Science fiction- a quiet backwater is infiltrated by sissies from another world, bent on conquering earth
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  It all began in the sleepy English village of Sisswick, when late one hot sultry evening, the four girls who had left college  for the last time that very day, became over exuberant in their celebrations.
  So overjoyed were they in their new found freedom, each having dyed her hair a lurid shade of mauve or purple, that they went on the rampage round the small village.
  Their unused hair dye was sprayed on the huge tree trunk that dominated the green, the tree was carved with the date, and the award winning grass was covered with their ripped up school uniforms, on which their naked bodies had urinated heavily.
  Having disconnected the speed regulator from the children's roundabout, they sped around ever faster to lurid screams. Dizzily they embraced each other and climbed screaming and shouting over the children's swings.
  Awoken from peaceful slumber, the other inhabitants of Swisswick marched to the green to discover whirling up and down on the two creaking swings, these wild girls in each others laps urging their swings to "fly over the top."
  Risking life and limb, the father of twins Eileen and Amy grabbed the chains of the swing and arrested his daughters' debauched progress. As for the other, Alice's father took hold of his daughter's swing and stopped the flying swing from quite revolving through three hundred and sixty degrees. Alice's partner, the petite Sandy threw up.
  The ensuing silence was deafening, as the four stood up  sheepishly. The twins were escorted, hanging their heads in shame, in charge of their mother and father.
  Sandy was taken away embarrassed by her widowed mother.
Alice's mum,  scolding her daughter, removed her from the scene of embarrassment. It was a moot question who was the most red faced.
  That left the few remaining inhabitants to survey the shameful scene. Alice's father was apologizing to Lord and Lady Sisswick, the oldest members of the community, while sadly attempting to tidy up was the priest who had guided the young girls, so badly as it now appeared, during their formative years.
It was the Rev Sharon Smith who came up with the idea that met every adults' approval next morning. The girls stood on the verge of adulthood. Yet like wicked young ladettes they had behaved. His Lordship, who owned the whole village, should administer a public caning for each one of them. And so it was agreed by all, except of course the girls, who had no say in the matter.

  That evening, as though the dark were hiding their shame, the four girls were paraded on to the scene of their crime, the green, where a bench had thoughtfully been upturned for them to bend across.
  As the oldest, Eileen was first. She would have protested and refused, but her parents had threatened her with dire sanctions if she did not comply.
  With her three friends watching, she was bent over. Her mother lifted her dress to expose her thin pantie. Whack!
  Lord Sisswick was not an unkind man, but he had been brought up in the old school, and knew how to wield his cane. He was lord of his little kingdom, and had the right to evict his tenants if the mood so took him. Whether he would have done this tonight, if he had met resistance, no-one was sure.
  Poor Eileen wriggled as the stick pounded her backside. The other girls shivered in anticipation of their own pain.
  Whack! A second strike nearly caused Eileen to cry out. She had not recovered from the soreness of the previous beating, and her backside stung as though attacked by a nest of wasps.
  That was it, for Lord Sisswick was not a vindictive man. He knew the point had been well driven home.
  Amy, with some trepidation, bent over. Two fierce cracks and she was resolved never to earn or deserve such punishment again.
  Then came Alice, much more cocksure. She stared at his lordship before she submitted to the bench, as if to dare him, or maybe to threaten him if he was too severe. At all events, her parents were unsure, unlike the twins', whether she had really learned her lesson after her caning. After the two strokes, she stood up, and glared around in defiance.
  Finally it was Sandy's turn. She was the opposite of her friend, who always dominated her. She hesitated to bend over, clearly frightened of the upcoming pain.
   Her widowed mother gently attempted to bend her into position, but the girl was shaking and scared. Sensing the scene was become absurd, Lord Sisswick pointed abruptly to the bench, demanding instant obedience. As the girl procrastinated, the cane came down, equally painfully on Sandy's mum as on the offender.
   'Twas then that it happened.
   A bright flash illumined the green where the girls stood, an eerie light was riven along the ground circling round them, like some divine judgement, the twin's mother observed later. Then all was dark again.
   "That's it," declared His dazed Lordship, and he and Her Ladyship turned and left for their large manor by the far corner of the green.
  The stunned twins were led away, as was Alice, while Sandy and her widowed mother hobbled towards their smaller home on the far side of the green. Only Rev Sharon was left standing reflectively, bemused by the other worldly experience that had gone almost as soon as it had come.

