XXX Snowy, The Sad Sissy Slave
The story of a sex slave and how her sissyness transformed some.
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It looked divine, beautiful beyond description!
This was her first dressmaking effort, and everyone, even the warders, admitted it looked stunning.
So-o-o-o sweet and sissy too!
How can I begin to describe it for you? Different from any other sissy dress you've ever seen, but then if you've never seen a sissy dress before, how could it be otherwise? This was made as a real labor of love, by Number 882 in her few free waking hours.
She thrilled with expectation as she tried it on for the very first time, this creation that had taken months to complete. The pink organza material she pulled up o'er her feet, covering them, then up her legs, up her body and resting like a full size onesie on her shoulders, with an attached hood of pink organza too, that covered her short cropped hair.
Then attached to this were several largish pure white petals, made from pvc, that were sewn strategically over her tiny breasts. A fetching ring of smaller pvc petals adorned her neck and on each hand and leg on wrist and ankle, with one further large petal to crown her head.
Finally a bright red pleated organza skirt had been sewn into this outfit, with two large petals discreetly hiding her private parts. She sighed as she became happily enfolded in it.
The outfit had been made from scraps of material she had collected from the workroom floor.
Her job was the cleaner in this room, where around fifty of the women in the center manufactured clothing for the inmates. 882 also had other duties, like sweeping the kitchens and the outside yard.

She drew admiring looks as she swept that yard in her new sissy dress. Nearly all the other inmates wore standard issue drab dresses made in the workroom, only a few had designed their own, simply because only scrap materials could be taken away. Such luxuries were rare, making her stand out attractively to their many visitors.
Commander Nicola, the thirty year old boss was so impressed, she immediately took 882 off the cleaning roster and assigned her to the sewing room.

File 882
Subject: Female.
2.14.1996: Born Center 2.
Mother: H3. Transferred to Center 3
2.14.2014 Medical:  Striking large eyes, large face, found to be defective. Had been Recommended for removal. But by order of Commandant Alexei, spared. Placed in X9.
2.19.2014 Stood in for sick staff in Z Block. Surprisingly good nursing ability, recommend she divide her work between Z block and sewing room.
2.14.2015 Medical: retarded.
As required by regulations, placed on Main Duties, but commandant requires that this is With Discretion.
Works well in sewing room and enjoys helping in Z block.
2.28.2015 unwell, kept from duty.
  The next ten entries all similar with a note reference her return to work in eight up to twenty days.
10.10.15 Continue with main duties. Note- With Discretion- stipulated as two weekly sessions. Many find her difficult. Mostly she is chosen by male warders who like her, saying they find her "different." She's a curiosity.

   Though she was supposed to be addressed only as 882, all but a few staff would call her Snowy White. Every few months she would create a new sissy dress, each more flowery than the last.
 There was only one part of her week that this 19 year old  girl, though with the mind of a 2 year old, hated. She'd learned to come to terms with those two days she had to spend incarcerated in X9 for the pleasure of the warders and other mercenaries who took a fancy to her unusual responses.
But Snowy White had been trained well, and moreover had discovered that if she gave satisfaction, she might get given a nice little reward, which she invariably begged for in terms of dress materials, or toys for her little charges in Z block.
So she put on a show of reveling in her condomed partner thrusting into her, and hinting at apparent satisfaction, when he was spending his passion pushing further and further, until he'd burst in a frenzy which she attempted to copy.
 She did have to hide her revulsion whenever they announced themselves without a condom. She knew this would mean a bulging object penetrating her back passage: what she found most unpleasant was how his stuff would afterwards drip from her on to her sheet long after he had gone satisfied away. It wasn't unknown for the drips to interrupt her next visitor, and sometimes this seemed to excite some men the more.
Worst were the ones who had no condoms who subjected her mouth to an orgy of rubbing that made her mouth sore. Some thankfully desired her to kiss them, and return their lusting cum. She vastly preferred that to having to swallow the stuff herself. A few men delighted in her obvious lack of pleasure in gulping it down, the taste was beginning to make her retch. Whenever she could, she'd spit the foul stuff into her potty as soon as he'd left satisfied.

File 882 (contd)
6.2.2016  Extra medical by order temporary Commandant Leonid (Nicola absent for month setting up Center 9). 882 Recommended for full duties, Discretion abolished, Leonid to initiate.

Center 3
Opened 1.1.1999. In charge Commandant Nicola. Deputy: Comrade Leonid. Medical: Dr Karl. New medic: Dr Catrina (from 1.1.2010).  Supplies: Tanya. 48 warders, 22 male, 26 female.
Inmates, only female, in 16 blocks of 20 rooms, letters A thru N. X Block for temporary inmates, and problem inmates.
Z Block for offspring: total produced to end 2014= 1684. Male=902, 9 died, remainder transferred as per regulations to Training camp. Female=782, 23 died, the remaining 759  transferred to Young Person's  Camp. 174  of these have been returned here, to replace inmates who were aging etc.

As long as things stuck to her routine, 882 was fine. She had learned to understand the calendar and knew her jobs for each day of the week.
Only when something out of the ordinary was scheduled did she become anxious. The medicals she periodically underwent, she had now accepted. Anything else made her agitated.
Thus it was when Comrade Leonid came to X9 that fateful late afternoon. Oh, you will realize she was ready to be taken by him. That was part of her duty in which she'd been well instructed. But she didn't know this man was of some importance. She might have seen him in the center, but she didn't register faces, except for people she liked, and here was simply one more client out to satisfy his lust on her.
He stood at the door of her tiny 'home' sneering. He'd heard about how she had transformed her cell into a riot of pink- not merely the walls, but her chair, small table, and bed frame were all in shades of light red or pink, mixed by her own fair hand from scrapings from discarded paint pots. The pretty pink silken sheets and the pink patchwork of her bedspread had been made from gifts from satisfied warders. He puzzled how the Commandant permitted such an infraction of the regulations.
"You come with me!" he ordered, as she proffered to him the pink dress that she expected all her clients wear. Most knew and accepted and even liked this foible of Snowy White, and knew that she would only give them total pleasure if they did as she desired.
This wasn't Leonid's way. Recalling she mostly only understood gestures, he beckoned her to join him. Hesitating, clutching the pink dress, she obeyed.
He grabbed the dress with a tearing sound that scared her, and threw it to the ground.
"Now follow! he commanded, pulling her by her frail hand. She pulled away and backed to her refuge, bed, picking up the dress and tantalizing him with it. She thought it was what he wanted.
Angrily, he stepped into her room, and drew his gun.
She stared, not comprehending his action. As he waved with his gun, pointing it at the door, she shook her large head and tried to allure him with those penetrating eyes of hers.
Leonid had lost patience. Besides he was getting frustrated. The bullet grazed the bedpost.
That made her jump up at the double. The gun sticking into her back, she was pushed, frightened out of her wits, along the long corridor.
As they passed the cells of the other inmates, Leonid muttered about her room not being nice enough for such an important moment in her life. Though she could not understand, he told her they were making for the medical room, and seeing that, gave her some assurance that she was on familiar territory.

