XXX A Real Big Baby
My Stay under Nanny Sadie
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   It was a very ordinary looking house in an ordinary looking road. 

But I was sure hoping that behind that facade, I'd soon be  receiving a truly extraordinary experience.
Nanny Sadie offers "whatever an adult baby wants, within reason." A phone call had established her parameters, and what I wanted from my 2 night stay. 
In fact, I wanted so badly to make it as exciting as possible, that I had agreed to her suggestion that she'd decide everything, the ultimate domme, "with only a couple of exceptions," which I had then enumerated. 
Most of all, my chief desire was for me to be her baba, and for her to surprise me with her baby-play!
So here I was, promptly at the appointed time, knocking at her front door with a keen edge to my expectations.
The door was opened by a tall dark lady, with a rasta-type hair style, the first thing I noticed was her tight black leather skirt. I don't know why that arrested my attention, but my eyes were lured to it. Then I found myself staring at her black satin top, also tight fitting showing off her large bosoms to great advantage. Her frilly blouse was long sleeved with ruffles around her wrist, matching the heavy ruffles around her neckline. Maybe they hid her age successfully, though I doubt if she were more than thirty.
She waited patiently while I sized up her attractive figure. Of course she must have been sizing me up too!
"Baby 2704," I told her the password at long last. I had puzzled over whether I was her two thousand seven hundred and fourth client- unlikely.
The words put an end to the staring competition.
"Welcome," Nanny Sadie greeted me in the deep voice I had heard before on the phone, "please come in."
She shut the door, and ushered me up the stairs and showed me the bathroom.
"Please strip down," she said, "leave only your undies on, put your man-clothes in the cupboard until it's time to leave, then come and join me next door."
I looked at her, she nodded in a friendly sort of manner, then closed the door behind me. I heard her going into the next room, and I began to undress myself.
I was feeling vulnerable, rehearsing already the Safe Word she had given me if I wanted something to be stopped. No, stop being so silly, I told myself, you want to be here, you want her to treat you like her baby!
I stashed away some of the last traces of my old self in the designated space, then gingerly I stepped out of my last protection...

"Wait there," she commanded as I peered into her room.
She was sitting on a low stool, by a mat in the middle of the room.
It was what I had expected. A nursery with a large cot dominating  the far side, several large teddies as well as a sissily dressed doll, as big as myself. They were sitting amid  other toys and picture books. A large pink potty sat starkly with a laundry basket against the opposite wall, which was covered in paintings that would appeal most of all, I imagine, to a little girl. A large cupboard was also plastered with pretty pictures.
"Stay," she repeated, as though addressing an obedient pet dog.
I stood impatiently in the doorway.
"You will always do what I tell you, you understand. And you can start by not looking so cross with me."
I nodded.
"You may say Yes Nanny when you understand me, but nothing else except Thank You Nanny. Understand my little one?"
I nodded again. "Er, yes nanny."
"That's good. Now show nanny how you can crawl across the floor to her."
"Yes nanny." 
I stooped down, pleased to be more and more under her control, then I scampered to her in my underwear.
I waited beside her, again just like a well behaved pet.
She pointed to the mat. "Lie there."
I turned over, lay on the changing mat in a crouched position.
"Okay, relax my little one, no need to tense yourself up into a teeny ball."
But there was a reason, which she soon discovered as I uncurled.
"Ah," she cried, "what can nanny see here?"
I blushed and began to sweat. Nanny looked cross.
"This is not a good start is it? Your nanny can hardly call you a good baby when you have that naughty looking erection under your pantie. Real babies don't have erections. Nanny will have to cure you of that won't she?"
I didn't know what to answer.
"Come come, little one, don't be shy, answer your nanny quickly. Shall nanny cure you?"
"Er yes nanny."
"That's better, little one. Remember your other phrase I taught you?"
"Er yes nanny."
"Good. What was it?"
"It was Thank you very much nanny."
"Thank you nanny, no need to hear any fancy extra bits, little one. Well, remember to tell me that, next time I order you to speak. Until then, be silent!" This she barked at me.
"Yes nanny."
"Good. Now nanny is gonna turn you over. She needs to teach you a lesson in how to present yourself to her. No naughty erections."
I was turned over. She was pretty strong.
"Now get back to your crouch position."
I resume my former pose. She pushed my crouching legs in towards my body, so that my backside protruded firmly  into the air.
From the cupboard, which I saw contained an assortment of her dresses, she drew forth a long multi-colored flail. I gazed at it with some involuntary twinging of my backside.

