XXX Rough draft of my sissy mansion
Tony is about to find himself in a world of satin prisons if the evening doesn't go well for him!
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 A while ago I wrote a protocol for a sissy mansion on this website. A lot of you little darlings really liked it and gave it lots of kisses! I thought it would be nice to turn it into a full story! I've wanted to write something of novel length (but probably not quality, at least not yet, I need more practice) I thought I'd give you a little taste of it although it may be a long time before its ready, here's a very very rough first draft of chapter 2. I hope you enjoy it :) Maybe it could be a little early christmas gift Love Mommy Casey x x x x

Chapter 2 invitation

It was a fortnight later not much had really happened. Sometimes Tony noticed that one of the girls was working in the garden, but the only girls he ever saw were French maids, and like clockwork at 9.30pm a mix of different fetishes would wander off. Was it different girls or just different outfits? It was hard to tell. A lot of them would change their outfits and hair styles daily, wigs, dyes, anything really and they were all absolutely immaculate. Tony hadn’t seen any white dresses though. The six that had got off the minibus weren’t to be seen anywhere.

It was Wednesday, Tony’s inbox had just hit 0. “Good work today Tony.” His boss said to him, “Why don’t you take the afternoon off?”
“Oh thank you boss” Tony said. It had been a quiet day, Wednesdays often were and staff often got a paid afternoon off if everything got finished, must have been his turn.

“You know I think I might go for a coffee!” Anthony thought to himself. He had nothing else to do and the local Starbucks was normally a really good atmosphere. “Maybe I’ll meet a girl” He thought excitedly. He walked across the town towards it. When he went inside he looked around and it actually quite unusually empty. Although the Lady was there and she was with one of her girls. The Lady was in a black leather dress and wearing a corset on the outside, the girl was in a baby blue maid outfit, short skirt and white tights with a white apron and a collar with a lead attached that went to the Ladies hand and was that...a ball gag? They were probably why no one else was here. The Lady caught Tony’s eye and smiled and waved and beckoned him over.

Tony wanted to run away like everyone else had done as well. There was something about this scene that was very uncomfortable but Tony had since googled what a “sissy” was and this was something he was kinda expecting. He was rather ashamed but some of the stories he had read had caused him that dark erotic pleasure and he had has some very weird boners that he had seen to. There was something...hypnotic about the Lady, he wanted to find out more and his legs of their own volition walked towards them.

The Lady took her purse out and handed Tony a £50 note. “Be a dear and get me a flat white” she said “and something for you and tell them to keep the change, then please come sit with me”. She smiled. “Uh sure, thank you very much” Tony said.
“Good, hop to it then.”
“Nothing for the sissy?” he thought to himself, “well I guess with that gag she...”. Tony walked to the desk while looking at the £50 note, “keep the change from this?”. Well in any case it was free coffee and she must be very rich to live in a place like that. He ordered an Americano and flat white and carried them back to the table.

