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A Sissy gets to celebrate his 1st birthday as his mommy's sissy
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Sissy's 1st Birthday

 This Story is strictly fiction and is a fantasy. All characters are over 18 years of age
Chapter 1

  "Time to wake up sleepyhead..." she cooed softly as she rubbed his back, before gently rolling him onto it.

 He couldnt remember the last time she had been so nice in waking him up, heck he couldnt remember the last time she was no nice to him at all. It had to be a trick he thought as he let her roll him over. Oh you kept your pacifier in your mouth all night again! She exclaimed in pure joy and excitement Such a good girl! His eyes fluttered open, as if he was curious to see if the woman, he now called mommy, had been replaced by someone else. Normally she was grumpy and not very pleasant in the mornings. Well to be honest¦she was never very nice to him in the first place, not since he was caught jerking off in her panties, then made to expose all his sissy secrets to her. Come on sleepy head, I already let you sleep in, its a very big day today She again spoke pleasantly and softly as she lowered the side of the crib. Yet as his eyes focused, he could see in fact his mommy indeed was the same woman, he quickly looked down and away, before she caught him looking to long. But he did see a smile on her face, that told she wasnt upset for looking at her this time. He was suspicious to say the least, being so nice, letting him sleep and what was so special about today? Of course, he wasnt even sure what day it was, dates and times was all useless information now.

 But strangely he found it even difficult to think of such things¦ the only thing that seemed to constantly run through his mind was how much he loved and wanted to obey his mommy. He gently rolled over again and crawled out of his crib, his completely full diaper making it difficult, and also stumbled on his nightie making his mommy giggle slightly.

 Which like always sent a shiver of embarrassment and arousal throughout his body making it tingle. Of course, this was all part of his life now, the constant and endless spiral of being aroused and turned on at being a humiliated sissy baby, whose only purpose was to be humiliated and punished anyway that pleased his mommy. She would also remind him constantly that this was something he always wanted. Oh whew.. Someone has a really full and stinky diaper, this morning! His mommy, still seeming pleasant, said as stepped in front of her sissy baby on all fours and then proceeded to walk out of the nursery. Eric¦or sorry, Erica, or wait was it just Sissy now?

 Not even he could remember, it seemed like Sissy was the most common name he was called out of all them. Sissy crawled behind his mommy like she taught him, close enough to kiss her heels if she so desired. He a grown very attached to her feet, strange he thought. He never had a foot fetish before, but suddenly when you that seem to be all you can look at on a daily basis. He worried his diaper was going to leak as even as he crawled, he was waddling because how full it was.

 The slimy mess hidden inside, causing him further, discomfort, yet arousing, yet humiliating, yet arousing¦ the endless spiral continues¦ Come on Sissy, crawl up into your high chair and dont put up a fuss today, its very special day today remember. His mommy again said cheerfully and again, made a reference to today being special¦which anytime she spoke like this, he lived to regret it, as it usually meant doing something cruel to him.

 But he didnt fuss, he obeyed, it was always easy to obey and please mommy and maybe this was the fruits of his labors, maybe just maybe¦she would start taking it easier on him, god he would just love to cum! He day dreamed as he sat in his chair. Hey, wake up Sissy! She said exclaimed snapping her fingers in front of his face then giggling as he looked up in surprise and then away, as he was not given permission to look at her beauty. What were you so lost in thought about anyway, hhmm? She asked yet still being soft and teasingly nice, as she strapped his ankles and wrists to the high chair.

 He had long learned when she was looking for a response and when she wasnt.

 Of course the simple rule was if he had his Binky in his mouth, he wasnt supposed to speak at all. Are you trying to think of what today is? She asked teasingly as she slid the tray in place. She giggled as she went over to the counter to prepare breakfast.

