The Shared Playroom ( PG )
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Title: The Shared Playroom


Vickie Carter - 18yo neighbor: Played by - Miki Yamuri

Glenn Blunt - 36yo Engineer: Played by - verylittlejennie

Abby Caliburn - Vickie's Nana Aunt

Agnes Pent - 80yo reformed gray-haired neighborhood harpy

Scene: In a sand box somewhere in Augmented Reality


The little black-haired girl dug in the damp sand, getting her hands covered but filling her bucket.

"Land sakes, I haven't done this for I don't know how long!" she said, sounding just like the little girl she looked like.

"It just goes to show," said a nearby little girl with blonde hair in pigtails, "that you never outgrow sand."

"I guess not -- Glynn, is that right?" She upturned the bucket and pushed it down, lifting it to reveal a decent sand tower.

"Yup!" said the blonde girl, smiling. "I'm Glynn, all righty!"

"You look so much like Deborah," she said, staring for a moment. "But not exactly."

"Nope, Agnes," said Glynn, "not exactly. We both miss her." She paused. "Is your sand castle gonna have people in it?"

"Are there little people to put in it too? Can you do that?" asked Agnes.

"Only if there is something in the real world for you to pick up that's about the right size," Glynn said.

Her voice sounded like a little girl's voice, too, but as she got a bit technical it broke the spell in a way.

"We can play in the sandbox because we're really playing in a sandbox. And we do have some little people to put in the castle -- I think Vickie went to get them."

A very cute little girl in a poofy diaper and a sun outfit comes skipping out the back door of the house. She waves lots at the 2 little girls sitting in the sandbox, before running over to the swings and climbing in ... showing lots of ruffles on her cute bottom as she wiggles into the seat.

She giggles and shrikes loudly with joy as she begins to swing higher and higher. Just at the highest point of the ark, she shrieks loudly with glee. Vickie truly enjoys the butterflies in her tummy and the feeling of flying it brings. Her ponytails flying in the wind as she descends once again to start the backward ark.

Vickie says with a joyous shriek, "This is so funs. Wish could do this alla time."

As Vickie swings back down, and begins the ark up again, She realizes there is a warmth around bottom and a trickling sensation. She realizes ... baby needs change.

"Hi Vickie!" said Glynn, waving at the toddler girl in the swings. "Looks like you're havin' fun!"

"She's such a sweet girl," said Agnes, making a little addition to her sand tower with a paper cup.

"I think Vickie forgot the little play people," Glynn said, "so I'll go get them. I'll be right back, OK?"

She got up, her short dress revealing that she, too, was wearing thick diapers and ruffly rumba panties under her yellow dress. Glynn toddled over to the house and went inside.

Vickie stops swinging, feeling a bit shy about being wet now. She's not real sure if this is totally within the VR play area either. She spies Agnes putting a little twig flag pole on top of the Castle tower she had just made.

Vickie runs up and says apologetically, "Baby so swwoy ... forgotsa plastic Sandikens when I went in." **giggle** Did Glynnie go gets em?? Baby can is I needsa."

Agnes says in her little girl voice, "Nopes, Glynn went to gets em ... just hopes she no forgets too."

Both little girls giggle as Vickie forgets about being wet for the time being and climbs in the sand box. She scoops up a plastic shovel full and pours it slowly in the top of the sand mill. The paddle wheel rotates quickly as it makes a large pile of finely sifted sand underneath ... perfect for making sand castles.

Glynn came back out carrying a red cardboard box, toddled back to the sandbox, and set it down. Opening it up, she showed Agnes that it was full of plastic figurines of all different colors, men and women, boys and girls.

"Here they are!" Glynn said, "and they're just the right size for sand castles. Also ... if you want them to look a little different, you can change them."

"Change 'em?" Agnes asked. "How?"

"Well ... it's not too hard, but it means using the menus in the goggles, so you might want me to do it at first. But you can just ... well, look." Glynn held up a figurine of a boy in a red shirt and jeans, reached up near her eyes, and moved her fingers a bit -- and suddenly the boy's shirt was green. "We can make them look like anything you want -- we just can't make them much bigger or smaller, or it wouldn't feel right to our hands."

"Amazing!" said Agnes. "Is there a king and queen of the castle?"

"It wouldn't be a very good sand castle set if there weren't," said Glynn, finding the king and queen figures in the box and giving them to Agnes, who placed them atop the castle's parapet.

"I only have a twig for a banner," said Agnes, but Glynn did something, and suddenly the banner was a little flagpole with a red and white banner on it. "Wow!" Agnes said.

"Anything else?" said Glynn.

"I think ... it's starting to rain," said Agnes. "Can I take a picture before it's washed away?"

"Uh-oh," said Glynn, "I think you're right. Well, just push the main button -- remember the big one on the side? You can feel it there -- yes, that's it. Push that, and it will take a picture." There was a clicking sound effect as Agnes held her index finger near her temple. "It'll be saved to your personal folder, where you can look at it later, or print it out if you want to. And I just felt a raindrop too."

Agnes got up, and Vickie and Glynn helped her up. "So amazing," she said.

Just as the babies reached the door, there is a very loud BOOM! The 3 girls could feel the water as it began to pour, although in the world they could see, it was still warm, and dry, and the sun shone brightly. They entered the door and closed it behind them to another loud boom that rattled the windows. When the 3 took off their goggles, they saw they all were wet to the bone. Vickie's clothes were almost transparent. Glenn and Agnes could see she had on no bra ... and the outlines of the pull ups she was wearing.

Vickie says shyly, "Ummm .. I think this little girls needsa change. I know I'm wet."

Vickie steps out of her bottoms. Glenn smiles at the droopy bottom of her pullup as Agnes says softly, "You are so adorable Vickie. I so want to baby you myself.”

Vickie looks at Agnes with big eyes at what she had said. She sees Glenn nodding slightly in approval.

Vickie shrugs and says, "Mmk Miss Agnes ... longs you take good care of baby ... I will lets you."

A very large smile crosses her withered and lined face as she holds out her hand for Vickie. Vickie sucks her thumb, and takes Agnes' hand. Glenn watches as Agnes escorts Vickie towards the bathroom by the hall stairs.

Glenn carefully dried off the VR goggles and put them back in their cases. He heard the mailbox clatter as the afternoon mail was delivered. As he waited for Agnes and Vickie, he turned on his laptop to show Agnes the picture she had taken. And soon they were back.

"Land sakes," exclaimed Agnes, "these disposable training panties they have now, aren't they wasteful? And disposable baby wipes? Next thing they'll have disposable babies."

"Look, Agnes, here's your sand castle," said Glenn, showing her the picture on his laptop screen as he shook his head.

