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Welcome to Essence School for Girls
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Welcome to Essence School for Girls

It was a cool late Thursday afternoon Amanda was just pulling into the drive after a hard day at work, she stepped out of the car looking austere in her prim matrons uniform, she opened the door and stepped into her home, a faint smell of beer permeated the air, She walked it the lounge and to her shock saw Paul (her 11 year old son) on the floor drunk, her husband a drunk by profession I would say lay on the sofa half asleep.

What the hells going on here she yells at her husband he replies ahh leave me alone!
Amanda replies how could you let Paul get like this the husband replies it kept him quiet didn’t it.

Amanda replies that is it we are moving out!!
With that the husband replies where you going to ha u have no where,
With that Amanda’s says I can move to the school it have a very big apartment available if I want it and now ill take it, and Paul is coming as well.
With that he replies it’s a girls school ha the wont let you.
Amanda replies oh they wont take Paul but they will take Pauline, who the hell is Pauline he replies; Amanda says you will never know.

With that she grabs Paul by the arm and takes him upstairs and places him on his bed, as he is asleep from the beers effects.
She heads down stairs and phones work informing them she will be taking the apartments and when her daughter is well enough and released from hospital she would like to enrol her in the schools delta program. (Note the school has a program of behaviour modification and gender assertiveness programming and a few other little test projects in trial)

Then Amanda calls on a work friend she knew at the hospital where she used to work she had to make sure her husband would not get in the way (committal was the answer)
And she also phoned a doctor that owed her favours.

It was not to long until 2 ambulances arrived (wow what a commotion there was)
The husband yelling let me go ***** ill get you for this (Slam the ambulance doors shut and whined off into the distance)

Now for Paul he is upstairs driver take him to the hospital we agreed to over the phone ill meet you there keep him under sedation

The driver and his assistant went upstairs and carried Paul to the ambulance and drove off, armada was on the phone in a shot talking to the doctor (listen to what she said)

Doctor hi Amanda is he on the way
Amanda Yes and sedated
Doctor are you sure you wish to proceed
Amanda of course its for the best
Doctor ok ill get everything ready Paul will be needing 10 days to recover and training nappies may make him upset.

Amanda lol not him her after its done she will be taken to the school
Doctor ok ill meet you in theatre 3
Click they hang up

Phase two the big snip

Amanda arrived at the hospital as planned and paul was already in the theater and had been made ready, Amanda put on the theater uniform and scrubbed up and greeted the doctor and the gender reconstruction staff, ok patients name paul born male but showing signs of gender assisgnment issues it was discussed with client any my self that reasignment was way forward, shall we begin.

it took over 19 hours to reconstruct the vagina and a temprary breast implant once the hormone therapy and blockers take effect we shall decide if a reduction is needed, she will have full sensation in vagaina like a normal girl ok now we inject the chemical into the voice box she will not be able to speak for a day or to due to swelling but there will be no visable adams abbple and the voice will be higher pitched, next we implant in the shoulder a slow release chemical hormone capsuale which will be replaced each yr we wont have to worry or struggle with the hormoneal therapy.

ok we now inject ehe behavioural modification device on to the brain stem it will help force the patient to conform to our instructions but we can not activate for a few months untill she recovers, ok take her to the private ward and contact the psyciatrist she can get prepared for my little girls awakening, they move pauline (note the additiopn to the name) to the recovery area she looks a bit of a state but she will heal.

phase 3 Who are you?

Pauline began to come round feeling a tightness across her chest and very itch between the legs but the nappy was the first thing pauline found stopping the ability to scratch she tried to sit up but the nurse who was at the bed side put her hand on paulines head and stoped her rising pauline turned her head and moaned saying it hurts, the nurse said press this button it will give a controled dose of pain control you cant overdose as its set to give a limited dose, pauline say what happend why am i here, the nurse said ill let your mother tell you ill press the buzzer i cant leave you on your own, (buzzer rings in the matrons room) Amanda (palines mum) says to the doctor in the room with her looks like she is awake bring the tray and call the psyciatrists office.

Amanda aproaches paulines bed-side and says to the nurse make sure she cant remove the mittens i dont want her opening up the stiches, (the nurse nods) paulins says what happend to me mum, mum replies pauline sweetie you had a accident at home we had to do some major operations, IM NOT PAULINE IM PAUL amanda says be quiet girl and listen, pauline tries to get up amanda puts a syringe into the medication line of the drip pauline trys to stuggle with the nurse but the drugs work very quick pauline is awake but weak so weak she is unable to move amanda says to the nurse my little girl is confused due to the operations and the injurys so dont wprry we have her treatment plan here on the charts please ensure that she is kept topped up with these prescriptions she is due to be taken down to the psycriatic assesment wards in a few hours.