"Babies don't have erections," she cried out, as with a whistling sound, the flail descended down on to my defenseless bottom. Underwear offers very little protection against a lashing flail.
I gritted my teeth, determined not to let her see my discomfort. But a second lash made me flinch and I was minded to call out my Safe Word. But surely that would be admitting defeat like a wimp? I hardened my resolve as she repeated her words about Babies and Erections.
A third crash brought tears to my eyes.
She paused to admire her handiwork. She looked underneath her charge.
"Still not learned your lesson," she half laughed.
She was a bit of a sadist, I decided, with a name like hers, she had to be. But I have to tell you, I must have been enjoying it as I was, as she spotted, still erect.
Discarding the flail, she slapped her large hand across one of the cheeks on my backside. Again and yet again her powerful palm landed on my poor smarting bottom. I was aching, and my body was soon sending a message to get unerect as soon as poss.
A dozen smacks on the same area, and I was like a lopsided camel,  my tender bottom felt like a swollen hump. After another inspection, she turned me over and pushed me down to lie on the mat.
"Yow!" I cried as my tender backside made contact with the mat.
Slap! She went across my face.
"No talking, I ordered," she explained. A little unfair I thought. "But now you may say your words."
She looked at my face which had forced back the tears with only partial success.
I stared up at her.
"Your words."
I understood.
"Thank you nanny," I stuttered.
"Not very appreciative, but I'll let it go this once. At least you are more like a real baby now, aren't you?"
"Yes nanny."
"So at long last we can get you into a diaper, can't we?"
"Yes please nanny."
"That's good to be so eager, but remember Yes nanny, is what I wanna hear from you."
"Yes nanny, thank you nanny," I replied, giving her my full repertoire.
She looked at me as though I had even then overstepped myself. I  breathed in, ready in case another slap was to be my lot.
She made as if she was intending to do so, but her raised hand dropped.
"Nanny knows what you need, little one. But first, let's make you comfy." 
She fished out a thin flesh colored pantie and matter-of-factly lifted off my undies.
There was nothing much to admire now, and that was just as well.
"There's a good girl," she smiled, as she powdered me and lifted a tight flesh colored satin pantie up my legs and deftly over my private parts. 
It hardly seemed as though an erection could have been throbbing barely ten minutes earlier. The tight undergarment did indeed make me almost girly. I decided she must like tight things.
"That's better," she seemed to be musing to herself, "now to fetch your baby clothing."
With a shock, I understood that the clothes in the cupboard were intended for her baby. She eyed them all, I lying on my mat with some apprehension. I liked playing babies, but  change of sex roles had not really appealed. 
"Ah, that's the one!" she cried, as she drew out a large frilly yellowy-orange dress with a huge bow, "that's just right for my tiny winy baby."
She showed it me. Should I call out my Safe Word? On reflection, I thought too late of the fact that dressing like a sissy was not one of my two off limits experiences. I decided I had better not be a wimp, for I wanted to please nanny, and for her to be in control.
So I forced a smile as she displayed the frilly thing to me. I expect she could guess my true feelings.
I was smothered in the sissy thing as she cooed her appreciation.
"There, that makes you look so sweet, doesn't it?" exclaimed Nanny Sadie.
"Er, yes nanny."
A sissy bonnet and matching bootees completed my humiliation.
"Of course you're not yet a real baby," her voice sounded teasing, "are you a real baby?"
"Yes nanny."
Smack! Right across my face.
"Don't answer back, little girl. You're not a real baby."
I shook my head, not grasping her meaning.
"Do you wanna be a real baby, little girl?"
I didn't like this Little Girl business, but I responded obediently,
"Yes nanny."
"That's right, little girly. We'll soon turn you into a Real Baby, won't we?"
"Yes nanny."
"You will look so sweet then! Now let nanny help you into your little home."
What she meant by Real Baby, I had no idea, but looked forward to discovering, even in my girlish dress. Thank goodness no-one else can see me.
"Nanny will leave you as she needs her rest also. You have a rest too little girl, then you'll be ready for your first treat, as long as you are a good girl."
That, I liked the sound of. She pressed a button, and a soft voice began narrating soothing story  a fairy story about Rapunzel.
The voice sent me into a light sleep.

