R Queen of The Hop
Nervous first year uni student is transformed
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    I was nervously shifting my feet in a roomful of strangers. This was the welcome gala event for college freshers- here I had absolutely no friends.
  Yet this the small college had been my first choice, a select group of 200 undergrads plus a postgrad elite of ten,  specializing in human biology. The only snag, as I saw it, was that only 10% of students here were female, and my being so shy was hardly a recipe for getting to know one of the few. That was the chief drawback of my mother giving me home tuition.
  "Hi, you're Josh?" an older looking student inquired. When I assented, he said follow him, so I did, glad somebody had approached me.
He took me over to the bar and introduced me to the most attractive girl I had ever seen. She had long blonde hair, a pencil thin body covered by a bright orange dress, with small breasts under the soft shiny satin. Her legs were covered by sheer stockings, but oddly arresting was the tattoo on her bare left arm, which declared that she was 'Queen of The Hop 2029.'
"Thanks Dave, hi Josh," she greeted me, "I'm Cynth. Oh I see you've spotted that I am next year's Queen of The Hop."
"Y-yes," I blushed, though not quite certain what this title meant.
"Well, my job is to find The Queen for the year after. Prof Toms recommended I ask you."
Toms had interviewed me months ago, a strong forceful man and the college principal. I was flattered, but nervous at the same time. 
"What does it involve?" I asked Cynth.
"Scientific research," she replied abruptly, "the point is, my dear Josh, Professor Toms would be very cross if you did not become our 2030 Queen."
"But obviously you realize I am male, I can't..."
"No, no," answered Cynth, "you don't get the point." She took my right hand and I jumped as she slid it under her orange dress. I hadn't expected to get to know a girl quite so quick!
But I soon understood she was not a girl. My hand had been led to her dick, bulging under her silk pantie. Despite myself, I gave a little shiver of pleasure. My hand was taken away.
I was entranced by this trannie, I had never thought about such a relationship before. Not that I had yet experienced any sexual relationships. 
"You will agree?" Cynth pleaded.
I nodded. The die was cast.

Cynth lead me from the main college building to a large house, built on the far side of a quadrangle. She opened the imposing front door.
"This is where Prof Toms- we always call him sir- this is where sir lives."
I nodded, wondering why she was bringing me here.
"This is where you'll stay, as one of us favored ones," Cynth explained, "this is our room."
She pushed open a ground floor door that led into a large bedroom. It contained four single beds and was littered with the usual sort of student mess, textbooks, jottings on scrap papers, timetables untidily posted on the walls, you know the sort of thing.
"You mean....," I began, hardly believing my luck.
"Yeah, that's your bed in that corner," she indicated a bed with a bright blue cover, "and that's your desk," she pointed to it. "I'm in this corner," hers was a purple bed, "and that's Janice's, she's out at the moment," she said stating the obvious. Her bedspread was  a garish pink. "That's a spare bed, in case we want a friend to stay. Come on, you can fetch your things later on, I'll show you round."
Cynth showed me the other main room on the ground floor, the kitchen. This was fairly untidy also, most noticeable were the little nappies drying on an airer, and several baby dresses awaiting ironing.
"I'll introduce you later to this year's Queen,  Daisy, and last year's model," she giggled, "Anna. She was our very first Queen of the Hop."
"They're research students, are they?" I queried.
"Yeah,  Our research here is all about human reproduction."
"I expect..."
But Cynth interrupted me.
"They live upstairs.  So does sir. You mustn't go upstairs unless they or he invite you."
I wanted to ask why, but didn't dare.
"Come on then, I'll show you the lab, I expect they're all there at the moment."
To the side of the quadrangle we walked, to an avant garde building, that looked like a warehouse, made of steel. Cynth keyed in a code and the door sprang open.
Inside I spied about half a dozen bodies busy at work. A couple  were examining things under microscopes, a small group were standing round what looked like a blow up doll, and two women were doing something with liquids.
"They're Anna and Daisy," Cynth explained, "those are their babies," she pointed to two push chairs where two pretty little baby girls were sleeping peacefully.
I was introduced to them, I hardly making eye contact since I was trying to work out what they were doing. The I was taken quickly over to the group with sir in.
They were adjusting some sort of near life size model of a man, at least i think it was a model for its skin was so smooth, but it was very lifelike.
"Sir, this is Josh."
"Ah yes, yes, I remember," Toms nodded absently in my direction.
"Josh has agreed to be Queen of the Hop in 2030."
"Good, good," he muttered, "see to her, will you?"
The group resumed their research. I wanted to watch, but Cynth dragged me away, to show me round the more mundane corners of our college.

My next hours were spent in a whirl of registration, and checking my timetable in the main university lab, which was on a ********r scale than sir's little college lab. 
I was tired when I retired to my new quarters, disappointed that I had hardly got to know anyone else, since my frenzy of introductions via Cynth. I suppose i am too shy to make the first move, and I was so grateful that Cynth had befriended me.
A fresh faced girl, in pink, was seated at the desk by the pink bed, quietly working as I came in.
"Oh hi," she greeted me, "I'm Janice. You must be Josh. Cynth told me about you."
I went up to her, and decided to kiss her. It seemed the friendly thing to do. Her cheek was so, so very soft. She looked a picture of health.
She kissed me back, and said, 
"so you're gonna be the Queen after Cynth?" She looked me up and down. "Ya, I reckon you'll do kid. You've a lot to learn, but I wish you all the best!" She slapped me playfully on the back.
I smiled at her. I sensed that she really was a girl. My affection for Cynth wavered as our eyes met. She looked so serene, and I simply adored her girly looks, her short sissy pink dress was a mass of frills, she looked a girl's girl. I got out the question I was dying to ask. Well one of them, anyway.
"What exactly does Queen of The Hop involve?"
Janice laughed momentarily. That surprised me.
"So Cynth didn't tell you?" she giggled again. "Well, Josh, at the end of the summer term, before we go down, like many unis, our college celebrates with a great night together. We have called them Hops for many many years, though it was only when sir came, sir, you know, Prof Toms?"
I nodded.
"It was when he came a few years back that he started this tradition of selecting a Queen of the Hop."
"I've met Anna and Daisy."
"Ya, they were our first two. Next summer, I will be the Queen," she announced proudly.
"But what exactly do you have to do?" I pressed her. It seemed unlikely that all this special treatment was building up to just being a star attraction at the end of year ball.
"I'd better leave sir to explain," Janice said, and turned back to her studying. "Oh, by the way, did Cynth tell you I'm pregnant?"
"Oh no, well congrats," I  said, "who's the father? When's it due?"
"Not until next spring," she replied, "you can't tell I'm expecting at the moment can you? But in a few months you will."
I recalled later that she hadn't answered my query about the father. But we were interrupted by the boisterous Cynth, who hugged us both and  all my unanswered questions after that were drowned in a haze of small talk, which did not put me wiser at all.

