All PG 13 Skylar Gets His Mommies Care
This is not a sissy story yet a story of comfort and understanding please i need all the suport you can give posting comment is highly advised
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Skylars gets his Mommies Care
by J.A.Harrison

chapter 1
Skylar had just woken up from his slumber and realized how much he was missing his moms love that had comforted him so many years ago as a child. Skylar was 12 years old and always felt so alone be cause he missed his mommys love and care he looked at his clock and saw that it was only 2 in the morning. He reached under his bed and found what he was after his box that held his specisl memmories he pulled it out and pulled the top of in side was his teddy, his pacifier and a bunch of pictures that he had taken from his moms stash of copies. He pulled out his pacifier and sliped it into his mouth and then grabed his teddy and tucked it under his arm he then took the pictures and went through them. As Skylar looked throught the pictures one by one he startsed to lose control of his emotions and started cry slowly. His crys got louder and louder as he looked at them more and more and they reminded him of his mommies love, he couldnt help it, it just filled him with so much saddness at what he had lose. What Skylar didnt realize was his mommy listen to the crys from the kitchen. She had gone to grab a drink of water when she heard her son crying and could hear the pain in the crys. Skylars mother became consernded and went to check on her son and when she herd the crys better it broke her heart, these were not the crys of a who had heart him self these were cry of sorrow and deep pain. She was only able to stand it for a second till she open the door and burst into the room.

chapter 2
Skylar was crying with so much pain he was hurting so deeply the tears just seemed to flow out of his control, he couldnt stop them if he had tried. He just let them flow as he kept flipping through the pictures each one triggering more pain in his heart. The pain hurt so much that he didnt even notice his mother burst in the door till shes set her hand on his shoulder. All he could do is look at her with tear in his eyes and streaks down his face as he nursed on his pacifier crying his eyes out. At that momment Skylar didnt care if his mommy was shocked the pain was so emence all he wanted was her to hug him. All he new to do was to out stretch his arms and hope that she would come to he rescue like the mommy he wanted her to be. Dani, Sklyar's mom looked at her son the moment he turned towards her with his binky in his mouth and pain in his eyes. What she saw when she looked at him was not a 12 year older preteen but a hurt borken toddler that needed his mommy back despartley and the second he streched out his arm she lifted him up pulled him into the biggest hug. Dani now crying could do nothing but hold on to her baby boy as tears rolled down her cheaks, she couldnt believe that she hadnt felt this coming when she saw all the signs. Skylar felt so warm inside his mommy had acually picked him up and was holding him he felt so much love from her as he held tight to her not wanting to let go at all.

chapter 3
Dani held he baby boy close bouncing him gently then an idea struck her and as if like a switch her maternal instincs were turned on and took over her action. She carefully caried her sobing boy to the kitchen and went into one of the cabinets and reached into the back to pull out something she hadnt used in 8 long years. Skylar watched as his mommy was trying to find some thing in the cabinet as he kept his head on her shoulder sobing still as the paim slowly faded away. As dani kept her baby close she pulled out the baby bottle that had been moved to the back cause she wasnt willing to part with such wonderful memmories, she walked over to the fridge after seting the bottle one the conter and pulled out the milk also setting it on the counter. Skylar watched as his mommy took the milk and poored it into the bottle with a skilled hand while never letting go of him then but the milk back into the fridge. Dani replaced the milk in the fride then takeing the full bottle she popped it into the microwave for a short 15 seconds before takeing it out and walking over to the closet and pulling out the old baby blanket she new her son loved so much. After retrieving the blanket she walkeed over to the rocking chair and laid him down covering him with the blankie and then slipping his baba into his mouth shes started to lul him to sleep with a soft hummimg rythm. Dani cried with pure joy to be able to comfort her baby from hi pain and suffering as she took the soft blankie an wiped the tear from his cheak.