How long had I been dozing? It didn't seem long, though I recalled some fitful dreams, near nightmares, of nanny force feeding me, then spanking me in front of another nanny, both laughing uproariously. Then I had been pushed in a pram and awoke in a sweat, as I was trying to cry  out, Not Outside, Not Outside Please nanny! I thought I felt a slap across my face. That awoke me.
It had been a slap. Nanny was leaning over my cot and for whatever reason had administered another castigation.
Perhaps in my dream I had been shouting out?
"Wake up, little girl," she cried, "you are on the way to being a Real Baby."
This news was all to the good. I understood next minute what she meant. As I sat up, I realized I must have wet myself a little. The cot sheet was damp.
Nanny showed me her wet finger. Evidently she had been feeling.
"That's what nanny wants, isn't it, a real baby?"
She thrust her finger in my mouth. Wee! My wee.
I'd never wet myself like this ever before.
"While you were sleeping, I gave you a little dose to help you wee. It's quite harmless. It makes you wee very freely.
She was right. Another dribble trickled thru my thin pantie.
"Baby must not spoil her cot, we'll have to get a disposable diaper on you. 
 "You like it, little girl?"
"Yes nanny," I answered, cos I always look forward to wetting my diaper.
After she powdered me, she covered my little thing with another dry fleshy panty, then the diaper enfolded me. 
"Of course, now you're dry, you're not a Real Baby. Nanny has your feeding bottle ready."
She held it to my mouth, and I had no option but to suck or dribble. I sucked. It tasted sweet. Did it contain another of her 'doses'? I dare not ask.
"It'll help you with your wee wees little girl. You're not yet a real baby..." 
Ah, I was right.
Soon the liquid was being swallowed down almost as fast as it was emerging the other end into my new diaper, my new soggy diaper.
I felt fulfilled as I lay gazing at my sexy nanny.
"Ah, no naughty thoughts," cried nanny giving me a little slap across my burning cheek. This woman can read my mind!
"Weeing- that's the first stage  in getting you to become a Real Baby," she laughed, fingering underneath my diaper and pulling out a wet finger, which she surveyed with satisfaction. The finger was put to my mouth, I dare not refuse to lick it  clean.
I gave a lick and said, "thank you nanny."
"That's a good little girly. Now I'll let you play with that teddy."
I looked at nanny.
"Oh, you wanna be changed! Well, you wait my little one. Nanny will decide when, I'm not made of diapers, you know."
So, in my soggy diaper, I cuddled teddy, who, I found out, uttered little sentences when he was tickled on his tummy. Thank you nanny was not one of them.

Smack! Obviously, Nanny had been watching for a period.
It was another blow across the face, and I admit I deserved it.
After half an hour fondling teddy, left all alone, I had  started playing on  nanny's tablet. To start with I had enjoyed some of the baby-type games I found on it. Then I tried out the Adult Baby site that was saved there. Before long I was watching the very dubious activities of Baby Jenni with Baby Joni.
I was placed in the now familiar crouch.
As nanny lectured me sternly, I received the punishment I deserved. My dress lifted up,  the flail landed on the puffy but now sodden part  of my diaper, making a squelchy noise each time it landed.
Both cheeks of my buttocks were stinging by the time the lecture ceased.
Nanny looked hard at me, waiting for me to respond.
"Oh... er, thank you nanny," I had fought off the tears yet my voice was trembling. Naturally, I didn't mean what I said at all.
"In future, to teach my little girly this lesson, you must only wee when I order you," pronounced this ever more fearsome nanny.
I stared at her amazed. How could I obey, when she had made my bladder control so loose.
"I've given up that drug, you'll be relieved to hear. So we'll just allow that last batch of wee wees to go thru you, then I'll put on your night time diaper, and heaven help you if you wet it before I tell you."
I was desperate to inquire how long I was expected to contain my bodily fluids, but I lacked the courage, or to put it another way, discretion is the better part...
An hour later, I had been powdered and changed, teddy in my arms, listening to nanny sing nursery rhymes.
She's very pretty, I thought, slap!
How does she know?
I was dry and comfy.
"Of course, you're not a Real baby at all," whispered Nanny as her singing came to an end, "and make sure little girl, you are still dry when I wake you for your morning feed."
"Yes nanny." I was grateful she had been kind enough not to force me to swallow a bedtime drinky.