I was ready to turn in. More particularly, though it was early, I fancied my chances with Cynth, or, as an alternative, Janice. But though I think I'd have preferred Janice, I started worrying that her boyfriend might not like it. Or perhaps Cynth was the father? Ah, that might be it! Anyway, I knew I was dreaming, kidding myself, I had no experience. But Cynth, at least, did seem very friendly.
We were in the kitchen, having enjoyed a ready meal together. I yawned, muttering about it being a long day. But I was booked for a disappointment.
"Yeah, why not," agreed Cynth, and I looked at her hopefully. "But you do need to see sir first. He's still working, I'll take you over to him."
"Oh I can manage."
"No, you need the key code. Sir will give you one  when you've settled in. I'll walk with you to the lab."
Cynth keyed in the code, then left me.
The door shut with a slam behind me. I stood inside the lab, and went over to sir.
He was busy stirring some liquid with the help of Daisy. I nosily tried to see what they were up to, but beyond seeing a kind of foamy material they were stirring, I was no wiser.
"Er, excuse me, sir," I coughed politely, "Cynth said you wanted to see me."
Sir turned from his fascinating occupation.
"Ah yes, it's Josh, isn't it? Right now, erm, where did I put it?"
I stared at him blankly.
"Daisy, you carry on with that," he said, "I'll be back in a minute. Right, come with me, er, Josh." He led me to a cupboard.
In a far corner, Daisy's baby began crying.
"Oh, sir, can you put a teat in her mouth? I'll feed her as soon as I've done this."
We changed direction, and the prof did as Daisy had requested.
"Nice baby," I said to remind him of my presence.
"Yes, she's a few months old now."
"Who's the dad?" I asked casually. It was what I had wanted to ask Janice as well.
"Oh I am," the prof replied absently, "or it might be Janice...!"
I stared at him as he threw out that nonsensical reply. Perhaps he's too tied up with his research, I mused to myself.
He took me back to the cupboard.
I tried to ask him why he thought Janice might be the father, but he was too busy with picking out something.
It was an odd instrument, it made tattoos. The professor ordered, "hold your left arm out."
"How could...," I commenced, but he interrupted.
"No you must stay still, boy," sir sounded slightly angry, so I was silent for the minute. 
"This won't hurt."
With surprising skill, he inscribed in large letters on my arm 'Queen of The Hop 2030.' With a few deft touches, he surveyed his handiwork with satisfaction.
"What d'you mean....?" I recommenced, now that he had finished.
But he was now busy, taking out a syringe from the cupboard, and filling it with something. He pushed up my sleeve.
I gave up my questioning about fatherhood, to concentrate on his syringe.
"What's that for, please sir?"
"Oh you have to have this. We'll start your injections tomorrow. But this will tide you over for tonight."
None the wiser, as he placed the needle to my arm, I insisted,
"but what it's for?"
He slid it in.
"Nothing to worry about. But you must realize we can't have you having sex with your room mates can we?"
Can't we, I wanted to retort, but his next words stung home.
"If I read you right, Josh, you couldn't anyway, but we need to be sure. This will take away your sexual desire tonight."
Even if I had wanted to refuse, it was too late. Already the needle was being pulled out.
"But I will promise you one thing, and this you can look forward to, you will have sex with Cynth, if you are patient. She knows that, and now you do too."
I could only gaze at him dumbfounded. He let me out, and I collapsed on my lonely bed, strangely tired, only the noise of what must have been Anna's baby crying, keeping me awake for very long. 

