XXX Pillow Talk
A married woman talks to her sister about her and her husband's new favorite bedroom game and how it progressed into someone else's bedroom.
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"Hey sis, what's up?" This was the customary greeting that Laura always gave when she saw it was her little sister calling. She heard Sarah's voice answer back "Hey, do you have time to talk?" There was something strange in Sarah's voice. It was trembling but it didn't sound like she was afraid, it sounded as if she was happy, maybe the happiest she had ever heard her usually pragmatic and down to earth sister. Laura became concerned immediately, "Yeah of course. Is everything alright?" Without skipping a beat Sarah replied, "Yeah, everything's more than alright. I'm on cloud 9 right now and I feel like if I don't talk about it to gather my thoughts I'm going to explode!" Laura smirked at this. She couldn't imagine what had come over her sister. "Well, spill your guts then. Don't keep me waiting." Sarah couldn't hold it in any longer and blurted out, "I've just had the best sex I've ever had in my entire life!" Laura furrowed her brow. This was unusual for Sarah to be this blunt about anything to do with sex. She was always very reserved and shy about such things. Laura also was a little surprised because Sarah's husband Billy had never been anything to write home about. Sure he was a nice guy and Sarah really seemed to love him, but he was kind of boring... Well, all except for that little secret that Billy had of course. Early on in their marriage Sarah had found out that Billy enjoyed wearing diapers and being babied. She had been so shocked by this that she talked about it at length with her big sister. Eventually Sarah decided that even though she did not enjoy it and didn't think she could ever do so, she would still try to accommodate Billy now and then with some light diaper play. Laura was, of course, forbidden from ever telling Billy that she knew about it. To make matters worse, anytime she brought up the subject with Sarah after that first conversation, she was always told to just drop it. It was obviously very embarrassing for Sarah, who wasn't even comfortable talking about vanilla sex. That brought Laura back to the topic at hand. "You don't say. Well I'll have to congratulate the diaper boy when I see him." Laura knew she would be scolded for calling him that but she got a kick out of it. She waited for Sarah's reply but was met with only silence. "Sorry, I know you don't like it when I bring up the whole diaper thing. You know I won't say anything." She heard Sarah clear her throat and begin slowly. "No it's not that at all. Listen, you have to swear to me that what I'm about to tell you will remain between us." Now Laura was interested. "Ok I swear." Sarah snapped back, "I mean it Laura! This is important." Laura smiled, "OK OK jeez. I swear I won't ever mention a word of this to anyone. Just please tell me that you didn't have some kind of kinky diaper sex, because I'm not sure I could look you in the eye after that hahaha." More silence from Sarah. "C'mon sis, how did the little diaper baby rock your world?" She heard Sarah's voice mumble into the phone, "It wasn't with Billy." Laura couldn't believe her ears. She almost dropped her phone and had to fumble to recover it. "YOU CHEATED ON DIAPER BOY?!?" Laura yelled into the phone. "Keep your voice down", Sarah scolded. "Besides, if you keep calling him that you're going to slip and call him it to his face one of these times." Laura almost laughed at that. Accidentally calling Billy "diaper boy" was the farthest thing from her mind right now. "Stop changing the subject sis! Tell me what happened, now!" Sarah took a deep breath and let it out. "I can't right now. Billy will be awake soon and I promised I would change his diaper when he woke up." Laura got an image of Sarah's husband laying on his back with his legs in the air while Sarah powdered his ass. She laughed aloud at that. It wasn't an altogether unpleasant image, just hilarious. Now Laura was the one scolding her sister, "Don't pull that shit on me now. You know I need details!" Sarah was whispering now, "I know and you'll get them. Can I come over tonight?" Laura knew this was going to be juicy if her sis wanted to tell it in person. "Bring wine", was all she said as she hung up the phone. Laura sat on her couch thinking to herself of all the repercussions that Sarah's comment would have. She almost felt a little sorry for diaper boy. She wondered if Sarah would leave him or if this was just a one time thing. Still, she had to give her little sister credit. She never thought Sarah was capable of cheating.
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I liked the story please continue but please if you can make the chapters longer Please.  Can't wait to find out what will happen with diaper boy
krystala's sissy baby
Great story!  This seems like just the beginning.  Please continue it.  My only wish is that you would break the text into paragraphs.  It doesn't stop me from reading it though.  I want to know what happens next.
Please keep going, I know its almost been a year but its a great start 
is fun am hoping for more if you can :)
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