Dry! I awoke next morning with my body urging me to pee, but at least I hadn't leaked out during my sleep. I waited proudly for nanny to bring in my breakfast.
In fact I was ravenous, having only drunk nanny's doses since my arrival. 
Between the growling of my tummy, and the suppressing of my wee, both desperate problems needed resolution.
Impatiently I waited for nanny. Was she ever gonna come?
 The thought struck me that I couldn't hear the sound of any movement in the house. In a panic, I tried to get out of my cot.
The sides would not move! The top had bars across which locked the whole apparatus. 
Could I squeeze thru these bars? No way.
Could I release the catch that held the bars? I fumbled without finding the secret.
Sweat was pouring down my face. I shouted out.
That did the trick. Sounds could be heard.
The door opened.
It was a young blonde of about twenty in a skimpy negligee.
"Well, what have we here?" she cooed.
I looked at her, embarrassed to be seen by such a pretty young girl in this get up.
"Get me out!" I cried.
Without a word she came over to me. She had a small key, which obviously released a catch.
"There, is that what you want, little girl?"
Slap. Slap.
"Nanny will be very angry with her baby," the girl interrupted. "You've interrupted her beauty sleep, just wait until she comes."
With that she left me, free to get out. The door clicked.
I was a prisoner inside the nursery.

I was however free to roam round, in fact this helped to a small extent take my mind of the dual pressures of hunger and incontinence.
It wasn't that I didn't want to fill my diaper, I'd enjoy it. But the consequences scared me.
Nanny had said she expected to find me dry. But hadn't she said when she woke me up for my feed? My tortuous logic convinced myself that since that blonde had  woken me, it would be all right to do wee wees. Anyway, she was bound to be angry anyway, as apparently I had woken her up.
That decided me, and with a huge sigh of relief, released my load amid a huge feeling of satisfaction. Wet, indeed soaking between my legs, I sat down and squelched my bum in the damp.
Seconds later I was regretting my action, for in strode nanny. If only I'd heard her earlier! I looked at her guiltily. She was carrying a tray with a large bowl and a baby bottle.
"So how is my little one today? Did you sleep well?"
"Yes nanny."
"Did you like my friend Cherie?"
"Yes nanny." This said with some enthusiasm.
"I expect you are hungry?"
"Yes nanny."
"I've got your baby food for you. Are you nice and dry?"
I couldn't answer that.
Her expression changed.
"I'm sorry nanny."
Smack! "That's for answering back."
Nanny scrutinized me, as if making a decision.
"Cherie, come her a mo'!"
The blonde returned. She was still in that alluring negligee. I noticed now it was a pale yellow color. I could almost see her nipples thru the material.
The two were whispering, I trying unsuccessfully to listen in, awaiting my fate.
The consultation over, nanny left, without another word. What was she up to?
Cherie had been given the tray, and proceeded to push a dollop of the thick food on to a large ladle.
"Open wide," she said, as though nothing had happened.
Perhaps all was forgiven? I really hoped so.
I wanted to ask, but I was sure another slap would be my only answer.
As I wriggled in my damp diaper I gulped down the food she was offering me. Sometimes the ladle was just too full, and the stuff fell out my mouth, so by the time she had finished, my lower face and chin were covered with congealed food. 
She held the teat by my mouth and I sucked and sucked.
Then I trembled. It was the return of nanny.
My punishment was to be handcuffs. She grabbed my hands, handcuffing them behind my back. If that had been the sum total of my disgrace it would not have been too bad.
But worse was to follow.

I was escorted by my nanny and her friend down the stairs.
A push chair was awaiting me. The handcuffs were unlocked and I was made to sit in the pushchair. Then my left hand was handcuffed to the rail of the chair, then another pair secured my right hand. A waterproof cover was placed over my legs, also covering my locked arms. However my large bow and frilly neckline were clearly visible. She wasn't intending to take me out in that was she?
She certainly was.
I called out my Safe Word. One of my no-nos had been that I didn't want to be seen by anyone.
Her reaction stunned me.
"Ah, little girl, that word is too late. You've already been seen by Cherie, so someone has seen you already. A few more people won't matter now, will they?"
"You said the Safe-"
A teat was bunged into my raging mouth.
"Naughty naughty girl. For that protest I'm gonna make your punishment worse."
The teat was secured with a ribbon tied round the back of my head. I was a helpless mute.
"Do you deserve your punishment?"
I couldn't answer but she told me to nod my head. 
I did so.
"Now we will go walkies."
She pushed my chair out of the ordinary front door, then held  Cherie's hand as they strolled down the street, as though it were just another ordinary day.

