Spring Flowers (PG)
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It was a pwetty spwing day. A pwetty boy went for a walk with a girl. They went to Central Park.

The boy was named Walter. The girl was named Flo. You might think they were twins! They both had the same tan skin and black hair and soft face and deep, black eyes.

And they both looked like girls! Poor Walter, even when he let his chin get stubble, would still get called ma'am at the store!

Walter had a cwush on Flo. But Flo did not have a crush on Walter.

Flo always said, "Walter, you are like a little brother to me." Or, Flo thought, even like a little sister...

And Walter would blush. He would think, I don't want to be your wittle bwother. I want to be your boyfriend.

But Flo knew better. She knew that Walter always twied to snuggle with her and cuddle. But not like a boyfriend, but like a little baby sibling, and not quite like a boy.

It would be nice if Walter could be my little sister, my little baby sister, Flo thought. But when Flo twied to tweat Walter like a little baby, Walter would get so iwwitable.

That's what happens when all the adult parts of the world get into a boy's bwain (gwumble, gwumble...).   

But now spwing was here. And Walter and Flo went for a walk in Central Park.

They walked deep on a twail into a part that looked just like the woods! (But you could still hear the horns honking.)

They walked over a short, stone bwidge. Above them, the twees were budding. There were little shadows of gween making the bwanches alive again.

Walter said, "The woods are being reborn."

Flo said, "Don't you wish you could be reborn?"

Walter said, "Not for a while, I guess. I want to live this life first."

Flo said, "But if you could pretend to be reborn, and play like you are my little baby, would you do that?"

Walter blushed. He was about to be silent and bwoody  like usual. But before he had a chance, a surpise flashed before his eyes!


Walter thought it was a bright yellow bird. It darted down below the bwidge.

Flo said, "What was that?" Flo thought it was a refwection of sunlight. But it didn't make sense.

Walter and Flo looked over the bwidge. They couldn't see anything.

Flo said, "I think we should imvestigate."

Walter said, "But isn't it against the wules to--"

Flo interrupted, "Enough with the wules! Somefing twicky is fishy awound here!"

So Flo and Walter went down the slope to see under the bwidge.

Walter was afwaid. He thought he was doing a good job of not showing it. But it was pwetty obvious to Flo.

Flo looked calm and cool. But she was afwaid. Walter kept twying to walk beside Flo. But Flo kept pushing him back.

Flo thought, No way my little baby is going to be hurt.

How sulky Walter would have been to hear that!  

They came closer and closer to the tunnel under the bwidge. Walter stopped Flo. He said, "Look at these weird flowers!"

And he was wight. They were weird! All awound the mouth of the bwidge were little flowers that looked like fwesh crocuses. They were shallow little cups of purple and white and yellow. But they were see-through, like crystals!

Flo bent down to pick one. But as she did, another flash flew under the bridge! It seemed to disappear, though, before it got to the other side.

"It looked just like a sun beam!" Flo excwaimed. "We have to follow it!"

Flo wan under the bwidge before Walter could even wespond. As Flo wan acwoss the crystal flowers, they tinkled like soft bells.

Walter was about to tell Flo this. But Flo wasn't there any more!

"Flo? Flo?" Walter called. But there was no answer.

Walter tiptoed into the patch of flowers. As he did they made a big jangle of bells and a lot of cheeping and chirping -- like a pet shop full of birds!

Walter was so scared  that he ran stwaight under the bwidge!

He spwashed thwough a Cocteau mirror and suddenly he was in a much diffewent pwace!

First Walter thought the sky was cloudy. But then, no, he realized that wasn't it. The sky was pink! It was like cotton candy!

Before him was a gigantic plant nursery. But not like any he'd ever seen before.

There were tways and tways of flowers. Almost as far as the eye can see! Pots and pots of twees and shwubs.

But then there were rows of beds for newborns, like you might see at a hospital. Then there were rows of beds and cwadles. And there were playpens and toys and rocking horses.