(narrator) now have we have seen paulines state of mind is still the old mind but with help it will be sorted in next chapters

Phaze 4 i am who i am

The porter arrive and places the trolly beside the bed ofpauline the porter and rurse carefull move pauline onto the trolly and lock the saftey bars inplace, the trip through to the lower levels to ward 12 psycriatic dept was quite uneventfull as they arrived at the ward enterance the pressed the intercom and a voice cracled through can i help you the nurse relpied i have patient from surgical ward for assement, (buzz) the doors open and they pust the trolly in to the ward corridor, pauline trys to move but still to weak.

the put pauine on to the new bed on the ward and say to her the doctor will be here in 10 mins pauline would you like a drink pauline repiles im not pauine leave me alone (and pouts) ok sweetie ill get you some orange juice, the nurse comes back and holds the sippy cup to paulines mout pauline drinks it all up the nurse says thats all gone good girl, pauline was about 2 say the usual im not a girl but somthing was odd pauline felt like she was floating in the air so odd the room was all blury just as pauline went into what seems now like a nightmareish dream she heard some one say have you administerd the control mediction and another voice say yes she just finished the drink.
Every thing seems so odd i remember my past life it seems so distant as the psyciatrist begins to attach the neuaral clamps and sensors to my head it hurts so much i try to cry i cant why cant i cry, my head feels so warm im tingling all over, i fall asleep, (its been 3 days in and out of the dream state) i wake up and hear mummy i cry out mommmy amanda says to the doctors is it ok if i hold her they say yes the imprint treatment seems stable we need to run association tests and play tests with the game room we need to see how she responds, mummy says u want 2 play with dollys pauline i say yay dollys yes mommy please, (doctor seems that the association imprints are holding we need to see how she responds the other toys) the put pauline into toy rooms and watch strange thing im drawn to the dolls i ignore the other toys like soldiers trucks ect.

Amanda comes in and says time to get changed into a clean set of pajamas sweetie which do you like, these pwerpuff girl nightdress and knickers or the blue trouser pjs, i take hold of the blue pajamas and throw them on floor and say im a girl i dont like yucky blue m,can i have the nightie Amanda says now pauline be a good girl pick up the pajamas and say sorry or you will wear the yucky ones, Pauline picks up the blue pjs and says sorry mum ill be good please can i have the nightdress, Amanda changes pauline into the dress and knickers and says ur so sweet pauline rests her head on Amandas lap and sighs still clutching the doll she was playing with earlir sucking her thumb, Amanda sight we will be going to where mummy works swettie its a girls school but its ok you dont start at the school for a while not untill your better the nice nurse will come with us and stay with you untill yu are better sweetie, the nurse picks up pauline and says comeon pauline lets check those stiches its time to take them out you have healed real good, the stiches removal was a bit uncomfertable but Pauline was rewarded for being good with a visit from the hairdereers that visit the ward and the brushed her hair the put curlers in and once it was set her hair looked so cute espeically with the little bow, Amanda came in and said pauine you are so sweet yor mummys little girl with that pauline smiled and looked into the mirror holding her dolly close to her chest.

Welcome to buckshre girls school and reformitory
Welcome to buckshre girls school and reformitory

Now to say paulines time in the hospital and time spent with the psychiatrist was not eventual would be wrong pauline had her days when she refused to coperate but with time and medication amanda had managed 2 create a most beuatifull little girl she always wanted ok she did not have the internal workings of a female but when we get her to the school the upper labs will have a new subject for trials, Pauline arrived at the school gates sitting quietly in back of the mini bus sent to collect her from the hospital she was a bit aprehensive and this was not helped by the big security gates and high walls of the school grounds (looked more like a secure institute more than a school).
The gaurds open the gates and waved to amanda asking to see who was in the minibus then they looked at the paperwork and made pauline get out of the minibuss once the minibus had been through the 1st gate and the rear gate had been locked the then took a photograph and retenal image and dna print to register pauline into the system. then pauline was taken up in a small ambulance to the main buildings as the mini bus was not allowed to proced due to secutity regulations the said that the school will provide every thing pauline will need, pauline also notices a very strange posts with what looked like little radar dishes on top but dismissed them.

they enterd the main building now pauline was a bit scared as they went into the main corridoe noticing how pretty interior decor was but was sudeenly distracted buy her mum amanda comming towards her, (pauline) mom whats going on why am i here (amanda) pauline sweetie we need to finish off your changes and make you beter, Amanda grabed paulines arm and injected a small dose of sedative pauline slowly droped to floor but before she hit the esorting officer held pauline up and placed her onto the wheel chair, Amanda then said to the gaurd take her to the upper floors and put her into the staging room one please the nurse there will prep her.

once pauline arrived in the upper rooms names proto nano reconstuction therapy of course poor pauline was in a daze the nurse inserted the tubes and other medical infusion items and injected pain control, Amanda came in with anice looking woman who went to the table in the other side of room who then wheeled iover a strange looking machine the pipes from the machine were attched to pauline, (pauline) mom im scared (amanda) dont worry we will have you back 2 a normal little girl soon all will be working properly inside, the switched on the machine as pauline watched the silver liquid flowed into her suddenly feeling cold the stabbing pains in her upper body she gasped in shock then its then when the pain hit she screamed tried to move but the mix of medication and bosy restraints prevented her movng, her head began to spin the room became bigger so strange the restraints were loosening unfortunatley pauline passed out to early to make use of the loosend restraints, 3 days had passed before pauline came to she woke up in a very cosy bed the room was decorated in disney princess style and looked so cute, she sat up but feeling so light headed a vice came out oh she is awake Amanda its ok pauline sweetie mummys here oddly enough pauline began to cry mum came in and picked her up pauline was thinking mums got bigger pauline turned her head and saw in the mirror her reflection and began to cry.
in the reflection was a little 5 yr old girl very cute in her little barbie nightdress, Amanda said pauline sweetie i had hoped the nano bots would have kept you at age 12 so u could be able to experience the changes as a young woman but no matter you will still start having periods when you get older and one day you will be able to have babys of your own but for now heres dolly for you to care for.

