XXX The Sissy Baby Trap: Caught With Consequences
Two teenaged boys have a secret, but one of their girlfriends of these two boys, knows about it and a plan is put into place to trap them both with most unexpected consequences.
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The Sissy Baby Trap: Caught

With Consequences



Amy Sadler


© 2015


David was 19 years old, he had short brown hair and blue eyes, he was 5ft 4in tall, he had a slim build and a slightly tanned lie complexion, he was wearing nothing but a pair of Bermuda Swimming Trunks, with white stripes at the top and a blue cord to tie the trunks into place. As it was a hot Summer’s Day, too hot of course to be wearing clothes. He lived with his parents that were quite wealthy and they had bought a big house, even though there was only his parents and him of course.


But the place was perfect to invite his mates around, though his most best mate of all, was a boy called Mike, he was just a year younger than David, but he had the same colour of hair and eyes, he was even the same height as David, the two boys almost looked like brothers, but they were not actually related. Mike was wearing a pair of Red and white stripped Bermuda Swimming Trunks.  David’s parents had gone away for a an Entire weak, to make a special celebration of this, David had invited Mike and his girlfriend to come over to the house and have a party, but only Mike and his girlfriend, not the rest of his mates.


Mike had an older girlfriend, Shelly, she was only one year older than he was, she stood slightly taller than Mike, at 5ft, 6in tall, she had light long blonde hair and hazel brown eyes. Shelly had a Sister that was the same age as her, who, she had decided to invite her to the party, even though she had not asked David if that would be okay. Shelly’s sister was called Jessica, she was the same height as Shelly was. David had a girlfriend too. Her name was Linda, she had slightly Darker blonde hair it was a near almost match to Jessica’s hair, Linda had blue eyes and was 5ft 6in tall too.


This was so amazing for both boys, Linda had decided to bring along her two best girlfriends, Vicky and Lilly, they were twins, but not quite identical twins, but they almost virtually looked like identical twins, both with long reddish hair and blue eyes. They too were the same height as Linda, Shelly and Jessica. Al of them were very sexy looking, both boys began to get a few ideas about having sex with them all, apart from having sex with each other’s girlfriends that is.


“Cripes, it is way too hot, come on everyone lets go out into the front garden. Say Mike, could you help me get out the old sand box? We can have some fun and games with it.” Mike liked the idea. “Yeah, sure.” Everyone all began to leave the house, David went to go and open the garage door. Mike followed him inside, to where at the back there was a big wooden box, it was empty, but there was several sand bags to put sand into it. Between them David took up one end, Mike took the other and they carried it out to where the mail box was.


After putting the heavy wooden box down, the two boys between them filled up the sand box, by the time they had finished filling it up, they were both exhausted. Both David and Mike went into the house to get a couple bottles of bear, to help cool them down and refresh them too. As David popped his head into the fridge/freezer, he looked and he looked. “What? Oh Man!” Remarked David, not sounding too happy. “What’s wrong David?” Asked Mike in concern. “I’m all out of beer’s man. I am going to have to get some more, I will need your help, as I need to get in enough for the party for all of us.”


Mike smiled. “Sure, no problem. I will help you.”

“Thanks Mike. I sure appreciate that.” Replied David, as he left the kitchen, Mike followed him out of the house and back into the front garden. “Girls, I have just ran out of beers and stuff, I’m about to go and get some new supplies, Mike is coming with me, so that I can get more than enough for the party, later on. David had with him a wallet, Mike had not even seem him grab it or where he had grabbed it from. “How are you going to get all of the stuff back here Davey?” Asked Linda, calling David by her affectionate pet name for him.


David blushed slightly. So wishing that she had not called him that in front of everyone. “I will use my old bikes.” Replied David, to which this made Linda smile. “What? Not those bikes, you can’t possibly be serious?” Remarked Mike in alarm. There was only a set of bikes that he knew of that David owned, both were Tricycles, with a small basket at the front and a bigger one at the back that had wheels and had a hook up connector, to connect it up to the back of the Tricycles. There was only one real problem with that.

They were both pink.