And there were cweatures in all these things! They looked like pwants. But they looked like people, too, like little babies.

And to and fro ran a handful of nurses. At least, they must be nurses. They wore clean, white dwesses, quite sexy mini-skirts, and dainty, little nurse hats.

They looked like people. But they were animals, too! Some looked like squirrels. Others looked like raccoons. Others looked like wabbits.

There were gardeners, too. They wore pastel-green overalls and baby-blue shirts underneath. They had straw hats on their heads. And while the nurses looked to the cweatures in the beds and cribs and playpens, the gardeners wushed to and fro tending to the plants.

The gardeners looked like people, too. But they weren't! They had deer faces and horse faces and even coyote faces!

And above Walters head always flitted new yellow flashes, like tiny, little comets. He had thought they were yellow birds. But what were they?

This can't be real, Walter thought to himself. I must be magining things!

Now an old man with a long, white beard and a big, cwocodile face (cwocodile face?!) came up to Walter and said, "Hey, you!"

Walter was ever the more scared!  

But the cwocodile man said, "Are you going to help us or just stand there?"

Walter said, "I'm j, just, j, just... Don't eat me!"  0

The cwocodile man stared at Walter for a second. He stifled a giggle. Then he said, "Look, Walter. Are you going to help load up the plant tways into the twuck? Or are you going to be a sissy?"

"Be a sissy?" Walter asked, confused.

"Fine by me," the cwocodile man said. He shrugged and turned away. He said, "Flo said that's pwobably how you would help."

"Where is Flo?"

"She's with the turtles, loading up the twees. See?"

The cwocodile man pointed off to Flo. There was Flo! She was dwessed in overalls and a stwaw hat, too!

She was walking to the "twuck." But it was no twuck. It was a big, white, plastic helicopter that looked like a stork! And a tall, lanky, stork-woman sat in the cockpit!

The two turtle-gardeners were big as a twiceratops! They cawwied a whole lot of twees on their backs.

The twees didn't quite look like twees, either. They looked like cartoons. They had little baby faces.

When Flo and the turtle men got to the stork, they stopped. They looked like they were joking with Flo as she unloaded the twees fwom their backs and onto the stork-o-copter.

Flo seemed thwilled with her task.  1Walter was delighted to see her.  2He almost wan to her. But the cwocodile man stopped him by gwabbing his shirt.

"Oh, no you don't," the cwocodile man said. "You made your choice. Now that is your job."

"What choice? I want to be with Flo!" Walter said.

"No choice now. You said sissy, you get sissy. Flo's busy with her work. You better get started on yours. Nurse Racky!"

A raccoon-girl nurse daintily jogged toward Walter and the cwocodile man as Walter asked, "What is Flo doing?"

The cwocodile man said, "She's getting the seeds ready for dispersal."

"Seeds?" Walter asked. "But those twees are already saplings!"

The cwocodile man said, "Those aren't real twees. Those are twee spirits. When the plants fall in love this year, those spiwits will become twee seeds. We send the spiwits out into the air. They float and see the world as it is. Some of them have seen it before. But it's a new day. So it's a new world. And eventually the spiwit settles down somewhere. And if it's lucky, it finds a nice, good mother-tree to become a seed in."

Walter nodded. He was suddenly not afwaid at all. He was vewwy curious.  3He said, "It seems like it would be hard to find the right place. And yet, so many trees in this world seemed perfectly, beautifully placed."

The cwocodile man said, "Hmph. Well, it's getting harder and harder in this new world of ours. Now, if you'll excuse me. Nurse Racky, will you please sissify Walter here?"

Nurse Racky said, "Why of course, Dr. Dial."

Before Walter knew it, Dr. Crocker Dial was alweady walking away. And just as quickly, Nurse Racky had a pastel-pink leather -- leash! -- snapped around Walter's neck!