Chapter 4
Skylar was so emerished in his mommies love it over joyed him that she had accepted his needs and come to his rescue, she had done exactly what he need right then and he was so happy. He sat there nursesing his bottle as his sobs quited to a sniffle as his mommy hummed to him in the softest voice hes ever heard, a voice he remembered so well. As Skylar was listening to his mommies voice he heard a door and new it was his dad and he looked at his mommy terified. Dani looked at the look of terror in her lil boys eyes and new what she had to do so shes looked up and with a loud voice spoke unto her husband "Honey i know thats you coming down stair but theres something down here rather someone doing something down here that is gonna shock you and dont worry its your son and its not sexual". "But if you come down and yell, laugh, tease or do anything to hurt that hurt his feelings in the slightest i swear on my relationship with God ill leave you for ever and take him with me" Dani said Finishing her statement. Nick was stunded had he really just heard his wife that he loved with all his heart treaten to leave him "ok i understand baby" He said continueing down the stairs. Nick walked down to his wife who was sitting in the rocking chair and when he saw her what he saw in her lap shocked him and left him speachless. He did the only thing he new how to do and walked over kissed his wife then he looked at his lil boy with tears in his eye as the boy nursed on his baba. Nick then athered himself together gave the biggest grin and with all the love in the world asked his son the most fealt question ever, "is my baby boy enjoy his baba and cuddle time wif his mommy".

chapter 5
Dani heard he husbands reply to the sight before him and heard the love in his voice and the genuine consern his little boy and new every thing would be just fine. She mouthed a loving thank you to nick and watched as he mouthed I love you back to her then she turned her attention to her son hopeing he would except his daddies words. Skylar was so moved when daddy didnt judge him he cried for a couple of seconds then replied " yeth dada me wubing it so vewy muches". Nick smiled glad and awnsered " thats my good baby boy" and he kissed his sons fore head gently and lovingly. "So honey hwat are we gonna do about this new developement" Nick asked his wife gently knowing it was a delicate subject. Dani looked to his husband and with those puppy dog eyes she new she had asked "Can you go to walmart and pick up some stuff for our baby boy while i have a talk with him, He needs diapers huggies size six the baby mickey one get the laggest box there. "He will also need baby powder, baby oil, and two large tubes of diaper rash cream plus i think a footed sleep, few plush toys, a box of diaper doublers, some special baby bottles not just plain ones, and 10 new special pacifiers" she finished the list as he had typed it into his phone. Nick looked at his wife and with a smile asked her " i think he deserves more than that hes always been such a good boy and done his best to make us proud i think i know just what he needs and ima get it you take him and go rest in our bed ill be home shortly. Dani stood up with her baby boy just as nick aproched them and hugged the both of them kissing them each in turn till Skylar gave his dada the biggest hug and with tears in his eyes said "Tank juuu dada tank juuu mommy me wuns juu boffs so muches". Dani and Nick smiled at there lil boy and Dani replied "Mommy and Daddy love you to baby so much we love you with all are hearts". Nick then Said to his boy "Thats right champ we love you so much more than you could possibly know" he kissed his baby boy said bye then with the suv keys in hand head out the door to walmart.

chapter 6
Dani had refilled and filled 2 bottles of milk and warmed them both to the perfect warmth and she was now carrying her baby boy up the stairs to her room. Once she had reached the room she laid her baby on the bed and asked him to lay still while she brewed a warm bath for him. Skylar warmly nodded his head as his mommy handed him on of the two babas and he began to nurse on it, he watched as his mommy brewed up the warm bath that looked so pleasent and when she was done he watched her come back and smile at him. Dani gave her son a warm smile and was happy when he had returned the smile and she continued her work as she gently slide her baby boy down the bed after telling him not to move a mucle and just relax she started to undress him completely relinquishing him of his pajamas. When Dani had her son completely undressed she picked him up and carried him to bath and gently set him in the tub and laid him back so he was laying on the back of the tub. "Ok baby you just rest there for a bit while mommy reads her story ok my lil Bug A Boo" Dani told her baby knowing the nick name would get his attention as she had called it to him every day in his past from whem he was 18 month up till he was 5. Skylar smiled at the mention of his mothers nick name for him and though tear filled eye he replied" yeth mommy me will" and he did exactly what his mommy asked and relaxed.

chapter 7
Nick had i already gotten all the madatory items and the items on his list now he had other things he was after the first thing he did was pick up a portable play pen then a play pen matress to fit. Next He went over to the cribs and after a while he had found what he was looking for it was a new portable crib that was made for small toddlers and young preteens with developemental problem the bed was the size of a twin size bed that Skylar would easyily fit in. He Also found A wood crib by the same manufacturer made for the same purpose that was a stationary crib he then found a changing table made by them. Nick called a sales attendent and told her he wanted all three item that he need to take them tonight no questions asked and hed pay what ever they wanted just that he need help getting them into his suv. The sales attendent said no problem that shed have them taken to the front while he did his shopping so nick went about picking up more things he needed including a baby mickey crib set and a mobile plus formula and pedisure. Nick also picked up baby food applesauce and cheesesticks cause Skylar had always loved them even now. Nick then walked over to the strollers and found one that would work just perfect when he stumbled across a baby swing that was ment for older developmetaly challenged babies and grabed it as walked back to the front he was glad that his job payed a few million every 6 month and his weekly pay check was over 500,000 after taxes. Nick pulled out his Bank card and paid for everything as a bag boy was assigned to help him with loading the stuff into his suv and 6 minutes later he was on his way home.