I was feeling very self conscious.
A grown up baby being pushed by this dominatrix, with Cherie still in her negligee, only addition her pair of striking orange high heels. These clicked along the pathway as though showing us up.
I was squirming each time a passer by stared at us.
"Morning Mrs Wilson."
"Oh hello dear. Another pretty baba you've got today."
"Yes, she is sweet isn't she? Except for all that food round her mouth."
"Well never mind," Mrs Wilson poked her face at me, "be a good baba won't you?"
She squeezed my cheek before walking off.
Thankfully no-one else accosted me until we reached our destination.
This was the supermarket.
I was parked in a play area, with lots of building blocks.
"Nanny must get your foody, little girly, so be a good girl, Cherie will look after you."
"Oh," exclaimed Cherie, "I've gotta get some condoms, but I'll be back in a mo'."
I was left alone, and very embarrassed.
A couple of mothers came up to my pushchair, mystified. They were speculating on what I was doing here. I caught one remark, "whatever next," and another "I expect she's some freak."
"Oh sorry," the bubbly Cherie was back, clutching her purchase. "Sorry I had to leave my little girl for a sec."
The two ladies sniffed and moved away.
Another young lady approached us. She was blonde like Cherie, about her age too. But more smartly dressed in a flowery cotton dress.
"Is this your baby?" she asked incredulously.
"Oh yes," replied Cherie airily, with a twist of her nightdress that made her appear even more flighty. "But she's not a real baby."
"Well, she has done her wee wee, but she won't be a real baby until she poops!"
"I see. She certainly smells."
"Yes she does. But she won't be pooping for a while as she's got constipation."
"Oh I am sorry."
"No need, it's her punishment you see. She wouldn't be a good girl, so we had to feed her with plenty of iron."
The lady sat down next to Cherie for a chat.
"Just let me get baby out of her chair, so she can play while we chat," said Cherie.
The lady gazed in disbelief as I was released and told to crouch on all fours. Cherie whispered that I had better do as I was told or she'd tell nanny. 
So there was I, as Cherie talked aimlessly, looking like a castrated centipede.
"Can she crawl?" inquired the nosy lady.
"Oh yes, show her how you crawl, little girly."
Blushing red, I showed off my crawling ability. The lady clapped in appreciation.
"I wish I had a baby like that," she sighed. 
"Well come to our house this evening," suggested Cherie.
"I think I might," decided the girl, "I'm Jackie."
"Okay Jackie, see you tonight."
I stopped my display of crawling once we were alone. I only hoped we wouldn't be pestered any more. The good thing was, I had time to wipe away the congealed food.
"Oh there you are," cried nanny. "Had a nice time?"
She looked at her baby crouching among the building blocks.
"Nanny's got lots of lovely things for her baby." She showed me a parcel, but I couldn't see what it contained.
"Here you are little girly, catch!"
She threw one of the large building blocks at me. I ignored it so it bounced off. 
"Hasn't she been enjoying herself?" asked Nanny.
"No, but she'd been a good girl," replied Cherie. "She did show off her crawling very nicely."
"Well, let's play with the blocks shall we, before we go home," suggested nanny, and the two girls got down on the matting and pushed four blocks together.
"I know," laughed Cherie, "let's get baby to crouch on them."
I nearly shook my head. They were teasing me. But I didn't dare risk a worse punishment, so I climbed up and posed on the blocks.
"I know, let's build a bigger pile."
A second collection of four blocks were placed next to mine, and they made me crawl on to that.
Then Cherie lifted first my hands then feet and thus I crouched on two layers of blocks.
It was not over yet.
There were enough blocks for nanny to make another pile of eight blocks next to the ones on which I crouched.
Cherie made me crawl on to the new pile, and again lifted me so I now rested on three levels of blocks, quite five feet off the ground.
The two sadists then sat back to admire their handiwork, as I crouched like a statue. Several shoppers paused to comment. A ripple of laughter ran round the onlookers. 
Jackie had completed her purchases and gave a squeak of delight when she saw me.
"What a sweet little baby," she remarked to Cherie and nanny.
"But she's not a Real Baby yet," explained nanny, "she hasn't pooped."
"Oh I know that," cried Jackie, "I can't wait for tonight."
Cherie explained, and then the pair took pity on their charge, and helped her off her pedestal and into her chair. Even the handcuffs and push chair were preferable to the building blocks.