"What are you doing to me?" Walter said. 4

The slim, cute, raccoon-faced Nurse Racky said, "You said you were going to be a sissy, didn't you? Don't say Dr. Dial is mistaken. That would be such a disappointment."

"I -- but I -- I asked what he meant. I didn't say I wanted to be a sissy!"

"Oh, I see. Well, that's a disappointment. I'll just take this miracle-leash off wight now--"

But the leash that Nurse Racky had snapped onto Walter started to glow. Nurse Racky said, "Well, it's too late now."

Walter said, "No it isn't. Get it off me!"

Nurse Racky said, "I can't. Can't you feel it?"

Walter felt warmth coming fwom the glowing leash. But he could feel nothing else. He put his hand to his neck. He only felt the warmth, no leash.

"It's gone!" Walter said.

"No, it's not," Nurse Racky said.

Now Walter began to glow all over his body. He became bwight pink! He saw evwything like it was bwight pink!

And then, stwangest of all, evwything he saw changed somehow! It became diffwent, pwettier, happier!

The nursery beds and hospital beds had a babyish look before. But now they looked just adowwwable! The blankets on the beds looked like fluffy clouds. The little toys looked alive. The cwibs and playpends looked just so comfity!

"I wanna pway, I wanna pway!" Walter said. He was shocked immediately that he had said such a thing. "What is this thing doing to me? Get it off!"

Walter weached up to his neck again. There was something there now -- a pink, ruffly, lace choker. It felt a little buzzy, like it was electwic. And that felt so lovely to Walter. He said, "My, what a pwetty pwesent you gave me, Nuwse Wacky. Fank you!"

Walter was shocked at himself again. He put his hand to his chest. There was a lot more chest than there had been a moment ago!  5And it was padded by a satiny, lacy fabwic!

Walter gasped!  6

"What in the wittle bitty world -- I mean -- what in the cutesy wootsey world -- I mean -- I m-m-mean...  7I want Flo!!!"  8

Walter discovered he really did want Flo -- his -- big sister? Yes. His big sister. She had to be.

Nurse Racky stood by and smiled gently and patiently at cute, girly Walter. Shwinking pains, she called it. You see it all the time on her beat.

And even though other boys had come to perform a task like Walter's, none looked so pwetty. Walter's miracle-leash had formed into a softly shimmery mini-skirt gown of pink flounces and white lace, with silky pearls and sparkly diamonds all about.

Walter's slim, girly legs were caressed by sheer, white panty-hose. His dainty feet were cradled in white, leather slippers. Nurse Racky could only guess what kind of silky panties Walter was wearing.

Walter's soft, black hair was now long, lustrous, and wavy. And his deep-black eyes were now so cute, brimming with sissy-baby tears.

Walter's body had rounded out and softened up even more than it had been to begin with. And it had, Nurse Racky noted, been quite soft and girly to begin with.

Walter was still cwying, so adowwably. Even Walter thought it was adowwable. It felt so nice. The world looked so pwetty, and he felt so pwetty. Even the tears felt as sweet as honey, though he weally was sad and he weally missed Flo!

Nurse Racky wanted to take Walter to a secwet place and kiss him wight-side-up and upside-down. But she knew she couldn't. Time was short. She embwaced Walter fwom the side, with one arm.

Nurse Racky said, "Now be a good girly-boy, Walter. You'll see your big sister soon."

Walter stopped cwying. He sobbed, "I will?"

Nurse Racky said. "Yes. But for now you have to come with me."

Walter said, "Oh -- okay."  9

Nurse Racky wiped Walter's eyes. Walter smiled shyly. Nurse Racky helped Walter walk along. Walter was happy for Nurse Racky helping him. He was having such twouble walking. It would be so much easier to crawl.

Nurse Racky said, "We need a new name for you now that you are a sissy girl."

But Walter liked his name. At least, he thought, she could use my nickname -- Wally. He twied to tell Nurse Racky to call him Wally. But he said, "Call me Wawwy."

"Lolly? Like lollipop?"