  It was only next morning that the significance of that evening's strange happening dawned.
  When Sandy awakened, she was immediately conscious of an aching in her stomach region. But even more overpowering was an inexplicable craving. The desire, no the insistence from her body, that she wear a pink frilly dress. She knew exactly what she wanted to be enwrapped in, one of the satin sissy babydoll dresses that her mother sold on the net. To make ends meet, she had developed a successful business, selling sissy accessories which she made up herself from her own designs. Recently Sandy had helped occasionally, though until now, never shown the slightest inclination to wear such "sissy nonsense," as she called it, herself. Now however she craved only one thing, to be a sweet sissy girlie.
  Her widowed mother promised to get some tablet to try and ease her stomach cramps, and dutifully fetched the finest satin dress for her only daughter.

  "Mmm, that feels better, mummy!" sighed Sandy, "only I wish this pain would go away!"
  Her mother comforted her, then having settled her in her bed, told her to try and sleep it off.
  The widow herself had to start on her daily orders for dresses, panties and nappies, but first went to consult the priest.
  This might seem odd, but in truth Rev Sharon was a wise young lady in her thirties, who had trained as a doctor before taking holy orders. She had been appointed by His Lordship and had become not merely spiritual adviser, but unofficial medical helper and pharmacist. In her little vicarage next the church on the green, she also acted as an official village shop, though all four families and herself always had their food goods and main shopping delivered via the net.

  "Morning, Rev Sharon," was the widow's greeting. Everyone always called her that. "Sandy's not feeling right after that caning."
  "Are you ok?"
  "Oh yes, thanks," the widow rubbed her backside reflectively, "but Sandy's stomach is upset, maybe thru all the worry, have you got something.... oh morning, Jean!"
  Alice's mother had just entered, and looked surprised.
  "Be your girl down with a tummy pain too?" she queried.
  It turned out both girls had the same complaint, and Rev Sharon gave them both a strong laxative. But then changed her mind when hearing Jean's next remark to the widow.
  "I was on my way to see you next. You see, Alice is asking, demanding in fact, that I get her one of those pretty sissy dresses you sell."
  "Why, that's odd," exclaimed the widow, "my Sandy insisted on wearing a pink frilly dress today, and she's never done that before!"
  "Yes, Alice said hers had to be pink! What an odd coincidence!"
  "Would you like me to see your daughters?" suggested Rev Sharon, "I think we'd better diagnose exactly why they both have stomach cramps."
   The two mothers were more than happy for the priest to check their children out. So Jean made for Sisswick Manor, where she performed cleaning and cooking duties, while the widow went to look out a ready made dress in Alice's size.

   Rev Sharon was already examining the sickly Alice, when the widow came in holding a lovely light pink dress. Immediately Alice perked up and the priest stood aside, so that the widow could gently lift the dress over the patient's grateful head. She beamed as her pantie was pulled up, and when a pretty pink bonnet and bootees were added she was radiant. Then she grimaced, as her body was reminded of the pain she was in.
   With a puzzled expression, Rev Sharon had left while this was going on, to see her other patient. Having done that, she bumped into the widow on the green, as the widow was returning to see how her own child was faring.
   "How's Sandy?" the anxious widow asked immediately.
   "Well, I was coming to tell you," said Rev Sharon lowering her voice, ".... she's pregnant!"
   The widow staggered, and Rev Sharon held her arm. "So is Alice, so I must go and inform Jean. Will you be all right?"
   The widow muttered incomprehensibly and walked in a daze back to her Sandy.

  The girl was very definite she had had no sex, so was mystified when her mother informed her of what Rev Sharon had told her.
Between them, they decided that the priest had got it wrong for once.
  But in that they were in error.
  That morning of revelations ended with news that the twins were expecting, and please could two beautiful pink sissy dresses be made for them as soon as possible?
  As she labored over her sewing machine, the widow tried to convince herself that it was all a mistake, but the swelling in her daughter's stomach area convinced her not to deceive herself any longer. She resolved to start making a few baby outfits as soon as she had completed her current assignments.