Lunchtime started with drinkies. One bottle of milk. Two bottles. "It's good for you," nanny explained. But I balked at a third pint, that earned me a slap.
"We want plenty of wee wees don't we?"
"Yes nanny."
I meant it too.
After my three pints, though slightly bloated, I was fed more of that quite pleasurable tasting food. Even though it might be making me constipated, I couldn't resist it. To tell you the truth, I didn't dare resist it.
"Of course, you're not a real baby yet," nanny repeated several times. "When you are, we can treat you like a real baby."
"Thank you nanny."
"You'd like to be breast fed, wouldn't you, little girl."
"Oooh yes nanny."
"That's right, little girly. But only when you're a Real Baby.  For now, we'd better get that soaking diaper off. You certainly haven't been a good girl and only peed whenever I told you. After all that drinky, perhaps I am expecting too much."
She removed the sopping object, Cherie fetched another, a much thicker one, "so you can wee to your heart's content."
Then nanny pulled off my flesh pantie.
Cherie wiped me dry, I think she liked doing that. After being powdered, nanny took hold of the diaper.
It was then that the urge to pee proved too strong, I couldn't stop myself. Pressure had been growing for some time. I had hoped to wait until my new diaper was wrapped round me, but an urge stronger than my willpower overcame me. 
Nanny was sprayed, her dress soaked. Cherie uttered a cry of horror.
Nanny looked more angry than I had ever seen her.
"The paddle," she called, and Cherie went out and brought back a six foot paddle.
Grimly nanny took it. I was turned into my usual crouching position. Cherie pushed my legs towards my hands so my bottom was proudly displayed. It was most unfortunate that it was bare flesh that the paddle descended on.
"Owwww!" I collapsed.
Cherie pulled me sharply back to my crouch.
Whack! Whack! Nanny put all her might into the blows, and she had plenty of might.
My backside smarted beyond endurance.
"No more," I begged thru my teat.
Whack. Cherie was holding me firmly.
Whack! Whack!!
I fell limply into Cherie's grasp. She turned me over and lay me on the mat. I leaped up in agony as my reddened bottom landed on the mat.
"What a big baby," scoffed Cherie.
In no time I was wrapped in the diaper, then I was clothed in an even frillier pink dress, and lain in my cot.
That wasn't all. My teat was removed but in its place, a large new teat was forced into my mouth. My head was locked between clamps so that I could not but accept the teat.
Attached to the teat was a long tube, this was a 
drip feed at the other end a huge feeding bottle full of milk. It looked a gallon size. It was full.
I didn't have to suck the teat, but I couldn't help having to periodically.
"Of course she's not a real baby," teased nanny, as I was left to my own devices.

I was most uncomfortable lying in such a restricted position. My backside badly wanted to have no contact with the mattress, but I had not the strength to keep it permanently in the air. Then the drip feed became ever more insistent in its demands that I suck it. When I refused, it began to trickle down my chin and on to my pink dress.
Soon I was sucking from necessity, but after several pints I was utterly full up and couldn't take any more liquid, even though plenty was now being released the other end.
It was a losing battle, and I was being drenched by the drip and worse, even that thick diaper appeared unable to contain all my urine.
Thankfully, nanny came in after an hour, hand in hand with Cherie. They both looked hot and flustered and happy, I guessed they'd been making love.
I say 'thankfully,' but I was not thankful at all when nanny saw the state of my dress.
"What have you done with my lovely dress," she scolded. 
"Naughty naughty girl."
I wanted to tell her it was entirely her fault as she had made that feed drip too fast, but of course I remained silent.
"Look at this cot," she exclaimed, "your wee has soaked  the mattress. Get her off, Cherie."
The good part was, that I was taken off my drip feed, my head released and with a smack, Cherie pushed me off the cot. I must confess it was rather wet.
It was too painful what followed. My diaper was removed, then nanny produced a real nasty looking black whip, cord at least two inches thick. 
My already aching backside groaned in anticipation of a further blow.
At least she didn't lift my dress.
The whip made a cracking sound as it landed on the soaking dress, and I yelped.
The Safe Word was my only refuge.
"Coward," she yelled, in some disappointment. But unlike last time, she did stop. Evidently not best pleased,  she  roughly dried me. As my flesh pantie was not removed, under it, my dick was still soggy. 
No diaper this time, but a plastic pantie with  three layers. Another one, and a third.  
"That should keep you quiet for a while," nanny said, "of course you're still not a real baby..."
I was left in my cot with another ultra frilly dress, this in flaming red. No more drinkies, thank goodness. No more restriction, except that I was locked in my cot. If only I could get the key...