 Here he would sit and wait while she made their breakfast, torturing him with the smells. But as she was busy, he tried to look over at a calendar, but it seemed like his eye sight had slipped, as he couldnt even make out what month it was¦ it looked like March, or was it May¦ He grew more and more uncomfortable, as he sat in his full diaper. His stomach rumbling in hunger, knowing the pancakes he smelled wasnt what he was going to be eating. His mommy, wheeled the medical rack, holding a full red bag, containing his breakfast, beside him.

 She connect the tube to the feeding gag, which was 4 long black rubber penis, which straps that strapped behind his head.

 He hated meal time.

 The pasty, oatmeal like gruel he was forced to suck down tasted horrible. She had told him a long time ago what it was made of, but he barely remembered, as it was mainly vitamins, drugs, hormones etc, stuff he didnt really want to know about.

 Then of course was the bottles of Sissy Formula that followed and that he drank throughout most of day. Although he strangely had grown addicted to the mixture of milk, baby formula, and a mans cum and unknown drugs. well be a good sissy and I will tell you, what is so special.. She cooed again teasingly as she pulled the pacifier out of his mouth. She smiled as he moved his jaw and mouth around, before his 5 pacifier was replaced with the 4 feeding gag.

 She thought briefly how far her little sissy has come.

 She smiled as He didnt whimper or fuss as she strapped his feeding gag in place. Well I am not surprised you dont remember, you really have become a dumb little baby sissy havent you? She said, not with malice like usual but rather sensuously, yet it was still humiliating enough for him. Sending another wave shame and humiliation, causing his chastity encased cock to stir.

 Yet strangely enough, didnt seem to be as painful as it has been in the past, normally his cock trying to get hard inside its cage would case a great amount discomfort. Maybe it was because it has been trapped for so long He was just used to it now. He suddenly realized his mind was drifting. Why did he seem to do that more and more often? Anyway¦ what was he supposed to remember¦ it was only march or may, nothing special about those months¦he was pretty sure it was a weekday¦a Wednesday or a Thursday¦ maybe not, either way¦he couldnt think of anything.

 She smiled and giggled at the pure look of confusion and despair on his face. She marveled at her brilliance.

 Its your Birthday silly! She exclaimed as she released the clamp on the tube, sending his gruel like breakfast into his mouth, forcing him to either suck and swallow or choke.

 He had been caught off guard when she unclamped the tube and it took him a second or two and get his sucking rhythm down and gather his thoughts.

 It wasnt his birthday! He was born in June and the calendar was clearly on a month that started with the letter M!

 Then it dawned on him¦ it as been a year! It has been a whole year since he became a sissy baby!

 Its been a year since his roommate caught him jerking off in her panties. It had been a whole year since she forced him to show and reveal all his deepest sissy secrets.

 It had a been a year of living his fantasy, which of course he would take back if he could¦or would he¦ wait a minute!? He thought.

 He watched his mommy take a mouth full of delicious smelling and looking pancakes into her mouth, while he sucked on his feeding cock, sucking down his horrible gruel.

 She was taking away even his real date of birth!! It was all too much and yet strangely enough he felt so aroused and excited, he felt like he was going to cum any second. Which then it suddenly hit him.

 Damn! Why has his mind been so slow lately?

 He suddenly realized that it had been a year of being locked in his chastity belt.

 It had been a year of no orgasm, no Cumming. Yet she had promised, that in year she would take it off!  Well now the time had finally come!! His excitement grew as he started squirming in his seat, spreading his gooey mushy messy diaper filled mess even more.

Oh it looks like someone is excited¦ silly sissy forgot her own birthday¦well come on now, finish your breakfast¦ we have a very big day ahead of us! His mommy exclaimed pleasantly and teasingly.

 Sissy Erica, could barely take it all.

 The shame, which caused excitement, the excitement that caused shame¦which again induced more excitement.

 Mix in the anger and hate of what has become of him, followed by the acceptance of it is what he deserved¦ then all he could think about was¦ it had been a year¦ maybe it he would be allowed to cum finally¦ he suddenly vowed he would certainly be the best sissy baby for his mommy.