What time my room mates retired to bed, I know not. 
I slept thru, awaking only when Cynth shook me.
"Rise n shine," she grinned at me. I turned over. I wasn't specially looking forward to today, "a day for freshers to get to know each other." Sightseeing, watching a football match, or a film, didn't appeal to this nervous student.
So I was quite glad when Cynth told me we had to be in the lab in ten minutes.
I slipped into the adjacent bathroom to put on my clothes. Cynth scoffed at my shyness. I returned to find her naked. Yes she did have a dick, but small breasts too. 
"Hey, stop staring!" she teased me.
"Sorry," I mumbled, "isn't Janice coming too?" I stared at her still asleep.
"Oh no," she's done it all."
Still mystified, I tailed after Cynth.
Sir was waiting with an assistant he called Dave, who took Cynth to a cubicle. Prof Toms took me to a couch and indicated I sit down. He sat next to me.
"This is your initial treatment," said Toms, "so you'll be here all weekend until Sunday evening. For the rest of this year, you'll only need to attend for about half an hour on Saturday morning. Okay?"
I nodded absently, then looked him in the face to ask, "what treatment?"
"Nothing to concern yourself Josh. We need to record data about your body, so we understand clearly what is happening. So we need to take several scans and numerous tests. They won't hurt, I promise you. Remember," he smiled, "Cynth will be yours when we're ready!" He patted me in encouragement.
"But when will that be?"
"Ah, patience my boy, patience. Let's get your injections out of the way, shall we?"
I wanted to ask more, but his look was forbidding, of the type, the-less-you-say-the-quicker-it'll-be.
But in fact he enlightened me anyway. To some extent.
"This first is like last night's, only a different drug that won't put you into a deep sleep. You get one dose each week."
The needle went in, and stayed in as the drug pumped into my gullible body. As I understood it, this would stop me wanting sex with Cynth or anyone. Was it worth it?
I decided that it was. I knew, deep down, that I couldn't initiate sex with her, and I saw in the carrot sir was dangling at me, a genuine chance of getting what I craved. 
So I submitted. At last the needle was withdrawn, my sex drive was apparently stunted. I hoped it might not be so, for I enjoy a good masturbation.
"That's done then. Now for your first hormonal injection."  Another syringe went into my left arm. Toms admired the recent tattoo.
"You'll be the best Queen of The Hop yet," he encouraged. 
That gave me a boost, 'cause he hadn't really explained about this injection.
"You won't notice any changes for a few months," he told me, apparently by way of assurance. "The dose is small to start, increasing by stages. I suggest at Christmas that you warn your mum to expect change when you come down for Easter."
I couldn't think so far ahead- it was only yesterday that I had started uni. How much had happened!
The needle came out.
"Now lie on the couch," sir ordered, and he stood up to allow me to comply. "We'll start your tests now."
He knelt down  and unzipped my pants. I shifted restlessly.
"Remember nothing will hurt," he reassured me. "Before the first test proper, I'm testing that the first injection has worked."
He pulled down my pantie, and a reflex in me made me turn my body away from him.
"No need for modesty," he told me, and in a business-like manner, he gripped my little dick. At three inches it was not at its full glory like when I masturbated. Then it became at least twice the size.
With a sudden panic, I realized that I could not become erect. Was it the strange surroundings? 
Good, good, the prof was muttering. Bad, bad, I was thinking, that drug had spoiled my vain hopes of sex with Cynth, perhaps for the next week.
I sensed the prof was enjoying rubbing me. I wished I was.
"Never mind," he sighed to me, "you'll enjoy it the more when you can do it again. You enjoy masturbation?"
I shyly nodded. 
"I promise you will enjoy it more, one day!"
He stopped rubbing, and started measuring my dick, my balls, then internally took measurements of everything around them, finishing with my prostate.
After that came the first of my scans. I had a break for sleep, then on Sunday yet more measuring. 
Cynth emerged from her cubicle. She told me she had to spend every weekend here. I told her about my tests, but she cut me short,
"Yeah I do know, I had 'em all last year. Did you enjoy the masturbation bit?"
I shook my head. 
"Oh come now," sir interjected, "you didn't Not like it, did you?"
I admitted I had wished it had been more stimulating.
"Can I?" Cynth asked the prof.
"Oh why not," he replied, "I have tested, but no harm in checking. Would you like Cynth to rub you, Josh?"
Eagerly I assented. Though it wasn't what I had longed for, it was a foretaste, and I attempted to imagine I had become erect as she stroked me.
No such luck, but it was more than I might have dreamed of, only a few days back.

To be honest, I was dying to start those "changes" that sir had promised, so I could get the sooner to have sex with Cynth, or even Janice.
But though I did feel indefinably different,  nothing obvious was to be seen by Christmas, and so pissed off I was that I had half decided the whole thing was a swindle. Thus I never told my mum anything. I probably wouldn't have dared anyway.
I told Cynth early in the new year that I wanted to "just be an ordinary student."
She said she had gone thru a similar time of doubts last year, but assured me it was worth the wait.

It was the first Friday in March that things happened all of a sudden.
I'd noticed my skin was shinier and smoother, that the hairs on my hand were disappearing as if by magic. My Queen of The Hop tattoo stood out and I wasn't sure if I wanted to wear long sleeves and hide it, or boast about myself to all and sundry.
But the big change came that Friday when hair on my head  fell out and I was suddenly bald. If you've ever experienced this without knowing it was going to happen, you'll understand how scared and frightened I became.
I happened to be in the bath, so at least nobody shared my horror story. I got out, shoved a towel over my head, and looked for Cynth or Janice.
Neither was in, but sounds from upstairs indicated someone was at home.
I called up the stairs. With no response I called louder.
I screamed. That brought Anna to the landing. She was breastfeeding.
I didn't know her that well but I badly needed someone to help.
I pulled off my towel.
"Oh right, kid," said Anna, seeing my tragedy, but talking as though this were some everyday occurrence. "Just come up here."
I did the stairs two at a time.
"Don't worry," Anna said to comfort me, continuing her feeding. "Here's the cupboard you need." she indicated it, "take whatever you want." 
She returned to her room.
"But I need..." I protested. But it was a waste of breath. I opened the cupboard.  I understood.
A selection of wigs hung from hooks.
I tried on several. Anything would have done but this choice encouraged me to choose one I really liked. It was only temporary, I imagined, until my hair grew again, so I opted for a wig of straight black hair that reached to my shoulders. 
Actually, when it had unrolled, it hung down more as far as my chest. 
It liberated me somehow. The old Josh was buried and I was free to become a new person.
A glance over the lower shelves revealed a lot of skirts, in every conceivable material, cotton, wool, leather, pvc, denim. 
I wanted to wear one! The urge was irresistible, and since I was naked, it was only a matter of seconds before I had slipped on a shiny red pvc skirt. The sensation of it on my skin made me thrill with ecstasy. I ought to wear something underneath, but I couldn't bear to lose that delicious feeling of the pvc on my bottom, on my waist, on my dick.
My eyes scanned the rest of the cupboard. Panties... no! Petticoats... No!
Blouses- several dozen drew my attention.
Again I was spoiled for choice. Recklessly, after much deliberation, I pulled a soft satin silky blouse in black over me,  to match my hair. It was even more frilly and sissy than Janice's dress I had so much admired. But I saw no dresses, so this was my best choice. A large flowery brooch I attached to the front of my wig. A couple of bracelets of petals I slipped over my waist. I was a new person! Then it hit me, I was a new girl! 
Like Cynth. Suddenly I think I understood.
Some Mary Jane sandals, in red, slipped on my bare feet, and a new woman- yes that's the word!- proudly descended the staircase. In our room was a mirror, and I admired myself continuously in it, twining my hair in my fingers in admiration.
I lay on my bed and began masturbating.
I had forgotten! But I rubbed anyway. The way I was feeling, anything could happen!
Interruption was not welcome, but in came Janice to see my hand vainly persuading my dick to grow.
"Oh my dear," Janice exclaimed, "I love how you've dressed."
For the moment, wrapped in my rubbing, had I quite forgotten my new look. I went as red as my skirt.
She came over to me. She was nearly due, proudly showing off her pregnancy as much as I had shown off my new outfit, if only to myself.
"Oooh, you do look sweet, real sissy," she declared making me blush even more, "so much nicer than Cynth, I think, she's too sexy looking! You, you're just right."
She kissed me on the lip as she fingered my little dick.
"Oh well," she sighed, "we'd better inform sir."

