Sissys are not cowards (R)
a sissy is discovered at a young age and is tormented by a bully through his life
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Paul had discovered at a young age he had more incommon with girls than guys.

One day paul decided to snatch a pair of his sister's panties and wear them to school and when he did the school bully Rex found out and began to call him a sissy and then started tormenting him every chance he got.

As the school years went on Paul became more and more like a sissy than a man his body had devolped in to a more girlish body and in that was forced to wear girls cloths because of the shape of his body.

P aul was very smart and wanted to go to collage but had no money to do so .

Paul decided he would go into the army.

Paul went to the counclers office to get information on the army.

As fate would have it paul was unable to go into the army because his mother had gotten very ill and he needed to take care of her.

Rex Lived next to Paul and followed him where ever he went so he could make fun of him.

One day Paul went to the drug store to get his moms Meds sure enough Rex followed Paul .

Rex had been to busy to change shirts and it was covered in flour from wwhere he had made biscuts.

When Paul walked in to the store Rex had no problem in following him in the store.

As Pul was paying for the meds his mom needs Rex got right behind Paul and pulled down his shorts revealing his silk boxers which was the only thing manly he could wear.

Paul blushed pulled up his shorts as Rex ran out the door.

When paul got out to the car Sissy was painted on the car Paul could do nothing to stop him.

After Pauls mom passed away Paul sold the house and moved into a appartment in the city.

He had figured by moving he would get away from Rex and his constant torture, that however was not the case Rex folowed him to the city just so he could enjoy tormenting him.

Rex even moved into the same building and started rummors about him to the others who lived there.

Finely Paul had no friends and was kicked out of his place because of the lies Rex had told on him.

Paul finely had had more than enough so he went to a lawer to see what could be done about sueing him for slander.

The lawer told Paul since he could not prove Rex started the rummors he had no case.

Paul packed his things and found another Appartment where he knew he would not get kicked oout of because of any life style he might have which is why he was kicked out of his place in the first place.

Rex followed Paul again and when he found out he had moved into a coummenity for various lifestyles such as gays and other fetish's Rex decided he would have to stay at his place he did not want to live in a *** area he figured he would be out numbered there.

Before Paul had found the Blue Basetings building Rex had caused Paul to be kicked out of seven differnt appartments and renated houseing.

Paul guessed he could have peace.

Paul finely got settled down and begain to meet the neghibors .

Paul was getting his house keeping set up when the door bell rang.

he anwsered the door and there stood a six foot women with the shinest black hair you ever did see.

"Hi Im Kateland I live two doors down and Im part of the welcomeing committe. she said as she handed him a tunna casearole.

Paul was glad to see some good food as paul was about to searve up the casearole other neighbors came over bringing food and offering to help Paul get his place in order.

After the Appartmen was finshed getting things where they belong others had drifted out of his place after having a sit down and chat to learn a little about them and the same on there in.

Every one had left except Kateland who had a very puzzled look on her face.

"Paul may I ask a question?"

"Sure "

"I can normly tell what sort of thing a person is into by talking to them and haveing a look see but for the life of me I can not fighure out what your fetish is."

Well me moving here is not really about life style even though I have been called a sissy and this guy follows me every where and because of him I have gotten kicked out of seven place's but he did not follow me here.

"I see , you said you had been called a sissy and tormented by this Rex chacter to this day why did he call you that."

"Well for one as you can see my body is more on the girlish side and Im alergic to cotton so every thing I wear has to be silk satian or nylon so when he saw me getting undressed he found out I was wearing panties."

it all started there. "

"so your phiscaly a sissy but not in mind?"

"I dont know this ass hole want give me a chance to find out."

I do know I have a lot of femmin habits but Im just me and thants all I can be."

"good for you."

Chapter 2

Paul had lived in the Basteings building for almost a year and during that year Paul started to think was he a sissy and how would he go about finding out.

Paul struggled with this constantly but Paul had little time to think when he was out and about for Rex would show up and do something horriable to him it never failed .

One night Paul was on a date of sorts not really it was a bussiness meeting with a computer comapny interested in his computer designs.

Even though Paul had not went to collage yet he could design a computer and write programs better than most, and thats what made what Rex did the last straw.

Rex saw Paul wih a very attractive woman who he thought should not be with the likes of him so he decided in his own since of rightousness he would break up this party.

Rex saunted up to Paul and his prospective boss

"Well Paul I did not know you liked women as well I mean look at her."

"Wow I mean dose she know your a big fat sissy?" "hmm?"