chapter 8
Dani was getting her baby all dried when she heard the doorbell witch she thought was odd cause she new her husband would have just come in threw the garage. She wrapped Skylar in a towel and carried him down the stairs, "come on baby lets go see who at the door", Dani open the door and was suprised to see her brother in law at two in the morning at her front door. Dani looked up at the man "Hay Rony whats up come in im alil suprised to see you at this hour. The six foot two man looked at Dani and said "trust me im as surprised as you are but mom always said when family calls you awnser and he is my lil brother plus i get to see my favorite baby nephew dont I sport" he proclaimed kissing his nephews for head. Rony then lifted a bag in his hand and handed it to Dani "My Brother asked me to get these for the lil guy so you could get him dressed he stuck in a bit of traffic and said the lil tyke needed his sleep" handing her the package of size six huggies and package of doublers. Dani looked lovingly at her brother " thank you so much Rony your the best can you bring them upstairs come help me with him please did you powder and baby oil" she asked him. "Of course i can come help and although my brother didnt mention it i figured that the baby might wanna be comfortable so I grabbed it just in case" Rony Replied to his sisters question. Dani had the biggest smile "Rony your a life saver you know that i dont know what we would do with out you" shes said giving him a big hug. Rony returning the hug Said "i dont know either sis i just dont know" and laughed a big laugh that made Skylar giggle he had been watching the whole scene quietly and was happy that uncle pony accepted what he wanted.

chapter 9
Dani carried Skylar up to her room Rony close behind with all the changing supplies so they could get lil Skylar dressed and tucked into bed. Dani laid Skylar down on the bed and grabed the Supplies form her brother-in-law "Rony can you go into Skylars Room and at the Bottom of his Toy chest is a blue combination lock box can you bring it here for me" she asked him. Rony looked at his sister quizically "may I ask whats in this lock box and why its in his room" He asked conserned. Dani looked at Skylar "would you like to tell your uncle whats in you secret box that you asked use to buy you to hide you allowance in" she asked him.
Skylar looked at his mommy then turned to his uncle " remember last year you got me that 100 dollar visa card well i used it to get the most exspensive pair of pajamas ive ever bought i had a footed sleeper custom made with the same material that you find in thows plush throw blankets". "They ened up being about 250$ cause the pattern was custom to theyre a baby blue covered with pacifiers, baby bottels, diapered teddy bears, and baby blocks and i made sure they used the same material inside as the out i had them made 3 sizes to big so i could use them for years to come" tears welled up in skylars eyes and he started to cry. Dani picked him up still in the fluffy toweland cuddle him "baby im not mad at you, you saved that money up for something your heart really wanted I have no reason to be mad about that but sence you did spend so much money we need to put them to use so what you say we get a diaper on that bottom of yours and get you ready for bed" she asked calmly. Skylar gave a smile and hugged his mommy " yeth mommy I wub you, unci Wony can juu pwease bwing me jammie box I have a supwise for mommy dat me wanna show her" he asked him sweetly. Rony looked at his nehpew and smiled of course I can sport ill be right back you just lay there and let your mommy diaper your bottom ok" haven said that rony left to skylars room to retrieve the box.

chapter 10
Dani looked to her son with a smile"ok Big A Boo lets get a diaper on your bottom so I can get your jammies on you and get you to sleep" she said as she took the baby oil and rubbed it into the front of his diaper area gently. She had Sylar flip over and did the same thing for his bottom she then took out two diapers and two diaper doublers she then reached under her bed and pulled out a pair of plue plastic pants with a picture of a pacifier "I found these in your laundry basket yesterday this set up will have to work till i can order some cloth diapers for you but with how much my baby is gonna potty over the next week while mommy makes his control go bye bye you need thick thick diapers to keep you from leaking" she told her baby with a smile.Skylar smiled back as he watched his mommy strateigicaly poke holes in one diaper then but a diaper doubler on the inside then she grabed his ankles lifting him up she slide the first diaper under his bum. Dani having the first diaper in position liberally powdered her sons entire diaper area and next pulled the diaper snuggly between his leggs first fastening the top right then the bottem left moving to the bottom right then the top left. Haveing All four tapes secure Dani prepared the second diaper inserting to doubler into it before sliding it under Skylars bum and secure the four clear adhiesive tapes snuggly, with both diaper secure she pulled up his plastic pants and made sure the diapers were tucked in all around.