Walter was upset and twied to say no. But being called a wowwipop was just so cute that he couldn't hewp it. He giggled and nodded, "Yes, kindly do call me Wowwy." He twied to take that back, but instead of taking it back he giggled, "I'm sweet as a wowwy!"

What made me say that? Lolly wondered. He twied to tell the narrator of this story, don't call me Lolly! But he said, "Oh, fank you nawwator for calling me a sweet Wowwy, too!"

Nurse Racky asked, "Who's the narrator?"

Lolly said, "I don't know..." 0 1 2

Nurse Racky pointed to a building with translucent, pink plastic walls. Racky said, "That's where we're going. The pinkhouse."


"Yes," Nurse Racky said. "It's like a greenhouse, only much cuter."

Indeed, Lolly could see the forms of a few cute bunny-girls in the pinkhouse, hoppy-running to and fro, waggling their cotton tails as they dashed along.

There was another building behind the pinkhouse. It was clear as a diamond, but there was a gold light glowing fwom it -- pure gold light!

Lolly asked, "What is that house?"

Nurse Racky said, "That's the abode of the fairies."

Lolly said, "Fairies?" Then he saw -- all the gold flashes darting through the sky! Some darted into the diamond-clear building. Others sped along, far out of Lolly's view.

So -- those are fairies!  3Lolly thought. They looked like yellow birds, or like gleams of sun under water.

The thought of sun gleams under water hit Lolly in a weird way. He twied to hold back a feeling in his body -- but he just couldn't --

Lolly and Nurse Racky were at the fwont door of the pinkhouse. Nurse Racky heard some dwipping. She said, "Did somebody leave the hose on?"

Nurse Racky looked awound, but she didn't see the dwipping until she looked -- below Lolly's flouncy mini-skirt!

"Oh! You pottied yourself!" Nurse Racky said.

Lolly was bwight pink with shame.  4 He was about to say, "I pologize," but Nurse Racky cut him short.

"Oh! This is just tewwific! You aren't just a sissy. You're a sissy baby!"

"I'm not a baby," Lolly whined, in a voice both he and Nurse Racky found simply, adowwwably babyish.

Nurse Racky said, "Let's get you out of those wet panties and hose and into something more babyish."

"Like what?" Lolly asked.

"Like a diaper, you silly sissy baby!" Nurse Racky opened the door and called to the bunny-girls, "Potty alert on the double!"

Three bunny girls, slim-bodied, round-hipped, firm-breasted, with velvety, grey and white fur, kinky ears, and wearing little, pastel-pink panites and pastel-pink, high-heel pleather boots, scampered with delight to Lolly!

"Oh, she did!" they cwied. "She did! She pottied! What a good girl!"

The cuddly girls ushered Lolly inside. Lolly said, "But I'm a boy."

But the bunny girls couldn't care less. They pulled Lolly past an aisle of flowers -- all kinds of pwetty, colorful flowers. Some looked like flowers, and they were potted. Others looked like people, almost, and they were in cwibs or playpens, cwawling awound happily.

At the end of the aisle was a changing table. It was wood, painted pink and green and with decorations of flowers and forest animals on it.

The bunny girls softly, gently maneuvered Lolly onto the table. The bunny-girls had such a delightful touch, Lolly didn't dare dweam of protesting anything they did to him.

The bunny-girls laid Lolly on his back. They took off his slippers, then his soaking wet panty-hose and panties. Ah, Nurse Racky thought to herself. French cut, satin and lace. With a pearl and bow where the bellybutton would be.

Nurse Racky was quite aroused. She wondered if she might sneak away with a bunny girl later tonight.

The bunny-girls now discovered that Lolly was a boy! They cried, "It's a sissy-baby futanari! It's the happiest day ever!" 5 6 7

The bunny-girls clapped their hands together in glee. Then they set to cleaning Lolly's bottom and potty. They spwinkled Lolly with cool, soft baby powder. They patted his bottom, one time for each bunny-girl.