The two boys n their youths had stolen a pair of Tricycles, identical to the ones that were in the back of the garage, only they were smaller. Both David’s and Mikes parents had punished the boys, by giving them bigger sized Tricycles of the same colour, but the punishment, that they were to ride them in a local park where they could be seen, dressed like little girls. They had even been forced to wear little girl like panties too. They both vow to each other to forget that fateful day had never happened and to never to reveal that to anyone.


David gave Mike a cold hard stare. “Yes, those bikes, they are the only ones I that have, say nothing and just get on one of the Tricycles and quickly.” David got to both Tricycles and took one out at a time, the girls looked on and began to laugh. “Why, those are girls bikes David, why do you have two of them?”

“Don’t ask.” Replied David in a harsh tone of voice and began to pedal away, Mike followed his example, as they rode off to the sound of the girls giggling with laughter.


It did not take too long for David and Mike to get back with the beer, both baskets, front and back on both Tricycles were both full. David suddenly noticed an empty garden, but one of the girls must have placed about in the sand box, as there was a decent looking sandcastle down one side, that had not been there before, along with a bucket and spade. Mike had noticed this too. “Say… Where did the girls go?” David did not seem surprised that the girls were not there, when he and Mike had gotten back to the house. There was on open air swimming pool not too far away from the house, further up form that there was the main shopping centre, either way, it was a safe bet that the girls will be at one of those two places.


“Most probably they have gone to see how crowded it might be at the open air swimming pool, failing that, they will be at the shops, window shopping of course. “

“Ah right, yeah, that’s just typical of girls.” Replied Mike with a chuckle, David laughed too. “Too Darn right.” He agreed.” As he began to unpack the baskets on the his Tricycle, Mike did the same thing with his. It had not taken the two boys too long to get all of the booze etc. into the fridge/freezer. David had opened two bottle of beer each, two for him and two for Mike.


“Get those down you, you deserve it.” Remarked David with a smile on his face. “Thanks.” Replied Mike and took the two bottles of Beer that David had given to him. They both sat down on the sofa, too exhausted to go and sit outside where it was slightly cooler, though not by much. The two bows downed the two bottle of beer, David went to get another four bottles. After several bottle of beer, but not being totally and completely plastered, but certainly quite drunk. Something suddenly came to David’s mind.


“Hey, do you want to know a secret?” Said David, his speech was  almost a slur. Mike was in pretty much the same state, as he was. “Yesh, sure. Wada ish it?” Asked Mike curious. “I can do bedder dan tell you, come follow me and Ish, shall shows you.” Replied David with a giggle, as he tried to get up and fell back down on the sofa again. Mike giggled at that, but David tried again and he used the arm rest of the sofa to help him get up. He then leaned over to give Mike a hand, knowing that he was going to have a similar harder time in getting up too, from the sofa.


Mike was grateful of David’s help. “Tanks.”

“You ish welcomes.” Replied David, as he stumbled, trying to walk, he just barely was able to manage this, if in a somewhat wobbly way. Mike was exactly the same way, as he followed David out of the living room, up the staircase, onto  he landing, he turned right, and approached the first bedroom on the right. “I have this room reserved for Linda, when she comes over to say sometimes.” Remarked David, as he placed his hand around the door handle and opened the bedroom door. “Oh.” Replied Mike sounding a little disappointed.


“Was that your secret?”

“No, don’t be silly, come in and close the door behind you.” Remarked David sounding half annoyed. Mike followed him into what was Linda’s guest Bedroom. David went over towards the wardrobe, he opened it up, to Mike’s sheer surprise, hung up on hangers were a row of what only looked to be like Baby Girl like pretty dresses, only that they were in a larger size, made to fit Linda’s size, though she was very slim, the dresses looked to be at least size 10 version s of baby girl like dresses.


They were at the far left end of the wardrobe, half way in the middle and in a row going towards the right hand side were rows and rows of pretty frilly plastic panties. All of varies colours and designs. “Are those… what ish tinks dey are?” Asked Mike who could hardly believe his eyes. “Yesh, dose there are frilly plastic panties. Linda likes to dress up and be like a baby girl.” Remarked David, it #f it was possible, Mike looked twice, even triple times as shocked, than he already was. “You godda be kidding me!”


“Nopes.” Replied David looking serious.

“Does she wear diapers too?” Asked Mike who was now beyond being shocked. “Yesh,  but I not sure where she keeps those.”