I was lying in a pond of wee when nanny returned an hour later.
Her response was swift and very unpleasant.
A heavy bamboo cane.
Wee had trickled out of the panties, though most of it was warmly ballooned inside them. Cherie unlocked me, and with a splosh, turned me over to my familiar crouch.
At least the wee was some protection against her cane, but every time it thrashed down on me, urine was sent spraying
Everywhere was splashed. 
Cherie studiously wiped up the huge splashes from the mat under the cot, from the bars of the cot, from everywhere except me.
My red dress was removed, then carefully the bowl-like urine filled pantie was removed.
I wasn't cleaned at all. 
A thick large plastic bag lifted up from my feet all the way up to to my neck. 
As long as I sat up, there could be no leakage. Over this is pulled down a frilly satin blouse and then a frilly skirt is pulled up, plus a frilly bonnet and frilly bootees.
"Of course you're not a real baby yet," exclaimed nanny. She took the urine filled pantie and tipped the contents  down my front- on the inside of the bag. It sloshed down to my backside, as I sat in the cot. A choker was fixed around the neck, which sealed me like a cocoon. 
My head was placed between the clamps and the drip feed reinstated.  The relentless pressure of the milk in my mouth was unbearable. A lot of it trickled down my chin and  onto my dress, though I found that if I held my head back as far as I could, the dribble would not spoil my dress, but trickle in to the bag. Hand in hand, Cherie and nanny sadistically watched me.

When I was filled up to my waist. in a mix of urine with some milk, nanny declared it was time.
Time for what?
I waited in dire fear for several minutes.
"You'll never be a real baby!" she teased me anew.
The choker was taken off and Cherie brought a bowl of warm water which she poured into my bag so it was full up to my nipples. My feet lay bathed in the mix, my whole body up to my chest now soaked in this odd concoction.
At this point the lady known as Jackie arrived. What she made of the sight of me in such a position was amazing. She seemed in raptures.
"Oh, what a sight!" she cried out in pleasure, "Thank you for inviting me."
"We wanted you to see a Real Baby," explained Cherie, "not that she is a real baby yet. But her feed contains a very powerful laxative..."
I think I had already realized that, for I was rumbling, as if  preparing to explode.
Suddenly the full force of that laxative bore its fruit as it thundered my excrement into the pond  of wee.
"Wonderful," cried Jackie. "Can I do it now?"
"Oh yes."
At least my clothing hid the awful sight of the huge mess in my bag from their eyes.
My eyes bulged as Jackie stripped off.
"Come on little baby," she cried. 
I think she's a bit wild, I decided.
She sat on me causing the waterline to rise to my neck. Any more and I'll be oozing over the choker!
She removed my head from the feed and clamp, and pushed it towards her rosy nipple.
"You're a real baby now," commented nanny, "and Auntie Jackie has volunteered to give you your reward."
I suckled and was satisfied.
Less satisfying was when she had finished teasing me with her milkless nipple, she pulled off my blouse then lifted down my skirt to reveal the full extent of my shame.

Nanny had brought in a water heater,which she pushed into the foaming mess that was inside the bag. A little of the liquid trickled down the outside.
It was getting distinctly warm, hot even. Were they trying to boil me?
Then Cherie produced a strange looking fan which whirred feverishly.
"You can be a grown up baby now," Nanny Sadie praised me. "You have done very well."
I didn't understand at first, but soon I did. The fan was pushed inside the bag, causing more of the urine and milk mixture to be displaced. Then the whirring was increased as water was blown all round the bag forming tidal waves. 
The waves lapped my dick  caressing it, teasing it, encouraging it until it grew into such a pitch of excitement, that I was no longer a baby! I was being  thoroughly and unashamedly masturbated.
The swirling and whirling became ever more irresistible and the onlookers gave an almighty cheer, as to the urine and milk and poop came my offering of foaming cum. 
"Thank you nanny so much."

       THE END 
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