They wrapped a big, fluffy diaper around Lolly's front and bottom. The diaper felt so wonderful. It crinkled with newness. Lolly felt brand new, too! 8

But evwybody was surpwised when Lolly's dwess started glowing again! Then the diaper started glowing, too!

Lolly's mind was now just a baby's mind! It felt so lovely! He had no thoughts in his head but how nice it was to be a little sissy-baby with all these nice mommies around.

Lolly was helpless. He needed a bunny girl to lift him off the table. When he was put on the ground, he only wanted to cwawl. How cute he looked in the diaper and dwess, wagging his bottom as he cwawled!

The bunny girls were so thwilled with their new baby fwiend! They gave him a bottle. He took it and sat against the diaper-changing table. He dwank the bottle so peacefully and softly.  9

It made the bunny-girls' boobies feel warm to see how happy Lolly was with the bottle. One bunny girl said, "I'll make her even happier with my bunny-milk!"

The other girls said, "No! Me! No! Me!" And they were about to fight over who got to give Lolly milk.

But just then the tall, stork-girl pilot opened the door and said, "Alright. I have the last load out. I spoke to aether-control, too. They say all the winter-fairies are back on our side."

The bunny-girls pouted, "But we were gonna bweast-feed Lolly!"

The stork-girl said, "Aww, stick a paci in it, gals. We gotta get this show on the road!"

The stork-girl closed the pinkhouse door as she left.

"Fine," the bunny girls said, still pouting. They smiled down at Lolly. One of them picked Lolly up. They other two crowded about him as they walked toward a big, pink door at the end of the pinkhouse.

Nurse Racky walked befor the bunny-girls. She opened the big pink door.

Nobody knew what would be behind the door. Each year it was diffwent. The only thing that never changed was the big window -- the soul-portal.

There was a beautiful baby-nursery before them all! It was wide and spacious, with pretty pictures on the walls, lots of toys, different colors of diapers (a diaper wardrobe!) and a big playpen made of elegant, white-painted wood.

The playpen faced a giant window. The window looked out on the abode of the fairies.

Lolly was still sucking on his bottle and enjoying the warmth of being nestled in the bunny-girl's arms. The bunny-girl sat Lolly in his playpen.

There was a rustle of noise from behind the group. In walked Dr. Dial. Beside him were The Tigress and Mr. Snake.

The Tigress was a beautiful, orange and black striped woman. She wore a black and gold gown. Mr. Snake had a snake head and snake neck. His head was seven feet in the air. His body, though, was like a big, muscly man's body. He wore a silver robe cwiss-cwossed with chains.

Dr. Dial was changed out of his gardening suit. He wore a white robe. And he carried a big, magic scepter with a crystal ball on top!  0

The bunny-girls and Nurse Racky backed away.

Dr. Dial, The Tigress, and Mr. Snake all stood before the window and before Lolly.

Dr. Dial said, "Lolly, I know you have a baby's mind right now. But try to understand this. Right now you have a very big task. Your emotions will guide the souls in that diamond building into the start of a new life."

Lolly took the bottle out of his mouth and said, "Not soul? Faiwy?"

Dr. Dial said, "Yes. That is the abode of the fairies. But they spend this time of the year gathering the spirits of old plants from the earth. Old trees that fell in the course of the year, or were chopped down, or burned. They wander the earth until spring, when the new spirits come and the old spirits go. And now it's their time to come back here and start the cycle of life all over again."

"Why sissy?"

Mr. Snake and The Tigress laughed with Dr. Dial.

Mr. Snake said, "It's not always sissies. But it's almost always somebody who dresses in a costume or plays a role."

The Tigress said, "Humans once used to disguise themselves for their rituals. Now we have to find the disguised ones to help with our rituals."

Mr. Snake said, "And this year, the disguise is a-- a--."

But he was too embawwassed to say.

The Tigwess said, "A sissy-baby futanari."