  The afternoon had the village in a frenzy of gossip. How had they all become pregnant? Or rather who had done it? The twin's dad, and Alice's father speculated as they worked on His Lordship's land. The women worried the theme to the death in Rev Sharon's office. She wisely left the three mothers to it, and sought the wisdom of the senior inhabitants. But His Lordship and Her Ladyship confessed that it was all outside their experiences.
  The women were agreed that the girls be forced to tell the truth and when the man responsible was exposed, whoever he be, he must be expelled from the village. But then it was pointed out that it might well have happened before they stopped going to college. Each mother strode purposefully to their home to elicit the truth from their daughters.

  The widow was hard on Sandy. Unless she told the truth, she would be expelled from the village. In tears Sandy repeated her story, and that night the whole village, aside from the girls, met in the church to pray for wisdom, and to decide what to do. For each girl had denied having any sex, vehemently, and Alice even boasted she would swear as much on the bible. The meeting could agree on no course of action, except that the father, or fathers, must be found, and more.

  Sandy awoke her mother next morning complaining her pains were worse. Her anxious mother consoled Sandy, and observed that her 'bump' had grown surprisingly large overnight.
  "She looks as though she were over a month gone," she informed Rev Sharon, who, when she came to look Sandy over, could only concur.
  Indeed, Alice was similarly advanced. So were Eileen and Amy. The whole village were distracted in their tasks, more so when the extraordinary facts developed day by day.
  After a week, it was evident all the girls were in an advanced stage of pregnancy, they each looked at least seven months gone. Yet they looked so charmingly pretty in sissy dresses, new sissy maternity style, as designed by the widow.
  Talk had veered away from finding the father. All were agreed it must be related to that strange night light that enveloped them on the green. But that was no answer, except it was a relief to the girls to know their assertion they had had no sex was believed. But they were equally puzzled and scared as to the rapid transformation their bodies were undergoing. Rev Sharon had called in a doctor, who had merely confirmed the medical facts. The villagers decided they didn't want any publicity, and it was agreed that the babies should be born here in Sisswick.
  It was nine days, rather than nine months, that all four sissy sweethearts, in their pink babydoll maternity dresses, had come full term.
  As the pregnancy had been miraculously fast, so with the birth. One minute Sandy was helping her mum knit some baby dresses, the next she was writhing on the floor as her child pushed its way into the tiny world of Sisswick, a beautiful blonde baby girl.
  That very day, the village was echoing to baby cries. A blonde baby girl each for the twins. And one baby boy, blonde hair too, for Alice.
 While the grandparents were fairly happy, the mothers were ecstatic, spending their every waking minute breast feeding, satisfying the voracious appetites of their offspring. How sweet the babies looked in their little baby outfits hand knitted by the widow! Mothers all insisted they be made in pink with lots of sissy frills- even Alice's boy, much to everyone's shock. They all looked so alike, though the boy could be distinguished- by a red bow in his hair, instead of a pink one!

  Their maternal bliss, like a honeymoon, was soon ended. For next day the babies had grown beyond measure.
  Cradling her baby, Sandy found that when she awoke, the pretty baby clothes had all burst their seams. It wasn't that her widowed mother had sewn them badly, it was simply that her baby had grown!
  The accelerated pregnancy had not been the only shock, for now each baby grew at a rate that challenged the widow's skills in making enough baby clothes. Soon she realized that it was best to err by making a large size. Even so, each baby had need of a new outfit each day.
  It was clear that the babies were growing physically far in excess of their actual ages. Rev Sharon reckoned that if in the womb they had put on a month in a day, now they were growing as near to a year in a day.

  After a week the exhausted mothers, and exhausted families took stock.
  Though physically the four blonde children were running happily around, "like seven year olds," as the widow described it, looking very sissy in their sweet pink satin dresses, in other ways they were not keeping up with this physical growth.
  For example, though their bodies were strong, their teeth had not yet grown. They still drank their mothers' milk, studiously refusing to drink from a bottle, or indeed eat any solids.
  They all wore nappies and none spoke at all, though when they were together they appeared to have some way of communicating with each other. Moreover they understood their parents' words, and Alice's boy was proficient with the computer.
  The families had pondered what to do about schooling. Reluctant over publicity, it had been agreed that since their births had only recently been registered, technically they were only a week old, so the multi talented Rev Sharon attempted some home grown tuition.
  They learned well.