"Oh my stars," she said, "it's just like it looked, right in front of my eyes. Even though some of it wasn't real. And -- look, there are you two!" She pointed to Vickie and Glynn, who were partly visible in the background, looking like the toddlers they appeared as in the virtual world. "Or ... your virtual avatars, or however you say it."

"That's right," said Glenn, "it's a picture of how things looked to you, in the virtual world, not what things really looked like. What a beautiful sand castle you made!"

"Pity it's all gone," said Agnes, looking out at the sandbox in the back yard, soaked wet with the rain.

Vickie was amazed at how Agnes had turned out after she discovered that Glenn and she were children at heart ... Vickie ... a bit more than Glenn.

Vickie fidgeted as she stood in just her pull ups and nothing else. She had known Glenn for a long time and had fallen in love with him. She was still kind of shy about being this way in front of him ... not to mention Agnes. Vickie looked down at her cute little boobie bumps and blushes softly. Agnes turns and sees Vickie fidgeting adorably for a minute, before she realizes ... Vickie only had on her panties.

Angus gasps, "Oh my goodness sweet heart. Why didn't you remind me about your top?"

Vickie says in a shy voice, "Well ... you're the Adult Miss Pent. I ... jusa baby n it's up to you how I dressed."

She then starts to suck her thumb. Agnes' heart melts as she looks at Vickie. She looks so much like a little girl ... it's hard for her to imagine her as 18."

Agnes takes Vickie by the hand and escorts her back out of the room while Glenn smiles and makes other pictures captured from this VR session. When the 2 women return, Vickie was in a cute ruffled babydoll top and just her pull ups still. Glenn smiles, he really likes to see Vickie like this ... and he longs to be this way too.

"Awww, Vickie, you're so cute," said Glenn, smiling broadly at the girl. His heart was always lifted by the sight of Vickie. In a way it gave him hope, too: hope that he could perhaps be one tenth as adorable.

"Oh, is this my picture, then?" Agnes said, looking at Glenn's laptop screen. "Gracious! It's just what I saw!"

"It sure is," said Glenn. "I can print that out and bring it to you later, if you want."

"Oh that would be wonderful," she said. "But I really must go -- it's time for me to start dinner, and I have to take my medicine too. Thank you again for showing me your wonderful world. It seems to get more amazing every time!"

Vickie runs up to Agnes and hugs her around the waist like a toddler. She says in an adorable voice, "Come back n play wif us tomorrow."

Agnes' face creases with a broad smile as she bends and pats Vickie on her hinny.

Agnes coos, "I will baby, I promise ... especially as much fun as it was today."

Agnes kisses Vickie on the nose and waves to Glenn, then she leaves ... the door closes with a soft click.

Vickie turns and toddles to Glenn, she wraps her arms around his large shoulders as she kisses him on his cheek.

She says wistfully, "You know ... it sorta would be nice if I could convince Agnes to be our Nana instead of one of the little girls in the VR." Vickie gets a strange look on her face for just a second. She continues, "I sort of wish ...." then she realizes she's standing there in just her pullup panties and a top. She looks at Glenn and smiles, "I think we should go and stay with my Aunt. You know, she's the one who kept me after ... after my mom died."

"Oh, she's very nice, Vickie," said Glenn. "It's been a while since she came to visit. But really? You think we should go stay with her? Is that all right with her?"

Vickie goes to the back for a few minutes. When she returns, she has on a cute pair of little girl's short shorts that made her look even more like a babydoll with the top she had on.

She says, "I'm going to my house for a few minuets. I'm gonna give her a call and see if she'll let us be babies at her house for a few days ... that is if it has quit pouring out."

Vickie walks to the living room window and looked out. It was still dark and wet out, however the down pour had seemed to subsided for the moment.

As she ran out the door, she said over her shoulder, "I'll be back ina flash."

Glenn smiles and shakes his head slightly as the door slams. Glenn thinks Vickie is as close to being an eternally young baby as any he had ever met. Vickie skips across the road to her house and walks in ... all the while Agnes sat at her favorite spot in her upstairs room ... and watched. Vickie picked up the the Mail on the floor. She saw one that came from Lye, Cheete, and Steele Attorneys at Law. She remember they are the ones her dad had used when he had divorced her mother.

Vickie calls her Aunt Abby. She said she would come and visit in the morning and would love to baby them for a few days.

Vickie took the letter and rushed back to Glenn's house. When she arrived, Glenn was in process of making another upgrade to the augmentation goggles. Vickie peels open the letter and reads ... she stands with her mouth open and her eyes very large. Glenn notices and take the letter from her hand and reads.

"Vickie? Are you OK?" said Glenn, but Vickie was just staring at empty space where the letter had been. "What is this?" He glanced at it.

"... to inform you that our client, John Clint Carter, has filed suit in District Court ..." read Glenn, "... to contest the will of his former spouse ..." Glenn gasped. "Your mother's ex-husband is contesting her will? Didn't she leave everything to you?"

Vickie nods slowly. She is totally in shock

Glenn noticed that Vickie wasn't answering, so he put the letter down on the workbench and went over to her. "Hey, Vickie, look, it'll be OK," he said, reaching out with his arms.

Vickie snuggles into Glenn's large arms. She says in very small voice, "I ... I used the money to go to school ... and buy my house and fix it up. The interest on what's left is what pays the bills and stuff. There's lots left over too. How ... how can someone ... contest a will? That seems to be totally unreasonable." She looks at Glenn for a second or two. Her eyes filling with tears. Vickie continues, "He ... he was a monster and very abusive."

Glenn held Vickie and said, "We're going to have to find you a good lawyer. But don't worry, we will. And I don't think he's got a leg to stand on, but that doesn't mean he can't make trouble."

Somewhere, in a secret playroom, a little girl looked on with an upset expression as a bully shoved her best friend.

The next morning, as Vickie served Glenn pancakes with strawberry and grape jam, There came a knock at the door.

Vickie says, "Here's another stack for you Glenn. I think Nana's here."

Glenn mumbles something, his mouth full of the wonderful pancakes. Vickie bounces to the door, still dressed in a cute babydoll nighty and a pair of thick ruffled pullup panties. When she opened the door, herAunt swoops in, taking Vickie into her arms, and spinning her around several times as she says loudly, "Wheee!"

Vickie shrieks with glee. Vickie hugs her Aunt around the neck, "Nana! Baby so glad you're here ... Missed you sooo muchies." She gives Nana a large kiss on her cheek.

"Mmf! Ng!" grunted Glenn as he wiped his mouth with a napkin and swallowed, getting up from the breakfast table.

"Ms. Caliburn," he said to Vickie's Aunt, "it's good to see you!"

"Oh, give me a hug, Glynn dear," she said, and Glenn did. "It's wonderful to see you two kids too! I hope everything's all right ..."

"Well there's a legal matter that Vickie's probably going to tell you about," Glenn said. "Vickie got the letter after she called you. But I'm sure we'll work out something. We just need to find a good lawyer ..."