She knew this room. Though she never liked the doctor's hand over and even in her body, she had learned it was for her own benefit. There was no doctor here today.
It was deserted save for them. The gun stopped her instinctive retreat. It pushed her towards one of the two beds. She lay there uncertain what was to happen.
Leonid pressed a bell. That reassured her and she became noticeably more relaxed.
A female warder entered, who must have been primed in advance. She stripped Snowy White of her beloved sissy outfit and Leonid smiled as his eyes feasted on her pale white body.
Then the warder tipped a heap of powder over her body. Sweet smelling.  Then it was "Medicine Time."
That's what she told 882, who though not knowing the word, saw the bottle and accepted the spoon with its pink liquid into her mouth. Nice color she was thinking, though as she swallowed, it wasn't at all 'nice taste.' But this sort of thing was routine for her medical, so 882 did not worry.
She was merely puzzled as, after the warder exited, the temporary commandant merely stroked her short hair and gazed at her pretty face that threatened to dominate him in terms of its size. But she became more and more soothed, the nicest medical I've had she was reflecting as she lay back happily enjoying her inactivity. She was completely at ease, though a new sensation was also gnawing at her. She was feeling strangely exhilarated. She couldn't fathom out what was happening, except she embraced it all.
Leonid could see this, and began to remove his clothing.
Suddenly alarm bells were ringing for 882, and anxiety mingled with the exhilaration that she was powerless to control.
Now he was naked, she could see what he wanted. His giant cock told her, and she wanted to cry out but she could not.
They always wore a pink dress didn't they? This, she tried to tell him as he climbed on her. But she'd been well trained, and she embraced him grudgingly.
She didn't like him being so bare. She felt his hot body sweating against hers. She'd never had anything like this before.
He had no condom. He must be taking her orally! As she was lying down, it couldn't be an anal one. She hoped his cum wouldn't make her sick.
He was kissing her ferociously, she somehow, against her instincts was responding. She had been drugged. Her mood of exhilaration spurred her on, and even his giant cock pressed against her stomach didn't turn her off.
He was getting agitated. She knew the signs. She opened her mouth from his kissing, ready to savor the giant that was dribbling its precum on her waist.
No, you probably realized before 882, that his cock was bound for the soft folds of her pussy. I guess you would be loving this as much as he was! With a shocked jerk, the truth dawned on her. She tried to tell him, she had never done it like this before. She did know from snatched giggling with some of the other girls, that they often had this, but never she!
She was having it now, and how! The cock squeezed in, barely room for such a big one. It almost seemed as outsize as her own head. Nevertheless, her exhilaration knew no bounds as he came pushing and panting and erupting inside her.
That was like lighting the blue touch paper, as it were, for her. Instead of allowing him to withdraw, she pressed his backside so he reached further into her. He resisted and with a fulfilled moan, took himself out of her.
But she had only just begun!
As he stood up to clothe his satisfied body, she, imitating his action, picked up his gun and pointed it at him.
With a jolt he stopped dressing and began reasoning with her, a pointless idea. She waved at the door and he obeyed, opening it. He had to walk down the corridor. He obeyed as they returned to X9.
He had to don that sissy pink dress. That or risk being shot. He took the safe option. He didn't mind that much taking her again in here.
Snowy White had other ideas.
He tried reasoning again with her, but that gun was inhibiting. He knew she wasn't normal, and was fearful she might shoot him, even by accident.
So in his pink dress, he was returned to the corridor, gun waving at him.  A few warders were around and he quietly called for help. But the gun meant the naked Snowy was in control.
Their destination was the exercise yard, now silent after the regulation 30 minutes exercise afforded to each block.
It was a large enclosed area, all concrete, a solitary tree affording the only color, a leafy green that helped relieve the drab grey surroundings.
She indicated he lie in the middle of this area. Warders were already watching at a respectful distance. His shouts for help attracted eyes from the narrow cell windows. It was an incredible sight.
He lay uncomfortably on the hard ground. She, naked, lifted his dress to reveal his cock. She soon had it purring into action and had no need of her gun now, which she dropped as if by instinct to concentrate on getting him to achieve a perpendicular erection. Some applause rang round the yard as she plopped her body firmly sitting into that giant desire that was his cock. She gasped with pleasure as it penetrated, displacing the cooled cum that still clung inside her passage. She bounced fiercely on him, causing his body to graze on the hard surface. He didn't care. He was possessed by her in a way he could never have anticipated. She felt him stiffen to boiling point and with a huge pressing down felt  the boiling cum powering into her.
At once she pulled out. She knew what she wanted!
Her pussy banged hard on his face, bumping his head into near unconsciousness. He was a wreck, and he deserved it. Out forced his cum, spilling into his mouth she had pushed open with her own pussy lips. It was a kiss and a half that pushed his own cum down his throat, mingling with her own surge of cum that she had great pleasure in making him swallow. He didn't mind, though he had all but lost his senses.
She looked out of her mind as well. Still craving satisfaction, she abandoned her spent lover and pulling off his pink dress, stained with some of their cum, she dressed herself in its sweaty folds, rolling over on the concrete, her legs splayed out.
It was an invitation that the warders could not refuse. Half a dozen of the throbbing men hurtled forward, the lucky first jostled with his rivals for first go. She'd never had such an exhilarating experience and when all were spent, she tottered up, a little unsteadily, and to cheers from her watching fellow inmates returned to collapse in her X9 bed.
How would you describe the opposite of that exhilaration?
Well, that's how Snowy White was next morning.
From a disturbed night, she awoke to nausea and pain, her old complaints resurfacing with a vengeance.
Dr Catrina prescribed rest, and 882 was unable even to enjoy her regular tasks, feeding and changing in Z block.
After a month, with no improvement, she underwent another medical.
Now it happened that the newly returned Commandant Nicola
had also fixed a private consultation, and as she waited, chanced to hear the doctor vainly explaining to Snowy.

"Hi, Catrina! Can I be of help? I've known 882 since she came here, and she is difficult, but very co-operative with the right treatment."
The Commandant looked at the patient on the bed, and was at once struck by her changed appearance. The innocent gleam in her eyes had been replaced with a more self satisfied demeanor.
"Oh, Nicola, that would be great. I've never found this girl easy to treat. She doesn't seem to understand anything."
"No, but she knows some words and will willingly respond to most signing. What do you want me to convey to her?"
"Well, tell her she's pregnant!"
"What! Catrina, are you sure? She was on Main Duties, but I did clearly mark her file, 'With Discretion.'"
"Oh, I see. Look, I'm very sorry Nicola, but Comrade Leonid  ordered me to give her a medical the day you left, and I could find nothing to see why she shouldn't have unprotected sex like all the others. So I had to rescind your order."
"I suppose I can guess the rest."
While Catrina told what she knew of the incident in the yard, Nicola was trying to get across to Snowy that she had a baby growing inside her.
It is doubtful if the girl grasped Nicola's meaning.
882 was dismissed, and Nicola had her own consultation, which began with a long kiss.