 The children had now matured in some physical ways. It had been almost four weeks since that extraordinary evening, and now the newcomers were, in Rev Sharon's words, looking like older teenagers, eighteen days old, so eighteen years. But they still wore nappies, they still didn't speak, and when visitors like delivery men came, they were secreted away, for the truth was they looked highly unusual.  Most embarrassing of all, once, one postman had caught sight of Alice feeding her large boy!
   The children's looks bore no relationship to their mothers or indeed grandparents. They all had long blonde hair, and all, even the boy, wore these sissy pink clothes with flounces, over the top frills with bright red hems. Their mothers wanted them to look thus, and they wanted it. It almost seemed as though they were ordering their mothers about. 
  Uppermost in grandparents' minds was how was it all going to end? Would the children keep growing? Would they ever stop wearing nappies? Hundreds of unanswered questions.

  Each summer evening, the four would play on the village green. It was safe enough, for the one road into Sisswick was closed at 6pm, and only those with keys could get in or out.
  Next evening, with the full moon peeping from behind the clouds, you could see four locks of blonde hair waving as they chased  each other innocently round the green.
  Sandy was replenishing her breasts, as she did four times daily, by consuming another pint of milk. She was tired, and was idly watching her girl excitedly dancing on the green.
  The four children were tinkering with the roundabout, and to her dismay, Sandy saw it whirling round at a ferocious speed.
She called to her own mother, busy with creating ever more pink dresses, and they were overwhelmed with that awful sense of deja vu. True, the children weren't undressed, but when they spun dizzily off the roundabout and sat in pairs on the swings, Sandy and the widow dashed out to the pretty village green.
  In the gathering dusk, they ran towards the swings shouting to stop the sissy children, to save them from they knew not what. The noise attracted the other families and Rev Sharon tried seizing the swings, only to get hit. She fell unconscious to the ground, but had broken the momentum, or the swings would certainly have turned full circle.
    A bright flash suddenly illumined the green around the swings, a familiar eerie light circled around them, the scene as bright as day. Then a small bang and it was as though a light had been switched off, the deepening darkness shrouded them all. There were some cries of happiness, which broke the sinister silence.
   A sense of foreboding filled the hearts of the older folk, as they took the hands of their youngsters and led them home.

  The four blonde pretty children, now dubbed The Supernaturals, were gathered in a dusty old room in Sisswick Manor next morning.
  Their mothers had brought them on orders of the rest of the village, who had held an impromptu emergency meeting, in anticipation of what they feared.
  Their deepest expectations had been already confirmed.
  The three girl Supernaturals were exhibiting the expected signs, that Rev Sharon confirmed. They were pregnant. The mass impregnation had also included the twins, Alice and Sandy again, and there was one unexpected shock, for the one who was diagnosing their condition had to declare that she herself was in the same state as they. Hence eight new babies would be filling the village, and the problem of accommodation had already been solved by His Lordship, who had opened up two of his rooms.
  It had been intended that Alice's boy should have one, and the three girls share the other, but by signs and stamping, the boy made clear he wanted the Supernaturals to be together. As he looked in every way like the girls, except for his red bow and that he were not pregnant of course, Lord Sisswick proposed they had better not make an issue of the matter.
  Instead Eileen and Amy, Alice and Sandy decided to use the other room. Their own pregnant babies still demanded feeding, and Her Ladyship was overjoyed to find her home being used for such maternal purposes.

  Sisswick Manor blossomed with the sights of frilly dresses whirling all over its dusty recesses, the sounds of girlish giggling and happy expectation of the crying of yet more babies.
  Lord and Lady Sisswick soon enthusiastically joined in by wearing sissy dresses themselves, as supplied by Sandy's widowed mother. But the other grandparents shook their heads sadly and wondered where it was all leading.
  In her vicarage, Rev Sharon adopted a more philosophical approach. She had experienced that same craving to be embraced by all things sissy, and encouraged by His Sissy Lordship, had taken to wearing a pink cassock that the widow had designed- she looked so pretty as she chanted her daily prayers in church. But she was thinking hard, puzzling what it all meant. She could come up with no answers, and could only decide to commit her future, and the village's into the hands of God.