Sir was at his second home, when Janice dragged me in to the lab. It was scarcely necessary for her to say anything.
"Thank you, Janice," he gave her a squeeze before she left me with him and Dave. 
He said something to Dave about their experimenting, which involved electrical apparatus attached to that lifelike doll.
He took my hand and led me to the cubicle.
"Just lie there," he ordered, and he popped out.
Nervously, a fear of the unknown gnawing at me, I did as he had told me. He returned a minute later with a syringe. Not another injection.
"You look very sweet," he told me. That disarmed me and the question hovering on my lips remained unspoken.
In went the needle. Was it to stop me being randy? I wasn't due another injection until tomorrow.
Out came the needle.
"Rest there and I'll be back when we have finished."
He returned to Dave and a succession of flashes, whirring and buzzing left me curious and puzzled. Dare I get up and have a peep?
No, I am not that brave. Or perhaps you'd say I am a goodie, a good obedient lad, or maybe I should say girl?
It was a long wait.
"Sorry to have been so long." Sir was apologizing to little me! "But the drug will have taken effect by now. How do you feel?"
I mumbled I was worried.
"No need to be, your choice of clothing I find stunning."
I blushed for at least the third time that evening. I felt flattered, wanted, perhaps even desired.
"When we go to the house, I'll show you the other cupboard and you can choose three or four more blouses or dresses."
"Thank you, sir."
"Now for your long awaited reward." 
My heart missed a beat.
"Oh, it's not quite time for Cynth," he explained, correctly interpreting my eagerness. We must build up for that night!"
"Yes sir," I said, disappointed.
"You see, you need some preparation for that, Josh- no we can't call you that can we? Er, what d'you want to be called?"
"Josie," I answered promptly. When I had marched down the staircase, that name had flashed into my head.
"Fine Josie." His hand lifted my red skirt. "Mmm, daring aren't you? No panties."
"No sir. I loved the feel if the material on me!"
"Well let's test you now. Have you ever done it before with anyone?"
His hand touched my little three incher.
"Oh I see," came my stuttering answer, "no sir I haven't."
"Okay little Josie. Tonight we'll simply test if you're functioning okay, shall we?"
"Please sir," was I sounding too eager?
He fingered my dick.
"I think it looks just fine!" He began rubbing me and his diagnosis was indeed correct, for I was growing quickly to five, six, seven inches.
"That's very good," he praised. If he sounded objective, I sensed he was still enjoying himself.
"Mmm!" I exclaimed, and without warning spurted my load of hot cum on the underside of my skirt.
"Well," he laughed, "you were certainly keen to do that. But try and pace it."
"Sorry sir. I think it was not having done it for over five months!"
"Come on then," he said, flipping the damp skirt back over my shriveling dick. I wanted to tidy up, but he was already dragging me out the lab.

The new cupboard contained some beautiful dresses as well as some more scary looking leather outfits with studs. A selection of whips made me avert my eyes.
I picked out a selection of sissy looking dresses to die for, then he invited me into his own room.
Flattered, I entered, then was taken from the main room to one that looked like the cupboard on a larger even more scary scale.
"I think you were ready for me?" he suggested.
I was. He could read me so easily.
He lifted my cum stained skirt.
"So what do you call this, Josie?"
"Me couldn't help it sir," relapsing into baby speak, since I was scared yet very stimulated. He was brandishing a leather whip.
"Josie," he stated in a very stern voice, "you will not do that without my permission. Do you understand?"
"You mean I mustn't masturbate, sir, unless you say I may?"
"Correct. But no sex without permission either. That's no change from before, only the difference is that you now have the ability."
"I won't," I promised, "but is me allowed to ask you for permission."
My face fell when he told me not.
"So now Josie, what is this mess on your pretty new skirt?"
"It's, well, you did it sir!"
Obviously this was not the diplomatic answer.
The whip slashed across me.
"You did it despite being told at the start of the year that you mustn't."
This smacked of extreme injustice, but he anticipated my protest with another lash of his whip. I cringed.
"This time we will overlook your infringing the rules. But be warned- my permission must be granted first."
"Yes sir, I will make sure I don't disobey you again."
"That's better little Josie. Now I do give you permission to ejaculate!"
"Thank you sir."
"We will practise coition. Sure you are ready?"
"Ooo yes sir!"
He began rubbing. This time I had no heavy load pressing for release, so I could find pleasure in his masturbating me.
Soon I reached an impressive seven inches.
He climbed on the punishment bed and guided my dick against his passage. He pressed hard and I understood what he wanted. I pressed and soon I was in heaven. I managing to sustain myself as he rubbed harder and harder, finding my dick expanding to new undreamed of heights. 
I groaned and he tensed.  I pumped my load flooding his back passage, and was satisfied.

