Patti Comes Home To Daddy (PG)
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I waited up half the night for Patti, my 25 year old daughter to get home.
It really angered me that she would defy me and show such disrespect. Oh, I
suppose you're wondering why I should care. She is old enough
right? Well let me explain a few things so that you might understand the
situation. Patti had left home when she was 18. She thought she was a big
girl and decided that she could make it on her own. After seven years out on
her own, she decided she could no longer support herself and survive by
herself. She had been living with a man, twice her age, and he had got her
started on drugs. Well as a result, her life for the past seven years was a
living hell.

Patti had ended up in jail and a rehab center. Once released, she called me
and asked me reluctantly if she could come back home. Being the loving
father that I am, I told her she could move back in. I also told her very
sternly, that if she came back home, she would be living under the same
rules she lived under prior to her departure. In other words, the same rules
that she had to obey as a child. Well Patti, was in such a bad mess, she
agreed with reluctance. Apparently she didn't give the matter a lot of
thought. She was going to regret moving back in.

Patti, was a very pretty girl, when she had left home. She was 5'6", about
125 pounds, long auburn hair, with green eyes. But When I came to pick her
up she looked like she hadn't eaten in over two weeks, her long beautiful
hair, was cut short, well above her shoulders, and she looked as if she only
weighed 100 Lb.. She looked skinny as a rail. She needed to be back home
where she knew her parents would take good care of her. How quickly she had
forgotten about all of the rules of living at home again.

Just after two weeks at home, I discovered one day that she took my car
without my permission, and noticed a big scrape on the side. Well she soon
was reminded of the rules again. My wife and I agreed that enough was
enough. We were constantly picking up her clothes, cleaning the microwave
and kitchen after her mess, doing her laundry and cleaning her room, which
was always filthy. The bathroom was left with toothpaste and soap scum, hair
spray strewn about and her makeup messing up the sink. She was worse than a
small child!....

It was 1 GivenName wPatti 0GivenName> was in for another surprise real soon. We
also decided to enact a clothing humiliation that we had used when she was
younger and that worked very well. She would not like this at all. She
probably thought that we had forgot all about it.

By the time morning came around,
 2st="on">Patti was not in her bed when I checked at 9AM. She was
gone and I was angry. She was really in for it now!....I had my breakfast
and made a few calls. Then I heard a car pull into the driveway and walked
up to her room to await her presence.

I sat in a big over-stuffed chair when I saw the door open and
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