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Ch: 1

Six teenage girls from Alfea are having their vaction in a far of lake from there school. They are Bloom, Stella Flora, Musa, Tecna, and Layla. There they were having a good time.
The girls were having all the fun they can get and do, swimming in the lake, singing songs and more. But all this has caught the attention of the mysterious being under the lake who has been watching the girls for some time.

The six were soon resting in thier (hot) bikini's in the shade.
Flora: Wow what a day.
Bloom: Yeah this is one cool vacation.
Then a bored Stella said. You know I wish some interesting would happen at least?
Then it did.

Musa: Hey look!
She pointed out a figure on the lake. It was a girl much like them, in a pink dress who is walking on the lakes surface.
Tecna: Who is she?
Layla: What's she doing here?
The woman the created six large bubbles that then head for the girls and trap them inside.
Bloom: Whats going on?
She then took them deep under the lake where there was an underground cave. In there is a magnificent castle, she then took the girls in a throne room. There sitting on a throne was a very beautiful woman in a silk red dress and a golden crown.
Girl: I have them here my lady.
Woman: Well done, you may go now.
Girl: Yes my queen. The girl soon teleported out.
Woman: Welcome intruders, I am queen Calla.
Bloom: Why did capture us?
Calla: Oh nothing other than trespassing my kindom.
Stella: Hey you could have put up signs or something?
Flora: We're sorry but we didn't know this was your kingdom.
Calla: Maybe but I don't let anyone of so easily. If you want to get out you have to beat me.
Musa: We'll do it!
Bloom: If thats what it takes lets go girls.
The girls transformed in to their fairy forms and escape the bubbles.
Calla: Come on then.
The girls soon fired several beams at her but she block them of easily.
Layla: She's stronger than we tought.
Calla: My turn now.
The queen soon targeted the girls with six beams that hit them directly. The girls clothes soon disappeared and they were wearing pink frilly bra and panties.
Bloom: EEk! How'd she do that? Covering herself.
Tecna: This is embarassing.
Calla: The fun is just beginning.
She then snap her fingers. Then the girls were posing like sexy supermodels.
Stella: Ah! She's controing us.
Flora: It must be these underwear.
Calla: It gets even better.
She move her fingers around and paired each of the girls.
Now begin.
The girls proceded to tickle each other.
Bloom: Hahahaha wait stop.
Flora: Please hahahah.
Layla; Have meacy hehehehe.
Calla: To do that you must surrender to me and be my prisoners.
Stella: Ok we wil hahaha.
Tecna: You win you win! Haahahahah.
Calla snaped her fingers and the girls stopped and layed on the floor breathing hard.
Calla: Good welcome to my kingdom of Sissiya.

To be continued.

Ch: 2

The six girls are now prisonersof the queen of Sissiya. The queen trapped the girls in some new bubbles who were still wearing their new undies, and then takes them somewhere in the castle.
Bloom: Where are you taking us?
Stella: I hope its no a smelly dungeon.
Calla: Oh don't worry, I want everything in my kingdom looking pretty, even my prisoners.
She then come to a large room. The girls wondered what it was and realized it was a large bathroom.
It was brightly lit, and had a pool with bubbles. A pink haired servant wearing a maids outfit was there waiting for the queen.
Calla: Now Mimi I want my prisoners looking nice when I see then again.
Mimi: I will get right to it my queen.
The queen then left the room, while Mimi approached the girls.
Mimi: Ok girls lets get you cleaned up.
Using her magic she moved the girls over the pool, and on claping her hands the bubbles popped, dunking the girls in.
Musa: Well that was nice.
Layla: No what?
Mimi then removed the girls underwear with her magic.
Mimi: Ok girls let start cleaning shall we.
She magics some sponges that procced to clean the girls all over.
Stella: Hey watch it.
Flora: Oh my this feels good.
Bloom: Hehe that tickles.
A few minutes later she rinses the girls with a magical shower.
Mimi: Now lets get you dried up.
The girls wear lifted in the air and were cleaned dry by towels that she made.
Musa: Oh careful.
Tecna: Yeah thats the spot.
Layla: Ahh better.
Mimi: Now to dress you girls up.
Mimi then lay the girls on some changing tables. Next she magics some bra diapers and nappies, and put them on the girls.
Each of them wore a different color.
Bloom- light blue.
Stella- gold.
Flora- bright pink.
Musa- red.
Tecna- purple.
Layla- light green.
Stella: This is quite comfy.
Bloom: Its soo cute.
Flora: I love it!
Mimi: The queen will definetly wanna see you soon.

To be continued.


The next hour queen Calla then came into another room which was a play den, it had large widows and is filled with dozens of stuff toy dolls. There the six diapered girls were playing with the stuff toys with Mimi looking over them. Queen Calla watch them on the other side of the room.
Calla: Oh my prisones look so cute.
Mimi: Do you like them my queen.
Calla: Yes indeed. You charmed them right.
Mimi: Yes I did. When they were taking a bath, I used a secret charm on them making them more childish and girly.
Calla: Good, very good.
She then approached the girls herself.
Calla: Hello girls.
The girls saw her and greeted her nicely.
Calla: I see your enjoying your time here.
Musa: Yeah i guest, these Diapers are really comfy.
Layla; This isn't to bad, and it matches me nicely.
Calla: I'm glad to hear, it now then lets play another game shall we.
Tecna: What kind of game?
Calla: Lets play ballet.
Flora: Wow thats sounds wonderful.
Bloom: I've always wanted to be a ballerina.
Calla: Then lets get you girls dressup for it.
Queen Calla then uses her magic to lift the girls up, then she magics them into some strapless tops and tutu's that match their diapers which they are still wearing.
Stella: Oh this looks good onme.
Tecna: Wow this is really nice.
Flora: This is so nice, it feels really good.
Bloom: This tutu is so cute, I love it!
Calla: Alright then lets get ready for it.
She then land the girls on their feet gently and prepares to train them using her magic. Calla first had the girls do some warm up exercises. Then she had them do some spins, twirls and jumps. With each move ment the girls always show thier wonderful diapers underneath their tutus.
Calla: Wonderful now lets rest and have lunch.
Mimi: I have it her my queen.
Calla: Good.
Mimi had brougth the girls some bottles with milk and sandwhiches(without the crust). After lunch the girls started to get sleepy.
Calla: I think its time for a nice nap.
Calla then magics some sleeping bags for them to sleep on. She then places the girls gently and tuck them in nicely with magic ofcourse. The girls then doze to sleep.
Calla: Have a nice nap girls I can't wait till you all wake up.

To be continued.
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you indeed kept ur promise for i was in no way disappointed, awesome read

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that was great hope it continues soon
Finally updated.
you must add more to that story friend it prmioses to be ver yfunny and cute
they say beuty is in the eye of the beholder but there is no reason why it cant be wrong
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great story please continued
as soon as I saw the title, I knew that it had to be based off the the anime Winx Club and it looks like I was right great story please continue and also in case you didnt know that show is still ongoing.
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