibly the most intense rush in my entire I smiled underneath her and nodded my head.  She could tell I was smiling.  She didn't have to see my whole face.  "Now it's time for baby to take his late-morning nap" she said as she got off my face and propped the pillows against the wall.  She motioned for me to shimmy myself up to her as I curled up into a ball and she nuzzled my mouth up to her erotically swollen right mammary.  I closed my eyes as she ran her hand through my hair, rocking lovingly back and forth and patted my unbearably strained diaper.  "That's a very, very good little baby.  We'll have to get you changed, but that can wait until later.... Much later. For now you just need to rest.  You worked very hard and did a very good job pleasuring your mommy.  Happy Birthday sweetykins."     
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I wish my birthdays were like this!
cans i have more pwees 
 Princess are kind, brave, beautiful and determined they can do or be anything 
even change the world.  

 All girls are princess what you see in the Mirrors doesn't define you.
It doesn’t meter if you weren't born a girl. As long as your one at heart you too
are a princess 

How I'd love a birthday like that.
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