"Oh goodness," said a voice from the door. "I didn't mean to overhear, but did you say you needed a good lawyer? I know a very good one, if he's not retired yet."

"Agnes!" said Glenn. He went to the open door for her and invited her in.

"I'm sorry if I startled you, but I was just stopping by to thank you for the picture you left for me, and ... oh my, good morning, you're little Vickie's Aunt, aren't you?"

Abby turned and held her hand out to Agnes, "Yes, my name's Abby. The children here call me Nana or Auntie." they shake hands delicately as both the older women laugh while Glenn and Vickie fidget and blush softly pink.

Agnes replies, "I think that what Glenn has done ... is truly a miracle. I can actually be a little girl with them and play in the yard."

Abby turns and kisses Vickie on her cheek as she pats her on her bottom reassuringly, "Now, sweet heart, what ever the matter with the legal thing is ... I'm sure Agnes will be able to help."

Abby holds her hand out for the letter. Glenn looks at it in his hand for a moment before he hands it over.

Reading the letter, Abby's face became clouded and her forehead wrinkled with irritation. "That rat! He doesn't have a legal leg to stand on and isn't going to get anything, and he knows it! He just wants to drag you through the court system and make your life miserable." She ruffled Vickie's hair, which made the girl giggle. "Well, don't you worry, baby; we won't let him get to you!"

"Oh dear," said Agnes. "Well, I know a lawyer, though he's mostly retired. He was a godsend in the tangled mess of my late husband's will. I'll just give him a ring later today."

"Oh, would you?" said Aunt Abby. "We'd all be so grateful if you'd just find out whether he'll help."

"Never you mind, dear," Agnes said, waving a hand dismissively. "It's not a bother at all."

Abby turns and kisses Glenn on his cheek as she pats his hinny too. Agnes eyebrows go up as she watches how Abby interacts with him. She smiles at how Glenn immediately becomes the cute little baby girl she remembers from the sandbox in Abby's loving presence.

Abby coos softly, "And how is my little Glynn today? Has she been a good girl?"

Abby takes him by the hand as she picks up the huge cloth bag she had dropped when she walked in, and led him to the back.

Agnes hears Abby say, "Now, lets get our little girl in a nice comfy diaper and this cute outfit I made for her .. shall we?"

Glenn giggles softly as the door to the other room closes with a soft click. Vickie starts to suck her thumb as she plops on her bottom on the thick pillow chair beside Glenn's workbench.

Agnes asks softly, "Are you dry child? Do you need ... umm ... Auntie Agnes to change you ... or .. something … ?"

There was a feeling Glenn felt when Vickie's aunt was around -- a feeling that he wasn't a grownup, that he was just a baby, and a baby girl at that. And the oddest part about that feeling was that it felt so natural, as if it had been there his whole life and Auntie Abby was merely bringing it to the fore. But of course, it had been. Inwardly, the little girl named Glynn, who had been subconsciously patterned after Glenn's best childhood friend Debbie, was a gentle and happy little girl who played where most people couldn't see. But it seemed as if Vickie and Abby could see her -- and, due to an unusual sequence of events, Agnes as well.

Glenn felt that feeling very strongly right now -- he was a little girl and Auntie was here to make things better. His thumb in his mouth, he held Abby's hand and followed behind her as she set her large cloth bag down on the crib and led Glenn to the changing table. He lay down out of habit -- Abby had been looking after both Vickie and Glynn regularly for several months now.

"Now then, are you ready to take off that grownup disguise and be who you know you really are?" Abby asked as she undid his belt, pulled his pants, socks, and underwear off in a very businesslike and routine fashion. Glenn nodded, his thumb still in his mouth.

"What a good little girl you are!" said Abby, tickling Glenn's tummy a bit. "Let's get a nice, soft, thick diaper on little Glynn so she can be all safe and happy."

She spread baby lotion over his diaper area, which Glenn had been keeping shaved smooth, and of course Glenn's body responded to the sensations, which made him blush self-consciously.

"Looks like somebody likes how it feels!" said Abby with a smile. "Silly baby girl."

Abby had a nice, thick cloth diaper ready, and Glenn knew to lift up now so she could slide it under him.

"Oh, what a good girl!" Abby praised him.

She sprinkled cool, fragrant baby powder over him and on the diaper, pulled it up, and pinned it snugly on each side, revealing that the diaper had nursery prints on the outside. She slid a frilly pink plastic-lined rumba panty with white lacy ruffles up his legs and over his diapers. Glenn dutifully lifted up again.

"There we go, all snug as a bug in your diaper!" She held his free hand and lifted him to a sitting position.

"Now we need both arms," she said, taking his thumb from his mouth with one hand and deftly replacing it with a pink pacifier with the other. "Lift up!" She pulled his shirt up and off when he lifted his arms above his head. "Good girl!" Glenn blushed again.

"Now then, let's see what Auntie has brought for little Glynn, shall we?"

She opened her bag and took out a lovely confection of a dress, exactly matching the ruffled panties -- pink with white lace, its short sleeves rounded and puffy, its pinafore white and lacy in front, and its hem well high enough to make Glenn's thick diapers easy to see. Glenn gasped, almost dropping his pacifier. The Glynn part of him was overwhelmed, and the grownup side of him hadn't felt feelings like this since the last Christmas when his parents were still alive.

Somewhere, in a hidden playroom, a little girl is over joyed by the new present her Auntie had just given her and shrieked loudly with joy.

Abby slipped the dress on over Glenn's head, having to remind him to lift up his arms again, and then it was just a matter of some shoes, and Glenn was feeling like he well and truly was Glynn -- and Abby knew it. She seemed intent on making sure he felt comfortable with his baby side, because he did -- he felt transformed, and it felt right.

Vickie looks up at Agnes with big eyes. She moves to her hands and knees first then stands, wobbling a bit from there, just like a little baby should. Agnes feels her heart melt as she watches this adorable little girl ... she is so amazed that Vickie seems just like a toddler. Vickie pulls open the front of her lacy pull up panties and looks at Agnes with her huge blue sparkly eyes.

Agnes smiles warmly as she walks to Vickie and takes hold of the waist band of her pull up panties. Vickie is dry enough that she doesn't yet need to be changed ... although it won't be long.

Agnes coos softly, "Is baby hungry?"

Agnes takes Vickie by the hand and leads her into the kitchen. She opens the fridge ... and retrieves 2 already prepared bottles of formula. She pops them into the Microwave for about 30 seconds. When they come out, they are the exact right temperature for babies. She takes Vickie back into the living room. Agnes sits on the sofa and pulls Vickie into her lap and arranges her comfortably in her arms. Agnes puts the nipple to Vickie's lips ... Vickie suckles eagerly. Agnes feels so wonderful to have a baby on her arms. The grin on her face is a marvel to see.