After this, Toms invited me to his room about twice a week, teaching me to satisfy him. His back passage became my obsession and gave me little time to even dare think about Cynth. I might have dared, but sir did tell me it would be the night of the hop when I finally was permitted to pleasure her. So in the meantime, I made do with sir, barely pleasant in its way, but this isn't love, I kept reminding myself.
My mum scarcely recognized me in the Easter vacation. I was a new different Josh. Not Josh at all, though she couldn't get out of the habit if calling me that. I think she was pleased that I was so happy.
Summer term saw sir change his instruction. "Save yourself for the hop," he ordered me. So now his lessons focused on his rubbing my dick and enclosing his mouth round it. I ejaculated down his throat happily, though longing for something even more satisfying.
"Patience, my sweet Josie," he soothed me.
I was prettying myself for when the big day finally came, my skin felt softer and sleeker, the last remnants of hair on my body, in my pubic region had finally disappeared. 
It was time for The Hop!

"Welcome to all grads and undergrads of xxxx College," announced a voice in the main college hall. "Tonight we celebrate with all who have passed their finals. Let's kick off with our traditional dance, that rock classic At the Hop.
To an old recording, everyone began jiving, twisting, rocking. I swayed with the best of them, working my way towards Janice who was now blooming into rosy health again after the birth of her firstborn.
Her dress was one to die for, a sissy pink satin number with tiny multicolored bells all over, which tinkled as she danced.
Exactly what I'd be wearing, given the chance! 
It was then that I knew beyond any doubt that it was Janice I most wanted. She gave that sweet innocent sissy look that I so longed to cultivate too. It was very unfortunate timing  that tonight was my long awaited night with the Queen of The Hop.
The dance stopped as my eyes met Janice's.
I held her hand. She squeezed my hand. "Good luck," she whispered, and went to the bar.
I followed. She wasn't the first to say that to me. Did she know about me and Cynth tonight?
It dawned on me after winks from other men, that everyone must know.
I squeezed close to Janice at the bar. She smiled and walked off. I was disappointed. I knew she liked me.
"Ladies and gents," the voice resumed, "please show your appreciation for last year's Queen of The Hop... Janice!"
Wild cheers rang out for her as she emerged holding her new child.
"Congratulations to her, and all those graduating this year." 
All the new successful grads swarmed round her, each kissing her. I jealously wished I was one of them.
Music began again. Dave came to me and told me to come with him. As we went behind the scenes, the announcer continued, "Now please put your hands together for this year's Queen of The Hop!"
From the wings I watched as Cynth marched on to wild cheering and whooping. I must say that she looked stunning. Not the sweet sissy, more the opposite. In her gold lurex tight dress, she set out to stand out and impress. She did all that and more.
Dancing began, this one was appropriately Queen of the Hop. Everyone was sidling over to the Queen and patting her, kissing her, even fondling her. In her turn, she hugged or kissed them. It was an orgy.
As the last notes died away, came the voice, a hush dramatically descending on us all, "now put your hands together for our esteemed principal."
Sir strode in, making for the small stage, where The Queen had found herself.
She was reclining provocatively on a small couch as sir stopped still in front of her.
She lifted her lurex. A gasp floated round the room.
Cynth was a boy, like me! Yet even I, with my limited knowledge could see this was a girl. She displayed her pussy to wildest cheering.
Sir knelt down and kissed her. On her clit. That renewed the applause and a frenzy broke out on stage, as The Queen ripped off the prof's suit and had him kneeling before her in just his pants.
He stood up like this was some well practiced ritual. She tore down his pants and he was naked in front of her. His elastic dick sprang to attention. Not very alluring I told myself.
He began rubbing it!
Cheers of encouragement rang round the room, as he pumped his dick before the attentive Queen. "Cum on, cum on!" everyone yelled.
I watched in disgust. Wasn't I to be the one after all? 
Dave grabbed me when I tried to move.
"It's your go in a sec," he told me. "Wait till you're called."
I suddenly comprehended what I was expected to do and though I was bursting to take The Queen, never had I imagined it would be like this in public!
A crescendo in the room warned that sir was climaxing.
Cynth lifted her dress more as sir grunted, and as catcalls rang round the room, exploded over The Queen's pussy. Dollops of his cum streaked down to her anus.
"Now, please welcome next year's Queen of The Hop, Josie!"
Dave pushed me forward and amid whoops I wended my route towards the stage, touched as though I were precious, mauled, even pummeled in my dick area. The tension in the room was tangible, and I was so so nervous, only the tide of elation drove me on.
As I reached my quarry, the crowd surged round the stage, eager for a prime view. I glanced round, feeling their lusting.
"Go on Josie," urged someone.
"Take her," screamed another.
I stood before The Queen, unsure of my next move. 
But The Queen had been a mere onlooker at sir's masturbation. This time was quite different, it was I who was dominated. 
As I gazed at her cum stained pussy, she pulled down my panties and snatched at my little nervous dick. She jerked it out to cries of encouragement and began that lovely process that will end in my ejaculation.
I swayed deliriously as she made me grow to five six seven inches and then pulled me on top of her reclining body.
The lurex crackled as we sparked together. She held my erect dick lovingly, but this was not love, I knew, but naked lust, and I yielded myself willingly to her. 
Even the prof's still warm cum did not deter me, as my dick was pushed to the gate of her glory.
I wanted to avoid his globules of cum, but insistently it clung to me as, to loud cheering, my dick penetrated her loving hole, trailing his dripping cum along with it. I cried with desire and ecstasy, the sex so long desired was finally  nearing fruition.
With sir's unwelcome cum lubricating my path, I felt my dick pressing ever closer to its goal.
And then she started pulsing her vagina and I yelped in excitement. It was sir's cum that penetrated into her womb, I knew that, but I was determined to drown it and fertilize the Queen myself. I powered my cum all inside her, and she gasped in amazement as I continued to rub despite having spent myself.
The crowd were still cheering, uncertain if I'd yet climaxed. Cynth knew but she too craved more and we put on a great show, panting in sheer desire, my dick swishing uncontrollably in my boiling offering, mixed in with sir's renegade cum. Nearly exhausted I finally arched my body to shouts of "f*** her!" and fertilized every inch of her womb.
When I withdrew, the applause renewed when from her passage emerged a burst of foaming cum.