“Not that it matters…” Replied Mike, he stopped abruptly in

mid-sentence. “Cripes! My trunks are soaked through with sweat.”

“Mine are too. Come we can wash and dry down  in da bathroom, I will show you where it ish.” Replied David and he quickly left Linda’s Guest Bedroom. Mike followed him out.


David led Mike to the bathroom, there was a shower cubical, David got in and activated the shower. “Come on in.” Remarked David, as the cool water of the shower began to come through the shower head. “What?” Gasped Mike in total alarm. “Ain’t going to try anything wifs you. Just get in, it will’s be quicker that we shower together.” Remarked David sounding annoyed with Mike, that last part did seem to make some sense. So Mike quickly stepped into the shower cubical with David.


Both boys looked at each other for a while. “You look to be in great shape.” Said David. Mike blushed. Not used to of course being complimented by another guy. His best mate, at that. “Err! Tanks.” Replied Mike feeling a little awkward. Soon, both boys had gotten out of the shower cubical, nothing had happened, just exactly what David had said that nothing would happen. Mike gave a sigh of relief. David dried himself off with a bath towel, Mike had done the same thing. “Say, do you have any spare swimming trunks?” Asked Mike, feeling a little uneasy with only a bath towel wrapped around his waist, to wear.


“Yesh, sure, come on.” Replied David with a smile on his face. Mike followed him out of the bathroom, David head down the landing. “Say! Are we not going the wrong way? That’s the way back to Linda’s Guest Bedroom.” Replied Mike uneasily. “Yesh, ish know.” Replied David, with an even bigger grin on his face. “Ish suddenly just had an idea. Come along.” That last sentence sounded more like an order than a request. Not wanting to get on David’s bad side however, Mike simply followed him back towards Linda’s Guest Bedroom, wondering what David had in mind exactly.


Mike began to get a slight uneasy feeling in his stomach. But he was too drunk as well as too afraid to get David being mad at him. Mike had a real soft side to him, David was quite butch, almost macho like. David had reached the wardrobe where he had left the wardrobe doors opened. He had left his trunks behind in the bathroom and he had told Mike to leave his behind too. David began to remove two hangers from the wardrobe. He looked over at what he had just picked out.


Mike by now had a worried look on his face, as David seem to look as though he was deciding something, then he gave Mike a sadistic looking cruel smile. “Here, put these on.” David remarked, as he handed over to Mike on a hanger, a pair of pretty frilly pink plastic panties. Mike looked at him in complete and total shock. "What? No way Man! I ain’t going to wear those.”

“Ish dare you. Ish double, triple dare you. Besides, Ish am going to wear a pair myself.” Remarked David with another sinister smile on his face.


“What?” Mike was utterly and completely shocked. “But before he could say and do anything else, David removed the towel that was wrapped around his waist, he then took off from the hanger that he had held onto, a pair of pretty frilly floral print plastic panties, they had printed pink flowers on them with a big pink bow dead centre at the back. David began to put somewhat awkwardly one foot into one the first leg hole of the plastic panties, then his other foot, he then slowly and carefully as possible, slid the pair of plastic panties up his legs until they were firmly around his waist. “There… Now you put yours on, or Ish will puts tem on you my-shelf.”


Hearing that from  David made Mike worry and scared witless. Mike took a deep breath, he began to take the plastic pants off the hanger and he removed his bath towel too. With unsteady hands, he began to put his foot through one leg hole and then the other one, he too slid the plastic panties up his legs until they were firmly around his waist too. It felt odd and a little cool actually with the plastic lining touching his skin, which kind of helped him not feel so hot. The plastic panties were bright baby pink with a mas of frills and a dead centre of them, there was big pink bow.


The plastic panties felt more than a little strange somehow. “Let’s go and play in the sand box.” Suddenly remarked David in a silly high pitched babyish and girlish like voice. Which made Mike burst out laughing, but what the heck, he decided to join in on the fun, the alcohol in his system was clearly taking its effect on him now. “Oh Yesh, dat sounds wike fun.” Replied Mike in an even sillier babyish, girlier voice. David giggled, he reached for Mikes hand and dragged him out of Linda’s Guest Bedroom.