Transcript of meeting Commandant Nicola and Assistant Leonid.
Q: Why did you rescind my order on 882?
A: I was placed in charge in your absence.
Q: But the file says With Discretion, and you know, Comrade,
   temporary commandants have no power to rescind such  
A: I saw no reason why 882 shouldn't perform full Main
Q: You mean you wanted to have her yourself. Isn't that the
A: What! That sissy wretch!  Not at all. I needed to teach her, that's all.
Q: You will be transferred to another center with immediate
A: I'll appeal. I know you have some reason for protecting 882.
Q: You've broken the rule and you must be punished. Go.
A: I'll find out about that 882. This isn't the end of it.
   I've seen you and that Catrina. That's against our laws.
Q: Get out.
(This memo deleted 7.13.2016)

It was a few hours later in the evening after Dr Catrina's discovery. The Commandant took the unusual step of going to X block and the surprised warder Yana showed her boss into X9.
882 was lying on her bed, with a glazed expression, now wearing again her favorite dress with sissy petals.
She looked up, with the resigned expression of, Not Today Please. Then she recognized the commandant, and sat up.
Nicola signed to Yana to leave, then went and sat aside Snowy.
"You poor girl. I'm so very very sorry what bad Leonid did."
With signs she made her meaning clear.  The young woman had shuddered when that man's name was uttered, but by smacking the back of her hand, Nicola conveyed what she thought of him. A slight smile hovered on 882's lips.
"That's a good Snowy, "she kissed her. "Now we must think about your baby."
This was a harder message to get across.
"You- you will soon be a mummy." Nicola cradled her arms.
"Mummy, my mummy?" Snowy's limited vocabulary ran to this.
"No, not your mummy. You, you..."
"My mummy?" Snowy repeated. It was a matter she'd wondered long and often about.
Nicola gave up, remembering Catrina had advised that the girl would soon understand as her body changed. She gave 882 a final kiss.
Snowy held on as the commandant pulled away.
She kept repeating My Mummy.
At last Nicola sat back down and put her arms around the pregnant girl.
"Me," she said, pointing at herself, "I, your mummy."
At once Nicola received a huge hug.
She kissed the girl anew.
"Not your real mummy," she added, but realizing this was too complicated went on, "I am like your mummy. I take care of you." The signs made it clear. "My young sister, she... she was your real mummy. She's dead now, so Nicola, she take care of you."
It was enough for Snowy, even if she hadn't understood. Snowy  beamed as Nicola kissed her goodbye.

For the next weeks, Nicola saw Snowy on a regular basis. By now, the truth had dawned on 882, and she was a little excited and a lot nervous. Nicola was concerned too that the new baby might have the same inherited defect as the mother. So Dr Catrina also examined 882 several times. The first time she did suggest an abortion, but when the mother-to-be understood, she vehemently protested, and it took several more consultations before she trusted the doctor again.
Snowy always enjoyed those times with Nicola- it was her only pleasure now she was not helping in Z block, though she had been promised she could resume those duties "soon."
Nicola and Catrina had mulled this over, and one night as they lay in the commandant's bed, they decided that Snowy returning to Z block could only reduce her state of anxiety. However their problems were about to escalate.
"I wonder now, how I could work for such a regime," Nicola confided to her friend. "It must be worse for you darling, having to see so many women's lives ruined."
"It's my job," replied Catrina, "the only one I could get. Yes, sometimes I really do hate it, when I see the evil that the men are being trained in, and the terrible lives of all the females.  There but for the grace of God..."
They relieved their sorrows by kissing, and  soon they became wonderfully wrapped in naked passion, and all the cares and worries of their responsibilities ebbed temporarily away.
Into the room secretly crept Leonid, his phone immediately snapping a choice position. They never knew he had been and gone.  He smiled  when he looked at his photo, and posted it anonymously to the Major in overall charge of all centers. There was a clear view of the naked commandant, though identification of her unknown partner was impossible. It was Commandant Nicola on whom he wanted revenge.

   It was late next evening that Yana took 882 from her cell. The timing itself was unusual, and only reassurance that it was Nicola who wanted to see her, persuaded Snowy to go.
Standing next to Catrina, the Commandant was looking anxious, it was the first thing Snowy noticed as she entered the commandant's plush quarters.
"I've got to leave, now, 882," Nicola uttered the words formally but with a trace of a quiver in her voice. She waved goodbye.
If 882 knew what it meant, she probably didn't comprehend the full meaning. She ran to the woman who had been like her foster mother and embraced her.
They kissed then Nicola indicated her friend,
"Dr Catrina will look after you, she's promised. Goodbye my darling!"
Without turning back, Nicola strode quickly out of her quarters. It was only then that she burst into tears, as she was escorted away from the center where she had served for so many years.

There was an awkward silence as Snowy stared at the doctor,  baffled.
Catrina hesitated, and then held out her hand.
Snowy needed no second invite.
She took Catrina's hand, and they walked away. Their destination the medical room, off which was the doctor's private room.
Bypassing the medical equipment, they went into her bedsit and Snowy was sat on the sofa.
Catrina stroked her short hair softly, staring at the girl's large face. In her own way, she was pretty. Yes, you could call her pretty. If you, dear reader, were able to see her, you'd say so too.
Catrina was toying with her own emotions, for she had lost her one friend, and how unlikely it was they would ever meet again. She knew Nicola would soon be in the correction center  and reduced to Full Duties as demeaning as those once under her charge.
Catrina shivered as she realized how close she had been to  that same fate. Nicola had insisted there was no point in her suffering as well, and since no-one except maybe Leonid guessed her identity, she mustn't give herself away. Catrina had determined to own up, but had been persuaded her silence would be best, not least for Snowy.
All these emotions were ringing thru Catrina's mind, as she said,
"Me now your mummy." Her fingers conveyed her meaning, and maybe 882's intuition told her the truth, for she buried herself in her new mummy's bosoms, and before long this mother-to-be had seen Catrina unzip her dress so her new 'baby' could suckle her. It was a magical moment for them both.

Part of Memo of meeting New Commandant Leonid and Dr Catrina.
L: Number 882 must be put on Main Duties with immediate effect.
Dr: I cannot permit. She is still suffering from trauma.
L: You will obey, or your contract here will be terminated.
Dr: Give 882 a week please, while I prepare her. She really is not ready.
L: Well, you're persistent, but my decision is final.
Dr: I'll make it worth your while....
L: Very good. Then show me what you have in mind.
(Memo deleted 7.15.16)

Part of Memo of meeting New Commandant Leonid and Dr Catrina.
Dr: You promised you would delay 882's return to Main Duties. Yet I found her in a distressed state this morning, and on examination I found she had undergone recent intercourse vaginally, and in her anal tract and her mouth.
L: If you wish to offer your resignation...
Dr: If she is molested again, she may lose her little one, and this will have to be reported to the Major, and I shall make it plain the reason why.
L: Very well, if you can offer me regular sex, I will consider your request.
Dr: I want your written assurance first.
L: Perhaps you forget that I think you may be the one who was  enjoying that illegal activity with the former commandant. I could get you removed from here any time I choose.
Dr: But what you don't know is, that I have a recording made on my phone of our meeting two days ago. It's in the hands now of a friend.
L: Ah, I see...  Er... Perhaps we will agree to let things be, eh? But I want your recording of this conversation before you leave...
Dr: You can ask my friend, if you know their identity that is!
L: Gimme that phone, you can't have one any more.
(Memo deleted)

