Revelation in a dream (PG)
A dream I had during a nap earlier today. Dated 12/18/07
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[my dream]I lay down to sleep having been woken up early, pull my covers tight and place my thumb in my mouth. Softly sucking my thumb I fall in to a quiet slumber.

I awake to a rustling sound in close to me, I open my eyes and look around realizing I'm no longer in my bed or my room. I'm in a pink crib, in a pink room, wearing diapers, covered by pink plastic panties, as well as a pink baby doll that curves with my cute feminine body. A baby girl dressed the same as me crawls up, it takes a second before I realize she is me. I try to greet her but when I open my mouth she inserts a pacifier in to the hole.

She sighs, "Withen oo, I needs a tell oo sumfin. oo haff negweted meh fow too wong, et it hwrts. Sow I wan oo to makie me a pwomith."

She pulls the pacifier I had docilely been suck on from my mouth, it almost makes me cry. I collect my emotions, and stare in to her eyes. "I understand, I've rejected you far too much, dismissed you as a fetish." I sigh in regret, "I promise to you, my baby self, that I will indulge you more, that I will embrace you as an important part of me, love you as part of me, to let you out to play more, to indulge you with pretty diapers, plastic panties, cute baby clothes, pacifiers, bottles, dollies, plushies, and a mommy if I possibly can."

Her eyes widened, "weawwy? fow twoo?"

"Yes, really, for true."

She throws her arms around me tightly, and as I hug her tightly back she slowly merges with me. I feel more my self when she's gone inside me. I pick up the pacifier, and place it in my mouth, then look around the baby room of my head. I smile and fall back asleep.

I awake, sit up, rub and open my eyes. I see the room of an older girl as I look around now, from the point of view of a lovely canopy bed. I'm wearing a lovely lolita dress now with a wide frilly skirt, and corset top with long sleeves. Under which are a white bra, panties, matching garter skirt, petticoat, and stockings. As well as nice knee high high heeled white lace up boots in pvc. Across from me on a sofa I see my sissy self dressed the same as my self, her arms folded, a smile on her face. Next to her sits my masculine side, dressed in a very similar dress except with a feature hugging floor length lace skirt.

My sissy self starts, "because you're ready to make that commitment to baby us, you now owe us a commitment. I want you to be ready to dress en femme more often, and throw out all unnecessary clothes tying you to an over masculine persona. Not asking for much just lingerie, panties and bras only, and stuff like girlie shoes and pants more often."

My masculine side sighs, "I have to agree, you need to accept yourself more, even I enjoy being sissy. Just promise to keep the video games, boys toys, and animes."

I smile at them and sit between them on the small sofa, "I promise you both, that I'll be more the girl I truely am, but I won't change my tastes." My masculine persona first blushes, leans over, hugging me, and I hug "her" back as "she" merges back in to me. I then lean over and happily hug my sissy self, and she merges in to me as she hugs back smiling sweetly. I sigh now feeling exhausted, laying down on the sofa I fall peacefully asleep.[/my dream]

That was my dream, no joke.

After I fell asleep again in my dream I woke up in the real world. Feeling better, and more girly then I have since I got caught crossdressing by my mom. Back when she started helping me be a girly sissy.

And now I have some promises to keep my self. I think after registering on this site a lot of things seem less taboo to me, and really I feel more brave about doing them. So my subconscious told me it's time. I'm happy I made these promises to my self, regardless of it being in my dream or not. I'll make it come true.
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It is a really pretty dream you have there. I hope you can fulfill all the promises you did to yourself, I know you can ;) wishes you the bested of the lucks  
Awesome dream. That would definately make me think about life thats for sure.

I wish that I could actually have either that dream or a sissy baby girl dream like that.
[ glad you could make that promise to yourself! Dont ever give up!
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