"Looks like Vickie's having her bottle," said Abby as she led Glenn by the hand back into the living room. "C'mon, baby girl, let's get you yours," she said, leading Glenn to an overstuffed recliner chair, where she sat down and got Glenn to sit on the chair's padded arm and lie back against her chest.

She had picked up the other bottle from the coffee table, and she held it up to Glenn's mouth. By this time, Glenn was in a very young frame of mind -- he was almost entirely Glynn right then, and she wanted that bottle, so she reached for the nipple and ... the phone rang.

"Well, criminently," said Abby, "who would be calling now? Well, Vickie's got an answering machine for a reason."

Abby hadn't moved the bottle, but Glenn was more Glenn than Glynn now, worrying that it might be Vickie's father, or his lawyer, or something. He tried to relax and just drink the bottle, but the moment wasn't perfectly right anymore.

Vickie vaguely heard the phone ring and could hear the faint voice as it said something on the answering machine.

Agnes coos softly, "Now don't even think about having a big girl's thoughts. I'm having too much fun being a grandmother."

She shifts Vickie to a more comfortable position and begins to hum a soft lullaby. Vickie was so surprised at how Agnes had taken to being part of this whole thing. All it took, was a few sessions with the VR system and she was a total convert.

Vickie turns her head as much as Agnes would let her, and saw Glynn fighting to remain. Vickie hoped that he wasn't too agitated by the phone call ... Vickie hoped it wouldn't be bad news. The thoughts of the letter and the impending court case began to take away the special moment from her as well. Agnes on the other hand ... wasn't about to let it slip past. She had wanted to have a grand baby in her arms and feeding it and caring for it for so many years ... nope ... she wasn't going to allow her baby to miss out on this in any way.

When the two babies were finished with their bottles, Abby said, "Okay, let's put them in their playpen for a little while -- would you mind if we talked about a few things, Agnes?"

"Not at all, dear," Agnes said. "Come on, little Vickie, into the playpen where you can play with your friend," she said, patting Vickie's bottom to encourage her to toddle in the direction of the playpen.

Glenn headed for the playpen of his own accord; he could see the look in Vickie's eyes that meant that she was feeling very little, and he wanted to help her stay in that state -- it was so difficult for him to reach it, so the last thing he wanted to do was interfere with Vickie's happiness. Glenn knew from experience, Vickie was mostly baby all the time anyway, because of the many years of Abby's making sure it was so. He also knew …. Abby did her best to reinforce this in him as well.

Abby made sure Vickie and Glenn were in the playpen and happily playing, then met Agnes in the kitchen. She started some coffee brewing and said, "I suppose it's time we listened to this message."

She pressed the play button on the answering machine.

There was a beep, then a female voice said, "Hello, I'm the secretary for Fenton Steele, from the law firm of Lye, Cheete and Steele. I can't discuss details on an answering machine, but I'm just calling to confirm that Vickie Carter received the legal documents we sent. Please call us back as soon as you can at --" Abby angrily pressed another button, and another voice said, "Message erased."

"What kind of customers do they mean to attract to their law firm, with a name like that, I wonder?" said Agnes.

"Customers like John Carter," Abby answered. "He's a real piece of work. What my sister ever saw in him, I have no idea."

"I'm not a lawyer, dear," said Agnes, "but how can anyone contest a will so many years later?"

"Well, the will set up a trust fund," Abby answered, "which was administered by my sister's lawyer. Apparently, he just passed away. I guess it's actually his will that Clint's contesting, but part of that is about who gets to be the next trustee -- the next person in charge of the money. Clint obviously wants it to be him, or at least his lawyer."

"I'll call my attorney as soon as I get home," said Agnes, patting Abby's hand. "They don't make them like him anymore. If he's not retired, I'm sure he'll help."

Agnes kisses Abby softly as she pats her hand one more time.

She says softly as she leaves, "Take care of my god children until I get back tomorrow. I so want to try that ... World of Glynn's one more time. It's ... it's magical .. I was … was a little girl once again playing in a sand box ... It was so wonderful."

Abby watches as the old woman leaves. Agnes had such pep in her step these days. She still waked with a slight limp and with her cane ... but she wasn't the old harpy she used to be.

Abby runs her hand through her hair as she looks at the letter on the table. After all these years ... She bangs her fist on the table making every thing rattle. Clint Carter isn't going to cause her little girl any more trouble. One way or the other ... he's going to vanish. Abby looks over her shoulder to the 3 cases that held the Virtual Augmentation goggles. She smiles as a thought slowly creeps into her mind.

"Yes," she said softly out loud, "It just might work."

Meanwhile, back in the playpen, Glenn had been doing everything he could to keep Vickie happy and to keep her from dropping out of her regressed state. Right now, they were playing with blocks.

"Oooo look at the big tower you've made, Vickie!" Glenn said.

Vickie looked at it, giggled, and promptly knocked it over, giggling even more. Glenn smiled. She loved knocking towers down, then building more and knocking them down too. He helped her build another one. Vickie started building another tower but then stopped and sighed.

"Vickie?" Glenn asked. "What's wrong?"

"I can tell, Glenn," said Vickie. "You're not getting little yourself. You're just helping me. You're so sweet, and I'm so grateful, but ... I want you to have fun too. I wanna play wif Glynn." She pokes out her bottom lip adorably.

Glenn sighed too. "I can never fool you," he said. "It's so hard to get there … So hard."

Somewhere, in a hidden playroom, a little blonde girl with pigtails was trying to go outside and play, but no matter how many doors she kept opening, there were somehow always more doors behind them.

Vickie plops back on her thickly diapered bottom and pokes out her bottom lip. She says in a cute pouty voice, "My dad sucha meany ... even now he seems ta be able to cause problems n stuffies."

"Did he -- hurt you?" said Glenn, pausing because he didn't want to upset Vickie. "You don't have to say more if you don't want to."

Vickie's eyes fill with tears as she nods her head. She says softly," He ... he pushed me Glynn ... down this ... fight of stairs. I hit my head n was hurt really bad."

Glenn gasped. How could anyone do that to his own child?

Vickie begins to cry softly at the memory. Glynn wiggles close and hugs Vickie close.

Vickie says in a whimpering infantile voice Glynn had never heard her use, "Mom no could prove it ... but it wasa only way it coulda happen. I only member fallin and hurtin .. then wakin up inna hospital. I was ... diffrent then .. not tha same."

Glynn cried too. "No!" she said -- it was in Glenn's voice but it had a decidedly juvenile tone to it. "Nobody gonna hurt my bestes fwiend like that! Not no more! Fwiends is too hard to find!" She hugged Vickie protectively.

Glenn did not really know how he could help ... but he knew he would find a way, somehow.