882 had welcomed a succession of visitors on the day in question. It had been back to the old days in which she had been so well trained, and she lay all night in despair in a pool of drying cum and her tears.
It was fortunate that the doctor was doing her weekly inspections next morning. She comforted the bewildered Snowy.
Later, after another remonstrance with the new commandant, she decided to size up the new deputy commandant.
This girl seemed incredibly young for one in such a position, surely destined for higher things, thought Catrina. However her welcome to the doctor, in her tiny office, was stiff, formal.
She was tall and dominating, about 21, black hair, dark brown eyes, six foot at least, muscular yet quite thin.
"Well," she inquired, "can I help you?"
"I'm the doctor here, Catrina," she offered her hand. Not accepted.
"I am aware of that, comrade. You do good work, but I believe our revered Commandant Leonid wants to replace you."
"I don't approve of his treatment of some of the women," admitted the doctor simply.
"Ours is not to question, comrade, ours is to obey orders. We need the men for our cause, and the women to be child bearers."
That made Catrina certain any appeal for leniency for 882 or any others would fall on stony ground, so she wisely kept her counsel and returned sadly to her room. She sent for her patient.
"We're keeping you here for the time being," promised the doctor, by signs attempting to make her meaning plain. There were a couple of beds for emergencies and for dying patients. One was occupied at the moment by a girl of about 20 who looked much older, who looked drugged to allieviate some of her pain.
882 was scared to lie on the other bed. She did know that these were popularly known as Death Beds.
Catrina tried to reassure her, but Snowy was becoming so distressed, the doctor moved her into her own room. This was strictly against orders.
That calmed Snowy and she was even more at peace once she had enjoyed sucking her doctor's breasts.

It was a battle for the next month between Leonid and his doctor. He tried to manufacture some excuse for her dismissal. What angered him most was he was sure she was keeping 882 in the medical room merely to thwart him. Although he had authority in all matters pertaining to the center, the doctor had the final say in medical matters. The real trouble was that he secretly admired her, fancied her, and she had proved she was willing to have him- for a price.
One day, when Catrina returned from her inspection of women in blocks A thru D, she found him in the medical room, leering over 882, who had been left on a Death Bed as an outward show that the rules were being kept.
Had she been delayed any longer, she knew what would have taken place. Her area was supposed to be like a sanctuary, and he was abusing that. She shouted her hate at him.
The upshot was that, against all regulations, she placed 882 permanently in her own quarters, locked when the doctor was absent.
Leonid saw it as the excuse for her dismissal but she imitated using her phone to remind him of her hold over him.
But it had to be one favor for another, and his agreement to 882's irregular sleeping arrangement was only procured with another bout of sex with him. It was a thing the doctor despised, yet went thru, for the sake of her patient, she told herself. After all, she reasoned, all the women here are enduring much worse every hour of every day, it's only okay to them because their months of indoctrination have made them accept and even revel in their lot.
Another occasion saw Leonid's deputy, who was oddly and unfortunately also named Nicola, burst into surgery in order, on the commandant's orders, to make a search. Allegedly defamatory literature was here.
The pretext enabled Nicola to discover Catrina's two remaining phones, though no literature.
"This comrade,"  the deputy informed Catrina, "is against Commandant's orders. I confiscate them on his authority. You not permitted to use them. He will punish you for this."
Actually he didn't, because he was worried about his conversations  Catrina had transmitted. Now she could not send any more. Thankfully he did not know that the one recording she had made had sounded so muffled it was unintelligible. Her bluff was still working, but for how long?

This stand off went on for a while, matters coming to a head one afternoon in the middle of a heatwave. Passion was running high in the hot stifling atmosphere inside the cramped cells of every block.
"Please come quickly doctor," a warder from A block ran straight into the medical room where the doctor was comforting a patient with aids. "One of my patients has tried to hang herself. If you're quick...."
It was, I'm sorry to tell you, a not unknown occurrence, and Catrina hurriedly left her patient, and grabbed her bag and followed the warder.
Moments later the commandant and five of his off duty male warders sneaked in, not to see the dying patient, no, you guessed it, into the doctor's private rooms. Actually Leonid had obtained a duplicate to her key, although it was not needed, for in her haste the doctor had failed to lock her door.
"Hello, my little sissy slut," was his greeting, as she looked anxiously at them from her bed. She uttered a deep sigh as he locked the door. "Don't you look sweet in that sissy frilly, stupid dress! My friends and I have come to entertain you! You'd like that wouldn't you? You want that don't you?"
She was programmed to assent, though her body rejected the savage lust she read in their eyes. She lay there motionless as they advanced...

A few minutes later, the doctor came back, having discovered she'd been sent on a fool's errand. As she walked back, she wondered why such an absurd story had been concocted. Almost unconsciously she began running faster, and by the time she reached her room,  her worst fears  were confirmed. She unlocked her door and pushed away a naked pair just as they were eagerly mounting poor Snowy. Catrina clearly didn't know her own strength.
"I shall report this to the Major," she angrily shouted.
"Then I shall have something to tell him too," responded the commandant, making a lesbian gesture.
There was silence.
"Get out!" cried Dr Catrina angrily.
Leonid and the three warders turned and left. The unsatisfied ones stood uncertainly, their looks demanding they receive their pleasure. The doctor picked up a lethal looking instrument, snipped it viciously, and they scurried off, to the doctor's intense relief.
Catrina comforted poor 882. Catrina's breasts were gladly sucked, even if they were milkless. Catrina resolved to obtain a drug that would remedy that.
Short lived comfort for 882! She began writhing as she breastfed, becoming increasingly agitated.
Suddenly Catrina knew what was happening.

File 7910
Subject: Female.
8.1.2017: Born in Center 3.
Mother: 882
Medical: 8.2.2017 Striking large eyes, large face, like mother. Recommended remain in medical unit.
8.4.17: Placed in Z13 by order of Commandant.

Z Block Information File
In charge: Warder Sasha. Rota of 4 warders, female, on duty, two at a time. 3 volunteer helpers selected from other inmates, usually from X block.
Maximum 20 rooms, inmates often have to double up.
Maximum stay: mothers: 2 weeks. Offspring: 3 months. All transferred as per regulations to Male or Female Training camps.
Up to 4 females annually can be retained.

882 was pleased to be living for the moment in her familiar territory of Z block.
Her own baby occupied most of her time, not expected to live. There was no sophisticated medical apparatus here, only the strongest to survive was the barbaric philosophy. But Snowy cradled her tiny one, her head nearly as large as her small body, and was deeply satisfied. The doctor did all she could, and their love and devotion over the next fortnight worked wonders. Against all odds, 7910, whom Catrina had learned from the mother was secretly to be called Snowy Too, was alive and well.
The doctor argued that mother must stay longer than the regulation period, but the rule book said One Fortnight, and Deputy Nicola insisted 882 return to her own cell, X9. Commandant Leonid's orders, she kept repeating.
Snowy White had feared that this parting was bound to come, nevertheless her own sissy dress was wet thru with her tears when the doctor visited, as an act of mercy. One comfort was, they wouldn't be entirely parted, on the two days each week  she was allowed to help in Z block.  Until, that is, transfer to another center, for there was positively no hope that the commandant would be persuaded to allow 7910 to be one of the select few permitted to remain in Center 3. Not even for all the favors Catrina could offer. Nor would Assistant Nicola consider supporting their emotional pleas.

From then on it was all downhill for 882. Main Duties meant a succession of increasingly insalubrious visitors, it seemed the commandant was making sure she was assigned the most oversexed and overbearing. Not that she ever complained of their attentions, especially the extra gifts they sometimes offered.
Catrina's protests were unavailing.
For a year, depressingly little changed, depressing for the doctor, highly satisfactory for Leonid whose outwardly smooth running of his center  was regarded as a model to emulate.

