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Sam is a boy who is too often late for school but his principal knows the solution
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All the events about to be described are entirely fictional. No persons were strapped to a chair and forced to undergo this sort of stuff for real… my’, my’, that would terrible.

I’ve been working on this for quite some time but hadn’t read the rules of the site first… luckily I seem to be in the clear right now, since the only one in any questionable positions is the main character whose age is not stated. Despite it not being stated in the story, it’s stated here; he’s 19. Any character described as being younger than him will remain peripheral and will take to no part in Sam’s depravity. In fact the only character who is younger than him is his sister Rebecca, whose 17, and is only mentioned once in a completely non-sexual way. I hope this pleases mod.

Also, anyone, please feel free to check my grammar, spelling, and punctuation. I’m okay at writing but I’m terrible at editing.

ps. if you don't want to be acquainted with the character i suggest skipping to part II


Sam was not like most boys. The average boy is confident, rugged, and above all else dumb. Sam was never anything like that. He always took great pride in his intellectualism, his good taste, and his looks. Despite this he was neither confident nor good at school.

He often found himself staring at reflective surfaces to make sure his beauty had not dissipated since he had last looked. No matter how often he did this and found that his beauty was intact he was never really assured. He grew up in a family of 5. There was his mom Sandra, and his 3 sisters, Rebecca, Sally, and Cindy.

The house he lived in was a focal point of femininity. Even Sam radiated an aura of girlishness around him, which was only really visible to those who truly know the moon. The 3-floor house was as normal as it could be for a house where four young adults lived.

Sam had two good friends at school. There was Rob and Johnny. He learned how to converse with them as any normal man would. And they talked about alcohol, sex, music, and what made them angry. Sam always talked to them as if he actually knew what he was saying, after all; he didn't drink, he had no real clue about sex, and he got mad about different types of things. Still, he did well in his conversations, and he never got caught in any lies. It was not always comfortable for him but he did it to conform. After all, he had to defend his reputation against his sister’s off hand remarks

Cindy was the oldest and prettiest of the 3 sisters. She always wore the most revealing clothes in her wardrobe first. After laundry day she wore a strapless top that hardly covered her breasts and descended to her belly button. With this she usually wore a black or plaid miniskirt. She had short messy blond hair and pale blue eyes. Cindy had graduated at 19 years old and was now applying for college.

Sally was the 2nd oldest daughter. She was not as pretty as Cindy but was still very attractive. She was shyer than the other sisters but also much more interesting. Sally was interested in boys first and foremost, as a teenager her room had posters of hot guys plastered just about everywhere. She became sexually active at age 13, after which she developed an insatiable appetite. She also began to develop the most absurd fetishes and quirks. She’s in Sam’s grade, at age 18, since Sam failed grade 12 last year.

Rebecca was the youngest sister and was in the grade below Sally and Sam. She was the most plain of the three. Standing at about 5 foot 6, her auburn hair flowed in waves towards her neck. Rebecca had toughness in her eyes, that's source was indeterminable. No one could tell you why her posture and attitude was always so solemn. It was as if she knew something that had been overlooked by everyone else. She was not sad though, she maintained normal relationships, and worked at them as one is expected to.

Sam was short, about the height of his sister Sally, and had long black hair. He had a small frame for a man and he would periodically try to improve it with weightlifting. Weightlifting, however, didn't ever seem to work. He simply wasn't meant to be big. Sam was always going to look like a boy despite his development. He had gone through the depressed phase; the angry phase, the existential phase, and just about any other phase puberty had tossed his way. Around the age of 13 Sam took an interest in women and he's been pursuing them with concentrated effort ever since (without any results). He was, to make a long story short, a coming-of-age high school student in New York state)


The voice comes to him in ethereal waves "Sam… Sam. Sam!” it's like the ocean is chanting his name again and again. Suddenly it grows louder "Sam! Get up", and as the ocean of his dreams try to swallow him, he wakes up. Sam rubs his eyes and then tries to focus in on the figure before him but can only make out a vague blur. "Get out of bed or you'll be late for school,” says the blur. "It's Mom", he thinks slowly, while making his way to the side of the bed. Sam looks up at his chrome digital wall clock hesitantly and mutters "Oh Fuck".

Rushing, Sam gets dressed, washes his face, brushes his teeth, and runs out of the house. While sprinting he thinks, "It's 7:30. Calculus starts at 8. My only hope is the bus. I can't be late again or I’ll be fucked" but just as the thought comes out he sees his bus come and go. He let's out a groan of woeful desperation, now he'll have to walk. During the walk he laments over how late he got up and the consequences he'll face. He's been late so often that last time they threatened to send him to the principal. "I wonder what she'll do,” he thinks as he walks. He's 45 minutes away now and all he can do is walk and think of what the consequences might be.