David with Mike, took oddly delicate steps all the way down the stars, out of the living room, out of the hose and towards the sand box. They both got in and saw the pretty sand castle, they made a move towards it, but all of a sudden, they seem to almost sink into the sand somehow, not only that, they could barely move. Both David and Mike looked on in total alarm. “Mes no caneth move.” Cried Mike. “Mes neither.” Replied David, both boys seem to be sounding more and more like Sissy Adult Babies, as time passed by along with the alcohol taking its effect on them both. Both David and Mike simply looked at each other with worry o their faces.


But just then, Mikes face changed. He looked surprised. David saw this and was curious. “What’s up Mikey?” David asked, Mike had no real nick name as such, it looked as though David had just now given him one. Mike said nothing, something else now held his attention more. “Mes.. umm. These pwastic panties are making my skin feel twingly and all stwange wike.”


“Yesh,, weally.”

“Mes too.”


“Mes cans fweel my pee-pee, gwoing.” Remarked Mike very oddly.

“Mes too. What does dis mean? “Asked David, but not in alarm, if anything he seemed to be quite excited. “Mes not know, but mes wery much wike da fweeling, it makes mes want to pway wifs myself.” Upon hearing that, David looked wide eyed at Mike. “Mes too…” Just then David looked a little worried. “Do ooo fink we shuds? Mes mean out here, in da open?” Mike gave a good look both left and right. “Can’t see’s whys not. No one ish awound and da stweet is all quiet.”


David seem to take comfort in that and not only that he really could not control himself, his hands reached down to where his penis poked up through the material of the plastic panties, not knowing why, the front of them had a row of frills too, with delicate little bows along them. Mike’s plastic panties were exactly the same, and his hands too had reached down to his plastic-panty clad penis. Having ruffles too there at the front only seemed to enhance somehow both David’s and Mike’s erections. 


As Both David and Mike began to rub their penis’s through the thrills and the material of the plastic panties, the plastic lining rubbed against them in a most exotic way that they had ever felt. Both David and Mike were soon filling their plastic frilly panties with their own cum. And it felt exhilarating. Both boys looked utterly blissful, when all of a sudden, there came a flash and another before their very eyes. Followed by screams of sheer laughter and squeals of delight. Both David and Mike suddenly froze right where they were.


All of a sudden, the girls were completely before both David and Mike, taking dozens of photographs, one of the girls had a digital camcorder and had caught everything on it. “OH MY GOD! Linda… you was so right about these two! They are a couple of Sissies, baby ones at that.” Remarked Shelly in complete amazement, in between fits of giggles. “I said that they were and not even knew it, ore were even aware of their true inner feelings. I am so glad, that I got along so well with David’s mother, that she told me all about those two being made to be little girls, while they hated it initially, but by the time it was all over, both boys really did not want to go back being boys again, it broke David’s mother’s heart to make him be a boy again, but felt that she may have made a huge mistake.”


Remarked Linda, almost in stiches from laughing so much. David’s secret was out, he almost felt like wanting to cry. Not knowing why, Mike reached out and began to hold his hand, trying to comfort him. “Aww, would you look at that, don’t they both make such a cute couple together.” Remarked Shelly almost wetting her panties, being in a fit of hysterics. “I always suspected as much, David did not seem really at all  seem to be that much of a boyfriend to me.”

“Same here with Mike.” Both David and Mike looked on in shock and horror. 


“Aww, don’t worry you too.” Replied Linda and Shelly together at the same time, as they saw how worried both David and Mike looked to be and they both looked as though they were going to burst out crying. “We are not mad, cross, or even upset with you two.” Both David and Mike looked utterly confused. “Yes… that’s right.” Said Linda, who now took over. Shelly here and I know that you two have been having affairs, though not very successful ones, I might add, with Jessica, Vicky and Lilly. Nothing much ever really happened and even before I said anything to either of them, they said in their own words that they almost felt like they were dating a Sissy and as the saying goes, one thing lead to another…”


Linda paused for a moment, then she continued with what she needed to tell to both David and Mike. Then I struck upon an idea, but I knew that you both would not be so willing to go along. So I devised a plan, a way as so to make you without having to really do much of anything really to get you both to put on those frilly plastic panties. I had to lie about me liking them etc.  Those things are really for the both of you, as II know that you both feel more baby like and not little girl at all. Oh, do not look so sad or shocked that I know both of your secrets, be glad that I have taken everything so well, I know that most other girlfriends, would not have done so.”


