Sickness ( PG ~ 13 )
When Randyll gets sick, he has no idea the treatment he will get
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This story is my first story I will have written, it's around 1/4 true and 3/4 fake, what EXACTLY I'd true is up to your imagination to decide, I will try to take suggestion for the storyline and will eagerly accept tips on how to improve my writing, but I do have a fee ideas already.

Chapter 1: An Unfortunate Discovery

*Beep Beep Beep* Goes the alarm clock before Randyll shuts off his alarm clock. "Ugh, I hate mornings" he says while he groggily rubs his eyes, another day of school, why can't today be Saturday?!". He then attempts tO get out of bed but is met by a searing pain in his back. AAHH! he yells as he falls to the floor, immobilized by the suddenness of the pain and the early morning. " Mom! Somethings wrong, help!". As Randyll's mom runs into his room she hopes he isn't trying to pretend to be sick as he sometimes did to miss school. "What is the matter honey?" she asks. "My back is killing me! I can't even move!"
"Okay honey just stay there while I call the doctor". Randyll's mother, Shelly, is a strict parent, and one who doesnt take lying lightly. "Hello? Doctor Strickland? Yes it's Randyll again, I think he's just trig to get out of school again though, Could I just take him up to your clinic and verify my beliefs, oh yes and don't forget to be a little... old fashioned with your methods, okay goodbye doctor

"Randyll sweetie? I'm taking you to Dr. Strickland's clinic, can you manage to walk by yourself?". Once again Randyll tried to stand up but is completely frozen in place by the pain, another howl later and Shelly de idea to pick him up instead. Randyll is a smaller than average boy, around the same size as most girls in his grade, which is to say 5'6 or 5'4, easily small enough for his mom to pick him up like a baby and carry him to the car. "Mom do you have to carry me like this, I look like a baby!". "And you complain like one too" she responds. "Here, you are going to have to sit in your little brother's booster seat so your back doesn't get moved around too much". Randyll feels like a baby being carried around and being put in a booster seat with a bar that comes down acrosses his chest to keep him in place. Randyll just hopes no one from school sees him.

I will be posting more later thnx for reading!
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