Dr. Dial said, "And -- his big sister."

There was a thumping from the doorway. The two turtle-men plodded into the nursery. They wore turtle-tuxedoes. They looked surpwised by the place.

Flo sat on top of the front turtle. She was beautiful, in a layered gown of soft, pink fabric. She looked so elegant. Her cinammon skin was radiant. Her black hair curtained down around her soft shoulders. She looked more grown up than ever. But she also looked like a fairy-tale fantasy. And she felt that way, too.

All eyes were on her. They admired her beauty. She felt stately. Flo got off the turtle.

Flo looked at her pretty little fwiend in the cwib. He looked back at her.

Flo felt a weird, weird feeling. She didn't want to say what it was. But she had a bad feeling she knew.

She always had said, "I would like Walter to be my baby sister," and she meant it without meaning being in love at all.

But now -- Flo saw how cute and pwetty Lolly was -- and --

No, no, no. Flo said. It can't be.

Dr. Dial looked a little worried, seeing the uncertainty in Flo's face. He was about to ask if Flo was okay. But just then a walkie talkie sound went off.

Mr. Snake picked the walkie-talkie off his hip. "Mr. Snake, over."

The stork-girl was on the other end. She said, "The abode of the fairies is ready to discharge. The twee spiwits will be coming your way now."

And evwybody saw it -- silver discs like snowflakes dwifting fwom the abode of the faiwies. They floated gently but quickly toward the big window.

As more snowflakes dwifted outwards, the abode of the faiwies got dimmer.

Dr. Dial said, "Guide your emotions now, Lolly. Help him, Flo. Hold him in your arms."

Flo picked up Lolly. She held Lolly in her arms. But Flo was stiff and cold.

Lolly looked up to Flo's eyes. She was so happy to see Flo! 1 But Flo felt so weird -- she weally liked seeing Lolly this way. She liked it in a way that she never knew she could!

She couldn't let that weird thing happen.

The silvery snowflakes were appwoaching the window. Dr. Dial said, "Your emotions will guide the souls, Lolly. Be prepared!"

Lolly said, "I wuv you, big sister!"

Flo's heart almost melted. But she flash-fwoze it. She said, "You wuv me?"


"Wuv is for wimps. I go for love."

The first snowflakes drifted through the window.

Lolly was shocked. He went fwom being happy to see his big sister to being -- being --

Lolly said, "Flo, I'm s-- s--  2 I'm sowwy for being a sissy!!!"  3

Lolly's diaper and dwess -- and Flo's gown! -- began to glow! The snowflakes touched the glowing couple and swirled around in confusion.

Some of the flakes became little whirls of snow. Others became metal spikes. The bunny-girls and Nurse Racky had to run and hide behind the turtle men to stop from getting hurt.

Flo looked at Lolly. Lolly was so adowwwable. Oh, isn't this what Flo always wanted? No, no, no.

Lolly's tears were so sweet. Lolly's face and body were so gorgeous. Lolly was the little dolly that Flo had always wanted.

No, no, no!

Flo said, "Stop crying, you sissy!"

More snowflakes gathered in the room. The confusion became worse. Dr. Dial, The Tigress, and Mr. Snake tried to stop the confusion with magic spells. But they were propelled against the walls and knocked out!

Even the turtle men had a hard time holding their ground in the confuision!

Lolly said, "Big sister, love me, pwease! Let me be your little dolly Lolly!"

Flo didn't know, but she was cwying too, now! She thought she was saying, "No, no, no!" still. But she was now saying, "Yes! Yes! I love you!"

Lolly's tears were so sweet! And Flo's tears, bitter at first, became sweet as well!

Lolly's sweetness was what Flo had been looking for for so long!

The turtle men watched as the flames and steel shards became snowflakes again. Nurse Racky and the bunny-girls looked on, too, as the snowflakes became all manner of ghost-seeds. The seeds floated in the air and became ghost-images of trees. The trees grew to mighty heights. Ghost-roots shot into the floor. The trees all seemed to flow downward, their light glowing with the roots, down through the floor and away.

