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In an attempt to avoid embarrassment, Chris makes a wish and winds up as something that never HAS to be embarrassed.
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 “God, will you just hurry up?” Chris asked, discreetly squeezing his thighs together. He had been roped into going to the mall with his friend Andy. Always vying for attention from the ladies, Andy had up and decided to completely upgrade his wardrobe. “Yeah,” thought Chris sarcastically, trying to distract himself from his dangerously full bladder. “That's why you have trouble with the ladies. It couldn't possibly be because you treat women like trophies and achievements instead of as people.” Even through High School, Andy had been something of a dog, and in college, all bets were off.

“Look, I'm almost done,” Andy replied, waving off his friend and holding up a pile of clothing. “I just need to take these to the register and pay, so if you need to go take a leak, just go. We can meet up in the food-court.” Nodding his approval of the plan, Chris began to book it out of the small shop. But as he grew nearer and nearer to the mall's restroom, forced to try and maneuver through countless people blissfully unaware of his plight, he could feel his control slipping, a few drops of pee beginning to come out unbidden.

Crap, Crap, Crap!” he screamed in his mind. At this point, he'd have emptied his bladder by the time he'd reach a toilet. He scanned the mall, searching for options, when Chris spied the water fountain at the foodcourt. Knowing it was all or nothing, he dashed his way through the crowd, before pretending to trip, throwing himself into the fountain. Hard for anyone to notice you've wet yourself when your entire body is soaked. Of course, that only saved him one embarrassment.

Now, half of the foodcourt was staring at him, making him feel ungodly uncomfortable. Unlike Andy, Chris hated to be the center of attention, and while nobody would know he had peed his pants, he was now a wet, shivering mess. “Oh my god, are you ok?” Turning, Chris looked to see a man and women coming up to him, holding out their hands to help him up and out of the fountain. The woman appeared to be in her mid-to-late twenties, with brown hair and she was a bit plump, but in a healthy, very pretty way. The man had darker hair, and also seemed to be in his late-twenties. At roughly 6' 2”, he had a fairly decent build.

The two pulled Chris out of the water easily enough, and he sat down on the edge, still cold. “I hope that wasn't your wish, cause if it was, you just wasted some change,” the Man joked, getting elbowed in the ribs. Chris looked in the water and spotted all the coins, stifling a laugh.

That's right, this is supposed to be one of those wishing well, fountain, things,” he thought to himself. “Well, I guess you could say it solved one problem,” he joked back, not wanting to really elaborate what sort of problem that was. “Thanks for the help, by the way.”

“No problem,” the women replied, digging in her purse and pulling two nickels out. “We were actually stopping by specifically to make a wish anyway. My husband and I have been trying to have a baby for almost two years now. So we thought we'd try our luck and wish for a baby girl.” Flipping one of the nickels into the water, she gave the other to Chris as she and her husband turned and walked away. “Wish us luck!” she said over her shoulder. “And don't stay in those wet clothes too long!”

Chris looked at the nickel in his hand, rubbing his thumb over the tails side of the coin. Looking to the fountain, he decided if they could pray for a little magic, so could he. “I wish that I didn't have to worry about making a fool of myself over some wet pants,” he said, tossing the coin into the water. But the moment it entered, the water began to glow with a brilliant light. When it dimmed enough for Chris to see, he watched as two objects, the two nickels, were lifted from the water, each spinning rapidly with one orbiting the other. He looked around, but nobody but him seemed to notice the supernatural event occurring right in front of them.

One of the nickels shot off like a rocket, burning white hot and growing in mass, changing in shape. It landed in front of the couple who had given him the coin, and he watched in fascination and dread as two beams shot into the couple. While the man just stared blankly, he watched the woman's hips widen ever so slightly, while her breasts began to swell. The large ball of light soon became two. One faded away, transformed into a diaper-bag, while the other began a stroller. So busy was Chris, that he didn't see the other coin shoot toward him.

It slammed into his chest, knocking the wind out of him. However, unlike the couple, Chris's mental faculties didn't seem to be affected. He felt something grab his wrists and ankles, and looked to see the straps from the stroller seemed to have come alive, extending almost twenty feet to grab the boy. As they began to drag him toward the stroller, the changes began. His pants seemed to simply disintegrate, while his underwear began to swell up and morph into a diaper. His shirt, which had up until this point been a simple white with the red Superman Logo, had faded to pink and now read 'Daddy's Princess.' It began to stretch down longer and longer, eventually clasping between his legs like a onsie.

He had to shake his head in order to get his now longer hair from his eyes, his own shortly-trimmed blonde hair forming into brown curls. He didn't have time to worry about that though, as his crotch was itching like crazy. With a sick feeling, he suddenly knew that his manhood had been removed, replaced with female parts.

“No, no, no, this is not happening! This is not happen-mmph!” His denials were silenced by the bulb of a pacifier. Finally, he was lifted above the stroller. As he was lowered into it, he grew even more frightened by the fact that the world around him was growing larger. Or rather, he was growing smaller.

When it was all over, the couple seemed to regain their senses, and nobody else in the mall seemed to have noticed anything out of the ordinary. He didn't know why he thought the man and women would notice anything wrong, but his hopes were dashed when the woman cooed down at him. “Oooh, is someone getting crabby, Sweat Pea? You got crabby face.”

“She probably needs fed,” the man announced. “We just changed her, so she shouldn't be wet yet.” The woman smiled down at Chris.

“Is that is, Crystal? Should Mama go feed you?” Chris, or Crystal as he was apparently now called, tried to say something, but even without the pacifier, he doubted his adult mind would have any ability to functionally communicate. The fountain went through the trouble of turning him into an infant girl, and made this couple think he always had been their little girl it would seem. The new family began to walk, and it was mildly disorienting for Crystal to be incapable of seeing anything but the scrolling ceiling.

When they had reached their apparent destination, Mama pulled the pacifier from Crystal's mouth, before unstrapping her from the stroller, pulling her close to her chest. Now the new girl could see where she was, and it only caused her to squirm in fear. They were walking straight toward the unoccupied nursing room for mothers. “It's okay, Baby,” Mama tried to reassure who she thought was her little girl. “Mommy knows you want your num-nums.” In her babified state, Crystal was no match for Mama, who readjusted her as she sat in the rocker. From the crook of her new mothers's arm, Crystal could only stare as Mama's ample breasts were revealed to the former young man. She watched a drop of milk leaked from Mama's nipple, and she shook his head in denial of what was about to happen. The minute that nipple brushed her cheek however, her infantile body instinctively began to suckle.

The taste was disgusting, the thought of what was happening to her was disgusting, and Crystal could only whimper around the nipple filling her newly tiny mouth. Was this going to be her life from now on?

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Baby Butch
Story approved for readers and I see you have a great imagination. That is one great fountain to throw a coin in and have your wish come true! 
 Superb first chapter, Baby Krista...I for one, would love to see the story continue. And yes....I would love to be in Chris...excuse me, Crystals' place! (as we share a same first name). 
Love the start1  Looking forward to what happens next! 
I love cute little mixup stories like these! We definitely need more like this.
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