That was very much a true fact, both David and Mike knew it. “As Shelly and I got to become real close, we both discovered to be Lesbians and that we really love each other. Rather than break up with you both, we decided that we are going to be your Mommies to each of you. Which now leaves us with one final ting. You both did cheat on us and while we accept your secrets so well, we need to however punish you both for what you have both done.” Remarked Linda sounding deadly serious. Suddenly and unexpectedly, both David and Mike burst out crying like babies.


Shelly now took over. “Aww, it is not as bad as you two may think and others may call and think of that as you both getting of lightly. But me and Linda are in agreement. Your punishment is to be…” Shelly gave a long pause. “You both are not only to kiss each other, but you are to do so, while playing with each other through each-others frilly plastic panties.  And you are to do that in front of all of us. Be photographed and filmed doing that too.” Both David and Mike looked utterly worried at each other.”


“We’s sowwy.” Both David and Mike said together, sounding virtually almost like twins. “Aww, we sure you both are sweeties. But you both did a great and terrible wrong. I’m sure you both really want make up for that, in some way. Your punishment shall more than do that. Trust me you two, your punishments could have been a whole lot more worse. So, dry those tears and we both know that you both are going to start to feel almost any time soon, a fresh new set of erections, we know how the feel of plastic against the skin can be so sensual, you r bodies but can’t help react to the feel of the PVC.”


Said Linda who took over from Shelly and spoke with a soft and gentle calmness. This made both David and Mike stop crying. “Good, face each other, I think that you shall both find that you can move a little bit better, go on. Turn.” Said Linda in a very persuasive way, both David and Mike looked at each other, going red and then pale white. Just then, all of a sudden, David felt it first, then Mike, they both looked utterly and completely surprised. Linda knew that look only all too well.”


“See? You’re both beginning a new set of erections. Am I right?”

Both David and Mike said nothing, both felt shame and humiliation, they both simply nodded their heads. “Come now, there is no need to be ashamed. Sissies like others who are like themselves, it’s really quite natural. Now then, David, your new name from now on shall Be Sissy Baby Daisy. You shall answer to your new name, be referred to as she and her, but most of all, you shall both always be referred as being Sissies. But this shall not be done in a bad or negative way, it shall be done with love and kindness, it will be Positive Re-enforcement, this will help you both to be proud of being Sissies and being Babies too.”


Linda finished, and Shelly begun, she faced Mike, looking at him only but with loving a and caring eyes. “Mike, you shall from now on be called Sissy Baby Missy and you shall answer to your new name too. Sissy Baby Missy, you are to place your hands over Sissy Baby Daisy’s taught penis.” Mike not knowing why, he simply obeyed Shelly, as he moved his hands and placed them over that could be clearly seen, a bulge sticking up in the front of Sissy Baby Daisy’s frilly plastic panties. Linda now faced Sissy Baby Daisy.


“Sissy Baby Daisy. Put and place your hands over Sissy Baby Missy’s taught penis.” Just as Sissy Baby Missy had obeyed her once used to be girlfriend. Sissy Baby Daisy obeyed hers. She placed her hands over Sissy Missy’s taught penis. “Okay you two.” Said both Linda and Shelly at the same time as each other. “Start to kiss and fondle each other, you may take breaths for air, but other than that, your lips are to remain touching at all other times, moan as you kiss etc. Okay, go.” Both Sissy Baby Daisy and Sissy Baby Missy began to slowly kiss one another, fully on the lips, as well as caress each other’s penis’s through the fabric of the frilly plastic panties.


To their surprise, both Sissy Baby Daisy and Sissy Baby Missy were enjoying caressing each other and kissing each other, not only that they made moaning and other sounds,  both panting a little as they both fully climax into frilly plastic panties. Both Sissy Baby Daisy and Sissy Baby Missy, held each other, in each other’s arms. “Punishment has been served, not quite. That movie will go out on YouTube, but not to worry my sweeties.” Remarked Linda and Shelly together. “You both will always be under your Mommies protection, no one will harm either of you, or say mean, or nasty things while we are present.”