The roots would sink down into the ground below, into the deep earth. Then they would sprout up again in the nursery, to be taken care of in their spirit form by the nurses and gardeners. And when they were ready, they would go back to the land of the living.

One of the turtle-men said, "In my thousand years of performing this ritual..."

The other turtle-man said, "I've never seen formed such a might generation of forest."

Lolly had stopped cwying. So had Flo. Flo wiped her sexy little sister's tears away. Then she kissed Lolly passionately.


It was getting dark. Flo and Lolly had to get back to the bridge before the gate closed. It wasn't their time to be on this side for good.

Everybody walked Flo and Lolly back to the bridge. Dr. Dial, Mr. Snake, and The Tigress were a little sore from their adventure.

The bunny-girls cried a little bit to see Lolly go. The turtle-men had something, pwobably old dwiftwood, they said, in their eyes, as they told Flo farewell.

Nurse Racky, still quite aroused by Lolly's pwettiness, was alweady doing the best she could to comfort the bunny-girls.

Flo carried Lolly as she walked back through the Cocteau-mirror.

Flo felt the ripples of water flow over her. The world became dark. Then it rippled back into a view of Central Park, from underneath the bridge.

Flo looked down and said, "Well, back to regular life, I suppose, Walter."

But when she looked down at Walter, it wasn't Walter. It was still Lolly!

Flo was happy, but a little confused and worried. How can I take care of Lolly? she asked herself.

Lolly looked up sweetly, but a little afwaid, too, wondering the same thing.

The crystal flowers began to ring again like gentle little bells. The bells became a voice. It was the voice of Dr. Dial!

Dr. Dial said, "Don't worry. You have done good for our side of the world. And so now we will do good for you.

"The two of you will live comfortably. You will always have the means for living well. And you will be happy together. There is only one catch."

Flo asked, "What's the catch?"

The flowers all began fading away. So did Dr. Dial's voice. Dr. Dial said, "You will both remain the same age as you are now until the last tree spirit you guided has grown to maturity."

The flowers were all gone, and so was Dr. Dial's voice.

Lolly said, "That not catch! That tewwific!"

Flo agweed. She carried her adult baby dolly Lolly down to a bench in the park. Their clothes faded into modern clothes.

Flo and Lolly sat in the sunlight before a pond. Flo wore blue jeans and a white tank top.

Lolly, with the body of a petite woman, wore a pastel-pink skirt and a lacy, white shirt. He had his hair done in pigtails, and he looked very babyish. He wore a diaper and he carried a bottle with him.

The bottle was the bottle the bunny-girls had given him.

Flo and Lolly kissed some more. The kissing felt so nice. Flo badly wanted to take Lolly home. She held Lolly's hand and walked him to the Fifth Avenue side of the park. It was very hard for Lolly to walk. He would wather have cwawled.

But Flo was in for one last surpwise. A dignified-looking old man in a long, black coat stood at the entwance to the park. He said, "You called, ma'am?"

Flo said, "Yes," even though she wanted to say no.

The man said, "The car is ready to take you home, ma'am." The man walked to a limousine and opened a door for her.

Flo lifted Lolly into the car. There was a car seat inside that was just the wight size!

Flo got in, too. The man closed the door. A couple moments later, the car dwove off.

And Flo and Lolly lived happy ever after. The end.
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Baby Flo
What a lovely story! So CUTE!!
I like the name of the one character :)

Love everybody
everybody will Love you
It's Flo!  

Thank you for weading my stowy. I hope you have lots of baby magic in your life!  
Baby talk rocks!
What a lovely story! I love how the narrator talks in babytalk but some of the characters do and some don't. And the narrator is even mentioned for a second!  )
Sunshine & rainbows,

"So sing aloud now, your favorite music
Because Heaven needs to hear it too."
-- Jennifer Funshine
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