When Agnes got to her bedroom, she pulled open the drawer in her nightstand and removed a very old, worn black address book. She opened it to the 'L' section and saw the name, 'Sioux M. Nicely'. She smiles as she recalls the gentleman and how good a litigation lawyer he used to be. She hoped he would take this one last case. She punched in the number and awaited the ringing to be answered.

The next day was rainy, and Glenn stayed in his basement workshop. He had an idea for improving the signal compression to the AR goggles. His cell phone rang.

"Hello, Glenn Blunt," he said. "Oh yes, I had submitted a proposal. You are? Well, I'd be happy to arrange a demonstration. Yes, the potential applications for therapy are almost limitless." His eyes widened. "I would be very interested. How about next Wednesday, the 29th -- 1 p.m.? That would work fine." He pulled up his virtual calendar on his laptop and made a note. "I'll see you then, Mr. Hathaway. Have a great day!"

He hung up. He sit for a few minutes staring blankly at the mass of electronics on the work bench in front of him then said, "I gotta tell Vickie!"

As Glenn climbed the stairs from his basement workshop, He met Abby as she was slowly feeling her way down the darkened stairs.

She gasps in a startled way s she says, "Oh .. I didn't expect to meet anyone on the stairs." She pants softly a few times before she continues, "I apologies for barging in uninvited, but I .. need to ask you some questions about your ... system if I may."

John replies, Sure, but let's get off the stairs first ... to a more comfy place."

Abby agreed and they went to the kitchen. Abby sat at the table as Glenn retrieved 2 cups of coffee from the kitchen.

Abby askes, "Ummm ... can the system be used to ...say ... administer Binaural and Mind Entrainment signals to an individual?"

"Wait, what are binaural signals? What is mind entrainment?" Glenn asked, as they sat down in the living room with their coffee. "Some kind of mind control? What good would that do?"

"Well," said Abby, "I used to smoke cigarettes. It was expensive, and the smell got into all my clothes and everything. It was so hard to quit. I tried everything until I found these CDs in a store. They said they used some kind of Binaural Brainwave Entrainment. All I know is they worked for me. I don't smoke anymore. Those CDs were 20 bucks but I've saved a lot more than that by quitting smoking. I use a similar type of CD on Vickie to help keep her a little girl at heart."

"Hmm, well I'd have to see what exactly that Binaural whatsit means," said Glenn, "but why do you bring it up now?"

"Well, I've tried your AR system," said Abby, "and it's a really involving experience. But what if it were a really, really involving experience? One that somebody thought was real? One that … created an experience os engrossing that it changed the thought patterns?"

"OK," said Glenn, "if it can do that, I can see that it might an improvement, but again, why are you bringing it up?"

"Well, it's a long shot of an idea," she said, "but I was thinking of your system and Vickie's dad. If we could somehow get him to use it, and put him through the right kind of intense experience that he thought was real ..."

"I don't know if I like the idea of mind controlling somebody against their will," said Glenn.

"Vickie told you that he threw her down the stairs," Abby said. "And that's just the tip of the iceberg, just one example of the things he did to Vickie and my sister, her mother. And now he wants to take her house and her money."

"I still wouldn't feel good about doing something like that to anybody," said Glenn. "But you have given me an idea. Let me look into what this entrainment thing is."

About that time, there is a loud knock at Glenn's door. He heard Agnes' voice and another old wezend voice that cracked jokes and made puns that kept Agnes in stitches.

Glenn answered the door, "Yes? Oh, Hi Auntie Agnes ... come in. Who's this with you?"

Agnes enters with the crotchety old man on a cane. She giggles and replies, This old fool ... is Sioux M. Nicely. He's probably the best litigation lawyer on the earth."

The old man looks at Glenn above his glasses, then below his glasses ... in every way but through them.

He laughs in an old cronie way, "Well ... is this the young lady? She looks like a ...big girrl."

Agnus laughs and says, "That's Glenn .. not Vickie."

The old man bows and says apologetically, "I'm sorry ... I'm glad to meet you Mr. Glenn." And he holds out his hand.

Shaking the gray-haired man's hand, Glenn said, "Glad to meet you too, Mr. Nicely. I hope you can help Vickie. And I might want to ask your advice about finding a business lawyer, if you don't mind."

"Business?" said Mr. Nicely. "Agnes said something about an invention you had. Got some company interested in making a deal? Hmm. Not really my area, but tell you what. Call this fellow. Where'd I put that card?" He felt around in his hip pockets, his jacket pockets, his lapel pocket, and then reached behind Glenn's ear. "Aha! Here we are." He produced a business card seemingly out of thin air and handed it to Glenn. "Only one I'd trust with my business. I'm sure he wouldn't mind my sending you his way too."

Glenn couldn't help giggling -- perhaps a bit of Glynn was bubbling to the surface. At any rate this old man was a real pleasure, "Well thank you, sir, and I'll call him. But maybe we should talk about Vickie."

"Right you are, right you are," he said. "Now, officially I'm retired, but that doesn't mean I don't take on odd jobs now and then. Where is Vickie, anyway?"

"She's having her nap," said Abby, "but she should be waking up any time now. She's right next door. Shall we?"

"With your permission, Miss ...?"

Abby takes the old man's hand s she giggles at his antics. She likes him a lot already.

She says, "My names Abby, I'm ... her Aunt. If you will follow me, I will go and .. wake her up."

Agnes looks kind of sheepish as she says softly, "He knows Abby ... and he's perfectly ok with it .. trust him."

Abby blinks a few times then smiles, "Ok .. I'll wake the baby and bring her from the nursery and introduce you."

She led everyone over to Vicki's house and had them wait in the living room. Abby quickly went upstairs. A few long minutes passed before Abby came back downstairs ... leading a cute little girl by her hand.

The old man sees Vickie. She was sucking her thumb and dressed in a very cute baby smock top, a hugely thick diaper, and soft pink and white plastic lined powder puff panties.

The old man bows deeply at the waist as he says in a sweet cooing voice, "And this must be the Fairy Princess of Dreams. I have waited my entire life to meet a Fairy Princess."

Vickie giggles as she clings to Abby's side like a little baby would and puts her thumb in her mouth.

"What a charmer!" said Abby. "Say hi to Mr. Nicely, Vickie. He's here to help with the legal stuff."

Vickie says in a very cute infantile voice, "Hewows." she waves, "I this manys." and she holds up 2 fingers.

"Well now, aren't you a big girl?" he said. "I know just the thing for big girls." He snapped his fingers and was somehow holding a small strawberry lollipop, which he gave to a wide-eyed Vickie.

Vickie screeches with infantile joy as she eagerly takes the lollypop and puts it in her mouth ... wrapper and all.

"Oops!" said Abby. "Let's take the wrapper off first, sweetie!"

Vickie complained when Abby took the lollipop, but she was much happier now that its wrapper was removed and she could taste it.