Doctor's private notes (not, repeat not for publication)
2.1.18 Number 882 pregnant.
3.3.18 Miscarriage, surely due to her Main Duties.
       My prognosis: rest in medical center. Granted for 24 hours only.
5.17.18 882 pregnant.
5.31.18 As before, same comments sadly. Same prognosis.
6.10.18 Ditto and on 8.1.18 same results.
8.18.18 Pregnant.
10.18.18 Good news- no problems.
I believe I have detected a possible weakness in Assistant Nicola!
She has made an appointment to see me...

N: Comrade, I need advice, your help.
Dr: Please sit down and relax. I never see you as having any probs at all!
N: I don't comrade. I love this high powered life, I long to become commandant in a center one day very soon. But I cannot do what you ask, relax myself, comrade. I am not sleeping, I can't unwind. I must have pills.
Dr: Pills don't solve problems like yours, Assistant Nicola.
N: No?
Dr: No, more natural remedies are efficacious in your case, if you'll trust me.
N: I'd try anything to try to cure my sleeplessness.
Dr: You know that your responsibilities are your driving force.
N: Yes, I love the power, comrade.
Dr: You love dominating, but what you need for relaxation is to shed yourself for short spells of such worries, to discard those cares and maybe even be gently dominated yourself.
N: I no wanna be dominated.
Dr: Well, we'll see. First thing is to lay aside all your problems for an hour or so, do you wanna give it a try?
N: Er, mmm, I give it a try, yes, there is nothing at all to lose.
Dr: No, and everything to gain, if it helps you!
N: When we start comrade?
Dr: Come here tonight at nine.

"I'm glad you've come," was the doctor's greeting, as her patient boldly strode in. This is going to be hard work, reflected Catrina, to get such a powerhouse to unwind.
"You want me lie down comrade?" asked Nicola, who must have been versed in psychiatrist's routine.
"To start with, yes, we'll use my room, so as not to be disturbed."
"Very good comrade. Whatever you say, comrade."
Once they were settled, patient lying in Catrina's own bed, doctor perched on the edge, the former looked expectantly at her potential savior.
"I want you to undress for me," commenced Catrina. Your uniform is one factor that asserts your power. You must discard it."
"If you say so, comrade."
As she was disrobing, Catrina continued,
"I think you have seen me with that inmate 882?"
"Oh, you mean that sissy one? Yes I think I have."
"Though you've not allowed me to treat her ideally, I have found she responds to my treatment. What was I doing when you saw us?"
"You were, I believe, feeding her comrade."
"Yes that's correct, Nicola. How was I feeding her?"
Nicola hesitated.
"I was feeding her with my breasts, wasn't I?"
Nicola was dumb.
"What did you think of that?"
"Sissy, comrade, she's a sissy."
"But it helps her self esteem tremendously."
Nicola lay naked on the couch-cum-bed. Her tall willowy figure was most attractive. The doctor was uncertain if her unorthodox approach was working. There was a long pause.
"What you want me to do, comrade?"
"It's what I can do for you, Nicola. I want to feed you."
"What me?!" she looked horrified.
"I need you to be passive, Nicola. You spend your life being active. Place yourself under my control, be my baby for a short while. Try and and see how it makes you feel."
Nicola lay uncertainly.
Catrina mounted the bed and sat up aside her.
"Give it a try. What can you lose?"
"No-one will see, comrade?"
"No, I promise. I've locked the door. Until we close this session, call me mummy from now on."
"Okay, okay, er, okay er mummy," she forced out the word, but smiled as she felt herself letting go.
The doctor undid her blouse.
"You wanna be a baby again, Nicola. That's it, move your mouth over here, that's good, come on, suck me my darling baby!"
Gurgling sounds.
"That's lovely. You're just like a baby again, in your mummy's arms." Catrina cuddled her large baby. The milk that she was making specially for Snowy, was gulped down voraciously by this powerful female powerhouse, who was now transformed into a helpless adult babe.

It was some days later that Assistant Nicola blustered into the medical room. Catrina had left it open whether another appointment was required. She was pleased her patient had 'bitten.'
"Assistant Nicola requests to consult with the doctor," she declared formally.
"I am only doing odd jobs for the next hour," came the reply, "you may..."
But her patient had already gone into the private quarters! When Catrina joined her, Nicola was already undressing.
"I will be ready in a moment comrade," she said, discarding her high heel army boots.
"Hey, not so fast, relax, relax," cried her doctor, "tell me how it's been since your first visit?"
Nicola stretched out on the couch bed, with a happy smile.
"I felt million dollars as Yankees say after I left you. I know I am in complete control of myself, I give the orders, they are obeyed comrade, it is very good."
She looked radiant.
"Then the night before last I could not sleep so well, and last night, I was as restless as before. Please, you know what I need comrade."
"Well, yes, I know, but firstly remember I'm not 'comrade.'"
"No comrade. Er, no, er mummy."
The Assistant moved her hand to unzip her mummy's white pvc dress.
Slap! Nicola recoiled in shock horror. Nobody dared do that to Her! But Catrina calmly ignored the signs of anger.
"In a minute you breastfeed. Be patient my pretty little one. You must relax. That's it relax.  You must look more like a baby, and I have here a pretty dress for my baby to wear."
"Pah, that's a stupid sissy one, too many frills, too many..."
"Relax. You're my baby. Forget all that nonsense you're talking. What are you?"
"Er, I'm your, your... baby. Mummy."
"That's better. Now let's pull this sweet dress over you to hide your naughty parts shall we? Mummy wants you to look so-o-o-o pretty my baby!"
"Yes com- mummy."
"It's a dress specially made by Snowy, 882 you know her as,"
"She is very pretty com- mummy. I wish I were sweet and innocent like her!"
"And you can look as sweet in this dress. There! You do look lovely!"
She showed baby's reflection in a mirror.
Baby rested her head on mummy's breasts.
"Now baby may have drinkies."
Thus the powerful assistant happily found herself a helpless babe again. The doctor stopped her feeding- she needed to keep some for her bestest baby Snowy, and fetched a bottle, mildly drugged. As baby sucked, doctor pulled up a pair of plastic panties.
"Me drink like this when a little one," baby informed mummy.
"Tell me about your mummy. What do you recall?"
"Mummy very nice. Very strict. She was one of the group who began centers. But she no like being lady. She join men. She died planting bomb..." her voice tailed away. It wasn't only the sadness, but because she had unaccountably peed in her pantie.
The doctor felt the warmth thru the plastic.
"There, you're a real baby now, Nicola."

Commandant Leonid was a worried leader.
He should not have been of course. He knew that. He had gotten charge of the center. He had the pick of the girls, young fresh faced ones were his special predilection.
And yet, and yet...
His standoff with the doctor had gone on far too long. Of late there had been a tacit ceasefire, he hadn't bothered her for sex, she wasn't really his type even though he found her so desirable. But he longed to get her out of his hair. Then his world would be perfect.
Perfect, except for his assistant. She was a good second in command for sure. A bit too good. Efficient. Not corruptible unlike himself. Of late, he had detected an even greater self assurance in her dealings with the inmates, with the warders, even a certain looking down at his honored self. That could not continue. She seemed to despise him. Might it have something to do with her seeing the doctor? His assistant had told him she was sleepless, and needed to have some pills prescribed. Was the wretched doctor behind Comrade Nicola's extra dominance, that, in truth, made him cower?
One other nagging worry was his obsession with 882. She was an utter simpleton. She was far beneath him. He had spent his lust on her, yet she took it, maybe even responded, he could not put her unique beauty out of his mind, she gnawed at his very soul. Her, the lowest of the inmates in her stupid dresses!
The Commandant knew he must act, and act quickly.