  At the due time, the village was once more filled with baby gurglings.
On the first evening, Eileen, Amy, and Sandy took their children and grandchildren to play on the green. Alice, with her new baby, joined them and they chatted away while the Supernaturals huddled together, their babies crawling over the grass. The four mothers were exhausted, that was their main drift of their discussion.
  As the evening breeze rustled gently thru their ruffled dresses, they debated what they could do. Alice took the lead, though she was, you might say least affected. For the twins now each had two demanding youngsters to breastfeed and change, for The Supernaturals themselves could produce no milk. Sandy was the most worried of all, for her daughter had borne another daughter, and she too had had a girl! Suppose, dare they suppose it might happen again?
  The others had all had boys, so there were five new baby boys, and Sandy's two girls. As for Rev Sharon, there was a mystery, for her child appeared neither male nor female. The Thing the other villagers called it, though not in the vicar's hearing. She was desperate to ask for professional advice, but everyone else, scared almost to know the truth and face the world, persuaded her not to do so. If they could have seen what The Supernaturals were doing at that very moment, they might have decided otherwise.

  The latest shock came a few weeks later. The full moon was lighting the dusky green that evening, and there was a sense of fear among the old villagers, and excitement among the new set of blonde inhabitants that had taken over the manor.
  The shock was the arrival of seven prefabricated buildings, delivered by a fleet of enormous trucks. What was most striking was that all the buildings were painted in pink, pale pink walls, bright dark pink doors and window frames.
  Was it some mistake? No, they had been ordered and paid for.
  Who and how, the villagers asked.
  They received no answer from the truck drivers, since they were the Supernatural Boys! But an answer came from Rev Sharon- she had hit on a website about the Supernaturals, with pictures of their 'family,' and an appeal for cash donations in return for further photos. The whereabouts of them was carefully concealed, but the peculiar sissy pinkness had attracted Rev Sharon's attention. Most revealing of all was the statement that the money raised would be used to build sissy homes, from where more photos were promised to all donors.
  The homes were arranged around two edges on the actual green.
  The full moon illuminated the village green as dusk fell. Some idea of locking The Supernaturals in the manor house was thwarted when they escaped via windows.
The six boys and five girls, and The Thing, all in resplendent new pink outfits, to the intense despair of the villagers, held hands on the green and were singing incomprehensible words, as they were observed with trepidation by the others. From the manor house, in their best sissy dresses, Lord and Lady Sisswick gazed on, more in envy than anything.
From their cottages, the family of the twins, Alice's family, and Sandy and her widowed mother watched more fearfully. And from the vicarage, Rev Sharon, in an attitude of prayer, was wondering whether she should go out there and intervene.

  The chanting grew louder, though no more comprehensible. The twelve in a circle spun round as fast as the roundabout had ever moved. All were skipping and dancing frenetically when a streak of lightning shot around the green, for a moment giving off an intense light that made you shield your eyes. Then a chain reaction set off encircling the three cottages, a bang, and then the brightness ceased, and everything was back to being bathed in the full moon under the cloudless sky.
 There was no need to say more. The circle disbanded, but the onlookers saw that some went to the new pink prefabs, while five returned to the manor house. It was only next day that they realized these were the five girls.
  There was no surprise in finding all these were pregnant as well as the fatigued twins, Alice and Sandy, whose sole function might seem to have been to provide nourishment for the growing family of Supernaturals. 
  "We can't go on," complained Sandy to her widowed mother. She was already changing and breastfeeding three girls, and was by far the worst off, The others had all had boys, and though they required feeding, the twins, as well as Alice, had the consolation of knowing that they had no new daughters who could add to the growing population explosion.