Somehow that seem to make things both for Sissy Baby Daisy and Sissy Baby Missy, be alright. “You two really do make such a cute couple. You may be a first, the first ever Sissy Baby couple that is. You shall both sleep in the same crib as each other, take baths together, be taken out together. Now that the punishment is final and complete, we shall help you both to get out of that sand box and help to get you both cleaned up. Both Sissy Baby Daisy and Sissy Baby Missy, suddenly looked very worried. “Can wes pwease keep on our fwilly pwastic panties, just fwo a widdle bit longer? Pwease, pwetty. Pwetty pwease?”


They both replied together, exactly like a set of twins. Both Linda and Shelly gave them big smiles each. “Wow! You two must really like and love your frilly plastic panties very much?” They both said together. Both Sissy Baby Daisy and Sissy Baby Missy blushed and nodded their heads. The other girls simply giggled, almost rolling around all over the grass of the front garden. “You know Shelly, I have a funny feeling that we could be having a bit more kissing and fondling with these two sissy baby lovers.” Remarked Linda with a mischievious grin on her face. Shelly looked at Linda, then at the two Sissy Babies, then back at Linda again with a mischievious grin of her own. “You know what Linda? I think that you could be right.”


The End.


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'Ask not what you can do for a Sissy. Ask a Sissy what they can do for you.'

Baby Butch
This stories content was unexpected although you did say XXX. The boys got drunk and put on frilly plastic panties. I was surprised they went to the sandbox and it was funny they got stuck that way.

Somehow the girls knew to set up the boys as sissybabies and made them do naughty things to each other. I know someone who has a plastic panty fetish, he he. Nice ending to the story as well.

I also liked the images and how they was created. The big sandbox is cool. I would like to see those big pink tricycles! I see you chose to repost rather than wait for a glitch repair job.

Great imaginative story PetBabyAmy!          *Hugs*
Fank you Baby Butch for the comment, it's really appreciated, please try not forget the kisses 1-5, it is okay to be honest, did it used to be 5 stars if you can remember at all? The way sk once used to be  before the changes got made. Just curious.

I am glad that you like short story and images too, after getting Sissy Baby Tammy's comment on the previous glitched-up post, and after you deleting it, I was going to do that my self and leave a message saying why I deleted, but I thought of contacting you and Christiew Luv first with a message, knowing at least that I would get a reply from either one.

She actually replied, not to worry, I told her what I had decided to do on your recomendation for me to simply repost. Fank you for that by the way, a few comments had come in for the glitched-up post before you had deleted it, I hope who ever else had left a comment, will repost their comments, now that the actual story helps explain the images.

Of course I have a plastic panty fetish, mainly frilly ones, always and nothing but frilly ones. *Blushes Bright Pink* And asks, is it really showing? *Giggles*

Also I need to mention that I do not often, do adult themes, as I no longer feel that I need or have to do those, when I was putting together the images and using my unique Image Alteration Technique, What is in the story is pretty much how the ideas formed in my head that way and I really could not think of or come up with a none adult themed way for this to exaplin well enough why both guys would do what they did etc.

Not only that, what they did to each other is something that I have not really done all that often, so it was really a nice break away for me too, from what I usually like to write about that is not adult themed.  As you know Baby Butch, I always like and strive to be as diversed as much as possible in my stories and my captions.

I have a feeling that you do too, if I am not mistaken? If neither one of us tried to be diveresed, I feel that we would both end up being stuck ourselves, though not in a sand box together, or is that my secret fantasy? *Giggles*

We would both be stuck to doing a standard format of our own that would never change and that sadly would stagnate and come to a not so happy ending. I could have possibly tried to find an image of a pink trycicle, imported the image into my SketchUp program, drawn around it, made it into a 3D model, I would have only needed the one, as with SketchUp, there is a way to copy the same model to make more than one of it.

The model of the house by the way, I did not make that, I found that in the SketchUp Warehouse of models to chose from for me to be able to use. I only constructed the road part, and made the backdrop by doing a wall all the way around the house, except for the front,as I needed that part accesable for me to do a good close up shot of the over all model image, I added the back drop of the tree/houses by importing another image, that was what the wall was for, so I could add background scenary.

When I actually think about it, it is pretty nearly much like having a theatre I suppose, I have an empty stage and I need to add things like the scenary etc. so that the stage is completely set, if you get my meaning? I was not too sure how long the glitch fix would take and I really did not want any disgruntled remarks about the glitch problem., from any one.