As he enters his class 20 minutes late the teacher, Miss Roberts, turns to him and says "Ah, Samuel, nice to see you could join us today"
"Yeah, um, sorry miss. I overslept"
"Do you have a late slip"
"Uh, no."
"You know the rules Sam, you can't come in late without a late slip, go to the office and get one"
"I was really hoping you might let this slide miss"
"Sorry, I already sent the attendance sheet in"
"Oh, sorry miss" says Sam, as he exits embarrassed.

He gets to the office slowly and hesitantly opens the door revealing the interior. The whole office is off-white, furnished with musty old couches and wooden desks, and smells sterile. The receptionist looks at him and grins a little. "Sam! Late again?" she asks in accusing tone of voice.
"Uh, Yeah, Could I have a late slip?" he replies.
"Remember what we talked about Darling? You're going to have to go the principal just go wait on that couch"

Sam does as he's told and sits on the couch. After a little while the secretary calls out "It might be a while, she's very busy setting up her new office" and Sam nods. A few more minutes pass while Sam thinks about what might be coming next. His heart rate picks up, and he starts sweating, he's scaring himself. Soon a more urgent matter presses forward; he hasn't gone to the bathroom since yesterday.

He's too intimidated to ask the secretary if he can use the bathroom and so he waits. During this time, his inner monologue debates with itself trying to work up the courage to go to the bathroom. It takes a long time and with each passing minute he can feel a deeper pain in his lower torso. Then after an hour or so the principal’s door swings open and She calls Sam in.

Entering the principal’s office he notes some distinct changes since the last time he was there. Instead of the old rickety wooden chair that used to sit in front of her desk there's a barbers chair. There’s now a bookshelf in the far corner where there wasn't before. Her desk is also much cleaner; it has nothing on it and sparkles in the light of the overhead neon. The grey carpet, that is standard in all school offices, has been replaced with linoleum floors. And everything has a distinct aura of sterility.

"Come in please Sam" the principal says as he stares blankly around her office. She continues "Do you like my new office Sam? its an improvement for the students". Sam thinks about this a second as he comes in and sits on the slightly raised barbers chair. "For the Students?" he thinks as his legs dangle above the ground

"Sam, I assume you know why you're here?" She asks and waits for a response
"I was late for class this morning"
"That was a rhetorical question Sam, Do you know what rhetorical means?"
"uh. Yes miss"
"Then tell me… what does it mean?"
"It means you don't have to answer the question"
"Good!", she says cynically, "Now tell me. Out of all the students in the school you have been late the most number of times without reason. Why could that be?"
"I live far from school miss"
"You live far from school" she repeats mockingly, "But your sisters live far from school and they’re never late"

Sam's heart is beating at full speed now and he searches for what to say but the words won't come out. He tries to think of the answer now but something else pushes to the forefront of his thoughts; he really has to pee. The urge is too great now the only hope is a mad dash for the bathroom. The principal watches his face turn bright red as he asks "Miss? Can I got to the bathroom?".

"Not now! We just started our meeting! And I know full well you don't have to go to the bathroom" she lies to him.
"But Miss! I really do!" he pleads

"Not another word about this or I'll send you home" she admonishes and continues, "You, Sam, have been late for school a total number of 30 times this semester. You're flunking 3 subjects and you're not even trying. And what's worse is I've heard rumors that you’ve been peeking in the girls locker room"

"I swear I never looked in the girls locker room!" Finally the stress and the bodily urge become too much to handle. Sam holds on but some pee escapes him and soon he can't hold back. It flows steadily, staining the whole front of his pants then running down one leg and completely soaking his pants from top to bottom. His eyes begin to water and his face turns an even brighter shade of pink. His mind is racing, maybe she didn't notice.

"Sam! you've wet yourself! Bad girl!"
"wh- wait- what?!?" He says, but before he has time to react two iron bands brace down his arms to the armrests of the chair and he's stuck. "What The Fuck!!" he says through his tears "You can't do this!"
"What kind of language is that for a young lady!!" says the principal as she stands up and turns the barbers chair so that it faces away from her desk. Then the principal goes back to her desk where Sam can't see and presses another button securing his feet in place with two more iron bands.

Walking around the room she lifts the top off her desk revealing an adult sized changing table. She goes to the window and draws the blinds. She then proceeds to spin the bookshelf, which is on a hinge, at once revealing a small storage space and also a shelf with all the necessary items; diapers with princess designs on them, baby bottles, frilly dresses, collars, pacifier gags, leashes, whips, paddles, but-plugs, vibrators, strap-ons, an adult sized crib, PVC tubing, and all sorts of other things. "Good thing he can't see this right now" she thinks as she listens to Sam's uncontrollable sobbing. Lastly she goes to the centre of the room and removes a hidden plug in the floor revealing a drain and attaches a hose to the sink in the closet.

