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Before this sissy permanently became a sissy babygirl, its name was 'Barbra Gronski', and played Bass Guitar in a band. these are the lyrics from one of the songs this sissy wrote
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This sissy finally finished the outline (hardest part for this sissy) for next story, "The Taking of Carol, 1,2,3" So now this sissy just has to write it   

Meanwhile, here is a poem/song written some time ago

Spare Change
Barbra Gronski 1994

She walked into the room, like she was out of a dream
She came into the party, she came into the scene
He just had to meet her, 'cuz she was so damn fine
But, he couldn't think up no appropriate line
So, he just walked up and simple said 'hello'
She nodded her head and turned around to go
But, then she turned back with an awesome smile
She asked him if he was versatile
He said, "I'm hard and hot, young and lean"
She said "I bet you can go just like a machine"
So, as the party ended he drove her home
She said, "Let's go on in and we can be alone"
So they went on inside, she had a snazzy place, and
He could see the word "Love" written on her face
So they started to dance and they started to kiss
But when he started to rub, no way!, could he miss
But then they slowed down, and went out again
He'd never been with such a beauty until then
They found another club, and she still wanted to dance
But by now he was looking for some heavy romance

So, they finally got home at a quarter till nine
In that early hour morning she still looked fine
He placed his hands gently upon  her hips
He tilted her head and he tasted her lips
She took his hand, and placed it on her breast
Now I don't need to go on, 'cuz you can guess the rest
But it's one of hell of a story, and one hell of a show
So I'll keep on goin', 'cuz I think you want to know
So, they laid on the bed, she wore garters and lace 
And, he could still see 'Love' written on her face
She didn't want to move fast , she wanted to move smooth
But after lots of foreplay, he was so in the mood
When he reached downstairs, he felt somethin' strange
And that's when he knew that she had 
"Spare Change"

She sat up on the bed, and she started to cry
She said that she was sorry that she was really a guy
Then with tears in her eyes, she told him to go
He got out of bed and replied with a "no"
He said you're a real nice girl, and I'm glad that we met
And I don't think our day should be over just yet
He knew how she felt, and he knew she could tell
'Cuz his heart was ringin'' like the toll of a bell
He doesn't care if they know, he doesn't care what they say
'Cuz he likes to buy her pretty things every day
They're now very much in love, and he says "What the hell,
I never met a girl like that Richelle!!!!!!"  

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Baby Butch
Interesting Poem, Story and Song you have written. The "Spare Change" must of been a surprise. Good job with this creation in advance of your new story Baby Girl Pansy.
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