882 had been taken one evening to the medical room. Now three months pregnant, she assumed this was another of the routine visits that, along with caring for the babies, was the main joy in her terrible existence.
She instantly shrunk from entering Catrina's private room, for inside she saw the overpowering figure of the assistant. She only knew this woman slightly, but now Catrina was beckoning her to approach this fearful figure of authority. Assistant Nicola was here for her third consultation, and stood in her regulation leather uniform with peaked cap and high heeled boots, a figure to be feared indeed!
Cautiously, under the doctor's encouraging gestures, 882 reached the safety of her doctor's gentle hand.
"There, don't be afraid, my little Snowy. Let me introduce you to Nicola." The doctor made an exaggerated show of welcome.
"Nik-o-la," repeated 882 in puzzled tones.
"Ah, no, she's not your Nicola," elucidated Catrina. "But her name is Nicola too."
"Nic-o-la Two," assented Snowy.
"I want you to be friends, girls." With signing she explained,  "Snowy, you undress this lady while I get things ready. No don't be afraid of her. She is baby like you. That's it. See, she's not any different to you when her clothes are off!" Well, perhaps that was a white lie.
"Now put this diaper on her. That's it." It gave Snowy a close up view of this woman she felt in awe of. "Now slip this dress on her." She handed Snowy a schoolgirl uniform.
All this time Nicola was bathed in a happy glow. Even though this humble inmate was undressing and dressing her, she loved being pampered. Why even this crazy dumb girl, with her huge head, was happier than she. She was pretty too. She had an indefinable serenity, though where that came from, who could guess? Would you expect such a slave, humiliated day in and day out, to be so at peace?
"There, you're ready now," exclaimed the doctor. "Now you girls, sit up straight. I'm your teacher today, and we are going to unlearn all the things you have been instructed in."
This was so much over Snowy's head. However, by signing to her and explaining to baby Nicola Two, Catrina endeavored to describe and demonstrate what love is, how it comes from the heart, and is not the perverted lust which was nearly all Snowy's experience, or, for Nicola, controlling humans like robots.
Without knowing why she did it, or even how, baby Nicola Two lifted 882's sissy dress and found herself suckling. The firstfruits of baby milk oozed from Snowy, and the bond between the two so different girls was sealed.
The doctor had watched on in pleased surprise, and let them get on with it.

            "Comrade, arrange for the conveyor belt in the sewing room to be carried to the medical room. The doctor requires its temporary use."
"Yes Commandant." Assistant Nicola obeyed as ever without question. She issued her imperious orders to four warders, thus the eight foot conveyer machine was placed as per instructions in the doctor's medical room.
 As for Catrina, she was away for her annual course in reinforcing the center's ethic. In truth, she was much in need of it, from the authority's viewpoint.
"You will come with me, comrade," Leonid bid his assistant. He needed to test her loyalty, and if she faltered he was ready to use any disobedience to support a request for her transfer.
There were nine burly warders in the medical center standing by the incongruous looking machine. As the commandant and his assistant entered, they saluted.
Nicola stared at the peculiar sight. Eight more officers, the type often seen calling at the cells, were standing round the outside of the room.
"Is doctor no here, comrade?" inquired the assistant, as they all stood in strange hushed silence.
"She will be back from her course shortly."
More silence.
It was a relief to Nicola when the sound of the door creaking broke the eerie silence. She could see all the men looked tense, no, more than that they looked on edge. She felt her overpowering confidence waning, she needed badly another consultation with the doctor!
Warder Yana brought in a happy looking 882. Like Nicola before, she was surprised to see all these men, and what's more, no sign of her doctor. However she smiled when she recognized Nicola, who nodded guiltily back, hoping the commandant would guess nothing.
Nicola remained impassive as she watched Yana strap the patient on to the conveyor. It was hard to keep up that veneer however, when on a sign from the commandant,  the nine burly warders dropped their pants. Yana stared with a glazed expression, Nicola stared too, far less impassively, as the men began masturbating. Nicola had never seen any man doing this before, and she found it hard to repress her own stirrings.
They were getting to the boil now. The Commandant stepped forward and thrust a wedge in 882's mouth, so that it gawped open, making her look more like an imbecile than ever.
There were moaning sounds and grunting. Nicola stared on in amazed concern, her heart pounding as she watched 882 lying there in raw acceptance of her lot.
With a cry, the first offering spewed from a pulsing cock over 882's face. The thrill of the sight caused a chain reaction of cum to shoot forth from all directions, over 882's hair, into her mouth, soaking her neckline. Nicola saw her smile and then swallow.
The men withdrew, leaving a sticky 882 to wallow in her gifts. The spectators began to shift on their feet as they took in the sight of their desire.
It seemed an age to Nicola before Warder Yana removed the wedge, unstrapped the body of the smiling 882, and strapped her legs in a sitting position at the end of the belt. They were straddling the machine, splayed wide apart. Then the warder stood behind 882 and nodded to the commandant.
"882," he called out, "you are ready?"
882 nodded. She had been trained so well for these experiences. Obedience was ingrained. She held out her arms in a welcoming pose as her back propped against the warder.
Every fiber of Nicola's being wanted to cry out to stop. Yet would that be right? Would it help? Did 882 need help?
These were the questions Nicola wrestled with as she saw her boss remove his own pants to reveal his well worn bulging cock. He sat astride the far end of the conveyor belt.
"Start the machine, Comrade Nicola!" The Commandant pointed to the button.
It was in Nicola's mind to refuse. She hated herself for being so indoctrinated into obeying orders.
The machine whirred the giant cock forward. Warder Yana lifted 882's sweet but soggy dress as the cock approached, its fleshy bulging ready and willing to be teased by her sweet pussy. Nearer and nearer it came, more bulging and erect now as it brushed her fanny and inexorably thrust its very heart into her body, pushing, pushing, Warder Yana taking the pressure from the belt as it vainly tried to push him even further inside her. With a huge moan he collapsed under the force of lust. Her arms were around him in a way Nicola found sickening. Automatically she knew to switch the belt off.
With a satisfied glow, Leonid dismounted and bade the first waiting officer to place himself at the end of the conveyor. With feverish excitement his giant ten inch cock, already dripping was exposed. Nicola could only turn away. Leonid noted it, and switched the machine on himself.
Though she could not see, Nicola heard enough, more than enough. When the second officer, began his lustful groanings, her mind was made up to intervene.
She never made her move, for in rushed the doctor, fresh from her own course of indoctrination, but not ready to suffer such violation of her room, her patient. Leonid received her full fury, and staggered away with a black eye. Sheepishly the officers, most unsatisfied, obeyed his order and followed him. It was a relief to Nicola. But although the commandant left in pain, his emotions were mostly of satisfaction, for he now had his excuse to see the back of the doctor, and there were eight officers to back up his case!