 He continued to suck the cock which milked out his breakfast, as best he could. Day dreaming of cumming for the first time in a year.

 At one point he caught his mommy smiling¦he suddenly wondered what was in store for him the rest of the day. He tried not to think of it, he just continued to suck down his breakfast like a good sissy.

Chapter 2

             After breakfast, the ritual of the daily routine kicked in.  Sissy Erica followed his Mommy, crawling close behind, back up the stairs for his morning bath.  His mommy had barely spoke since breakfast, telling him about today being his birthday.  Not his real birthday, but his birthday of being reborn a humiliated and punished sissy baby. However, his mommy had promised a year ago, that today she would remove his chastity tube.  He knew that it was going to be done under her terms, which meant being humiliated and or being punished in some way.  He also knew, deep down, that his little sissy clit would most likely be locked up afterwards.  However, he also remained hopeful, that if he just behaved himself, obeyed his mommy like a good sissy should¦ that maybe just maybe, she would start being nicer to her sissy baby, but most of all he would be allowed to cum! He was dying to cum!!
Rachel, who Sissy now called Mommy, smiled and almost skipped in pure joy as she walked into the bathroom. At first, when she first discovered Erics strange fetish, she was disgusted and very upset.  She knew he was going through her panties, she even suspected he was jerking off in her dirty ones.  Thinking she wouldnt notice.  Then she had a friend hack into her roommates computer and what she found shocked her even more.  However, within no time, she was masturbating while reading all of Erics sissy files.  Endless stories and pictures of men/boys being forced become little sissys and sissy babies. That is when she put her plan together, to give Eric the life he always dreamed of and give herself a little sissy baby toy, she could make suffer.  Today! Today represented a year of success to that plan. She had done it!  She smiled to herself as she started the bath.    
Okay Sissy, lets get you into the bath, we have a big day ahead of us, hands up! She ordered casually.  Sissy obeyed without hesitation, allowing his mommy to pull off his night gown, leaving him in just his pink plastic ruffled panties and his very full wet and messy diaper underneath. He kept his eyes lowered as he had be taught.  He noticed his budding breasts where getting bigger still, his sensitive small pink nipple hard as ice cubes.  His mommy added his special sissy bubble bath and a pink soapy foam filled the tub. He shuttered slightly, as he remembered when she explained how the bubble bath had hair remover added and other chemicals to give him soft silky smooth skin.  She put his now much longer hair into a protective shower cap and helped him into the tub.

             As she gave her sissy baby a bath, she noticed how much more he was behaving.  Not that he had been a handful in a while.  He had become much more obedient the last few months.  Maybe it was the hormones, maybe it was the daily spankings, maybe it was his punishments for even the slightest infractions(some real some just made up by her). Or it was his enforced chastity.  It didnt really matter¦what mattered was his growing acceptance of his life.  She giggled to herself¦ it made her own loins tingle.  He was beginning to really accept that his only role in life was to suffer the humiliations and punishments that pleased her. She loved to see him suffer¦ the mind game she was playing with him today was no different.
Oh it seems someones little balls are swollen and full. She remarked teasingly as she scrubbed his balls. Erica whimpered and groaned behind his pacifier, which only made Rachel smile even more.  It was made her laugh to think about how much the little pervert would masturbate before all this. She laughed hysterically when she made him first tell her, his embarrassing hobby.  The poor sissy went from jerking off 5 times day to getting an orgasm-less prostate milking once a month.  She couldnt imagine going a week with at least one mind blowing orgasm. The fact that sissy had gone the last year without one¦well that only made her pussy tingle even more.

     After the bath was completely, she gave the sissy his daily enema.  But unlike normal, he was allowed to expel the enema into his baby style potty trainer.  She always loved how embarrassed he got when she made him do this.  But she did remind him that if it wasnt his birthday, he would have had a large super absorbent tampon put into his sissy hole, until he expelled his enema into his diaper.  But today was special and she wanted his diaper to remain clean (there was little chance it was going to stay dry) for his party.  After he expelled his enema and after he dumped his little potty into the adult toilet.  She put his large pink butt plug deep inside his sissy hole.  She again reminded him how nice a mommy she was, she used regular lube on his plug, she could have used itching powder or hot sauce.   