  "Hi, are you Sandy?" I asked one of the freshers at the opening gala of term. "It's my job to find my successor." 
Sir had told me to ask this girl first. Yes girl. He said it was time a real girl was Queen.
  The summer had passed uneventfully at home. Mum had got used to my new persona, I do think she was pleased to see me so much more self confident. As for dressing as a girl, she didn't comment beyond saying she hoped it was another stage in my growing up, not permanent. I didn't dare tell her what I knew was gonna happen this academic year to me!
I had tried contacting Janice in vain. I was told that she'd gone off with young Jilly, her child, on some wild trek.
She had returned for the new term, now a proud research student, and so far had been confined to her room. I was not allowed upstairs of course.
So here was Sandy. She looked like a female version of me. Indeed when I chatted her up, she told me she had been educated at home with her sister, and she appeared as sheltered as I ever was.
"Hi Sandy," I welcomed her, "I'm Josie. Oh I see you've spotted that I am next year's Queen of The Hop."
"Y-yes," she blushed. 
"Well, my job is to find The Queen after me. Prof Toms recommended I ask you."
"What would I have to do?" asked Sandy.
"Scientific research," I replied, "the point is, my dear Sandy, Professor Toms wants you to become our 2031 Queen."
"Not me?"
"Really you, Sandy."
She looked dubious.
"Look I'll show you round, then you can make up your mind."
She readily followed me and I took her to the room she'd be sharing with me and Cynth. She looked worried, even though we'd ostensibly be all girls together.
"I couldn't share with you," she said, a remark that took me aback.
"Oh, why not?"
She paused as if considering if she dare go on.
I took her hand. I think that decided her.
She pulled away.
"Look, my mum caught me last week playing with my sister, playing, you know, with no clothes on." She paused embarrassed.
"Well, mum told me it was wrong and I must get a room on my own, definitely not with a girl like you."
I looked at her and grabbed her hand again. I wouldn't let her let go this time. Instead I took her under my sissy dress to feel my pantie.
"Oh," she perked up completely. "That's different. Mum can't object to you, can she?"
She'd better not I thought.
"Is Cynth a boy too?"
"No, she's pregnant actually."
"Oh well, that's okay, it's a lovely room!"
"So you will be the Queen of The Hop?"
She assented. "As long as we can share!"
I took her to Prof Toms before she could have second thoughts. I could tell she liked me. I did not tell her she might have to wait a long time before her passion was consummated.
Then a second thought grabbed me as we walked over to the lab. I''ll be a girl by then won't I?
I keyed in the door code and took Sandy to sir.

I didn't see Sandy again that day. I was too preoccupied sending messages to Janice. But I learned on Saturday morning that Sandy had gone to some party with Cynth. She looked quite wild as I took her over to the lab.
"Enjoy yourself last night?"
She smiled as if hiding a secret. Jealously I wondered what she had don,e that I hadn't been able to do when I was a fresher.
"You're having your first injections this morning. They might hurt," I added a trifle unpleasantly.
"Well it won't be as bad as what you face. Cynth says..."
I cut her short. I was nervous enough anyway.
I left her with sir. He told me to go to the cubicle to start my treatment.
It was a lovely surprise to find Janice was here.
"I'm your nurse," she said, as I beamed at her. I saw a pram squeezed into a recess of the cubicle. "I hope Jilly stays asleep. How are you Josie?"
She kissed me. I don't think nurses normally do that, certainly not on the lips!
"I'm nervous," I admitted, as I squeezed her.
"Come to my room Monday night," she whispered, "Anna and Daisy will both be busy here on their project. Seven o'clock eh? Jilly should be off by then."
I thanked her, feeling much better.
"Don't tell anyone, sir would go mad."
"Course not. What's gonna happen to me now?"
"The past year your hormones have changed. Now prof is accelerating that process and beginning the implant of a womb and other organs. I'm not exactly sure because we keep adapting and improving the process each year."
"I can't pretend to understand, but..."
"Nor me," she interrupted, "but I do know it worked. Jilly is the proof."
I sighed.
"I'd better get on now, or Toms might get suspicious." 
She injected my lower regions, and the long process began. She told me it would be months before I was ready.
A long hard road, sir told me, but I had a big compensation. Monday evening.

All was quiet as the clock neared seven. Sandy was studying, Cynth was lying on her bed dreaming. I crept up the stairs.
In seconds I was kissing Janice. 
She was already groping my dick, as I fondled her breasts.
She laughed. "What's the joke?" I looked at her.
She rubbed my dick and said, "in a week or two we won't be able to do this!"
"Why not?" I began, then added absently, "oh I see."
She was eager, even more eager than I, as she guided my dick to her pussy. I was in heaven.
"Don't stay in," she breathed heavily, "if I got pregnant, sir might want to know how!"
"Okay, shame."
I was about to push in to my ultimate ecstasy, when she pulled away.
At first I was mystified. Then I heard. 
Jilly. ****** Jilly.
Janice was so apologetic, saying she had feared it. Little Jilly hadn't settled well, needed feeding.
I waited impatiently. She tried to rush but the fates were against us. Baby wouldn't settle, and by the time she did it was nine o'clock.
"Daisy'll be back any minute."
I said something about let her find out and clutched Janice to me. But she was more circumspect, if regretful. The sound of the lab door slamming shut decided it. I beat a quick retreat.
I guess somebody suspected us, for I never had another chance of seeing Janice alone. Not until my dick had shriveled and impotent. 
By now I was a real, a proper girly.