Turning back to Sam, whose sobs are coming out in startled bursts, she says "Now Samantha! Are you ready to behave" but she gets no response. She thinks for a moment and then says, "Have it your way" and reaches for a pacifier gag. She adjusts the chair 90 degrees so that Sam sits vertically. "Open Wide Sammy," she says revealing the pacifier gag to her new little girl but her little girl won't open her mouth. "Everything the hard way" the principal grunts as she holds Sam's nose closed. As soon as Sam opens his mouth to breathe the principal shoves the gag in as hard as she can and secures it. "Oh don't cry little one! Its for your own good" she says giving him a pat on the head.

From this angle Sam can see everything; the vibrators, the diapers, the dresses, but he can’t say anything with this gag in his mouth and the more he tries the more pathetic he becomes. The principal approaches him eagerly brandishing a pair of scissors and smiling “Now let’s get you out of those wet clothes and into something a little more appropriate for you”

Sam let’s out a muffled grunt as the principal begins cutting off all his clothes one by one. She takes off his shoes then cuts of his shirt and undershirt. Once his torso is bare she moves to his bottom cutting off his pants and underwear. While she makes the final cut she remarks “Aw! What a cute little thingy you have down there” and begins stroking it gently and he stops crying. Now his eyes are full of fear.

Sam grunts again and this time his words are more clear, “Plea - Top” but it’s ignored by the principal who continues stroking him. He tries to struggle away but he can’t, he can only sit in that pee soaked barber chair until she lets him out.

“You like this don’t you Samantha?” she says and looks at his tear soaked red face dripping with drool from not being able to shut his mouth, “Don’t worry baby, it’s a rhetorical question”. Sam feels his junk growing despite his humiliation and begins to doubt himself. Maybe he does like it.

“Alright baby let’s get you clean,” she says. Then she goes and turns on the faucet and retrieves the hose. She sprays him down with cold water making his junk shrink to a minute size. “That’s very cute Samantha, your little dick is almost like a clitoris” He blushes uncontrollably and tears well in his already wet eyes. Then she scrubs him down with soap sprays him again and begins washing his hair.

Her smooth hands glide over his scalp and he’s oddly comforted until he’s blasted with the hose again. Then with a smirk she adds “Almost all done, we just have to get rid of some hair, little girls like you don’t have any body hair,” and with that she produces a razor and begins shaving. This takes a short time since Sam didn’t have much hair to begin with anyway.

When she’s all done she looks at him and says, “See. Isn’t that better?” He tries to muster out some words but the gag muffles them. “That’s right honey, Abu-ga-goo,” she says mimicking him. She returns the chair to its original position facing away from the wall and goes back to the closet.

“Since you enjoyed this more than I thought you would I’m bringing this out early” She’s holding a clear plastic chastity tube in her hand. She locks Sam, still shriveled from the cold, into what would otherwise be a device too small and puts the keys around her neck saying “This is so you don’t play with your clitty while I’m gone” With that, she leaves the office and Sam is left to his thoughts.

To be Continued
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this is a good story please add more 
Great story keep it up, I usually don't like chastity or triple x stories but you have sparked my interest

nice story soo far can hardly wait for the next chapter
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    What a great story can't wait 4 next part??    

 nice story soo far can hardly wait for the next chapter  

Me too. CVamn't wait for Baby Sammy to be out into dipees, pwastic panties and pwetty dwesses
Except for the chastity tube, I would happily take Baby Sam's place (I was frequently tardy myself, back in the day). Bring on the diaper punishment!
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Just reread the story. I'm still very intrigued with its possibilities.

One critique: feel free to use the word "penis" instead of "junk." The latter term just does not ring true to the tone (so far) of the story.

As for chastity devices: in the context of the fantasy/story (to answer one post above), I have no problem with them. Baby Bobby, one of my favorite authors, is obviously quite fond of them. In "real life", however, I do not like them because (despite the obvious masturbatory restraint factor), they do not let me feel the full softness of my diapers...wet or dry. To borrow the old Calvin Klein phrase from ages ago: "Nothing gets between me and my diapers. Nothing."
when are you going to finsh it you stoped just as it was getting very good what will happen next can not stand the whatting 
Pink Pony
This is a great story! MORE PLEASE!!!!!!!!!
The similarities between a flower and a diaper is that they bring joy and pleasure to all who have the time to appreciate them!

And they both smell.


 This is a great story! MORE PLEASE!!!!!!!!!  

Keep going . Cant wait for the next part.
Great story, more please, you have us all on the edge, you show the beginnings of a great writer so don't stop now.
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