"Well miss Paul is gay and is oozing gayness all over the place now I discover sissy boy here likes girls too."

Rex said with a satisfied look of glee in his eyes for he knew he had ruined what ever Paul had going on.

" Paul I do not know who this distasteful person is but our company can not have some one as devant as you working for us."

Paul turned to Rex with a glar Rex had never seen before .

Right there in the restraunt , Paul balled his fist up and slugged Rex right in the mouth then a second punch right in the nose.

A stund Rex fell back with a bloody lip and a broke nose.

After Rex fell and hit the table two beat cops came running in and arrested Paul for assult.

Rex laying in the floor wondering what truck had hit him Paul looked at Rex and spat on him and then went with the police quitely.

Paul did not wish to bother with a lawyer but the city gave him one any way.

Poor Paul spent the night in Jail and was taken to court that morning.

When Paul got there he saw the couple that had been at the table across from him and Kateland sittting next to them.

Paul's case was called up and asked how he pled .

his lawyer spoke up "your honor this man has been constantly harrased by the victim and last night he cost my clint a good job opporunity by telling out right lies on Paul here finely he had taken all he could handle and hit the victim twice I also would like to point out that Paul went with out incident they did not even have to put hand cuffs on him.

I have two wittness's here who are willing to tell what the victim said and did to warrent such an attack.

The wittness's were heard and that is how Paul got off so easy.

after hearing from all parties the judge came back in and called for paul and his lawyer to stand.

"Paul I understand what you must have felt when the victim did and said and runid your chances at a great job but there is little or no room in this world for more violance."

After saying that the judge looked at Paul and then ajusted his robe a bit.

"Paul you have a choice two years in the army or what branch of the service you choose maybe there you can get the violance in you out of your system.

Untill three pm monday you are relaised on your own but you must report to the recuters office at that time where you will be picked up and taken to Fort Smith
for basic training and then there you can work on your skills a computer anylist .

or you can spend two years in county.

Of course Paul chose the army.


All for now see you later


Chapter 3

Paul had only the week end to get his afairs in order before he left for Fort Smith.

Paul had gotten things settled with the rent and had Kateland keep an eye on his place and to take care of his two plants.

When Paul told Kateland about the whole ordeal Kate land told Paul she would find a way to get even with rex for taking such a good neighbor away from her.

She said this to Paul with a glar of hatered in her eyes ,which ment she really ment it.

Paul knew Kateland was a Mistress who had very powerful cliants Rex would defiantly be in trouble if she went through with her threats.

After every thing was done And settled Paul was off.

After compleating Basic training Paul was sent to Iraq as a computer specialist.

During his time there die hard rebels who still defended the old goverment ,
while Paul was traceing a computer virus that had entered there defense network the base was attacked, Paul started a program he had written called toaster which insted of deleating the information just appeared to be deleated and wiped from the hard drive and only one person new the code and that was him.

After starting toaster Paul grabed a 9 mm from his holster and opend fire on the men who entered the computer station Paul was shot five times twice in the leg one in the arm and two to the lower chest just missing his heart

when Paul went down a major Carter enterd the room blood every where covered paul some theres most his when Paul was assured every thing was ok he fell to the ground.

The med teams did a extrodnary job just to get him to a mash unit(mobil surgical army hospital)

the doctors were told to save Puls life or they would pay dearly.

The doctors had heard of Pauls bravery and had no problems with going beyond there limints to save him.

Paul did not know it but he had saved a General who was in the next room along with his staff not to mention he stopped the enemy from stealing the defense data network by makeing all thei nformation invisable to any computer untill Pual could type in the pass word.

When Paul was out of danger but still recovering he was presented the purple heart and the congressonal medal of honor and the presdents comadation,

Paul was called a hero and opend the hard drives with the entire network intact.

The general entered the hospital room where he had been taken too after being transfered from the mash unit.

"Well a warroir as well as computer tech nice job soldier you saved my life and my staff's plus saving the defense network when you return home in a few days you will be honored properly at a cermony where the presdent will award you the presdent's comadation the purple heart and the congresional meadl of honor."

"Then after a ninty day leave you will then return to serve out your time at the army technal instute where you will write defense programs like ******* to protect our nations defense and it will pay very well and you will not be to far from where you live you will be able to live at home and work during the day."
then after that we hope to send you to a miltary collage where you can learn more and do more for our great country."
All for now wait for the next chapter when Rex starts to get just what he deserve's.



Paul returnd home and was greeted by every one in the building,Paul was indeed happy to be home.