Months of pain and at last the Hop was here!
My skin glowed with a morning freshness. My body craved fulfillment.
My happiness will soon be complete.
My only worry is who will be inseminating me? Next year's Queen cannot. Is Toms going to? That thought makes my flesh creep. Questioned, he would not tell me.
At The Hop was at full blast, as the new Queen of The Hop brought in her prize baby to fervent applause. 
Cynth glowed with pride, her scanty pvc dress showing off her milky breasts.
Then Queen of The Hop filled the room and I made my entrance in the sissy dress that Janice had once worn. It excited me just to think of her slender body brushing against the same material as mine.
I sashayed my way to the stage and reclined gracefully, awaiting my destiny.
The lights dimmed and a voice announced.
"Ladies and gents."
It was Janice's voice!
"This year sees a change in our routine. Professor Toms and his team (applause) are introducing to you for the very first time,  your very own.... Pat!"
Cheers as sir walks on holding the hand of said Pat. In the half light it was hard to make out more than a five foot six figure wearing dark glasses, with long wavy blonde hair, dressed in an identical dress to mine!
Toms brought Pat and placed his hand in mine. It was so soft, softer even than my baby-like skin.
"Hi Pat," I smiled.
But Pat didn't answer. What he did was lift his dress to reveal his large erect treasure.
I fondled it, as sir hovered. I hoped he wouldn't interfere, and to make sure I pulled it towards my hole. How soft his dick felt, even though it was fully erect, seven or eight inches.
I gulped as Pat responded to my pulling by suddenly thrusting mercilessly inside me. I gasped, the audience gasped too, for Pat was pounding me like clockwork. I began to tremble. I was having an orgasm!
I clutched at Pat as he pummeled his fat dick around my womb. I felt myself explode, pouring cum over the base of his dick as he thrust ever deeper before fertilizing my grateful womb.
Wild cheers.
"Well done, Josie," exclaimed sir. "Did you even know that Pat is our robot?!"

Next morning I excitedly went to the lab to meet the thing that might have filled me with its seed.
I had a hundred questions, but sir had only one. Was I pregnant?
It was surely too early to tell, but as he examined me, my queries poured forth.
Was Pat simply a robot? Yes and no. He's not human but he sure looks almost real.
He is programmed like a robot to make love.
What is his sperm? Is it real?  It is produced by Pat, based on human sperm but with additional compounds to  make it self propagate.
How could I have an orgasm? That was your mini dick ejaculating. It's just under half an inch and cannot get erect any longer, but it can ejaculate.
Am I still making sperm? You have the organs still. Testicles are hidden but operational, so clearly the answer is yes.
But as for whether you are pregnant, the answer is maybe. Give it a few days and we'll know.
The college was strangely quiet. All the students had gone home. Only Janice remained.
"Jilly's off for the night," Janice told me as I slipped into her empty room.
Even researchers have breaks, and after their triumphs with Pat, they had all slipped away. Only Toms remained, that's why I had to slip quietly upstairs.
We kissed and excitedly wrapped our sissy bodies together. The fact that I could cum had stirred both our imaginations. 
I even tried rubbing Janice's clitty, for it was, after all, her one time dick. Unlike mine it didn't stir, but Janice had worked my half incher into the sort of life that it had displayed at the Hop. 
I jerked violently as I felt it stiffen, stiffen painfully against my pussy. It wanted to grow more, but that was physically impossible.
"That's so so lovely, you sweet girly," I cried, "more, more."
"Of course darling though suppose you damage yourself?"
"I don't care. Wow. It's sensational feeling your dick growing once again! Wow. Would you like me to try the same on you?"
"No no my love," Janice renewed her masturbation of me. I'm gonna get my fun soon!"
Blood was oozing as she rubbed me to an inch and a half of pulsating dick. The head was clearly visible once again.
"We'd better stop," cried Janice, her hand sticky, not with sperm but red.
"Okay," I conceded, "but now I am on heat let's see if it'll push inn!"
I lifted her sissy dress and felt her tingling pussy. She yelped with desire and we both knew we had to go on. Whether it was blood that enable me to push inside, or my precum, the main thing is I penetrated and she orgasmed on the instant. Instinctively as I throbbed inside her, I dipped my finger in her cum and thrust it up my passage. Then I pumped her and she swooned as I filled her with my seed.
As I withdrew, she smiled at me. 
"I think I could finish you off too!"
She did. The cum I had wiped round my passage lubricated her way almost in, and I in turn orgasmed with a fresh burst of cum as she poked just inside me.
"Big push!" she cried. I pressed her, she pressed me and her love juice squirted into my thankful body.
"Perhaps we're both expecting," she giggled.

I disappeared early next morning with Janice, before sir could inspect my damaged clitty.
It dangled out nearly an inch, Janice's was almost that size. Several tears needed healing. Fortunately as a biology graduate Janice had some skill for this.
I introduced her to my mum. She didn't grasp we were lovers. I am sure she didn't believe me when I said I could be pregnant.
A week later we were sure. Janice reckoned she could be too.
We went to see her family, who were somewhat more open minded than my mum, then I had to go back to college and see Toms. His insistent texts had been ignored long enough.
I decided not to tell him anything. One scar I was gonna put down to over eager masturbating. I did wonder if the child I was bearing was Janice's- I certainly hoped it was- rather than Pat's.
But as it happened on my way to college, the baby aborted.

I told Toms the bad news. Though I was distraught, I found the courage to hand him the tiny fetus.
After examining it, he made no comment. But he did advise that the best medicine for me was another baby.
I wasn't thinking straight but consented when he said he would use Pat. He had made what he considered an important modification and wanted to test it.
So this guinea pig lay in his lab and his robot impregnated me. No glamor as at The Hop. This was pure science.
I felt Pat's cum ooze round me, "it's hotter!" I exclaimed. Pleasantly hot. I burned with desire and wanted to get back to Janice.
"You must stay. A few days," sir insisted. As Janice had texted saying she was taking a holiday for a week, I agreed.
By that time he did confirm I was pregnant.
"Everything looks fine," he reassured me, "but come back as soon as you can and we can check."
After a week with mum, I happily rejoined Janice and her family.
Our joy was cut short when pains cramped me.
Janice drove me back to college.

"I can't believe it," cried sir when he examined me in the lab. "Janice, fetch my bag from my room will you?"
She must have known what he wanted for she had gone when sir went on,
"We must do a scan urgently."
Janice got back as he was studying the scans.
"Since last time, your baby or I should say babies, have grown extraordinarily fast. They look to be at least twelve inches, no wonder your body is protesting!"
I gazed speechless at him.
"I must operate. Your survival is our first concern. The babies I can do nothing for, unless their rapid growth..."
He cut himself short.
Another of his needles was waiting me. Janice touched my lips with her forefinger, and I passed out.

