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I loved wearing the lingerie so much I had it on under my boy clothes during the day, every day. I couldn't wait to get home. I fantasized about walking down my street in a dress and heels, fully made up as a girl. In my room, I would strip off all the male clothes and stand by the open window in my lingerie.  I pleasured and fondled myself in the cool breeze . Out of curiosity, I tasted my own cum and then had fantasies of gay oral sex with another man. In all these fantasies, I was obsessed with lingerie and looking and feeling like a girl. Back then, neighbors of ours had clothes lines in their backyard. Hanging on those clothes lines was lingerie, dresses, skirts, slips, bras & panties. I started raiding every clothesline I could find and I brought the stuff up to my room. I hid it in my drawers under my clothes. My mother found the stuff one day while putting away my washed clothes. She was downstairs and I was in my room when I heard her asking my father if he thought I was a fairy. She described my bras panties, garter belts, nylons & dresses. My father didn't comment but I knew he probably thought  I was gay. My sisters heard about the clothes my mom found and they told me "If it fits you, wear it you big sissy". They too thought I was gay.  I continued wearing the clothes every day. I finally got my own place and moved out.  My practice of raiding clothes lines continued in my new neighborhood. I would take all my frilly dresses & lingerie to the laundromat every other week. Once or twice I saw women watching me load & unload my women's clothes into the washer & dryer.  I would go out with male friends and go drinking, I really had no interest in females at that time. One night it was very late and coming back from the city I was dropped off at a bus stop for my ride home which was 10 miles away. It was 2 or 3 in the morning and a car pulled up. A rather friendly man rolled down the passenger window and asked me if I wanted a ride. I was feeling no pain, I said "Sure" as I opened the door and took a seat. He asked me "where to". I answered "Porterville". He said "I'm going that way but if you don't mind I have to stop at home first, is that OK?" Not thinking anything about it, I said, "Sure". We pulled up in the driveway and he said to me, "You might as well come in with me, it could take a few minutes". "Sit on the couch and I'll be right with you". I sat down he turned on the TV with the remote. What I saw totally caught my attention. It was a gay porno film showing a man dressed in lingerie sucking on another man's dick while another man was fucking him in the ass. A minute later, the man came out of his bedroom wearing lingerie, a wig, nylons and high heel shoes. He sat down next to me and I couldn't take my eyes off the huge erection inside the frilly pink panties he had on. He engaged me in conversation by talking about the movie we were watching. The transvestite had red lipstick on and he was sucking the huge cock. His ruby red lips were going up and down and his tongue was licking the head. He asked me, "Could you imagine how good that feels". I pictured myself getting a blow job and with that, he began rubbing my leg and crotch. He felt my garters. He asked" Are you dressed in girls panties?". I admitted I was, and by this  time my erection had the front of my pants tented upward. My cock was throbbing and I felt faint as I watched the film and felt his hand undoing my belt and unzipping my fly. He helped me to stand up and looking me in the eye, he pulled out red lipstick and applied a heavy coat to his lips. I was standing there in my garter belt nylons and panties. He lowered himself with his hands running along my nylons. Watching the blow job on the screen, I felt his hands run around the back of my legs up to my pantied ass. His hands were in motion all over my nylons when i felt his wet warm lips slide over my throbbing cock. My panties were below my balls now and his fingers glided into my ass where i felt a wonderful feeling. He massaged me deep in my asshole. I couldn't believe how wonderful it felt.  I watched the transvestite on the screen sucking dick and I felt a warm wet mouth on my cock at the same time. I started to quiver, my legs began to shake, my first load of cum was about to explode in his mouth. I moaned, I arched my back and said, "I'm cumming" as jet after jet of my hot cum shot into his mouth. His lips continued stroking me as wave after wave of pleasure racked my body. He licked his lips and said, "what good fortune to find a beautiful young man wearing sissy underwear to suck. We have to celebrate!" With that, he poured me a drink and before I knew it, I was out cold. I woke up, it was daylight perhaps late morning. I was back at the bus stop. It dawned on me I wasn't wearing my clothes as a cool breeze was hitting my nylons & panties. I had on a pink frilly dress and high heels and I had breasts or at least something was filling my bra. I had a pink purse too. I opened it and found a compact, mascara, lipstick and a picture of man who gave me the blow job. On the back he wrote my name and said, " I know who you are and where you live, I have your wallet.  Please call me sweetie.  I gave you carfare so you can get home in full drag. After we had oral and anal sex last night I decided to put you into the clothes you should wear from now on.  You look beautiful. Meet me at the bus stop tomorrow night, please." I opened the compact and viewed myself in the mirror, I passed for a girl! The bus came I got on board as a girl.
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 The part where he's standing by the open window and the part where he stole items is true. I got caught too, that's REAL!
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