"This foolish comrade begs your forgiveness," it was the assistant commandant who broke the ensuing quiet. "I had no idea our Commandant took advantage like this. I had no idea he'd dare use me like this. I'd..."
"The best you can do now, Nicola, that is if you really wanna help..."
"Yes, yes, comrade..." A look from Catrina changed that line. "You my mummy, you show me better way. I will help you, no matter what Leonid will do!" 
"I'd really love that, Nicola," replied Catrina, with a hug, "we'll have to get out of here pronto. Somehow? While I gather my things, can you check the files? I don't have the authorization."
"For sure, I can."
"Then can you find out to which Center Commandant Nicola was sent?
Snowy would love to know what happened to her offspring too. Her number is 7910."
"Will do. I'll be back in five mins."
"Well done. We'll be ready to leave then."

It was under 5 minutes later that Nicola returned. She was concerned at first because she saw before her, two warders! But on closer inspection they were Catrina, and, having taken precious seconds persuading Snowy, there was a very unsissy like Snowy in warder's garb concealing her sissy outfit. She had a muffler around her face, to partially obscure her very distinctive feature.
"Great disguises! Your ready go now?"
"We're ready. You take the lead, and if anyone questions, say we're accompanying you.
"Great. As we guessed, Commander Nicola is at Center X, and 7910 went there too, but she was Branded. You think we should go there?"
"We must. We can help them if...."
Catrina's words were cut short by the sound of marching. They'd just quit the medical room, and now hastily retreated there.
"It's too late, they've come for me!" cried the doctor.
"We'll barricade the door!"
Snowy looked on in bewilderment.
"It's no good," groaned Catrina, removing her uniform as quickly as it has gone on. "It's me they want. Look, Nicola, they mustn't find you here, or they might guess how you feel."
Bang! The warders were forcing open the door.
"Please hide," Catrina implored, "I beg you."
She shoved the assistant into a cupboard, "You can do better if you don't show your hand yet!"
"Look, they'll probably send you to Center X as well, I'll try and get you out from there."
"Okay, but hurry now!"
Despite her protesting, Nicola was shut in, and wisely remained where she was. Nicola didn't want to think about the alternative, the likelihood of the doctor being turned into a sex slave of the front line troops.
"Oh, Snowy! What about you?" cried Catrina, grabbing the confused girl. Catrina reopened the cupboard, as the outer door was being forced  open.
"Nicola, look after her!"
There was no time for more.
Warders dragged the doctor out of her domain.

In the half light of the medical cupboard, Nicola waited with bated breath. She was angry with herself for not intervening during the degradation of the conveyor belt. She was angry for having allowed Catrina to be arrested so easily. Yet, maybe it was better like this, as the doctor had stated.
She gazed into the soulful eyes of her pretty but puzzled companion.
How nice not to know all the problems! How lovely to be able to rely on other people! I wish I was like her, thought Nicola. Just like being a baby, like the good doctor had made her. But now, she, Nicola, had to be the strong woman, and see her charge thru! Now she would save Catrina, and get in to Center X. Somehow. How?
Her immediate task was to get away from here, and get 882 away too. Sounds of searching in the room put her on a high state of alert. What if they looked in here?
She pressed her fingers to her lips to warn 882 that silence was vital.
Snowy nodded, her head slowly going up and down.
She was shaking. She didn't understand. She looked at her companion, and before you knew it offered her a little kiss. Such a small action, but it showed her faith. Nicola longed to live up to her childlike trust. She kissed Snowy back so softly. Then she gave her a firmer kiss. Despite all the troubles outside them, they became engulfed in a deep exchange of passionate kissing.
"You're beautiful," whispered the assistant commandant.

Half an later, after the most sublime incarceration on record, the two girls cautiously emerged hand in hand.
Nicola would most have liked to go to Leonid's office and black his other eye, but discretion took her in the direction of her own small office.
Here she buzzed the main gate, and with Snowy as her ostensible warder friend, they marched to the small parking area, where she bundled her charge into the only jeep, and drove as fast she she dare in the direction of the gate, which automatically opened.
How easy it was!
An hour later she stopped by a cliff. In true movie style, she let the vehicle career over the edge, having got Snowy to get out first, of course.
You can guess their plan perhaps?
They were near Center X, and before quitting her office, the assistant had borrowed some official documentation.
How long it would be before the commandant discovered her absence and 882's, she did not know. What would happen when the jeep was found and it was discovered it contained no corpses?  But she hoped there was time for her daring plan to succeed, before they were found out.

Factfile Center X
Created 1.1.2010
In charge: Commandant Brisovitch.
Number of cells: 100 in 5 blocks A thru D and X.
X Block higher security for physically dangerous inmates, and also  ones that must be kept apart from others, except for Special Duties.
Special facilities: Function rooms. Lecture theater. Medical.
Objectives of Center:
1. Annual personnel training.
2, Indoctrination for errant inmates.
3. Branded inmates for sexual pleasures.
4, Special officer facilities in function rooms.
Data period 2010-2018:
Number of inmates admitted under function 2:  840. Number returned to centers: 687. Number of these branded: 144, Other dead: 9.
Also special admission under this section: employees: 1. Branded: 1.
Branded inmates: total 455, of which 144 and 1 from above. Remaining 310:  from other centers.

Function Rooms:
Only for officers, offering these Special Duties, singly or in groups (maximum number of officers shown):
1 only: Comrade's Delight, 3 Branded for your pleasure, with whips.
1 or 2: 1 Branded,  Western Decadence in luxury four poster.
3 max: Lion's Den, with each officer after the one Branded.
3 max: Hunted Quarry, with one Branded, locked in a Walker that makes them crawl on all fours. Released randomly around the Center, keys to unlock cage and safety are in medical room and their cell, if caught are taken orally/ anally.
3: All The Openings. A triple with one Branded, simultaneous.
In congenial surrounds, with choice of backdrops for variety.
Up to 12:  The Conveyor Belt.
Up to 12: Roulette. With equivalent number of Branded. Spin them tied on a giant wheel. When it stops, the one you are opposite- that's yours.
Note: Officers may request age, and hair color, for Branded, if available, the center will oblige. Ratings for each Branded is also available for inspection, plus any comments from other officers.

File: 14006
(Formerly Commandant Nicola)
Admitted: 8.7.17 as a special case. Cell D6.
Reason: Proven illegal relationship.
Treatment: Indoctrination.
9.8.17: Unco-operative, therefore Branded. Transferred to X1.
Record of Duties 9.9.17 to 9.8.18:
Rating from officers (highest is 10): 2.
Main Duties: total 685.
Special Comments in Duty Entry Book:
Comrade's Delight: total 5 times.
"Great pleasure to humiliate my former boss."
"She defied my whips, my cane, my bites, wow, bring her on again."
Western Decadence: total 3.
"Unresponsive, not worthy of center."
"Ditto, too girly girly."
Lion's Den: 3
"not well trained because she wouldn't willingly play ball."
Hunted Quarry: 24
"how did she elude all three of us?"
"amazing, we couldn't catch her either?"
"What's she do to avoid been caught? I'm desperate to have her."
All The Openings: 10
"Loved smothering her with our cum. She hated it which made me like it!" (Same visitor made 8 returns).
Conveyor Belt: 9
"Took it well, with ten out of ten of us satisfied."
"She was surprisingly randy for such a normally silent girl."
"Loved her angry shouting at us, which made taking her the more fun. Recommended."
Roulette: 22
"She genuinely liked spinning and being chosen."
Note from Commandant: 28.4.19 Not to be on Roulette again  as she was found to be attempting to make other women anti social. Not to  do Roulette until further notice. Make her available as Sex Training Object with new Branded.