"Now then, sweetie," said Mr. Nicely, "your daddy's lawyers are playing a little game, but I think I can make it a bit harder for them. I'm going to talk to your aunt for a little while, OK?"

Vickie nods her head and acts adorably shy. Abby pats Vickie on her hinny softly. Vickie toddled over to a large stack of toys and plopped on her hinny.

Abby giggles and says softly, "Please forgive Vickie, I have her under the influence of a powerful Mind enhancement Cd called baby personality. It takes several hours for the effects to wear off. Until then, she's an adorable little toddler of about 2."

Mr. Nicely laughs jovially as he replies, "I'm well aware of her and ..." He points to Glenn, "This young man's .. shall we say ... alter egos?"

Glenn blushed. "My childhood ... was less than ideal," he said.

"Now now, my boy," said Mr. Nicely, holding up a hand to forestall further explanation, "when you're young, things like appearances matter so much, but at my age I've gotten some perspective. It's up to you -- would you like to come talk with Abby and me, or would you like to stay and play with Vickie?"

Glenn thought. "Well, I don't know that much about the law," he said, "and I'm not Vickie's guardian -- and somebody should probably look after her. So I'll stay with her."

"Very well, then," said Mr. Nicely, leaving the room with Abby beside him. "I asked myself, why would Mr. Carter be trying to contest the will of his ex-wife's lawyer, when he knows he doesn't have a leg to stand on? So I looked into the will of poor Ms. Laurent ..." They left the room.

Glenn took off his shoes and stepped into the playpen, where Vickie saw him and clapped and squealed with glee.

"Wow, I wonder what that CD would do to me if I listened to it," he said. "Hi Vickie!"

He smiled happily at her; it was as if being close to her made all the world's troubles and worries lift from his shoulders.

"Whatcha doin'?"

Seeing that she was playing the blocks game, he started helping her play. And they were both happier for it.

Vickie stacks 6 blocks into a pyramid ... then knocks them down. She giggles and claps her hands. From the other room, the talking had gotten a bit heated.

Abby's voice was herd, "And then ... the rumor is he pushed her down the stairs ... the poor girl had a serious skull fracture ..." Abby's voice gets to be quieter."

Vickie looks to the room and start to suck her thumb thoughtfully. She take it out and says in her cute baby voice, "What tha Dult Spiracy doin Glynnies??"

Glenn pats Vickie softly on her head and says in a coo, "Nuffin sweetie ... jus takin carea stuffs."

He then takes several blocks and stacks them in a pile. Vickie giggles as her eyes sparkle brightly.

"I wonner how all these block towers keeps gettin knocked down?" said Glenn.

He looked the other way with his head for a moment, looking back at Vickie out of the corner of his eye, smiling slightly. Vickie reached out slowly, watching Glenn, and then quickly knocked down the block tower with a quick swipe, giggling and squealing happily.

Feigning surprise, Glenn gasped. "Oh! How did that happen? Didja see, Vickie?" He lightly tickled her under the chin. "Hmm? Didja?"

Vickie giggle and acts adorably as she fidgets.

She says, "I thinka fuzzy critter come n dood it. Think baby sawa balla fuzz .. come n dood it."

She giggles some more as Glenn tickles her. Abby looks in on the 'children' as they play.

Mr. Nicely says softly, "I would love to .... be their age again."

Abby turns and looks sort of sideways at Nicely, “Well .. there might be a way ... if you ask Glenn. I think he might need a good lawyer to help him patent ... a wonderful invention of his.

Mr. Nicely looks at Abby above his glasses, below his glasses, and around his glasses .. everywhere but through them.

He says in a cute voice, "I suppose it comes complete with a convertible top and an AM / FM Stereo?"

Abby giggled. "If it had wheels ... it would," she said. "So you say, you think the motion is just a delaying tactic?"

"Well, possibly," he said. "I suspect other things that aren't nice to say in front of small children. But there's something about the execution of Ms. Laurent's will that Mr. Carter wants to delay." And they went back into the living room.

Glenn turned back to Vickie, who had picked up a doll and was tugging its clothes off.

"Vickie wanna dress up dolly?" he said. "Different clothes?" Vickie nodded. "OK! Let's see if we can find some other ones."

He looked around and found the plastic bag with all the doll clothes in it. Glenn hands it to Vickie, and she started pawing through it, looking for the perfect outfit.

Vickie choose a cute pair of shorts and a shorty smock top. She dresses Barbie and snaps the snaps.

She looks up at Glenn suddenly and says softly, "Umm .. Glenn? Who that ... man inna other room wif Auntie?"

Vickie began to become aware of things as the Baby Personality CD wore slowly off. She gets up on her hands and knees, then stands up after wiggling her hinny and showing off her ruffles. She manages to climb over the top rail of the playpen, then toddles up to Abby and says in an adorable voice, "Mooommyyy .. whosat?"

She sticks her thumb back in her mouth and looks at Mr Nicely with big sparkly eyes.

Abby replies, "This nice man is the lawyer that Auntie Agnes told you about."

Vickie nods her head and says around her thumb, "Umm hummgghh."

Mr Nicely laughs and says, "Hi, My name's Sioux."

He holds out his hand to Vickie. She takes it tentatively and shakes hands with him shyly.

Abby says, "She must be starting to come out of Baby Personality. You will be able to talk with her in a few minutes."

"How remarkable," he said. "I get to be introduced to a pretty young girl three times in one day. At my age, that's not something I can often say."

Climbing out of the playpen to make sure Vickie didn't cause herself any harm, Glenn followed after her. "So did you find something out, Mr. Nicely?" he asked.

"Nothing definite," said the old lawyer. "I'm going to talk to the people at the law firm that Ms. Laurent worked at, until recently. For one thing, they're likely to be forth coming with answers, since I'm representing the client of their late coworker. For another thing, Schue, Butcher and Wright probably has a better sense of humor than Lye, Cheete and Steele, names aside."

"Sounds good," said Glenn. "I hope you find something."

"Relax, my boy," said Mr. Nicely. "Worrying never did anybody any good. If nothing bad happens, you're upsetting yourself about nothing. If something bad does happen, you're all upset, so you won't handle it as well. Just deal with it as it happens."

Vickie looks around the room in a dazed way for a second before she takes her thumb from her mouth.

She says softly, "Umm ... Mr. Nicely?? Baby gots some ... stuffies inna box Mommy gave me ... It's gots .. letters n legal dult stuffs in it. Wanna see it?"

Mr. Nicely nods his head as he pats Vickie's hinny softly, "Yes sweet heart, be a good baby and go get it for me so we Adults can look at it."

Vickie giggles at the hinny pat as she toddles and sort of skips off to the bedroom. The sound of drawers opening and falling in the floor is heard ... then a loud crash. Vickie's cries can be heard loudly ... Wahhhhhhhh!!

