School for Naughty Boys
My fantasy of becoming a girl and teaching naughty boys to be good
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This is my first story that I have wrote so tell me what you think of it. I am hoping you can give me constructive criticism. I never was good at English but I hope my fellow Sissies can help me write my stories. As of right now I plan to only have this one post for my story but may change my mind later depending on how much people like it. THIS IS A PURELY FICTITIONAL STORY!!!

Once upon a time, when I was just a freshman in high school, I became what I am today. I used to be a naughty boy who gave no respect to woman. That was my downfall. My name is Derica, but once was Derek. I have a sister who was, at the time, a senior who partook in my transformation from a naughty boy to a good girl.
It all started when I grabbed Cassies ass. She told me that if I ever touched her body again, I would regret it. The next day I grabbed her breasts and asked her what you gonna do about it?
Im gonna become your worst nightmare.
I finished that school day as I did any other but was surprised to come home and find an extra car in front of my house. I decided it must just be another of my sisters friends over helping her with her trigonometry homework. I was great at math but I had decided their was no reason for me to help her with it. I walked in and found Cassie sitting with my sister. My mom didnt usually get home until 7 so I knew that it was just them and I. I didnt pay much attention to the room except for Cassie.
As soon as I had locked the door I realized they were up to something. Both of them had huge smiles on them. I continued to my room to blare my stereo that I had just gotten the week before for my birthday and work on my homework. I was dumbfounded when I open the door and saw my room had transformed from my fortress of solitude to the sissiest thing I had even seen. It was completely baby pink and looked like a nursery. This was when my sister and Cassie pranced on me. They told me to go to the bathroom and to not disobey. I saw my sister had my paintball gun and decided to go along with them. I walked into the bathroom and was afraid of what I saw. A bottle of Nair and a box of huggies. Crap! I had always been small for my age but my doctor always told me I would have a growth spurt.
Cassie instructed me to take off all of my clothes and to put them into the trash bag. Told her no and my sister grabbed me while Cassie used scissors to cut off my clothes. I was embarrassed because nobody had ever seen me naked. Cassie kind of laughed and I started to cry. My sister asked if I was going to behave now and I nodded my head. They started to rub the Nair all of my body. It was very cold and felt weird not having any part in the application of it. They turned on the shower and I was prompted to get in and use the sponge to rub off the hair.
I did so and was ashamed to have no hair anywhere except my scalp. It was the only thing that I still had that mad me feel manly. After I was done removing the hair I got out and they led me into my old room, which had indeed been turned into my nursery. They put me into a diaper and what I now consider a cute dress that was full of frilly ruffles. They put a bib on me and put a pacifier into my mouth. I was then told that if I was going to be mean to girls then I should learn what it is like to be a girl who is harassed by boys. I nodded my head. They said that I was going to be a baby girl until I was done with the box of huggies that they had purchased and then they would potty train me. I was then going to be considered a little girl and after I had learned to be a good little girl I was going to become a teenage girl of my age and life the rest of my life as a good girl.
I asked how I was going to do this while still going to school and they told me that I was to begin doing my school online that summer. So I began to cry and they praised me for being a good girl. It was now 5:30 so they put me in the oversized crib, and then turned on a lullaby. I quickly feel asleep and was awoken at 7 when my mom got home. I asked her how she was going to let this happen and was horrified when she told me that she had loved the idea. I was then taken out of my crib and taken to the kitchen where I found a big baby chair. I sat in it and was breast fed by my mother(while she was wearing the breasts that are meant for men to wear for feeding their babies).
I hated the taste of the formula but couldnt stop drinking it for fear of what would happen. She then opened up a big jar of baby food. Asparagus. It was horrible. They force fed me the disgusting concoction until the jar was empty. I was unaware of the drug inside the formula that would make me lose control of my bladder. Thus began my period of being a baby girl until all 108 diapers were gone. My mom then burped me and put me back into the crib. I fell asleep quickly and woke up the next day at 6:30 when I usually got up for school.
I awake to my mommy rocking me in the rocking chair. Why did I say mommy? I had never called her mommy. I wasnt surprised that my mommy could pick me up because I only weighed 95 pounds and my mommy worked out a lot. I noticed my diaper was squishy. What was happening to me. I was calling her mommy and then I mad a mess in my diaper. When my mommy saw me open my eyes she said good morning baby girl and then led me to the changing table.
I winced when she wiped me with a wipe and she pushed by pacifier into my mouth. The sensation was weird but kind of felt good. She quickly changed the diaper and put me into a princess dress. I liked how much space the dress gave me. She told me my baby sitter would be there soon. Babysitter? What was she talking about? I told her I didnt need a babysitter but she cooed and said every baby girl needs a baby sitter.
She breast fed me again and gave me a jar of apple baby food. She told me I was going to get a shot today that would help me with getting through with the ordeal. In reality, it was to help my body stop making testosterone. She had talked to my doctor who said I would probably only need to do the shot once a week for a month because I was so small.
Cassie then rang the doorbell and my mommy answered. She apparently got off of school at 11 every day and was going to be my sitter. My mommy grabbed her purse and kissed me goodbye and told me to be a good little girl. Cassie closed and locked the door and then turned to face me, showing her grin. She began telling me how the shot was going to be painful and that she was going to enjoy her revenge.