That was however short lived when Paul recived a phone call informing him of a law suit that had been filled by Rex for damages for his broken noise.

The suite would be heard in court in twenty minutes no one had known about it untill the phone call.

Paul searched letters and all his mail for that fact that a law suit was going to happen.

nothing was there so paul contacted the miltary post office to see if he had any misplaced mail of course there was none.

Paul then took note of the condition his mailbox was in and it looked as if some one had been picking the lock so paul called the cops and a army lawer to defend him.

the suit was postphoned for another day.

Paul had the finger prints lifted from is post box and guess what they were Rex's Paul now had Rex over a barrel.

After this discovery Paul calls rex up all Paul gets is the manchine at first.

Paul then decides to leave a message.

Well Rex i guess your not there and trying to figure out why the court date has been moved.

I had finger prints taken from my post box and your fingure prints are on it plus a lot of wittness saying you had been seen around it and since there was no summons the law can only assume you had been getting into my box and takeing them so if you want to go to jail fine with me but if you want to stay free drop the suit or face thirty years with out parole.

your choice because according to my lawer i had done payed my debt and I have served my country so your choice By.

Rex had heard the message while in progress Rex knew Paul could turn him in at any time for a federal crime.

with in the hour Paul recived a call from the court that the suit haad been dropped.

after all the excitement and the welcome home party Paul just wanted time to relax and recover from the surgy and fatigue.

Paul had always had the question in his head was he a sissy or something else?

so paul found a site that tested for that sort of thing and took it Paul anwsered the questions honstly and to Paul's surprise he did not even come close to being a sissy but insted he learnd according to the test he was class 10 transgendered which ment he needed to talk to some one about it.

Paul had always been feminen by his actions and various other things and every body knew that about him but no one judged him for it like Rex did.

Paul had accpted the offer to stay on and make a carrer out of the army so he had access to frr physcritry (shrink) so Paul made an apponitment to see what the doc thought.

Paul took another test more extensive than the one on line and once again he came up severly transgendered so paul got all the information he could on the subject before commitieing to any thing ,even though the doctor wanted to start tharpy imedditly.

Paul thought about the aggrasiveness he showed in combat and he knew there was no way he could be a sissy but something more something stronger so he decided to talk to Kateland.

Paul invited Katland up for coffee and a talk he needed to know what she thought about what he was thinking and could she help.

After a long chat Kateland agreed tht paul did need to deal with his problem before it got out of hand .

"Paul After every thing you told me I belive you are soemthing more as well a mistress maybe and I know just the sissy for you ,Rex needs to be taken down no strike that knocked down and then turned into a diaper baby sissy.

Paul cheecked with army regulations and talked with his commanding officer and he told him it wasa about time he decided to fix his transgendered problem every one knew he had and then the commanding officer told him that every one supported him and soon to be her in this endover.

Paul started dressing female and took course's and various class'son mannerism's of female habbits however he was already versed in this ways by habbit so there was no problem there.

The army decided to try a exsparment on Paul about changeing paul into a compleat female of course Paul jumped at the chance.

Kateland was working on a plan to get Rex for all the problems he had caused.

she came up with only one idea and she loved it so much she drooled at the thought.

Paul went through the exspearment and it was a sucess no surgy but the use of a dna cocktail of some sort.Now Paul was now Carla.

Carla was very high spirted and very happy person more happy than she had ever been as Paul.

When Paul got home Kateland told Carla her plan to get Rex that was so devious that Carla agreed to it.

"Kateland there is one small part of the plan I have a Problem with and that is I dont want a sissy tieing me down."

"I thought of that as well see I have been looking for a new project and Rex would be perfect i just think you should be the one to start it and once your done I will take over."

"Sounds good,when do we start.

Paul called Rex up and told him to come to his place for a long talk that there were some things he wanted from him or he would head off to prison and that he had no choice but to come.

Rex arrived to be meet by Carla not paul .

"Whers Paul?"

"I am Paul you like the new me?"

"I knew it your nothing but a great big sissy ***!"

"SHUT UP WORM!!" Or do you wish to go to prison?"

Rex sat down and kept his mouth closed for he knew Paul had him over a barrel.

"Now first things first take off your cloths all of them!!!" Rex protested but Carla reminded him of what would happen if he did not comply.

Naked and standing before Carla he asked . "Now what?" you want me to suck your cock?"

"your an idoit I dont have one but dont worry you will get to do that soon enough but since I dont have one we will have to find you one."

Carla grinned.