She was the first person I saw when I came round.
I was aching badly but the cramps had passed. She squeezed my hand and kissed me softly.
"I'm still here," I muttered, stating the obvious.
She nodded as she continued holding my hand.
"I must thank sir."
"Oh he'll see you when he can. Once he found the babies were alive, he has been treating them. You'd almost think they were his babies!"
"But I don't follow..."
"I don't know it all but they obviously can't be entirely human if Pat has fathered them."
My head was in a whirl. We speculated fruitlessly and kissed divinely until sir popped in.
"Can't stay," he shouted, "but is, er, Josie still all right?"
"Yeah," confirmed Janice. "How are the babies?"
"Oh amazingly fine," smiled Toms, "they're just like Pat!"

He kept them in his lab, away from us. I was recuperating in Janice's room, and getting much better every day, thanks to her loving care. After a week, we even made love.
I ought to have missed my own babies, but they had been in my womb so little time that bonding had hardly begun. But anyway, sir wouldn't let me see them.
He said he needed to observe them and all his time was spent in that lab.
We did deduce that they weren't human, but our endless speculations could not answer any of our questions.
The day after Janice and I had had sex again, the prof interrupted excitedly our post coital meal.
"Come quickly," he shouted, "come and see!"
We dashed in curiosity to the lab.
There was Pat, or was the second one Pat, or the third? Three for the price of one.
"These two are yours," Toms said to me, "they have been growing for the last day at an incredible rate! You will be very proud to show them off at the Hop."
"Or the freshers' gala," I suggested, "will anyone believe they're mine?"
I went up to my twins. I couldn't express any emotion, unlike sir, towards these things.
"They are exactly like Pat," I confessed.
"Well not quite," answered the prof. "That's one of the amazing things about your babies. This one is Pat Junior, look you can see his tiny dick, just like Pat's. When I excite its hormonal balance it expands!"
Whatever sir did, we watched stupefied as the half inch object expanded into the size of Pat's treasure, the one that had inseminated me.
"Now look at Patricia. Her little dick doesn't respond. And now I have looked closely, I think she has a vaginal passage."
He showed the gap in the thing's lifelike skin, and pushed his trembling finger in.
He ranted on and after a while we crept off leaving him oblivious and still rattling on. 
I said to Janice, "all that talk about pretend babies makes me wanna have a real one!"
She grinned at me. "I'll know soon if I'm expecting, but I don't mind if you can get my dick into life again so I can really penetrate you!"

We were reaching the wonderful climax when would you believe it, coitus interruptus. Not Janice's baby- but sir!
He was very agitated. I don't think he even noticed what we were up to, under our sissy dresses, which we always wore now, even lovemaking.
We reluctantly followed him.
"I was tidying up," he was explaining as we were crossing the quadrangle, "and missed it!"
What he had missed wasn't clear to us. The prof was too excitable to make much sense. However when we entered the lab, all was made plain.
Two small clones of Patricia lay by her side. As with Pat and the others, they were lifeless until touched. 
I touched one and it uncurled.
"Almost human," I joked, but it wasn't that funny. We didn't really comprehend.
"What comes of playing God," Janice said soberly.
We left the college a few days later to tell my mum we were getting married.
She didn't make any sense of our telling her we were both pregnant. I couldn't blame her. We couldn't make any sense of the reproducing dolls, as we had begun to call them.

The end of the summer vacation saw us happily married. Both of us wore sissy white bridal dresses, but we had no time to honeymoon for the new term was starting, I had still one year's studying, and the prof was insisting we present my so called babies at the gala, as I had rashly suggested. The thought of walking into the gala with those dolls was frankly preposterous.
The prof had sent us a file which we watched incredulously. He had filmed his dolls procreating! Thus Patricia and her two offspring had been inseminated by Pat. He later texted that they had all borne twins, five male plus another female.
Perhaps we ought to have done something, though I can't think what. But we were too wrapped up in our own happiness.
Thus we returned to college only hours before the freshers' gala. 
Sandy greeted us, nervous because sir had told her to choose another Queen but hadn't said who. 
Cynth was in a state of high excitement. She had seen the dolls!
Like us, she couldn't think what to do. But something was required, that was for sure.
For Cynth had seen more dolls than we ever dreamed of. Six male and six female, a nice balance we had joked.
But Cynth had reason for concern for she revealed that last week the six had borne twelve more, making 24 dolls in all. Then this morning she had gone to the lab. The eighteen females had borne triplets, male total 54, in all. She said even the prof had lost count of how many dolls there were.
They were locked in the lab.
"After the ball," Cynth proposed, "we blow up the lab, or something like that."
It was time for the gala.
All of the new intake of around 70 students were gathered to be welcomed by Professor Toms. He introduced myself, the current Queen of The Hop, and announced with pride that my twins were born this summer.
At this point he expected me to produce them. I couldn't since they were locked in the lab, and I doubt if I could have identified my particular offspring.
Sir was very put out when his build up to the twins fell so flat.
Music began and he came over to remonstrate with me.
I ignored him. He had turned into your typical mad professor.
That was my mistake, ignoring him. For he had gone to the lab to fetch my twins.
The next thing everyone at the gala knew was that we were invaded by a horde of naked dolls,  oversexed dolls they definitely were.
I caught sight of Sandy happily embracing one Pat clone, while Toms was ecstatically penetrating one of Patricia's clones. The freshers had the time of their lives, an orgy of epic proportions developed.

The police report stated that eighty "almost lifelike sex dolls" had been removed from the premises and had been destroyed.
That was an inadequate description of Toms' creations and I like to think one or two might have been unofficially kept by the law for private uses. The report enigmatically concluded that "no possibility remains that these dolls can reproduce again."
However I do wonder about which freshers might have got themselves pregnant. Certainly when we met Sandy today, she does look the picture of health!

        THE END
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