  All the old villagers, except for His Lordship and Her Ladyship were agreed on the need to call in outside help. However since the whole village was owned by His Lordship, the difficulty was that he could refuse access to any unauthorized persons. They debated trying to get Her Ladyship caught in The Light, as it was called, but then it was pointed out that only women of childbearing age appeared to come under the dreaded influence of The Light.
  It was then that Rev Sharon noted a curious fact.
The first time the phenomenon  had occurred, three girls resulted, as well as one boy. Then she observed that the second time it was only two girls, and five boys, and The Thing, last time only one girl and eight boys, with The Thing apparently not affected.  Should it happen again, she concluded, and that was most probable, maybe there would be no girls born, and that would at least be a positive event.
  Villagers agreed to try and win over His Lordship. But his wife was too happily busying herself with cleaning nappies and helping the expectant mothers in her house to be bothered with such worries. And if his wife was happy, so was His Lordship, swaying round his manor in the frilliest sissy dresses the widow could make for him.

  Nine days later Her Ladyship was even more fully occupied, helping the mothers with their new babies who were immediately wrapped in some of the beautiful sissy clothing that their mothers had worn only a month previously.
  Rev Sharon was right in one respect, for all ten babies had been boys, for which Sandy was most grateful.
  The green was filled with babies and sissies cavorting in the summer sun, though it was to be noted that they were all The Supernaturals, who were becoming more and more of a group, only 'using' the twins, Alice and Sandy as feeding machines. All The Boy Supernaturals now slept in the pretty pink prefabs on the green, only going to the manor for their feeding and changing. The amazing thing was, that once the Supernaturals reached maturity, they had stopped aging in any way!

  In a clandestine meeting in the church, Alice's dad proposed the four stopped offering breast milk, but despite their weakened state, the girls could not agree to deny their own children and grandchildren. It was so difficult to come to any agreement! But one thing was endorsed by all the village, what to do when full moon came.

 The early evening of the full moon saw the four village girls, in their best pink sissy dresses, being driven by Alice's dad in His Lordship's car to "go to a dance."  It seemed like the obvious solution, to have them miles away. Alice's dad also had some recent photos which he intended, with the others villager's permission, except for His Lordship's, to show to police.
  The green was being decked in a mass of pink garlands by The Supernaturals, and speculation was rife as to what it meant. The car didn't wait to find out.
  Half a mile from the village they reached the locked gate that marked the edge of the Sisswick estate. They were surprised to see a new little edifice near the gate, in pink of course.
The travelers found the lock had been changed and they were prisoners.
  One thing to do, hitch up those sissy dresses and jump over the gate and run! But from the new building emerged The Thing, which stopped Sandy and Alice, who had one leg over the gate.
  For sure it had superhuman power, for when Alice's dad attempted to intervene, he was felled with a powerful punch.
  The twins cowered before its power, and Alice and Sandy were too stunned to do anything. The Thing pointed for them to go to its little sentry post.
  Here it pressed a buzzer as they waited anxiously.
  In a minute, two of The Supernaturals drove up in a pink jeep they had never seen before and made the four get in. One drove them back to the village. The other picked up Alice's dad and dumped him in His Lordship's vehicle.

  An hour later, in the twilight, the green certainly looked a treat, with pink garlands strewn from tree to tree, each of the tree trunks painted pink, and a mass of artificial pink flowers dotted around the green.
  Into this attractive scene, the four girls were introduced and made to sit on the swings, in a scene chillingly reminiscent of months ago. They felt like ritualistic sacrifices in some prehistoric nightmare. A Supernatural pushed them, Sandy in Alice's lap, their sissy pink dresses riding up as they rose higher in the night air. On the other swing sat the twins. As they were swung ever faster and higher, all the Supernaturals emerged from their homes- 24 Boy Supernaturals in their pink sissy dresses and red bows, interspersed with the ten girl Supernaturals, and also completing the large circle was The Thing, as they danced round the swinging swings.