"Now Take those clothsand put them in this bag Rex did as he was told but while doing it he glared at Carla.

Carla looked down at Rex's Cock.

"Is that all you got your kidding me no wonder you took to a life of tormenting me when I was Paul you dont even have the balls to do a girl with I mean **** that is pathetic i bet you have a pair of twezers on the tolit so you can pee."

Carla then laughed at her joke.

Kateland then walked in from the bedroom .

Rex this is kateland and she has always wanted a pet but since no cats or dogs you will have to dobut she wants a baby more and you quillify for it.

but first I must put this on your little opps i mean very little well its not that big to be called little but I guess tiny will have to do hey I got a new name for you Tiny dick both women laughed so hard tears came to there eye's.

well lets see if this penis collar will stay on it.

The penis collar did stay on then Carla explaned what it was for.

"this little collar will shock you if you go out of bounds like my place or Katelands place or this will happen.

Carla produced a small remote and pushed a button .

the collar sent shockwaves through the penis and then his body.

Rex begain to yelp in pain Carl still had her finger on the button when she saw tears in his eyes she stopped and they all looked at him he had peed on the floor . they both laughed at him and called him a sissy baby.

well lets get little Rexy oh I mean Tiny Dic in her diaper and some plastic panties.

over the next few weeks Rex was tourted and humelited to no end Rex finely gave in to what he was being called a diaper sissy baby.

Carla tired of Tiny Dic so she gave him to Kateland, there was another reason she was being shipped to egypt to install a security program for the Us forces there.

Tina DIc finely grew out of diapers and became a very sexy sissy who was sold to another mistress and from there Tiny Dic was never heard from again.

Kateland and Carla stayed in close contact and stayed the closet of friends .

Carla is still in the Army and has moved up in rank to major and the head of cyber securty for the army. Carla also is dateing a Major who knows all about Carla is now the happiest she has every been.

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hi anna very nice story hope to read more
likes my fanny in warm hands and to be foundle by anyone you would like to play .
Interesting story, though I see he is backing away from his sissiness in the latter part (putting it down to allergies, and the like), which is a realistic touch and pleasingly unique. I look forward to seeing Rex get his just desserts in the sequel. ;)
"When you adopt the standards and the values of someone else or a community or a pressure group, you surrender your own integrity. You become, to the extent of your surrender, less of a human being." (Eleanor Roosevelt)
Good heavens ... Do people really get drafted into the army as a punishment for violent crime? Please tell me you made that up ...

However, it does make a very dramatic and original twist, even if the real-world social implications don't bear thinking about. ;) I look forward, with some nervousness for poor Paul, to seeing how his story develops.
"When you adopt the standards and the values of someone else or a community or a pressure group, you surrender your own integrity. You become, to the extent of your surrender, less of a human being." (Eleanor Roosevelt)
wow thats was so sweet. great job

 Good heavens ... Do people really get drafted into the army as a punishment for violent crime? Please tell me you made that up ...

To answer your question, in the USA it would be rare, if ever, to see someone forced to join the army. However, you do sometimes see youthful offenders, that got into some sort of minor trouble, make a deal where they will join the army for less or no jail time.

 To answer your question, in the USA it would be rare, if ever, to see someone forced to join the army. However, you do sometimes see youthful offenders, that got into some sort of minor trouble, make a deal where they will join the army for less or no jail time.  

Thanks for the reassurance.   I will be moving to the US this year (touch wood) so it's encouraging to know that its armed forces are not staffed with violent young hoodlums ... That probably sounds more satirical than it was meant to. I really wouldn't know, but this news was reassuring.  
"When you adopt the standards and the values of someone else or a community or a pressure group, you surrender your own integrity. You become, to the extent of your surrender, less of a human being." (Eleanor Roosevelt)
Sarah Candy Lee
great story anna. i an quite enjoying it i do like the feel of realism u have decided to give to ur story im looking foward to the next part. its always great to have new authors on here
i should probably write something really profound =)
The idea of a US infantry woman electrocuting a prisoner's genitals has unfortunate connotations ... but apart from the slightly excessive punishment meted out to Rex (I know some people are into S&M fantasy, which is fine ... but I'm not) I thought this was a very happy ending, and with a sweet fantasy of total acceptance which I wish was how society really worked **Sighs**. I wish that DNA cocktail thing was real, as well.

Thank you, dear, for sharing your inspirations with us.      
"When you adopt the standards and the values of someone else or a community or a pressure group, you surrender your own integrity. You become, to the extent of your surrender, less of a human being." (Eleanor Roosevelt)
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