chapter 11
Rony walked back into the room just as Dani had finished up diapering his nephew and he handed her the box with the famous super exspensive pajamas that he so wanted to see. Dani looked at the box know she had no idea what the combination was to this box skylar had made them promiss that the combination could be known by him and him only till he was ready to tell them. Dani went to hand the box to skylar but he shook his head and made the signal to flip it over. When she did and in order there were three pictures the first was her husbands birthday photo from two years ago next was her birthday photo from the same year and finaly also from the same year was a photo of there wedding aniversary. She then looked be low the three photo and there were three dates the date of her husbands, birth the date of her birth, and the date of there wedding day. Dani took one final look down and sawa ridal and read it aloud " to find the key three memmories you see please seek that last to number of each date prize you will see" she looked at the riddle confused. Rony steped up with his phone and in dani view pointed to the last two letter of each date and typed them in to his phone and they came out 74-77-97. After watching what her brother-in-law had done she flipped the box over and selected the 6 number and pushed the button and with a click the lock was released witch left her in shock as she started to cry lil by lil she then looked at skylar with curios eyes. Skylar got up and wrapped his arms around his mommy and awnsered her question "mommy and dada always keep me safe so why not trust them to keep me lock box safe even if they dont know they doing it" he said with great love and happiness. Dani smiled "you such a sweat baby bear arent you know lets get you ready for bed and all tucked in" she said laying him back down on her bed.

chapter 12
Dani pulled out the pajamas and saw something her son hadnt mentioned the footed sleeper had a hood, skylars mom just shook her head and giggled as she unzipped the pajamas. She took the pajamas realizing they zipped up from the back where the zipper couldnt be reached but had a detachable strap to help those who had no one to put it on from them and take it off, as she thoughy about it she was happy they had been made this way. Dani took the detachable strap off and put it in her door she then sliped her babies feet and arms into the garment, flipping Skylar over she zipped the zipper up is back then flooded over and velcroed the zipper hider. She then pulled up his hood and handed him the second baba she had made him as she lifted him in to her arms and hummed him a lullaby. Skylar feeling wonderful in his pajamas as mommy held nursed him nursed his baba as he became very tired and laid his head on mommys shoulder, he continued to listen to the lullaby for 3 minutes till he was dead asleep. Dani pulling back the covers on her bed laid Skylar down in it and tucked him in nice and tight and she was about to hand him his teddy bear when he stirred pulling an envelope from a hidden pocket he handed it to her taking his teddy bear he fell directly back to sleep nursing his baba. Dani open the envelope and inside was a large amount of cash mainly hundreds and a picture of an empty room with blue walls a diaperd teddy dear wearing a t shirt say Mommy & Daddies Lil Bug A Boo with a baba in his mouth, pacifier hanging from his shirt a teddy bear in the free arm and baby block under him that spell Baby Skylars Nursery. On the other walls were various other pictures of infantile things like trains and teddy bears and baby blocks clouds on the ceiling and the whole thing looked supper cute to the point that dani loved it. She showed it to Rony and asked him what he though about it and rony had thought it was a wonderful cute idea.

chapter 13
Dani and Rony looked the paint plan over and loved the idea of doing this for Skylars nursery "I only know one person that can pull this off right" Dani spoke up. Rony looked at her curiously "how do you no anyone that can pull of a job like this in such a short time". Dani looked at him with a glare then picked up her phone and dialed her sister who lived 5 minutes away. Bobbi woke up to the sound of her phone ringing and she knew it was her sister by the ring tone so she picked up the phone an awnsered it " big sis you realize it 4:15 in the morning and im sleeping". Dani heard her sister remark and felt bad but she new what to do to get her here and fast " I know sis and i hate to pull this on you and you know I wouldnt say it if it weren't absolutely true so with thad said your Nephew needs you like right now and you gonna wanna bring your truck instead of the car". Bobbi was confused but she knew it was important he sister rarely ever pulled the nephew card unless it was absolutely nessecary " ok ill be there in 15 ready to work" she replied. Thank you sis it means alot i really apreciate it But i warn you be ready for a big surprise and an even bigger shock
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