OmutuSenshi Issue 1 (PG)
The script for an upcoming magical "girl" comic
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OmutuSenshi (Working title) Issue 1

Page 1
Panel One: Deep Space, slight movement in the background
Panel Two: Zoomed in, revealing a space station of a vaguely phallic design
Panel Three: Inside, 5 capsules, one broken, 4 closed
Panel 4: (takes up bottom of the page) Three Capsules open, side by side. Figures within obscured by mist, although all have rather pronounced chests

Page 2
Panel One: (takes up a third of the page): close up of first figure, had a D-Cup breast size. Dressed in just some ropes which cover the nipples and vaginal area, has various bondage items connected to the ropes
Panel Two: (takes up a third of the page) close up of second figure, DD-Cup breast size. Figure is wearing leather dominatrix outfit, leather whip wrapped around her diagonally, frizzed hair
Panel Three: (takes up remainder of the page) close up of third form, has a larger chest than the other two. Has a animalistic looking body, holding what looks like a fake animal head/mask

Page 3
Full Page: Backview of them standing before the last capsule which remains unopened

Page 4
Panel One: A computer suddenly blinks
Panel Two: Close up of the computer screen:
Panel Three: Profile shot of the first person ¢‚¬“Licorice the Bondage¢‚¬
Panel Four: Profile shot of second person: ¢‚¬“Tequila the Sadist¢‚¬
Panel Five: Profile shot of the third person: ¢‚¬“Veal the Fur¢‚¬
Panel Six: (rest of page, text on comp screen) ¢‚¬“If you are reading this, it means we have finally found a planet for our use. If I have not awakened yet, it means the energy reserves have dropped too low to revive me at this time¢‚¬

Page 5:
Panel One: ¢‚¬“If this is the case, the only one who can restore power to awaken me is the one who ran so many years ago. You therefore have two missions. To convert as many as possible for use by us, and to find that woman. If you fail, pray that I am never revived.¢‚¬
Panel Two: *all three gulping¢‚¬
Panel Three: (remainder of page) Shows the ship hovering over the earth

Page 6

Panel One: (top of page) School Building (Edminton Private School, After Hours)
Panel Two: Male student painting (Alex Buchanan , Art Club)
Panel Three: Male student, working on an open computer (Mint Flavored, Tech Club)
Panel Four: A student in a red riding hood esque costume looking over some lines (MJ Avellanet, Theatre Club)
Panel Five: male student in track uniform, stretching (Rikku Hoshi, Football Team)
Panel Six: big haired student, tuning an electric guitar (Owen Penrose, Music Club)

Page 7: Page split into 5 equal parts, showing each often being handed a note

Page 8:
Panel 1: All 5 students reach the nurse¢‚¬„¢s office at the same time.
Panel 2: Looking at each other, Mint looking somewhat curious while the other 4 look slightly annoyed.
Panel 3: view of the door, word bubble ¢‚¬“Come in¢‚¬
Panel 4: door opens, silhouette of the 5 boys
Panel 5: Nurse sitting at her desk, looking at a TV

Page 9:
Panel 1: Alex walks up to the desk ¢‚¬“Excuse me, Nurse Shannon, but, why did you¢‚¬¦¢‚¬
Panel 2: finger pressed against his lips ¢‚¬“Shh¢‚¬¦¢‚¬„¢
Panel 3: View of the TV, showing what appears to be a news program
Panel 4: On screen, shows figures that look sort of like the Sailor Senshi and Pretty Cure, enough so readers know who their a parody of, but not enough that we can be sued
Panel 5: Reporter: ¢‚¬“Early today, a small ship landed on the outskirts of town. Following normal protocol, Earth¢‚¬„¢s magical girls arrived to thwart these invaders¢‚¬¦ however¢‚¬¦

Page 10: Full page pin up, the 3 aliens standing over the girls, who are almost totally in the nude and engaged in a massive orgy

Page 11:
Panel 1: back at the infirmiry, the boys starring open jawed in shock, Alex, Rikku and Owen sporting erections in their pants
Panel 2: Nurse Shannon: *serious look on her face* Any female that gets close to them instantly becomes hyper sexual, as well as lesbianic.
Panel 3: Nurse Shannon: *slightly sarcastic look* and as you three are showing, most males just have their minds drop to their pants (corer of the panel, SD¢‚¬„¢d/underdrawn version of the 3 sweat dropping)
Panel 4: Mint: uhm, not to interrupt, but, uhm¢‚¬¦ wat does that have to do with us?
Panel 5: Nurse Shannon: *reaching under desk* simply put, I want you five to fight them
Panel 6: All 5: WHAT?!

Page 12:
Panel 1: *tray on a desk, showing 5 pacifiers*
Panel 2: Nurse Shannon: With these, you can transform into something that can fight them. They also introduce a chemical to your system that will¢‚¬¦ keep you from being affected by them.
Panel 3: Alex: uhm¢‚¬¦ no offense, but, uhm, what¢‚¬„¢s to stop us from just walking out of here, you crazy¢‚¬¦.
Panel 4: Nurse Shannon: *smug look* You are aware that all extra curricular courses require both the maintaining of a certain GPA and/or a physical. I haven¢‚¬„¢t turned in your physicals yet, and I know a couple of the teachers can be¢‚¬¦. Persuaded to fudge a few grades.
Panel 5: All 5: -_- you wouldn¢‚¬„¢t¢‚¬¦. Nurse Shannon (off panel, word bubble) wanna try me?
Panel 6: Split panel, showing a hand picking up a pacifier, then putting to mouth*

Page 13:
Full Page Pin-Up, al 5 in OmutuSenshi Outfits, All but Mint looking horrified, Alex screaming ¢‚¬“WHAT THE FU¢‚¬¦¢‚¬

End Issue 1 Main Part
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~*Christie Luv*~
Thats a wonderful story! I love the unique style its written!   
*blush* gee, thanks.... 
Apologies for the double post, and I suppose these should be in the art forum, but I just felt like sharing. The character designs for OmutuSenshi's main 5 The first 3 in their more casual wear ((lovingly drawn by my sweet lover))

Mint ((apologies for the crappy coloring
, the original was black and white, and I'm still learning how to use Paint Shop Pro)
Owen and Alex
MJ and Rikku
MJ, Mint and Rikku after some... side effects ((drawn by the artist lined up for the comic))
wish there was more
when are you going to show us the pictures and the next part of the comic.
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