The Lady was watching the way he was carrying the coffee and thinking deeply.
“Here we are!” Tony said brightly. “It’s lovely to talk to you finally, we live practically next door”
“Yes, quite she said” conversationally, then sharply while roughly tugging the lead “Sissy! Curtsey!”. The poor sissy grunted as her neck was flung forward but she stood up and curtsied at Tony.
uhhh...I...” Tony began.
“Cassandra, Lady Cassandra” The Lady quickly interrupted him and held her gloved hand out for a kiss. Tony took it and kissed the diamond ring that could probably buy everything he owned. “I’m Tony, its lovely to meet you Cassandra”. The Sissies eyes followed our movements, watching us, with fear and interest.
“Ooh Toni! what a lovely name! So do you dress?”
“Do I dress? What do you mean?” Tony said looking down at his clothes.
“Oh nothing!” Cassandra said quickly, “Is that ‘T’ ‘O’ ‘N’ ‘Y’ like the tiger?” She said with a smile?
“Hehe yeah that’s right” Tony said nervously, “I used to be called the tiger at school because of it!”.
The sissy started laughing softly through her gag but soon stopped when Cassandra gave her the filthiest look ever.
“So are you settling in?”
“Oh fine, fine. Thank you very much, it’s a lovely house and I get a lot of help from the girls don’t I?” She then gently stroked the cheek of the sissy who nodded vigorously. After that Tony and Cassandra just made small talk. As best Tony could at least. It was very uncomfortable for him what with the sissy being there but it was somewhat to be expected, he had read a lot of it online and that dark excitement of the situation had him enthralled. He knew that mistresses were often the top of the pecking order and a sissy is as low as its possible to get. He wasn’t sure where he was as a “vanilla”. But for the scary persona that the mistresses often showed online he knew there was still a human being behind it all and he just tried to be pleasant. After a while he settled down a little bit and managed to make small talk. They finished their coffees.
“Say Tony, we came in my Bentley, I don’t suppose you fancy a ride home do you?”
“Would I?!” said Tony excitedly. “I’ve never been in one before. Thank you!”
“Don’t mention it” Cassandra said warmly, “its the least I can do.” “Come on Sissy!” she said, much less warmly.
Tony suddenly realised he would be walking with these two...characters...although he didn’t really mind. He was too excited about the ride! After all we live in modern times, don’t we?
“Would you like to lead her or should I?” Cassandra said offering Tony the lead.
Umm...could you please?” Tony said shyly. Although he was a little more comfortable about this than maybe most would be it was going a little bit far to be participating.
Cassandra seemed strangely delighted at this. “No not at all” she said merrily “just wondered if you might fancy it.”
The three of them walked up to the counter, Sissy carrying the empties. She placed them on the worktop and curtsied. They both thanked her. The lady at the till radiantly waved the three off. It was a weird situation sure but a couple of £45+ tips weren’t chicken feed! Thankfully the Bentley wasn’t parked too far away. Tony tried to ignore all the looks for there were an awful lot of them! But he put it out of his mind, his hands were rather tied at this stage. The Chauffeur opened the door and curtsied to Tony and Cassandra. “Mistress, Sir” she said nodding to each of them. She was cosplaying as princess peach and pulling it off faultlessly. Tony was somewhat awestruck and quite turned on by this. She opened the boot and Cassandra pushed her sissy into it. It seemed awfully mean to Tony but he knew better than to argue. Cassandra shrugged at the look he was giving her. “More space for us” she said with a wicked smile. “I uhh guess” Tony said weakly. “She likes it, I promise” Cassandra said reassuringly. Tony smiled but with his lips only. That dark excitement was brewing, it was thrilling, his feeling of anxiety was completely eclipsed by the sense of wonder. Princess Peach let them both into the back and took the driving seat. “Where too mistress?”.
“How about you take us for a nice long scenic drive sissy? Then back to our new home.” She looked at Tony’s excited face and added “why not take us on the dual carriageway too and show our guest what this car can do.
“Yes ma'am!” the driver said excitedly. And opened the throttle a little bit more than necessary.
Umm...If I can just say, I love your outfit Peach, you look just like her!”
“Thank you sir! I love dresses and dressing up and being pretty!”.
“That’s sissy Rosalie”. Cassandra explained. “It’s nice to see you presenting as a princess for a change!”
“Ma-am” Rosalie said politely.
“You know if you like her you can have her for the evening...” Cassandra said.
“Wait wha?”
“I’m just kidding! I’m just kidding!” Cassandra laughed. “Isn’t this a beautiful countryside?”

They finally pulled up to the mansion.
“Thank you so much for the lift Cassandra and Rosalie” Tony said, “I had a lovely time.”
“Yes so did I” Cassandra said “You are a very nice young man. Please take my card and give me a ring some time. I quite often like to host dinner for my friends and you seem comfortable around the sissies.”.
“Yes well, I actually kind of like them in a strange way” Tony admitted. “There’s something...undeniably cute about them”.
“Aww thank you Sir” Rosalie said.
“Good, well off you go then!” Cassandra said strictly. “Call me soon okay?”
Tony opened the door. Rosalie panicked. “Oh Sir….no no no, you mustn't it’s up to me to...
“Forget it Rosalie!” Cassandra snapped.
“Ma-am I”
“I said forget it!” Cassandra shouted. “Have a wonderful evening Tony” she said in a much more pleasant tone.
“Umm….you too” Tony said, he felt like he was 8 years old again and having to see the head master. Half walking half running he nipped inside his house and went straight up to his bedroom and laid down, his head swimming from the experience.
The ladies sat in silence in the car Cassandra deep in thought and Rosalie feeling very sheepish.
So...” Cassandra said calmly and gently making Rosalie’s tension and guilt fade quickly away. “What did you think?”
“Well, he’s hardly an alpha is he?” Rosalie said turning and smiling.
“Hah hardly!” Cassandra said.
Rosalie’s face went into a beam and she clenched her fists, “mistress do you think???”
Cassandra raised her hand to silence her. “We’ve tamed much stronger willed girls haven’t we?”
“Oh yes mistress! You could tame anyone!”
Cassandra nodded. “Let me out then”
“Of course mistress”
Rosalie opened the door and stepped outside. She open the door for her mistress and then walked around towards the boot. She helped the sissy out and handed the lead to Cassandra.
“You did good today sissy” she said to Rosalie, “you can watch me flog this naughty girl if you want tonight?”
“Oh yes please mistress! And a milking?” She added hopefully.
“Don't push your luck!”
Rosalie curtsied and ran ahead up the path to let the other two in.