  Watching from their homes were the villagers. Except for Alice's dad who had been dumped on the doorstep in a new sissy dress, which he refused to remove, claiming he was now "one of them."
 Higher and higher rose the swings.
 With a mighty push, the screaming girls found themselves turned 180 degrees from the green. Then it happened. Lightning flashed over the whole ground, with a much more ferocious thunderclap than heretofore.  It was only for a split second that the whiteness flooded the scene, then all was pitch black.
  A crash announced the swings had returned terrifyingly to the ground. The sissy girls were screaming, it was one final step too far for them. Heedless of danger, their mothers dashed out of their houses, but were repelled by a wall of Supernaturals.
  No villager knew what happened after that, except that His Lordship and Her Ladyship were ejected from their manor and had to seek refuge in the vicarage. Some of The Supernaturals had taken over the manor house, painting the exterior pink.
  Rev Sharon summoned the villagers. They knew nothing of why the four girls had returned, but from the state of Alice's dad, they could guess. They discovered early that their phones were blocked and internet connection was not working.
  After a long night's arguing, they decided on their course of action. However events were soon to overtake them.
  Phase One. Lord Sisswick was to infiltrate. As an old military man, he was in his element. In his best sissy dress next morn, he skipped his way to his old home and sweetly asked if he could join the group. No response, well not positive, instead one Supernatural pushed him forcefully over. When he came to, he returned to the others but in the same dazed state like Alice's dad, who was lying uselessly in his bed at home. Her Ladyship tucked in her unfortunate husband, and gave him a baby bottle to suck, it was all he wanted.
 Phase Two. The twin's dad, the last remaining man, would sneak away, avoiding the road, and traveling crosscountry, inform the authorities. Everyone wished him luck.
 He had only recently crept away when the village green sprang to life. Rev Sharon, Her Ladyship, the twin's mother, Alice's mother Jean, and the widow gazed in trepidation as a parade of Supernaturals emerged from the manor house. Among the long line were the twins, Alice and Sandy, and the extraordinary thing was, they all looked full term.
 "Impossible," muttered Rev Sharon, and yet seeing was believing.
  The six Supernatural girls, with their pink ribbons, lay on the green grass, and a couple of the Boy Supernaturals indicated the four girls lay there next to them.
  In seconds the first babies were emerging, in no time ten were kicking their little legs in the warm air. But then another new shock, another baby emerged, and another, ten more. Each had borne twins!
  From the vicarage, the elderly mothers dashed, only Rev Sharon looked on and pondered and prayed.
  On this occasion they were not repelled, but allowed to comfort their weary daughters.
  But minutes later they were ordered off, as the parade, now with twenty additional members returned to the manor house.
  The despondent mothers returned to Rev Sharon with the news that there were twenty new baby girls.

  Thirty prospective mothers! And by the look of things, more would be following. During the day seven more pink prefabs had been erected and even more bunting decorated the green. The roads had been painted pink. The play area with the swings and roundabout were pink. What was gonna happen this night? The air was heavy with a distant storm as the light of the sun began to disappear in the falling dusk. 
  The one hope was the twin's dad. Had he got away? Had his incredible story been believed? As the ominous twilight began to descend, the twenty six Supernatural girls were brought on by the Supernatural Boys.
  The girls formed a large circle around the swings, while the twenty four boys stationed themselves around the edge of the play area.
 Then was seen The Thing, carrying the twins, who were deposited on the swing. They looked exhausted, and had to be strapped in to stop them toppling over. Then The Thing fetched Alice and Sandy, similarly wearied.
 Next The Thing brought out a huge poster, it was strung between two trees. The writing on it was in incomprehensible characters, but, maybe for the benefit of the girls, and those watching petrified in the vicarage, there was a brief legend in English,
  "Planet Sissy Takes Over Earth."