Lastly, there could have been possible room enough to have placed a 3D image of two pink trycicles in view along with the sand box, the group of girls and the house itself. I had to chose and think carefully about where everything was all going to go on my virtual stage if you will and since I had to sort of build my self a stage around the prop, aka, the house model.

I knew that I needed the house, sand box and the group of girls all to be in as much as possible best close up shot, for a really good quality screen capture. Oh my, this feels like I'm making a movie at the same time. *Big Grin* I wanted as much detail as possible in the screen capture to come out as I hoped it would all turn out to be, the only place maybe the trycicles could have fitted in, would have been proped up or free standing in front of the garage door, belonging to the model house.

I hope this answers your questions? feel free to ask any more that you may have about this story or the images.

Lots of love, hugs & kisses.


'Ask not what you can do for a Sissy. Ask a Sissy what they can do for you.'

Baby Butch
@ PetBabyAmy

Yes my questions are answered. I did by the way give you 5 kisses if for some reason it is not showing. I can see them now. I am glad you reposted rather than wait although Christie was checking out the problem.

Yes I also do not like to write about the same things all the time and look for new ideas. The old ratings were 1 - 5 stars and they no longer show on the new site.

My gallery was 100% rated and now only the new stuff is rated. Christie did not transfer old ratings to the new site.
@ Baby Butch
  Yay, Fank you Baby Butch, I see the kisses now too, maybe they were playing hide and seek kiss chase? *Giggles*

Well, I am glad that Christie is looking into the problem, and I'm glad too that I reposted, I'm sure that it will help Christie anyway and she can just get on with catching that Gremlin that is on the loose that caused the glitch. I gave her some ideas, when she catches the badly michievious Gremlin, she's to diaper it and put over the diaper a pair of pretty frilly pink plastic panties. Yes I know... I'm obsessed withs them. *Giggles and blushes pink again.*

I thought it was 5 stars, I like the 5 kisses, it's better and it adds a nice Sissy touch to it all. All that is missing now, is a hugs function to go with all of those kisses. *lol*

Love Hugs and Kises

PS. Glad to know that I answered your questions. It is nice to know that you too like to go for new ideas just like me, life is so much better with a bit of diversity to it and fun too.


'Ask not what you can do for a Sissy. Ask a Sissy what they can do for you.'

tank you very much.  As we both know this has been left wide open to be continued.  It is great the 2 sissies got caught.
krystala's sissy baby
Awww, fank you so much for the comment Sissy Baby Tammy, I am just really glad that I could sort out the problemm by simply reposting this and I am glad that, that actually worked.

Yes, that is the beauty of this story it does and has left a possible opening, should I want to come back to it at some point and continue it, if not, anyone is free to message me and ask me permision to continue the story so long as they keep to what I had already started.

It was really great to be able to do a short story and lend to it a few special images to go with it while it is not srtictly a story with images, kind of story. This story in particular would not have worked as well without them being there, after all, they helped to provide the over all ideas that created it, so they are as much as part of it's creation as am it's creator, if that makes any sense.

Hugs & Kisses


'Ask not what you can do for a Sissy. Ask a Sissy what they can do for you.'

dear petbabyamy ,,,, I have go with sissy baby tammy  it have go on with the story and we like to see the girls do something to the boys ,,,,,  PS it a good story and I like it   
HI,,,, I am shamrock & I am a male ,,,,  I wear diapers and i love to be bandaged up from head to toe by student female nurses and student female nurses can diaper up like a baby girl too,,,,,,,,, THANK YOU ALL    
@ shamrock
  Fank you for the comment shamrock, sorry for the delay in my reply. I am happy and glad that you like the story, sorry to say there is no more to add to this story, this was going to be originally a caption but the story side was way to long, so I decided to make the story and add the images as a bonus and it works out better done that way.

Hugs & kisses


'Ask not what you can do for a Sissy. Ask a Sissy what they can do for you.'

i really love this story you are such a good writer i am jealous 
lots of love
@ annabellacheff
  Fank you Annabellacheff for the comment, I appreciate it. I am glad that you like the story.


'Ask not what you can do for a Sissy. Ask a Sissy what they can do for you.'

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