Tony read the card over and over again. Lady Cassandra Vincent, her phone number and new address and email. He felt his hands tremble a little bit with excitement. He thought about what a dinner must be like there. Sat at a table with sissies waiting on him. It was so exciting. And Rosalie had been exceptional. He laid back and undid his trousers and saw that there was quite a lot of precum already. He allowed himself to unwind and began to stroke slowly and softly. He thought about princess peach, both the game form and as a sissy, he experimented with the fantasy, having her sometimes have a penis, sometimes have a vagina. He...he was somehow not repulsed by the idea. Princess peach was still a princess with either. He thought; He imagined holding her in his arms, rolling around with her on the bed deeply kissing. She was just as soft and feminine with either. He dressed her in panties in his mind. Pink frilly panties. He kept kissing making her genitals hidden and ambiguous. Did it matter? It should, he thought but somehow it doesn't. He kept stroking, he could feel himself getting really close. He imagined himself pulling the panties down to reveal her dick and reaching forward to touch it when his whole body shook with the orgasm. 
As soon as he came suddenly the image seemed slightly repulsive again. “I'm not gay”, he thought. “I like girls!” But he had to admit, it was a pleasurable experience. He thought about the panties a little bit more. How he'd dressed her with them, and how he had imagined them in such detail. A very very small curiosity came over him about how it must feel to be in panties like those. How would they feel? How would it be against his skin and how would it be mentally? He thought about what Rosalie had said about loving being pretty and wearing dresses. “Is that…” he thought... “something maybe I! Surely not. Right?” It was too late for Tony though, the seed was planted he couldn’t get out of his mind how so many “boys” were completely in thrall to cross dressing. And 2 hours later he was browsing eBay and Etsy for sissy panties his jaw hitting the desk thinking about the frilly undergarments that were being worn a few meters away from him. Lace, satin, silk, cotton, some with special pouches, thongs the list was almost endless. There must be so many men wearing these for the market to be so saturated he thought to himself. “Why though? My god look at those!” They were a pair of pink knickers covered in frills and bows, they had that pouch so we're obviously designed for a man but also had a built in mini tutu and a shimmering veil around the back. They were a work of art but obscenely feminine, so feminine in fact it was like a parody of femininity. He read the seller's description they talked about how “Fiona” was made from liquid satin and how girly you would feel wearing it sensual crossdressing fun. It was exciting him, but she was far too expensive at £60. What am I saying? He thought to himself, why am I even looking at this? He giggled and closed the browser and tried to ignore his raging erection.

It was Saturday afternoon. Tony had nearly burned a circle in his bedroom carpet from walking up and down. He had the business card in one hand and his phone in the other. “Come on Tony” he thought, “why are you so scared? What are you a sis...hmm very unfortunate choice of words” It hadn't been an easy few days for him. He hadn't been able to stop thinking about panties. It was becoming an obsession. They seemed to have worked their way into every one of his masturbation fantasies. He had found a satin bow in the street most likely from one of the sissies and had been rubbing it against his lips, nipples and genitals. It had felt wonderful! It was a lovely fabric and he had felt weak to it's call. “Fucking man up!” He threatened himself and dialed the number and hit call.

“Hello, head custodian of the house of Cassandra speaking, how may I help?” The voice that greeted him was like liquid honey. It was very motherly and warm.
“Oh hello it's Tony, may I speak to Cassandra?”
“You wish to speak directly to the mistress!? Please one moment” Tony heard the rustling of papers.
“Ah Tony yes, the mistress has been expecting you, I'll just go find her, please hold.”
After about 2 minutes Tony heard Cassandra's curt and strict voice. He like the familiarity however he really missed the previous voice.
“Ahh Tony She said thank you so much for calling me.”
“Not all Cassandra”
“So you would like to come to the dinner?”
“Yes please.”
“Next dinner is on next Friday. will you be able to join us?”
“Yes Friday will be absolutely fine.”
“Glad to hear it so if you are going to be coming over then we need to discuss some rules nothing too heavy but this is a very formal event you understand?”
“Ok first of all please stop calling me Cassandra and call me mistress. Everyone in the house must address me as mistress. Cassandra lied however she was curious to see if he would go along with it.”
Uhh..yes sure mistress.”
Cassandra beamed. “Also you may touch the sissies but you may not touch the collars, or the guests or the custodians. Is that clear?”
“Oh but….I wouldn't touch anyone!”
“Really? Well it's your loss the other guests probably will! Although not at the dinner table well perhaps, but we discourage it.”
“I see well…”
“Oh and it's black tie as well” Cassandra interrupted. “If any of this is unacceptable then you don't have to come. But if you do I must insist on all of it”
“No no, I think it should still be fine mistress. It's all very reasonable.”
“Very good, it's at 8 o'clock and I'm looking forward to seeing you there! Goodbye Tony”
“Goodbye mistress.”

“Well that was a little bit rude” Tony thought but he allowed himself a fist pump of success. That was very brave he thought.

Cassandra put the phone down. The head custodian met her gaze and smiled.
“I see you smiling mistress, did he call you such.”
“Yes Lilith, yes indeed he did. Hahaha what a beta. Phone the other guests and tell them what's happening and ask them to play along would you? That's a good girl.”
“Of course mistress. Lilith said with a smile.”

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