  Now The Thing carried out Alice's dad and threw him on the grass away from the circle. He was dressed all sissy style.
  "If the thirty all have twins again there might be ninety of them!" observed Rev Sharon.
  "But they couldn't possibly feed all of them."
  "They have planned all this. They must have a way."
  "Yeah, they seem to be able to do almost anything."
  "It could mean," cried Rev Sharon, who was adept at numbers, "there'd be about half a million of them in a week, even if they haven't got some other trick to scare us with!"
  "A lot of sewing for you, widow!"
  "We must stop them, whatever the cost," cried Rev Sharon, "We've no option, we must put our faith in our last hope!"
   "You mean Phase 3? It's terribly dangerous!"
  Rev Sharon had been busy that afternoon rigging up an electrical generator that the twin's dad had started work on, before he left. It was ready connected in the church tower to the lightning conductor. She switched it on. The whirring sounded horrendously loud, and several Supernaturals were seen to glance in the direction of the church.
  But they are all preoccupied with their mysterious chanting, the Boys clapping, the Girls dancing clockwise, The Thing pushing the two swings ever higher, a mass of flowing pink dresses.
  The swings are near their zenith now, the terrified girls' eyes closed. Down fall all the Supernatural girls, lying on the grass with legs outstretched.
  Screams from the swings! Maybe Sandy is more scared of another miracle pregnancy, but she is also so petrified of the coming rapid fall to ground.
  This is the time for The Girls to splay their legs up in the air.
  This is the time for Lightning to strike! There's a pregnant second's silence before it flashes down on the green, illuminating the mass of pink dresses.
  But wait, a horrendous crashing noise from the church which is bathed in a white light. All eyes turn on the edifice, the tower crumbles, crashing ancient stones on the roof of the main building, demolishing it into rubble. Only the iron pole of the lightning conductor is left intact, the whirring of the generator suddenly silenced.
 A buzz of voices on the green, which is being bombarded with a cascade of myriad tiny pink parachutes descending from where the top of the church tower had been. They flutter gently, harmlessly, on to branches, some on nearby roofs, some to the ground, which is soon a mass of pink debris.
  Seizing the moment of confusion, Rev Sharon dashes past bewildered Supernaturals, Boys limply standing, Girls crumpled on the ground. The Thing however is alert and she dodges a swipe. It pursues her in its fury as she dashes for the safety of her home.
  That gives the widow the opportunity to brave her way to the swings and unstrap her dazed daughter and her friends.
  With a word of urgency she leads them past the paralyzed Supernaturals to her home.
  Rain is falling heavily as Rev Sharon bolts her door. To no avail. The Thing smashes it with one blow, and in its fury bursts in to the vicarage. Rev Sharon is already out the back door!
  In the darkness The Thing thankfully loses sight of the priest, hiding in the rubble of the wet church.
  Thankfully it has no second sight, and changes course in the increasing vehemence of the storm. Climbing gracelessly up the pole, with the clear intention of breaking its power, the thunderstorm brings forth a driving rain, causing the pink parachutes on the ground to float around in the pools, and the still drying paint on the tree trunks to dribble to the bases forming a pink moat.
  With an almighty crack, lightning, real lightning, rends the sky and crashes down the conductor, white hot. With an otherworldly scream The Thing explodes in a thousand pieces, but distorting the conductor as it breaks into grotesque obsolescence.
 Rev Sharon has joined the others, comforting the four sissy girls. A look of joy is turned to horror as there is another bang and lightning, Supernatural Lightning, illumines the green, bringing the other worldly inhabitants back to life.
 "There'll be another," moans Rev Sharon presciently, "it will impregnate them for sure- and us!"
 The girls shiver, trying to hide from the coming flash, but knowing the futility of doing anything.
 The Boy Supernaturals are all standing to attention, The Girls in their splayed legs position.
 When suddenly there is a burst of machine gun fire as two giant tanks career over the green, flattening the pink parachutes, sending out a spray of pink mud as The Supernaturals are silenced for ever.

 Lightning flashes o'er the pink green as the tank mops up any surviving life among the Supernaturals.
 Rev Sharon greets their saviors.
 It turns out the collapse of the church had been heard far and wide and the army had been alerted to investigate a possible terror threat.
  Intelligence from the website had alerted authorities. The message Planet Sissy Takes Over Earth had initially been taken as the work of crackpots- sissy terrorists taking over, unthinkable!
  But by good fortune the threat had been logged and the danger averted at the eleventh hour.

  Sisswick never returned to utter normality.  The pink roads were left pink, and though the prefabs were removed, His Lordship insisted the exterior of his manor house remain in pink. With the funds from sightseers, the church would soon be rebuilt, and the villagers were unanimous that it should be in pink!
  Eileen and Amy, Alice and Sandy, were never the same again either. They still loved their sissy dresses! And the lightning had struck that evening meant that yet again they were expecting!
  But although they were wearied of it all, they were amazed and delighted when the days passed and it became clear pregnancy was normal, the first ordinary event in Sisswick for many a month.
  As the expecting Rev Sharon told the four, "I think you look really pretty and happy now as pregnant sissies. But I'm sure they could never have turned the whole Earth into sissies."
  Or could they?

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