XXX Sissy diaper training rules by Aunty
Rules givin by Aunty for training
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sissy diaper training rules giving by Aunty:

1) Always put a diaper on after work until morning 
2) Diapers are to be 24/7 on weekends when you can 
3) sissy must always wear a diaper when buying diapers or pull ups also when buying panties and girl clothes and wet before going in the store or wet in the store
4) Once a week you will make a mess (bananna) in your diaper and watch diaper pooping videos and do cummies in your diaper
5) Pee in your panties/jeans once a week this will remind you that you need diapers
6) sissy will never runs out of diaper, always have at least 1 NEW bag of diaper available unopen
7) when out in public wearing diapers always wear plastic panties in case your diaper leaks
8) sissy is allowed to do sissy cummies ONLY in her diaper or while reading ABDL erotica or ABDL videos or ABDL hypno, that will reminds her that shes just a sissy
9) When in a chat room sissy must always let the room know when she wets her diaper or panties AND when we are talking in private if you pee your diaper Aunty can march me to the main room and you tell everyone you peed in your diaper 
10) Like diapers, sissy has to have sissy wipes, sissy powder and sissy oil, sissy lube available at all time

Please continue the rules I would like to start another thread with diaper bag rules
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Sissy must always have a diaper bag with a few diapers and wipes powder ready for a change when she is diapered  
 the sissy must always have a pacifier and bottle of formula in its diaper bag. this sissy has clear diaper bag, so that there is no hiding the contents.
permanently a sissybaby 
My Emily makes me swear by these rules except 5 and 7. She gets mad when i pee my undies and i dont have plastic pants. Also if i buy diapers in the store i have to be wet and ask for help. I have had 1 time in north carolina where a cvs worker asked to help me in the bathroom. She was very professional despite my hapiness ;-)
a new me teehee
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