Abby and Glenn bump into each other as they hurry to the back. Mr. Nicely fallows at a safe distance behind, since he was on a cane. When they all entered the room, Vickie was holding a rather large metal box. There were 3 drawers lying on the floor and the remains of a German Smoked Crystal Unicorn scattered all around. Vickie was crying her heart out. Abby knelt on one side as Gelnn knelt on the other.

Abby coos reassuringly as she hugs Vickie, "Don't cry sweet heart ... it can be fixed. We can get you another just like it ... and have this one fixed."

Vickie snuggled her face into Abby as Glenn patted her hinny softly. Mr Nicely noticed ... there were a large number of papers tied with a ribbon lying amid the crystal shards that had been inside the Unicorn.

Mr. Nicely asked, "Mind if I have a look at those papers, sweetie?"

When Vickie didn't say anything, he picked them up and flipped through them.

"Interesting," he said. He adjusted his glasses. "I might need to take a little time to read these. Meanwhile, that'll give you a chance to calm poor little Vickie down." He went back to the living room.

"C'mon Vickie, it's OK," said Glenn.

"It'll be all right, Vickie," Abby said, rocking her gently in a loving hug.

Vickie says in a whiny infantile stutter, "Mommy .. she .. she gave it to baby loong timemago," *sniffles* "It ... special ta baby lots."

Glenn coos softly, "I understand, but it can be fixed. Abby and I'll take it to the jeweler's in the morning and get it repaired. They can do it good as new. Besides, it appears there was something within the statuette ... we would have had to break it open anyway."

Vickie stops crying as she takes in a gasping breath. She puts her thumb in her mouth and allows Abby to take her by the hand and lead her back into the other room where Mr. Nicely was absorbed in the many papers.

"It's gonna be OK, Vickie," Glenn reassured her as she sucked her thumb.

"Is she all right?" Mr. Nicely asked as they came back in.

"I think she'll be fine," said Abby. "Maybe I should have gotten them instead."

"Now, no point beating yourself up about it," said Mr. Nicely. "What we have here are a number of private communications between Vickie's mother and Ms. Laurent. I'd have to read them in more detail to really be able to say what about, but there's a reference to some evidence Ms. Laurent had in her keeping, some documents or some such."

Abby hands Mr. Nicely the large metal box Vickie had retrieved from her room. He opened it .... his eyes got really big and his glasses fell from his nose. He couldn't believe some of what he saw on the very top of the stack. There were pictures ... obviously taken from some kind of hidden camera ... showing Vickie's dad pushing her in a sly sort of way. There were many documents and signed papers of other incidences where John had been seriously abusive to Vickie. He even found a Restraining Order ... signed and dated and still in effect for the remainder of Vickie's life.

"This is ... pretty serious evidence against Mr. Carter," said Mr. Nicely. "But if Ms. Laurent had something else, something they were holding over Mr. Carter's head ... maybe to keep him away from Vickie ..."

"Could it go public now that my sister and Ms. Laurent have both passed away?" Abby asked.

"It is a distinct possibility," said Mr. Nicely. "Ms. Laurent named her employer, the law firm of Schue, Butcher and Wright, to determine a new trustee for the funds, but I remember the clause specifically stated that the sealed documents remain sealed only until trusteeship passed to someone else."

"Which won't happen until the will is executed," said Glenn. "Which is why Clint is trying to delay it," said Abby.

"Precisely," said Mr. Nicely. "If only I could get a glimpse of those documents," said Mr. Nicely.

Vicki comes up to Mr. Nicely and hugs him. She says, "I think I can gets u in ta see them. Mommy lefta address in case sompin happened to tha law practice."

Abby looks at Vickie and says softly, "Are you sure sweetie? You may still be under the CD?"

Vickie walks to a table and opens the drawer. She takes out a small brown book that has a strap and a buckle. She hands it to Abby. Abby unbuckles the book and opens it. Inside, are safety deposit box numbers, pass words, electronic access cards and several small keys tucked in pockets so they wouldn't fall out.

Vickie says, Is you take that to the lawyer's office, on the last page tell where the special papers are kept and gives permission to gets em."

She puts her thumb in her mouth and snuggles up to Glenn.

"Well now," said Mr. Nicely, "your mommy thought of everything, didn't she now, my dear?" Adjusting his glasses, he looked at the book. "I think this may need to stay here until I really need it. You may need it first. In the meantime," he said, getting to his feet with the help of his cane, "I will take these papers, if you don't mind, so I can read them more carefully. I couldn't possibly be any more boring than I am when I'm reading, and at my age it takes a long time."

"I think it's all right if Mr. Nicely takes the papers, don't you, Vickie?" said Abby. "As long as we can make a copy of them first."

"But I haven't seen a copier," Mr. Nicely said. "How are you going to do that?"

"I can answer that," said Glenn, reaching for the first page in the open folder on the table. He held it up in the air, holding it steady for a few seconds, then set it down. Then he repeated this process with the next page.

As he continued doing this, he explained, "There are hidden high-resolution cameras all over this house. They're for imaging the environment -- part of the invention that Vickie's been helping me develop. I'll just have the computer isolate the images of the pages from the recordings later."

"Fantastic!" Mr. Nicely said. "My cute little prestidigitations pale before the presti-digital age. Well, as soon as you're done, then, I'll leave you to talk about happier things than torts and courts."

Vickie asks, "Misser Nicely? Would you .. likesa try tha Virtual Augmentation systems? It's ... really an amazing thing to do."

Agnes smiles and says, "You should really give it a go. I think you will truly be amazed ... it's like being a baby again."

Mr Nicely's old wrinkled face creased in a wide grin. He replies, "Oh really? Hummm ... I think I would want to try this on for size."

Vickie giggles as Glenn walks to a table and opens a small suitcase like box. Nestled within it are 4 pairs of specially made goggles. He removes a pair and brings them to Nicely.

Glenn says, "All you have to do is put them on, put the ear pieces in, and press this small button on the ear piece."

Nicely looks them over from one side, then turns them around backwards and looks them over from that angle. He put them on his face and sticks the ear buds in his ear. When he presses the button. His hand falls quickly to his lap and his mouth falls open in a loud gasp.

He says in a strange far away voice, "Oh, my ... I ... I'm a little boy again .. I can ... even smell things again."

"I'm pretty sure the sense of smell is an illusion," said Glenn, "unless you're smelling chocolate-chip cookies, because I smell those too. I'll bet Abby put those in the oven earlier. And they smell wonderful!"

"But -- but this is astonishing," said Mr. Nicely. "I don't really look like I remember looking as a boy -- but of course, how could it do that, without having pictures or descriptions? But still ... I feel smaller, and everything else seems larger -- and more colorful, especially the toys."