Other notes:
9.30.17 Pregnant. 10.5.17 Miscarriage.
10.30.17 Pregnant. 11.9.17 Miscarriage.
11.24.17 Pregnant.
12.26.17 aborted (diagnosed AIDS).
1.5.18 resumed all duties with condoms.
3.1.18 resumed full duties. Aids misdiagnosed.
3.13.18 Pregnant. 4.2.18 Twins probable, so lighter duties. 4.17.18 miscarried.
7.12.18 Pregnant.

     Me Snowy scared.
Big big place.
Hold Nicola Two's handy. Nice.
Nasty man point gun.
"Assistant Commandant Center 3 reporting for xxxxx. My papers."
Me not knowing.
Go wid Nicola Two to small place.
"Authority of major, prisoners to take to xxxxxx."
Nasty mens go.
She read papers.
"This is it Snowy! Nicola is in X1. Remember that? X1. Now I find Snowy Too's file for you....!"
My baby!
"Oh no."

File 7910
8.5.17 Transfer from  Center 3. Cell X2,
(Nicola skimmed over the distressing details.)
6.29.18 Death, cause xxxxx

Nicola Two she hug me. Nice!
"Come on kid, nothing here on Catrina. Let's hope Nicola's file is up to date so xxxxx."
We runs. Nasty mens stop us.
We runs.
"Open please, authority of Major xxxx."
Nasty man open door.
I see Nicola. Other Nicola go to kiss her.
"No-one listening? Good. I'm here to get you out. I have forged orders to transport you to Major xxxxx, let's get out of here quick, before xxxx Leonid tumbles and has us all arrested. By the way, my name's Nicola Two!"
"I'd given up any hope, I can't believe this is not a trick!"
"No, no, it's not- have you strength to march? You look all in."
"Anything, I'd do anything to get out of here. I can do it!"
"We'd like to have rescued Catrina-"
"What Dr Catrina?"
"Yes, they arrested her today. But she's probably been sent to the front."
"Well actually she's here! I saw her when I was in my medical an hour ago!"
"Lead the way. Quick. Come on Snowy! March... like Nicola, no not run, march!"
Nasty mans stop us.

Nicola fell into the arms of the naked girl on the medical couch. Nicola held Snowy's hand, as the tortured doctor was carefully unstrapped.
"We've gotta get out of here at once. Nicola Two has the authorization, even if it's forged. It's seen us thru so far!"
Catrina stretched herself. "That's better. You've been thru it, I can see, Nicola..." they kissed.
"We must hurry," urged Nicola Two, but her voice tailed away. Sounds of marching approached the room.
"Orders of Major Rastropovich," said Assistant Nicola firmly, showing her documentation.
She shouted "March!" to her prisoners and Snowy. To be honest, I don't think you would have ever thought 882 was the warder she was supposed to be.
"Stop!" shouted the officer in charge drawing his gun. A movement from Nicola Two and a shot grazed her hand. Snowy began to cry.
"You are all under arrest until morning, when the commandant will determine your fates."
The gunman hurriedly consulted his second in command.
"There is only one cell free, so you remain here until then." With that he turned, and his men and the medical center doctor marched away, an ominous click confirmed the prisoners' worst fears.

The three exchanged hopeless looks. The door was locked, a guard was heard pacing outside. Only other escape via the window, and already two guards had been posted there, armed guards.
Ex-Commandant Nicola was the one who had been thru such  hopeless situations. She began sobbing quietly. That triggered off Snowy in sympathy.
The still naked doctor put her arm round the shell of her former lover.
"Oh Catrina...!" A deeper kiss. Snowy stared. Nicola Two stared.
With hope lost, they clung to what they could.
"Would you mind....?" faltered Catrina in Nicola Two's direction.
Nicola Two was on the point of warning, this is illegal comrade, when she stopped herself. No, that was her old way of life, the way in which she had been so well schooled. Instead, she answered,
"We don't mind, mummy, do we?" she turned to the tearful Snowy, who took her hand innocently.
She had never seen true love. It had always been forced on her and she had had to make a show of pleasure and love and orgasms. Here she saw the real meaning of the act as the pair entwined each others bodies in passionate kisses.
Nicola Two had never done anything like this herself, ever. She had been too busy learning what she now was unlearning. She watched closely, admiringly, as their hands felt inside each other, stirring their clits into hot balls of passion.
She felt a tug.
Snowy was telling her what to do. Her, the assistant commandant! Her the slut, her the.... Nicola Two averted her gaze on the lovers to look at Snowy's soulful eyes, her beautiful large head, and her stirrings that had formed in that medical cupboard revived, stronger and much more definite, and though she was the one who had to take care of this simple girl, it was she who was led into the inner sanctum of the medical room, and pulled softly down on the doctor's own bed.
After a peaceful precious time gazing into each other's eyes, Snowy discarded her unwanted warder's disguise, to reveal her sweet sissy dress. Wow, despite her well worn looks, she did look pretty and alluring!  Nicola discarded her ingrained thoughts of guilt as she found herself suckling her new mummy.
Out flowed Snowy's milk into the thankful mouth of the ex-powerhouse. After savoring her lovely warm gifts, Nicola moved her mouth for a kiss. That was heaven too.
She began to unzip her officer's leathers.
Snowy's hand took over the task until Nicola's virgin pussy could be glimpsed under her soft satin pantie. It could be easily seen cos the satin had been dampened heavily by her passioned wetness.
Nicola began to remove her uniform.
Snowy's hand prevented her.
"You boss," Snowy explained simply, "I love you."
A thrill rang thru Nicola's very being as she discovered the meaning of true love, as their bodies wrapped as one, as she felt the pulsing petals of her vagina being parted, penetrated by this sweet sweet girl.
Snowy found true love for the first time too. She had always endured sex from long successions of lusting animals, now she embraced  her deepest emotions as Nicola teased her, caressed her, loved her, making her joyfully release her loveliest of lovely warm cum.

You may like to imagine a happy ending that can follow this loving scene. Though I guess the reality would likely be a very different conclusion, sadly. Sorry.
                 THE END

Footnote: Though this work is entirely fictitious, I wanted to try to touch on the dreadful problem of sex slavery today, across several continents.
Nearly 200 years ago William Wilberforce campaigned for laws repealing slavery, Now we need 21st century crusaders like him to stamp out these modern day dens of evil.
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Baby Butch
Story approved for readers and I appreciate the footnote that this is just fiction. I understand the problem is real in some places even today. It needs to be stopped like you said.
Dear StevieSweet:

This is certainly different.  Many here (including me) have fantasies about forced servitude in many flavors and even participate in them IRL, but it's all acting on our desires, not the kind of true slavery and sexploitation that exists in the world today.  Here in the land of the free girls and boys are lured by the very hope of freedom only to be caged and abused in ways that defy imagination.  Typical indoctrination involves brutal rapes and beatings along with forced addiction to drugs to gain control over these sex slaves, many of them children.  I'll be interested to see where you go with your story.  I wonder what kind of society exists in your fictional world?
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