The month passed, slowly at first, but I began to enjoy it. Finally the time came that I had finished the package and began potty training. I learned how to use the bathroom sitting like every little girl does and had been switched to pull ups. My room had been updated form a nursery to a room fit for a princess, which I was. Cassie and my sister told me that my nursery equipment and clothes were in the garage should I ever misbehave and be put back into diapers.
I enjoyed being a little girl and enjoyed playing with my Barbie. I learned how to put on my make up and quickly became potty trained and was thus updated from being a little girl to being a teenage girl. The summer had just begun and I began catching up on my missed credits. The first day of being a teenage girl I put on a cute little thong with hearts on it along with a pink plaid mini skirt, a push up bra that made the breasts I had grown look good and a tank top.
I then found out that I was going to the mall to pick out my wardrobe and then to decorate my room. I was basically on a shopping spree and was going to get myself a makeover and get my hair done.
I decided that it would be best to start with that and then do my shopping afterward. I was given a debit card with $2,500 to spend on my stuff. My sister and Cassie accompanied me to the mall to help me out. We had grown to be friends, more like sisters. I had never imagined it possible. We quickly went the hair salon/ spa and had our nails and hair done. Cassie and my sister helped me pick out the hair style that I liked.
I now realized why other girls loved going to the salon so much. We then headed over to Victorias Secret and got fitted for a bra. I was a 32b. I then, with help, picket out my bras and tried them on. I ended up getting 2 push up bras, 1 strapless, and 2 of their custom fit ones. I picked out the undies easily getting a couple pairs of the essentials.
We then traveled onward to pick out some dresses and skirts for me from JC Penny I also picked out a bikini but I knew that I could only wear it at our own pool. After we finished shopping, we filled up my sisters H2 Hummer and drove home. We set up my new stuff in my room and filled my bathroom with my makeup.
I opened up my issue of seventeen I had picked up and began to filter through it. I ate and got online to do my school work. It was to easy to do and finished my English class in just a week. I only had 5 more classes to do. I started looking online for a job I could get. I had never had a job before but knew that in order to be able to get my dress for prom when the time came, I would need to start getting a paycheck.
I found a little boutique that was close and looked like a good place for me to work so I submitted an application online and did a couple others at various places as a back up. I wondered how I was going to get hired without being found out as having once been a filthy boy. Cassie happened to be logged on and I sent her and IM asking her about it. She said that they cant discriminate against me and that I shouldnt worry. I decided I was tired and slipped into my chemise and went to bed.
I arose the next day and got dressed into my new clothes. They made me feel really pretty. I had ended up putting on a sundress with a push up and a micro thong. I went into the living room and found my mommy entertaining a guest. It was a boy from work she had been telling us about that she was interested in. I quickly turned around and hid myself in my room so as to not bother her. Thats when my computer horned the yahoooo! message alert sound and I looked to see who it was. Cassie. I hadnt thought she would be up this early. She told me she was going to a party last night.
I asked her how the party was and she told me she didnt go. She said she got tied up doing research on the internet. Thats when I saw her send a link. I clicked on the link. It was a doctor advertising sex changes and other similar things. It said he didnt require the usual 2 years of being a woman or that the patient be over 18. it was also incredibly cheap. I waited until I saw my mommies guest leave and ran to show her the good new.
I wasnt sure what she would think of the price. It was only $8,000 for the basic sex change. Thankfully my breasts were perfect and I didnt need any facial reconstruction. The only bad thing was that he was 2,000 miles away in San Diego. That meant it wouldnt be a very quick trip. My mom said it was that she hadnt saved up enough money yet. We were $3,000 short of what would be needed for the surgery and travel. I told her I had applied at the boutique and that I would hopefully have a callback soon. She said if I saved up for the other $3,000, that she would let me do it.
I was ecstatic. I decided I would go to the boutique the next day in person to see if they had gotten my application. It was a Thursday so it wouldnt be very busy. I had my mom help me pick out a good outfit to wear and then we went out to lunch. We ate at a small caf and rated the boys as they walked by. I saw 5 boys that Im pretty sure would have asked me out if I hadnt been with my mom. Then I saw one of my old friends. I quickly dropped my hair to hide my face and hoped he didnt recognize me.