"That's true," said Glenn, "it's basically for reliving your childhood as a form of therapy, but it doesn't create an imaginary world -- it just augments and enhances the world around you. And yes, I set it for a little boy setting, so you're getting the computer's guess about what you may have looked like, but it's going to be a vague guess without any pictures -- people could also work with us to improve the image with descriptions and just a sense of whether we're getting it right or wrong."

"Could this work for, say, someone in a wheelchair, or someone confined to a bed?" Mr. Nicely asked. "Could it make it seem as if they were up and about, moving and exploring?"

"Hmm," said Glenn. "You're the second person who's asked me that today. It might be possible, but we'd need either a lot more computational power or some kind of mobile camera."

Mr Nicely looks over the top of the goggles, then back in them. he shakes his head slowly. He says, "This is like magic. I know of a small electronics group who would more than be willing to subsidize such a thing as this. "

Vickie snuggles up to Glenn and says, "Well, Big Boy ... it seems you've gotten the money to do the enhancements we've been discussing. Total sensory augmentation environments. To be in one of those would be incredible."

Mr. Nicely looks at Vicki with a surprised look. He says softly, "Well, baby, it seems you're back with us."

Vicki looks down, she's dressed in a thick diaper and ruffly powder puff panties with a cute shorty babydoll top.

She blushes softly, "I ... ummm .. well ... this is who I really am. I'm ... not really a grown up."

She blushes totally pink.

Mr Nicely grins as he replies, "How we all wish we could be sweet heart ... I promise you."

Glenn sighed. He knew that was true, at least for him. He wished he could really let go and stop being a grownup for a little while, but it was always so difficult, even though he had the means and the support right there with him.

"Well, I really must go, if I'm to make any sort of headway for you at all," Mr. Nicely said, picking up the folder of papers and heading toward the door. "Not that the cookies don't smell heavenly, but I'm under strict doctor's orders not to eat anything that tastes good in any way." He made a wry face as he said this. "I will talk to you again very soon, most likely tomorrow, once I've had a chance to go over these in detail."

He moved toward the door, and Abby went to show him out,.

He stopped for a moment and said, "I feel as if I've entered some kind of time machine, and now I don't want to go home." He smiled. "But I hope I can come visit this era again."

"The smell of those cookies is driving me crazy," said Glenn quietly to Vickie, who giggled.

Vickie runs over to Mr. Nicely and hugs him. She says, "I hope u come back n play wif us onna swings soon."

He looks down at her and asks, "Swings? What swings sweet heart."

Vickie point toward the fence at the side of her house across the road and says, "That swings. The ones that .... gave me the best playmate I ever had."

She looks at Glenn, who began to blush a deep crimson.

Agnes says softly, "The same swings that allowed an old woman to revisit her childhood too."

Mr. Nicely smiles, "I have to be going ... or I will never get these documents read." He bends and pats Vicki softly on her hinny as he gives her a sweet kiss on her cheek. He says sadly, "I wish I can play tonight, but, I promise I will come back ... and we will swing on the swings."

He looks at Glenn with a knowing glance, then walks out the door. He jumps up on his walking stick just as he exits and clicks his heels together ... then the door closes and he is gone.

Abby giggles, "Well, now ... that is a very ... interesting man."

Agnes giggles, "Interesting? That old coot is mad as any hatter."

Everyone bursts into laughter as Abby runs to the kitchen to check on her cookies.

"Whew! Nothing burned," said Abby, bringing out a hot cookie sheet and setting it down on top of some hot pads on the dining room table. "Now, no touching yet, you two little ones -- it's super hot!"

Simultaneously Vickie and Glenn said, "OK, Auntie," and "OK, Abby," making Agnes giggle.

Vickie and Glenn looked at each other and giggled too. That made Glenn feel happy. Maybe he wasn't as grown up as he thought. And maybe all this legal craziness wouldn't wreck their lives after all.

Vicki snuggles up to Glenn and puts her arms around his neck. She whispers softly, "I love you Glenn. I want you to know that. I want to share ... babyhood with you in the most serious way. If you're willing ... you and me can listen to my CD. I have to warn you though ... it's highly addicting .. and never completely wears off. Some of it sticks and accumulates over time." She takes him by his hands, "What do you say ... you'll probably wind up in diapers all the time really soon."

Glenn gasped. "I -- well --" He paused. She was probably right. He might not be the same after listening to that CD, even just a few times. She might be right about his ending up needing diapers all the time, too. But still, he felt as if Vickie had something that he had wanted so much for so very long, and she was willing to share it with him. And the worst thing that could happen was – The worst thing that could happen was that he would get what he had always wanted.

"Only if it is OK with Abby," Glenn said. "After all, she would have two babies to take care of, not just one, while the CD was in effect."

Abby walks up and pats Glenn affectionately on his bottom. She says in a cooing sweet voice, "And just who takes care of the both of you anyway? Humm .. silly baby?" Glenn sees the sparkle in Abby's eyes. She continues, "I love nothing more than caring for the 2 of you ... it would be no different if you are under the influence of Vicki's CD ... or the augmented reality program."

Glenn took Vickie's hands again. "Vickie, being little again has been my dream for as long as I can remember. That's what Glynn is, really -- my dream. As long as I'm mentally grown up, she isn't real and can't be. At the very least, I want to try this ... so I can know what can be." He took a deep breath. "Thank you for offering to share something very special with me."

"My goodness, this is breathtaking," said Agnes. "You two kids are a wonder to behold. It's just so romantic! It really takes me back ... like when I met my first husband. But that's a long time ago."

Somewhere … in a secret playroom, a little girl saw a glittering magical key materialize before her ... one that could unlock every door, and set her free at last. She gasped and eagerly reached for it …


  ~~ End Pt1 ~~  

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Thank you to everybody, and thank you to Miki -- this story is very special and fun to write. I would say that it's fun to w*rk on stories with you, Miki, but there's no w*rk to it -- it's playing! No 4-letter W-word in it. *giggles*
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I hope everybody is enjoying this story as much as I am enjoying writing it with Miki. This chapter is sort of an interlude, a look inward before looking outward again. I have some ideas for where it can go next. I hope they're fun. But it's full of directions to go in -- maybe too full of them, but we'll see.

And through the night, dreaming sweet baby dreams, perhaps we will float on fluffy cloud strollers to the playpen of heart's memory. There, in the center of timelessness, surrounded by familiar baby toys we've never seen before, perhaps there we will find what is lost.
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-- Jennifer Funshine
Miki Yamuri
Isa goo n fun Story ta play ... an Jennies makes it even betterer. I think there gonna be lots more baby time an baby play time real soon ... specially wif Mr. John Clinton. >>giggle

The best thing about my life is being Lisa's Pet Babydoll

emma wotson
baby wants more baby wants more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
baby loves it a lot me like a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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