     Fhank ou mommy Sissy lisped behind his pacifier cock gag. She again, made note on how well he was behaving.              Well you ready for your first present of the day!? She asked in excitement as she grabbed his hand and led him out of the bathroom.  

      Sissy Erica, gripped his mommies hand tightly. He was never sure which was more embarrassing.  Being made to crawl behind her, or hold her hand and walk, especially when he was completely naked (save for his chastity device and butt plug).  That and he was still dealing with thanking her for being nice and using regular lube on the plug that filled his rear. For course he was also excited that she wanted his diapers to stay clean as long as possible. Normally a tampon would be used to plug his rear and hold his enema in. That in no time he would be struggling to poop out the tampon and soil his diaper, then he would remain in messy diapers most of the day. The growing anticipation of being allowed to masturbate later, began to grow.  He knew it would most likely still be embarrassing but it was an ordeal he would be more than willing to endure.             
First things first She said as she patted the changing table with her hand We dont need you making a mess. She giggled.  It wasnt that she was worried about his bladder control either. As Erica climbed up he felt little drops of pre-cum dripping onto his thighs. It seemed like there was an endless amount of pre-cum just seeping out of his caged sissy clit.     
He knew his mommy was in great mood today, when she did one of her slow, teasing diaper changes.  Like all things these days, this was a love/hate relationships. Having her bend over (giving him a view of her cleavage down her shirt), slowly tickling his chest, playing with his budding breasts, always erect and sensitive nipples. She smiled as he tremble and the amount of pre-cum seeping out of him increased.  That is when she pulled up the double thick cloth diapers, pinning them in place.   
Oh you are just going to love your first present Sissy!! She exclaimed happily as she patted his diapered crotch, sending shock waves throughout his body.  She then pulled him up off the changing table, making him stand.  He stood, wearing nothing but his diaper and sucking on his pacifier. He watched as she nearly skipped over to first the dresser, pulling out a pair of white, with pink lacy frills rubber panties. She held them up so he could see that on the front/crotch , embroider in pink, was the word Sissy.  
I got you a whole new dress! A Party outfit!! She said in pure excitement. Erica, just stood there, trembling, sucking on his pacifier¦enduring his rollercoaster.  
Erica could tell that his Mommy has spent some serious time and money on this outfit.  He already had plenty of sissy dresses and outfits already, but none like this. First came the rubber panties, that matched the entire dress.  Then came the thigh high stockings(the garters would come later). Then came the first layer of white petticoats, then the second. This of course all occurred in front of a couple mirrors, so he could always watch. He could already see the petticoats were short and firm enough to ensure his plastic panties would always be on full display. However, dressing her Sissy was always his Mommies favorite activity and this time was no different. She was beaming with excitement and enjoyment. So Erica, yet again and the new normal, was enduring his rollercoaster of feelings.  Yet seeing his tormentor so happy, sent waves of arousal he had not felt in sometime, as he felt the pinch of his chastity tube, that made his knees weak.  
Oh I think someone really is enjoying her dress so far! She exclaimed, not in anger, but in pure happiness, like mother would be at her little girl. Had he dared look up at her face, he would have noticed a giant smile¦ that faded into eyes of suspicion. She had been pleased she had not seen the whole painful erection reaction is a couple months.  However, she quickly shook those thoughts¦ it was time for the hair and makeup!    