Next chapter moving to the school and begining playschool

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Pauline was still sore when she was awoken by her mum’s friend who had come up from the nursery she said in a soft voice hello Pauline sweetie shall we get you washed and dressed (well to say she had any real choice would be a lie) Pauline was picked up out of her cot and placed on to a small seat and the young assistant helped her take her nighty off the assistant was surprised at what she saw (thinking 5 years old and breast forming ) she picked Pauline up and put her back into her cot and went out of ear shot so to speak to call Amanda on the radio.

Amanda came in and picked Pauline up and said ooh you are getting to be a big girl Pauline and kissed her on the cheek, Pauline says mummy my I hut up here and points to her chest and stomach Amanda replies ok honey lets take you up stairs (now with the previous experience up stairs Pauline started to cry) Amanda had bought a little sipy cup its all right sweetie have a little drink Pauline had a sip and felt so light headed Amanda then took Pauline to the Mri scanner and had Pauline scanned (the system is also set to kill any nano Tec as well). Amanda says she has aged up to age 10 interesting she is still small we will have to induce growth factors to her structure.

The treatment took over 1 week but results were amazing when Pauline had recovered over the week she was taken to the school assessment rooms, which see’s how well her level is for teaching(i.e. age 5 schooling or normal for age group or advanced) .
To say se was above average was wrong the nano tech had helped her learn at a fantastic rate she had finished age 15 schooling at 10, and knew that some advantages to the neural restructure would be prevalent .
Pauline had begun to adapt to the schooling to say she was quite pretty as well (description: age 10 5feet 4 inch light brown hair hazel eyes small frame light skin tone) she had made a friend called Emily as well they were moved to the same wing shared accommodations (for safety reasons a monitor camera was in the room hidden) (only monitored by female staff) they were like sisters I would say always inseparable where ever they went.

Pauline always loved her Disney princess type pjs but with some teasing due to age Emily soon got Pauline’s style updated hello kitty was a fashion Pauline got to like but as the school dress code disallowed trousers or shorts and pjs must be nightdresses not trouser format Pauline soon got used to the code as did many of the other students in the early stages of joining the school, the only thing I thing she hated was the school uniform which was a pinafore pleated dress, I mean pink why pink , but rules are rules.

Thankfully it was Friday now last day weekend was looming Pauline and Emily rushed up to the rooms they were assigned and quickly got showered and changed into casuals only to be stopped by Amanda saying where do you think you girls are going, to which Pauline says we were going to the game room to play on with wii, Amanda says not right now girls we have to take you shopping, that’s why we let you finish early Pauline put the skirt I just put out and the top on please Emily you can get your coat on lets get ready now. Pauline got changed mum came in and brushed Pauline’s hair and put a bow in and made Pauline sit still while she applies makeup, Pauline said why all the makeup mum Amanda said we are getting you some pretty outfits I want to see how they look a bit of makeup wont hurt. They then went out to where a car was parked the got into the car and another car was behind with 4 assistants (now with the security around the school the devices implanted will be put to stand by but the staff always carry a device that can shock the student if they run to incuriousness)

They begun to pass to the first gate both girls felt like a hot burning sensation in the back of tier necks Amanda pressed a button close to the gate and swiped a card and entered a code which disabled the device then they went to gat two while the other gate was closed then they were off to the shopping centre, it took over 25 minutes to get there once they arrived Emily wanted to open the door to get out first but the doors would not open Amanda tuned around and said you two will behave and keep close to your assigned attendants if not you will be sent back. Then the doors opened and standing outside were the attendants Amanda says to Pauline ok into Tammy girl shop please, they went into the shop and the assistant approached hello ladies im Samantha can I help.
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baby smurfet
a great start i cant wait to hear more
  Good story I agree want to find out what happens next    
May the Fun never END . giggles , Summer,s Hot How About You ,
the story itself is very interesting and has great promise... but the style could use a lot of work. all I can say is that the grammar has to be drastically improved.
lots of love
from lilgirl stephy :)
Sarah Candy Lee

 the story itself is very interesting and has great promise... but the style could use a lot of work. all I can say is that the grammar has to be drastically improved.  

i agrre its not a bad story its pretty ok but. but it could use a little editing but hope to see mmore in the future 
i should probably write something really profound =)
i agre with andy but the story does seem to be a good start hope to hear some more of it soon
they say beuty is in the eye of the beholder but there is no reason why it cant be wrong
thats great! continue!
good story
Liked this story a lot, wish there were more.
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