He saw my mom and questioned her why I hadnt come back from boot camp yet. I guess that was the official reason for my disappearance. She said that I had really bad behavior and was going to stay there until I turned 18. That meant that I had 2 years of being clear. After lunch we went to get our nails done and I went to work on my school work as soon as I got home. I only had one class left to finish. It was my least favorite subject, History. I had a month left until school started. I was fairly sure I could finish the class easily. I ate a quick dinner and brushed my hair. I decided to go to bed early to be at my best for my trip to the boutique.
I arose early that day at 5 and made sure to look sexy but professional and then had breakfast. Since the mall was only a couple blocks from my house I walked and was there at opening. I walked in and told them I was Derica Fenney. She had told me she just finished looking at my application and was going to see if I could start working today because one of her employees was very unreliable.
I was ecstatic. I asked her calmly how much I would make an hour and what benefits I would get working there. She said $13.50 and hour and a 30% discount on the merchandise. I quickly texted my mom and told her I got the job and asked her where I should begin.
Thankfully I had fun working there. I ended working with Jessica Gomez, a girl I had been going to school with since I was in kindergarten. We really hit it off. She asked me if I wanted to have lunch with her to celebrate my getting the job and that was the beginning of my relationship with my best friend. I quickly realized she was the best friend I could ever have and told her my tale of how I was once a disgusting boy. She didnt believe me so one day I showed her that I still had a penis and told her that I was working to get enough money for the operation.
After working for only a month and a half I explained to my boss that I needed to take a couple days off. I was planning to go to San Diego for the operation on a Friday and then come back after I recouped enough to come back on Monday. She said it was perfectly fine said that she wouldnt take it away from my paid vacation days. I usually only worked weekdays so I only missed 2 days of work but was still grateful.
I left with my sister to have the surgery. The doctor told me that the surgery was technically illegal but that he has some friends in the government who would deal with the paperwork. I was excited but scared. The surgery could be risky. It was going to take a few hours and I would be up walking around the next day. The surgery was scheduled for the next day at 8 in the morning. We found stuff to do until I went to bed for the last time as an incomplete girl.
When I awake it was 6. I woke my sister up and we left for the hospital. I would be beginning school a week after the surgery. I hoped it was enough time. I lay down on the table and felt the effect of the drugs kick in as my eyes fell like a rock falling off a cliff.
I awaked to the sight of my sister. I didnt really feel different but lowered my hand down to my crotch. It had finally happened! It was flat. I wasnt wearing anything but the hospital gown and so I stuck my finger in. WOW!!! It felt amazing. I was obviously sore there but it felt so good.
I then noticed my sister who had heard me moan and she laughed. She knew what I had done and didnt think badly of it. She went and got the nurse who gave me my clothes to put on. I was already discharged. The doctor came in after I had gotten dressed and told me to put coconut cream in my vagina. I was so happy when he said that. I finally had a vagina. I got up to walk and it was somewhat painful but not too painful for me to avoid it. We left to a hotel room where I could rest for another day before we left.
I had, in just 5 months, gone from being a bad boy to being the girl I am today. It was the best feeling I had ever experienced. As I got in the car to go back home as a girl for the first time, I knew that Cassie had lied when she said I would regret grabbing her breast. It was the best thing I had ever done.

What do you think? It was my first story and depending on what people think, I may go on.
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good story. it seems so real. i wish that i was the main charachter in it. keep up the good work.
Super-cutie stuff, loved everythings, I cuddled with my stuffy all thru reading it feeling so happy for the boy in the story.

Tank-you soooooo lots for a neat story!!
how about some one fixing this story and remove Im as it is hard to read and giveing me a headack
If you've got the time and motivation, please feel free to continue - at some point in the future being enrolled on the staff of a "school for naughty boys" (perhaps even one that repeats the treatment given to him on a larger scale?) could be an interesting plot element, turning the tale full circle.

@whrjar - it's all in the character encoding. If your browser's character encoding is "Western (ISO-8859-1)" you'll see odd characters where quotation and speech marks should be. If you set the encoding to "UTF-8" everything should render fine. As you navigate this site, you'll see some are written using Western encoding, and some written using UTF-8 encoding.
cool story wish I was him
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