     Rachel had him sit on a small stool, so she could easily brush his hair. Sissy groaned slightly as he sat, which seemed the plug was being pushed further inside him.  He looked at the mirror in front of him, while his mommy started to brush his shoulder length hair.
I think it is almost time to dye your hair again¦ She said casually as she gently stroked his hair back Although maybe we can get you a perm or some nice little ringlets, Wouldnt that be nice humm?  
Yeth mummy he replied weakly and knew he didnt sound excited enough when his mommys hair brushing became a little rougher.   
     Well maybe next week¦ how should we do your hair for your special day, huh? his mommys excitement and weirdly suspicious happiness returning. Should we do a single ponytail and one large bow¦ or maybe two cute little pigtails and two bows? She asked as if she would be asking any normal little girl. Sissy knew the choice was his and he had better be excited about it.

Pig-ales pwease mummy He replied which he did in fact like the way he looked in pigtails, not to mention when his mommy wanted to use a single bow, it was usually obnoxiously oversized.
Oh good choice, Sissy! You always look so cute in pigtails! His mommy remarked happily as she started to brush his hair into two separate pigtails on either side of his head. Once she was done with that she tied large (but not overly so) pink ribbons to each pigtail.  She then applied some light blush to his cheeks and then some pink lip gloss to his lips.
Oh my god Sissy! You look absolutely adorable!! She almost screamed in excitement.  There in the mirror Sissy got to look at his birthday party dress and indeed it, he was the picture perfect image of a sissy baby. He could feel his sissy clity stir in its cage, his cheeks turned even more red to the point he wondered if blush was even necessary.   
Alright¦ now lets go put you in your playpen, so I can get ready. By then people should be arriving for your party!  Arent you excited!?   
Oh Yeth Mommy!! Fank you!! Sissy exclaimed and tried to be excited as he could. He wondered who was coming and what the party would bring.  Once again, he tried not to think about it, for the first time in a long time he felt the pinch of his chastity cage. His diapers growing slick from pre-cum. The gently tickling of his ruffles and petticoats only seemed to make things worse.  He stood for a moment...in a short white with pink lace trim and ruffles, baby dress, complete with pink garters, white stockings.  The petticoats made the dress even shorter that his diapered and the white with pink ruffled plastic panties were on full view.  Once again his felt the pinch of his chastity cage as he sucked on his pacifier and the day was only half over.

*stay tuned for more chapters...feedback and comments are always welcome.
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Hope you continue this
I'd like to see the story continue, too.
- Sissy Desiree

Like all the others that have commented i hope you continue it too.  The timing of  this story is almost perfect, as it my bday next week and outside of my bday spanks i can  hardly wait to see what my mommy bought me
krystala's sissy baby
   Thanks everyone!! (hehehe) first time posting anything here, but have been a member for a while... bit on the shy side.  I am super happy you liked the story though! I have chapter 2 partially written, but I am a bit unsure about a couple parts.  For one, I am not sure if I have made my "dommie mommy" too harsh or not.  I would love some feed back... is it to on the "harsh"/forced side of things.  Is my "dommie mommy" too mean? not mean enough? or just right? 
Anyway... I am glad you like the story so far, hopefully you'll love the next chapter. 

Sissy Michelle

Ps- I would love to hear some great Sissy Birthday gift ideas!
No don't think your Domme Mommy to harsh. Babies r to get baby toys, but if baby is to learn adult things and Mommy doesn't want messy nappies from poo  poo well you know what has to go in.
As for being a sissy you know what has to be locked up.
Please hurry up with the next chapter.
krystala's sissy baby
Fank u for continuing the stowy.  I bet thithy wooks adorable in her new dweth.
me waiting for more of tis thowy pweath
krystala's sissy baby
I love the story so far. You asked if his Mommy was to harsh, well my thoughts are this:  I do think a whole year in chastity is a bit long, one to three months would be cruel enough.  Messy diapers from daily enemas is also quite mean. One or two a week maybe, but if his Dommy-Mommy doesn't mind the small, who am I to say. Spanking for bad behavior is fine, but for imagined infractions? Well I do not think it is fair. Sure set a task that he will fail at is fine, but to punish without a real reason is a bit harsh. There is a big difference between being punished out of love to teach and just being the victim of a sadist.
 I only said those things because you did ask. Otherwise I do like the story.
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