Sissy Saiyan (PG)
a bit of dragon ball z with some sissy involved
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hello my name is jane im 19 years old - Super sayin sissy.
here is my story. once upon a time there was a guy named Omega Shynron. he was extremely powerfull and none of the saiying could stop him. they tried and tried but all of there moves and attacks did nothing. about 4 years into the batlle i came in . at this time i was just a normal sissy girl. as i watch and watched themg et beat down by this guy i thought, if he is planning on destroying the universe that means, no more mommy, no more daddy, and no more babysitter, this enraged me. i ran over to him and said HEY, u leave those poor guys alone. he looked at me and laughed and said awww poor little girl, whats a matter u wet ur diaper again ? i said, im not in diapers anymore!! he said aww how cute. i knew that i couldnt do anything to him at this time, but i was feeling this weird sensation around my panty area and sson through my whole body. i fell to my knees in pain and agony, then i noticed this Pink flaming like stuff forming around me , and my hair was turning golden. s they all watched, i stodd up and let out a huge scream. the pink flames were all around my body my cloths were melting off . my eyes were turning blue and my ass and tits grew about 2 sizes they were just perfect now.. i felt so powerfull. at this time i said, u leave those guys alone or i will make u leave them alone!! he said, LOL!!!!! little girkl what happend to ur cloths, i think u need a time out, he started feeling his crotch area , and then a red energy ball like thing was forming around his arm he shot it at me i dove out of the way right before it exploded.. then right away out of instink i shot this HUGE Pink rainbowy beam at him, it hit and exploded in his face.. he fell to the ground and said , WOW little girl ur pretty powerfull for a sissy. he got up and ran of to me getting ready to hit me. i side stepped and kneed him in the gut, and elbowed him to the ground, i could see his dick was hard so i teased him by unzipping his zipper and acted like i was gonna jack him off , but instead i grabbed it and swung him around circles and flung him , he went flying right in to a tower and it callapsed down on him. i walked over romved the rubble and said. whos your mommy. he said U ARE u are my mommy just please dont hurt me. i grabbed him by the ear and dragged him back to my house threww him on the couch and said im ur mommy now boy.. i slapped a diaper on him plastic pants and a cute once that saig mommies girl on it.. i dragged him by the ear to the nearest mall were he is now being tortured by all the women that think he is so cute... there taking him to there nursery and now he is going to be babied for all enternity!!!
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~*Christie Luv*~
*giggle* I love it! Yay for sissy power!  
me read tis
 Princess are kind, brave, beautiful and determined they can do or be anything 
even change the world.  

 All girls are princess what you see in the Mirrors doesn't define you.
It doesn’t meter if you weren't born a girl. As long as your one at heart you too
are a princess 

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